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These abstracts were prepared by Anne Crabb. Comments enclosed within square brackes are hers.

Deed Abstracts: Caldwell County Deed Books Abstracts by Anne Crabb

DB B: 153 28 Dec 1805 Anthony Rucker of Amherst Co VA to John Rucker of Woodford Co KY for 5 in Clark Co KY, 250 acres... Abner Rucker's line... Recorded 28 Aug. 1815 by James Rucker, Attorney for Anthony Rucker to John Rucker.

DB B 485: 1816 David Osborne, wife Sally of Cald Co KY to Isham Osborne for $500 land on Hurricane Creek corner to Alexander Ewing... Eggleston's line... sinkhole spring where Isham E. Osborn now lives - 30 acres and apurtenances. David Osborne Isham Osborne.

DB C: 76 23 Mar 1819 James Rucker from Jeremiah Rucker for $1.00...Dry Fork of Muddy Creek in Caldwell Co KY. Jeremiah Rucker purchased this land from Thomas Anderson on the south of lands of William Bond Sr and east by Wells Griffith and James Wood; there was a 200 acre certificate to John Anderson and transferred by him to Benjamin Worthington and by same patented to James and Jeremiah Rucker.

DB C: 195 27 Sept 1819 Morton A. Rucker from Jeremiah Rucker, all of Caldwell Co KY for $1000, lot in Princeton called Princes addition lot #15.

DB C : 207 27 Sept 1819 Jeremiah Rucker, wife Lucy of of Caldwell CO Ky to James Wood of Christian Co Ky for $1000 land lying in Christian & Caldwell Counties on waters of dry fork of Eddy Creek...east side of a stony knob, 62 degrees E 128 poles... [number of acres not stated: AC]. Recorded Sept. 1819. [Surveyor's calls are omitted - all trees, no names or other watercourses. AC.]

DB C: 676 21 Mar 1820 Jeremiah Rucker from Thomas Draper... for $2950...525 acres in Caldwell Co KY... corner to William Birdsong and James Rucker's surveys... 4 lines on William Bond's land... Henry P. Perry's line and 2 corners to Perry...

DB D: 166 1823 John Draper of Caldwell Co KY to James Wood of same, for $1500... Dry Fork of Eddy Creek, 294 acres, corner to Roger Tandy and Thomas Dawson... James Hall's Survey near a road leading from Princeton to Cadiz. Recorded 19 Jan 1824.

DB D:389-390 4 May 1825 Harvey W. Bigham, commissioner, to Jeremiah Rucker, both of Caldwell the March Term of Caldwell Circuit Court 1825.. .. a decree was rendered in a suit in Chancery between Jeremiah Rucker, complainant, and David Osborn and Sally his wife, late Sally Barnett, Sam'l Barnett, John Barnett, James Barnett, and the other unknown heirs of James Barnett, dec'd, John Davis and Harriet his wife, late Harriet Cook, Ethelbert Cook, Lilburn L. Cook, and Jesse Cook and the other unknown heirs of John Cook, dec'd, and John Belcher, Defendants. Ordered that title of a 250 acre tract of land described in a survey dated Sept. 1803 and patented to James Barnett 3 Jan 1824 be conveyed to Jeremiah Rucker. Signed: Harvey Bigham. Entered 30 June 1825

DB E: 315 4 Jan 1828. David Jennings to Stephen Ashby/Ashley David Jennings, wife Elizabeth of Caldwell Co KY, to Stephen Ashby[?] [Ashley?] of same for $ Caldwell Co KY on waters of the sinks of the Muddy Fork of Little River...2 post oaks near Fielding Wolf's line at an old road running S 70 E 60 poles...S 63 E 30...S 54? E 60 poles S 64? E 40 poles nr John Baker's line... S 26 W 160 poles N 64 W 170 poles...Reeves's line S with his line N 26 E 20 poles to a stake in Reeves's corner...N 64 W 20 poles Fielding Wolf's beginning corner...with his line N 26 E 154 poles to the beginning... 200 acres. The same granted by Christian County [KY] Court to John Jennings Junr of Number 1599. David Jennings Seal Elizabeth Jennings Seal Witnesses: Braston? Wale?, W. W. Wadlington, Charles Jones. Recorded 17 April 1818.

DB G: 150 John Jennings Sr, deceased, Isaac Grubbs executor. Heirs not named.

DB G: 142 5 Dec. 1833 Richard Stone, wife Elizabeth, of Caldwell Co Ky to James Wood of same, land on road leading from Princeton to Cadiz, 37 1/2 acres.

DB G: 264 Late 1833 or early 1834: Controversey between James Wood and devisees of Thomas Draper in re: estate devised to Sally Draper late Sally Wood [2nd wife of James Wood, who died very young]... James Wood agrees and relinquishes all claims as the husband of said Sally and father of her infant child now deceased to 2 negro boys named Barnett age 15 and Dudly about 5?, slaves of the deceased Sally held in Trust by Hears? [Heirs] of the said Thomas deceased - relinquishment is made to Katherine Mills, John Draper, Robert Draper, George Draper, Lucinda Malony, Eliza Rucker wife of Joseph Rucker, Viginia Tandy, Sarah E. Groom, devisees of Thomas (Draper) devisees relinquish to said Wood all right and title to the other part of the estate of Sally deceased...

DB G: 442 Jan 12 1835 - Polly More [Polly Moore] of Caldwell Co KY to George Mings of same for $50 tract in Caldwell Co KY on Montgomery's fork of Tradewater River, 50 acres plus or minus. [The surveyor's calls here are all trees, no watercourses, no adjacent owners' names. AC] Polly (X her mark) More Teste: Charles B. Dallam

DB H: 214 15 June 1836 James Wood from Jeremiah Rucker. Robert Draper, Trustee for Thomas Rucker and Attorney for Jeremiah Rucker and Eli Steadman... for $350.00, land Dry Fork of Eddy Creek, corner to Thomas Anderson.

DB H: 613 7 August 1837 James Wood from William Mercer. Article of agreement between James Wood and J. H. and D. Adams, all of Caldwell Co KY re: "doubts of the true line of Joseph Rucker Survey agreed as follows..."

DB letter I: 567 24 August 1840 James Wood from H & D. Adams all of said county, for $15.00... Dry fork of Eddy Creek, Davenport's line, stake at James Wood's Survey... and his corner...15 acres more or less...

DB K: 19 1840 David Jennings to Isaac J. Grubbs... for $100... Montgomery's Fork of Tradewater River...Bonaparte Glass... Bailey Baker... 55 acres... B. J. Grubbs sold by Sergeant? Court of Appeals?? and purchased by said Jennings. Signed David Jennings, Elizabeth Jennings, her mark

DB K: 535 7 Oct 1842 - Enoch Rogers to Robert T. Moore, all of Caldwell Co KY, for $75...waters of Muddy Fork... old line to No. 4[?] corner at 304... line of no. 7... no. 6... 35 acres

DB M: 98 21 April 1845 James Wood from Benjamin J. Osborne, all of said county, for $212.00, dry fork of Eddy Creek...stake...original survey of I. E. Osborn and corner to Robertson Satterfield's Survey, with that Survey to stake in William Mercer's line, stake in the road leading to Princeton and to another stake in that road and another stake in the road...140 acres...

DB O: 62 27 Dec 1848 Heirs of William French, late of Caldwell Co KY... Sarah (X) Moore of Columbus Mississippi sues for her part as daughter of William French. Lowndes[?] Co Mississippi. She is now wife of Alexander Moore of Mississippi.

DB O: 391 18 Oct 1849 Edmund M. Wood to Robert W. Draper, all of said county, for $190.00...2 red oaks in the road, F. G. Wadlington's corner...other side of the D. C. Mitchusson's corner...Mrs. Robertson's line, with her line... 38 acres.

DB P: 73 1 Jan 1851 Whereas I, Isham E. Osborn, of Caldwell Co KY, stand justly indebted to C. T. Dabney for $41.05 and unto D. Woodruff for $41.09, all of same...Osborn doth declare to be in mortgage to same: one buggy & harness and fixtures to said buggy.

DB P: 245 25 Sept 1850[?] Power Of Attorney: Sarah Moore, formerly Sarah French, wife of Alexander Moore of Sowndes? Co Miss appoint my relative Doct. T. S. McNary of Caldwell Co KY Power Of Attorney...settle estate of my father of Caldwell Co KY [no name]. Alexander Moore consents - his mark, Sarah Moore - her mark.

DB P: 396 25 Dec 1851 Isham E. Osborn of Caldwell Co KY to Drury C. Mitchusson and A. Reynolds - Mitchusson is security for Osborn in an execution now in the hands of the Sheriff of Caldwell Co KY, C. F. Jenkings [sic] favor of C. F. Webb and against the estate of I. E. Osborn and D. C. Mitchusson...about $70 plus interest and another note for about $38.50 ...Osborn is desirous to secure Mitchusson and Reynolds from loss...doth mortgage to [them] property: one wardrobe, 2 bureaus, 1 pr andirons, 16 chairs, one small table, one press and dressing glass, one small table, one lot cupboard ware, one press, one washstand, one clock, 15 bbs. corn, lot of staves on Tradewater River...30,000 [staves?]...also all of my stock hogs & their increase. If Osborn shall pay off said debts..with interest..this obligation to be void... [signed] I. E. Osborn.

DB P: 419 - 6 Feb 1852 Eli Crumbaugh, wife Elizabeth to Edward M. Wood, [ Edmund?], all of Caldwell Co KY...for $ in said county on waters of Dry Fork of the Eddy Creek about 6 miles south of Princeton on the road leading from Princeton to Cadiz being the same tract...before conveyed to Joseph E. Bond, one of the heirs of William Bond by Commissioners [by] Deed on 12 June 1846 in DB N:96...and conveyed by Bond to Crumbaugh 18 Mar? 1847, DB N:214 being lands owned by William B. Bond, deceased...beginning on 2 red oaks, S? 67 1/2 W 36 poles to a post oak, corner to H. T. Perry?, N 23 E? 16 poles to 2 red oaks, corner to Perry, S 77 W 24 poles...corner to Perry...S 30 3/4 W 63 poles corner to Perry S 49 E 187 poles to 2 live oaks, corner to Polly Birdsong and ina line of William Roberts Military Survey N 28 E 82 poles near corner of Polly Birdsong's fence...N 64 E 38 poles near road corner to R. W. Draper N 50 1/2 W 19 poles...corner to Draper N 38 W 12 poles to the beginning...36 acres. Recorded 6 Feb. 1853.

DB P: 429 28 Jan 1852 John Jennings to Henry Crayne, all of Caldwell Co KY for $532... waters of Skinframe Fork of Levingston [Livingston?] Creek...line between Peyton Noland and Bryant the Barrens...170 acres being part of a 400 acre survey patented to Ann S. Hiatt excluding 30 acres of Watts Military Survey. John Jennings signature, seal Wit: J. W. Hale, J. B. Jennings, John M. Campbell. Recorded: 16 Feb 1853

DB P: 544 25 May 1852 John P. Moore to Jefferson Asher all of Caldwell Co KY...Asher is security for Moore in a replevin bond to T. J. Flournoy for F. W. Urey for about $65...

DB P: 579 Recorded 19 July 1852 I, John Jennings, of Caldwell Co KY to grandchildren: Altezera Jennings, Young E. Jennings, Virginia E. Jennings, John B. Jennings, Jr., Nancy S. Jennings, all of Caldwell Co KY...tract in said county on Livingston Creek...Peyton Nowland's corner ...corner E. B. Edwards...John M. Shepherd's Military line, F. Parker's military line... Witnessed: John W. Hale, Henry Crayne.

DB P: 632 Asher's mortgage on John P. Moore (DB P 544)...Moore fully complied...Asher relinquishes claim to the property. Recorded 13 Sept 1852.

DB Q: 21 7 Oct 1853 The Sheriff of Caldwell Co KY to James Wood, execution of Fien? Facias, Caldwell Circuit Court on 20 June 1840 in favor of Phelps and Mercer vs. John P. Freeman and Thomas W. Watlock...

DB Q: 140 29 Jan 1853 Edmund M. Wood from William Parker for $331.00 land on Dry Fork of Eddy Creek, Brookses corner, Irvin Hollowell's line. 82 3/4 acres. DB Q: 315 1852 7 Sept 1852 Commissioners Deed to James Wood, the highest bidder, from Heirs of A. Woolf, land Eddy Creek, except 50 acres Woolf gave to daughter Eliza Martin... Land "in the sinks of the Muddy fork of Little River..." Corner of James Wood, Jeremiah Rucker, and Henry Woolf Sr, same line as Woolf's survey fo 200 acres and known by the name of the barren tract... corner Thomas N.? Matlock and Woolf... (18 acres)... Redding Woolf's conflicting line... 204 acres and boundary of the 50 acres of Eliza Martin and 140 acres more to James Wood...

DB Q: 372 - 29 March 1853 Edward M. Wood [Edmund?] from Dawson W. Jones, for $220, Dry Fork Eddy Creek, corner to Edward's headright... 54 acres... corner to Handley's military, with said line...

DB Q: 373 29 Mar 1853 Edmund M. Wood and wife to Dawson W. Jones... $228.00... Dry Fork of Eddy Creek, Brookses corner, Jones's corner... Wood's corner. Mary S. Wood, her mark, Edmund M. Wood [signature] [Mary S. Wood nee Mary Sanford Osborne, daughter of Isham E. Osborne. AC]

DB R: 202 9 August 1853 This indenture made ... 9 August 1853 between James Wood and Edmund M. Wood, both citizens of Caldwell Co KY... for $2,000 to be paid by Edmund M. Wood to James Wood, six hundred dollars by way of advancement from James Wood to his son Edmund, nine hundred dollars in hand paid, and the balance by note of year? date herewith payable twelve months after all of which are hereby acknowledged, he, James Wood, hath this day... sold... unto Edmund M. Wood... several tracts of land in said county on Dry Fork of Eddy Creek, the first of which was conveyed unto James Wood by one John Draper by deed 6 August 1823 in DB D p. 166 containing about 294 acres: 2 post oaks, red oak, and hickory, corner to Roger Tandy and Thomas Dawson, N 60 3/4 degrees W 255 poles to small post oak near road leading from Princeton to Cadiz, S 37 degrees W 200 poles to 2 post oaks corner to Richard Stone's survey, S 51 degrees E 45 poles to a post oak, S 38 degrees W 411 3/4 poles to a post oak corner to James Hall's survey, S 55 1/4 degrees E 22 Hall's line, N 38 degrees E 391 poles to red oak and persimmon near a small pond in the Barrens, N 46 degrees E 110 poles to several small red oaks and 2 small hickories near a road, S 40 degrees E 150 poles to small oaks in Dawson's line, N 46 degrees E 182 poles with Dawson's line to the beginning. The second tract containing about 37 1/2 acres? was conveyed to James Wood by Richard Stone 10 March 1833 and recorded DB G 142: beginning post oak near road from Princeton to Cadiz corner of survey of James Wood and Richard Stone, 58 degrees E 121 poles N 26[?] degrees E 40 poles one pole west of large post oak N 53 degrees W 128 poles to several post oaks on the Palmyra road, S 22 W 58 poles to the beginning. The third tract was conveyed to James Wood by William Mercer 7 August 1837 in DB H 513, 15 acres...2 post oaks, N 44 W with Davenport's line 134 poles corner of James Wood's survey, with his line, S 30 degrees W 38 poles, another of Wood's corners, S 61 degrees E 130 on his line to the beginning. For a more particular description of said tracts, reference is here made to said deeds...In witness James Wood and wife Sally (who hereby relinquishes all her right of dower...) James Wood Recorded 24 Oct 1854

DB S: 697 1858 James Wood to Sally McGowan, love and affection... land on Muddy Fork of Little River

[Note: James Wood was married three times. He married Nancy Ann Mills in Orange Co VA in 1817, Sally Draper before 1832 in Caldwell Co Ky, and Sally Curry in 1834 in Caldwell Co Ky. Sally McGowan was the daughter of James Wood and third wife Sally Curry. Edmund Mills Wood was the son of James Wood and first wife Nancy Ann Mills. AC]

DB T: 155 1859 Martha Montgomery, nee Hunter, and Thomas Montgomery, land in Livingston Co now Caldwell County

DB V: 12-13 27 Nov. 1863, June Term Chancery Court Caldwell Co KY:, Petition in Equity pending Solomon Norman, Guardian for Mary? Jane and Mariah E. Moore...sell land...13 3/4 acres described in a deed of John P. Stone and wife to Sarah Moore to be sold at courthouse door in Princeton at public outcry...D. L. Black is highest bidder...$205.25 tract on Donaldsons' Fork of Tradewater River...Black's Corner?, meanders and mouth of the branch.

DB V: 45 22 Nov 1864 Henry P. Moore, wife Mary Olive Moore, to Henry C. Lee, wife Rachel S., of Jeff Co ILL...for $200...Long branch...of Tradewater River...90 acres, heirs at law to William Land, late of Caldwell Co KY...

DB V: 247 23 Sept 1865 John P. Moore of Caldwell Co KY is indebted to the estate of WIlliam Hobby and others...conveyed to Bowen & Pickering all my growing crop of Tobacco about 3 acres...

DB Y: 136 10 April 1871 J. A. Jennings, wife Susanna W., to Charles Dunning, all of Caldwell Co KY...for $200 tract in said county on Muddy Fork of Little River beginning in the old Eli Griffith of the branch near Zachareh Butt dwelling, down branch to line near T. P. Certain fence...15 acres more or less... J. A. Jennings seal Susannah W. Jennings seal Recorded 19 April 1871

DB Y: 146 18 Jan 1869 I, Sally Wood, wife of James Wood of Caldwell Co KY E. M. Wood of same, all my right & tithe...claim to a certain tract of land lying on the waters of Dry Fork of Eddy Creek, it being the same sold by James Wood to E. M. Wood on 9th day of August 1853...of record in DB my dower right... Recorded 7 April 1869. Delivered by E. M. Wood Aug 8, 1871

DB Y: 147 27 May 1870 Mrs. A. E. Jones of Lyon Co KY to E. M. Wood of Caldwell Co KY for $50...tract in Caldwell Co KY beginning at a stone standing in the crossroads... Hopson Nabb and Wood corner thence with the Wallonia road ...S 37 E 24 poles to a stone standing in said road thence S 46 W 27 poles to a stone in E. M. Wood's line thence with said line N 32 poles to the beginning., 2 acres. E. M. Wood to hold all the appurtanances thereunto. With a general warranty forever. Signed Ann E. Jones Recorded Lyon Co KY 11 June 1870 and in Caldwell Co KY 8 May 1871.

DB Y: 210 27 June 1871 Heirs of Robert T. Moore: Alexander Blain or Blair, Martha E. Blain or Blair his wife; James W. Blalock, Sarah A Blalock his wife; Susan V. Hopper, all of Caldwell Co KY... to Finis R. Rogers of Christian Co KY for $165.00 land in Caldwell Co KY on Muddy Fork Creek, 35 acres, a stake in Rogers' line north to Mary C. Hughes corner to Blain's line and Sizemoore's line. [All signed.]

DB Y: 445 18 July 1871 A. Evans, wife Eliza to J. A. Jennings, all of Caldwell Co KY...for $750 land on Muddy Fork of Little River beginning corner Eli Griffith's Survey, corner to W. T. Rogers...stone...Sizemore's line... Aquille Evans seal Eliza Evans seal [sic] Recorded 21 July 1872

DB Y: 446 15 Nov 1871. J. P. Certain wife Rutha, to J. A. Jennings, all of Caldwell Co KY...for $125...tract on Muddy Fork of Little River...stone corner to W. T. a stake in the middle of the creek...stake in the 2nd line of Eli Griffith's 50 acre grant... 34 acres J. P. Certain, Rutha (X) Certain. Witnessed: B. J. Grubbs. Recorded: 9 July 1872

DB Y: 486 4 Nov 1871 J. A. Jennings and wife Susanna to J. F. Hester all of Caldwell Co KY for $300 tract Muddy Fork of Little River...stone...Abe Sizemore's corner...with singular appurtenances... 60 acres John Jenings seal, Susanna W. Jennings, seal. No witnesses Recorded: 5 Oct 1872

DB No. 1: 342 April 1876 E. M. Wood from Charles M. Gray and wife Cindrillia... for $500.00 land they inherited by the will of Nathan Gray... on Dry Fork Eddy Creek, owned by Nathan Gray and bounded by the land E. M. Wood, W. E. Nabb, Jeptha Garnett...450 acres. This is in lieu of a former deed misplaced or lost.

DB No. 1: 372 19 May 1874 Commissioners Deed from William Unsell, Guardian suit... Princeton and Cadiz Road, Lot No. 1 - 53 acres and 17 poles

DB 2: 1 3 March 1877 Prenuptial agreement of Mrs. H. M. Banister - she retains control of property she already owns, is to receive $500 at E. M. Wood's death, relinquishes property... [Hester Bannister was the second wife of Edmund M. Wood. AC]