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Joseph Pugh

By Mary Bishop:


  Joseph Pugh is my Gr. gr. gr. gr. Grandfather, Not much has been found on his family, I have not been able to document who his parents were.


According to the Tax list of Bourbon County he first showed in 1788 he showed for that year. He must have still owned land in Rowan County, North Carolina as he showed there in 1789.

  In 1793 the Tax Returns showed that he was granted a license to conduct an ordinary (Tavern or Inn Keeper) located on Townsend Creek in the same county.

  Joseph  Pugh was on the 1800 Bourbon County Tax List.

  Joseph  Pugh was on the 1810 Tax List.

  Bourbon County Court Will Book F, Page 372 gives the will of Joseph Pugh; he died November 9, 1820.


 Joseph Pugh, born June 28, 1763, Bedford, Virginia, died November 9, 1820, Bourbon County, Ky. Buried in the Joseph Pugh Cemetery on the Paris-Cynthiana Pike near his home place.

Married: June 10, 1782, Strode’s Station

Elizabeth Hunt, born January 1, 1763, Jersey Settlement, North Carolina, died February 15, 1829, Bourbon County, Buried in the Joseph Pugh Cemetery, Paris-Cynthiana Pike. Elizabeth was the daughter of Col. Jonathan Hunt, a Revolutionary War hero  & Margaret Lawrence of Rowan County, North Carolina.


                                      Children of Joseph Pugh & Elizabeth Hunt


  1. George Pugh, born June 29,1782, Fayette Co., died September 1833, Fayette Co., Ky., married Peggy Davis Thompson, December 23, 1802, Harrison Co.

  2. John Pugh, born February 27, 1784, Fayette Co., married Katherine Whalen, Harrison Co., Ky. August 7, 1827.

  3. Nancy Pugh, born September 1, 1786, Fayette Co., Ky., married William Chiles, November 16, 1809, Bourbon Co.

  4. Elizabeth Pugh, born October 22, 1788, Fayette Co., Ky., died 1835 married James Miller May 17, 1809, Bourbon Co., Ky.

  5. Joseph Pugh, Jr. born June 29, 1791, Bourbon Co., Ky.,

  6. William S. Pugh, born October 14, 1792, Bourbon Co., Ky., died March 9, 1825,married Mary Downard, March 30, 1830, Pendleton, Ky.

  7. Cynthia Pugh, born March 30, 1795, Bourbon Co., Ky., died September 28, 1833, Bourbon Co., Ky., married Samuel Ewalt, December 24, 1817, Bourbon Co., Ky

  8. Jonathan Pugh, born January 15, 1797, Bourbon Co., Ky.,

  9. Mary Pugh, born July 6, 1799, Bourbon Co., Ky, Mary married Julius Clarkson Bristow, January 5, 1829.

  10. Gustavius Pugh, born May 12, 1801, died June 15, 1833, married Sarah “Sallie” Cantrill, March 15, 1827. Bath Co., Ky.

  11. Keziah Pugh, married William McClelland

  12. James Orville Pugh, born May 22, 1805, died June 12, 1852



I found no date for Keziah Pugh but she is listed in the Brides Index for Bourbon County Ky., she married 1809 to William McClelland, It lists he as the daughter of Joseph Pugh book 2, page 42.


Joseph served in the Revolutionary War; he served as a Lieutenant in the Fourteenth Virginia Regiment during the War of Independence.  He served 3 years.


Army and Navy, Land Warrants, Revolutionary War, Page 110 lists Joseph Pugh Lieutenant, Continental  was granted 2666/2/3 acres of land December 6, 1820 for 3 years.

He was listed in Bounty Land Records, Virginia District Ohio, page 617

He is also listed in State and Navy Land Warrants, Military District of Ohio, #6376-7, Joseph Pugh, Private 3 years.


                                  Military Land Warrant # 10456, Brown County, Ohio:

   Surveyed for Joseph Pugh, 1000 acres of land on part of a Military warrant No. 6377 on the waters of Straight Creek; Beginning at a large White Oak two Sugar trees and an Elm N. E. corner to John & James McAllister’s survey No. 1999 and N. W. corner to Mathew Rhea’s survey No. 1997 thence with Rhea’s line E. 110 poles to dogwood a White oak and Ash, S.W. corner to John Masher’s his line N.210 poles, crossing a branch, passing the N. W. corner of said survey at 100 poles and with the line of Charles Morgan’s survey No. 3930, crossing the branch to a White oak, Hickory and Ash S. corner to Robert Mark’s survey No. 4834; thence with his line N. 67 W.267 poles, crossing a branch to a White Oak and two red Oaks from one root S. E. corner to said survey with another line thereof N. 24, E. 110 poles to a Maple in said line thence W. 107 poles crossing a branch to two Maples and a Hickory thence N. 115 poles to two Maples, thence S. 62,30 W. 307 poles, passing the N. corner to William Anderson’s survey No. 3311 at 96 poles with his line, crossing a branch to a red oak, maple and two Black Gum’s, south corner to said survey; thence S. 55 poles to two White Oaks and a Dogwood in the line of Joseph Kerr’s entry No. 5075 thence S. 214 poles, crossing a branch to two Hickory’s and an Elm; thence S. 60 poles to a stake 8 poles North of an Ash cornered, thence E 100 poles, crossing two branches to a stake, 8 poles, North of two Dogwoods and White Oak cornered thence S. 210 poles crossing a small branch at 23 and Straight Creek  at 137 poles, to two Maples and a Hickory; thence West 100 poles to three White Oaks; thence N. 110 poles to three White Oaks and a Dogwood thence South  156 poles to a forked Black Walnut on the South bank of a branch N. W. corner to said McAllister’s survey; thence with their line, S. 88, E 537 poles, crossing several branches to the beginning.

Robert Tomb       C. C.                                  Cadwallader Wallace D. S.

Alexander Tomb   C. C.                                               January 1, 1821  

        Mathew Bonner, Mkn.                                         April 17, 1821


    In Bourbon County Deed Book B. Page 275 one may read “November 20,1791, Joseph Mosby of Mercer County to Joseph Pugh of Bourbon County, in consideration of one hundred pounds, good and current money of the State of Virginia, one hundred and twenty one acres, a part of Huskins pre-emption lying on the waters of Townsend Creek”.

  On this land the above mentioned Joseph Pugh built a two story log house to serve his family, also as a place for travelers to rest and it was also used as a stage coach stop, and it later years became a stopping place of some importance for drovers taking their cattle to Cincinnati markets.

  The original log structure still stands today in excellent condition, it has been remodeled and added on to and enclosed with brick.


                           Will of Joseph Pugh: Bourbon County Court Will Book F, Page 372

  In the name of God, Amen, I Joseph Pugh of the County of Bourbon and State of Kentucky being weak in body but sound mind and memory do make and constitute this my last will and testament in manor and form following I give unto my beloved wife all the real and personal property that I now possess during her life of widowhood to do with it as to her shall seem right. I do hereby appoint my wife Elizabeth Pugh and son John Pugh Executors of this last will and testament signed sealed and delivered in presence of us the witnesses this twentieth day October 1820

Attest Joseph Cummins

James Cummins                                       Joseph Pugh (Seal)


Bourbon County, December Court 1820

   This last will and testament of Joseph Pugh deceased being produced into Court and proved according to law by the oath of James Cummings a subscribing witness thereto and sworn to by Elizabeth Pugh & John Pugh Executors therein named and ordered to be recorded.


                                                         Thomas P. Smith, C.B.C.




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