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Quick Notes on early Central KY Families

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if this is your first visit please read the notes below regarding this project. 

 UPDATED 4/28/11


I have been gone for some time but am back and working on the QuickNotes again.  I am revising/adding/sorting and have just finished revising the page for the
SURNAMES BEGINNING WITH A and will be working my way through the alphabet...

****About these notes******

While transcriptions and abstracts may be sent easily to the archives, I find I have many small bits and pieces of information that alone don't mean much, but gathered together might help someone.  

The main focus of this research is on Bullitt Co. families (and those with kinship ties to them) but they also draw from surrounding counties: primarily Bullitt, Spencer, Jefferson, Hardin, Shelby, Nelson & Washington counties. They might include sightings on tax lists, estate sales, land transactions, census, marriages etc.   Sightings are from original documents unless no source is shown with the exception of marriages.  Marriage sources are not noted UNLESS I have not seen an entry in an original or in a database to confirm that marriage.

Other details linking children to parents etc. that do not show sources mean they have been so kindly supplied by other researchers (primarily at KY Bullitt List) helping me flesh out families and giving me help with when they died etc.   When new additions are made for the QuickNotes they are first posted first to the list for help identifying or adding to/correcting/helping since there are many people on the list who are expert with their particular family.  This project has the input of many different people and my thanks to every one of you!

Please note that in spite of being pulled from original documents there is room for misunderstanding / misidentification.  
  • Example:
    Do we have one Tom Allen or do we have two? 
    Which one sold the land in 1818 and who was at the estate sale in 1839? 
  • Did Tom # 1 marry Lucy or is that Tom the 2nd (or do we have a Tom who has just dropped in from Hardin Co. that we didnít know about and isnít helping things a bit). 
  • Are all these Allens part of the SAME Allen family or do we have two or three strains of Allens?

    In other words items have been grouped together under a name with the best guess that it is the same John Allen but in most cases it is a BEST GUESS and should be taken as such.

Spelling: Since names frequently are spelled in different ways, if you don't find the name your are looking for look carefully look for  alternate spellings.   In some cases names that are CLOSE have been grouped together ie the Grabbs are with the Grubbs in the hopes that the more is collected the easier it will be to tell if there truly were Grubbs AND Grabbs in the county or if its just a spelling variation.  [hint: if you go up to your edit pull-down menu on your browser and choose find you may put in the name you are after and it will take you to entries with that name if they are on the page]

For the most part I have grouped all entries under a specific given  name unless I have some clue that this is a second person by the same name.  If you have further clarification on some of these individuals, and would like to share,  you may email me (Anne Livingston) at and I will include on these pages anything you wish to share (and will cite you as the source).

If you would like to be a contact person for any of these families I would be happy to place your name and email address with that family data. I frequently get e-mail requests asking what I know about a particular family. As much as I want to answer everyone who writes I sometimes fall seriously behind or lose someone altogether.   A contact person could help you and would surely help me!   

If you have tried to reach me and not heard back try again.  Sometimes I get swamped, sometimes I have more time, and sometimes I just plain LOSE things.  I never ignore on purpose!   Anne


- a quick index to surnames may be found here

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