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Miscellaneous Marriages

Contributed by Mary Bishop;


                                                        Adair Marriages - Bourbon County

March 1797              William Adair to Peggy Adair

September 7, 1807   John Endicott to Nancy Adair

January 22, 1810      William P. Adair toAnn Griffith

January 11, 1811      Richard M. Adair  to Mary “Polly” Tarr

April 1st. 1813,          Jane Adair to Joseph Esham

June 4, 1811            James Farris Adar to Patsy Turner

October 3, 1815       Ambrose Sims to Rachael Adair

18 January 1823       Jesse Adair to Nancy Mc Caunohoy

October 4, 1832        Jesse M. Adair to Rhoda Bekeal

April 30, 1833           Thomas S. Adair to  Sarah Young

April 18, 1839           Thomas G. Adair to  A. Young

December 14, 1850   Dr. John Jackson Adair to Sallie Ewalt S/o Richard & Mary

November 25, 1884   Allen Percy Adair to Katie Stolworthy

March 13, 1891         Harry Bedford Adair to Mary Willis

December 7, 1884,    William Wallace Adair to  Lucy F. Butler

January 14, 1897      Charles T. Adair to Eunice McClure Hendy (Cincinnati, Ohio)

November 10, 1884   Anna Belle Adair to Wyatt Thompson   (Harrison Co)

August 19, 1903        Dr John Ray Adair to Sally Woodford

October 22,1895       Cynthia Ewalt Adair to Richard Metcalfe

October 18, 1887      Mary Eliza Adair to R. M. Stolworthy (Harrison Co)

September 18, 1930  Alice Francis Adair to Walter Thomas Perkins (Scott Co.)


                                   Adair Marriages  - Nicholas County

June 1, 1835            Willis Merrill Adair to Ruth Moore            S/o Richard & Mary

March 6, 1845          Willis Merrill Adair to Ruth Workman  (Illinois)   “      “

June 13, 1847           Willis Merrill Adair to Elizabeth Sprout (Illinois)   “     “ 

December 23, 1847   Margaret Adair to William Brunker    D/o Richard & Mary

February 16, 1832     Olivia S. Adair to Arthur Trimble        D/o Richard & Mary 

September 30, 1834  Louise Adair to Robert Mathers           D/o Richard & Mary

December 23, 1851   Dr. Richard M. Adair III to Mary B. Hathaway,  S/o Richard

November 13, 1854   Robert Farris Adair to Sarah Isabell Dodson  S/o Richard & M.

October 24, 1849      Sarah N. Adair to Edmond Rankin    D/o Richard & Mary

                               Susan Coleman Adair to George Washington Foster, D/o Richard

October 29,1861       George Washington Adair to Mary Henry S/o Richard & Mary

                               Mary A. Adair to Dr. Neil Pitt  D/o Richard & Mary

August 25, 1841      James L. Adair to Linna Moore S/o Richard & Mary 


Clinkenbeard Marriages - Bourbon County


February 1, 1794      Job Clinkenbeard to  Jane Blythe

July 1, 1834             Jonathan Clinkenbeard to Jane Marr  D/o John Marr

October 15, 1823     Jonathan Clinkenbeard to Mary Clinkenbeard

May 12, 1827          Alex Clinkenbeard to Anne Davidson  D/o Samuel Davidson

February 10, 1829    Lucas Clinkenbeard to  Harriet Foreman

December 15, 1823  John Clinkenbeard to Susan Spicer  S/o Wm Clinkenbeard

June 4,1823             Jefferson Clinkenbeard to Susan McCall

October 21, 1788     Isaac Clinkenbeard to  Sarah Pullen   D/o Jedidiah Pullen




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