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Submitted by: Bruce P Barrett


Title:               Children of Thomas W Wells and his wives Julia A Patrick & Sarah Jones


Summary:        During the research of my Wells ancestors two brothers required more persistence than normal.  These were Jefferson Reed Wells and his brother Thomas W Wells.  After arriving in Russell County, prior to 1870 along with his parents Edward and America Wells and siblings, Jefferson Reed is said to have loaded his family and possessions in a wagon and headed to Kentucky never to be heard from again.   Jefferson’s brother Thomas W Wells married Julia A Patrick in 1872 after moving to Russell County.  They lived in the same area as Thomas’s parents and started a family.  Sometime after 1880 Thomas and Julia move to Knox County. Tennessee.   At some point prior to the 1900 census Thomas divorced and/or separated from Julia as he is not living with Julia at the time of the 1900 census. 


Jefferson and Thomas were reconnected, whether they were aware of it or not in the 1895 marriage of Jefferson’s youngest son Robert R and Thomas’s daughter Elmiry also known as Alma.  Robert and Alma are 1st cousins.  The marriage didn’t last long as Robert died 28 August 1904.


Walter Israel stated the following in reference to Thomas W Wells and Julia A Patrick’s children as related by his daughter Charlene.

.                                   "Bless Daddy's heart" here is what he told Kathy in 1977.  "My mother had three brothers. One named M.O. the other Thomas, the other Reid Wells who settled in Hyders Gap. He disappeared and no one knew what become of him.  His brother Thomas settled in Knoxville, Tenn. He raised five children Bradley and Baker were the two boys and three girls Muriel, Vic. and Elmer"








Thomas W

1848 – Thomas W Wells born to Edward Wells and America Griffin in Henry County, VA.

1850 – In the 1850 census Thomas Walls is living with parents in Patrick County, VA.

1860 – In the 1860 census Thomas Wills is living in Henry County, VA with parents America & Edward.

1870 – In the 1870 census Thomas is living at home with mother America in Elk Garden, Russell County, VA.

1872 - Thomas W Wells marries Julia A Patrick daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth Patrick 14 Aug 1872.

1880 – In the 1880 census Thomas and Julia married 14 Aug 1872 and are living in the Elk Garden district of Russell County, VA.

189? – Thomas W Wells married and/or lived with Sarah Jones daughter of Jessie &Elizabeth Jones.

1910 – In the 1910 census Thomas is shown as a boarder in the home of Charles Hess along with wife Sallie     (Jones) and daughter Asia age 11.

1930 - Thomas and Sallie are found living with daughter Osie Helton and family in Lee, Mingo County, WV in the 1930 census.


Julia A

1842 – Julia A Patrick born to parents Andrew Patrick & Elizabeth Denniston Jan 1842 in Russell County, VA.

1850 – Julia is living with Parents in Russell County, VA in the 1850 census.

1860 – In the 1860 census she is living at home in Russell County, VA

1870 – In the 1870 census Julia & sister Mary are domestic servants in the Charles Carrel household in Russell County, VA.

1872 - Julia marries Thomas W Wells son of Edward and America Wells 14 Aug 1872.

1880 – Julia and Thomas are living in the Elk Garden district of Russell County, VA.

1900 – Julia W Wells is living in the 6th Ward of Knoxville, TN with children Edward, Bradley, Victoria (Husband William G Blanton and children Walter & Sidney) and Mary M (Husband Will H Marten).  She says she had 5 children and 5 are living.

1910 – A “Widowed” Juliah Wells is living in the Park Ward 2, Knox County, TN with children Alma, Mary, Bradley and Bradley’s son Walace.

1920 – Julia A Wells is living Ward 7 of Knoxville, TN with daughter Mary Martin.

1921 – Julia died 8 Jul 1921 in Knoxville, TN



Children of Thomas W & Julia A Wells



1874 – Victoria is born Aug 1874 in Russell County, VA.

1880 – Victoria shown living with parents in the Elk Garden District of Russell County, VA

1894 - Victoria married William G Blanton.

1897 – Son Walter Blanton was born.

1898 – Son Sidney R Blanton was born.

1900 - In the 1900 census Victoria and family are living with Julia.

1901 – Son Carl F is born

1906 – Son Harry born

1908 – Son Edgar born.

1909 – Husband William G Blanton apparently died prior to 1910 census as Victoria is shown as widowed.

1910 – Victoria is listed in the 1910 census as Mrs.  Blanton living about 2 doors from her mother Julia.

191? – Victoria married Charles L Browning sometime between 1910 and 1920.

1920 – In the 1920 census Victoria is shown as the wife of Charles L Browning living in Knoxville, TN.   Son Carl F Blanton is living in the household. and working as a Drug Store Salesman.

1930 – In the 1930 census Victoria is shown as the wife of Charles L Browning living in Knoxville, TN.   Son Sidney R Blanton is living in the household and working as a Waiter.



I think Sidney’s middle name is Risting or Risto as I found him in the 1920 census living in Clovis, Curry County, New Mexico.  His middle name is shown as Risting but changed to Risto.    He is working as a Drug Clerk in a Drug Store.   His relationship to the Head of Household, Marie Singleton at 55 East Grand, was changed from something to “Boarder”. 


Edward S


1875 – Edward S is born to Thomas W Wells and Julia A Patrick.  He may have been known by a nickname of “Baker”.

1880 – In the 1800 Edward is living with his parents in the Elk Garden District of Russell County, VA

1900 - In 1900 Edward is living with Julia in Knoxville, TN.

1910 – Cannot find in 1910 census.

1914 – Edward married Callie Phipps about 1914.  Callie had 2 children from a previous marriage.

1915 – Daughter Alma is born.

1916 – Son Thomas is born.

1920 – In the 1920 Census Edward is shown renting on Cumberland Avenue in Knoxville, TN.     


Elimry (Alma)

1878 – Elimry born in Russell County, VA.

1880 – Elimry is listed in the 1880 census living with her parents in the Elk Garden District of Russell County, VA.

1895 – Elimry, using the name of Alma Wells, married Robert Reed Wells the youngest son of her Uncle Jefferson Reed Wells and Elizabeth Francis Taylor.  Robert Reed Wells was her 1st cousin

1900 – Alma is shown with husband Robert Reed Wells in the 1900 census, living in Knoxville, TN.  She is also shown as the mother of one child and zero children living. 

1910 – In the 1910 census Alma is listed as “Widowed” and “daughter” in Julia Wells household.   She is also shown as “Widowed” which verifies her marriage to Robert Reed as Robert died 28 Aug 1904 in Knoxville.   Alma is shown as being the mother of one child with one living.



Note:  We know that Elimry and Alma are the same person because of age and 1910 census where Alma is shown as the daughter of Julia. 

Where did her child go?  Is it Walace who is shown as the son of Bradley?  Was Bradley married?



1880 – Mary Muriel is born Nov 1880 in Russell County, VA.

1900 – Mary married Will H Marten a machinist. 

1900 – Mary and Will are shown living with Julia on High Street in Knoxville, TN.

1910 – In the 1910 census Mary Wells is living with her mother Julia.  She is listed as “Widowed”.  She is also shown to have had one child and one child living.

1920 – Mary is still living with her mother Julia in the 1920 census using surname of Martin.


Note:   What happened to Mary’s child? 


George W (Bradley)

1886 – George W Wells was born 15 Sep 1883 in Russell County, VA.   Birth registered in Russell County showing Thomas and Julia as his parents.  He was apparently nicknamed “Bradley”.

1900 – In the 1900 census George is shown living with his mother in Knoxville, TN under the name of “Bradley”.  

1910 - In the 1910 census shows him as Bradley still living with Julia.  A Walace Wells is listed as son of Bradley.  No marriage record found.


Note:  Whose son is Walace Wells?  What happened to Wallace?  One note indicates that he was killed and thrown in a river.



Thomas W Wells & Sarah Jones Children



1899 – Ocie is born to Thomas W Wells and Sarah (Sallie) Jones in Russell County, VA..

1910 – In the 1910 census Asia Wells, age 11, is listed as a boarder in the residence of Charles Hess in New Garden District of Russell County, VA.  She is the daughter of Thomas & Sallie Wells also shown as boarders.

1920 – In the 1920 census Osa (Wells) Helton is living with husband Seaton Helton in the New Garden District of Russell County, VA.

1930 – In the 1930 census Osie (Wells) Helton and family are shown living in Lee, Mingo County, WV.  Ocie’s parents Thomas and Sallie Wells are living in the household.