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What's New on the KYBOYD Webpage

What's For November, 2007

Added The Ashland Tomcat 1919-1969 Football Record Book donated by Joe Layman (Under Schools-Ashland H.S.)

Added a 1949 Seventh Annual Program Fraternal Order Of Police-Ashland Lodge No. 3 (Completed) (Under History)

What's For January, 2008

Added 6 Class Pictures for Charles Russell Elementary School and 2 Class Pictures for Coles J.H. donated by Larry Castle (Under Schools-Ashland)

Added a couple of Obituraries submitted by Various People (Under Vitals-Obituaries)

Added Notice about the Putnam Stadium Restoration Project  from Madge Haney (Under Ashland H.S. and J.H. Schools)

Added "Google" for the Search Engine for the Website. Very Easy to Use and Works Great! (This Page)

What's For February, 2008

Added some Ashland Elementary and J.H. School Pictures donated by Anita Smith Waterbury (Under Schools-Ashland)

Added some H.R. pictures of the County donated by Anita Smith Waterbury (Under Photographs and New Pictures)

Added some Ashland J.H. and H.S. Pictures donated by Joe Layman (Under Schools-Ashland)

Coming Soon! The Ashland Tomcats Basketball -1921-1976 Record Book donated by Joe Layman (Under Schools-Ashland H.S.)

Added two Coles J.H. Programs (PDF) for 1961 donated by Park Beam (Under Schools-Ashland J.H.-Coles)

Added two Coles J.H. Pictures for National Honor Society donated by Park Beam (Under Schools-Ashland J.H.-Coles)

Added a Family Group Sheet of the Canterbury/Luman Family Submitted by Joyce Britt (Under FGS - Family Group Sheets)

Added a Fantastic Link to Central Park Baseball History of the 1950s - Webpage is maintained by David Carter (Under History)

I have some great items coming (100s) donated by Park Beam and Jim Powers. It will take first of the year to scan and upload. Worth the wait!

Added a couple of Reunions for the Maupin/Gill/Grace/Sanders/McDaniel Family and the Greenup/Front Street Residents (Under Reunions for Details)

What's For March, 2008

The Ashland Tomcats Basketball -1921-1976 Record Book (Boys Only - Girls Soon) donated by Joe Layman (Under Schools-Ashland H.S.)

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