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Happy Greer,, who provided the following data, has provided the LDS Film Numbers for the reels of film she used to transcribe and abstract the material.

CALDWELL County, Ky:

LDS Film #0007906
Caldwell Co, Ky
TAX Books (1809-1829)
(Abbreviations used:A=acre, Cr.=creek, "E/S/P"="Entered/Surveyed/Patented,
H=horses, WM=white males over 21 yrs, TV=total value)
p.19--  JAMES,Thos.,150A Eddy Cr, E/S:Aaron GREER, 1WM,5H,TV $275.

p.21--  KILGORE,Saml.,200A Eddy Cr, E/S:Jonathan GREER,1WM,7H,TV $920.
        LYON,Jno.,163A Dryfork, E:Jesse GREER/S:Hugh
        Same,100A Dryfork, E:Franklin Acad., TV $676.

p.27--  McELYEA,Jas.,61A Crooked Cr.,E:Lewis SHIRA/S?:Isaac GREER, 2H,TV $51.50.

p.28--  McGREW,Thos.,25A Dry fk Eddy, E:Hugh KILGORE/S:Jesse GREER/P:Jno.
DURBY,                             1WM, 4H, TV $105.

p.33--  RANDOLPH,Wm., 150A McNabb's Cr, E:Isaac GREER/S:Nicholas
        RUCKER,Jas., 24A dry fork Eddy Cr, E:Jonathan TROUSDALE/S:Thos.

p.39--  THOMAS,Jno., 100A Donaldson, E:Lucy GREER, TV $75.

p.41--  WEEKS,Jno., 400A Donaldson, E/S/P:Jas. GREER, TV $1,030.

p.42--  WAFER,Jas., 200A Long Brnch, E/S:Jno. GREER.
Supplement to 1814:

P.45--  GREER,Jesse, 170A Hurricane Creek, E/S/P: Alexr. EWIN (sic)
        Same, 150A McNabb's Creek, E/S/P:Mary EAST, 1WM, Total # Blacks:2,
TV $920.
p.1 --  ALGEE,Jno., 150A Eddy, E/S: Robt. ATCHESON.

p.15--  GRAY,Wm., Eddy Creek.
        GATES,Nathan, Eddy Creek.
        GREER,Mary 100A Eddy Cr,E/S:Jno. MERCER, 2H, TV $175.
        GREER,James, 276A Dryfork Eddy, E/S/P:Jas. GREER,Senr.,1WM,4H,TV $978.
        GREER,Rutha, 100A Dryfork Eddy, E/S/P:Jas. GREER, Senr.,3H,TV $285.
        GEORGE,Andrew, 940A Dry fork Eddy Cr,TV $3735.
        HOLLAND,Wm.,Dry fk Eddy Cr.
        HOLLAND,Jno., Dry fk Eddy Cr.
        HOLLAND,Vincent, Dry fk Eddy Cr.
        HARPER,Isaac, 400A Tradewater, E/S:Jos. GREER.
        McNABB,Baptist, E/S:Nancy INGRAM.

p.20--  KILGORE,Saml., 50A Eddy, E/S/P:Jonathan GREER.

p.22--  LENEAR? (or Lamar?),Thos., 150A, E/S:Mary GREER.

p.26--  McELYEA,Jas., 61A Crooked Cr, E:Lewis SHIRA/S:Isaac GREER.

p.31--  ROGERS,Drury, 374 Dry fork Eddy, E/S/P:Wm. GREER.

p.40--  WAFER,Jas., 250A Elk fork Tradewater, E:John GREER.
        WEEKS,John, 400A Donaldson's fork, E/S/P:James GREER.
p.2--   ALGEE,Jno., 80A Eddy Cr, 1WM, TV$275.
        BIRDSONG,Wm., 633A, Dry fk Eddy Cr, E/S:Jonathan GREER.

p.4--   BOWLAND,Wm., 200A Eddy Creek, E/S:Jonathan GREER.

p.7--   CHERRY,Job, 100A Eddy Creek, E/S:Jonathan GREER.

p.15--  GRUBBS,Wm.
        GILLIHEN,Jas., Cmbrlnd R.
        GILLIHEN,Mourning, Cmbrlnd R.
        GREER,Jesse 170A Hurricane Cr, E/S/P:Alxr. EWING, 1WM, 3H
        Same,60A Hurricane, E/S/P:Mary JOHNSTON
        Same,160A McNabb's Cr., E/S/P:Josiah GREER, TV $1000.
        GRAY,Garret, 260A McNabb's.
        GREER,Josias, 1WM, 4H, TV $180.
        GUTHRIE,Wm., 200A Crooked Cr.

p.16--  GATES,Nathan, Eddy Cr.
        GRAY,Wm., Eddy Cr.
        GREER,Mary, 100A Eddy, 3H, TV $215.
        GREER,Isaac, 100A Crooked Cr., E:Wm. DUNCAN/S:Isaac GREER, 1WM, 1H,
                TV $75
        GREER,Levi, 40A Cr. Cr. [probably Crooked Creek], E/S:John GREER, 1WM,
                1H, TV $100.
        GREER,Thomas, 200A Cr. Cr., E/S/P:Thos. GREER, 1WM, 1Black over 16, 2H,
                1 Stud horse or jack--rate per season:$1, TV $460.

p.17--  GREER,James, 276 Dry fork, E/S/P:J. GREER, 1WM, 3H, TV $968.
        GREER,Ruth, 100A Dry fork, E/S/P:Jas. GREER, Tot. blacks-1, 2H,TV $680.
        GILKEY,Jno., 100A Dry fk.

p.18--  GEORGE,Andrew, Dry fk.
        HOLLAND,Wm., Dry fork
        HOLLAND,Vincent, Dry fork
        HOLLAND,Jno., Dry fork.

p.19--  HODGES,Portlock, 100A Eddy, E/S:Wm. GREER, TV $200.

p.20?-  HARPER,Isaac, 400 Tradewtr., E/S:Joseph GREER.

p.23?-  KILGORE,Saml., 50A Eddy, E/S:Jonathan GREER/P:Wm. KILGORE, 1WM, 3H.
        KILGORE,David, Eddy.
        KILGORE,Jane, Eddy.

p.25--  LANEAR,Thos., McNabb's Cr, E/S:N. THOMPSON.
        Same,Cumb'd River, E:Aaron GREER/S:A. GREER.

p.42--  WEEKS,Jno., 250A Donaldson, E/S/P:Jas. GREER.
        WAFER,Jas., 250A Donaldson, E:John GREER.
        Same,100A Donaldson, E:Lucy GREER.
p.1--   ANDERSON, Ambrose
        ALGEA, Jno. 100A Eddy Cr, E/S:Jno. ALGEA
        ANDERSON, Vincent

p.2--   BIGHAM, Jas. H., 150A Eddy Creek, E/S: A. GREER
        BOLAND, Wm, 250A Eddy Creek, E/S:J. GREER
        BRIGES (sic), Wm., 200A W.C.(sic) Creek, E/S/P:T. GREER

p.8--   CHERRY, Job,102A Eddy Cr.,E/S/P:J. GREER

p.14--  GREER,Jesse,170A Hurricane,E/S/P:Alxr. EWING
        Same, 60A Hurricane, E: M. JOHNSON/S: D. OSBURN
        Same, 150A Spring Creek, E/S/P: J. GREER, 1WM,3H,TV$1050

p.15--  GREER,John Admr.,233 & 1/3A Cr.Creek (prob. Crooked),
                E/S: J. GREER, 1WM,1Black, 3H,TV$453.33
        GREER,Levi (no land shown),1WM,1H,TV$60

p.16--  HODGES,Portlock,100A Eddy Cr,E/S:W. GREER

p.17--  HARPER,Isaac,400A B.Branch (prob. Bell's),E/S:J. GREER

p.29--  PENNINGTON, John,100A Clear fork Eddy, E/S:J. GREER

p.31--  ROGERS, Drury,274A Dry fork,E/S/P:W GREER

p.38--  WEEKS, Jno.,400A Donaldson,E/S/P:J. GREER
        WAFER, Jas.,100A Donaldson,E:L.GREER
        Same, 250A Donaldson,E:J. GREER
Abbreviations used:
A= acres
E/S/P: = Entered/ Surveyed/ Patented
WM= white males +21
H= horses

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