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Sheriff's delinquent list in the County Levy for the year 1823 
in the County of Caldwell, KY by Joseph R. Given, Sheriff. 
Transcribed from original delinquent taxlists in Caldwell County 
Clerk's Office, Princeton, KY.

Name	              Remarks
AUSTIN, Jacob	
BUSHAM, Thomas H.
BUSH, John	      gone to the Purchase
BOYD, Robert	      not known
BURN, John	      not known
BAILEY, William S.    Dead & insolvent
BOWMAN, Joseph 	      in Calloway County
BROWN, James	      not known
BROOKS, Jesse	      insolvent & dead
BENSON, Daniel	      not known
BROWN, John	      not known
BAYNES, John	      moved to Livingston County
BAYNES, Isham C.      left the State
BIGERSTAFF, John      Insolvent
BOYD, Robert	      not known
BIVENS, Zachariah     in Livingston County
BURN, Charles	      gone
BAKER, John Junr.     moved to Christian County
CARNER, John Junr.    Insolvent
CAMPBELL, Thomas      in Illinois
COTTON, William	      Insolvent
COOKSEY, Theophilus   in Russellville
CARTER, Jarrett	      Can't pay unless Buford LEWIS will do it for him
CHANDLER, Josiah Junr. in Tennessee
CHANDLER, Zachariah   in Tennessee
CHANDLER, Josiah Senr. Ditto
CANNON, Joseph	      Ditto
CHAMPION, Drewry      Missouri
CLAYTON, James	      Insolvent
CHILDERS, John	      Insolvent
CAMPBELL, John	      not known
CAMPBELL, James	      not known
CURLOW, William	      In Missouri
CLOICE, James	      in Christian County
COLLEY, Siras	      not known
CARBURN, Daniel	      Insolvent
CARTWRIGHT, Henry L.  moved to Livingston County
DAVIS, Noah	      gone over Tennessee
DUVAL, James	      in Livingston County paid
DONALDSON, John	      not known
DILLINGHAM, James Jr.  in Tennessee
DUNAWAY, Charles
ELDER, Samuel	      in Calloway County
FRAZER, George W.     Gone to Livingston County
FOWLER, Wiley	      Gone to Livingston County
FLORNOY, Thomas	      in Livingston County
FORD, Aquilla	      gone away
FRENCH, Joseph
GRISSAM, James L.     Insolvent
GLEN, William	      Todd County
GREEN, George	      not Known
GRAY, James	      In Tennessee
GORE, Mastin	      in Calloway County
GHOLSON, Tolley C.    in same
GHOLSON, Jacob	      Run away clandestinly
GRIFFITH, John A.     Insolvent
GARROT, Daniel	      not known
HARPER, Jessee	      In Tennessee
HOLLOWELL, Soverign   Insolvent
HOLMES, Aron	      same
HENDERSON, Joseph     Insolvent
HAGWOOD, Josiah	      Insolvent
HANICAN, Matthew      Run off
HENDERSON, Thomas     moved to Todd County
HAMILTON, Lewis C.D.  in Illinois
HOOKER, Robert	      Dead and insolvent
HAYWORTH, Daniel      moved to Louisiana
HILDREATH, Johnson    no property
HOLLAND, John	      not found
HOLEMAN, James	      in Livingston County
JOHNSON, Samuel	      Dead & insolvent
JOHNSON, Samuel W.    not known
JININGS, John	      Trigg County
JOHNSON, Richard      no property
KNIGHT, Lyah	      not known
KEMP, John	      Moved to Livingston County
KELLY, Samuel
LEACH, William	      gone away
LANGSDON, Ratton M.   not known
LANDINGHAM, Malaki    not known
LATHAM, James	      Ditto
LONG, John	      gone to Missouri
MITHVEN, James	      not known
MURRAY, James	      same
MORRIS, William       in Calloway County
McWIRTHEY, Elvin      in Livingston  
McMILLIN, Daniel      Insolvent
McGONARY, Joseph      not known
MILLER, Thomas	      moved away
MOSELY, John H.	      Ran off
McMAHAN, Thomas	      not known
McWERTHY, Elias	      in Livingston
McKINNEY, Martin
MITCHELL, Lewis	      insolvent
MOSELY, Clement	      Dead & Insolvent
McCARTY, William      not known
McELROY, John	      moved away
MONEYMAKER, John      good for nothing
McGEO, Hugh 	      insolvent
MOORE, William	      not worth a picioon
PARKER, Isaac	      gone away
PATTERSON, Thomas     nothing to pay with
PEA, John	      in Calloway County
PRINCE, Albartus      gone to Missouri
PARK, David
PANNELL, David	      not known
PEARCE, Beverly	      same
POUNDS, Graham	      in Livingston County
QUINTON, Caleb	      Kiled a steer and off
ROBERTSON, William    Insolvent
RAMEY, Isaac
RAMEY, John  the tanner	In Trigg County
RAMEY, William Junr.  Dead &c
REYNOLDS, John	      Insolvent
SPENCER, Nathaniel    in Calloway County
SANDERS, Brackin
SMITH, Nathanl.
SLOCAM, Samuel
SANDERS, William      Illinois
SLOAN, Samuel
STONE, Caleb Junr.
SHOEMAKER, Pleasant    no property
STEPHENS, Moses	same
STEPHENS, John D.      in Calloway County
TROOP, John W.	       Insolvent
TOLLEY, James	       Insolvent
TAYLOR, Samuel	       Not known
THOMPSON, John	       in Arkansas
TRIM, Charles	       insolvent
WILKS, Jesse	       not good for it
WADDLE, Robert	       no property
WAILS, Jacob	       not found
WHITNELL, David	       in Calloway County
WHITNELL, Robert       in Calloway County
WHITE, Jabez
WALKER, Elijah	       Dead & insolvent
WRIGHT, Geroge
WADDLE, James B.
WALKER, Joseph
WOOD, William
YOUNG, John Senr.
YOUNG, Geroge H.
STONE, Thomas

Brenda Joyce Jerome, CGRS