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Boyle County
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Shelby City African American Cemetery

Though now going through rehabilitation through the efforts of many volunteer hours, this extremely over-grown cemetery is actually in Lincoln County, also known as Short Acres Cemetery, On left, 4/10 mile on Short Acres Rd (formerly "Givens Lane"), off old Hwy 127. The cemetery is approximately 2.4 acres, and may have stretched across the road at one time.  The entrance to the cemetery was on the north side, near the old L&N Tracks; hearses would come up present-day Johnson Lane, then called "Cemetery Road" or "Cemetery Lane."  Givens Lane originally went through into Lincoln County.  A web page containing information and photos for this cemetery is at  Stones for eight people have been photographed under the Lincoln County Rootsweb site.

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 37.57602, Longitude: -84.77729

Shelby City African American Cemetery

ADAMS, Emma Adams
Birth: 1856
Death: Mar. 25, 1947, Mount Salem, Lincoln County
Birth year estimated.  Widowed. Birthplace and birth date not listed but age is listed as 91y. Birth date around 1856. Spouse was Green Adams. Resided at 880 Rockdale Street in Cincinnati, Ohio. Both father and mother listed as unknown. Informant was Mary Wilkinson of Route 1 Hustonville, Kentucky.
Spouse: Green Adams (1865 - 1915)
ADAMS, Green Adams
Birth: Mar. 29, 1865, Pulaski County
Death: Jan. 15, 1915, Junction City
S/o ?M and Gennie (Allen) Adams, of Pulaski Co; informant James Adams, Somerset, KY.
Spouse: Emma Adams (____ - 1947)
ALEXANDER, Nelson Alexander
Birth: 1861
Death: Mar. 23, 1911
Birth year estimated.  Died about age 50, born NC, informant George Goode. 1910 Census of Shelby City, Kentucky says he was 54.
BAILEY, Anna Bell Bailey
Birth: 1879, Junction City, Boyle County, Kentucky
Death: Dec. 22, 1952, Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky
Died at Ephraim McDowell Hospital. Wife of James J Bailey, daughter of Dick and Catherine (Meaux) Bell. Informant James J Bailey, Junction City.
BAKER, Flora Johnson Baker
Birth: Mar. 4, 1891, Kentucky
Death: Aug. 20, 1924, Danville
Died at city hospital, parents Jerry and Carolina (Goody) Johnson, informant Joe Baker, Shelby City. She was wife of Joseph Baker, b 30 Mar 1888, d 23 Aug 1948, bur Worldstown Cem.
Spouse: Joseph T Baker (1888 - 1948)
Children: William Baker (1913 - 1913)
BAKER, William Baker
Birth: Mar. 1, 1913, Kentucky
Death: Mar. 7, 1913, Boyle County
Son of Joseph and Flora (JOHNSON) BAKER; informant Joseph Baker.
Parents: Joseph T Baker (1888 - 1948), Flora Johnson Baker (1891 - 1924)
BELL, Catherine Meaux Bell
Birth: Nov. 24, 1843
Death: Nov. 4, 1931, Junction City
Daughter of Humphry Meaux and Kizzie Ca???, both born Mercer Co; informant Amy Bell, Junction City.
Spouses: Richard Bell (1845 - 1923), Edward Bell (1882 - 1928)
Children: Richard W Bell (1888 - 1915)
BELL, Edward Bell
Birth: Mar., 1882, Junction City
Death: Jun. 11, 1928, Junction City
Birth date from 1900 Census.
Age about 42, resided Bell Lane and West Main, Junction City, father Richard Bell, born Chattanooga, TN, mother Catherine Meaux, born Boyle Co, informant Mrs Anna Bell White, Junction City.
Parents: Richard Bell (1845 - 1923)
Spouse: Catherine Meaux Bell (1843 - 1931)
Sibling: Edward Bell (1882 - 1928), Richard W Bell (1888 - 1915)
BELL, Richard Bell
Birth: Dec., 1845, Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee
Death: Dec. 13, 1923, Junction City
Birth date from 1900 Census. Age about 80, born TN, parents unknown, informant Annie Bell, Junction City.
Spouse: Catherine Meaux Bell (1843 - 1931)
Children: Edward Bell (1882 - 1928), Richard W Bell (1888 - 1915)
BELL, Richard W Bell
Birth: Aug. 13, 1888, Kentucky
Death: Mar. 17, 1915, Junction City
S/o Richard Bell of TN and Catharine Meaux of KY; informant Amos K Bell, Junction City.
Parents: Richard Bell (1845 - 1923), Catherine Meaux Bell (1843 - 1931)
Sibling: Edward Bell (1882 - 1928), Richard W Bell (1888 - 1915)
BLACK, Lucille Coffey Black
Birth: Jun., 1894
Death: Aug. 25, 1940, Shelby City
Res Lover's Lane, Shelby City, spouse _____ Black, age 46y 2m, born Meauxtown, Boyle Co, father Charley Coffee, born Wayne Co, mother Rhoda Burch, born Shelby City, informant George Coffee, brother, Junction City.
BRYANT, George Bryant
Birth: 1854
Death: Mar. 13, 1929, Junction City
Age about 69, wife Emma Bryant, parents not listed, informant Mrs Emma Bryant, Junction City.
Spouse: Emma Hayes Bryant (1882 - 1945)
BURK, Nannie Scott Burk
Birth: Apr. 20, 1893, Kentucky
Death: Dec. 19, 1928, Junction City
Daughter of Steve and Eliza (Penman) Scott, informant Wessley Burk, Junction City.
BURKE, Henry Burke
Birth: Mar. 31, 1864, Junction City
Death: May 6, 1940, Junction City
Widowed, wife Kittie Burke, parents unknown, informant Daisy H(illegible)
CALDWELL, Frank Caldwell
Birth: 1861, Milledgeville, Lincoln County
Death: Jun. 1, 1928, Junction City
Minister, age about 67, parents Ben and Jane (Helm) Caldwell, informant Mrs Nora Caldwell, Junction City. He was probably the brother of Greene Caldwell, 1863-1923.
Note: Brother is Green Caldwell
CALDWELL, Green Caldwell
Birth: Apr. 6, 1863, Kentucky
Death: Sep. 22, 1923, Shelby City
Son of Benjamin and Jane (Heber) Caldwell, informant Maggie Caldwell, Shelby City. He was b KY 6 Apr 1862 (GS), d 22 Sep 1923 (GS); mar 1893 (1900C Junction City) Maggie _____. in 1880C Hustonville, he is living in household with Marthy CALDWELL, b 1859, and Bettie CALDWELL, b 1867; he and Maggie _____, b ca 1866, married 1893, 4 children, 0 living (1900C Junction City). 1910C Boyle Co Pct 10, has them age 47 and 42. 1920C Boyle Co Pct 10, has them age 57 and 50. In 1900C he was a porter at the railroad depot; in 1910C Boyle Co, he was listed as a coal miner.
Spouse: Maggie Caldwell (1866 - ____)
Note: Brother is Frank Caldwell
CALDWELL, Maggie Caldwell
Birth: Jul. 19, 1866
Death: unknown
OSSW Greene CALDWELL. Census records show Maggie Caldwell about 7 years younger than Greene, however. She was born July 1866 according to 1900 Census. Is there an error on the stone?
Spouse: Green Caldwell (1863 - 1923)
CALL, Earl Call
Birth: 1836
Death: Nov. 20, 1912
Born KY, died at age 76, informant on death certificate Moss Robinson.
COHEN, Carrie Cohen
Birth: 1883
Death: Jun. 25, 1951, Shelby City
Parents unknown, informant Sam Joe Cohen, husband, Shelby City.
Spouse: Sam Joe Cohen (1890 - 1956)
Children: James M Cohen (1918 - 1945)
COHEN, James M Cohen
Birth: Nov. 18, 1918, Lincoln County
Death: Apr. 12, 1945, Italy
KENTUCKY TEC 4 ENGINEERS WORLD WAR II, Killed in service, mine explosion in Northern Italy, burial 18 Mar 1949, applicant for headstone by Mr Sam Cohen, Junction City, 19 Mar 1949, for burial in Shelby City Cemetery.
Parents: Sam Joe Cohen (1890 - 1956), Carrie Cohen (1883 - 1951)
COHEN, Lizzie Givens Cohen
Birth: 1883, Shelby City
Death: Jun. 25, 1951, Danville
Parents info blank on death certificate. Informant Sam Joe Cohen.
COHEN, Lizzie Givens Cohen
Birth: 1892, Danville
Death: Nov. 15, 1950, Shelby City
Died at Ephraim McDowell Hospital, parents Reed and Jennie (Logan) Givens, informant Mrs Mary Logan, Anderson Co.
COHEN, Sam Joe Cohen
Birth: Dec. 22, 1890, Lincoln County
Death: Jul. 7, 1956, Danville
Age 65, resided White Oak Road, Junction City, died at McDowell Hospital, Danville, parents Sam and Julia (Warren) Cohen, informant Cecil Cohen, Danville.
Spouse: Carrie Cohen (1883 - 1951)
Children: James M Cohen (1918 - 1945)
COX, Annie Cox
Birth: 1868, Kentucky
Death: May 18, 1920, Danville
Resided 468 S 3rd St. Daughter of unknown father and Lizzie Sweeney. Informant Was Dunson, 3rd St.
CRAIG, Laura Meadows Craig
Birth: unknown, Russell County, Kentucky
Death: Oct. 4, 1916, Shelby City
Died age 56, estimate, father William Meadows, mother unknown. Informant was William Richardson, Shelby City.
CRAWFORD, Henry H Crawford
Birth: 1837
Death: Aug. 4, 1915
Birth date estimated. Age about 78, parents unknown, res West Lexington St, Danville; informant John Thorne With???, 234 3rd St, Bowling Green, KY.
1890 Veterans Census, Boyle Co, Page 5, SD 6, ED 15, line 3:
House 347, family 357, Crawford, Henry, Sergeant, Co A, 100 KY Inf, enlisted 17 May 1864, discharged 26 Dec 1865, served 1 yr 7 mo 9 d. Resided Junction City, disability - shell wound on head.
Spouse: Julia Ann Gordon Crawford (1850 - 1925)

Julia Ann Gordon Crawford
Birth: Sep. 15, 1850, Marion County
Death: Nov. 7, 1925, Danville
Resided 606 W Lexington, Danville, daughter of James Gordon, born Marion Co, and unknown mother, informant Gertrude harlan, 606 W Lexington.
Spouse: Henry H Crawford (____ - 1915)
Katie B Graham Dalford
Birth: 1871, Kentucky
Death: Oct. 11, 1912, Lincoln County
Birth year estimated. Age about 41, daughter of G H Graham and Matilda M Thurson, informant Thos Dalford, Shelby City.
Spouse: Thomas Dalford (____ - 1919)
Thomas Dalford
Birth: 1872, Madison County
Death: Jul. 31, 1919, Lincoln County
Birth year estimated. Married. Birth date not listed but age is listed as 47(est). Father is unknown and mother is listed as unknown of Madison County. Informant was Mrs. Eliza Dalford of Shelby City, Kentucky.
Spouse: Katie B Graham Dalford (____ - 1912)
John Davis
Birth: 1835, Boyle County
Death: Jul. 14, 1935, Junction City
Wife Anne Davis, parents unknown, informant Lurene Mahones.
Jennie L Crawford DeBaun
Birth: Mar., 1886, Boyle County
Death: May 30, 1912, Danville
Lived on Grimm? St, Danville, age 26y 2m; daughter of James and Florence (Claxton) Crawford; informant Ellen DeBaun.
James DePauw
Birth: unknown
Death: Mar. 12, 1881
"James DePauw, an old colored man and former slave of Peter Depauw, deceased, died at M. N. DePauw's last Saturday. "Uncle Jim" was one of the few negroes who refused to leave the old homestead after his emancipation. He was kindly cared for in his old age and decently buried in the colored cemetery at Shelby City by his best friend and former young master, M. N. DePauw."
Stanford Interior Journal, Friday, 18 March 1881, p2.
Martin N DePauw and his father Peter DePauw are buried in Danville's Bellevue Cemetery.
Malinda Ann Carpenter Doneghy
Birth: 1872
Death: Feb. 26, 1915, Junction City
Birth year estimated. Age about 43, d/o Berry Carpenter; informant T H Doneghy, Junction City.
Spouse: Thomas H Doneghy (1853 - 1915)
Thomas H Doneghy
Birth: 1853
Death: Jul. 27, 1915
Junction City
Age about 62, s/o Henry and Caroline (James) Doneghy, both of Boyle Co; informant Mack? Carpenter, Junction City.
Spouse: Malinda Ann Carpenter Doneghy (____ - 1915)
Virginia B "Jennie" Stigall Durham
Birth: Oct., 1869
Death: Sep. 17, 1909, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio
Birth date on stone incomplete -- last digit was never carved out - 186X. She was married to Daniel Durham, 18 Jan 1905 (Boyle County Marriages Book 9-C p517; he was 49, 2nd marriage, she was 34, 1st marriage.
In 1900 Census, she was listed as single, with two children, Lillie P, born Dec 1886, and Mary, born March 1894.
Parents: Matilda Kerby? Stegall (1818 - 1911)

Eliza Graham Engleman
Birth: Feb. 19, 1842, Kentucky
Death: Sep. 19, 1921, Shelby City
Dau of Gabrill Graham and unknown mother, informant Mrs John Logan, Shelby City.
Laura Engleman
Birth: Sep. 6, 1919, Kentucky
Death: Oct. 2, 1919, Boyle County
Parents George P and Ophelia (Kinley) Engleman. Informant Hannah Kenley, Junction City.
Willie Feeling
Birth: 1872, Boyle County
Death: Aug. 13, 1944, Shelby City
Birth date estimated. Age about 72, resided Junction City, wife Minnie Black, parents unknown.
Caleb Feland
Birth: Mar., 1847, Kentucky
Death: May 27, 1925, Shelby City
Birth from 1900 Census as Caleb Fielding; d cert infers 1852. Age about 73, parents unknown, informant Mary Feland, Shelby City. Married Mary Givens 28 Dec 1871.
Spouse: Mary Givens Fielding (1853 - 1930)
Children: Dorcas Fielding (1873 - 1929), Bell Felin (1878 - 1890)
Bell Felin
Birth: Jul. 30, 1878
Death: Sep. 27, 1890
Father's last name spelled FELAND on d cert, mother's married name spelled FIELDING, though they are both FIELDING in 1900C.
Parents: Caleb Feland (1847 - 1925), Mary Givens Fielding (1853 - 1930)
Sibling: Dorcas Fielding (1873 - 1929), Bell Felin (1878 - 1890)

Dorcas Fielding
Birth: 1873, Boyle County
Death: Sep. 21, 1929, Shelby City
Age about 56, daughter of Caleb and Mary (Kenley) Fielding, both born Boyle Co, informant Clara Carr, Danville. Caleb was mar to Mary Givens 1871. Was she married to a Kenley at one point?
Parents: Caleb Feland (1847 - 1925), Mary Givens Fielding (1853 - 1930)
Sibling: Dorcas Fielding (1873 - 1929), Bell Felin (1878 - 1890)
Mary Givens Fielding
Birth: Dec., 1853, Boyle County
Death: Dec. 24, 1930, Shelby City
Birth year from 1900 Census. Widow of Caleb Fielding, age about 78, parents given as "Mary Fielding" and Mary Kinley, informant Clare Carr.
Spouse: Caleb Feland (1847 - 1925)
Children: Dorcas Fielding (1873 - 1929), Bell Felin (1878 - 1890)
George Fisher
Birth: 1848
Death: Feb. 13, 1911
Age 68, lived in Junction City, son of Nelson Fisher; George Bryant informant on death certificate.
Hortense Meggs Franklin
Birth: 1880, Boyle County
Death: Oct. 19, 1945, Shelby City
She MAY be buried in the Meigs Cemetery, Junction City. Died Shelby City, resided RR2, Danville, wife of George Franklin, age about 65. Parents Dave and Emmie (Hurt) Meigs, both born Boyle Co. Informant Willie Mae Franklin, R2, Danville.
Bertha Singleton Gaines
Birth: Feb. 2, 1901, Kentucky
Death: Nov. 22, 1918, Junction City
Daughter of Clay and Lettie (Patton) Singleton. Informant was Bessie Thomas of Junction City.
Ed Gaines
Birth: Oct. 12, 1852, Kentucky
Death: Jul. 11, 1923, Junction City
Informant Lizzie Gaines, Junction City. Birth not given on death certificate, only age 70 estimate.
Children: Wallace Gaines (1894 - 1945)

Wallace Gaines
Birth: Oct. 12, 1894, Kentucky
Death: Aug. 3, 1945, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio
KENTUCKY PVT 369 INF 73 DIV WORLD WAR I, wife Edna Davis, son of Eddie (born VA) and Lizzie (Walker)(born KY) Gaines, informant F G Criswell, VAF, Dayton, OH.
Parents: Ed Gaines (1852 - 1923)

Frances Givens
Birth: 1856, Boyle County
Death: Mar. 3, 1935, Shelby City
Birth date estimated. Age 79, father unknown, mother Frances Craig, informant Lucile Walker, Shelby City.
John Givens
Birth: 1876, Boyle County
Death: Dec. 3, 1930, Shelby City
Birth date estimated. Marital status not given, age about 54, son of Amelia Johnson, born Lincoln Co, no father listed, informant Lizzie Cohen.
Parents: Reed Givens (1842 - 1914)
Reed Givens
Birth: 1842, Boyle County
Death: Feb. 16, 1914, Shelby City
CO. F, 119 U.S.C.INF.
Birth year estimated. Age about 72, son of ??? KINLEY of Boyle Co and ??? GIVENS of Boyle County. Informant Miss M??? COFFEY, Shelby City.
Spouse: Children: John Givens (1876 - 1930)

Willis Givens
Birth: Jun. 12, 1880, Boyle County
Death: Mar. 23, 1939, Shelby City
Age 58y 9m 12d, son of Samuel and Martha (Scott) Givens, both born Lincoln Co, informant Mae W Griffin, 120-1/2 E Walnut, Danville.
Arthur Allen Givins
Birth: Apr. 7, 1911
Death: Apr. 26, 1911
Age 20 days, mother Lula Givens; informant Kittie Givins.
George W Goode
Birth: Aug. 12, 1876, Lincoln County
Death: Sep. 7, 1913, Junction City
Son of Frank and Lucy (CARPENTER) GOODE, both of Lincoln Co; informant Mrs Lizzie B GOODE, Junction City.
Maggie Oliver Hagan
Birth: 1882, Lincoln County
Death: Mar. 5, 1933, Shelby City
Birth year estimated. Age 51, spouse Joe Hagan, father John Oliver, born Lincoln Co, mother unknown, informant Rosie Carpenter, Shelby City.
Bill Hale
Birth: Sep. 9, 1862, Shelby City
Death: Jan. 14, 1937, Junction City
Spouse Patsy Hale, father born Pulaski Co, mother unknown, informant Maggie Hale, Junction City.
Spouse: Patty Mitchell Hale (1864 - 1940)
Patty Mitchell Hale
Birth: Jun. 4, 1864, Crab Orchard, Lincoln County
Death: Sep. 29, 1940, Junction City
Age 76, born about 1864, widowed, wife of Bill Hale, born Crab Orchard, Lincoln Co, daughter of Tom and Prutis (Bridges) Mitchell.
Spouse: Bill Hale (1862 - 1937)
John Hay
Birth: 1842, Kentucky
Death: Dec. 24, 1912, Lincoln County
Birth year estimated. Age about 70, son of John Hay and unknown mother, informant (illegible, looks like Zarmaha) Hay, wife.
Henry Hocker
Birth: Feb. 15, 1830
Death: Aug. 20, 1911
Age 80y 6m 6d, lived in Junction City, son of Thomas Hocker; informant George Hocker.
Jesse Hocker
Birth: 1878, Boyle County
Death: Nov. 9, 1930, Junction City
Birth year estimated. Single, resided Bells Lane, Junction City, age about 52, father Hu (ink spot), mother Eliza Durham, born Lincoln Co, informant George Hocker, Junction City.
Parents: Henry Hocker (1830 - 1911), Eliza Durham Hocker (1842 - 1924)
Lillie Crawford Hocker
Birth: Jul. 22, 1877
Death: Apr. 28, 1923
She married George Hocker 15 Sep 1892 at Shelby City, Book 7-C, p 271.; daughter Rosetta, b 1893. NOTE: One George Lee HOCKER, bur Hilldale, may be the same person.
Eliza Durham Hocker
Birth: Oct. 1, 1842, Kentucky
Death: Jun. 3, 1924, Junction City
Daughter of George Durham and unknown mother. Informant George Hocker, Junction City.
Kittie Belle Engleman Hurst
Birth: May 15, 1871, Kentucky
Death: Aug. 27, 1914
Dau of Green and Eliza (_____) ENGLEMAN. Informant Eliza ENGLEMAN, Junction City.
Fannie Logan Jenkins
Birth: Aug. 12, 1874, Kentucky
Death: Apr. 22, 1921, Boyle County
Daughter of Lewis and Jennie (Givens) Logan, informant George Jenkins, Berea, Madison Co, KY.
Stillborn Son Johnson
Birth: Sep. 12, 1925, Kentucky
Death: Sep. 12, 1925, Shelby City
Parents Jim and Jewell (_____) Johnson, informant Jewell Johnson, Lincoln Co.


Willie Kenley
Birth: Dec. 12, 1916
Death: Dec. 12, 1916, Boyle County
Father David Kenley, b KY, mother Annie Bell Helm, b KY. Informant Willie Givens, Junction City.
Carey Kinley
Birth: 1898, Boyle County
Death: Feb. 5, 1935, Shelby City
Birth year estimated. Age 37, parents Joe and Leora (_____) Kinley, both born Boyle Co, informant Lulu Kinley, Junction City.
Cora Whittier Kinley
Birth: 1858, Vicksburg, Warren County, Mississippi
Death: Jan. 25, 1928, Shelby City
Birth year estimated. Age about 70, daughter of John Whittier and unknown mother, informant Cory Kinley, Junction City.
Hardin Kinley
Birth: 1898, Junction City
Death: Feb. 26, 1929, Shelby City
Birth year estimated. Age about 31, wife Mareh? Kinley, parents Rob? Kinley and unknown mother, informant Robert M Kinley, Shelby City.
John Kinley
Birth: 1853, Kentucky
Death: Apr. 3, 1918, Danville
Birth date estimated. Resided Duncan Hill, age about 65, son of Davidson and Dorcas (Paxton) Kinley. Informant was Laura Jones of Danville.
Joseph Kinley
Birth: Jul., 1889, Kentucky
Death: Nov. 16, 1923, Shelby City
Son of Joseph and Cora (Weisiger) Kinley. Informant Cora Kinley, Shelby City.
Robert Kinley
Birth: 1872, Junction City
Death: Nov. 23, 1947, Junction City
Wife Lizzie (_____) Kinley, son of Willis and Eliza Jane (_____) Kinley, both born Junction City. Informant Mrs Nora Turner, Junction City.
Henry Logan
Birth: 1894, Kentucky
Death: Jan. 3, 1914, Boyle County
Birth date estimated. Age about 20. Son of Lee and Mary (MILLS) LOGAN; informant Charles LOGAN of Danville, KY.
John Logan
Birth: 1875, Lincoln County
Death: Nov. 22, 1937, Junction City
Birth year estimated. Age 62, parents Lewis and Jennie (_____) Logan, both born Lincoln Co, spouse Minnie ENGLEMAN, d/o Green and Eliza Ann (GRAHAM) ENGLEMAN, informant Mary Anderson, daughter, Junction City.
Queenie Maggs
Birth: 1811, Columbia, Adair County
Death: Sep. 2, 1921, Boyle County
Daughter of Dave and Matillia (Hurt) Maggs, both born Columbia, Adair Co. Informant Sam Miggs, Shelby City.
NOTE: She MAY have been buried in Meigs Cemetery, Junction City
Georgia B Claxton McCormack
Birth: Feb. 24, 1901, Boyle County
Death: Mar. 6, 1948, Shelby City
Spouse of James McCormack, daughter of Bennie and Bertha (Walker) Claxton, both born Boyle Co. Informant Elwood McCormick, Shelby City.
Spouse: James McCormack (1895 - 1941)
Children: Pattie Alice McCormack (1930 - 1948)
James McCormack
Birth: Sep. 9, 1895, Lincoln County
Death: Jun. 15, 1941, Shelby City
Spouse Georgia B McCormack, 39, parents Bennie and Patsy (_____) McCormack, both born Lincoln Co, informant Georgia A McCormack, RFD2, Danville.
Spouse: Georgia B Claxton McCormack (1901 - 1948)
Children: Pattie Alice McCormack (1930 - 1948)
Pattie Alice McCormack
Birth: Jan. 26, 1930, Junction City
Death: May 2, 1948, Junction City
Daughter of James and Georgia (Claxton) McCormack, both born Boyle Co. Informant Elwood McCormick, Shelby City.
Parents: James McCormack (1895 - 1941), Georgia B Claxton McCormack (1901 - 1948)
Fannie McFarren
Birth: 1885, Boyle County
Death: Jan. 3, 1944, Danville
Died at Ephraim McDowell hospital, resided 223 S 2nd St, Danville, age about 59, born Boyle Co, parents unknown, informant Georgia Doneghy, 151 E Green, Danville
Richard McFarren
Birth: 1868, Kentucky
Death: Mar. 28, 1923, Shelby City
Age about 55, blacksmith, son of William McFarren, mother unknown. Informant Shirley Arnold, Danville.
John McKinley
Birth: 1864
Death: 1891

Mattie Engleman McKinney
Birth: Sep. 15, 1876, Boyle County
Death: Jan. 19, 1948, Shelby City
Resided Shelby City, wife of Sam McKinney, age 79, daughter of Green and Eliza (Graham) Engleman, both born Boyle Co, informant Minnie M Letts, 640 W 4th St, Lexington.
Spouse: Sam McKinney (1880 - 1948)
Sam McKinney
Birth: Feb., 1880, Lincoln County
Death: Jun. 28, 1948, Turnersville, Lincoln County
Widowed. Age listed as 68y. Resided in Turnersville. Father is George Anderson of Lincoln County and mother is Martha McKinney of Lincoln County. Informant James McKinney of RR 4 Stanford, Kentucky.
Spouse: Mattie Engleman McKinney (1876 - 1948)
Sam Meggs
Birth: 1874, Boyle County
Death: Feb. 26, 1950, Junction City
Age 76, married, son of David and Emma (Hurt) Meggs.
Thomas Meigs
Birth: Mar. 27, 1860, Boyle County
Death: Dec. 8, 1942, Shelby City
Died and resided Shelby City, father David Meigs, mother Erma _____, informant Hortense Franklin, R2, Shelby City. HE MAY be buried at Meigs Lane Cemetery.
Parents: David Meigs
Harve Miller
Birth: 1879
Death: Jul. 13, 1901
Semi-weekly interior journal, 16 Jul 1901 (Tues), p4:
SHELBY CITY. Harve Miller, a colored boy about 22, whom Mr. Ben Durham took with him to Nashville to work on his construction train, was buried here Friday morning. His head was blown almost off by another Negro at Nashville for fooling with his wife. 
Matilda J Williams Montgomery
Birth: 1833, Green County
Death: May 24, 1911
Lived on 5th St, Danville, age about 78; daugter of Nathan Williams; Chas Bridgewater, informant.
Allen Motley
Birth: 1822
Death: Nov. 27, 1897
Age 75 years
Children: John Quincy Adams Wakefield (1846 - 1931)
Laura Stewart Paul
Birth: 1847, Boyle County
Death: Nov. 21, 1931, Shelby City
Birth year estimated. Age about 84, daughter of Horton Stewart and Charlotte Wallace, born Boyle Co, informant Bessie Bailey, Shelby City.
Lewis P Paul
Birth: 1848
Death: Apr. 26, 1932, Junction City
Age about 84, birthplace and father unknown, mother Mahala Pigg, informant Alice Paul, Junction City.
Eliza Worls Persell
Birth: Oct., 1857, Kentucky
Death: Sep. 20, 1904, Kentucky
Wife of Frank Persell, b May 1857 (1900C). Stone broken at line where her birth would be given.
Boyle County marriage records show Book 5-C, p 173:
Frank Versailles; bondsman Smith Tribble; bride Eliza Worlds, intentions 17 Aug 1882, marriage date blank, married at the home of William Worlds; witnesses Frank Caldwell and William Worlds, minister Rev J H Wilson. says Eliza's parents were William and Sarah.
In 1900C she has 4 children, 2 living -- Albert Percells, b Aug 1884, and Mary L Percells, b Jul 1892.

Mollie Richardson
Birth: 1838, Kentucky
Death: Dec. 15, 1922, Junction City
Age 84, parents unknown, informant Bob Kinley, Junction City.
William Richardson
Birth: 1845, Kentucky
Death: Apr. 1, 1921, Shelby City
Parents unknown, informant Shirley Arnold, Danville.
Lucy Roberson
Birth: 1841
Death: Jan. 27, 1915, Junction City
Age about 74, d/o _____ and Millie (Adams) _____; informant Lizzie B Goode, Junction City.
Abraham Scott
Birth: Sep. 18, 1876, Lincoln County
Death: Nov. 1, 1913, Junction City
Son of Steven and Martha (McGILL) SCOTT, of Lincoln Co; probable brother to Charles SCOTT, also bur Shelby City Cem. Informant Mrs Abraham SCOTT, Junction City, KY.
Parents: Steven Scott (1853 - 1912)
Caroline Goodie? Scott
Birth: Mar. 4, 1875, Taylor County
Death: Aug. 29, 1942, Junction City
Died Grubbs Lane, Junction City, where she lived. Father William Goodie (uncertain), b Taylor Co, mother unknown, informant Jeanette Cowan, Junction City.
Charles Scott
Birth: unknown, Kentucky
Death: Apr. 18, 1913, Shelby City
Age about 40, son of Steven and Martha (McGILL) SCOTT, of Lincoln Co; probable brother to Abraham SCOTT, also bur Shelby City Cem. Informant Willis GIVENS, nephew, Shelby City, KY.
Parents: Steven Scott (1853 - 1912)
Sibling: Charles Scott (____ - 1913), Abraham Scott (1876 - 1913)
Steven Scott
Birth: Jul. 4, 1853, Lincoln County
Death: Feb. 4, 1912
Resided Junction City, age 49y 8m, son of Steven Scott (b Lincoln Co) and Martha McGill (b Lincoln Co); informant Willis Givens of Junction City.
Children: Charles Scott (____ - 1913), Abraham Scott (1876 - 1913)
William Scott
Birth: 1840, Kentucky
Death: Jan. 10, 1921, Shelby City
Age about 80. Parents unknown, informant Shirley Arnold, Danville.
James Edward Seawright
Birth: Oct. 25, 1916
Death: Jan. 25, 1917
Son of Edward Hayes of Junction City, and Rosa Seawright.
Bessie Singleton
Birth: Sep. 30, 1899, Kentucky
Death: Sep. 26, 1919, Junction City
Parents Clay and Lettie (Patton) Singleton. Informant Lizzie Gaines, Junction City.
Katie Tribble Spencer
Birth: Nov. 15, 1883, Kentucky
Death: Aug. 16, 1920, Shelby City
Resided Shelby City. Daughter of Henry Tribble and unknown mother. Informant Jackson Spencer, Shelby City.
Matilda Kerby? Stegall
Birth: 1818
Death: Aug. 29, 1911, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, USA
1870 Census says she was 48; in 1900, she was born March 1821. She was married to Henry Stegall, or Stigall. Her father was born in Delaware, and one source says her parents were Michael Kerby and Marg. Maden. In 1900, she was a widow with 11 children, 3 living.
Henry and Matilda (Kerby?) Stigall lived in Price, Pulaski Co, 1870, with children Sarah E, 18; George R, 16; Mary H, 15; Francis E, 12; Pleasant W, 9; Amanda V B, 7, and Thomas F, 4.
Spouse: Children: Virginia B Stigall Durham (1869 - 1909)

Horton Steward
Birth: 1845, Kentucky
Death: Feb. 24, 1925, Junction City
Birth year estimated. Age about 80, parents unknown, informant Laura Paul, Junction City.
Charlotte Wallace Stewart
Birth: Dec. 1, 1841, Boyle County
Death: May 6, 1911
Age 70y 5m 5d, daughter of Jordan and Ann Maria (_____) Wallace ; informant Horton Stewart.
John A Stigall
Birth: May 17, 1897, Junction City
Death: Apr. 24, 1926, Junction City
Son of Pete Stigall, b Pulaski Co, and Mary Wilson, b Boyle Co. Informant Pete Stigall, Junction City. Death certificate says buried Junction City Cemetery, but more likely, Shelby City.
Annie Stroud
Birth: Feb. 1, 1917, Kentucky
Death: Feb. 1, 1917, Shelby City
Daughter of Silas and Lizzie (Helm) Strout, of Shelby City.
Hattie Lay Stroud
Birth: Feb. 1, 1917, Kentucky
Death: Feb. 3, 1917, Shelby City
Daughter of Silas and Lizzie (Helm) Strout, of Shelby City.
Mack Wallace Stroud
Birth: Nov. 9, 1918, Shelby City
Death: Feb. 11, 1919, Shelby City
Parents Silas Stroud, born Pulaski County, and Lizzie Helm, born Lincoln Co. Informant Smith Tarrance, 250 E Green St, Danville.
Annie Taylor
Birth: 1851
Death: Mar. 9, 1936, Junction City
Age about 85, birth place unknown, parents unknown, informant Hamie ?Darman, Stanford.
James Taylor
Birth: 1876, Kentucky
Death: Jul. 10, 1923, Junction City
Son of Jake Taylor and unknown mother. Informant Mary Taylor, Junction City.
James Lee Taylor
Birth: Jun. 28, 1934, Junction City
Death: Jun. 28, 1934, Junction City
Stillborn, father Willie J Taylor, mother Virginia Coulter, informant Willie J Taylor, Junction City.
Jane Tribble
Birth: 1813, Madison County
Death: Sep. 22, 1918, Boyle County
Age about 105, widowed, informant was William Richardson of Shelby City.
George W Wade
Birth: Apr. 3, 1911, Junction City
Death: Aug. 16, 1912, Danville
Res 314 Fackler Ln, Danville, at death, s/o Davidson and Amie (Covington) Wade.
Eliza Wakefield
Birth: 1850
Death: Nov. 8, 1898
Birth year estimated from death age, 48.
Spouse: John Quincy Adams Wakefield (1846 - 1931)
Wife of J.Q.A. Wakefield, died Nov. 8, 1898, Aged 48 Y'rs

Ella Dejarnett Wakefield
Birth: 1862, Richmond, Madison County
Death: Jun. 3, 1932, Shelby City
She MAY be the second wife of John Quincy Adams Wakefield, 91804692.
Her father listed on death certificate as _____ Roledejohouett, mother was Millie Roledejouett, both born Richmond KY; informant Mary Shepherd, Shelby City.
An extremely wealthy landowner named Daniel Dejarnette, who owned a lot of slaves, one of whom may have been Roley (Rowland?) Dejarnett. He had many children, including Ellen, born 1859, and Mary E (Ella?), born 1862. Ella Wakefield's death certificate puts her age at 70, which would be a birth of approximately 1862.
It possible she had an older cousin Frank (spelled variously as De Jonett, De Jonitt, Dejarnatt, Dejarnett) who served in the Civil War in the U.S. Colored Troops in the 12th Regiment, Hvy. Art.
Spouse: John Quincy Adams Wakefield (1846 - 1931)
John Quincy Adams Wakefield
Birth: Jun., 1846, Green County, Kentucky
Death: Dec. 31, 1931, Shelby City
125 U S C INF, Private Company D. Application for headstone shipped to Fannie McFerran, Junction City, ordered April 1932, shipped 1 June 1932.
1880 Census Shelby City shows Quincy Wakefield, 33; Eliza Wakefield, 29, wife; Mary Wakefield, 13, dau; Izaiah Wakefield, 10, son; Bettie Wakefield, 6, dau; Maggie Wakefield, 4, dau; and William Wakefield, 1, son.
1900 Census of Junction City shows John Wakefield, b Jun 1846, age 53, widowed; son Willie Wakefield, b Jun 1879, age 20; son Dan Wakefield, b Dec 1882, age 17; son Frank Wakefield, b Oct 1885, age 14; daughter Kate Wakefield, b Oct 1887, 12; son Allen Wakefield, b Jan 1889, age 11; son Mat T Wakefield, b Jan 1897, age 3; and niece Mary E Lee, b Feb 1882, 17.
1910 Census of Junction City shows John Q Wakefield, 64, wife Ellen Wakefield, 38; and son Mat T Wakefield, 14, all born Kentucky. This Ellen, possibly Ella, may be the Ella Dejarnett Wakefield, memorial 120422106.
1920 Census of Junction City shows, on a farm on Grubb's Lane, Quincy Wakefield, head, owned the farm, 75; Ellen Wakefield, 53. He could read and write, she could not.
1930 Census of Junction City shows Quincy A Wakefield, 84, born KY, father b VA, mother b KY; and wife Ellen Wakefield, 58.
Death Cert says his father was Allen Mattley or Mottley of Greenburg, KY, mother was Agnes Wakefield, also of Greenburg, KY.
Parents: Allen Motley (1822 - 1897)
Spouses: Eliza Wakefield (1850 - 1898), Ella Dejarnett Wakefield (1862 - 1932)

Harriet Walker
Birth: 1856, Kentucky
Death: Jul. 6, 1924, Danville
Resided So 2nd St, Danville, age about 68, parents unknown. Informant Tabitha Prince, Danville.
John S Walker
Birth: 1917, Kentucky
Death: Jun. 9, 1932, Shelby City
Age 15, father John Walker, mother unknown, informant John Walker, Shelby City.
Mary Ewing Walker
Birth: Sep. 31, 1889, Kentucky
Death: Jun. 18, 1922, Danville
Resided Junction City Pike, Danville. Parents Henry and Matilda (Heath) Ewing. Informant John Walker, Danville.
Mary Elizabeth Walker
Birth: Feb. 12, 1929, Kentucky
Death: Mar. 1, 1929, Junction City
Age 16 days, parents Willi? J and Lucile (Walker) Taylor, informant Ja? Walker, Junction City.
Sam Richard Walker
Birth: 1856
Death: Feb. 10, 1915, Shelby City
Age about 54, son of Anderson and Lucinda (_____) Walker; informant John Walker, Shelby City.
Allen Wallace
Birth: Dec., 1833
Death: 1905
Co G 116th U S Colored Infantry
Film Number: M589 roll 90
African American Civil War Memorial, Plaque D-117
1870 Census, Shelby City, House 30, Family 31
WALLACE, Allen, 30, M, B, Laborer
WALLACE, Anna, 30, F, B
WALLACE, Robert, 13, M, B
WALLACE, Allen, 11, M, B
WALLACE, Fannie, 8, F, B
1880 Census, Shelby City, KY, House 326, family 326, shows
WALLACE, Allen, B, M, 47, Farmhand
WALLACE, Hannah, B, F, 37
WALLACE, Fannie, B, F, 19
1900 Census, Junction City, KY, House 226, Family 227
WALLACE, Allen, M, 68, b Dec 1832, m 43 yrs, day laborer
WALLACE, Hannah, F, 58, b Dec 1842, m 43 yrs, 4 ch, 2 living
McFERREN, Richard, M, 42, son-in-law, b Oct 1858, m 11 yrs, blacksmith
McFERREN, Fannie, F, 38, dau, b Oct 1862, m 11, no children
ADKINS, Judy, F, 89, aunt, b 1811, wid, 2 ch, 0 living
Hannah Wallace listed as widow 7 Aug 1905, on his pension record, Application 832,971, Certificate 603,792
Spouse: Hannah Hayes Wilson Wallace (1842 - 1916)

Hannah Hayes Wilson Wallace
Birth: Dec., 1842
Death: Oct. 24, 1916, Boyle County
Age est 62, daughter of Mose Wilson, b KY, mother unnown. Informant Richard McFarren, Shelby City.
Spouse: Allen Wallace (1833 - 1905)
Jordan Wallace
Birth: Mar. 11, 1844, Boyle County
Death: Sep. 28, 1938, Shelby City
One Jordan Wallace enlisted Co B 116th USC Inf, Camp Nelson 28 Sep 1864, age 52, enlistment papers mention Mrs Magdalene Wallace. This may NOT be the correct Jordan Wallace.
The 1890 Veterans Census lists Jordan Wallace, Shelby City, Corporal Co H, 114th USCT, enlisting 3 Jan 1864, discharged 2 Apr 1867, serving 3 yrs 3 mos. This is the broken stone pictured to the right.
Died at age 103y, 6m, 17d, son of Jordan Wallace, b Boyle Co, and unknown mother. Informant widow, Lillie Wallace, Shelby City.
1920C Pct 10 - says he was 75, born 1845, living with housekeeper Hannah McCormick, age 62
1910C Pct 10, says he was 66, born 1844, living with wife Lydia, 61; dau Nora, 34; son Henry M, 30; and son Robert K, 16.
1900C MD-5, Junction City, says he b Sep 1845, married 1868, living with wife Lydia, 52; dau Nora, 25; son Henry M, 22; son Allen, 17; son Handen, 4 and grandson Robert KINLEY, 7.
1880C, Stanford, he was 38, born 1842; living with wife Nora, 31; son Mark M, 13; dau Jennie, 10; dau Martha E, 9; dau Mary Eliza, 7; dau Nora, 5; son Joe, 3; son Henry M, 1; also living here Henry GIVENS, 36.
Spouse: Lydia Pigg Wallace (1850 - 1919)

Lydia Pigg Wallace
Birth: Jun. 5, 1850, Casey County
Death: May 16, 1919, Boyle County
Dates from her death certificate. Gravestone says born 5 June 1849, died 19 May 1919. Parents Jeff and Mahala (Thomas) Pigg. Informant H R Wallace, Shelby City
Spouse: Jordan Wallace (1844 - 1938)

Agnes Warren
Birth: Apr. 3, 1928, Junction City
Death: Apr. 3, 1928, Junction City
Stillborn, daughter of George and Lettie (Claxton) Warren, informant George Warren, Junction City.
Birtha Warren
Birth: Mar. 17, 1913, Junction City
Death: Mar. 24, 1913, Boyle County
Dau/of George and Lillie (CLAXTON) WARREN; informant George Warren, Junction City.
James Warren
Birth: Mar. 2, 1925, Kentucky
Death: Mar. 2, 1925, Shelby City
Parents George and Lillie (Clayton) Warren, informant George Warren, Shelby City.
Mariah Fealen Warren
Birth: 1833, Kentucky
Death: Jul. 1, 1921, Shelby City
Age about 87, daughter of Jim and Charlotte (Hacking) Fealen, informant Jim Warren, Shelby City
Saless? Johnson Watkins
Birth: 1895, Taylor County
Death: Feb. 17, 1931, Shelby City
Birth year estimated. First name looks like Saless, age about 36, wife of James Watkins, father Henry Johnson, born Tennessee, mother Caroline Gowded, born Taylor Co, KY, informant Zoe Baker
James Wearren
Birth: Jun. 4, 1852, Kentucky
Death: May 16, 1929, Junction City
Husband of Louise Wearren, parents Jerry and Maria (Hockley) Wearren, informant George Wearren, Junction City
Silvey McClellan Wheeler
Birth: 1863, Kentucky
Death: Mar. 27, 1922, Danville
Resided Stanford Pike, Danville. Age about 59, parents Gus and Fannie (Richardson) McClellan, informant James Wheeler, Danville.
William Worls
Birth: Jan. 30, 1830
Death: Feb., 1894
Lewis Yeager
Birth: 1841
Death: Oct. 18, 1915, Boyle County
Birth year estimated. Age about 74, s/o Adam and Judie (_____) Yeager; informant Lucy Yeager, Junction City.
Lucy Carpenter Yeager
Birth: 1838, Kentucky
Death: Feb. 21, 1923, Shelby City
Age about 84, daughter of George Carpenter, mother unknown, informant Lue Stanley, Junction City.
James Young
Birth: 1874, Boyle County
Death: Aug. 17, 1941, Shelby City
Birth year estimated. Age about 67, spouse Nora Young, parents David Young and _____ Walker, both born Boyle Co, informant Matilda Meggs, R2, Danville. James Young and Nora Meigsmar 16 Jul 1901 in Shelby City, he age 28, 1st marriage, she age 27, 2nd marriage.
Spouse: Nora Meggs Young (1874 - 1940)
Nora Meggs Young
Birth: 1874, Boyle County
Death: Dec. 1, 1940, Shelby City
Spouse Jim Young, 70, daughter of Dave Meggs, born Junction City, and ?Dimond Hurt, born Adair Co, informant Tillie Meggs, Junction City.
Spouse: James Young (1874 - 1941)