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(Submitted by Alan Dorschug, 4/13/08)

The first church in Ruddles Mill was the Stoner Mouth Presbyterian Church,
organized in October 1786. Mt. Carmel Christian Church was built in 1822-23.
The present Methodist Church was erected about 185O. Also, there was a
Presbyterian Church at Shawhan.

The Church of Christ (Christian Church) was organized at Ruddles Mill, in the
Fall of 1841.

...The foundation was laid, as Bro. James Fisher lay on his death bed, and
being what was called a radical Methodist, by his reading of the Scriptures,
was convinced of the truth of the Reformation. He sent for Bro. John A. Gano
and on his bed of affliction, confessed the Savior, and expressed a wish to
have a Church established, at Ruddles Mill, upon the Bible and the Bible
alone. The people united with the Church, at that time were; Sarah Fisher
Dimett, Hannah Fisher and Anne Fisher. William Fisher, the father of Bro.
James Fisher, confessed the Savior, but refused to submit to immersion, -
therefore, he was not received into the Church.

The Church was established, mainly through the efforts of Mr. Gano who
succeeded in gathering a substantial following for the Ruddles Mill Christian
Church. Other Elders were Samuel Rodgers, Willis O. Collins, Fleming Wyatt
and W. A. Stewart. Deacons were Quinca A. Houston, John MeNear, George W.
Wyatt, Sr., and George W. Bowen They took their membership to Mt. Carmel, for
a while, before the building was completed. They were often refused the use
of either House of worship, in Ruddles Mill. The Church lingered along,
through many persecutions, from the sects and the world.

Nothing much was done, until the Fall of 1853, when that peerless and noble
man, John, T. Johnson, commenced a series of meetings, assisted by Elder
Samuel Rodgers, and reorganized the Church and urged the members to start on
their new building.

An acre of ground was purchased, from the Dr. Preston Lindsay heirs, for
$400.00. David Tate hauled the stone, for the foundation, with a team of
oxen. The foundation was laid by Hiram Toadvine. A rectangular, wooden
structure was built, at. the cost of $2,700.00 and completed in June, 1855.

A dedication service was conducted, by Bro. R. C. Ricketts, Sr., to one of
the largest congregations ever to assemble at Ruddles Mill. There were 66
additions and $800.00 was raised to pay off the Church debt.

In the early years, many revivals were held. In a letter, Bro. John T.
Johnson wrote in 1853, he says that the house and the yard were filled up. In
June 1855, Bro..Johnson wrote; 'In six days we had 60 additions. The meeting
continued a week longer, with 10 additions.' In February 1859, the membership
had grown to 154. By June 1876, the number of persons united with the Church
was 154. In February 188l, the number united with the Church, by confession
and otherwise, amounted to 288 members. Elders, at this time were; Willis
Coilins, H. C. Eals, H. R. Wyatt and William Isgrig. Deacons were; John R.
Montgomery, David Tate, Harry Eals and Larkin Munrow. In the early years, the
records show many Ministers came and went. An average length of stay was
probably a year.
J. R. Montgomery presented the Church with a handsome Communion Service,
which was used until the early 1920's. A pulpit Bible was given to the Church
by the Preston Lindsay heirs, in 1867.
There was also one given by Lillie Cromwell Victor, in 1887.
These old Bibles are preserved in a cabinet built and donated to the Church
by Mr. a Mrs. Ray Keller, in 1966.
The earliest, available records, for Sunday School, show that October 1903,
the Bible School had 5 teachers and 49 members present., with an offering of
$1.18. The next records were in 1922. They show 4 officers, 6 teachers and 53
present.. The offering was $2.08.

From Paris Libary 4/1999 1st page only


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