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Brenda Joyce Jerome

The following was located in the Caldwell County Clerk's Office, Princeton, KY. I have no additional information.

                    CALDWELL COUNTY, KY

Thurston Marham
F.U. Menser
H.J. Early
W.E. Mitchusson
J.E. Satterfield for Mrs. Mary Jones  1 black poll
A.J. Patterson
George Holcombe

James Amoss           to to Crittenden
Blackburn, Andrew     dead and insolvent
Byrd, John            Gone to Tennessee
Brannon, John         In Trigg
Brown, Henry          not found
Beck, Robert          gone to Mississippi
Clayton, Wm.          gone to Missouri
Clayton, Willis       gone to Missouri
Clayton, James        Same
Cash, George M.       gone to Lyon
Dunbar, Wm.           gone to Hopkins
Doctor Dunning        Gone to Christian
Dickson, J.W.         not found
Dudley, A.H.          gone to Lyon
Dobbyns, S.C.         gone to St. Louis
Drennan, Wesley       gone to Arkansas
Fox, B.S.             gone to Hopkins
Fling, W.E.           gone to parts unknown
Gatewood, Fullington  gone to Hopkins
Gore, Mastin O.       charged twice
Gregory, Thomas       gone to Lyon
Greer, Aquilla        gone to Tennessee
Greer, Benjamin       gone to same
Guess, Joseph         not found [entire line marked out]
Givens, George        not found
Hanger, A.            gone to Henderson[marked out] Union
Hall, James           gone to Henderson
Howell, M.J.          gone to Hopkins
Houton, S.C.          gone to Missouri
Holland, Archibald    gone to Crittenden
Hollowell, Lott       lives in Trigg
Herrald, Jesse W.     insolvent & idiotic
Hanks, Richard        insolvent
Jenkins, P.O.B.       gone to Union [entire line marked out]
Jennings, T.J.        blind & insolvent
Jordan, D.H.          gone to Alabaman
Johnson, James P.     gone to Tennessee
Knight, Jordan        not in the County
Knight, Thomas        gone to Lyon
Lewis, Benjamin       insolvent
Ladd, Henry           gone to Christian
Laughlin, A.G.        lives in Providence
Lewis, John B.        gone to Lyon
Mills, George W.      gone to Hopkins
McCormick, Thomas     gone to Lyon
Moore, Joseph         insolvent
Martin, William       gone to Crittenden
Markham, Harvey       gone to Texas
Morgan, William       gone to California
Northern, Robert      charged twice
Oliver, Levin         gone to Lyon
Oliver, Westley       gone to Trigg
Perryman, J.C.        (charged twice)
Pilent, George        gone to Crittenden
Rucker, Morton A.     Dead & insolvent
Swann, R.T.           gone to Tennessee
Smith, James          gone to Missouri
Smith, S.R.           gone to Missouri
Stevens, Wm.          unknown
Stokes, Bayless       gone to Lyon [entire line marked out]
Turner, M.B.          gone to Illinois
Terrill, Elijah       insolvent
Tolley, James         gone to Crittenden
West, Wm. K.          gone to Missouri
Wilson, J.B.          not found
Wright, Riley         gone to Trigg
Watson, Thomas        gone to Trigg
White, Henry          not found
Wigginton, James S.   dead and insolvent
Allen, Wm. H.
Oliver, Wash

Febry Term 1857  Filed and allowed 74 Delinquents at $140

Brenda Joyce Jerome, CGRS