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1857 - 1858





Transcribed from original delinquent tax lists, Caldwell County Clerk’s Office, Princeton, Kentucky.




A list of Delinquents as returned by Thomas W. Pickering  Sheriff of polls for the year 1857.




Joseph Ashley  dead and insolvent

Macey Bond  charged twice

Barnes Bartus  gone to Christian

Brelsford H.H.  gone to Kansas

Brelsford  J.M.  gone to Kansas

Crow Moses  released from Poll Tax

Champion William  gone to Tennessee

Creekmoor John  released from Poll Tax

French Joseph B.  dead and insolvent

Garrett  Jesse  gone to Lyon County

Gore Eleazer  dead and insolvent

Gore Mastin, gone to Trigg, dead and dumb

George James  Released

Hale  Nathan  released

Howell J.R.  gone to Hopkins

Jenkins  Thomas  blind & released

Jenkins  T.J.  gone to Lyon

Jordan  James  released

Jones Joseph  released

Lewis Benjamin  Dead and insolvent

Marquiss J.P.  gone to Trigg

McCormick P.  gone to Lyon

Mills  Nathan  runaway

Noland Larkin  dead and insolvent

Northern  John  released

Oliver  William W.  gone to Trigg

Oliver  James  gone to Lyon

Phelps Henry  unknown

Robertson  J.L. gone to Kansas

Robertson  James  gone to Crittenden

Stevens  Elijah  blind

Sigler Sandford  gone to Missouri

Sigler  John  gone to Missouri

Starling Israel  gone to Missouri

Stone  W.H.  gone to Missouri

Thurmand  James M.  not found

Walker G.A.   gone to Missouri

Williams  John M.   runaway


Newsom  Freeman





A Delinquent list of the polls of Caldwell County as returned by the Sheriff T.W. Pickering this 15th January 1859.



Blalock  Jarred  released by county court

Jacob Fralic  released by county court

William Teear  released by county court

Henry Martin  under 21 years  released

W.H. Cantrell rleased of 1 Black Poll

Harrison Ames  gone to Tennessee

Averry A.C.  gone to Crittenden Co.

Brown Wm. K.  gone to Crittenden Co.

Brown, Thos. P.  gone to Crittenden Co.

Beckner James H. gone to Crittenden Co.

Butt Zach  released by Court

Belcher L.B.  gone to Tennessee

Beck G.H.  gone to Lyon Co.

Crider John  Can’t be found  runaway

Casey Thos.  gone to Illinois

Cook Frank  gone to Mo

Campbell Wm.  Charge twice

Champion H.W.  gone to Illinois

Crow Wm.  Dead & insolvent

Drennan Andrew  Released by Court

Dunning George  gone to Illinois

Dees W.L.  gone to Crittenden

Holeman Thos.  under age released

Hytt[?] Neely  gone to Lyon

Jones Napoleon  gone to Missouri

Kent Jordan  runaway

Jones J.D.  Runaway

Jackson Martin  charged twice

Keeney James  2 polls   charged twice

Land James M.  gone to Crittenden

Lewis W.F.  gone to Missouri

Lewis Jno. B.  Runaway

Lane Leander Runaway

Morse Littleton  same

McCord John  Not found

Moore Geo. B.  gone to Hopkins

McClean Thomas  Runaway

Mason James  gone to Lyon

Phelps Wm. N.  left the county

Quarles John  gone out of County

Roberts John  gone to Hopkins

Stevens Andrew  gone to Tennessee

Stewart Jordan  left my county

Smith J.H.  not found

Shields John  gone to Christian

Sullivant Wm.  gone to Illinois

Shoemaker Jordan  left the county

Tatum John  gone to Christian

Talbott Henry  charge twice

Tabor J.M.  gone to Crittenden

Wadley Philip  charged twice & left county

Walker Wm. gone to Tennessee

White  Henry   gone to Lyon Co.

Young  Thos.  not found

Young Frank


John J, Carner  charged twice

Lane J.W.  not found

Stewart Edward  not found

Reuben Campbell  insane & worth nothing

Matthias Jones  gone & insolvent

Wash Young  charged twice

Thos. Fitzhugh  Not found