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Mary Hart / Lynn Roberts / Lynne Roberts

Real name: Theta May Roberts

1919 or 1922 - 1978

In the late 1930s at Republic, and billed initially as Mary Hart and then Lynn Roberts, this lovely lady was the frequent co-star of Roy Rogers as well as the heroine in THE LONE RANGER (1938) and DICK TRACY RETURNS (1938) cliffhangers.  She also played the daughter in the THE HIGGINS FAMILY (1938) film and ongoing series which was Republic's low budget competition to MGM's Hardy Family films.

These appearances occurred during her first term players contract at Republic, which ran from January, 1938 through June, 1939.  That contract provided her with some security and a regular paycheck but Republic could utilize her as much as they wanted.

She left Republic and went to other studios looking for star status, but didn't find it.  She returned to Republic in the mid 1940s and was under a term player contract from September, 1944 through March, 1948.  A typical, solid Roberts performance can be seen in the Gene Autry western SIOUX CITY SUE (1946).  She retired in the early 1950s.

Tidbit: one of the films that is shown often on AMC is the 1941 SUN VALLEY SERENADE which stars Sonja Henie and John Payne, but is generally remembered more as a showcase for Glenn Miller and his Orchestra.  Keep on eye out for "pretty ladies doing bit parts", and you will see both Sheila Ryan and Lynne Roberts in this film as both were under contract to 20th Century Fox at the time.  Hint: office receptionist and telephone operator.


(Courtesy of Scott Groll)
Marker of Lynne Roberts at Forest Lawn - Hollywood Hills.

Above, heroine Lynn Roberts (aka Mary Hart in earlier screen activity in Roy Rogers films, and later as Lynne Roberts with an "e" added to Lynn) points the way for Victor Daniels (Tonto) and Lee Powell (the Lone Ranger) in the 1938 THE LONE RANGER serial.

Above, from L-to-R are Stanley Andrews, George Cleveland, Lynn Roberts and John Merton in a scene from the cliffhanger, THE LONE RANGER (Republic, 1938)

Above from L-to-R are Sterling Holloway, Lynne Roberts and Gene Autry in ROBIN HOOD OF TEXAS (1947)

Above from L-to-R, Richard "Chito" Martin has his gun on the crowd while Tim Holt and Lynne Roberts give a helping hand to veteran actor Regis Toomey in DYNAMITE PASS (RKO, 1950)

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There's an article in Classic Images which highlights Lynne Roberts' career, along with her marriage woes and untimely death:


Lynne Roberts
"Bette Davis, I'm Not"
by Barrie Roberts

Toward the end of her modest career in Hollywood, Lynne Roberts was quoted as saying, "Bette Davis, I‚m not! I enjoy acting and making movies, however it is a job, the only job I‚ve ever known. It is not the be all and end all of my existence. I have a family and many interests outside the film business." This statement spoke volumes when one considers the actress was the daughter of a classic "stage mother."

Lynne was born Theda Mae Roberts in El Paso, Texas, November 22, 1922, the younger of two children born to Hobart K. Roberts, a native of Texas, and his wife, May Dell Holland, who hailed from Kentucky (parents from Allen Co KY). Their other child, John, was born in 1920.

May Roberts, who had always been movie struck, named her daughter after her favorite star, Theda Bara. She always dreamed of an acting career for herself. She constantly urged her husband, a successful automobile executive in El Paso, to move to California. May wanted to be near the film studios.

Eventually, Mr. Roberts did secure a suitable position in Los Angeles, and it is said the family left El Paso for Los Angeles when Theda was only nine days old. Once in Hollywood, May Roberts set out to find work as an extra in silent films. It was not long before she had not only registered herself for work, but her two children as well. By the time they were three and five respectively, Theda and John had appeared in crowd scenes in a number of films with their mother.

Theda, meanwhile, was enrolled at Lawlor‚s Professional School. Starting at the age of four, she studied singing, dancing, dramatics, and piano in addition to regular lessons. She was soon appearing in school plays.

At six, not only had Theda done extra work in movies, but appeared on the professional stage and also on radio. At nine and eleven respectively, Theda and John, formed an act in which they sang, danced and played musical instruments. The act enjoyed a moderate success on the vaudeville circuit.

By the time Theda was twelve her figure had started to blossom. She later said, "I looked too őgrown up‚ to act in őkiddie stuff.‚" Vaudeville was dying anyway, and the act was abandoned. Around this time, Theda changed her professional name to Lynn Roberts, a name inspired by that of a character she played on stage.

The very pretty and maturing girl turned her attention to the film studios. She made the rounds of casting directors and ended up playing an unbilled bit in Republic‚s Bulldog Edition seen in 1936. She also appeared once again unbilled as one of Anne Shirley‚s student girl friends in Samuel Goldwyn‚s Stella Dallas, released early the following year. By the time Lynn was 14, her formal education had ended, and she was able to concentrate fully on obtaining a foothold in Hollywood.

Returning to Republic she was again unbilled in Circus Girl. However, executives were impressed with the youngster‚s self assurance, looks, and talent, and signed her to a contract after she had played her first credited role in another Republic production, Dangerous Holiday, released in June 1937.

The contract went into effect on January 1, 1938. Since Lynn was a minor, the document was signed by her mother. However, Mrs. Roberts and the studio thought it prudent to list Lynn‚s age as 18 rather than her actual 15, in order that she could play romantic leads without undue criticism. Her year of birth consequently was moved back to 1919 in studio publicity. Lynn was cast in Mama Runs Wild as wacky Mary Boland‚s more sober daughter, then in Call The Mesquiteers, which was to be the first of her many appearances in westerns. Lynn being a fine rider and athlete fit comfortably into the action of the western genre. After ingenue roles in such fare as The Hollywood Stadium Mystery playing the lead opposite Michael Whalen and as the daughter of James and Lucile Gleason in The Higgins Family, Republic decided Lynn would be the ideal leading lady for their new cowboy star, Roy Rogers. The studio insisted Lynn change her name to Mary Hart. As Mary Hart, Lynn achieved stardom of a sort in her subsequent pictures opposite Rogers, which were Come on Rangers, Billy The Kid Returns, Shine On Harvest Moon, In Old Caliente, Rough Riders Round Up, Frontier Pony Express, and Southward Ho. Mary Hart was billed on screen in most of these films above the title with Roy Rogers.

At this point, Lynn asked for a salary increase. The studio under the extremely frugal hand of president Herbert J. Yates refused, and her contract was terminated by mutual consent on June 22, 1939.

The family needed more money since Hobart Roberts, who had been ill for some time, became wheelchair bound in early 1939, and medical costs were extremely high. May had taken a course as a beauty operator and was working in a hairdressing salon, while brother John had given up acting to enter the business world. The family needed every penny to meet their obligations with Mr. Roberts unable to work.

Deciding to freelance, on the advice of her agent, Lynn obtained the ingenue lead at RKO opposite Eric Linden in Everything‚s On Ice which was designed as a showcase for five-year-old ice skater Irene Dare. Lynn played Irene‚s sister. The salary was four times as much as she had been making at Republic. Coincidentally cast as Lynn‚s mother in this film was an actress from the stage named Mary Hart. Lynn, who had always disliked her studio-coined name took this opportunity to return to being known professionally as Lynne (now with the added "e") Roberts.

In early 1940 Lynne was given a stock contract by Twentieth Century-Fox. After appearances in High School, a Jane Withers‚ vehicle, and a bit in Star Dust, which starred John Payne and newcomer Linda Darnell, Darryl F. Zanuck sat up and took notice of the lovely young actress. He deemed that extensive tests of Lynne should be made with a view to grooming her for possible stardom.

The studio released the following facts about Lynne. She is five feet three inches tall, has light blue eyes and auburn hair. She weighs 115 lbs. She has a spectacularly lovely complexion. She neither drinks nor smokes and rarely is seen on the nightclub scene. She loves picnics and all outdoor activities. She rides horseback, ice skates, and plays tennis. She plays the piano and dances well. Reads mostly current novels and biographies. She is crazy about animals, dogs in particular. She never gets angry or excited. Thinks its foolish. Laughs at her mistakes and never worries over anything unless it is important. She is popular with everyone with whom she comes in contact.

Lynne was cast in the lead for The Bride Wore Crutches, a romantic comedy released in May 1940. She played a newspaper reporter, but the film was roundly panned by the critics. Variety lumped Lynne in with the rest of the cast, referring to their efforts as, "stilted." Unfazed, Zanuck gave her the lead in Street of Memories, the story of an amnesiac, played by John McGuire, trying to reconstruct his past with the aid of waitress Lynne. The film was little better received by Variety which said, "The film should provide little more than playing time to round out a program asked of double bill requirements." Of Lynne they stated, "She might have screen possibilities, but has no chance here with the material and direction provided."

The studio by now seemed disappointed with Lynne‚s critical reception, blaming her rather than the weak vehicles they had provided. Darryl F. Zanuck was further upset when Lynne eloped on January 5, 1941 with William Englebert Jr., described as an airline company official. The actress-bride was only 18 years old.

Upon her return to the Fox studios after her honeymoon, Lynne found herself reduced to playing bit roles in Moon Over Miami in which she was a society girl. In A Yank in the RAF she was a nurse, and next played a receptionist in Sun Valley Serenade. The leads Lynne was handed included the westerns Riders of the Purple Sage opposite George Montgomery, Ride on Vaquero, and Romance of the Rio Grande, both of which starred Cesar Romero. The three films provided vacuous ingenue parts, although the latter film did give Lynne a rare chance to sing on screen.

On April 6, 1942, Lynne gave birth to a son, William Engelbert, III. After a hiatus of several months, Lynne returned to Fox to play in a murder mystery, The Man in the Trunk with George Holmes as her leading man, and Dr. Renault‚s Secret, a thriller in which she was pitted against monster ape man J. Carrol Naish and her mad scientist father, George Zucco, with Shepherd Strudwick as her romantic interest. She was also in the superior mystery Quiet Please, Murder, in which she played a librarian helping reporter Richard Denning track down Nazi spies George Sanders and Gail Patrick and their cohorts.

Lynne was tested for a part in The Song of Bernadette but was not cast in the film. Lynne‚s contract with Twentieth Century-Fox concluded with a 40-minute featurette, Three Sisters of the Moors in 1943. The story dealt with the lives of the three Bronte sisters. Heather Angel played Charlotte, Molly Lamont was Emily, and Lynne was the youngest, Anne. The film was designed to be shown as an advance introduction to the studio‚s major film of 1944, the picturization of Charlotte Bronte‚s Jane Eyre directed by Robert Stevenson. Although Three Sisters of the Moors was seen briefly in theaters, it was withdrawn from distribution after Warner Bros. sought an injunction to halt its exhibition. Warners had completed their own film of the story of the Bronte sisters titled Devotion in late 1942 and feared comparison with the Fox film. Courts agreed with Warners, and the film has remained unseen since its brief showing in 1943. Oddly, due to star Olivia de Havilland‚s contract dispute with Warner Bros., Devotion was not released to the public until 1946.

Freelancing Lynne played second lead to Janis Carter at Columbia in The Ghost That Walks Alone, a comedy starring Arthur Lake, better known as Dagwood Bumstead in the Blondie series of comedies.

Lynne next moved to Republic where she played the good girl to Stephanie Bachelor‚s very bad girl in Port of Forty Thieves. She stayed at Republic for My Buddy, a superior "B" film which Variety said was Republic‚s "sleeper" of 1944 with Lynne "effective" in her part. The star was Donald Barry as a war veteran who returns to civilian life, cannot get a job, and drifts into crime. Lynne was his girlfriend.

Republic liked the new more sophisticated Lynne and signed her to a long-term contract on September 27, 1944.

All was not well in Lynne‚s marital life, and she divorced William Englebert, Jr., on December 14, 1944. Two days later, on December 16, she rushed into marriage with Louis John Gardella, an assistant to Republic president Herbert J. Yates. Gardella had been a high government official at the War Production Board before his engagement at Republic.

Lynne‚s first film under contract was The Big Bonanza, followed in 1945 by the leading feminine part, as a farm girl braving life in the metropolis, in Behind City Lights. Peter Cookson played opposite. In Girls of the Big House she was a girl framed for murder, and in The Chicago Kid she was a girl who falls in love with a gangster, played by Donald Barry.

Lynne took time off in 1946 to do some radio and stage work in the Los Angeles area. Her two film releases that year were Sioux City Sue in which she was co-starred with Gene Autry in his first movie after his return from wartime service. She played a film talent scout out to sign Autry for her studio. In The Magnificent Rogue she was starred with Warren Douglas. In this, probably the best of all her Republic films, Lynne, beautifully gowned and photographed, played a housewife who, during the war, builds herself an advertising business. When her husband returns from the service after war‚s end, he expects her to return to domesticity. An early example of a woman‚s liberation film, it was diverting and popular at the box office.

Although Lynn managed to avoid playing in westerns prior to Sioux City Sue since her return to Republic in 1944, she was now cast in four, Saddle Pals and Robin Hood of Texas with Gene Autry, Eyes of Texas with her old co-star Roy Rogers, and The Timber Trail, which paired her with Monte Hale.

There were one or two better parts, that of a criminal who goes straight after a religious experience in Madonna of the Desert, Secret Service Investigator as a treasury agent, and Lightnin‚ in the Forest as a girl who craves excitement and gets more than she bargained for when she meets Warren Douglas.

By 1948 Lynne felt she had had enough of the studio system and decided not to renew her Republic contract which expired on March 26, 1948. She elected to freelance and announced in a press release that she had taken a role in Trouble Preferred at Twentieth Century-Fox. The part was that of a student policewoman. To help her make the part authentic she was taking a course at the Los Angeles Police Academy and was also learning judo. When the film was released in January 1949, Variety said, "The script projects a comedy slant to the doings, and the two comely leads, Peggy Knudsen and Lynne Roberts, romp for plenty of friendly chuckles."

Unfortunately, this did not lead to better parts. She was way down the cast list as a secretary in George Raft‚s A Dangerous Profession. She had her first bad girl part in Monogram‚s 1950 release Call of the Klondike. In this film she and Tom Neal as brother and sister engage in murder while operating a phony gold mine. They are brought to justice by stalwart mountie Kirby Grant and his dog Chinook.

In 1951 Lynne sued her husband Louis J. Gardella for divorce. However, on May 25, 1951, court commissioner Clarence E. Johns announced that the alimony awarded the actress by a preliminary court was withdrawn because Lynne and Gardella were not legally married. Documents were presented indicating Lynne‚s divorce from first husband William E. Englebert was not final when she went through a marriage ceremony with Gardella in Arizona in December 1944.

Lynne insisted she thought her divorce was complete. She stated she had received her divorce in Chihuahua, Mexico on December 14, 1944, and for good measure had picked up a second quickie divorce in Juarez, when the couple were on their way to Salome, Arizona for their marriage.

However, the couple were reconciled and presumably tied the knot legally. The reconciliation did not last, and Lynne was back in court again on January 11, 1952, seeking divorce. She stated "during 6 ł years of marriage, I worked four years to support the household. Having left Republic, Mr. Gardella refused to work unless he could find a job suitable to his talents." She went on, "He embarrassed me in front of my employers, friends, and my family. He was very surprised that anyone would hire me. He‚d call me dumb and a ... őGarbo‚ and didn‚t think I had the ability or was capable of working. He also told me if it were not for my nine-year-old son, whom he called a őbrat‚ we would not have any trouble."

The divorce was granted, and Gardella, by then producing agent for Hughes Aircraft Company, was ordered to pay alimony. Community property included ten Kerry blue terrier dogs valued at $1,500, two autos and a home in Van Nuys. The assets were divided between the couple.

During 1951 Lynne made her television debut appearing on the Hollywood Opening Night series in a dramatic play titled Pretty Boy. Subsequently, she was to appear regularly on television through 1953 as guest star on such dramatic shows as Fireside Theater, Stars Over Hollywood, Schaefer Century Theater, and Electric Playhouse. She also had a continuing role in the detective series The Cases of Eddie Drake in 1952 with Don Haggerty in the title part. When Patricia Morison left the series, Lynne took over the role of psychiatrist Dr. Joan Wright who assists Haggerty in his detection work. Four episodes of this series with Haggerty and Lynne were spliced together to make two feature films for showing in Europe as second features. The titles were Pattern For Murder and Murder Ad-Lib seen in England in 1953.

On June 6, 1953, Lynne entered her third marriage, this time to manufacturing executive, Hyman Samuels. The ceremony took place at Ontario, California. At her husband‚s request shortly after her marriage, Lynne retired from acting.

Lynne gave birth to a daughter, Peri Margaret, in 1955, and her husband formally adopted her son Bill, then aged 13, from the actress‚s first marriage. Lynne devoted her time to her husband and her children. Press releases said Lynne was very domestic and liked to cook and keep house. Her specialty was Italian food, but she herself often had to diet to keep from gaining weight, and would resist indulging in the dishes she prepared for her husband and friends. She mothered stray animals and still bred Kerry blue terriers, often showing them at competitions. She liked outdoor activities and loved to play baseball with her son.

It therefore was probably a surprise to newspaper readers when, on August 4, 1958, the Los Angeles Examiner reported that the blonde former movie actress was granted a divorce, on the grounds of cruelty, from Hyman B. Samuels, described as a brassiere manufacturer. She was awarded custody of the two children, $550 a month alimony and child support and sole occupancy of their home at 13129 Bloomfield Street in Sherman Oaks. Samuels was also ordered to make mortgage payments on the house and pay for lawn, garden, and pool maintenance.

However, the couple reconciled, but only briefly. On November 14, 1961, Lynne once again was in court seeking her freedom. She said, Mr. Samuels, when watching her old movies on television, would make fun of her acting and then fall asleep in front of the set. She was granted her divorce.

Lynne sold the Bloomfield Street house and bought a house nearby at 14667 Valley Vista Drive. She devoted all her time to her children. At 35 she rejected suggestions she resume her career saying, "I can‚t go back. One can‚t be a mother one day and an actress the next. It is out of the question."

Lynne married once again in 1971, this time to former pro wrestler Don Sebastian. Tragically, on December 16, 1977, Lynne fell in the bathroom of her home, striking her head on the tiles. She suffered fractures and lacerations and soon lapsed into a coma. Lynne lingered in this state for three and a half months. She died at 4 PM on April 1, 1978, at the Los Angeles USC Medical center, of respiratory failure due to an intercranial hemorrhage. She had never regained consciousness.

Although still married to Don Sebastian, the couple were legally separated at the time of Lynne‚s death. Lynne was buried alongside her mother at Forest Lawn Memorial Park on April 4, 1978. Surviving were her son, daughter and brother.

It is obvious that Lynne Roberts was pushed into an acting career at a very early age by an over ambitious mother. Her own comments on acting confirm that she lacked the driving ambitions of the more famous film stars. That she was confused in many ways is also obvious by her dismal marital record. Yet, she was a lovely, talented actress who could have gone much further on screen had she set her mind to it.


The Films of Lynne Roberts

As Lynn Roberts:

Bulldog Edition. Republic 1936. Directed by Charles Lamont. With Ray Walker, Evalyn Knapp, Regis Toomey, Cy Kendall, William Newell, Oscar Apfel, Betty Compson, Robert Warwick, Matty Fain, Ivan Miller, George Lloyd, Edward Le Saint, Ruth Gillette, Frank Puglia, LR, Billy Gilbert, Fred Toones, Minerva Urecal, Iris Meredith, Tom London, LR unbilled as girl.

Stella Dallas. United Artists 1937. Directed by King Vidor. With Barbara Stanwyck, John Boles, Anne Shirley, Barbara O‚Neil, Alan Hale, Marjorie Main, George Wolcott, Tim Holt, Anne Shoemaker, Nella Walker, Bruce Satterlee, Jimmy Butler, Jack Egger, Dickie Jones, Laraine Johnson (Laraine Day), Edmund Elton, Lillian Yarbo, Hattie McDaniel, Olin Howland, Harlan Briggs, Etta McDaniel, George Meeker, Vesey O‚Davoran, Frank Dickson, Robert Homans, Michael Owen, Jessie Arnold, Winifred Harris, LR, Mabel Colcord, Linda Gray, Dorothy Vaughan, Harry Bowen, Ann Doran, Edythe Elliott, Paul Stanton, Lon McCallister, Francis Sayles, Frank Filban, Hazel Langton. LR unbilled as "student."

Circus Girl. Republic 1937. Directed by John H. Auer. With June Travis, Robert Livingston, Donald Cook, Betty Compson, Charlie Murray, Lucille Osborne, Donald Kerr, Emma Dunn, John Wray, John Holland, Kathryn Sheldon, LR, Carleton Young, The Escalante Family. LR unbilled as "girl."

Dangerous Holiday. Republic 1937. Directed by Nicholas Barrows. With Ronald Sinclair. (Ra Hould), Hedda Hopper, Guinn Williams, Jack La Rue, Jed Prouty, LR, William Bakewell, Fern Emmett, Virginia Sale, Franklin Pangborn, Grady Sutton, William Newell, Thomas E. Jackson, Olaf Hytten, Jack Mulhall, Michael Jeffrey, Harvey Clark, Wade Boteler, Carleton Young, Andre Bernager, Walter Soderling, Victor Wong, Justina Wayne, Earle Kaye, Jeannie Roberts, Duke York, H. L. Smith, Frank Meredith, Kernan Cripps, Frank La Rue, John Sheehan, Lillian Lawrence, Frederick Lindsley, Fay Holderness, Jane Keckley, Harry Stafford, Thomas Monk, Charles McMurphy, Jules Jay, Tommy Bupp, Leonard Kibrick, Robert Winkler, Richard Tucker, Harrison Greene, Lester Dorr, Milton Kahn, Jack Grant, Jr., LR as Jean Robbins, daughter to a railroad executive.

Mama Runs Wild. Republic 1938. Directed by Ralph Staub. With Mary Boland, Ernest Truex, William Henry, LR, Max Terhune, Joseph Crehan, Dorothy Page, Dewey Robinson, Julius Tannen, Samy McKim, John Sheehan, James C. Morton, Dora Clement, Hal K. Dawson. LR as Edith Summers, daughter to Boland character.

Call The Mesquiteers. Republic 1938. Directed by John English. With Robert Livingston, Max Terhune, Ray Corrigan, LR, Earle Hodgins, Sammy McKim, Eddy Waller, Maston Williams, Eddie Hart, Pat Gleason, Roger Williams, Warren Jackson, Hal Price, Ralph Peters, Frank Ellis, Jack Ingram, Ethan Laidlaw, Tom Steele, Al Taylor, Curley Dresden, Yakima Canutt, Loren Riebe, Harry Strang, Duke Taylor, Jack Kirk. LR as Madge Irving, daughter of a medicine show owner.

The Hollywood Stadium Mystery. Republic 1938. Directed by David Howard. With Neil Hamilton, Evelyn Venable, Jimmy Wallington, Barbara Pepper, Lucien Littlefield, LR, Charles Williams, James Spottiswood, Reed Hadley, Robert Homans, William Haade, Dan Toby, Pat Flaherty, Smiley Burnette, Al Bayne, Yakima Canutt, Noble "Kid" Chissell, Kernan Cripps, Anthony Warde, Cecil Weston, Alan Gregg. LR as Edith, a murder suspect.

Heart of the Rockies. Republic 1938. Directed by Joseph Kane. With Robert Livingston, Ray Corrigan, Max Terhune, LR, Sammy McKim, J. P. McGowan, Yakima Canutt, Hal Taliferro, Maston Williams, Guy Wilkerson, George Pearce, Nelson McDowell, Ranny Weeks, Georgia Simmons, Herman‚s Mountaineers LR as Lorna, an underage bride.

Dick Tracy Returns. Republic serial 1938. Directed by William Witney and John English. With Ralph Byrd, LR, Charles Middleton, Jerry Tucker, David Sharpe, Lee Ford, Michael Kent, John Merton, Raphael Bennett, Jack Roberts, Ned Glass, Edward Foster, Alan Gregg, Reed Howes, Robert Terry, Tom Seidel, Jack Ingram, Frank Hagney, Tom Steele, Kernan Gripps, Frank La Rue, Harrison Greene, Budd Buster, Virginia Carroll, Charles Sullivan, Roy Darmour, Douglas Evans, Al Taylor, Walter Wills, Eddie Dew, Eddie Parker, Frank O‚Connor, Earl Askam, Yakima Canutt, Allen Pomeroy, Allen Pomeroy, Loren Riebe, Ted Wells, Bruce MacFarlane, Frank Wayne, Forrest Taylor, Allan Cavan, Earl Bunn, Maston Williams, Duke Green, Bud Wolfe, Gloria Rich. LR as Gwen, who aids Dick Tracy fighting criminals.

The Higgins Family. Republic 1938. Directed by Gus Meins. With James Gleason, Lucile Gleason, Russell Gleason, LR, Harry Davenport, William Bakewell, Paul Harvey, Wallis Clark, Sally Payne, Richard Tucker, Franklin Parker, Doreen McKay, Gay Seabrook, George Meeker, Wheaton Chambers. LR as Marian Higgins, daughter of title family.

Come On Rangers. Republic 1938. Directed by Joe Kane. With Roy Rogers, LR, Raymond Hatton, J. Farrell MacDonald, Purnell Pratt, Harry Woods, Bruce MacFarlane, Chester Gunnels, Lee Powell, Lane Chandler, George Montgomery, John Beach, Allan Cavan, Robert Kortman, Al Taylor, Henry Wills, Joe Yrigoyen, Duke Taylor, Jack Kirk, Nellie Walker, Bob Wilke, Frank La Rue, Trigger. LR as Janice Forbes, a Colonel‚s daughter.

The Lone Ranger. Republic serial 1938. Directed by William Witney and John English. With Lee Powell, LR, Bruce Bennett, Chief Thundercloud, Stanley Andrews, William Farnum, Lane Chandler, George Cleveland, George Montgomery, Hal Taliaferro, John Merton, Sammy McKim, Tom London, Raphael Bennett, Frank McGlynn, Sr., Maston Williams, Billy Bletcher, Iron Eyes Cody, Curley Dresden, Robert Kortman, Ted Adams, Hank Bell, Loren Riebe, Joe Yrigoyen, Bill Yrigoyen, Charles Williams, Jack Kirk, Blackie Whiteford, Bud Osborne, Al Taylor, Slim Whitaker, Allan Cavan, Yakima Canutt, Ken Cooper, Duke Green, Frank Marvin, Jack Perrin, Post Park, Jane Keckley, Edmund Cobb, Ted Adams, Carl Stockdale, Duke Taylor, Forbes Murray, Frank Ellis, Jack Rockwell. LR as Joan Blanchard, the heroine.

Billy The Kid Returns. Republic 1938. Directed by Joe Kane. With Roy Rogers, LR, Smiley Burnette, Morgan Wallace, Fred Kohler, Sr., Wade Boteler, Edwin Stanley, Horace Murphy, Joseph Crehan, Robert Emmett Keane, Chris Pin Martin, Bruce MacFarlane, Jack Kirk, Robert McKenzie, Betty Roadman, George Montgomery, Dorothy Vaughan, Frank O‚Connor, Lloyd Ingraham, Al Taylor, Joe Yrigoyen, Ralph Dunn, Oscar Gahan, Jim Corey, Patsy Lee Parsons, Fred Burns, Art Dillard, Betty Jean Hainey, Bob Card, Trigger. LR as Ellen Moore, a storekeeper‚s daughter.

Shine On Harvest Moon. Republic 1938. Directed by Joe Kane. With Roy Rogers, LR, Lulu Belle and Scotty, Stanley Andrews, William Farnum, Frank Jaquet, Chester Gunnels, Matty Roubert, Joe Whitehead, George Montgomery, Jack Rockwell, David Sharpe, Charles Hogg, Jack Ingram, Duke Taylor, Jack Kirk, Duke Taylor, Trigger. LR as Claire Brower, a cattle ranch owner‚s daughter.

The Mysterious Miss X. Republic 1939. Directed by Gus Meins. With Michael Whalen, LR, Dick Chandler, Mabel Todd, Frank M. Thomas, Regis Toomey, Don Douglas, Dorothy Tree, Pierre Watkin, Eddie Acuff, Harlan Briggs, Richard Cramer, Eddie Featherston, Bruce MacFarlane, Alan Ladd, George Montgomery, Walter Sande, Broderick O‚Farrell, Frank O‚Connor. LR as Julie Graham, the title role.

In Old Caliente. Republic 1939. Directed by Joseph Kane. With Roy Rogers, LR, George "Gabby" Hayes, Jack LaRue, Katherine DeMille, Frank Puglia, Harry Woods, Paul Marion, Ethel Wales, Merrill McCormick, Ted Mapes, George Montgomery, Duke Taylor, Joe Yrigoyen, Nellie Walker, Al Taylor, Henry Wills. LR as Jean, the Hayes character‚s niece.

My Wife‚s Relatives. Republic 1939. Directed by Gus Meins. With James Gleason, Lucile Gleason, Russell Gleason, LR, Harry Davenport, Tommy Ryan, Maude Eburne, Purnell Pratt, Henry Arthur, Marjorie Gateson, Sally Payne, Edward Keane, Walter Fenner, Pauline Haddon, Nellie Walker, Charles Williams. LR as Jean Higgins, daughter to the Gleason characters.

Rough Riders Round Up. Republic 1939. Directed by Joseph Kane. With Roy Rogers, LR, Raymond Hatton, Eddie Acuff, William Pawley, Dorothy Sebastian, George Meeker, Jack Rockwell, Guy Usher, Duncan Renaldo, Glenn Strange, Hank Bell, Dorothy Christie, Soledad Jiminez, Fred Kelsey, George Chesebro, Eddy Waller, John Merton, George Montgomery, Al Haskell, Frank Ellis, Augie Gomez, Frank McCarroll, Dan White, Allan Cavan, George De Norman, Chris Pin Martin, Joe Yrigoyen, Nellie Walker, Bud Osborne, and Trigger. LR as Dorothy Blair, a runaway from home.

Frontier Pony Express. Republic 1939. Directed by Joseph Kane. With Roy Rogers, LR, Raymond Hatton, Edwad Keane, Noble Johnson, Monte Blue, Donald Dillaway, William Royle, Ethel Wales, George Montgomery, Ernie Adams, Hank Bell, Jack O‚Shea, Charles King, Robert McKenzie, Bud Osborne, Jack Kirk, Fred Burns, Chris Pin Martin, Frank Marvin, Vester Pegg, House Peters, Jr., and Trigger. LR as Ann Langhorne, a news reporter‚s sister.

Should Husbands Work? Republic 1939. Directed by Gus Meins. With James Gleason, Lucile Gleason, Russell Gleason, LR, Marie Wilson, Harry Davenport, Tommy Ryan, Berton Churchill, Henry Kolker, Arthur Hoyt, Barry Norton, Mary Forbes, William Brisbane, Harry C. Bradley, William Farnum, Minerva Urecal, Joe Yrigoyen, Walter Fenner, Virginia Sale, Lloyd Ingraham. LR as Jean Higgins, daughter to the Gleason characters.

Southward Ho. Republic 1939. Directed by Joseph Kane. With Roy Rogers, LR, George "Gabby" Hayes, Wade Boteler, Arthur Loft, Lane Chandler, Tom London, Charles Curley Dresden, George Chesebro, Rudy Bowman, Earl Dwire, Nellie Walker, Trigger. LR as Ellen Denbigh, daughter of a Union army officer.

As Lynne Roberts:

Everything‚s On Ice. RKO 1939. Directed by Erle C. Kenton. With Irene Dare, Edgar Kennedy, Roscoe Karns, LR, Eric Linden, Mary Hart, George Meeker, Bobby Watson, Mary Currier, Maxine Stewart, Wade Boteler, Pierre Watkin, Larry Jackson, Kenny Williams, Paul Winchell. LR as Jane Barton, sister to child ice skater Dare.

High School. TCF 1940. Directed by George Nicholls. With Jane Withers, Joe Brown, Jr., Lloyd Corrigan, LR, Claire Du Brey, Paul Harvey, Cliff Edwards, Lillian Porter, John Kellogg, Margaret Brayton, Marvin Stephens, John Pironne, Mary McCarty, Emma Dunn, The Brian Sisters, Dorothy Moore, Joan Leslie, Roy Saeger, Maurice Cass, Betty Jean Hainey, Carmencita Johnson, Mary Joe Ellis, Wade Boteler, Luis Alberni, Renie Riano, Sam Garrett, Jackie Hughes, Iva Stewart, Arnold Parker, Frank M. Thomas, Grace Hayle, Constance Evans, Tina Marshall, Michael Conroy, Ray Cooke, Robert Homans, Dave Morris, Harold Goodwin, Frank McGrath, Fred Kelsey, Heinie Conklin, Bob Rose, Corinne McAlister, Allen Pomeroy, Billy Jones, Jack Woody, Gordon Carveth, Harry Denny, Helen Dickson, Clark Morgan. LR as Carol Roberts, a student.

Star Dust. TCF 1940. Directed by Walter Lang. With Linda Darnell, John Payne, Roland Young, Charlotte Greenwood, William Gargan, Mary Beth Hughes, Mary Healy, Donald Meek, Jessie Ralph, Walter Kingsford, Robert Lowery, George Montgomery, Hal K. Dawson, Jody Gilbert, LR, Frances Morris, Gary Breckner, Fern Emmett, Paul Hurst, Irving Bacon, Charles Tannen, Sid Grauman, Kay Griffith, Amanda Duff, Paddy O‚Flynn, Charles Moore, Eddie Acuff, Victoria Vinton, Iva Stewart, Robert Shaw, Tom Seidel, Arthur Rankin, Philip Morris, Frank Coghlan, Jr., Jill Dennett, Lillian Porter, Manton Moreland, Sherrie Overton, Mary Brodel, Dorothy Moore, Patricia Stillman, Betty Jean Hainey, Harry Green, Tom Dugan, Elyse Knox, Sarah Edwards, Jimmy Butler, Gaye Sheridan, Dick Winslow, Louise Lorimer. LR as "girl."

Street of Memories. TCF 1940. Directed by Shepard Traube. With LR, Guy Kibbee, John McGuire, Edward Gargan, Hobart Cavanaugh, Charles Waldron, Sterling Holloway, Jerome Cowan, Scotty Beckett, Pierre Watkin, Adele Horner, Bill Wilkes, Clem Wilenchick, Harry Tyler, Clarence Wilson, Duke Green, Abe Dinovitch, Gladys Blake, Robert Homans, Ralph Dunn, Wade Boteler, Sarah Padden, Ernie Alexander, Carl Stockdale, Frank Sully, Edwin Stanley, Betty Danko, James Flavin, Dick Rich, Dewey Robinson, Helen Thurston, Murray Alper, John Ellis, Henry Howard, Robert Conway, Ted North, Addison Richards, Patricia Knox, Jill Dennett, Jean Houghton, Ernie Adams, Lillian Porter, Max Wagner. LR as Catherine Foster, a waitress.

The Bride Wore Crutches. TCF 1940. Directed by Shepherd Taube. With LR, Ted North, Robert Armstrong, Edgar Kennedy, Lionel Stander, Richard Lane, Grant Mitchell, Harry Tyler, Edmund MacDonald, Horace MacMahon, Anthony Caruso, Billy Mitchell. LR as Midge Lambert, a news reporter.

Romance of the Rio Grande. TCF 1941. Directed by Herbert I. Leeds. With Cesar Romero, Patricia Morison, LR, Ricardo Cortez, Chris Pin Martin, Aldrich Bowker, Joseph McDonald, Pedro De Cordoba, Inez Palange, Raphael Bennett, Trevor Bradette, Tom London, Eva Puig, Francis Ford. LR as Maria De Vega, an heiress to a fortune.

Ride on Vaquero. TCF 1941. Directed by Herbert I. Leeds. With Cesar Romero, Mary Beth Hughes, LR, Chris Pin Martin, Robert Lowery, Ben Carter, William Demarest, Robert Shaw, Edwin Maxwell, Paul Sutton, Don Costello, Arthur Hohl, Irving Bacon, Alec Craig, Paul Harvey, Dick Rich, Joan Woodbury. LR as Marguerita, a Mexican girl.

Moon Over Miami. TCF 1941. Directed by Walter Lang. With Don Ameche, Betty Grable, Robert Cummings, Charlotte Greenwood, Carole Landis, Jack Haley, Cobina Wright Jr., George Lessey, Robert Conway, Robert Greig, the Condos Brothers, Minor Watson, LR, Fortunio Bonanova, Larry McGrath, George Humbert, Leyland Hudgson, Gino Corrado, Eric Wilton. LR as Jennie May.

Sun Valley Serenade. TCF 1941. Directed by Bruce Humberstone. With Sonja Henie, John Payne, Lynn Bari, Glen Miller and His Orchestra, Milton Berle, Joan Davis, the Nicholas Brothers, William B. Davidson, Almira Sessions, Dorothy Dandridge, Mel Ruick, LR, Edward Earle, Ralph Dunn, Sheila Ryan, Ann Doran, Chester Clute, Bruce Edwards, Eddie Kane, William Forrest, Roseanne Murray, Tex Beneke, Dora Clement. LR as "receptionist."

A Yank in the RAF. TCF 1941. Directed by Henry King. With Tyrone Power, Betty Grable, John Sutton, Reginald Gardiner, Donald Stuart, Morton Lowry, Denis Green, Ralph Byrd, Richard Fraser, Bruce Lester, Lester Matthews, Frederic Worlock, LR, Dennis Hoey, Stuart Robertson, Fortunio Bonanova, James Craven, Guy Kingsford, Charles Irwin, John Meredith, Ethel Griffies, Howard Davies, George P. Huntley, Jr., Otto Reichow, Kurt Kreuger, Lillian Porter, Claud Allister, Hans Morhart, Bobbie Hale, Crauford Kent, Maureen Roden-Ryan, Gil Perkins, Gilchrist Stuart. LR as "nurse."

The Last of the Duanes. TCF 1941. Directed by James Tinling. With George Montgomery, LR, Eve Arden, Francis Ford, George E. Stone, Williamk Farnum, Joe Sawyer, Truman Bradley, Russell Simpson, Don Costello, Andrew Tombes, Harry Woods, Erville Alderson, Tim Ryan, Syd Saylor, Hank Worden, Paul E. Burns. LR as Nancy Bowdrey, a ranch owner.

Riders of the Purple Sage. TCF 1941. Directed by James Tinling. With George Montgomery, Mary Howard, LR, Robert Barrat, Kane Richmond, Patsy Patterson, Oscar O‚Shea, Richard Lane, James Gillette, Frank McGrath, Leroy Mason. LR as Bess.

Young America. TCF 1942. Directed by Louis King. With Jane Withers, Jane Darwell, William Tracy, LR, Ben Carter, Irving Bacon, Robert Cornell, Louise Beavers, Roman Bohnen, Darryl Hickman, Sally Harper, Carmencita Johnson, Daphne Ogden, Myra Marsh, Charles Arnt, Hamilton McFadden. LR as Elizabeth Barnes, a farmer‚s daughter.

The Man in the Trunk. TCF 1942. Directed by Malcolm St. Clair. With LR, George Holmes, Raymond Walburn, J. Carrol Naish, Dorothy Peterson, Eily Malyon, Arthur Loft, Milton Parsons, Matt McHugh, Charles Cane, Theodore Von Eltz, Joan Marsh, Syd Saylor, Douglas Fowley, Tim Ryan, Vivien Oakland. LR as Peggy, a showgirl.

Dr. Renault‚s Secret. TCF 1942. Directed by Harry Lachman. With J. Carrol Naish, LR, Shepherd Strudwick, George Zucco, Bert Roach, Eugene Borden, Jack Norton, Louis Mercier, Arthur Shields, George Davis, Mike Mazurky, Charles La Torre. LR as Madeline Renault, daughter of deranged doctor Zucco.

Quiet Please Murder. TCF 1942. Directed by John Larkin. With George Sanders, Gail Patrick, Richard Denning, LR, Sidney Blackmer, Kurt Katch, Margaret Brayton, Charles Tannen, Byron Foulger, Arthur Space, George Wolcott, Chick Collins, Lon McCallister, Bud Geary, Harold Goodwin, James Farley, Jack Cheatham, Mae Marsh, Minerva Urecal, Fern Emmett, Paul Porcasi, Theodore Von Eltz, Charles Cane. LR as Kay Ryan, a librarian.

Three Sisters of the Moors. TCF short subject 1943. With Heather Angel, Cedric Hardwicke, LR, Molly Lamont, Ethel Griffies. LR as author Anne Bronte.

The Ghost That Walks Alone. Columbia 1944. Directed by Lew Landers. With Arthur Lake, Janis Carter, LR, Frank Sully, Warren Ashe, Arthur Space, Barbara Brown, Matt Willis, Ida Moore, Jack Lee, Paul Hurst, Robert Williams, John Tyrell. LR as Sue McGuire, a radio actress.

Port of Forty Thieves. Republic 1944. Directed by John English. With Stephanie Bachelor, Richard Powers, LR, Olive Blakeney, Russell Hicks, George Meeker, Mary Field, Ellen Lowe, Patricia Knox, John Hamilton, Harry Depp, Roy Barcroft. LR as Nancy Hubbard, stepdaughter to Bachelor character.

My Buddy. Republic 1944. Directed by Steve Sekely. With Donald Barry, Ruth Terry, LR, Alexander Granach, Emma Dunn, John Litel, George E. Stone, Jonathan Hale, Ray Walker, Joe Devlin, Matt McHugh, Jayne Whitman, Jack Ingram, George Humbert, Emmett Vogan, Edward Earle, Milton Kibbee, Almeda Fowler, Jack Gardner, Blake Edwards, Sven Hugo Borg, Constance Purdy, Sam Bernard, Connie Leon, Jk Baxley, Jimmy Zaner, Arthur Loft, Jack Mulhall, Larry Burke, Jack Rockwell, Roy Darmour, Lynton Brent, Lee Shumway, Harry Strang, George Lloyd, Robert Middlemass, Nolan Leary, Noble "Kid" Chissell, Charles Sherlock, John Bagni, Jay Norris, Frank Marlowe, Ralph Linn, Russ Whitman, Boots Brown, Charles Sullivan, Kenne Duncan, Bud Geary, Charles Wilson, Marshall Reed, Tom London, Edward Cassidy, Kit Guard. LR as Lucy Manners, unfaithful fiance to Barry character.

The Big Bonanza. Republic 1944. Directed by George Archainbaud. With Richard Arlen, Jane Frazee, Robert Livingston, LR, Bobby Driscoll, J. M. Kerrigan, Russell Simpson, Frank Reicher, Cordell Hickman, Hayward Soo Hoo, Fred Kohler, Jr., Monte Hall, Roy Barcroft, George Carleton, Tommy Coats, Fred Graham, Francis Ford, Martha Carroll, Bud Geary, Jack Rockwell, Henry Wills, Leroy Mason, Bob Wilke. LR as Judy Parker, a frontier girl.

The Chicago Kid. Republic 1945. Directed by Frank McDonald. With Donald Barry, LR, Otto Kruger, Tom Powers, Hank Daniels, Chick Chandler, Joseph Crehan, Jay Novello, Paul Harvey, Addison Richards, Kenne Duncan, Robert Strong, Frances Gladwin, Jack Perrin, Charles Sullivan, Lyle Latell, George Eldredge, Bob Wilke, Hal Price, Roy Darmour, Bobbie Dorree, Marshall Reed, Arlyn Roberts, Rex Lease. LR as Chris Mitchell, daughter to Kruger character, an auditor.

Behind City Lights. Republic 1945. Directed by John English. With LR, Peter Cookson, Jerome Cowan, Esther Dale, William Terry, Victor Kilian, Moroni Olsen, William Forrest, Emmett Vogan, Joseph J. Greene, Frank Scannell, Tom London, George Carleton, Bud Geary, Archie Twitchell, Grace Cunard, Joseph Forte, Jay Novello, Douglas Fowley, Frances Gladwin, Earle Hodgins, Bert Moorhouse, Marjorie Kane, Wheaton Chambers, Geraldine Farnum, Hal Price, Patti Posten, Gay Parkes, Martha Carroll, Dorothy Stevens, Harriette Haddon, Rose Marie Morel, Lucille Byron, Virginia Carroll, Marian Kerrigan, Melva Anstead, Beverly Reedy. LR as Jean Lowell, a farmer‚s daughter.

The Phantom Speaks. Republic 1945. Directed by John English. With Richard Arlen, LR, Stanley ridges, Ralf Harolde, Tom Powers, Charlotte Wynters, Pierre Watkin, Marian Martin, Garry Owen, Doreen McCann, Roy Barcroft, Jack Ingram, Edmund Cobb, Tom Chatterton, Charles Sullivan, Edward Cassidy, Jack Perrin, Arlyn Roberts, Patti Posten, Nolan Leary, Bobbie Dorree, Beverly Reedy, Rose Marie Morel, Melva Anstead, Eddie Parker, Robert Homans. LR as Joan Renwick, a scientist‚s daughter.

Girls of the Big House. Republic 1945. Directed by George Archainbaud, with LR, Virginia Christine, Marian Martin, Adele Mara, Richard Powers, Geraldine Wall, Tala Birell, Norma Varden, Stephen Barclay, Mary Newton, Erskine Sanford, Sarah Edwards, Ida Moore, William Forrest, Verna Felton, Roy Barcroft, Grace Cunard, Marjorie Kane, John Ince, Kit Guard, Lucille Byron, Charles Sullivan, Dick Elliott, Rosemonde James, Rose Marie Morel, Frances Gladwin, Marin Sais, Harrietta Haddon, Beverly Reedy, Dorothy Granger, Elaine Lange, Anne O‚Neal, Geraldine Farnum, Edythe Elliott, Melva Anstead, Sheila Stuart, Marian Kerrigan. LR as Jeanne Creel, framed for murder.

The Magnificent Rogue. Republic 1946. Directed by Albert S. Rogell With LR, Warren Douglas, Stephanie Bachelor, Adele Mara, Grady Sutton, Donia Bussey, Charles Coleman, Ruth Lee, Dorothy Christy, Harry Lauter, Edward Cooper, William Newell, William Haade, Linda Stirling, Tommy Ryan, Mary Bayliss.

Sioux City Sue. Republic 1946. Directed by Frank McDonald. With Gene Autry, LR, Sterling Holloway, Richard Lane, Ralph Sanford, Ken Lundy, Helen Wallace, Pierre Watkin, Roy Barcroft, Kenne Duncan, George Carleton, Frank Marvin, Harry Cheshire, Minerva Urecal, Leroy Mason, Tristram Coffin, Sam Flint, Bobbie Dorree, Tommy Coats. LR as Sue Warner, a film talent scout.

The Pilgrim Lady. Republic 1947. Directed by Lesley Selander. With LR, Warren Douglas, Alan Mowbray, Veda Ann Borg, Clarence Kolb, Helen Freeman, Doris Merrick, Russell Hicks, Ray Walker, Charles Coleman, Carlyle Blackwell, Jr., Harry Cheshire, Dorothy Christy, Paul E. Burns, Jack Rice, Tom Dugan, William Haade, William Benedict, Lois Austin, Mary Field, Bob Wilke, Beverlee Mitchell. LR as Henrietta Rankin, a university professor.

Winter Wonderland. Republic 1947. Directed by Bernard Vorhaus. With LR, Charles Drake, Roman Bohnen, Eric Blore, Elinor Donahue, Renee Godfrey, Janet Warren, Harry Tyler, Renie Riano, Diana Mumby, Alvin Hammer, Ken Carpenter. LR as Nancy Wheeler, a farmer‚s daughter.

That‚s My Gal. Republic 1947. Directed by George Blair. With LR, Donald Barry, Pinky Lee, Frank Jenks, Edward Gargan, Judy Clark, Paul Stanton, John Hamilton, Marian Martin, Ray Walker, Elmer Jerome, George Carleton, Lois Austin, Dick Elliott, Vivien Oakland, Emmett Vogan, John Ince, Cecil Weston, Nolan Leary, Leroy Mason, Ferris Taylor, William Newell, Broderick O‚Farrell, Pearl Early, Rebel Randell, Wheaton Chambers, Marian Kerrigan, Virginia Carroll, Maxine Doyle, Forbes Murray, Bobbie Dorree, Jack George, Mary Bayliss, Dolores and Don Graham, The Four Step Brothers, St. Clair and Vilova, Jan Savitt and his Top Hatters, Isabelita, The Guadalajara Trio. LR as Natalie Adams, a state executor of a will.

Saddle Pals. Republic 1947. Directed by Lesley Selander. With Gene Autry, LR, Sterling Holloway, Irving Bacon, Damian O‚Flynn, Charles Arnt, Jean Van, Tom London, Charles William, Francis McDonald, George Chandler, Roy Barcroft, Edward Gargan, Edward Keane, Janet Martin, Nolan Leary, Leroy Mason, Minerva Urecal, Frank O‚Connor, Paul E. Burns, Maurice Cass, Frank Marvin, Joel Friedkin, Joe Yrigoyen. LR as Shelly Brooks, the heroine.

Robin Hood of Texas. Republic 1947. Directed by Lesley Selander. With Gene Autry, LR, Sterling Holloway, Adele Mara, James Cardwell, John Kellogg, Dorothy Vaughan, Ray Walker, Michael Branden, Paul Bryar, Alan Bridge, Stanley Andrews, James Flavin, Roy Barcroft, Edmund Cobb, Leroy Mason, Frank Marvin, Joe Yrigoyen, Ken Terrell, Duke Green. LR as Virginia, the heroine.

Madonna of the Desert. Republic 1948. Directed by George Blair. With LR, Donald Barry, Sheldon Leonard, Don Castle, Paul Hurst, Roy Barcroft, Paul E. Burns, Betty Blythe, Grazia Narciso, Martin Garralaga, Frank Yaconelli, Maria Genardi, Renee Donatt, Vernon Cansino, Nellie Walker. LR as Monica Dale, a crook who reforms.

Lightnin‚ in the Forest. Republic 1948. Directed by George Blair. With LR, Donald Barry, Warren Douglas, Adrian Booth, Lucien Littlefield, Claire DuBrey, Roy Barcroft, Paul Harvey, Al Eben, Jerry Jerome, Eddie Dunn, George Chandler, Bud Wolfe, Hank Worden, Dale Van Sickel, Marshall Reed. LR as Jerry Vail, a girl who craves excitement.

Secret Service Investigator. Republic 1948. Directed by R. G. Springsteen. With LR, Lloyd Bridges, George Zucco, June Storey, Trevor Bardette, John Kellogg, Jack Overman, Roy Barcroft, Douglas Evans, Milton Parsons, James Flavin, Tommy Ivo, Sam McDaniel, William Benedict, Minerva Urecal, George Douglas, Charles Sullivan. LR as Susan Lane, a treasury agent.

The Timber Trail. Republic 1948. Directed by Philip Ford. With Monte Hale, LR, James Burke, Roy Barcroft, Francis Ford, Robert Emmett Keane, Steve Darrell, Fred Graham, Wade Crosby, Eddie Acuff, Tommy Coats, Dale Van Sickel. LR as Alice Baker, daughter of a stagecoach operator.

Eyes of Texas. Republic 1948. Directed by William Whitney. With Roy Rogers, LR, Andy Devine, Nana Bryant, Roy Barcroft, Danny Burton, Francis Ford, Pascale Perry, Stanley Blystone, Joe Yrigoyen, Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers. LR as Penny Thatcher, a nurse.

Sons of Adventure. Republic 1948. Directed by Yakima Canutt. With LR, Russell Hayden, Gordon Jones, Grant Withers, George Chandler, Roy Barcroft, John Newland, Stephanie Bachelor, John Holland, Gilbert Frye, Richard Irving, Joan Blair, John Crawford, Keith Richards, James Dale, Abdullah Abbas, Jim Nolan, George Douglas. LR as Jean, a movie stunt girl.

Trouble Preferred. TCF 1949. Directed by James Tinling. With Peggy Knudsen, LR, Charles Russell, Mary Bear, Paul Langton, James Cardwell, June Storey, Paul Guilfoyle, Marcia Mae Jones. LR as Madge Walker, a policewoman.

A Dangerous Profession. RKO 1949 Directed by Ted Tatzlaff. With George Raft, Ella Raines, Pat O‚Brien, Bill Williams, Jim Backus, LR, Roland Winters, Betty Underwood, Robert Gist, David Wolfe, Mack Grey, Charmienne Harker, Jonathan Hale, Steven Flagg, Gloria Gabriel, Barry Brooks, Dick Dickenson, Paul Maxey, Ralph Volke, Allan Ray, Donald Dillaway, Dick Ryan, Ken Terrell, Terry Wilson, Jacqueline Hammette, Yvonne Rob, Alan Wood, Frank Shannon, Michael Lally, Phyllis Kennedy, Frances Morris, Harry Brown, Nancy Valentine, Burk Symon. LR as Miss Wilson, a secretary.

The Great Plane Robbery. United Artists 1950. Directed by Edward L. Cahn. With Tom Conway, Margaret Hamilton, Steve Brodie, LR, David Bruce, Marcel Journet, Gilbert Frye, Ralph Dunn, Lucille Barkley, Paul Campbell, Beverly Jons. LR as Mary, a passenger on a hijacked plane.

Dynamite Pass. RKO 1950. Directed by Lew Landers. With Tim Holt, LR, Regis Toomey, Robert Shayne, Cleo Moore, Don Harvey, John Dehner, Don Haggerty, Ross Elliott, Denver Pyle, Richard Martin. LR as Mary, unhappy wife to Toomey character.

The Blazing Sun. Columbia 1950. Directed by John English. With Gene Autry, LR, Pat Buttram, Anne Gwynne, Edward Norris, Kenne Duncan, Alan Hale, Jr., Gregg Barton, Steve Darrell, Tom London, Sandy Sanders, Frank Marvin. LR as Helen Ellis, fiancee to Norris character.

Call of the Klondike. Monogram 1950. Directed by Frank McDonald. With Kirby Grant, Anne Gwynne, LR, Tom Neal, Russell Simpson, Marc Krah, Paul Bryar, Pat Gleason, Duke York, Chinook the Dog. LR as Emily Mallory, a crook.

Hunt The Man Down. RKO 1950. Directed by George Archainbaud. With Gig Young, LR, Mary Anderson, Willard Parker, Carla Balenda, Gerald Mohr, James Anderson, John Kellogg, Harry Shannon, Cleo Moore, Christy Palmer, Paul Frees, James Seay. LR as Sally, a restaurant cashier.

The Blazing Forest. Paramount 1952. Directed by Edward Ludwig. With John Payne, William Demarest, Agnes Moorehead, Susan Morrow, Richard Arlen, LR, Ewing Mitchell, Walter Reed, Jim Davis, Joey Ray, Joe Garcia, Brett Houston, Max Wagner. LR as Grace Morgan, estranged wife of Arlen character.

Because of You. Universal 1952. Directed by Joseph Pevney. With Loretta Young, Jeff Chandler, Frances Dee, Alex Nichol, Alexander Scourby, LR, Mae Clarke, Gayle Reed, Billy Wayne, Frances Karath, Morris Ankrum, Jeri Weil, Betty Reilly, Bodil Miller, William Lester, Arthur Space, Helen Wallace, Ann Tyrell, Joan Shawlee, Scott Lee, Helen Noyes. LR as Rosemary Balder, rich fiancee to Chandler character.

Port Sinister. RKO 1953. Directed by Harold Daniels. With James Warren, LR, Paul Cavanagh, William Schallert, House Peters, Jr., Marjorie Stapp, Helen Winston, Eric Colmar, Norman Budd, Anne Kimball, Robert Bice, Merrit Stone, Ken Terrell. Charles Victor, E. Guy Hearn, Dayton Lummis. LR as Jean Hunter, an explorer looking for hidden treasure.

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