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The Bible is currently in the posession of the estate of Adolphus "Dottie" Centers,

William Christopher Haines b. 11/8/1834 d. 6/8/1906
Alazar (Eliza Richey) Haines
b. 10/4/1835 d. 3/26/1859** m. 5/1/1856
Mary M. Haines
b. 8/12/1859 d. 10/9/1920
Unnamed Hains
b. 3/13/1857 d. 4/2/1857
Cynthia Thompson Haines,
came from IL, b. 1/28/1846 d. 3/6/1905
William S. Haines
b. 3/4/1860
Ira K. Haines
b. 7/27/1863 d. 7/8/1924 (Cresent Hill)
Charles M. Haines
b. 12/15/1864
Thomas S. Haines
b. 1/23/1867 d. 10/24/1947 (Cresent Hill)
Willie Haines
b. 7/26/1869 (d. 7/7/1938 Bethlehem)
Ida Haines Weaver
b. 7/26/1869 d. 12/5/1917 (Sam Weaver Farm)
John F. Haines
b. 6/11/1873 (d. 5/6/1954 Indianapolis)
Emma Dale Centers
b. 12/13/1876 d. 4/7/1954 (Hopewell)
Samuel Haines
b. 2/28/1878 d. 5/5/1908 (Conyard Centers Farm)
George Haines
b. 5/8/1881 d. 7/11/1906 (Eddyville, KY)
Maude Haines Centers
b. 3/31/1884 d. 8/3/1963 (Cedar Cross)
Eddie F. Haines
b. 1/25/1888 d. 10/23/1966 (Hopewell)

*information in parentheses are cemeteries or graveyards in Allen Co, KY, and was provided by TY Tabor*

**The 1860 Mortality Schedule shows March of 1860**