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This material provided by Vicki Stewart.

  February 9, 1984

Dear Mr. Bristol:

I came into possession of your letter to Mary Patterson last October. 
I'm sorry I've been  so long in sending the information I have on the
Parrent family.  I'll begin with Wilson Parrent who was my Great
grandfather on my mothers side of the family.

Wilson Parrent 1805 married Miss Cynthia Galusha November 11, 1831.  She
was the daughter of Elija and Lucy W. Galusha who were 70 and 65 of age
respectively according to  Kentucky census of 1850.  They were from

To this union, as far as I know, were born the following children:
Kentucky census 1850.  Helen M. born 1833, Stephen C. born February 25,
1834, Charlotte W. born 1835, Maria M.  born 1838, Lynn Boyd born 1839,
George W. born 1841 and Cynthia born 1844.

After the death of his first wife Cynthia, Wilson married Mrs. Elizabeth
McCracken, March 13, 1851.  The Kentucky census shows the following: 
Wilson Parrent, age 54, Elizabeth age 43, Stephen C. age 24, carpenter
in home of Robert Holloway, Lynn Boyd age 20, George W. age 16, Cynthia
age 14, Maria M. age 12, Lewis H. age 5, Gustava McCraken age 11, Perry
M. McCracken age 9.  This was the 1860 census.

I have information on the families of Stephen C., George W., Lewis H.,
and Gustava McCracken.

Lewis H. never married.  He lived between Kentucky and Missouri visiting
in the homes  of all his relatives, but mostly with my grandmother and
her two youngest sons Sidney and  Thurman neither of them ever married. 
Everyone called him Uncle Lewis.  Grandma was called  Aunt Gus.

I 'm just a little ahead of myself and probably have confused you
somewhat.  George W. Parrent married Gustava McCracken July 12, 1866. 
To this union were born the following  children, Tilden who married Lou
Holt, James who married Ella Gilkey, Elizabeth (Aunt Betty)  who married
S. J. Bigham (Uncle Stonewall), H. Liner who married Fannie Parrent,
Mary  Amanda (my mother) who married Bigham Holloway (my father), and
Sidney and Thurman who  never married.

Tilden and Lou had five children as follows: Vesty, daughter; Benson,
son; Marvin, son;  Tillie, daughter; and Samuel, son.  I don 't have too
much more on these children except that all  are deceased but Tillie who
lives somewhere in Ela.

James and Ella had five daughters as follows: Bertie, who married George
Holloway.   They had several children, one of them Marry Patterson to
whom you have written, Viola who  married Herman Groves and several
children were born to this union, Georgia married Wilborn Dunning three
children Willie May, Ruth, and Alfred Smith Dunning, Edaline married a
man  named Smith and I believe they had one son, James William.  Millie
was married twice but had  no children.

Elizabeth married S.J. Bigham and they had three children:  Ethyl,
Claude, and Letha.  Of  these Letha is the only one who married.  She
had one son by her first husband, a man named  Richardson.  All of this
family are deceased including Letha 's son, Darwin Richardson.

Liner and Fanny Parrent had five children namely; Aileen, William,
Louard, Larraine,  George Edwin, and Nelson.  Aileen married a man named
John Tinsley and they had one son  named John Norton Tinsley, Aileen
lives in Eloise, Michigan.  John lives in Chicago.  Louard  married
Gwendolyn Carroll from Beulah, Kentucky, and they have two children
Donald Gary,  and Judith.  Of this family all are living but Gwendolyn. 
Louard remarried and lives in  Reidland.  Gary married Judith Towne and
they had two children.  They live in Lyon County,  Kentucky.

George E. had no children by his first wife but did have several by his
second wife.  He  and his second wife are both deceased and I have no
information on his children.

Nelson died young and Lorraine never married.  All of Liner and Fannie
's family are  deceased except Aileen and Louard.

Mary Amanda married Bigham Holloway, (this is my father and mother),
August 8,  1906.  Six children were born to this union as follows:  Mary
Louise, July 16, 1907; Clyde  James, December 28, 1909; George Clinton,
February 1, 1912; Lesie Harold, August 2, 1914;  Agusta Mae, December
17, 1916; and Nancy Leta, October 23, 1920.

Louise married Paul Freeman August 8, 1936 and seven children were born
to this union,  as follows: Joyce Larue, Norma Jane, Paul Edward, Mary
Louella, Linda Ruth, Alma Lois, and  Joe Harvey.

Clyde married Mrs. Ruby Gore Cummins late in life and had no children.

George Clinton married Anna Mae Gillihan and they had four children, as
follows:  Betty  Ann, William Clinton, Donald Bigham, and Harold Noble.
Clinton, Anna Mae, and Don are all deceased.  Betty Ann is married to
Thomas Wagner and lives in Mechanicsville, MD.  They have  four
children.  Bill is married to Jennie (don 't know her last name.) and
they had four children of  which one is deceased.  Harold Noble married
, married a girl from Paris, France named Monique ?.   They also had
four children.  Donald was killed in a golfing accident in 1956 at the
age of 19.

Mae married Walter Blackburn but had no children.

Nancy married John Owen McKinney, and has two children living.  Mary
Margaret is  married to Joseph Heim and lives in Louisville, Kentucky. 
Delia Ann who is single and lives in  Washington D.C.  Nancy 's husband
John is deceased.  I, Leslie Harold married Thelma Mayhugh May 10. 1939.
 We had two children as follows: Dennis Michael, born March 17,  1940,
and Mary Patricia, born May 20, 1946.

Dennis Michael married Sandra Jean Gustafson and they had two children
Kristen  Danise and Kevin Michael.  Dennis Michael lost the battle with
leukemia on January 24, 1981.   Sandy and the children live in Seminole,

Mary Patricia married James Larry Englebright and they had two sons. 
James Tyson and  Jason Alan.  Pat and the boys live with Thelma and me. 
Jim lives in Orlando, Florida Divorced.

Of the above, Paul Freeman, Clyde Holloway, Clinton and Ann Holloway,
Mae  Blackburn, John Owen McKinney and Don Holloway are deceased.

Now for what I know about the family of Stephen C. Parrent.

Stephen was born February 23, 1834 and was married to Susanah J.
Holloway on August  30, 1863.  Susanah was born July 24, 1844.  Susanah
J. is a sister of my Grandfather James  Harrison Holloway.  Susanah and
Stephen had a large family as follows:

William Cullen born May 28, 1864 married Sudie Holloway.  Children born
to this union  are as follows: Willie, Virgie, Vera, Homer Blaine (Doc),
Robert, Sidney , Charlene, and R.C.   Of this family Doc, Sidney, Vera, 
and Charlene survive.  The boys live in Hopkinsville, the girls  in
Cadiz, Kentucky.  Of later generations I have no knowledge except that
there are some.

Lynn Boyd married twice.  First to Sallie Lewis, their children were: 
Danie who married  Ules Holt, Ocie who married Corbett Anderson, Anna
who married Robert Barrett, John who  married Buelah Woodall, Edgar who
married Leona Cash, and Mamie who married Hugh Beck.   There are several
children, grandchildren, and perhaps greatĄgrandchildren of whom I have
very  little information.

Lynn Boyd 's second wife was Mrs. Alva Harris Oliver.  They had one son
Wilson  Parrent.  I believe he has written to you.  Wilson married Verda
Gray and I believe they have two  children.  Wilson and Verda live in
Eddyville, KY.

Rillie Parrent married William Melton.  Children as follows:  Lelie,
Lillian, Shellie,  Levatah, Tylene, Clyde, Wallace, Nina, and Magdalene.
 I only know who two of these married;  Levatah married Dossie Farless,
and Tylene married Earl McNealy.  I know very little of later  children.

David Parrent married Odie Lamb.  Children as follows:  Beatrice, Earl,
Talmadge,  Alben Barkley, Henry, Mary Ruth, Mollie Grace, and Paul
Edward.  Earl married Marcella  Sadler; no children.  Talmadge married
Virginia Payne.  They have children but I don 't know  how many.  Mollie
Grace married a man whose last name I believe was Yates.  They had one 
child Dan.

Charles Parrent married twice.  First to Cora Oliver; children were
Gertie, Elizabeth,  Gladys, and Edna.  Gertie married Melvin Cotton and
they had several children how many and  their names I don 't know. 
Elizabeth married Noah Thompson and Gladys married Charlie  Cotton; no
children in either of these marriages.  Edna died young.  All of this
group are  deceased.

The second marriage was to Aussie Kennady; children were Ruby Leona,
Mary Pearl,  Mabel Odell, Charles Ules, and James Dallas.  I do not know
spouses or children of these  children.  I believe that Charles, Marry
and Mabel are all that survive of these children.

Mollis married Willard Town.  Children were Willis, Giles, Roy, and
Russel.  I do not  know further offsprings or who each married.  Of
these Roy and Russell survive.

Mae married Morris Town.  Children were Adele, Edith, Ida Mae, Vida
Bell, Barkley,  Arthur and James.  I don 't have too much more about
these children.

Nellie married Herman Seldon LeFan.  Children, Geneva married Carl
Morris, no  children.  Louise married Fredrick Dorroh, three children;
Mary Rose married Cecil Chandler,  no children; Hale married Elizabeth
Goodman, two children; Virginia married Glenwood  Duncan, one child;
Dorothy married Willis McCraken, three children.  Further data I do not

Helen married James East.  Children were Alice, Edward, Grace, and
Luther.  Alice  married James Conley and had two sons, John Nathan and
Paul Griffin.  Grace married Luther  Moreland and had one daughter
Rosella.  Ed married Nola Oliver who died at the birth of their  first
child.  The child also died.  Later Ed married Bertha Oliver and they
had several children,  mostly sons.  Luther married late in life, no

Harvey married Ella Oliver.  Children were Laura Bell, Stephen, Lucille,
and Dale.   Stephen married Mary Moore and they had several children. 
Laura Bell married a Rogers boy  but I don 't recall any children.  
Lucille is married but I don 't know her husband 's name or how  many
children they have.  Dale died in service.  Stephen is also deceased.

This is about all I can give you about the family here, but I would like
to have what you  have on Lynn Boyd and his offsprings.  Thanking you in
advance for any facts you can give me I  remain,

Your Cousin, Leslie H. Holloway 819 West Main St. Princeton, KY   42445
Phone 502-365-7794

Please excuse all errors I am not the best typist in the world.  Another
thing I was in Hopkinsville yesterday and called Sidney Parrent Cullen
's son.  He told me that the survivers in this family are not as I gave
you above; they are Sidney, Virgie, Vera, and  Charlene.  All but
Charlene live in Hopkinsville.  Charlene lives in Cadiz, Kentucky.

Transcribed by: Vicki Stewart 5055 Lincoln Ave. Portage, IN 46368