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HH Name age sex color occupation real
1 Lina H. Snapp 29   Farmer 2000 KY
  Mary J. Snapp 27 f       KY
  Isa Snapp 7 f       KY
  William L. Snapp 6 m       KY
  Charles H. Snapp 4 m       KY
NOTES: Lina H. Snapp and Mary Jane Lewis married 12 Nov 1840, Bullitt Co. Mary's mother's name was Nancy.
2 Edmon Stringer 38   Farmer 500 KY
  Mima Stringer 50 f       VA
  Margrett Stringer 19 f       KY
  Thomas Roberson 12 m       KY
3 Rubin Fiddler 26   Farmer 400 KY
  Julia Ann Fiddler 26 f       KY
  William Fiddler 8 m       KY
  Sarah M. Fiddler 6 f       KY
  James H. Fiddler 4 m       KY
  Allison T. Fiddler 2 f       KY
  John Tyler 17 m       KY
4 Linton Snapp 31   Constable 3200 KY
  Susan R. Snapp 25 f       KY
  James L. Snapp 3 m       KY
  Catherine Roby 35 f       KY
  Amelia Roby 14 f       KY
  F. L. Johnson 17 m       KY
Linton Snapp b. Jefferson Co. KY married Susan Rebecca Beauchamp b. 25 Jul 1826 in Spencer Co. KY.  She was the d/o Preston & Elizabeth (Pittinger) Beauchamp.  Susan died 7 Apr 1875
5 Brinton Harris 27 m   Farmer 600 KY
  Z. E. 21 f       KY
Brinton Harris born 30 May 1823 s/o Simeon & Susannah (Owen) Harris. He married Z. Elzira/Elgira Roby [the daughter of Lawrence & Catherine Roby] on 1 Nov 1849.
6 Austin Hough 36 m   Blacksmith 500 KY
  Mary S. Hough 29 f       KY
  William H. Hough 10 m       KY
  John Quincy Hough 8 m       KY
  Charles Hough 5 m       KY
Austin Hough married to Mary (Polly) Newkirk. She is buried in the Newkirk Cemetery
on Armstrong Lane, on the late Tooter Armstrong's farm.  Her tombstone reads as follows:
Mary S. wife of A. Hough October 4, 1851 age 34 years next to his mother is an infant grave: Richard L. HOUGH son of Austin and Mary S. Hough born July 22, 1849 died May  26, 1850.

The will of William Newkirk dtd September 20, 1840 names Mary Newkirk Hough as one of his heirs, and lists her as his daughter.  Austin Hough was the son of Rebecca Hall and Moses Hough  (married Oct 4,  1810).  They also had a son William Hough. 

Austin Hough was born 1814, died 6 Nov 1892, and is buried in the Mt. Washington Cem, Bullitt Co. Mary's maiden name is Newkirk, and she is the daughter of William Newkirk and Rebecca W. Hall. Mary was born 1817, died 4 Oct 1851, probably from complications of childbirth, and is buried in the Newkirk family cemetery, Bullitt Co. Austin and Mary married on 10 Nov 1837, Bullitt Co. In addition to the children listed, they  had Richard L. Hough, b. 22 Jul 1849, died 16 Apr 1850, buried Newkirk Family Cemetery, and
another Richard L. Hough, born 28 Aug 1851, died 11 Aug 1852, and buried Newkirk Family Cemetery.  William's middle name is Henry. Austin's second wife was Tabitha Stallings, b. 1824, died 4 May 1893, buried Mt. Washington  Cemetery. Austin and Tabitha married 6 May 1852, Bullitt Co. Austin and Tabitha had a daughter, Adaline Hough, born 7 Aug 1854, died 15 Mar 1856, buried in the Simmons Cem.,  Bullitt Co.
7 Sam'l B. Smith 50 m    Farmer 3000 KY
  Joseph O. Smith 21 m    Farmer 2800 KY
8 Lunica Gilbert 48 f       KY
  Labertha Gilbert 19 f       KY
  Mary A.  Gilbert 15 f       KY
9 John Humphrey 88 m    Farmer 5000 VA
  Susan R. Humphrey 5 f       KY
10 Martin Fiddler 45 m   BlackSmith 200 KY
  Fannie Fiddler 47 f       KY
  Sarah Fiddler 14 f       KY
  William Fiddler 13 m       KY
  Squire Fiddler 11 m       KY
  Caroline Fiddler 8 f       KY
The Martin Fidler married Fannie Stringer, daughter of Edmund Stringer and Susannah.
Fannie was a sister of Frances Stringer who married Samuel Osburn on March 27, 1800 in
Nelson Co., KY.Squire married Mary Ann Wiggington on 18 Aug 1859. She is the daughter of  William Wiggington and Nancy Cunningham

11 William Smith 47 m   Merchant 2400 KY
  Birtha Smith 44 f       KY
  Samuel Smith 16 m       KY
  E. S. Smith 12 m       KY
  Mary A. Smith 9 f       KY
  Laura Smith 7 f       KY
  James H. Smith 2 f       KY
  James A. Gravins /Cravins 29 m   Clerk   VA
Birtha's maiden name is Bertha Ann Snapp. Bertha and William married on 16 Jul 1833
in Bullitt Co. Mary A. Smith married James Smith (b. ca. 1834, Brown Co., OH) on 2 Apr 1861 Bullitt Co.

12 John O'Neal 33 m   Plasterer 120 KY
  Catherine O'Neal 22 f       KY
  Linton O'Neal 6 m       KY
  Julia O'Neal 4 f       KY
  William T.  O'Neal 2 m       KY
  John Miller 24 m   Laborer   KY
  James W. Simpson 21 m   Carpenter 2000 KY
  Lafenillce (?) Lebriton 35 m   Carpenter   KY
Catharine's maiden name is Miller and she is the daughter of Jacob Miller. Catherine
and John married on 18 Jan 1844, Bullitt Co.

13 Josephus McDonald 74 m   Farmer 2000 MD
  Elizabeth McDonald 75 f       MD
  Elizabeth Bass 13 f       KY
  Charles McDonald 9 m       Cincinatti
Ethelred Bass married Matilda McDonald on 17 October 1836 in Bullitt County. Matilda
is probably the daughter of Josephus and Elizabeth McDonald and Elizabeth Bass is probably the daughter of Ethelred and Matilda.

14 William Hall 42 m   Merchant 1000 KY
  E. E.  Hall 24 f       KY
  James W. Hall 2 m       KY
  Mary B. Hall 1 m       KY
William d. 8/28/1857 s/o Asa HALL and Catherine BELL
15 Joseph Hough 34 m   Merchant 2500 KY
  Emily Hough 25 f       KY
  Susan C. Hough 5 f       KY
  Louisa F. Hough 2 f       KY
  William A. Hough 3 mo. f       KY
Joseph is the son of William Hough, who died between January and May 1850.
Emily's maiden name is Hall, and she is the daughter of Asa and Catherine Hall. Emily and
Joseph married 7 Nov 1844, Bullitt Co.   William H. Huff (from inscription on his headstone) was born 18 Dec 1851, died 4 Jun  1927, and is buried in St. John Cem., St. John, Hardin Co., KY. His wife's name was Minerva E., and she was born 18 Sep 1852, died 12 Dec 1946, and is buried at St. John Cem.

16 Henry J. Barns 29 m   Merchant 1200 KY
  Susan C. Barns 32 f       KY
  Labirtha M. Snapp  15 f       KY
  Catherine L. Snapp  7 f       KY
  Irvin O. Snapp  9 m       KY
  William P. Barns 26 m   Cabinett Maker   KY
  William P. Burditt 19 m   Cabinett Maker   KY
Susan is Susan C. or Susan E. Hall. Henry and Susan married 22 Oct 1846, Bullitt Co.
Irrien O. and catherine S. Barns are Henry's children by a previous wife.
William P. Burdett marrien Ellen (b. ca. 1837, Jefferson Co., KY on 30 Aug 1876, in Bullitt
Co. Ellen was married to a Wright before her marriage to Burdett. Susan C. Hall's first
husband was James H. Snapp, who she married 10 Jan 1833, Bullitt Co. Labirtha is their
daughter. Labirtha, daughter of Susan and John Snapp, married  John M. Taylor on 1 Apr 1851, Bullitt Co.  Catherine and Irrien are children of Henry's 1st wife.
Wm Q. BURDETT m. Ellen (widow of WRIGHT) m. 8/30/1876 bullitt County.
17 J. C (?) Buky 44 m   Farmer 4000 KY
  Sarah E. Buky 40 f       KY
  Mary C.  Buky 18 f       KY
  John W.  Buky Jr. 16 m   Farmer   KY
  Rebecca K.  Buky 14 f       KY
  Elizabeth A.  Buky 12 f       KY
  Davis Buky  10 m       KY
  Julias C. Buky  7 m       KY
  Cordelia Buky 4 f       KY
  Sarah E.  Buky 2 f       KY
C. Buky married Sarah E. Smith, 17 Mar 1828, Bullitt Co.
Mary C. Buky married John Overall, Jr., on 6 Jan 1852, Bullitt Co.
Martha Cordelia Buky married William T. Rouse (b. 1841) on 11 Feb 1864, Bullitt Co.
Julius C. m. 2/9/1871 Bullitt County Lou R. BARGER

18 John T. Harris 28 m   Miller 10 KY
  Catherine A. Harris 32 f       KY
  Richard T. Harris 2 m       KY
  James B. Gentry 27 m   Miller   KY
  Lewis Gentry 22 m   Miller   KY
John T. Harris married Catherine A. Wise on 7 May 1846, Bullitt Co. Catherine's
mother is Malinda, b. ca. 1792, VA. Lewis Gentry married Elizabeth Lux on 12 Sep 1850,
Bullitt Co. Elizabeth's mother is Rachel.

19 Charles W. Hall 35 m   Saddler 350 KY
  Sarah E. Hall 10 f       KY
  Julia A.  Hall 8 f       KY
  George Ann Hall 8 f       KY
Charles HALL was married to Caroline McGEE (d. 11/3/1846 Old HALL cemetery)
20 William T. McGee 26 m   Wagon Maker   KY
  William T. McGee 10 f       KY
William I. McGee married Sarah Ann Swearingen on 4 Nov 1847, Bullitt Co.
( Wm and above Caroline are siblings, the children of John McGeeand Elizabeth Cushner)
Wm. and Sarah had Rowena Bell McGee (1856) who married Warren L. Troutman.
21 Presley Walker 27 m   Stone-Mason   KY
  Mary G. Walker 27 f       KY
  Joseph Walker 2 m       KY
  David G. Walker 1 m       KY
Perrin's "Kentucky: A History of the State" has a biography of Presley Walker which names his as the son of Joseph & Nancy (Clark) Walker.  His mother was a daughter of Nathaniel Clark of Nelson Co.  His wife was America Ganote d/o David Ganote, who apparantly went by Mary much of the time.  Son Joseph will marry Josephine Guthrey.  Son David will marry one of the Galbraiths.
22 Edward Hessey  63 m   Farmer 2000 VA
  Catherine Hessey  60 m   Farmer 2000 VA
Edward Hessey married Catherine Venable 18 Apr 1807 - He had been previously in Frederick Co. VA
23 William W. Hall 25 m   Hotell Keeper 3000 KY
  Bell Hall 18 f       KY
  James W. Hall 6 mo. m       KY
  Ann Collings 22 f B     KY
William married Isabella Ballard.  He was the son of Charles Hall and Fanny Lewis.
24 Thomas Sliger 47 m   Farmer 800 KY
  Octava Sliger 40 f       KY
  William E. Sliger 6 m       KY
  Sarah A. Sliger 4 f       KY
Thomas Sliger married Octavia Stallings 28 Jun 1837 in Bullitt Co. KY.  He was the s/o David & Margaret (Stafford) Sliger.  Octavia was the d/o Henry & Anne (James) Stallings
25 Isaac W. Parrish 32 m   Merchant - Taylor 1000 VA
  Elizabeth Parrish 28 f       KY
  Mary M. Parrish 3 f       KY
  W. E. Parrish 2 m       KY
  L. M. Parrish 23 m   Taylor   KY
Isaac W. Parrish married Elizabeth Givens 1 Oct 1846 in Shelby Co. KY
26 James Wright 47 m   Hotell Keeper 11000 KY
  Fannie Wright 47 f       VA
  Joseph H. Wright 23 m   Constable   KY
  John C. Wright 16 m   Student   KY
  James Wright 7 m       KY
  Fannie Hedges 13 f       KY
  M. C. Robinson 15 m       KY
James Wright married Fannie M. Hedges 19 Mar 1827 in Bullitt Co. KY
27 John Cornwell 34 m   Roap-Maker 80 KY
  Eliza Cornwell 28 f       KY
  Ann Cornwell 13 f       Louisville KY
  Jacob C. Cornwell 11 m       KY
  Rosilla Cornwell 8 f       KY
  Elizabeth Cornwell 6 f       KY
  John Cornwell 5 m       KY
  David Litterall 25 m   Laborer   KY
 David Litterall/Lutterall etc. will marry Mary Ann McArthur 15 Jan 1852 in Bullitt Co. KY
28 George E. Rogers 30 m   Saddler 1300 KY
  Mary E. Rogers 25 f       KY
  Jane Rogers 7 f       KY
  Sarah B. Rogers 6 f       KY
  Ann E. Rogers 4 f       KY
  Edmon Rogers 2 m       KY
  John Hough 18 m   Saddler   KY
  George W. Crumbaugh  17 m   Ditto   KY
  William Webb 15 m   Ditto   KY
  Heniretta Hough 23 f     650 KY
George E. Rogers married Mary E. Phelps,   d/o Guy Phelps, on 6 Sep 1842, Bullitt Co.   Edmond Phelps is misidentified in this record..."his" names is actually Edmonia, and he is a she. Edmonia married  V.R. Barlett on 12 Dec 1871, Bullitt Co.

Henrietta Hough, b. ca. 1827, Hardin Co., married James Parris on 15 Nov 1855, Bullitt Co. She is the daughter of William Hough. She had brothers Joseph and Nelson. The John Hough in this household might also be a brother.
29 Nathan Harris 29 m   Farmer 600 KY
  Jacintha Harris 28 f       KY
  Nancy Jane Harris 7 f       KY
  Smith M.  Harris 6 m       KY
  M. E. Harris 4 f       KY
  Rutha Harris 2 f       KY
  John T. Harris 6 mo m       KY
  Elijah Click 15 m   Laborer   KY
  Theodore Castelman  22 m   Learning English   France
Nathan Harris married Jacintha Dickey 27 Apr 1843, Bullitt Co. She is the daughter of
William Dickey and Sarah Gabbert, and had siblings Matilda, Mahala, Elmira, Joanthe,
Arthuse, William, Mary, Andrew Jackson,  John Greenberry, Jesse, and Curtis
30 Richard A. Wise 29 m   Farmer 900 KY
  Malinda Wise 58 f       VA
  Rebecca D. Wise 23 f       KY
Richard Wise married Malinda Carpenter 4 Dec 1814 in Nelson Co. KY.  Malinda is seen as Milly in some records and was the d/o Michael and Rebecca Carpenter of Culpeper Co. VA & Nelson Co. KY
31 Chapley Walker 24 m   Stone Mason   KY
  Mary C. Walker 20 f       KY
  C. W. Walker 7 mo. m       KY
  Mary A. Hubbs 25 f       KY
  Edmon Payne/Dayne/Bayne 53 m B Farmer 600 VA
Chapley Walker married Mary Asenath Smith on 17 Feb 1849, Bullitt Co.  Their son Chapley Worth Walker married Mary Jane Watson on 28 Apr 1872, Bullitt Co. Mary A. Smith is the daughter of William Smith.  Chapley was the son of Joseph & Agnes Nancy Clark Walker of Spencer Co. KY - Presley and Lewis Walker were two of his brothers.
32 John Stringer 46 m   Black-Smith 900 KY
  Sarah Stringer 48 m       KY
  William Hardin 18 m   Black-Smith   KY
  L. A. Hardin 9 f       KY
  Elizabeth Hardin 7 f       KY
  John Williams 18 m   Student   KY
  George Williams 15 m   Student   KY
John Stringer born 3 Nov 1806 in Bullitt Co. KY was the  s/o Reuben & Delilah (Owen) Stringer and grandson of Edmund Stringer.  His mother Delilah Owen was born 15 Aug 1781 in Frederick Co. MD and had moved from Bullitt Co. to Peoria Co. IL with some of John's siblings by the time the 1850 census was taken.  John Stringer married Sarah Elizabeth Harris (d/o Zedekiah?) 29 Jun 1837 in Bullitt Co. KY
33 Geo. W. Crumbaugh 38 m   Meth.   KY
  Sarah E. Crumbaugh 23 f       KY
  John E. Crumbaugh 18 m   Farmer   KY
  Nancy Hubbs 45 f       KY
George W. Crumbaugh was a minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church.
34 William Barns 62 m   Farmer 3000 MD
  Mary A. Barns 40 f       KY
  Sarah C. Barns 21 f       KY
  Nathan Kendall 26 m   Teacher   MA or MO
  Sarah J. Kendall 24 f       Ditto
35 Susan Hamilton 54 f     600 KY
  Sam'l Hamilton 26 m       KY
  John R. Hamilton 24 m   Saddler   KY
  Obed B. Myers  22 m   Saddler   KY
  Lemuel Clark 22 m   Saddler   KY
  Thomas Ash 18 m   Saddler   KY
  Samuel Carothers 34 m   Bridge Builder   PA
  Elizabeth Carothers 31 f       KY
  Mary A. Carothers 3 f       KY
  Irean H. Carothers 4 mo f       KY
Susan Hamilton is possibly the Susan Crist who married Edward H. Hamilton 26 Mar 1815 in Bullitt Co. KY.  John R. Hamilton married Celia A. Hobbs b. 1833 in Nelson Co. on 12 Sep 1854 in Bullitt Co. KY.  She was the d/o William A. Hobbs who died before the wedding.  Samuel Carothers b. in PA married Elizabeth Hamilton (probably a d/o Susan) 3 Dec 1841 in Bullitt Co. KY
36 David Renbarger 27 m   Laborer   KY
  Elizabeth Renbarger 21 f       KY
  W. R.  Renbarger 1 m       KY
David Ranburger/Rinburger/Rainburger married Elizabeth Long on 28 Sep 1848, Bullitt Co. Her father was John Long
37 S. (?) M. Hobbs 28 m   M.D. 900 KY
  Caroline Hobbs 27 f       KY
  Nicholas H. Hobbs 6 m       KY
  B. H. Hobbs 25 m   M.D.   KY
  Celia A.  Hobbs 16 f       KY
S.M. (possibly L.M.), B.H. and Celia A. are siblings. Burr H. Hobbs married Rachael M. Cox on 26 Oct 1852, Bullitt Co. Rachael is the daughter of Gabriel Cox and Rutha C. Swearingen.
38 W. A. Hundley 28 m   M.D.   KY
  Elizabeth Hundley 21 f       KY
  William C. Hundley 4 m       KY
  Mark A.  Hundley 2 m       KY
  Eliza Keller 41 f     6300 VA
Elizabeth Chidsey married Abraham Keller on 19 Dec 1844, Bullitt Co., and then Edward Talbott on 11 Mar 1852, Bullitt Co. She is probably Elizabeth Hundley's step-mother, and Abraham's marriage to Elizabeth took place in a county other than Bullitt
39 Mathias Ash 44 m   Shoe-Maker   KY
  Catherine Ash 32 f       KY
  Woodford J. Ash 8 m       KY
Mathias Ash married Catherine Roby on 9 Jan 1840, Bullitt Co. She is the daughter of Owen Roby and Ann, and siblings of James A., William O., Edward, and Louisa. Woodford J. Ash married Julia A. Weller (b. ca. 1847 KY) on 9 Jun 1867, Bullitt Co. She was the daughter of George W. Weller and Elmira (and/or) Malvina, and had siblings Fracita, Nelson H.K.W., Susan  E., James H., Thomas R., Isabella, Kate, George, Nick, and Amanda.
40 Bluford Gentry 34 m   Laborer   KY
  Mary A. Gentry 28 f       KY
  Elizabeth Gentry 7 f       KY
  Charles Gentry 4 m       KY
  Columbus Gentry 3 m       KY
  Jonas Gentry 1 m       KY
  Thomas J. Bayne 23 m   Laborer   KY
Bluford Gentry married Mary Ann Orme on 10 Sep 1845, Bullitt Co. and they had
children Charles, Columbus, and Jonas. Mary Ann is the daughter of Nathaniel Orme. Bluford's marriage to Mary Ann was at least his second. Elizabeth Gentry was his daughter with a previous wife, whose name I do not know. Wright (1981: 4) lists Thomas J. Barnes surname as Bayne.
41 Mary Cornwell 48 f       KY
  Susan Cornwell 11 f       KY
  Mary M. Cornwell 6 f       KY
  Susan Parris 88 f       VA
42 George Givens 58 m   Farmer 4000 KY
  Mary Givens 46 f       KY
  William J. Givens 25 m   Carpenter   KY
  Joseph Givens 22 m   Farmer   KY
  Sam'l M. Givens 15 m   Farmer   KY
  Mary A. Givens 12 f       KY
  Sallie A. Givens 10 f       KY
  Vinzzinz (?) Hesseley 38 m   Carpenter   Not Known
George Givens was born 5 Mary 1792, Lincoln Co., KY. He married Mary Susan Simpson (b. 10 Aug 1803, KY). They had children James, Elizabeth, William S., Joseph S., Jane, Martha, Samuel M., Mary A., and Sarah A. James was b. 9 Sep 1821.Elizabeth, b. 19 oc t 1822, married Isaac N. Parrish on 1 Oct 1846.
William, b. 27 Mar 1825, married Hannah M. Eastburn. Joseph S., b. 13 Sep 1827, married Phebe Ann Tyler on 18 Dec 1851, Bullitt Co. Phebe was the
daughter of George and Ama Tyler, and sister of Amanda M., Canlessa, and Presley Tyler. Samuel M. Givens, b. 24 Jul 1835, m. Dulcina Bennett and Fanny Jewell.
43 Samuel Davidson 59 m   Taylor 900 NJ
  Elizabeth Davidson 45 f       KY
  John W. Davidson 20 m   Saddler   KY
  Allice M. Davidson 18 f       KY
  Jno. A. Morgan 12 m       KY
Samuel Davidson married Elizabeth Lux on 3 Jul 1825, Bullitt Co. John W. Davidson, married Sarah Ann Hough, 1827, Spencer Co, KY, on 28 Oct 1856, Bullitt Co. She is the daughter of Robert Hough and Martha, and sibling of John, Wesley, and Robert T. Hough
44 Grace Wrigley 73 m       NJ
  Eliza Addams 28 f       IL
  Mary E.  Addams 10 f       IL
Grace should be the widow of Robert Wrigley.  Prior to her marriage her name was Peacock being born 16 Sep 1777 in New Jersey to Adonijah & Elizabeth (Springer) Peacock of Burlington Co. NJ.  Her parents never got to Kentucky but brother Jacob Peacock (b. 1769) was living in Bullitt Co. and other siblings were also in the area.  Grace will die 10 Jul 1852 in Bullitt Co. KY.
45 P.O. Curry 40 m   Taylor   VA
  M. A. Curry 33 f       KY
  Oliver C. Curry 16 m   Teacher   KY
  T. W. Curry 9 m       KY
  C. M. Curry 7 m       KY
  T. M. Curry 5 m       KY
  P.O. Curry 3 mo m       KY
By 1860 Packerson O. Curry has lost his wife and is living in Union Co. KY - he is listed there on the 1860 census as being 48, Oliver C. age 25, T. W. age 18, Mortimer N. (?)  age 16, Thad M. age 14 and W. S. (m) age 10.  In 1870 he is still in Union Co. - HH 112 shows: Clinton Curry age 25 Ret. Grocer, $1200 b. KY, Delia Curry age 23 Keeping house b. VA, James Elmore age 24, Plasterer b. KY, Packerson Curry age 65, Tailor b. VA, William Curry age 17, Factory Hand, b. KY, Joseph Crawley, age 22 , Blacksmith b. IN
46 Morris Orm 37 m   Blacksmith   KY
  Mary M. Orm 25 f       KY
  William R. Orm 7 m       KY
  Elizabeth A. Orm 5 f       KY
  Jno. H (?)  Orm 4 m       KY
  Benjamin H.  Orm 2 m       KY
  Mary E. Orm 3 mo. f       KY
47 Jacob Cornwell 56 m   Farmer 400 KY
  Charles H. Cornwell 24 m   Farmer   KY
  James S. Cornwell 22 m   Farmer   KY
  John C. Cornwell 19 m   Farmer   KY
  Angeline Cornwell 17 f       KY
  Sarah Robards 20 f       KY
48 Ann Cornwell 60 f     820 KY
  Malinda Cornwell 40 f     480 KY
  Catherine Roby 12 f       KY
49 Nicholas Gentry 59 m   Farmer   VA
  Barbary Gentry 60 f       KY
  Racheal Gentry 27 f       KY
  Lemuel K. Gentry 20 f   Laborer   KY
50 William Stringer 43 m   Farmer   KY
  Eliza Stringer 38 f       KY
  James L.  Stringer 11 m       KY
  Rispa A. Stringer 9 f       KY
  Mary E.  Stringer 7 f       KY
  Nicholas Stringer 2 m       KY
  William E.  Stringer 4 m       KY
51 Davis Clark 33 m   Farmer 1320 KY
  Mahala Clark 32 f       KY
  Johnson Clark 10 m       KY
  Malinda Clark 8 f       KY
  Josephean Clark 6 f       KY
  C. C. Clark 4 f       KY
  Sarah Clark 2 f       KY
  John Clark 6 mo. m       KY
52 Jesse Clark 35 m   Farmer 1320 KY
54 John Harris 41 m   Farmer 2210 KY
  Elizabeth J.  Harris 37 f       KY
  Thos. M. Harris 14 m       KY
  William L. Harris 10 m       KY
  Mary A.  Harris 7 f       KY
  Henry F. Harris 5 m       KY
  Jno. W. Harris 3 m       KY
  Levi Harris 18 m   Laborer   KY