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Boardman Family

Submitted by Kellie Scott

Source: Ky Pioneer and Court Records by  Mrs. Harry Kennett Adams
The following statements are based on family traditions, US Censuses and  deed records of Bourbon and Nicholas counties, KY.  The dates of births and  deaths are taken from the family Bible of Benjamin Boardman, who was the third  generation to live in America,  The given name of the emigrant from England  is unknown to writer. but traditional statements are agreed that he came from  England and lived first in NJ and later MD.  This pioneer had a son whose  name was Joseph Boardman, born 1746;died 1818, but the place of his birth is  stated to have been in MD as shown by letter from Mr. H Boardman of Indiana to  Abner Boardman, Jr. dated April 3, 1892.  This letter also states that  Joseph Boardman moved to NJ when he married Elizabeth Parker born 1844.  It  is also stated that Joseph Boardman lived for a short time in Delaware and this  statement is corroborated by his grandson, Abner Boardman and Harry H. Boardman  of Odon in Graves Co, Indiana, that Joseph Boardman passed through town in which  his father lived in MD on his journey to KY
The old deed records of Bourbon County  Book? page 155 show that on  Feb 23, 1796 Henry Wilson and Francis Wilson sold to Joseph Boardman for the  consideration of 45 pounds 60 acres of land on the waters of Hinkston Creek in  Bo. Co. KY  This 60 acres of land is now occupied by Finley Burris, a  descendant.
The same letter from Harry H. Boardman states that Joseph Boardman had 5  brothers, who left many children.
So far as known to me, Joseph Boardman had only one son Benjamin Boardman  probably born in NJ 1774; died Sept 8, 1840.  He married Keziah ( Katie)  Rice born 1775; died Nov 21, 1847.
In a history of the Rice family, Benjamin Boardman had four sons:  Wm  Boardman born Nov 22, 1797 and died MAy 16, 1887; James born Dec 6, 1796; Eli  born, died at Grapevine TX; Abner born April 16, 1801 and died Aug 29, 1875 and  married Mary or Polly Crose born Jan 3, 1806 died Jan 31, 1876.
This brings us to the passing of 4 generation of the Boardman family to  America, three of which died in KY-but where?
On the 10th Day of Dec 1811 a Mr. David A Graves gave to Benjamin  Boardman a bond for tht title to 100 acres of land on the north bank of  Somerset Creek in Nicholas County KY; six miles south of Carlise to which  Benjamin moved, taking family.  To this home, Benjamin later brought his  aged mother and father, Joseph and Elizabeth and here in this same house lived  and died all of the three generations mentioned above, and all are buried in the  same graveyard near the original farm house, which is still  standing.



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