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Brenda Joyce Jerome

This is the only surviving delinquent tax list for 1825 for Caldwell County, KY. There is no indication who submitted the list. The names are written exactly as they appear on the list. This list was obtained from the Caldwell County Clerk's Office, Princeton, KY.

Mercer Wadlington [name marked out]
Jeremiah Broughton                   Illinois
John Asher                           Calloway
Wm. W. Moore                         Illinois
Moses Fowler                         Illinois
Mcajah Bowin                         Illinois
Richard B. Chiles
Joseph Duncklin
Stephen Sanders                      Same
Brooks Strawmat                      Same
Thos. Strawmat                       Same
Wash. Strawmat                       Same
Isham E. Osburn                      Trigg
John F. Sons [Sonds?]                Alabama
John S. Babb [name marked out]       Illinois [marked out]
John McCain  
Wm. Marshall                         Livingston
Henry K. Lewis
Jeremaah F. Lander                   Trigg
Thos. Bennett 
Thos. Brown
Jesse Foley                          Calloway
Wm. Cleaus[?]                        Graves
Haslip Garner       
Holeman James                        No property
Samuel Hawkins                       State Tennessee
Benj. B. Harris
Mathew Henakin                       Illinois
George Sparrahow Ro 
George Townsand                      Livingston
John Crider [name marked out]        Illinois [marked out]
Wm. James   
Moses Tindall                        Livingston
Rowland Langston
Macklin Michell                      Same
John Stone                           Hatshy[?]

Brenda Joyce Jerome, CGRS