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Old Water Mill and Dam at Dawson Springs, Ky.

Photo and captions provided by Debbie McArdle

Here is the text from all three postcards that I have.  One of them offers some
valuable family information regarding the Dawson family, but I have been
unable to locate any Dawsons in Caldwell Co., Ky. or Posey Co., Indiana.

27 July 1909:  From Will Dawson, Princeton, Ky. to E. E. Dawson,
Solitude, Indiana:  "Moltun (my note: mother?) OK able to sit up.
getting along nicely.  all well.  Hello boys.  Sarah OK.  Will "
(Postcard has picture of the Court House)

21 Oct 1910:  From Father, Dawson Springs, Ky. to Mr. R. R. Dawson, Mt.
Vernon, Indiana:  "I hauled lumber for this mill 31 years ago.  be a
good boy.  Father" (Postcard has picture of the Old Water Mill and Dam
at Dawson Springs, Ky.)

13 Dec. 1911:  From Sarah and W. Dawson, Princeton, Ky. to Mr. Ray
Dawson, Solitude, Indiana:  "Dear Ray, I want Santa to bring me a big
baby, a ___________, a _____ umbrella & I ______  apples ______ paper
candy & a ring necklace trycicle and a red ______ & some other things I
can't think of.  Sarah Dawson W.D."  (Picture of postcard is of Main
Street, Princeton, Ky.)