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This Caldwell County material provided by Kenneth Edward Gilkey


This Bible is in the Possession of Dannie Roberta Gilkey who so graciously allowed me to copy it. The Bible had a considerable amount of water damage, making some dates and names unreadable. Births, Deaths, & Marriages are in no certain order and were in many different handwritings.... Page 1 NEW TESTAMENT New York Bible Society 1850 Charlene Gilkey born-------unreadable Geneva Gilkey born--------unreadable Page 2 Family record Of Isaac & Lucinda E. Gilkey Isaac Gilkey was born 2nd July 1804 Lucinda E. (Dunn) Gilkey was born on January 27th 1820 A. Eliza (Ann) Gilkey was born February 6th 1842 B. (Barbara) Caroline Gilkey was born July 29th 1846 Mary A. (Adalisa) Gilkey was born January 21st 1849 Robert D. Gilkey was born April the (torn) 1854 Margaret Guilkey(sic) was born Sept. the 7 1858 Page 3 (This page was very water damaged) (written across top of page) John Feland Clark was born May 24 1886 Joseph Gilkey was born October 10, 1861 Frank Gilkey was born Dec 7, 1864 Eliza Elizabeth---Unreadable--------born 1862 April 4th-------------- Narcissa (Murray) was born 19th-----1867 daughter of America & Samuel Murray Jon Thomas Trim was born January 23 18(--) Jenfrie(Jennifer) Lee a daughter of Samuel & America Murray was born Sept--1869 Sam Randolph (Stinebaugh) 13th day of 1870 son of Robert Stinebaugh & Mary Jane Randolph Lena----Gilkey was born the 31st Oct 18(69) Page 4 (Titled) Marriages Isaac & Lucinda Gilkey was Married April 17th 1839 Samuel Murray & America Gilkey was Married 18th August 1860 Ella May Gilkey was born February the 17th 1870 Tomess F. (Thomas Freeman) Gilkey was born October the 27th 1876 John E. Gilkey was born the 6 of Sept. 1876 Goge A. Handbery was born June the 8th in year of 187-- George Harvey Gilkey was born March 20-1871 Page 5 Mary Adalisa Gilkey Died Aprile 11th 1858 aged Nine years, two months and 21 days Lucy F. Gilkey Died May 15 1858 aged Seven years ten months eight days Isaac Gilkey Died on the 26th day of March 1868 Samuel Murray Died on 25th Jan 1877 Saley B. Gilkey departed this life Apr. 2 1875 Lucinday E. Gilkey Dide the 18th 0f November 1872 Page 6 Samuel Edward Murray a sun of Elizey Elen and Mary was borne the year of our lord and saver Jesus Criste January th 2 1883 Willia- gilkia was Born in the year --(written in between) a son of Margrat gilkia--of our lord the 7 of January 1883 dide August the 15 1883 Minnie Lee Murray Daughter of Elizey Elen Murray was Born August 23 1885 died Nov 23 1885 John Feland Clark was Born may 24 1886 son of George M Clark an of Bill Murray -(torn)- obe Lee Baker born February 24 1888 NOTE: All lettering, spelling, & punctuation were transcribed as written in Bible. Such as -and or & -or Aprile (April) .Died (dide) Items in Quotation Marks (--) were not in Bible but were added by Transcriber through other research. Transcribed--Feb. 4th, 1999--by Kenneth Edward Gilkey--409 Hillcrest Dr.--Newburgh, In 47630 Email: