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1904 - 1906 Weddings of Caldwell County

The engagement of Miss Frances Steele to Walter A. Irving, will be quite a surprise to her many friends in Princeton. The marriage will occur in the early part of September at Louisville. Miss Steele is one of Princeton’s prettiest and best known young ladies. She resigned her position here in the city school several years ago and welt to Louisville and entered the City Hospital as a student in the trained nurse department. After serving the proper time she was granted and was given a diploma. She is now in the city on a visit to her mother. Mr Irving is a very prominent business man in Louisville.
Steele - Stanley Marries
The marriage of Robert Steele to Miss Eva Stanley, a popular young lady of Byron, Miss., took place in that city Monday evening. Robert, is an old Princeton boy and is a son of Mrs Nannie Steele, of this city, and has a host of friends who wish for him much success and happiness. He is a clever young man, and has for a number of years, been connected with the Illinois Central railroad with headquarters at Byron.
Quite a little party left here Tuesday morning for a week or ten days’ visit to the St. Louis exposition. Those composing the party were Mr and Mrs John Young, Mrs Grace Brown, Dr. F.J. Sullivan, Misses Lucy Jacob, Rubie and Bessie Castleberry, Birth Cummins, Nellie Nabb, Mary McGowan and Eula Tandy. They were contemplating a big time.
Mrs Jennie Dorr, of Marion, Ky and Mr C.A. Love, of Halis, Tenn, were married here this afternoon by Rev. G.W. Perryman, at his study, at the First Baptist church, at Fifth and Jefferson streets. The couple met here by appointment and will leave tonight for Halis, where they will reside... Paducah News, Monday Aug 29, 1904 The bride is well known in Princeton as well as having a large number of relatives throughout the county. She is the daughter of T.M. George, one of Livingston counties wealthiest and representative citizens and is the widow of Spender Dorr who was killed by an electric shock in St. Louis, two years ago this month. She is a elegant woman and her friends here wish her much joy in her married life. The groom is a substantial citizen of his section and owns a plantation and carries on farming on a large scale.
Marriage of Young Couple
Last Wednesday at the home of the bride’s uncle, near Lamasco, Miss Johnnie Holeman and Mr Homer Roberts were united in marriage. Both are popular young people and reside in Caldwell county, the groom being a son of Rev. C.L. Roberts of this city. The Leader extends congratulations together with best wishes for a long and happy life.
Buck Thacker Weds
The marriage of Mr W.B. Thacker, of Cairo, to Miss Lucy Mathews, a popular young lady, of Carbondale, Ill, last Sunday will be quite a surprise to his many friends in Princeton. A letter from Heff Wylie of Cairo, states that “Buck” is the happiest man in that city. We extend congratulations and best wishes.
Ferguson - Davis
At the residence of Rev. Smith in this city, Mr Gregg Ferguson and Mrs Ella Davis, of Otter Pond, were united in the holy bonds of wedlock Wednesday afternoon. Rev. Smith performed the ceremony. Mr Ferguson is a popular young farmer, and Miss Davis is the oldest daughter of Barney Davis, and is veru popular in that section of the county.
A Joke
The report of the marriage of W.B. Thacker in last week’s Leader was a joke played on him by his friend, Jeff Wylie. We gladly make the correction that Buck is still single notwithstanding it is leap year. Probably Jeff had this in mind and wanted to get Buck out of the way so that he would have a chance.
Baker - Metcalf
The marriage of Mr J.J. Metcalfe, of Hopkinsville and Miss Ida Baker, of this city, occurred at the Palmer House in paducah Wednesday morning. They left immediately for St. Louis and will be at home in Hopkinsville after November 10. The bride is one of Princeton’s most lovable young women and possesses many noble traits of womanly character, while the groom is a prominent business man.
Sublett - Catlett
The Paducah Register of morning says:Thursday Yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock Miss Warren Sublett, of Clinton, and Mr J.R. catlett, of Princeton, were united in marriage by Rev. T.J. Newell at the latter's house adjoining the Broadway Methodist church at Seventh and Broadway. At 7:30 o’clock last evening the bridal couple left for the groom’s home where they will make their residence. The young lady is a very beautiful creature and endowed with sweet and attractive qualities. She is a member of a prominent Clinton family and arrived here yesterday at noon. "All know the groom as one of the best and most up-to-date young newspaper men of Kentucky. He and his brother, Mr George Catlett, publish the Princeton Leader and are progressive young men who take a prominent and successful part in politics."
Willett - Oranze
Miss Della Willett, of Paducah, and Mr Martin Luther Oranze, formerly of this city but now of Paducah, were happily united in marriage early Tuesday morning. Mr James Oranze, of this city and brother of the groom, attended the marriage as best man. Immediately after the ceremony the contracting parties left for a visit to the St. Louis Exposition.
Dick Teear and Mrs Millie Lovell, both of the Scottsburg neighborhood, were united in the holy bonds of wedlock Wednesday afternoon at the residence of Mrs Annie Lamb. Rev. Marcus Scott officiating. The Leader extends congratulation.
Rev. W.H. Gibbs, of Sheridan, Crittenden county, who was called to the pastorate of White Sulphur church has accepted and will preach the second Saturday and Sunday in November. All are invited to attend the services. The saloon known as the Towery place, has changed hands, E.M. McCaslin selling to C.S. Price, of Providence. Mr Price assumed control of the business and will as soon as arrangements can be made, locate on Kevil corner. He will put in fine bar fixtures and run everything in first class order.
Married Sunday
Miss Elizabeth Hoodenpyle And Thomas O’Brien Happily United at Florence, Alabama. The announcement of the marriage of Miss Elizabeth Hoodenpyle and Thomas O’Brien at Florence, Alabama, Sunday evening was received here by Mr and Mrs Thomas Hoodenpyle early part of the week. After attending the Confederate reunion in Nashville in the spring, in company with her father and several Princeton friends, Miss Elizabeth left for Florence, Ala with her sister Mrs D.C. Wesson, with the avowed intention of returning to Princeton but cupid would not have it so, hence her marriage, which is received here with much surprise by her many friends. She was one of Princeton’s most beautiful young women and very attractive. Mr O’Brien is a promising young business man of Florence, and is highly spoken of by his home papers. They will make Florence their home and it is to be hoped that they will will every be happy and contented.
Married at Courthouse
Last Thursday Esq. W.C. Rucker united in marriage J.T. Morse and Mrs E.H. Pool. The cremony took place in the County Clerk’s office in the presence of several witnesses. The contracting parties reside in the Harmony country.
The marriage of Mr Kelly Lowery and Miss Lizzie Cullen at the residence of the brides father, at Dalton, Hopkins county, Kentucky, on Wednesday evening, Nov. 16, was the culmination of a courtship of many years. The bride is one of Hopkins county fairest daughters, possessing the many qualities that makes a woman womanly. Mr Lowery is a prosperous young farmer of the Quinn neighborhood, a young man of sterling worth. Immediatey after their marriage the happy young couple left for Dallas, Tex, to make their future home. Their many friends wish them health and prosperity.
Young - Rone
Mr Louie E. Young, of this city, and Miss Hallie Rone, of Morgantown, Ky, were married at Evansville last week. This marriage is the culmination of a long and happy courtship. Immediately after their marriage they came to Princeton to make their futre home. At present they have rooms at the home of the groom’s aunt, Mrs John Davis. The bride, at the time of her marriage, was visiting in Evansville. She is pretty and accomplished and was very popular in social circle at Morgantown. Mr Young, the groom, has been a resident of Princeton several months and has made many friends. At present he is connected with the Davis & Son marble works.
Several Young People Take The Nuptial Vows
Sunday evening at 3 o’clock Rev. J.M. Taylor solemnized the rites of matrimony between Otho J. Stewart and Miss Lydia Rogers. The groom is a popular young man of Cobb neighborhood. The bride formerly resided in the vicinity of Cobb, but a few years ago moved with her parents, Mr and Mrs Jack Rogers, to Trigg county, where she won many friends and acquantances. The wedding took place at the home of the bride’s parents and was witnessed by many relatives and friends who wish them much joy and happiness.
The Paducah News Democrat of last Sunday contains the following announcement:
Mr and Mrs J.L. Nance announce the engagement of their daughter, Ida Estella, to George W. Warren formerly of Princeton, Ky, but now of this city. The wedding will take place at the home of the bride, 1305 Jackson street, Tuesday, February 20, at 8 o'clock p.m. The Rev. B.W. Bass, pastor of the tenth street Christian church, will perform the ceremony. Immediately after the wedding, a reception will be held from 8 10 11 o’clock.
G.L. Egbert, 26 years of age and a farmer, was granted license to wed Miss Mamie Riley, age 19, resident of Caldwell county. The wedding will take place the 14th at the home of A. Dorris.
Renew Vows
Divorced Couple Re-marry Saturday After One Year Separation

At the residence of Mr and Mrs L.G. Cox on Seminary street last Saturday night, Mrs Maud oy Ayes and Mr E.B. Ayers were married, the Rev. M.E. Chappell of the Cumberland Presbyterian church officiating. The wedding was a very quiet one only the most intimate friends of the contracting parties being present. Mr and Mrs Ayers were first marriedin 1904. She secured a divorce about a year ago, but at the instance of friends, the two had become reconciled. Mrs Ayers has many friends in Princeton where she has frequently visited. The couple will make their future home in Nashville, Tenn, where Mr Ayers is manager of the Souther interest of Fair A---, Morse & Company of Chicago.
From the Caldwell county clerk’s office only two license to wed have been issued since our last publication.
A.J. Davis, a stockman aged 32, to Miss Eva Barton, age 19. Both are of Sikeston, Mo, the bride being a native of Caldwell county. It is the second marriage of the groom. They were married in Princeton on Tuesday. Commodore W. Walker, age 23, a farmer of Hardin county, Ill, to miss Dena Walker age 17, of Caldwell county. The groom was born in this county. The ceremony was performed at the residence of Mrs Amanda Walker on Wednesday.
To Wed
Princeton Young Man To Lead Nashville Girl To The Alter
The following card, announcing the forthcoming marriage of John A. Akin of this city to a fair young lady of Nashville, Tenn, has caused a flutter of surprise among his relatives, friends and acquaintances in the city, as they were wholly unprepared for the announcement, the groom to be having confided the interesting secret to the very fewest number. The card reads:
"Mr and Mrs G.F. Lawrence invite you to the marriage of their daughter Katharine to Mr John A. Akin, Monday evening April the ninth one thousand and six at eight o'clock in the evening at the residence 1207 Fatherland Street, Nashville, Tenn."
The groom is the eldest son of City Judge J.T. Akin and is at present travelling salesman through the South for Swift and Co, Chicago. The Leader extends its congraulations to Mr Akin and best wishes for the happiness of the young couple.

Rucker - Allen
K. Rucker and Miss Annie Allen, both of Fulton, were married by Esquire Futrell, at his residence in South Fulton, yesterday at 7 o’clock in the evening. Mr Rucker is a son of the proprietor of the Kentucky Hotel, near the passenger depot, and his bride is the 16 year old daughter of Frank Allen, who has been a resident of South Fulton for the past 20 years. Both the contracting parties are young in years.
Fulton Leader Marriage
Since our last publication County Clark Gresham has issued from his office only two marriage license.
J.W. Lamb, a Caldwell country farmers, age twenty-five was granted license to wed Miss Le--ie Lane age nineteen, also of Caldwell county, the mattiage taking place on Wednesday 28th at the residence of George W. Stallins. The names of the grooms father and brides father are almost identical, the former being Winfield Scott Lamb and the latter Winfield Scott Lane.
License was also issued to George Smithard, age twenty-seven and Miss Susie Coleman, age twenty-six. The groom is a farmer of this county, and the bride is a daughter of Mo--- Coleman. The ceremony was performed in Princeton on Wednesday.