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This Caldwell County material provided by Kenneth Edward Gilkey


SURNAMES (Bradford) (Byram) (Gilkey) (Givins) (Groce) (Harris) (Marquess) (Stinebaugh) (Turner) This Bible is in the Possession of Christine Ramey who so graciously allowed me to copy it. Births, Deaths, & Marriages are in no certain order and were in many different handwritings..This Bible contains four pages of Family Records plus four pages titled "Biographical Memoranda". It also contained numerous pieces of old paper with Birth and Death dates.. & a promissory note.. TITLE PAGE Published by Jesper Harding, Pub. Philadelphia --1847 Page 1 (titled) Family Records--Marriages Lemuel Byram the Son of Simon Byram mared January Thu the 24 of 1826 To Francis Bradford The Daughter of William Bradford Lemuel Byram was Mared the Second time in th year of our lord 1849 to Elizabeth Marquess the daughter of Thomas Marquess Nancy J Byram was married to John T Harris sept the 21st 1871 Eller (Ella) May Harris & Joseph (Wilburn) Gilkey was Married September 5th 1891 Betty Jane Harris & Harvy Groce was married november 14th 1889 Page 2 (titled) Births Lemuel Byram the Son of Simon Byram Was borned in the year 1799 sept the 7 Matilda Deseley Byram Was borned the november 5 1826 Charles W Byram Was Borned October the 29 1829 Susan D Byram Was Borned October the 1 1831 Elizabeth Byram the wife of Samuel Byram was borned March the 7 1810 Thos. Byram Born 17th Feb 1848 Tamora Catherine Givins Born 4th Apr 1849 Mary Jane Byram Born 8th dec 1852 W. B. Byram Son of J. B. Byram Born 22 Feb 1852 Thomas Marquess was Born in the year 1776 Mary Marquess was Born September 23rd 1778 ***BYRAM--STINEBAUGH--GILKEY--BIBLE*** Page 3 (titled) Births Frances Byram the Wife of S. Byram was borned february the 14 1797 And departed this life on the 7 day of September 1846 Thomas Marquess Departed this life oct 28th 1843 Lemuel Byram departed this life May The 29th 1865 Simon Byram was born March the 3rd 1775 and Departed this life Nov the 25th 1857 Tamer Byram was born April the 5th 1773 and Departed this life oct the 29th 1857 Page 4 (titled) Family Records Elizabeth Byram Died March 14th 1888 Porter Harris Died July 23 1960 Eller May Harris was borned Aprial 4th 1875 Wm. H. P. Harris was borned Nov 4th 1877 Susan E. Harris Hutch-(torn) (Hutchinson) Died Nov 23 1962 Page 5 (titled) Biographical Memoranda Robert Stinebaugh was born Jan 1st 1830 Mary Jane Stinebaugh born May 21st 1839 Samuel A. Stinebaugh born June 17th 1862 George Stinebaugh born June 17th 1862 Robt. Stinebaugh jun born Jan 1st 1868 Jno. Stinebaugh born Sept 22nd 1870 Willis M. Stinebaugh born Jan 26th 1872 Smith Stinebaugh born May 9th 1877 Robert & Mary Stinebaugh married Sep 19th 1861 George & Laura Stinebaugh Married March 13th 1890 Robert & B. C. Stinebaugh (Barbara Caroline Gilkey) Married August 12th 1890 Page 6 (titled) Bio. Mem.) Jno. W. Stinebaugh Died Nov 2nd 1870 Mary J. Stinebaugh Died July 22nd 1881 Samuel A. Stinebaugh Died Aug. 14th 1887 George Stinebaugh Died April 20th 1890 Page 7 (titled Bio. Mem.) B. C. Stinebaugh (Barbara Caroline Gilkey) was Born July 29th 1846 Isaac Gilkey was Born July 2nd 1804 Isaac Gilkey died March 26 1868 Isaac and Lucinda (Dunn) Gilkey was married April 17th 1839 Lucinda (Dunn) Gilkey was born January 27 1820 and died November 18 1878 ***BYRAM--STINEBAUGH--GILKEY--BIBLE*** Mary A. Gilkey was Born January 21 1849 Sarah F. Gilkey (b.) July 1851 Sarah F. Gilkey died May 15th 1858 Mary A. Gilkey died april 11th 1858 Page 8 (titled Bio. Mem.) Robert Gilkey---sold. Oct 7, 1893 Potatoes & bed $2.00 Page 9 (loose Sheets in Bible) Simon Byram Decd. Was born March 3rd 1775 Tamer Byram Decd. Departed This life oct. 29th 1857 (loose sheet) One day after date I promise to pay to the order of Wm. Turner 1 ct. for Value Recd. of him this the 17 day of January 1871 (signed) Jasper N. Marquess (loose sheet) Margie Katheryn Gilkey Born Aug 12, 1933 Died Feb 27, 1934 Orbie Glin Gilkey was born Oct 14, 1910 Dannie Robertie Gilkey was born april 15-1914 Edna Arbell Gilkey was born may 27,1916 (loose sheet) Irvin Gilkey was born aug 25 1893 Nancy Ethel Gilkey was born aug 1-1895 Lucy Francis Gilkey was born July 22, 1897 Joseph Leonard Gilkey was born July 6 1899 Bessie May Gilkey was born feb 22 1902 Johnnie Garnet Gilkey was born Oct 9, 1904 Oscar Isac Gilkey was born feb 17-1908 Baby born and died Dec 23-1908 (Dau. of Joseph Wilburn &Ella Mae (Harris) Gilkey) NOTE: All lettering, spelling, Capitals.& punctuation were transcribed as written in Bible such as -and or &- Aprial (April), Items in Quotation Marks(--) were not in bible but were added by Transcriber through other research..
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