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Miscellaneous Will & Estate Records

Hildreth, Jeffrey 

Will Book F page 371
dated 7 July 1820  Recorded October 1820
Submitted by Kellie Scott

wife Rachel
sons: Elender, Jefferson, Nearly, Preston, Resse, Joseph
daughters: Mariah, Louisa, Lonora, Eliza, Abigail Richerson, Lilly Barnes
Exec. John Hildreth
Wittnesses:  Samuel Deepies, James McClelland, W. Parker, and Nicholas Barton


Hildreth, John
March 12, 1814  Will Book E page 25  Recorded April 1814
Submitted by Kellie Scott

Wife: Dorcas
Sons: William, John, Peter, Aquilla, James
Son in law: William D. Jackson
Exec. John Hildreth and William Mitchell
Wittnesses B. Mills, Jeffrey Hildreth, David Honaway


Houston, Samuel, Will Book K page 429

Will of Samuel Houston, dated 18 September 1837  Probated November 6, 1837

Names: Wife-Mourning  mentions children but no names


Schooler, Benjamin


Scott, Jonathan

Talbott, Demoville
Bourbon County Will Book L page 79

Submitted by Kellie Scott

Wife Peggy Talbott, Children: Presley, Samuel, Mason and Mary Stone, daughter Anny Stone, Sally Holiday, sone George, son Joshua, son Levi, grandchildren: Morial Ball, Siddenham and Demetrus Talbot the children of my son French Talbott, granddaughter Margaret Talbot,

daughter of my son Daniel Talbot who is now dead, son Sampson Talbot, Demovile Talbott, and wife, and Sampson Talbott, executors  dated 26 February 1830 probated June 1839

Talbott, Louis

Will Book N Page 20

Submitted by Kellie Scott

Wife, not named, children to be equal except olders son Horatio to only have 1/3 as much as the others, the reason for that is that I have long since given up to his grandfather Muir all the estate I received from said Muir with the mother of Horatio, with the understanding that said Muir would save it for him and give to said Horatio all that portion of his estate which he intended for his daughter, mother of said Horatio.  In addition said Horatio having resided mostly with the Muir family has not contributed by his labors toward making my estate.
Probated May 13, 1844  Witnesses  Jesse Kennedy and Franklin Bedford

Talbott, Nicholas

Bourbon County Will Book H page 50

Submitted by Kellie Scott

wife, Aria, son Lewis, son in law Thomas Morris, daughter Sophia, son in law Benjamin Scott, daughter Tabitha, other children: Lewis, Courtney, Coleman, Willia, Charles P., Louisa, Helen and Nancy, son Rufus   Probated May 1828


Wright, William 


Will written Oct 7, 1802  Mentions wife Martha, Sons James, William,  Robert, John and Hugh
Daughters: Hannah Melvin, Mary Stewart, Margaret Hendrix, Elizabeth Leer,  Sally Hannah, Jean Champ



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