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Record of

William Fisher 1789-1833 & wife Elizabeth Oldham 1795-1885



NOTE:  From Kellie Scott transcriber of this letter.  I have no idea who wrote this genealogy.  It seems to have been written in 1940’s.  It is very hard to read with no punctuation.



William Fisher and two brothers James and Samuel came from Wales. William settled in Ky. and one settled in Indiana and one in Tennessee.  William must have settled in Madison County as he married Elizabeth Oldham daughter of Captain John Oldham born November 10, 1757 died November 17, 1833 and Annis Rice born March 4, 1759 and died March 14, 1840. William Fisher and Elizabeth Oldham were married April 25, 1815. William Fisher served as a soldier in the War of 1812. Children of William and Elizabeth: Malvina Fisher born March 11, 1816 died August 19, 1818 at the age of two and half years, was riding on the rocker of her father’s chair when she fell striking the back of her head, died from this fall.  Pauline Fisher born September 1, 1817 died October 2, 1839 at the age of 22- unmarried. She was educated at St. Catherine’s Academy in Lexington, KY  Thomas Jefferson Fisher born November 14, 1819 died August 4, 1843-he was unmarried.  He was always called Jefferson.  John Oldham Fisher born December 12, 1821 died January 29, 1869.  He was married twice John and Lydia were issue of his first wife ( don’t know her name) second wife, Hester.


John Fisher made his home with his Uncle Jim our father until he was 21 years of age.  He lived in Missouri quite awhile and married Miss Alice Rogers of near Sedalia, Mo.  She was a granddaughter of William Rogers and a niece of Samuel Rogers the famous Christian Preacher.  They had a son named Earl- moved to Fair Play, Colorodo.  Lydia Fisher married a Mr. Love and lived in Ohio. 


James Monroe Fisher born August 4, 1825 died October 12, 1875 married Elizabeth Talbott Sept 9, 1852.  Elizabeth Talbot Fisher born Mary 1833 died January 3, 1883.


William Armstrong Fisher born February 7, 1829 died April 29, 1865 married his cousins D? Oldham of Independence, Mo. Daughter of John Rice Oldham,  Two girls were born to this union Julia Fisher and Jane Fisher.  Jane married a Mr. Allen of Independence, MO. And had two sons


James Monroe Fisher and Elizabeth Talbot Fisher daughter of Courtney Talbot and Elizabeth Harp were married at the “ Pines” in Fayette Co. on the Russell Cave Pike September 9, 18?? By Elder John A. Gano  They went to live with his mother for two years in Bourbon County.  Children of James m. Fisher and Elizabeth Talbot were Juleann Fisher born June 1853 died July 28, 1853.  Infant daughter born and died March 13, 1854.  Fanie Fisher born September 9, 1855 married James W. Smeiser by Mark? At Old ? Christian Church in Lexington, Ky. May 20, 1880 The came to ? and Ky to live where Mr. Smeiser was in the undertaking business-issue  Bessie Monroe Smeiser born June 24, 1881 mr Vernice Earl Dauner Bebruary 14, 1917 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma have two girls  Francis Joyc born September 9, 1918 married John Chaffee May 19, 1938.  They live in Norfolk Va.  John Chaffee worked in the air plane shops there he is a mechanic. Vernice called “ Betty’ She specialized in Spanish and is doing war work in San Antonio, TX


? Fisher Smiser born March 20, 1883 died October 24, 1941 married Eddy? Gossett April 16, 1908. * This writing is hard to read, this may be Edith* Eddythe Gossett born September 21, 1888 duaghter of John Gossett and Alice Conrad of Harrison County.  One child born to Trey? And Eddy? – Catherine Conrad Smiser born September 9, 1910 married Donald Stephens August 28, 1936 have son  Donnie born June 1940.  They now live in Cynthiana.  Donald Stephens works for ?-Reese undertaker.  Trey? Fisher Smiser was living in Oklahoma City where he was married and there was where Catherin Smiser was born.  His wife’s health failed and they went to Phoenix, Arizona to live where Catherins Smiser married Donald Stephens and little Donnie was born

Trey or Grey Fisher Smiser died in Phoenix Arizona and his wife came to Cynthiana to be near her daughter and sister Mrs. Clay Smith.  Alice Talbot Smiser born July 1, 185, she lives in Cynthiana, Ky. during WW I she had charge of surgical dressings.

Ruth Smiser born July 25, 1887 died September 25,1893 of diphtheria.

D.W. Smiser born February 17, 1890 died September 19. 1893 of diphtheria.  J. W. Smiser born February 19, 1892 died September 28, 1893 of diphtheria.  Harmon Courtney Smiser born August 15, 1894 died January 6, 1923 married Elizabeth Scrivner September 1, 1919 at her parents home in Lexington, Ky.  Elizabeth Scrivner was the daughter of Irvin Scrivner and Mourning Wallace.  Courtney is buried in the Lexington Cemetery-had no children.  He was an electric engineer.  Louise Smiser born October 5, 1897-teaches home economics in the High Schools of Phoenix Arizona.

William Courtney Fisher born September 4, 1857 son of James M. Fisher and Elizabeth Talbott Fisher.  He is called Billie by the family married Mary Ellen Davis at Mt. Eden, Jessamine County by C.P. Williamson November 15, 1887., a daughter of Benjamin Davis and wife Lucy Jane Davis and she was born November 24, 1864 in Clark County, Ky.  They have always lived in Fayette County and now in Lex.  Issue James Benjamin Fisher born July 23, 1889 died October 5, 1944 married Elizabeth Lutes and lives in Danville, Ky.-March 25, 1915.  He is called J.B. and she is called Betsy.  The lived in Fayette County and Lexington where J.B. died.  Mrs. Elizabeth Lutes Fisher born May 4, 1890 in Fayette County, Ky. 

Myra May Fisher born May 19, 1891 married Allen Gains June 11, 1927 at Frankfort, they live in Lexington.  Allen is in electrical business.

Julia m. Fishcer born October 1, 1893 married Wm. Earl Parks April 23, 1923 by Mark Collis at home of her parents, have one son Estill Lee Parks born January 27, 1924 lives at home with his parents in Jessamine County, Ky.

Elizabeth Fisher born April 4, 1900 married Clellan Taylor Rogers March 15, 1922 by Mark Collis at the home of her parents issues William Kinkaid Rogers born December 7, 1922.  Serving in ? Corps in Brisbane Australia.

Harold Taylor Rogers born November 29, 1922 is the Infantry serving with General Alexander Patch in the tank division.

Robert Lee Rogers called Bobby born June 24, 1928 , he and his mother Elizabeth F. Rogers are living with her parents during the duration.  Elizabeth and F. Rogers and Bobby Rogers both work at the Veterans Hospital at Lex. Ky.  Elizabeth is a stenographer.

Mollie Fisher daughter of James M. Fisher and Elizabeth Talbott  Fisher born January 27, 1861 married Jacob H. Clasby March 21, 1882 died February 22, 1936 in Los Angeles. California.  Was struck by a ? and ?  lived only a few hours.  She was buried in Independence Mo. Her old home.  Jacob H. Clasby born August 10, 1857 died January 12, 1910.  He was formerly from Fayette County, Ky.  They went to live near Independence, Mo. Issue D? Duard Clasby born April 11. 1883 died February 1843 * date does not make sense maybe the writer meant 1943* in Kansas City, Mo.  Robert Edward Clasby born July 14, 1884 married Rose Wolf born February 28, 1911 issue Robert Lee Clasby born January 27, 1913 and died November 1935.  Helen Lousie Clasby born November 30, 1911 married Fred Digby November 15, 1935 live in Independenc, Mo. And have one little girl Judy Irene Clasby born June 24, 1914 married? Have one child a boy Deany born 1938.  James Wilson Clasby born March 1919 caleed J.W. married Patricia Ann De Wiggins of Oklahoma City July 4, 1941.  He is serving in the air corp division-Lawrence Kenneth Clasby born January 6, 1921-Hazel Clasby-

Maude Clasby born July 8, 1886 daughter of Mollie G. Clasby and Jacob H. Clasby married Adolph Johnson February 1920 in Kansas City-no children

Nellie Mae Clasby born November 6, 1887 lives in LA, California

Bessie Clasby born July 1, 1889 married Bruce Davidson May 15, 1918 in Jacksonville, Florida.  The live in Kansas City, Kansas-no children

Dolly Clasby born January 11, 1892 married Joseph Brown September 28, 1916 they live in Independence, Mo. Issue Dorothy Marie Brown born March 5, 1918 Mary Gertrude Brown born January 9, 1922. Joseph Brown is dead.  Minnie Lula Clasby born February 8, 1887 married ? Thompson July 23, 1912 in Kansas City, Mo., moved later to Los Angeles, CA.  Later she married Floyd Morford of Los Angeles, CA one girl Lillian Francis Thompson born July 28, 1915 married Gene Weston September 2, 1938 issue Richard Anthony born January 24, 1940. 

George Edward Clasby born January 5, 1899-Only male descendant that served in WWI  Enlisted with 119th Field Artillery 35 Division-trained at Camp Sill Oklahoma sailed with his division for b__, France on May 19, 1918.  Returned to United States August 12, 1919.  was honorably discharged from Camp Taylor, Ky August 19, 1919.  He lives now in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Daniel Clasby October 17, 1901 lives in Washington State.

Kate Lee Fisher born March 13, 1864, daughter of James Monroe Fisher and Elizabeth Talbott Fisher makes her home in Cynthiana, Ky during WWI had charge of knitting.

Emma Fisher born October 25, 1868 died October 30, 1936 buried in Lexington Cemetery.  Elizabeth Fisher born February 11, 1871.  These three sisters bought a lot in Cynthiana, KY and built an 8 room brick house in 1892 and have been housekeeping ever since.


Mrs. Elizabeth Oldham Fisher lived a widow 52 years outliving all her children and daughters in law but one.  She drew a pension of $96 a year during her life,  Her husband William Fisher is buried in the Old Ingles burying ground in Bourbon County,  Grandma said she did not wish to be buried here and she did not want her husband’s body moved to Mt. Sterling were she expected to be and was buried.  She lived with her sister Mrs. Nancy Grubbs in Montgomery County and with Aunty Nancy Grubbs son Thomas.  She died there November 27, 1885 at the good old age of 96 years and 5 months buried in McPhelin? Cemetery by her sister Aunt Nancy Grubbs.  She was always called Aunt Betsy Fisher though she always signed her name Elizabeth.  She never sat down without her knitting or a newspaper to read, kept posted on every current topic. We have an old silver watch which our grandfather William Fisher carried during the War of 1812.


Mr. and Mrs. James Monroe Fisher died at their home 3 miles form Lexington ,Ky.




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