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The Amos Family

Submitted by Kellie Scott


This article was found by Mrs. Ann Dru Stamper of Paris, Ky.  She gave it to me, because she knows I love genealogy and would find the proper place for all the genealogy she found.  The following was a handwritten article written by an unknown author.  I believe it to be written by Miss Blanche Lilleston in the 1940ís.  If I am wrong please correct me. 




The first of the Amos family in America of whom we have authentic information is William Amos born 1690 in England and came to America about 1735.  He settled in that part of Maryland which later in 1773 was taken from Baltimore County and incorporated in Harford County, Maryland.  He was a member of the Church of England and died in 1759.  His wife was Ann ( Hannah) McComas, daughter of William died 1748 and he was son of David died 1699 and Martha McComas of Scotland.  A will of William Amos mentions his wife Ann and following heirs: Thomas, William, James, Benjamin, Joshua and Mordecai.


Thomas, the eldest son is the ancestor from whom the Bourbon County branch descends.  He married 12-25-1735 Elizabeth Day, daughter of Nicholas Day and Elizabeth Cox married 7-14-1709, she was a daughter of Christopher Cox.


The son of Thomas and Elizabeth Day was Nicholas Day Amos.  In the will of William Amos, his son Thomas inherited a tract of land in Baltimore Co., known as Branterís Ridge and an adjacent tract known as Amoses Pursuits.


William Amos, 1717-1814, was prominent in the early history of Quaker Church in Maryland.  He was educated in England for the Episcopal Ministry.  Coming to America, her served as a Lieutenant in the Provincial Militia, when it was revealed to him that the Kingdom of Christ is a peaceful kingdom.  He resigned his commission, joined the Society of Friends, established a church at Falston, the first Quaker Church in Harford Co. Maryland and for nearly 70 years was a honored minister. 


Will Recorded March 10, 1759 in Baltimore Co. Md. Will Book 2 page 317  The heirs mentioned in this will were probably all born in England, coming to America about 1735.  Thomas born 11-23-1711, married 12-25-1735 Elizabeth Day, daughter of Nicholas and Elizabeth Cox Day married 7-14-1709.  The Day, Cox, and Amos families were members of the Protestant Episcopal Church. 


Other known heirs besides Thomas:


William born March 1, 1717 did 1814 marrried ___ Mauldow and then Hannah Wiley.

James born 2-18-1721 did 1797 married in 1750 to Martha Bradford

Benjamin born 2-2-1724

Joshua born 10-25-1725

Mordecai born 2-7-1727 married Martha Richardson


The Maryland Archives lists the following Revolutionary War Soldier:  Benjamin Amos, Joshua Amos, Nicholas Amos, Mordecai Amos, Thomas, Thomas.


Nicholas Day Amos born 9-16-1742 died 2-19-1799 married 10-29-1761 Christiana Ditto daughter of Abraham Ditto born 1718 and died 1794 and Mary Nancy Bowles.  Abraham was a son of James Ditto.  Nicholas Day was born in Maryland and died in Bourbon County, Ky. Both Nicholas and Christiana Amos are buried at Ruddles Mills.  A settlement of the state of Nicholas Day Amos at the death of his wife is recorded in the Bourbon County Courthouse in January 1819 and lists the following children:


Elizabeth 1762-1872 married Aquilla Parker  1755-1834

Mary married 4-18-1783 to Joshua Barton in Harford County, Md.

Thomas died 1830 married Catherine

Nancy married ? Conway

Nicholas 1771-1847 married 1795 to Ann Jones 1779-1843

( Nicholas and Ann are buried in Ruddles Mills)

Christiana married ? Mallot

Benjamin married Elizabeth


Elijah married 1801 Rebecca Neal and in 1827 moved to Rush County, Indiana

Sarah married 1801 to Daniel Thomas

Ditto married Patsy Neal

William married Margaret Barnett


Nicholas Amos married Ann Jones daughter of Joseph Jones ( died 1836 in Shelby Co.) Children:

Betsey 1798-1884 married 1817 Daniel Trundle 1792-1846

Rebeckah 1801-1843 married 1820 to John Dimmitt 1800-1863

Jos. Jones 1803-1890 married 1-24-1826 Nancy Wilson Howard died 1859

Lucinda 1812-1878 married 1836 to Milton Jameson 1811-1860

Abraham married Julia Matheny and lived in Pleasant Hill, Mo.

Polly 1818-1879 married 1838 Lyford Martson 1817-1897 of Plymouth, New Hampshire and lived in Illinois.


Betsy Amos married Daniel Trundel ( buried in Paris Cemetery)

Their Children:

Nicholas b 1818 married first to Cynthia Jackson and 2nd to Sally Logan and 3rd to Sarah McClintock, lived in Lone Jack, Mo. 

Rachel 1821-1903 married 1840 William Henry Crosthwaite 1811-1882

Nancy born 1822 married James Allen

William died 1895 married Angeline Fowler and 2nd Katherine Houghton

John Lewis 1831-1916 married Mollie Duncan 1841-1913

Eliza 1833-1923 married Squire Taylor died 1893

Sallie 1838-1874 married H. Clay Jackson


Rebeckah Amos married John Dimmet children: Ann 1822-1903 married 1848 to John Kiser 1810-1843  A son John Kiser 1860-1930 married 1881 Carrie Goodman born 1864. 2 sons Homer born 1885 and Dr.Avonia b 1890 of CA.


Lucinda married Milton Jameson ( buried in Millersburg, Ky.) Children: Amos Jameson married Sue Barton.  Merritt married Lula Webb, Martha 1848-1928 married Myers.  John 1840-1900 married Tabitha Whaley-2 children John 1875-1899 and Bessie married 1896 Dan R. Kimbrough issue Frances, William, And Elizabeth who married James Park in 1925.


Polly married 1838 Lyford Martson, and their children: Mollie born 1843 , Almon Perkins, Lute 1852 married ? Decker and their children Lyford, Pearl and Ray, Ann Lavina born 1840 married first to Cyrus Hartwell, and second to Dr. D. D. Eades. Oliver born 1846 married Hannah Webb issue Harriet, Oliver, and Carl


6th generation children of Betsy Amos and Daniel Trundle


John Lewis Trundle married Mollie Duncan issue Elizabeth, Mary Ella born 1869-1942 married 1894 H.D. Haynes and 1 daughter Eleanor married Arthur Myer and 2 daughters Virginia and Eleanor, Laura 1874-1910 married John A Bower and 1 son John Bower

Eliza married Squire Taylor and 2 sons James and John

Sallie married H Clay Jackson-issue Ella 1858-1940

Theodore Kenney 1 son Alfred Marsh married Sue-issue Carolyn, Bill, and Marguerite



  • At this point I believe some of the pages are either missing or out of order.



Smith Jackson died 1929 married Maria died 1932 Ė a large family

Keene ( Doc) Jackson married Margaret Norman and 1 daughter

Margaret married Dr. Ralph Major-2 sons and a daughter


Rachel Trundel 1821-1903 married 1840 William Henry Crossthwaite 1811-1882 issue Bettie, Jos. Davis, John, Charles, and Mary Blanche


Jos. Davis Crosthwaite 1846-1922 married 1879 to Ida Finley 1854-1915 issue J.D. Jr born 1892 and Marian Graves 1895


John R. 185-1897 married Mary Virginia Berryman died 1925 issue Rileen married O. Cecil Kerns and Virginia married Jack Kreiger  O. Cecil Kerns is not with the Armed Forces of America


Charles b 1853-1918 married Emma Wooley died 1921 issue Mary T. widow of Lawrence Brown died 1921-4 daughters Helen married Bert Craig and Ralph married Naomi Sleichter- a son of Ralph Jr,


Mary Blanch 1855-1927 married 1879 Thomas Marshall Breeden died 1879 issue a daughter Bessie Tom widow of Warren McWhinney?, son Warren Jr.


Bettie Crosthwaite 1841-1916 married 1860 Selby Lilleston 1829-1906 issue: Lewis Trundle Lilleston 1878-1934 married 1904 to Annie M. McGrath issue Dorothy Marshall married 1938 to Jos Marshall Betts. Elizabeth married George Bruce Taylor Miller 2 children Annell and Bruce Jr. Fithian Lilleston married 1910 to Georgia May Terwilliger and 1 daughter Georgia May ma 1939 to Frederick E. Boggs and 1 daughter Clara Lilleston Boggs


Between 1830 and 1835 there was quite an exodus of the Amos family from Bourbon to Indiana to Rush and Shelby County Counties.  They were joined by members of the Amos family from Barren and Warren Counties.  From Bourbon went Elijah and wife Rebecca Neal, Ditto and and wife Martha Patsy Neal ( daughters of Thos. And Letitia Neal and Daniel Thomas and wife Sarah Amos.





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