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This material was provided by Karen Lewis Howell and Jack W. Yandell.


Old feud revived at a Merry Making

results in the death of Albert Lewis

Princeton Ky., July 9th. Albert Lewis was shot and instantly killed and
his brother Charles Lewis, was shot three times at a picnic twelve miles
north of here at the iron bridge by William and John Yandell and Toris
Franklin. It all grew out of an old feud between the Lewis and Yandell
famlies of several years standing and when they met yesterday it was
renewed. They all bare the reputation of being dead game, and when they
met on the picnic grounds they were armed to the teeth. The Lewis boys
were the aggressors, and Al proceeded to do up Will Yandell with a pare
of brass knucks, when Yandell ran back a few paces, drew his pistol and
fired. The ball hit Lewis between the eyes, producing instant death.
Charles Lewis rushed in, and proceeded to fire at the Yandell boys, but,
after a few exchange of shots, fell with three balls in his body. The
wounds, however, were not fatal. The Yandell boys were not hurt. The
Lewis family are among the most dangerous and relentless men, when
excited to hatred, in the State and this is the third member of the
family to be killed in a difficulty. The Yandell boys have sent word to
the county Judge that they will come in in the morning and surrender

to the Law...

(Beneath the article is a hand written two unreadable words ..



in the Head and Albert Lewis

Falls Forward a


William Yandell Fires the Weapon that does the Deadly Work,

While Jack Yandell Opens Fire on Charlie Lewis and Wounds him Twice.

A Lively Fusilade at a Picnic Last Saturday.

The Iron Bridge that spans Tradewater river from Caldwell to Hopkins
County was the scene of a bloody tragedy last Saturday afternoon. A
Picnic was in progress and while everthing was moving along smoothly and
quietly two pistol shots rang out upon the air, followed by a general
fusilade from fire-arms Wm. W. and John Yandell were tje participents on
one side and Albert and Charles Lewis on the other. The results of the
conflict was the death of Albert and the wounding of Charles Lewis. One
grazed the hair on the right temple of Albert and the other made a great
gaping wound just above his right ear, while Charles was shot in the
foot and in the leg just below the hip.

William Yandell came to town Monday and surrendered to judge Randolph
claiming that he did the killing and pleaded self defense as the excuse.
The (Paper torn) trial was set for Wednesday (Paper Torn) following.

(Three inches of article torn and missing.) where they were, and being
offered a drink declined, and told Lewis never to speak to him again.
While this drinking was going on, Al took his seat near the lemonade
stand and announced in a loud voice, coupled with several oaths, that he
could lick any man on the grounds. It began to be quietly whispered that
the Lewis boys had come there to "do up" the picnic and the Yandells and
acting on the advice of his wife went to the mill and armed himself. The
event that led up to the tragedy was when Jack Yandell and Torrence
Franklin met Charles and Al Lewis in the road, and Jack at the point of
a pistol made the Lewis boys turn out. John Yandell Sr. then went to the
Lewis boys and begged them not to have any difficulty with Jack and to
quit agging it on. William went to take his father away when Al Lewis
began to curse Jack Yandell. He also noticed Al Lewis advancing with his
left hand in his pocket. Will warned him not to come any closer when
Charles Lewis told Al to go on that Will Yandell would not shoot. Al
continued to advance and Will threw a pistol up and tried to cock it. Al
struck at him three times with Knucks, when Will fired two shots in
Rapid succession and Lewis pitched forward on his face a dead man.

A crossfire was then opened up between Jack Yandell and Charles Lewis
and Lewis was shot twice.

This is the Defendants side of the story. We append below the affidavit
of Charles Lewis,Which was introduced as evidence, he being unable to
attend the trial on account of his wounds.

The affiant Chas. Lewis states: That he was at a picnic at the Iron

in Caldwell Co., on July 8th. It was about the middle of the evening
when I got there and Immediately J.W. Yandell came to me and asked me if
I had any whiskey. I told him I had and we went off near the mill, under
the bank of the river, to take a drink. About the time I was putting the
bottle in my pocket, Jack Yandell came up and I asked him if he wanted a
drink. He said

"NO., G--d d--m you, I don't want you to speak to me any more," I said
all right and he went off saying something I could not understand. In a
few minutes Al and I went down the river bottom from the picnic ground
and met Jack Yandell and Torrence Franklin. When we were in about 10 or
15 yards of said Yandell he pulled a pistol out of his pocket and
pointed it toward Al

and said "Don't come any closer." Al replied he was not going to hurt

I don't believe that Al had spoken to Yandell that day until he drew the
pistol on him. About this time Wm. W. Yandell went off to his home or
grocery and came back with a pistol in his hand. About that time I went
off to move my mules out of the sun and had gotten about 15 to 20 from
the place where

Al and Wm. Yandell were standing when I heard a pistol fire: Turned
around and saw Al falling. He (Al) was about 8 or 10 feet from Wm. W.
Yandell when he fell. At that time Jack Yandell and Torrence Franklin
began to shoot at me. I think they both hit me, one of the balls taken
effect in my foot and the other in my leg.


Charles H. (x) Lewis


Attest J.T. Coleman

Subscribed and sworn to by Charles H. Lewis before me this July 11 1893

J.B.Davis J.P.C.C.

After the evidence was all in and speeches had been made by Col. Hewlett
in defence and County attorney Coleman for the prosecution William
Yandell was discharged from custody. The trial of Jack Yandell will take
place Monday

There are many theores and arguments advanced, that on account of the
position of the two parties that the fatal shot was not fired by Will
Yandell but by someone standing on the right side of Al Lewis. I believe
this to be true and will develope at the trial Monday