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Written by J W Beagle in Cynthiana KY 1 Oct 1944, and listed in the E E Barton papers


Thomas and Cecelia Beagle were both born and married in the State of Virginia late in 1700. Shortly after their marriage they came to Mason County, Kentucky; later they moved to Campbell County, where they made their permanent home.

"They had fourteen children, nine boys and five girls and the parents lived to see all of their children members of Baptist Churches.  They were known as a pioneer Baptist family in Kentucky." Many of the children drifted west to Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Kansas.  This sketch is confined to those who remained in Kentucky.

Con Beagle, "the oldest son was a deacon in Flagg Spring Baptist Church for forty years.  It is said of him that in Bible knowledge and liberality, he was equal to the ministry of that day."

Jesse and Mason Beagle were ministers of the gospel. The life and labors of Mason Beagle are not available.  Thos Beagle Jr. another brother had a son the Rev T Warn Beagle, a minister of prominences, who served churches in Indiana and Kentucky. He was a pastor of Keen KY for many years.  in 1903 he died while pastor of the Baptist Church at Stamping Ground KY.

Jesse Beagle was the seventh son and twelfth child of Thomas and Cecelia Beagle, born in 1812.  He was baptized into the fellowship of Twelve Mile Baptist Church by Rev John Stevens, April 14th, 1832.  He was licensed to preach the gospel in 1844.  Being a man of timid and backward disposition and seeing the need of better educational preparation for his life's work, he did not preach regularly until a serious illness brought him so near death that he promised God, if restored to health he would devote the remained of his life to preaching the gospel.  God restored him and he kept his promise.  Soon as he regained strength he went to warning sinners to flee the wrath to come.  Whenever opportunity afforded his voice was heard pleading with people to come to Jesus for salvation and life eternal.  Immediately after his ordination in 1845, he became pastor of the Persimmon Grove Baptist Church in Campbell County where he served eleven years and 142 members were added to this church.

Three months later he became pastor of First Twelve Mile, his home church and served them for eleven years and 204 members were added to their fellowship. He also founded the Grant's Lick Baptist Church in Campbell County where he served sixteen years and 170 members were added to their fellowship.  He served Second Twelve Mile Church in Pendleton County nine years and 244 members were added to this church.  While pastor here God called him to his reward on Feb 24, 1876.

Jesse Beagle's ministry was largely confined to churches in Campbell, Pendleton and Bracken Counties KY.  He also served as missionary of Campbell County Association and the State Mission Board of Kentucky Baptists.  He was a man of great spiritual compassion.  His appeals were heeded by old as well as young people.  He was a soul winner back in the days of one Sunday a month services.  Perhaps as great a compliment as could be paid him was that the armies of the North heard him as gladly as the armies of the South, back in the struggles of the 1860s, for he knew nothing but Christ and Him crucified wherever he was.

Jesse Beagle's family life.  His first wife died in 1860 without children.  In April 1862 he married Miss Elizabeth Dicken, daughter of another pioneer family of Campbell County, who gave two sons in the Baptist ministry, Rev E N and C W Dicken both Georgetown College men.  They served churches in Kentucky, Louisiana and Missouri.  Mrs. Luther Homer Ellis, another sister had two sons, Baptist ministers, the Rev C S and A H Ellis.  They served churches in Kentucky, Ohio and Alabama.

Four children were born to Jesse and Elizabeth Dicken Beagle, two sons and two daughters, the oldest son twelve years old and the youngest daughter two months old at the time of his death. Elizabeth Dicken, left a widow with her small children found the Grace of God sufficient to bear the sorrow of her husband's death and the promises of God to care for widows and orphan children true.  She lived to see all of her children and grandchildren saved and active members in Baptist Churches for she remained a widow for 39 years, true to God, her church and mission causes.

The Children:

C F Beagle, the oldest, married Mary E Dunaway. To this union four sons and two daughters were born.  They loved the Lord and His Church and all of their children became Baptists. Seymore (sic) Cleveland Oh, married had one son. Warren, Cleveland, Oh, married has one son. Clyde, married, no children.  Clyde graduated from Moody Bible Institute and Northern Seminary in 1928.  Died 14 May 1936. Pastor of First Baptist Church, Clinton Iowa. James, married, one son, Deacon in old home church. Nancy, Mrs. Franz, Cleveland Oh, has one son.  Anna Mae, Mrs. E G Sharon of Alexandria KY has a son.

Jesse W Beagle, the second son, married Miss Nannie E Hannah. They had one son and four daughters.  The mother, son and two daughters passed on to be with Jesus some years ago.  The two daughters remaining are: Viola, Mrs. Paul Steel, Palm Beach Fla. They have a son, Robert B Steel. Mabel, Mrs. R W Stone, Cynthiana KY. They have two daughters, Jean Warren and Dorothy Hannah Stone.  All three grandchildren are Christians.

Jesse W Beagle's ministry, licensed to preach the gospel by First Church, New Richmond Oh; ordained by First Church of Georgetown KY, March 29, 1899.  The first twenty years of his ministry pastor of churches in Kentucky and Texas.  The last twenty-seven years of his ministry spent with the Home Mission Board of the SBC as Field Secretary or Superintendent of the Department of Missions in the home land.  He was retired Jan 1, 1943 because of age and ill health.

Pearl, Mrs. F W Hobbs. Bro Hobbs was deacon and church treasurer of the old home church for many years.  God called him to his reward in October 1942.  His widow following in the footsteps of her mother, faithful to God, her church and kingdom causes. They have one son.  Jesse Hobbs, married Miss Ruth Records, no children.  Jesse is following the good example of his father, and is the treasurer of the old home church and vitally interested in kingdom causes.  Mae, Mrs. A M Ellis, Bro Ellis is a deacon in the old home church.  While they have no children, they lie so near the church they have a home for pastors and visiting preachers.  They have served their Lord and church faithfully throughout the years.

Second Twelve Mile Baptist Church has been signally blessed of the Lord, for God has called ten faithful men to preach the gospel from this church's Christian influence, in the knowledge of the writer of this sketch of the Beagle family.

J W Beagle, Cynthiana KY, October 1, 1944

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