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Aug. 2009

24 May 1997.

Local Researcher, Author and Publisher Receives Certification

Brenda Joyce Jerome has received notification from the Board of Certification in Washington, DC that she now a Certified Genealogical Record Specialist. Brenda is publisher of the Western Kentucky Journal, owner of a very active genealogical publishing company, speaker, author and genealogist. Let us all join in congratulating her!!

The following copywrited account from the Western Kentucky Journal is reprinted with permission.



On 27 July 1996, under the leadership of Merrill Greeman, several members of the Crittenden County Genealogical Society and Caldwell County Historical Society visited what is reputed to be the oldest known cemetery in the area. It is located on privately-owned land off US 641 about 1 mile north of Fredonia, just south of Livingston Creek and very near where Livingston Presbyterian Church was founded in 1797 by the Rev. Terah Templin and a group of former members of Hardin's Creek Church (Lebanon, KY) and Road's Run Church (Springfield, KY). The foundation stones from the church have been moved from the church location with some piled under a tree. The cemetery appears to have many unmarked graves and many marked with sandstones. All inscriptions appear to be hand- carved with the exception of that of Jane Johnson and the adjoining 1817 stone. There is a legend that some of the unmarked graves are for Cherokee Indians who died on the Trail of Tears. This cemetery is also located near the old town of Centreville, which was the county seat of Livingston County for a short time before Caldwell County was formed from Livingston in 1809. Mary Morrow Hannah Elder Dec Sep 5 1811 Dec Jan 3 1819 (leaning against a tree along with 3 uninscribed headstones) M.L. (footstone; the owner of the property stated the headstone for Mary Leeper, who died ca 1816, had been moved) John Elder Jane Johnson Dec Oc 21 1799 wife of Dr. James Johnson (leaning against a tree) Born Mar 15 1782 Died Dec 11 1818 aged 31 (sic) yrs 8 mo & 26 days (professionally carved with willow tree & sheep; appears to be in original location.) In Memory of Thomas Griffis Robison deceased ____________1817 October the 31 ______01 Aged 27 yr 8 mo Aged 15 years (top of headstone broken and missing; (round, effigy-style top; appears to be in original location beside that bottom portion missing) of Jane Johnson) 1828 (top of headstone) Robert J Elder Dec Sep 16 1815 Here lies the body of William Robert Elder Hamilton Dep Dec Jen (sic) 14, 1821 arted this Life (The 4 is carved backwards) October 27 1800 Aged 50 years (round, effigy-style top; bottom portion broken off)

Brenda Joyce Jerome has provided this information:

The Caldwell Co, KY Historical Society meets the first Thursday night
of alternating months at Coon Public Library in Princeton. Dues
are $12 per year and includes a quarterly newsletter.

Current officers are Mrs. Louise Purdy, President; George
Harralson III, Vice President; Doris Thomas, Secretary; and
Stice Goodwin, Treasurer.

The Society has bought the old Dr. Amoss house near Cobb and
is restoring it for a Black Patch museum. Dr. Amoss is reputed
to have been the leader of the Night Riders, who created havoc
throughout W. Kentucky and Tennessee by destroying tobacco

The George Coon Library on Harrison St., Princeton, has a fine and
growing genealogy room with microfilm and reader/printer, copying
machine, many books on the area and other states, family files,
plus an Archive Room, which contains old church records and 
original source material. Also of interest are the many 
notebooks containing obituaries of area residents.These 
obituaries date back to about 1900.

Brenda Joyce Jerome
West Kentucky Journal

Brenda Joyce Jerome has provided this information:

Ruth Nichols and Glenn Martin, members of the Caldwell Co 
Historical Society, received an award for achievement (Western 
region) from the Kentucky Genealogical Society at the annual 
KGS seminar in Frankfort on 3 Aug 1996. Since Jan 1996, Ruth 
and Glenn have spent untold hours dusting, sorting, and filing 
in archival boxes the original, loose papers and files from 
1809 - 1900 in the county clerk's office. The goal is to make 
the records more accessible for historical and genealogical 
researchers. Some records may be temporarily unaccessible, but 
shelves are being built to hold all of these very important