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Submitted by Susan Eades  May 2006
Corrections gladly accepted with references.
Mattie H. Hutchison b. ca 1836 she died Mar. 9, 1878 married Oscar W. Miller 
Oct. 25, 1876 in Bourbon Co. KY (he married 2nd time to Tommie Collins July 1, 1886)
Paris True Kentuckian Mar. 13, 1878
On Saturday night at half past 6, Mrs. Mattie Hutchison Miller, wife of Oscar W Miller, 
after 2 weeks illness of typhoid fever aided at the last by congestion of the lungs. Two 
weeks ago she was the perfect image of health and with her babe of 8 mos.  Dr Anderson 
conducted the funeral at the M E Church where she was a member. Buried at Millersburg, KY.

Yourself, family and friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of Mrs. Mattie 
Hutchison Miller, wife of Oscar W Miller at the M E. Church this afternoon at 3 o clock. 
Services by Rev. Dr. Anderson. Burial at the Millersburg Cemetery.
Joseph A Miller, A. McClintock        John Layson        Dr. S W Hart           
V C Porter           Jon.  Boulden        N O Brooks              G S Allen
March 9, 1878

 Copied from papers of Mrs. Sarah F. Clough, now dec’d
Suit # 5825 Amanda Hutchison Administrator v Her Heirs                filed Dec. 10, 1887
Concerns land she owned at the death and they were trying to divide or settle it.
Amanda Hutchison died with a will (after Oct. 1887) she was the wife of Martin Hutchison who 
died many years ago. He left widow (Amanda) and children:
 M E Ashurst who was Hutchison and married A R Ashurst
Mary Hutchison who married Alonzo Morrow
Hattie Hutchison who married J W Harris
Joseph Hutchison
John Hutchison who died before his mother leaving no heirs
Allen Hutchison died without heirs
Willis Hutchison died without heirs
Nathan Hutchison died and left widow and children: Rector, Mary, Hattie and Carrie
Mattie Hutchison married O W Miller and died leaving a daughter Eva Taylor Miller.
 There are several surveys and descriptions of land, and a statement that Amanda Hutchison 
was the daughter of Jacky Hitt, who died and left a will in 1847. Eva got 2 acres. Part 
of the land has Hutchison’s Station on it. Eva lives with her father O W Miller.  First 
part of suit there is a despostion that Joseph Hutchison can not be found last heard from 
in Leadville, Colo.

Bourbon Co KY Marriage  
Martin Hutchison to Amanda Hitt           Bk. 2    P 150  July 23, 1835

Bourbon Co KY Will N-59 written April 1, 1847  Jackey S Hitt names wife Matilda, 
ch. Nancy L Beacraft, Elisha B Hitt, B F Hitt, Amanda R Hutchison Rachel A. P. Miller, 
Margaret J. D. Reed, and dau,. Harriett H Scruggs. Granddaughters , Ann Lee Hitt dau of 
J S Hitt, and Caroline H B H Scruggs dau of C H B Scruggs. Land in Jacksonville, Morgan Co Ill 
and Florence, Landedale Co. Ala
Miscellaneous Abstracts in Bourbon Co KY
Estate Settle Bk. A-474
Nathan Hutchison Division and Dower 
Heirs, Hannah Hutchison, wife, Franklin, Susan, Samuel, and Harry Hutchison. Jan. 15, 1824
Commissioners, R. Williams, Jas. Garrard, William Hutchison
Order Bk.F-296 Nov. 6, 1828 James Hutchison be appointed guardian of Wm. H, Martin, Franklin, 
Samuel, Harvey, and Nathan E Hutchison orphans of Nathan Hutchison dec’d. The mother of said 
infants consenting.
Order BK. p 293 April 7, 1851 James E Hutchison be appointed guardian of his children Lucretia, 
Mary Ann, William, Henry, and Nancy Hutchison, heirs of Joseph and Mary Tucker. 
From Perrins History of Bourbon, Clark, Scott and Nicholas Cos. KY
P 142.   Hutchinson Station was named for Martin Hutchinson who built the first house in the 
place now Occupied by Mrs. Hutchison.  Mr. Hutchinson also built the first storehouse and 
blacksmith shop, which is occupied by Milton Berry and Patrick Gartland, Mr. Hutchinson was 
the first postmaster of that area.
                                                       BK           P      YEAR
William Hutchison-Heekman, Peggy                       1            3     Apr. 11, 1789
William  “       -Moore, Mary                          1           27     May 28, 1796
Joseph-Hall, Hannah                                    1           35     Jan. 21, 1798
Sally-Marsh, John 					1           37     Feb. 20, 1793
William-Edwards, Nancy                                 2           12     June 1802	
Nancy-Northcutt, George                                2           12     Oct 1802
Polly-Tucker, Joseph                                   2           48     Apr. 8, 1813
Susan-Prewitt, Joel                                    2           48     Sept. 22m 1811
Elizabeth-Elliott, John                                2           54     Mar. 17, 1815
Rebecca-Shropshire, John                               2           61     Nov. 29, 1812
Jane-Elliott, William                                  2           68     June 10, 1819
Julia-Chowning, John                                   2           74     Nov. 29, 1821
Sarah-Cummings, John                                   2           84     Nov. 28, 1824
Susan-Hutchison, James E                               2           84     Dec. 1823
James E-Hutchison, Susan                               2           84     Dec. 1823
Louisa-King, Phillip                                   2           89     Apr. 20, 1825
Mary-Bedford, Henry                                    2           89     Apr. 1825
Juliet Ann-Keller, Solomon                             2           90     Feb. 1, 1827
Hannah-D’Bell, John                                    2          135     July 5, 1835
Evaline-Forsythe, Wayne                                2          141     Dec 21, 1831
Elizabeth-Heckman, John                                2          149     Jan. 3, 1828
Martin-Hitt, Amanda R                                  2          150     July 23, 1825
Franklin-Smith, Amanda M                               2          150     Jan. 31, 1833
Francis M. -Thomas, Elizabeth                          2          151     Nov.7, 1839
Alexander-Denison, Rebecca                             2          151     Dec. 20, 1838
Margaret-Johnston, Wm.                                 2          167     Feb. 2, 1828
Mahala-James, James K                                  2          167     Mar. 25, 1828
Amanda-Skillman, Josiah P                              2          223     Nov. 7, 1833
Martha F.W.age 22-Sidner, John age 38                  3           23     Sept. 27,1853
Matilda E. age 20-Ashurst, Alyette age 21              3           53     Apr. 1 1856
    He b. Montgomery co KY
James S. age 23 b. Mason Co, –Kennedy, Isbella 23, 
widow         					3           77     Apr 20, 1858
William age 23-Mundy, Laura age 17                     3          119     Nov. 26, 1861
  He born Washington city she b. Zanesville Ohio
Nathan-Bayles, Mary F                                  3          136     Apr. 15, 1864
Laura V.-foot, Charles W.                              3          200     Aug. 28, 1873
Ann E-Doty, Dick                                       3          205     May 30, 1874
Malinda-Wilburn, Wm. W                                 3          207     Dec 30, 1874
Mollie H.-Miller, Oscar W                              3          219     Oct. 25, 1876
James S.-Hutchison, Mrs. Isbella                       3          228     June 15, 1878
Mrs. Isbella-Hutchison, James S                        3          228     June 15, 1878
Kattie K-Harris, John W                                3          237     May 20, 188_
Orrie(Ottie)-Morris, Wm. F                             3          250     Nov. 15, 1882





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