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Alexandria Cemetery

Alexandria, Campbell Co., KY

Just a piece of history as to how Alexandria Cemetery came about. The owner of the land was James Shaw.  James Shaw donated the land for a cemetery on the condition that there would always be room for any Shaw to be buried there.  This comes from a cousin Harris & Lallias (Shaw) Hodge.






ABBOTT, Ethel G.         b.1896  d.1-24-1970


ABBOTT, Eunice            b.4-7-1898  d.2-13-1993            


ABBOTT, Frank T.          b.11-9-1888  d.11-2-1962      S/O Sarah E. Abbott



ABBOTT, Lahrene “Lerna”   b.9-16-1924  d.6-28-1983


ABBOTT, Sarah E.              b.1864  d.10-17-1925    M/O Frank T. Abbott


ABBOTT, Walter J.            b.6-9-1895  d.2-10-171


ABBOTT, William                 b.1884   d.10-24-1964


ABRAMS, Florence (Green)   b.11-1-1911  d.9-21-1983


ACKLIN, James     b.1804                                  H/O Matilda Acklin


ACKLIN, Matilda (Baker)   b.1812  d. September 1876  W/O James Acklin

D/O John Baker Jr.


ADAMS, Beve                b.9-7-1915  d.10-29-1993


ADAMS, Elmer B.          b.1895  d.3-12-1948


ADAMS, Sarah             (no dates)                         W/O Hiram Adams


ADAMS, Josephine          b.1891  d.4-30-1978


ADAMS, Mary L.           b.1892  d.6-12-1967


ADAMS, Unnamed            (child no dates)              C/O H. Adams


ADAMS, Washie                   b.1893  d.5-14-1981


ADAMS, William       buried 6-9-1894


ADAMS, William Grant        b.4-9-1872  d.6-11-1887    Grandson of

Hiram & Sarah Adams


ADKENS, Mary Keller               b.1880  d. June 1961


AHR, Anna                 b.10-29-1930  d.12-30-1994


ALBERT, Unnamed     (child)       buried 1902     C/O Ben Albert


ALCORN, Herbert         b.4-21-1918  d.2-5-1993


ALEXANDER, Harold     b.10-10-1923  d.12-18-1990


ALFORD, Albert D.       b. September 1875 d.4-28-1947         H/O Bertha M. Alford               S/O Richard Bates & Mary Elizabeth (Nelson) Alford


ALFORD, Alice Emma (Spaulding)   b.11-3-1880  d.10-6-1970   W/O George Washington Bates Alford         D/O William H. & Margaret (Mell) Spaulding


ALFORD, Alice Golda (Painter)      b. February 1888  d.5-12-1945  H/O Theodore T. Alford             D/O Frederick C. & Susie C. Painter


ALFORD, Alvin          b.3-24-1871 d.11-12-1904        H/O Ida C. Alford

S/O James Henry & Charlotte (Hulley) Alford


ALFORD, Bertha M. (Baker)         b. March 1883 d.1-4-1955         W/O Albert D. Alford          D/O Charles Wesley & Elizabeth (Wegland) Baker


ALFORD, Charles                1856-1934          H/O Elizabeth Alford


ALFORD, Charles Robert    b.10-8-1887  d.2-12-1956  H/O Lottie M.  Beebe  S/O Thomas Atchinson & Mary Jane (Shaw) Alford


ALFORD, Charles Theodore     b.5-3-1855  d.3-15-1930      H/O Jennie L. Alford         S/O John William & Sarah (Cooper) Alford


ALFORD, Charlotte (Hulley)     b.8-25-1847  d.6-15-1922   W/O James Henry Alford              D/O Benjamin & Sarah (Middleton) Hulley


ALFORD, Chester Lee     b.8-13-1899  d.12-29-1973        H/O Essie Alford      S/O David & Essie (Painter) Alford


ALFORD, David   b.1-3-1875  d. October 1924     H/O Essie Alford

S/O Thomas Atchinson & Mary Jane (Shaw) Alford


ALFORD, Edward Osborne        b. April 1870  d.6-23-1934   H/O Essie Alford                  S/O Thomas Atchinson & Mary Jane (Shaw) Alford


ALFORD, Eldon  O.   b.10-28-1931  d.6-22-1994


ALFORD, Elizabeth                     1856-1926          W/O Charles Alford


ALFORD, Elsie          b.2-4-1903  d.9-21-1980


ALFORD, Essie (Painter)   b. February 1889  d.12-3-1940   W/O David Alford & Edward Osborne Alford       D/O Joseph & Mary Arlina (Regans) Painter


ALFORD, George Washington     b.5-10-1850  d.6-12-1926   H/O Joseph L. Alford            S/O John William & Sarah (Cooper) Alford


ALFORD, George Washington Bates   b.9-17-1873  d.9-27-1946   W/O Alice Emma (Spaulding) Alford        S/O Richard Bates & Mary Elizabeth (Nelson) Alford


ALFORD, Harold        b.10-8-1917  d.11-12-1993   S/O John William & Sylvia (Thornton) Alford


ALFORD, Harvey      b. January 1881  d. February 1938     S/O George Washington & Josephine L. (Smith) Alford



ALFORD, Ida C. (Sansom)        b.3-24-1871  d. August 1928         W/O Alvin Alford


ALFORD, James Henry   b.5-23-1839  d.9-3-1928   H/O Charlotte Alford

S/O John William & Sarah (Cooper) Alford


ALFORD, James Willis       b.10-8-1898  d.5-29-1990  H/O Lilly May Alford   S/O William H. & Theresa G. (Gubser) Alford


ALFORD, Jennie L. (Brown)     b.1-18-1873  d. 12-1-1949        W/O Charles Theodore Alford        D/O William Finley & Mary G. (Sporing) Brown


ALFORD, Jo Anne         b.1933  d.6-25-1967


ALFORD, John               b.1920  d.7-1-1920     S/O George H. & Florence Alford


ALFORD, John      b.1954  d.6-24-1954   S/O J. D. Alford


ALFORD, John Ellis   b.11-12-1837  d.11-11-1881  S/O John William & Sarah (Cooper) Alford


ALFORD, John Warren    b.3-13-1886  d.4-14-1987  H/O Lillie Alford

S/O George Washington & Josephine L. (Smith) Alford


ALFORD, John William       b.1-24-1811  d.5-8-1890    H/O Sarah Alford

S/O John & Sarah (Kirton) Alford


ALFORD, John William    b. May 1884  d.5-21-1938   H/O Sylvia Alford

S/O Thomas A. & Mary Jane (Shaw) Alford


ALFORD, Josephine L. (Smith)    b. November 1857  d.12-10-1943       W/O George W. Alford     D/O Adam & Elizabeth Smith


ALFORD, Lillie (Painter)    b.12-23-1890  d.4-15-1971   W/O John Warren Alford              D/O Alford J. & Margaret J. (Little) Painter


ALFORD, Linda       b.7-5-1951  d.8-17-1983


ALFORD, Lottie M. (Beebe)  b.1-22-1897  d. March 1979    W/O Charles Robert Alford     D/O Walter & Agnes Beebe


ALFORD, Marietta            b.1917 d.8-11-1947          D/O Theodore & Golda Alice (Painter) Alford


ALFORD, Mary Elizabeth      b.1908  d.6-28-1968     W/O Russell Carl Alford      D/O Henry W. & Martha E. Dicken


ALFORD, Mary Elizabeth (Nelson)      b.2-2-1848  d.3-29-1920          W/O Richard Bates Alford     D/O Thomas & Jane (Taylor) Nelson


ALFORD, Mary Jane (Shaw)   b.1-11-1847  d.11-11-1931   W/O Thomas Atchinson Alford             D/O Joseph & Matilda (Slater ) Shaw


ALFORD, Minerva D. (Parker)    b. November 1887  d. December 1941 

W/O Thomas W. Alford         D/O George C. Parker


ALFORD, Missouri Benton   b.8-13-1853  d.2-12-1881  D/O John William & Sarah (Cooper) Alford


ALFORD, Myron L.     b.10-30-1927  d.8-30-1980


Alford, Nancy A.      b. November 1869  d. no date       D/O William & Sidney Eunice (Nelson) Alford


ALFORD, Nellie          b.9-4-1902  d.8-19-1986


ALFORD, Nellie Juanita     b.1941 d.1-18-1944


ALFORD, Orville E.         b.1911  d.11-2-1990


ALFORD, Osborne E.       b.2-15-1905  d.4-12-1977     H/O Florence A. Alford       S/O David & Essie (Painter) Alford


ALFORD, Patricia Marilyn       b.1937  d.7-16-1948


ALFORD, Peggy (Freeman)   b.4-8-1908  d. November 1979   W/O Richard William Alford



ALFORD, Richard Bates         b.1-10-1841  d.1-23-1912          H/O Mary Elizabeth  Alford      S/O John William & Sarah (Cooper) Alford


ALFORD, Richard William    b.7-18-1902  d.9-16-1987    H/O Peggy Alford       S/O George Washington Bates & Alice Emma (Spaulding) Alford


ALFORD, Robert Edward        b.12-5-1859  d.4-23-1921    S/O John William & Sarah (Cooper) Alford       


ALFORD, Russell Carl     b.10-9-1906  d.11-14-1978      H/O Mary Elizabeth Alford    S/O George Washington Bates & Alice Emma (Spaulding) Alford


ALFORD, Sarah (Cooper)   b.12-2-1815  d.4-24-1891   W/O John William Alford        D/O William & Mary Cooper


ALFORD, Sarah        b.1916  d.6-28-1969


ALFORD, Shelby H.        b.1992  d.11-19-1992


ALFORD, Sidney Eunice (Nelson)    b.5-26-1846  d.9-20-1879     W/O William Alford   D/O Thomas & Jane (Taylor) Nelson


ALFORD, Susannah   b.3-28-1848  d.8-30-1879   D/O John William & Sarah (Cooper) Alford


ALFORD, Sylvia (Thornton)  b.1-11-1847  d.10-21-1955   W/O John William Alford           D/O John & Eliza (Peck) Thornton


ALFORD, Theodore T.        b. October 1882  d.11-27-1958           H/O Golda Alice Alford     S/O George Washington & Josephine L. (Smith) Alford


ALFORD, Theresa G. (Gubser)   b.2-25-1870  d. February 1928       W/O William H. Alford      D/O John & Anna Marie (Chalk) Gubser


ALFORD, Thomas Atchinson     b.2-26-1844  d.10-18-1928   H/O Mary Jane Alford               S/O John William & Sarah (Cooper) Alford


ALFORD, Thomas W.     b. October 1875  d.2-26-1958   H/O Minerva D. Alford           S/O Thomas Atchinson & Mary Jane (Shaw) Alford


ALFORD, Unnamed       (child)             C/O James Henry & Charlotte (Hulley) Alford


ALFORD, Unnamed    (child no dates)    C/O William & Sidney Eunice (Nelson) Alford


ALFORD, Unnamed  (child no dates)  C/O William & Sidney Eunice (Nelson) Alford


ALFORD, Unnamed     (child)  b.1906  d. September 1906   C/O John William & Sylvia (Thornton) Alford


ALFORD, Victor               b.1912  d.5-4-1912    S/O James William & Sylvia (Thornton) Alford


ALFORD, Warren        b.3-14-1886  d.4-14-1981


ALFORD, William         b.5-1-1907  d.5-3-1993     S/O Joseph & Alta Alford


ALFORD, William H.        b.12-17-1841  d.4-12-1904      H/O Sidney Eunice Alford     S/O John William & Sarah (Cooper) Alford


ALFORD, William H.          b.3-27-1869  d.10-3-1953          H/O Theresa G. Alford    S/O James Henry & Charlotte (Hulley) Alford


ALFORD, Woodrow        b.12-22-1915  d.5-11-1993    S/O John Warren & Lillie (Painter) Alford


ALLEN, Berkley L. (Rev.)         b.1893  d.10-23-1967


ALLEN, Chris       b.1-3-1920  d.8-25-1989


Allen, Ethel           b. 8-23-1896  d.7-30-1983


Allen, Lionel          b.5-3-1921  d.9-30-1986


ALLEN, Marcella A.            b.2-16-1903  d.9-21-1984


ALLEN, Nola           b.3-3-1901  d. December 1975


ALLENDER, Fay       b.9-30-1952  d.3-31-1980


ALLENDER, Robert    b.12-20-1929  d.5-1-1993


ALLGIER, Anna K.     buried 3-1-1919


AMERINE, Jennings      b.3-19-1910  d.3-30-1995


AMOS, Stephen B.        buried 11-2-1948


AMPFER, Charles F.          b.1882   d.5-9-1960           H/O Mary N. Ampfer


AMPFER, Frederick          b.1855  d. April 1942           H/O Mary Ampfer


AMPFER, Mary H.        b.1859  d.4-26-1933           W/O Frederick Ampfer


AMPFER, Mary N.                      1884-_ _              W/O Charles F. Ampfer


AMPFER, May (Wiley)         buried 3-7-1970


ANDERSON, Aleen      b.1914  d.2-21-1970


ANDERSON, Alvia E. (SR)     b.1884  d.10-17-1965         H/O Kathryn C. Anderson


ANDERSON, Alvia E. (JR)   b.2-21-1909  d.10-26-1973    S/O Alvia E. & Kathryn C. Anderson


ANDERSON, Benjamin Franklin   b.4-30-1813  d.8-9-1879   H/O Julia Ann Anderson      S/O John & Hannah Ann (Sutton) Anderson


ANDERSON, B. T.        buried 1879


ANDERSON, Betty Jane      buried 4-20-1974



ANDERSON, Clayton J.        b. 1913  d.12-26-1956      S/O Alvia E. & Kathryn C. Anderson


ANDERSON, Cordelia A.   b.11-5-1842  d.4-1-1875        D/O Benjamin Franklin  & Julia Ann (Shaw)  Anderson


ANDERSON, Dorothy        b.2-3-1904 d.3-28- 1982


ANDERSON, Evelyn A.         b.1916  d.11-26-1972


ANDERSON, John C.    b, 1877  d.1-31-1952        H/O Nora Anderson

S/O William E. & Mary E. (Blake) Anderson


ANDERSON, John M.         b.2-5-1905  d.2-7-1971


ANDERSON, Julia Ann (Shaw)      b.4-7-1812  d.6-29-1886  W/O Benjamin Franklin Anderson    D/O Robert Franklin & Margaret (Morin) Shaw


ANDERSON, Julia A.           b. 1865  d.2-3-1953      D/O William E. & Mary E. (Blake) Anderson


ANDERSON, Kathryn C.         b.1884  d.9-3-1947            W/O Alvia E. Anderson Sr.


ANDERSON, Lafayette S.       b.10-16-1853  d.1-25-1857        S/O Benjamin Franklin  & Julia Ann (Shaw) Anderson


ANDERSON, Margaret R.            buried 3-16-1911


ANDERSON, Mary E. (Alford)         b.1876  d. December 1918          W/O Robert W. Anderson          D/O Richard Bates & Mary Elizabeth (Nelson) Alford


ANDERSON, Mary E. (Blake)   b.1840  d.1-28-1915         W/O William E. Anderson


ANDERSON, Nora          b.1882  d.9-30-1958           W/O John C. Anderson



ANDERSON, Robert W.         b.10-3-1873  d.8-15-1953           H/O Mary E. Anderson       S/O William E. & Mary E. (Blake) Anderson


ANDERSON, Russell R.     b.1880  d.9-14-1966    S/O William E. & Mary E. (Blake) Anderson


ANDERSON, Russell V.    b.10-25-1907  d.4-14-1995


ANDERSON, Sarah J.    b.5-5-1840  d.9-11-1852   D/O Benjamin Franklin & Julia Ann (Shaw) Anderson


ANDERSON, William E.        b.1837  d.3-3-1922            H/O Mary E. Anderson        S/O Benjamin Franklin & Julia Ann (Shaw) Anderson


ANDREWS, Robert H.         b.6-1-1914  d.7-5-1940


APPEL, Lula          b.1878  d. June 1943                  W/O William H. Appel


APPEL, William H.          b.1873  d.4-9-1951          H/O Lula Appel


APPLEGATE, Anna L.      b.1868  d. February 1937           W/O Thornton Applegate


APPLEGATE, Sarah Mae      (ashes scattered on top of Jessie Davidson) 3-7-1994


APPLEGATE, Thornton       b.1866  d.4-24-1943     H/O Anna L. Applegate


ARCHER, Carrie     b.1-21-1898  d. January 1979       W/O James F. Archer


ARCHER, James F.            b.1881  d. January 1961   H/O Carrie Archer


ARMSTRONG, Charles W.         b.1894  d. April 1907


ARMSTRONG, James M.              b.1861  d.4-3-1923


ARMSTRONG, Katie V.       b.1874  d. September 1951         W/O William H. Armstrong


ARMSTRONG, William H.        b.1874  d. February 1950         H/O Katie V. Armstrong


ASEERE, Sarah               b.1884  d.7-4-1958


BABIN, Frederick H.             b.1-27-1903  d.5-19-1966     S/O Frederick & Pauline Babin


BACH, John B.                b.1870  d.11-19-1936        H/O Kathryn Bach


BACH, Kathryn          b. 1876  d. September 1969         W/O John B. Bach


BACH, Luella             b.1903  d.12-18-1937        D/O John B. Kathryn Bach


BACHMAN, Peter A.           b.1900  d. June 1949


BAILEY, Charles L.         b.1899  d.3-2-1957        H/O Ruby Jane Bailey


BAILEY, Ruby Jane        b.11-28-1902  d.3-10-1976        W/O Charles L. Bailey


BAKER, Ann       b.9-21-1822  d.8-21-1896    aged 73 years  11 months


BAKER, Arnold Blaine        b.9-8-1917  d.9-16-1987      H/O Mable Louise Baker        S/O Bennett K. & Lillie Irene (Thornton) Baker


BAKER, Blanche (Bagby)          b.12-10-1880  d.3-1-1973       W/O Clark Chandler Baker


BAKER, Carrie Blossom (Trapp)     b.1-18-1915  d.2-28-1992   W/O Glen Wilburn Baker        


BAKER, Catherine               b.1882  d.8-16-1957        W/O William Baker


BAKER, Cathy                     buried 7-10-1992


BAKER, Charles A.          b.7-17-1875  d.7-20-1964    H/O Margaret Baker



BAKER, Charles Wesley       b.1850  d.1-5-1934     H/O Elizabeth Baker

S/O John W. & Nancy Jane (Smith) Baker


BAKER, Clark Chandler            b.2-25-1869  d.9-16-1949        H/O Blanche B. Baker      S/O James A. & Margaret Ellenor (Roberts) Baker


BAKER, Clyde W.             b.9-7-1912  d.7-15-1985    H/O Martha Marie Baker       S/O Lawrence S. & Stella F. (Hulley) Baker


BAKER, Edna Josephine (Kuhl)             b.3-9-1917  d.9-21-1986    W/O Hoyt Winfred Baker          D/O Conrad & Laura (Trapp) Kuhl


BAKER, Edward John             b.1880  d 7-9-1965       H/O Margaret Baker


BAKER, Elizabeth (Wegland)       b.1856  d. December 1926  W/O Charles Wesley Baker


BAKER, Emma C.        b.1-20-1894  d.3-14-1981


BAKER, Ethel I.            B.1878  d.1-30-1941         D/O Charles Wesley & Elizabeth (Wegland) Baker


BAKER, Eva                b.6-13-1912  d.6-19-1990


BAKER, Gary Lee       b.10-8-1949  d. February 1975       S/O Harold E. & Dena (Rogers) Baker


BAKER, Glen Wilbur        b.2-20-1908  d.1-19-1994   H/O Carrie Blossom Baker            S/O Oliver & Arthenia (Daniel) Baker


BAKER, George William       b.1890  d.12-18-1951       H/O Mabel Aurora Baker


BAKER, Howard E.      b.12-7-1888  d.1-28-1941       H/O Kathy (Smith) Baker                 S/O James Henry & Anna A. (Watson) Baker


BAKER, Irl                     1886-1890          S/O Charles Wesley & Elizabeth (Wegland) Baker


BAKER, James D.               b.8-22-1965  d.4-14-1985


BAKER, Jessie Pearl        b.1890  d.8-12-1960         W/O William T. Baker


BAKER, John S.          b.9-4-1865  d.12-27-1886    S/O Richard Tarvin  & Mary Jane (Orr)  Baker


BAKER, Kimberly Faye            b.1962  d. November 1963


BAKER, Kirby S.            1886-1891           S/O Charles Wesley  & Elizabeth (Wegland) Baker


BAKER, Larry Ray      (child)    d.3-24-1951  buried 3-26-1951



BAKER, Lawrence S.         b.4-23-1890  d. December 1966       H/O Stella F. Hulley          


BAKER, Leroy            b.1920  d.9-29-1994                 H/O Louella Dolly Baker           S/O Grover C. & Margaret Augusta (Baker) Baker


BAKER, Louella Dolly (Weckbach)   b.10-12-1912  d.2-25-1982    W/O Leroy Baker           D/O Nichols Philip & Ella (Shalk) Weckbach


BAKER, Louis C.           b.9-3-1898  d.5-3-1979  


BAKER, Mabel Aurora (Daniel)      b.4-8-1888  d.5-4-1949     W/O George William Baker            D/O Thomas Arthur & Sarah Rebekah (Clemans) Baker


BAKER, Margaret       b.1883     d.5-4-1959              W/O Edward J. Baker


BAKER, Margaret N.       b.11-19-1880  d.11-1-1962      W/O Charles A. Baker


BAKER, Martha Marie (Baker)        b.2-4-1914  d.4-26-1993    W/O Clyde W. Baker          D/O William & Alice Sarah (Harrison) Baker


BAKER, Mary L.              b.4-30-1902  d.9-4-1976


BAKER, Mary               b.1914  d.4-1-1967


BAKER, Mary              b.1940  d. 3-23-1985


BAKER, Mary Jane (Orr)          b.1-6-1835  d.8-22-1920    W/O Richard Tarvin Baker          D/O John & Alexandria Orr


BAKER, Maude V. (Hulley)     b.5-4-1896  d.7-11-1970   W/O Howard E. Baker      D/O William Clarence & Sarah Jane (Alford) Hulley


BAKER, Ralph C.        b.2-2-1914  d.10-6-1974      H/O Wilma Lee Baker

S/O George William & Mabel Aurora (Daniel) Baker


BAKER, Richard Tarvin    b.9-13-1816  d.2-14-1891   H/O Mary Jane Baker

S/O Samuel Bennett & Elizabeth (Armstrong) Baker




BAKER, Stella F. (Hulley)    b. April 1889  d. November 1966     W/O Lawrence S. Baker           D/O William Clarence & Sarah Jane (Alford) Hulley    


BAKER, William              b.5-3-1882  d.7-15-1968       H/O Catherine Baker


BAKER, William Bennett           b.1855   d.3-12-1911        S/O James A. & Margaret Ellenor (Roberts) Baker


BAKER, William Henry             b. 1858  d. 9-27-1928  


BAKER, William T.        b.6-30-1887  d.3-4-1975          H/O Jessie P. Baker

S/O James Robert & Louisa E. (Watson) Baker


BAKER, Wilma Lee (Rouse)    b.1911  d.11-7-1988    W/O Ralph C. Baker

D/O William Henry & Mary Adeline (Rardin ) Rouse


BALTZ, George E.         b.2-22-1902  d.8-2-1903


BARKER, Louisa (Nelson)  b.2-1-1851  d.5-21-1876     W/O Rev. Taylor W. Barker                   D/O Thomas & Jane Nelson


BARKER, Sadie            b.1868  d.1950


BARTH, Edward J.           b.5-22-1899  d.2-8-1977          H/O Freda K. Barth


BARTH, Freda K.            b.1900  d. February 1965      W/O Edward J. Barth


BARTH, Joanne Ruth      b.12-14-1932  d.12-17-1932    D/O Edward J. & Freda K. Barth


BARTLETT, Charles E.       1884-1896        S/O Rolly V. & Matilda Bartlett


BARTLETT, Mary E.          b.1876  d. May 1939


BARTLETT, Matilda R.                1863-1895           W/O Rolly V. Bartlett


BARTLETT, Rolly V.      b.1856  d. March 1920        H/O Matilda Bartlett


BARTON, Charles T.                 1853-1928           H/O Ella B. Barton


BARTON, Ella B.              b.1858  d.1-3-1929            W/O Charles T. Barton


BARTON, Homer W.            b.1885  d.11-19-1950     H/O Velma Barton


BARTON, Velma         b.9-1-1886  d.11-18-1985   W/O Homer W. Barton


BATSCH, William H.      b.2-8-1909  d.7-10-1955

KY  PVT  7TH BAST H.Q. & A.B. SQ. A.A.F.


BATHIANY, Albert E.            died 3-24-1946        H/O Elsie M. Bathiany


BATHIANY, Elsie Mae       b.1885  d.7-25-1973      W/O Albert E. Bathiany


BAUER, Henry            b.1890  d.7-11-1944          H/O Martha Bauer


BAULER, Dorothy Estella  (Jones)   b.1906  d. September 1951


BECHTOLD, Anna          b.1838  d.3-28-1911          W/O John Bechtold


BECHTOLD, Anna            b.1875  d.4-21-1968            W/O Fred Bechtold


BECHTOLD, Bertha M.         b.1889  d.3-15-1967        W/O Louis F. Bechtold


BECHTOLD, Daniel           b.1860  d.8-6-1930


BECHTOLD, Fred              b.1868  d.2-18-1932           H/O Anna Bechtold


BECHTOLD, George          b.1865  d. March 1943


BECHTOLD, Henry                   1857-1880


BECHTOLD, John      b. 1835  d. February 1915          H/O Anna Bechtold


BECHTOLD, Katherine         b.1880  d. July 1930


BECHTOLD, Louis Frank            b.1889  d. September 1957   H/O Bertha M. Bechtold


BECHTOLD, Raymond           b.1902  d.12-9-1918     S/O William & Susie Bechtold


BECHTOLD, Susie           b.1878  d.2-17-1931      W/O William Bechtold


BECHTOLD, William        b.1860  d.6-10-1940     H/O Susie Bechtold


BECK, Anna C.                b.1887  d.4-4-1969         W/O Henry C. A. Beck


BECK, Carrel W.         b.6-29-1912   d.8-14-1958



BECK, Carrie                   b.1858  d. January 1940         W/O Joseph Beck


BECK, Charles               b.1896  d. July 1923        S/O Joseph & Carrie Beck


BECK, Edward                b.1884  d.6-3-1932        H/O Hattie Beck


BECK, Eva (Girand)         b.1839  d.7-10-1917        W/O Joseph Beck


BECK, Hattie                               1884-1966       W/O Edward Beck


BECK, Henry C. A.           b.1884  d.6-25-1951         H/O Anna C. Beck


BECK, John                 b.1868  d.4-30-1922          H/O Lean Beck


BECK, Joe W.                    b.1923  d.10-8-1943


BECK, Joseph                    b.1829  d. March 1909         H/O Eva Beck


BECK, Joseph                    b.1858  d. September1938         H/O Carrie Beck


BECK, Lena              b.1872  d.8-10-1966            W/O John Beck


BECK, Pearl I.                    b.1904  d.10-10-1968        W/O Walter P. Beck


BECK, Roy Peter          b.1901  d.6-8-1944


BECK, Walter P.               b.1903  d.2-14-1950         H/O Pearl I. Beck


BECKER, Charles            b.1853  d. May 1937                H/O Louisa Becker


BECKER, Louisa         b.1858  d.5-4-1911      W/O Charles Becker


BECKLER, Margaretha          b.11-30-1849  d.10-5-1898


BEEBE, Daniel     (no dates)

CO  A  53RD  KY  INF


BELEW, Carrie E. (Vessing)    b.11-8-1905  d.10-18-1993   W/O Randall Belew


BELEW, Ethelene          b.1929  d.7-21-1963


BELEW, Randall         b.1901  d.5-16-1964      H/O Carrie E. Belew

S/O Henry Harrison & Sadie (Loomis) Belew


BENEDICT, Edward          b.1870  d.9-24-1938          H/O Sadie Benedict


BENEDICT, Sadie         b.1875  d.10-3-1953          W/O Edward Benedict


BENKLE, David         b.1845  d. March 1913           H/O Margaretha Benkle


BENKLE, Margaretha (Graubinger)    b,2-23-1851  d.4-28-1888  aged 37 yrs  2 mos  5 dys              W/O David Benkle


BENNETT, Adele Susan (Rieger)        b.1915  d. August 1956


BENTLEY, Gladys L.        b.1908  d.1-5-1963


BERSCH, Carl E.              b. 1893  d.4-10-1953           H/O Helen M. Bersch


BERSCH, Helen M.          b.1895  d.8-28-1973           W/O Carl E. Bersch


BEYER, Andrew         b.1853  d. November 1932       S/O Nicasius & Catherine Beyer


BEYER, Andrew Jackson        b.1862  d.7-7-1920     H/O Barbara Beyer


BEYER, Barbara (Schroath)    1865-1931          W/O Andrew Jackson Beyer


BEYER, Caroline “Carrie”       b.1865  d.11-23-1923             D/O Nicasius & Catherine Beyer


BEYER, Catherine            b.1828  d.12-29-1917                 W/O Nicasius Beyer


BEYER, Edward        b.5-29-1864   d.1-13-1894     S/O Nicasius & Catherine Beyer


BEYER, Nicasius      b.7-17-1817   d.6-5-1901       H/O Catherine Beyer


BEZANSON, Merle K.          b.1900  d.4-22-1965


BEZANSON, Norma             b.1873  d.6-15-1957       W/O Stanley L. Bezanson


BEZANSON, Stanley L.       b.1870  d.1-14-1952     H/O Norma Bezanson


BINDER, Armin             b.1890  d.10-23-1946


BINGHAM, Nellie (Darlington)     b.1899  d.2-14-1962


BINKLE, Louis D.       b.7-19-1842   d.1-14-1928


BIRD, Billie C.              1929-1935


BLANK, Catherine      b. May 1844  d. November 1906


BLIEDERHAUSER, Friedericka     b.1820  d. July 1902              W/O William Bliederhauser


BLIEDERHAUSER, William           b.1825  d. August 1904      H/O Friedericka Bliederhauser


BOCHERS, Henrietta (Bearich)    b.4-8-1824  d.11-3-1901     W/O Henry Brochers



BOCHERS, Henry          b.12-18-1822   d.4-19-1915   H/O Henrietta Bochers


BODEN, Charles W.          b.9-9-1901  d.12-13-1966          H/O Christine M. Boden


BODEN, Christine M.       b.1908  d.6-9-1963          W/O Charles W. Boden


BOGGS, Joshua                         1837-1887           H/O Sarah F. Boggs


BOGGS, Netta        b.1873   d.1-10-1877  age 4 yrs   D/O J. & F. Boggs


BOGGS, Samuel N.            b.1878  d.9-7-1933       S/O J. & F. Boggs


BOGGS, Sarah F.                 b.1847  d.11-17-1930          W/O Joshua Boggs


BOGNER, Lucy            b.1887  d.12-17-1966           W/O Morris Bogner


BOGNER, Morris         b.1884  d. November 1957            H/O Lucy Bogner


BONAR, Florence L.      b.1910   d. December 1965     W/O James B. Bonar


BONAR, James B.        b.5-6-1908  d. February 1968         H/O Florence Bonar


BOWEN, Francis              b.1896  d.11-20-1924       S/O Harry  Bowen


BOWEN, Harry                               1872-1924


BOWEN, Jeanette (McVean)       b.1867 d.5-4-1894

D/O Stephen J. & Elizabeth McVean


BOWEN, Unnamed     (baby)     died 9-15-1891


BOYERS, Bernard Albert     b. April 1834  d. October 1916           H/O Margaret E. Boyers         S/O Josiah & Eleanor Shelby (Williams) Boyers



BOYERS, John A.  “AB”     b.1865  d.6-21-1944            H/O Maggie B. Boyers


BOYERS, Maggie B. (Burns)        b.1872  d.9-24-1943      W/O John A. Boyers


BOYERS, Margaret E. (Beagle)         b.1843  d. March 1910             W/O Bernard Boyers              D/O John & Elizabeth Ann (Kennedy) Beagle


BRADFORD, Laverne B.      b.1923  d. November 1964   W/O Leslie M. Bradford


BRADFORD, Leslie M.          b.1-7-1918    d.10-12-1994    H/O Laverne B. Bradford


BRADLEY, Catherine           b.1902  d. March 1958


BRANDENBURG, William Ray     b.1941  d.9-27-1958


BRAUN, Viola M.      b.1905  d.11-14-1966         W/O Walter C. Braun Sr.


BRAUN, Walter C. (SR)  b.1893  d.10-30-1963     H/O Viola M. Braun

Married 6-21-1924        KY  WAGONER  203RD  CO MPC  WWI


BRAUN, Walter C. (JR)   b.6-1-1925  d.12-15-1964        S/O Walter C. & Viola M. Braun Sr.            1ST  SGT  USMC  WWII  & KOREA


BRAUNTZ, Eva E.         b.1892  d.3-17-1970      W/O Fred L. Brauntz


BRAUNTZ, Fred L.          b.1887  d. November 1961       H/O Eva E. Brauntz


BRAUNTZ, George Edward      b.1877  d.4-24-1971          W/O Josephine Brauntz


BRAUNTZ, George           b.1852  d.2-9-1934          H/O Merabey Brauntz


BRAUNTZ, Josephine       b.1884  d. October 1930          W/O George Edward Brauntz


BRAUNTZ, Merabey         b.1849  d.1-1-1941          W/O George Brauntz


BREGEL, Freda A.            b.1893  d.1957               W/O George F. Bregel         


BREGEL, George F.         b.1889  d.2-16-1948     H/O Freda A. Bregel


BREWER, Lillian P.        b.1915  d.6-18-1962         W/O Douglas H. Brewer


BRICKLER, Albert            b.1885  d.8-20-1963          H/O Elizabeth Brickler


BRICKLER, Alvina            b.3-30-1870  d.5-3-1933       W/O John Brickler


BRICKLER, August         b.5-8-1865  d/12-21-1947       H/O Amelia (Losey) Brickler            S/O Nicholas & Susan Brickler


BRICKLER, Elizabeth        b.1883  d.5-11-1965          W/O Albert Brickler


BRICKLER, Frederick (SR)  “Fred”   b.3-22-1874  d.8-17-1951           H/O Frieda Brickler           S/O Nicholas & Susan Brickler


BRICKLER, Frieda (Foertsch)             b.1874 d.11-6-1956          W/O Fred Brickler Sr.


BRICKLER, John T.     (infant)    6-6-1911    S/O  John  & Alvina Brickler


BRICKLER, Nicholas “Nick”  b.3-24-1838 Alsace, Lorraine, France  d.12-20-1912            H/O Susanna Maria (Hess) Brickler


BRICKLER, Susanna (Hess) “Susan”  b.6-9-1843  d.8-8-1928    W/O Nicholas Brickler            D/O Johannes & Anna Maria (Weinel) Hess


BRIDEWELL, Anna L. (Hannah)    1873-1952   W/O Edward L. Bridewell


BRIDEWELL, Edward L.       b.1876  d.8-13-1934          H/O Anna L. Bridewell


BRIGHTFIELD, Hester (Caldwell)     1837-1920        D/O Alexander & Sarah (Ellis) Caldwell


BROCK, Aretha (Payne)   b.7-7-1900  d.1-28-1979     D/O Martha Payne


BROCK, Donald D.     b.8-8-1924  d.4-22-1952



BROCK, James W.             b.1828  d.1965


BROOK, Betty G.        b. 1928  d. March 1961        W/O James W. Brook


BROOK, James W.       b.1928  d.1965            H/O Betty G. Brook


BROOKS, Charles             b.1895  d.10-25-1975          H/O Mary E. Brooks


BROOKS, Mary E.             b.1896  d.8-27-1952          W/O Charles Brooks


BROSMORE, Mary G.             b.11-16-1893  d.12-15-1948


BROWN, Albert F.         b.1868  d.10-8-1937           H/O Clara N. Brown


BROWN, Bertha L.        b.1887  d. November 1964


BROWN, Bertha May (Alford)        b.12-30-1879  d. 2-12-1918   W/O William Jennings Brown         D/O James Henry & Charlotte (Hulley) Alford


BROWN, Charles (SR)       b.1881  d. November 1955      H/O Jalie F. Brown


BROWN, Clara N.           b.1885  d.5-10-1964            W/O Albert F. Brown


BROWN, Emily               b.1896   d. January 1978           W/O Ernest Brown


BROWN, Ernest               b.1896  d.7-25-1962             H/O Emily Brown


BROWN, Helen                 b.1855  d.4-27-1932              W/O Robert Brown


BROWN, Helen L.            b.1916  d.8-13-1921


BROWN, Jalie F.            b.1882  d.10-22-1961        W/O Charles Brown Sr.


BROWN, John Stanley        b.1914  d.3-7-1957


BROWN, Leonora              b.1875  d. July 1943


BROWN, Mary E.               b.1844  d.3-2-1923          W/O William P. Brown


BROWN, Pearl Mae (Knarr)         b.1887  d. May 1954


BROWN, Robert                 b.1839  d. April 1931           H/O Helen Brown


BROWN, William F. (SR)           1832-1879          H/O Mary E. Brown


BROWN, William F. (JR)      1871-1883   S/O William F. & Mary E. Brown


BROWN, William Jennings      b.7-10-1881  d.8-22-1959    H/O Bertha May Brown                 D/O Robert & Helen (Henderson) Brown


BUDORIUS, Bernard                1856-19_              H/O Nancy Budorius


BUDORIUS, Nancy                   1860-1935           W/O Bernard Budorius


BURGER, Alice              b.1875  d.9-9-1954           W/O Edwin Burger


BURGER, Daisy L.         b.1915  d.12-15-1943        D/O Edwin & Alice Burger


BURGER, Edwin W.       b.1877  d.4-15-1968            H/O Alice Burger


BURLEW, Frances S. “Fannie”    b.1909  d.11-23-1962          


BURLEW, Maxie               born & died 11-23-1962  C/O Frances S. Burlew


BURNS, Adelia              b.1860  d. April 1940          W/O Charles C. Burns


BURNS, Charles Chester (SR)     b.1857  d.11-8-1931     H/O Adelia Burns


BURNS, Charles Chester (JR)      b.1898  d.5-18-1978     H/O Nettie Burns


BURNS, Jane                   b.1820  d.6-26-1914           W/O John Burns


BURNS, Janie A.           b.1906  d.1-8-1958      D/O Charles Chester & Adelia Burns Sr.   


BURNS, John                              1821-1872           H/O Jane Burns


BURNS, Nettie E.     b.1898  d.10-20-1972    W/O Charles Chester Burns Jr.


BURNS, Paul C.            b.1925  d. June 1941      S/O Charles Chester & Nettie Burns Jr.


BURNS, Rhea M.         b.1895  d.10-25-1973         D/O Charles Chester & Adelia Burns Sr.


BURNS, Samuel            b.1875  d.10-10-1945          H/O Sarah Burns


BURNS, Sarah               b.1869  d.2-22-1947          W/O Samuel Burns


BURNS, W. Wright     1892-1899    S/O Charles Chester & Adelia Burns Sr.


BURR, Elizabeth V.         b.1843  d.11-11-1932           W/O H. Lyman Burr


BURR, Emma A.          1864-1893          D/O H. Lyman & Elizabeth V. Burr


BURR, H. Lyman     b.1839  d. September 1897        H/O Elizabeth V. Burr


BURR, Luella V.         1861-1934          D/O H. Lyman & Elizabeth V. Burr


BURR, Margaret S.                      1834-1894          W/O William C. Burr


BURR, William C.                       1830-1905           H/O Margaret S. Burr


BURRIS, Charles E.          b.1895  d.4-19-1926


BURT, Jessie S.                 b.1884  d.5-9-1953          W/O John L. Burt


BURT, John L.                   b.1887  d.2-11-1945           H/O Jessie S. Burt


BYRD, Emma J. (Wright)    b.1-28-1844  d.11-18-1898    W/O John Henry Byrd           D/O William H. & Sarah (Harris) Wright


BYRD, John Henry        b. October 1843  d.4-14-1916          H/O Emma J. Byrd         S/O Foster & Margaret True (Gosney) Byrd


CALDWELL, Annie M.         b.1851  d. April 1905           W/O James A. Caldwell


CALDWELL, Homer    b.7-23-1887  d.8-15-1890  age 3 years  23 days

S/O James A. & Annie M. Caldwell


CALDWELL, James A.         b.1846   d.3-26-1924          H/O Annie M. Caldwell


CARMAN, Herman      b.2-5-1890  d.3-29-1964



CARMICHAEL, Calista        b.1886  d.9-27-1964      W/O Charles W. Carmichael


CARMICHAEL, Charles W.         b.1884  d.1-9-1964      H/O Calista Carmichael


CARNES, Bessie I.            b.1891  d.9-13-1968          W/O Harold H. Carnes


CARNES, Donald D.         b.8-23-1915  d.1-6-1997     H/O Sydna B. Carnes


CARNES, Harold H.         b.1889  d.12-4-1963          H/O Bessie I. Carnes


CARNES, Sydna B.           b.1917  d.9-29-1956        W/O Donald D. Carnes


CARR, Jack B.        b.3-6-1901  d.3-14-1956


CASSON, James Nathaniel    b.September 1884  d.4-19-1960    H/O Mary Bell Casson          S/O Moss & Elizabeth (Martin) Casson


CASSON, John W.          b.1871  d.9-2-1954          H/O Lida P. Casson

S/O Moss & Elizabeth (Martin) Casson



CASSON, Lida P. (Eggleston)     b.1883  d.8-13-1944           W/O John W. Casson


CASSON, Mary Bell (O’Neal)   b.1894  d.2-6-1978    W/O James Nathaniel Casson


CASSON, Olive Light (Pryor)     b.11-4-1888  d.9-30-1923           W/O William H. Casson         D/O Richard Taylor & Eliza Melvina (Nelson) Casson


CASSON, William Arthur   b.7-2-1918  d.3-19-1958  H/O Garnet (Thornton) Casson & Ruth (Schnitzler) Casson   S/O James Nathaniel & Mary Bell Casson                 S. SGT  CO  I  394TH INFANTRY WWII


CARBERT, Mary B.                    1841-1918            W/O William S. Carbert


CARBERT, William S.                1836-1928             H/O Mary B. Carbert


CARMACK, Cora Jane (Reiley)         b.1856  d.1-16-1927           W/O H. Knox Carmack              D/O John & Leah Ann (White) Reiley


CARMACK, Edward P.      b.9-7-1858   d.10-10-1948   S/O William & Mariah Carmack


CARMACK, H. Knox            1858-1928           H/O Cora Jane Carmack


CARMACK, O. J.          died 9-2-1893                  H/O Rosana Carmack


CARMACK, Rosana                   died 3-18-1894        W/O O. J. Carmack


CAUDILL, Beth. Kay    (baby)   b.1962  d.11-17-1962


CHAPEL, William A.        b.1898  d.3-29-1946       H/O Margaret Jane (Youtsey) Chapel


CHARLES, Oliver M.                 1862-1897


CLARK, Addie                b.1865  d.3-12-1951           W/O Louis Clark


CLARK, Louis                 b.1864  d.11-22-1936          H/O Addie Clark


CLARY, William T.      b.10-10-1848  d.9-17-1882  


CLIFT, Blanche                  b.1884  d.1-16-1966          W/O Verner Clift


CLIFT, Florence                 b.1846  d.7-10-1911


CLIFT, Lillie S. (Alford)     b.9-4-1873  d.11-3-1899    W/O James S. Clift

D/O William & Sidney Eunice (Nelson) Alford


CLIFT, Linda Lee              (infant)  buried 7-3-1952


CLIFT, Paul Spencer       b.1918  d. March 1938   S/O Verner & Blanche Clift


CLIFT, Verner           b.1881  d. September 1943          H/O Blanche Clift


CLINE, Frank Edgar    b.12-20-1891  d.12-27-1959



COIL, Kathryn M.          b.1892  d.8-9-1962


COLE, Katherine (Eckert)        b.1845  d.5-30-1915


COLEMAN, Augusta      b.1-8-1903  d. 10-20-1991     W/O Luther Coleman


COLEMAN, Luther         b.1900  d.1-7-1956          H/O Augusta Coleman


COLEMAN, Mildred L.      b.4-28-1910  d.5-1-1983      W/O Ralph A. Coleman


COLEMAN, Ralph A.         b.10-14-1904  d.6-26-1963     H/O Mildred L. Coleman


CONLEY, Gary L.           b.4-18-1956  d.3-19-1957


COOK, John            b.1862  d.1-29-1940            H/O Wilhelmia Cook


COOK, Joseph              b.1871  d.1-29-1934        H/O Mary Cook


COOK, Mary                b.1880  d.5-23-1941         W/O Joseph Cook


COOK, Wilhelmia “Minnie”         b.1863  d.4-12-1937     W/O John Cook


COPE, Linda Sue             b.1950  d.4-28-1955


COTTER, Kenneth W.          b.10-12-1931  d.10-18-1931


COX, Alice C.              b.1898  d.2-17-1952           W/O George A. Cox


COX, George A.           b.1893  d. December 1961          H/O Alice C. Cox


COX, Heather S.       b.1957  d.11-6-1957


CREUET, Charles        b.10-6-1855  d.7-26-1879


CROPENBAKER, Sarah H.         b.1876  d.3-10-1967        W/O William   Cropenbaker


CROPENBAKER, William        b.1870  d. 2-12-1920      H/O Sarah H. Cropenbaker


CROPPER, Thomas E.      b.9-11-1902  d.12-28-1963


CROWDER, Bertha A.        b.1889  d.1-10-1955       W/O Jesse Crowder


CROWDER, Jesse J.           b.1889  d.5-23-1965      H/O Bertha A. Crowder


CRUPPER, Charles S.           b.1858  d.4-16-1942          H/O Jessie K. Crupper


CRUPPER, Jessie K.             b.1875  d.7-13-1955          W/O Charles K. Crupper


CRYER, Harry (SR)           b.1895  d.5-8-1955          H/O Naomi Cryer


CRYER, Harry (JR)           b.1930  d. December 1957          S/O Harry & Naomi Cryer Sr.


CRYER, Naomi          b.11-17-1909  d.7-24-1983          W/O Harry Cryer Sr.



CRYER, William Earl    b.5-11-1911   d.11-24-1960



CULBERTSON, Bernice Frances          b.11-2-1892  d.7-15-1968     D/O Jacob & Amanda (Rawlings) Culbertson


CULBERTSON, Catherine (Youtsey)         1822-1888       W/O James Greer Culbertson          D/O Jacobs & Mary (Stevens) Culbertson


CULBERTSON, Edward J.         b.1899        d.9-8-1938      H/O Flora MacAllen                 S/O John D. & Carrie A. (Weakley) Culbertson


CULBERTSON, Jacob Bernard          b.10-3-1860  d.2-28-1937             H/O Julia Agnes Culbertson         S/O James Greer & Catherine (Youtsey) Culbertson


CULBERTSON, James Greer     b.9-27-1819  d.3-15-1912   H/O Catherine Culbertson           S/O Allen & Ester (Greer) Culbertson


CULBERTSON, Julia Agnes (Lamb)           b.3-25-1868  d.1-27-1944          W/O Jacob Bernard Culbertson  D/O Michael & Angaline (Banister) Lamb


CULBERTSON, Sarah Esther     b.10-15-1849  d.11-5-1931   D/O James Greer & Catherine(Youtsey) Culbertson


CULBERTSON, Unnamed   (child)         d. 1883    C/O Andrew Culbertson


CULBERTSON, West            b.3-20-1895  d. September 1971


CULBERTSON, William H.      b.2-28-1847  d.12-10-1898  S/O James Greer & Catherine (Youtsey) Culbertson


CUMMINGS, Maggie                  b.1838  d. September 1907


DALEY, Douglas J.       b.1909  d.5-20-1959          H/O Elizabeth E. Daley


DALEY, Elizabeth E.    b.12-14-1905  d.2-27-1998   W/O Douglas J. Daley


DAMERON, Adeline J.         b.1889  d. February 1938          W/O Henry W. Dameron


DAMERON, Arthur A.           b.1936  d.9-6-1954


DAMERON, Elijah                b.1847  d.1-26-1918          H/O Rebecca Dameron


DAMERON, Henry W.          b.1891  d.1-2-1939   H/O Adeline J. Dameron


DAMERON, Joseph B.     b.1852  d. November 1927           H/O Mary Jane Dameron


DAMERON, Mary E.        b.1881  d. February 1964       S/O Spencer R. Dameron


DAMERON, Mary Jane         b.1853  d. October 1923      W/O Joseph B. Dameron


DAMERON, Rebecca           b.1851  d.8-4-1929          W/O Elijah Dameron


DAMERON, Spencer R.       b.1881  d. October 1956           H/O Mary Dameron


DANIEL, Jasper Marion          b.1-18-1870  d.3-3-1962            H/O Louisa Daniel S/O Henry Fletcher & Arthenia (Colvin) Daniel


DANIEL, Louisa (Baker)       b.9-7-1869  d.4-26-1957            W/O Jasper Marion Daniel        D/O James Robert & Sarah Isabelle (Gosney) Baker


DARLINGTON, Dewey           b.1898  d.5-6-1959


DARLINGTON, James A.        b.1901  d.3-15-1965         H/O Zelia E. Darlington          Married 11-17-1918


DARLINGTON, Joseph L.       b.1889  d. August 1950          H/O Margaret Y. Darlington


DARLINGTON, Margaret Y.      b.1-30-1893  d. February 1976        W/O Joseph Darlington



DARLINGTON, Unnamed    (baby)  buried 9-13-1921    C/ O James A. & Zelia E. Darlington


DARLINGTON, Unnamed   (male infant)  buried 6-9-1948            S/O Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Darlington


DARLINGTON, Unnamed   (infant daughter) buried 4-1-1946   D/O Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Darlington


DARLINGTON, Zelia E.     b.9-30-1901  d.1-29-1994           W/O James A. Darlington


DAWN, Lee Franklin       b.3-7-1931  d.12-29-1965    H/O Bonnie Lee Franklin               S SGT  US  AIR FORCE


DAWN, Bonnie Lee         b.1934                            W/O Lee Franklin Dawn


DAWSON, Bettie  (Rebecca Ann Spalding)  b.1856  d.12-11-1934   W/O Daniel Purnell Dawson          D/O John & Elizabeth (Strawn) Spolden


DAWSON, Daniel Purnell      b.1864  d.6-3-1926    H/O Rebecca Ann Dawson           S/O  Noah & Ellen (Redden) Dawson


DAWSON, Eastern James          1890-1893   S/O James William & Maude Elizabeth (Metzler) Dawson


DAWSON, Lydia (Rachford)   b.11-1-1872  d.10-31-1965   W/O Omer E. Dawson              D/O John Hamilton & Margaret Ann (Nelson) Rachford


DAWSON, Omer E.      b.1879  d.2-15-1960    H/O Lydia Dawson

S/O Noah & Ellen (Redden) Dawson


DAY, Dorothy K.              b.1911  d.4-7-1991             W/O Thomas P. Day


DAY, Thomas P.                b.1904  d.1-25-1965            H/O Dorothy K. Day


DEAL, Mary M.                b.1886  d. October 1957          W/O Ray M. Deal


DEAL, Ray M.                  b.1881  d.5-24-1964           H/O Mary M. Deal


DEJARNETTE, Donna        (child)    died 12-13-1944


DELISLE, John E. “Jack”       b.1926  d.9-30-1949


DEMOSS, James A.          b.1880  d.5-17-1924         H/O Mary B. DeMoss


DEMOSS, Mary B. (Trapp)     b.3-12-1888  d.7-2-1925             W/O James A. DeMoss       D/O Andrew & Amelia (Weber) Trapp


DENNERT, Charles                     1866-1927             H/O Mary Dennert


DENNERT, Mary            b.1867  d.1-22-1934             W/O Charles Dennert


DICKEN, Eileen (Sexton)       b.1889  d.7-6-1956


DILL, Jannia               b.1-18-1907  d. September 1973       W/O Robert Dill


DILL, Robert               b.1884  d. April 1968              H/O Jannie Dill


DIMLER, George W.       b.3-29-1867  d.7-7-1955



DOEPKE, Dollie           b.1872  d.11-29-1937             W/O Rudolph Doephe


DOEPKE, Rudolph F.      b.1873  d.3-11-1934             H/O Dollie Doephe


DOERNHOEFER, Henrich             1831-1870            H/O Katharina Doernhoefer


DOERNHOEFER, John        b.12-4-1862  d.9-8-1892      S/O Henrich  & Katharina Doernhoefer


DOERNHOEFER, Katharina          1836-1920    W/O Henrich Doernhoefer


DOUGLAS, Herman B.    b.7-8-1878  d.10-13-1964           H/O Nelly B. Douglas


DOUGLAS, Nelly B.       b.1884  d.5-28-1964           W/O Herman B. Douglas


DROEGE, Alford A.     b.10-27-1912  d.7-8-1927


DROEGE, Anna      b.1874  d. December1915            W/O Charles Droege


DROEGE, Catherine           b.1875  d.12-21-1927


DROEGE, Charles              b.1871   d.12-23-1936     W/O Anna Droege


DROEGE, Charles Robert          b.1930  d.7-10-1931  


DROEGE, Clara T. (Haehn)            b.1872  d.2-20-1940


DROEGE, Edna Ruth (Speckman)       b.1890  d. July 1936       W/O George Droege


DROEGE, Edward          b.1879  d.3-25-1951   H/O Lucy Emily Droege


DROEGE, Frederick A.          b.1876  d.12-3-1944     H/O Josephine A. Droege


DROEGE, George A.              b.1885  d.11-22-1958              H/O Edna Ruth Droege


DROEGE, Ilda (Brown)          b.1879  d.4-30-1961 


DROEGE, Josephine A.         b.1879  d. April 1933       W/O Frederick A. Droege


DROEGE, Lucy Emily (Alford)   b.1879  d.3-21-1959    W/O Edward Droege         D/O Thomas Atchinson & Mary Jane (Shaw) Alford 


DROEGE, Mildred K.       b.3-2-1913  d.11-26-1914     D/O George & Edna Droege


DUCKER, Elizabeth Gertrude (Reiley)      1855-1935     W/O John Spellman Ducker            D/O George Washington & Margaret (Shaw) Reiley


DUCKER, George W.         b.9-10-1881  d.7-14-1965         S/O John S. & Elizabeth Gertrude (Reiley) Ducker


DUCKER, John Spellman       b.9-15-1844  d.1-10-1895       H/O Julia Elizabeth Ducker & Elizabeth Gertrude (Reiley) Ducker


DUCKER, Luelah Esther (Reiley)        b.8-17-1849   d.1-2-1873    W/O John Spellman Ducker            D/O George Washington & Margaret (Shaw) Reiley


DUCKER, Stuart R.           1886-1947     S/O John Spellman & Elizabeth Gertrude (Reiley) Ducker


DUCKER, Unnamed     (infant no dates)  C/O John Spellman & Elizabeth Gertrude (Reiley)  Ducker


DUCKER, William Covington  b.10-20-1821  d.10-20-1883      H/O Sarah Ann Marie (White) Ducker


DUCKWORTH, Ada           b.1869  d.8-14-1941          W/O Edward Duckworth


DUCKWORTH, Benjamin A.    b.4-11-1890  d.4-11-1890  S/O J. A. & M. R. Duckworth


DUCKWORTH, Edward         b.1867  d.3-7-1956         H/O Ada Duckworth


DUCKWORTH, Eva E.          b.1905  d.9-2-1927           W/O Peter W. Duckworth


DUCKWORTH, James M.           b.1870  d.1940


DUCKWORTH, Lula          b.1876  d.11-16-1950


DUCKWORTH, Peter          b.8-12-1905  d.10-7-1975      H/O Eva E. Duckworth


DUNLOP, Edward C.       1845-1887              H/O Emily T. Dunlop


DUNN, Ella F. (Stull)     b.1900  d.3-4-1923

  D/O Samuel & Sarah Stull


ECKERT, Martin      (no dates)  


EDWARDS, Campbell                1898-1928            


EDWARDS, John W.                    b.1866  d.5-18-1957


EHLEN, Wilbur     b.4-29-1891  d.7-5-1960



EHRENBERG, Louis G.          b.1822  d.1879


ELBERFELD, Carl L.         b.12-27-1907  d.10-25-1964             H/O Minnie E. Elberfeld


ELBERFELD, Minnie E.       b.9-27-1910  d.7-22-1981             W/O Carl L. Elberfeld


ELLIOTT, Clara A.       b.1906  d.3-21-1959          W/O Rudy C. Elliott


ELLIOTT, Rudy C.          b.1908  d.6-28-1960        H/O Clara A. Elliott


ELLIS, Harry S.       b.1869  d.7-14-1959       H/O Roberta Vergin Ellis

S/O Oliver Perry & Nancy Jane (Shaw) Ellis


ELLIS, Nancy Jane (Shaw)    b.10-13-1832  d.7-3-1914    W/O Oliver Perry Ellis         D/O James & Mary (Acklin) Shaw


ELLIS, Oliver Perry         b.1-12-1827  d.12-13-1903   H/O Nancy Jane Ellis

S/O  Henry & Catherine (Dunaway) Ellis


ELLISON, Carrie E.          b.12-27-1898  b.2-27-1977      W/O John F. Ellison


ELLISON, John F.           b.1886  d.2-7-1952          H/O Carrie E. Ellison


ELLISON, Rita A.               b.1945  d.11-15-1959


ENGEL, Maria B.           b.1903  d.12-8-1919


ENGLERT, Anna             b.3-7-1890  d.7-12-1985           W/O Matz Englert


ENGLERT, Matz              b.1885  d.3-7-1964             H/O Anna Englert


ENZWEILER, Nicholas      b.1-28-1844  d.4-22-1890      H/O Rebecca Enzweiler


ENZWEILER, Rebecca          b.1-2-1848                         W/O Nicholas Enzweiler


ERALINTZ, Eva               1873-1920              W/O H. Eralintz


ERALINTZ, H.                  1875-1927               H/O Eva Eralintz


ERB, Daisy M.             b.9-14-1905  d.3-15-1980             W/O Earl H. Erb


ERB, Earl H.           b.1898  d.2-21-1960                       H/O Daisy M. Erb


ERNST, Conrad  “Coney”      b.1872  d.3-3-1946             H/O Mary Ernst


ERNST, Mary “Mollie”     b.1885  d.2-14-1940     W/O Conrad Ernst


ESLINGER, Grace I.         b.1881  d.1-11-1949


EVANS, Alma E.      b.9-6-1917   d. January 1994       W/O Louis W. Evans


EVANS, Clyde A.          b.1892  d.1-19-1946          H/O Grace H. Evans


EVANS, Grace H.         b.11-11-1898  d. June 1978      W/O Clyde A. Evans


EVANS, Janet E.         b.1883  d.12-4-1954              W/O John T. Evans


EVANS, John T.           b.1876  d.2-22-1957          H/O Janet E. Evans


EVANS, Louis W.      b.4-17-1916  d. December 1980     H/O Alma E. Evans


FANNIN, William      b.9-8-1838  d.3-19-1890 


FAUSZ, Andrew (SR)              1833-1913               H/O Elizabeth Fausz


FAUSZ, Andrew (JR)               b.1856  d.3-19-1927


FAUSZ, Anna A. (Wichman)          b.1898  d.5-29-1964          W/O Jacob W. Fausz 


FAUSZ, Anna Mary           b.1867  d.10-20-1947           W/O Henry Fausz


FAUSZ, Christian               b.1856  d. January 1936


FAUSZ, Elizabeth               b.1837  d. March 1911          W/O Andrew Fausz


FAUSZ, Henrich P.             b.1888  d.9-2-1914


FAUSZ, Henry                    b.1870  d.6-19-1938        H/O Mary Anna Fausz


FAUSZ, Jacob                     b.1855  d.5-6-1916


FAUSZ, Jacob W.               b.1882  d.5-10-1948             H/O Anna A. Fausz


FAUSZ, John N.                 b.1859  d.12-31-1934


FAUSZ, Karl T.      b.6-2-1896  d.4-26-1957



FEGAN, Frank         b.1846  d.2-27-1936            H/O Sarah E. Fegan


FEGAN, Hallie Mildred       b.1879  d. November 1919        D/O Frank & Sarah E. Fegan   (Hallie’s ashes were put on the grave of Joseph Horsfall )


FEGAN, Sarah E      b.1850  d.10-21-1938           W/O Frank Fegan


FENDER, Christophe (SR)          b.1846  d.11-8-1923              H/O Elizabeth Fender


FENDER, Christ (JR)        b.1882  d.2-25-1929           S/O Christ & Elizabeth Fender


FENDER, Dena                   1871-1895         D/O Christ & Elizabeth Fender


FENDER, Elizabeth          b.1848  d.11-12-1928              W/O Christ Fender


FENDER, Theodor G.                      1904-1904


FIELD, Amanda                   b.1831  d. December 1911


FIELD, Charles A.           b.1895  d. March 1950             H/O Leona (Field) Williams


FIELD, Ethel M.       b.1907  d. March 1928    D/O John B. & Jeanette Field


FIELD, Jeanette           b.1870  d.3-4-1932             W/O John B. Field


FIELD, Jessie M.       b.1910-  d.11-18-1940             D/O John B. & Jeanette Field


FIELD, John B.           b.1862  d.9-9-1933             H/O Jeanette Field


FIELD, John O.          b.1894  d.2-5-1944      S/O John B. & Jeanette Field


FIELDS, Claude G.        b.3-26-1893  d.8-25-1970      H/O Eva Lou Fields


FIELDS, Eva Lou        b.7-4-1900   d.12-24-1980       W/O Claude G. Fields


FINFROCK, Bessie F.        b.10-13-1888  d.11-13-1974     W/O Edward S. Finfrock


FINFROCK, Edward S.    b.5-23-1888  d.12-10-1965    H/O Bessie F. Finfrock


FISCHER, Evelyn            b.1900  d.6-30-1940     


FISCHER, Howard L.     b.8-16-1892   d. 3-30-1978      H/O Lora E. Fischer


FISCHER, Lora E.      b.8-30-1900  d.12-28-1991    W/O Howard L. Fischer


FITZGERALD, Sarah (Stubbs)    b.12-8-1856  d.1910        


FITZGERALD, Victoria         b.1-9-1855  d.1-29-1910


FLETCHER, Frank P.          b.1891  d.3-17-1958


FOOTE, Addie L.                b.1901  d.7-30-1960


FORRESTER, Ada             b.1866  d.6-22-1937    W/O William M. Forrester


FORRESTER, William M.        b.1856  d.7-17-1946           H/O Ada Forrester


FOSS, Harry C.          b.1923  d.3-10-1956


FRANCIS, Calpernia M.      b.1870  d.3-27-1870     D/O Dr. John A. & Sarah Ada (Shaw) Francis


FRANCIS, John A. (DR)         b.1845  d.9-30-1911     H/O Sarah Ada Francis


FRANCIS, Martin P.               b.1902  d.10-13-1911


FRANCIS, Mary B.                 1885-1918


FRANCIS, Sarah Ada (Shaw)        b.2-27-1842   d. April 1909      W/O Dr. John A. Francis             D/O Edward & Rosanna R. (Baker) Shaw


FRANKLIN, James         b.1898  d.7-30-1971              H/O Lillian Franklin


FRANKLIN, Lillian M.       b.1895  d.1-27-1961           W/O James Franklin


FRANZEN, Audrey M.        b.12-30-1909  d.7-2-1974      W/O Joseph Franzen


FRANZEN, Joseph J.           b.8-13-1909  d.3-3-1987   H/O Audrey M. Franzen


FREEMAN, Betty B.    b.1887  d. June 1963


FREEMAN, Millie           b.8-18-1832  d.8-18-1895


FREEMAN, Nancy      b.2-8-1855  d.10-6-1919


FREEMAN, Perry B.    1852-1896


FRIES, Joseph           b.11-10-1889  d.3-13-1966                H/O Rosa Fries


FRIES, Rosa              b.9-9-1893  d.3-20-1972                  W/O Joseph Fries


FRYMAN, Charles Albert         b.1952  d.3-12-1972


FRYMAN, Edna L.         b.1943  d. December 1943


FULLER, Alma B.               b.1921  d.5-23-1925


FULLER, Daniel S.        b.1863  d.12-28-1946            H/O Mary E. Fuller


FULLER, Florence                      1876-1894


FULLER, James W.           1884-1887           S/O Daniel S. & Mary E. Fuller


FULLER, Mary E.          b.1865  d.3-10-1952             W/O Daniel S. Fuller


FULLER, Mary Hester (Painter)    b.1898  d.7-24-1957   W/O Daniel Fuller

D/O Alfred J. & Margaret J. Painter


FULLER, Nannie Margaret          b.1895  d. August 1955       W/O William E. Fuller


FULLER, Violet Irene        b.1907  d.6-28-1929    D/O Daniel S. & Mary E. Fuller


FULLER, William E.          b.1896  d.4-2-1947         H/O Nannie Margaret Fuller


FUNK, Amelia         b.1883  d. April 1906         D/O William & Louise Funk


FUNK, Carrie              b.1878  d. May 1901          D/O William & Louise Funk


FUNK, Emma              b.1876  d. November 1897             D/O William & Louise Funk


FUNK, Harry                1896-1897       S/O William & Louise Funk


FUNK, Louise                1853-1938        W/O William Funk


FUNK, Lucy E.              b.1889  d.3-16-1915   D/O William & Louise Funk


FUNK, Otto Proahola     b.1891  d.8-9-1924      S/O William & Louise Funk


FUNK, William                      b.1843  d.9-14-1921        H/O Louise Funk


FUNK, William C. “Willie”       b.1886  d. June 1906         S/O William & Louise Funk


GAHR, Albert Leroy                         1899-1918

US  MARINES    47th  CO 5th    REG


GAHR, George W.            b.1857  d.10-12-1916           H/O Labelle L. Gahr


GAHR, Labelle L.             b.1864  d.11-24-1942           W/O George W. Gahr


GAHR, Jeannette R.                    1888-1890


GARDNER, Neva Jewell (Harris)     b.7-30-1909  d.2-3-2001   W/O William Taylor Gardner           D/O James Albert & Nora Bell (Green) Harris


GAREY, George T.              b.1885  d. October 1966        H/O Lillie Garey


GAREY, Lillie                b.1892  d.5-13-1952              W/O George T. Garey


GECKS, Annie                            1869-1893           W/O  Anton Gecks


GECKS, Anton                 b.1866  d. April 1941           H/O Annie Gecks


GECKS, Elizabeth                       b.1873  d.2-21-1932


GEHRING, Emma M.             b.1883  d.3-6-1950            W/O Peter Gehring


GEHRING, Peter              b.1876  d.2-26-1963           H/O Emma Gehring


GEIB, Charles                              b.1850  d.7-28-1925


GERHARDT, Theresa S.         b.1891  d. October 1964          W/O William F. Gerhardt


GERHARDT, William F.       b.1882  d.8-2-1968          H/O Theresa S. Gerhardt


GERLACH, Adeline H.        b.6-15-1876  d.7-19-1884   W/O Philipp Gerlach


GERLACH, Philipp       b.4-14-1834  d.6-29-1880   H/O Adeline H. Gerlach


GILBERT, Anna            b.1863  d. October 1944         W/O William Gilbert


GILBERT, Ethel        b.8-6-1900  d.5-19-1996     D/O William & Anna Gilbert


GILBERT, Mary A.      b.1-24-1817  d.4-24-1897  age 80 yrs  3 mths    W/O Thomas W. Gilbert


GILBERT, Thomas W.      b.9-30-1813  d.8-23-1884   age 70 yrs  10 mths  23 dys                       H/O Mary A. Gilbert


GILBERT, William E.           b.1857  d.3-25-1946          H/O Anna Gilbert


GILLHAM, Dow P.       b.2-3-1854  d.2-24-1939     H/O Florence E. Gillham


GILLHAM, Florence E. (Nelson)  b.7-28-1854  d.3-22-1937    W/O Dow P. Gillham


GILLHAM, Rebecca A. (Spaulding)  b.12-26-1819  d.1-17-1893  age 74 yrs  21 dys                                                                       W/O Robinson Gillham


GILLHAM, Robert      1877-1926            S/O Dow P. & Florence E. Gillham


GILLHAM, Robinson       b.1804  d.8-6-1886        H/O Rebecca Gillham


GIRKIN, Minnie       b.8-2-1881  d.8-2-1881    D/O Cyrus Marion & Esther Jane (Spalding) Girkin


GLAHN, Albert C.           b.1910  d.10-3-1944      S/O Jacob & Amanda A. Glahn


GLAHN, Alvin J.            b.1903  d.11-19-1964      H/O Edith K. Glahn


GLAHN, Amanda A.            b.1875  d.8-5-1968


GLAHN, Edith K. (Leeper)          b.1912                 W/O Alvin J. Glahn


GLAHN, Jacob            b.1864  d. July 1946          H/O Amanda Glahn


GLAHN, Jacob P.           b.2-26-1908  d.9-16-1984


GLEEN, Joseph                buried 1-10-1831             H/O Sarah K. Gleen


GLEEN, Sarah K.          b.4-1-1860  d.6-1-1926      W/O Joseph Gleen


GOEBEL, Caroline          b.1832  d. October 1907          W/O Charles Goebel


GOEBEL, Charles        b.1838  d. July 1909           H/O Caroline Goebel


GOEBEL, Emma Louise       b.1877   d.5-29-1952           W/O Fred Goebel


GOEBEL, John Fred          b.1868  d.5-22-1943           H/O Emma Goebel


GOEBEL, Ida                              1875-1893   


GOEHLER, Edward              b.1885  d.4-20-1918                     


GOEHLER, Elizabeth      b.1859  d. February 1937            W/O Edward Goehler


GOEKLER, George H.          b.1889  d.4-12-1962


GOINS, Anna Grace           b.1891  d.4-4-1957         W/O John J. Goins


GOINS, John J.             b.1890  d.3-14-1961       H/O Anna Grace Goins


GOSNEY, Addie Pearl         b.1880  d.6-4-1962          W/O John P. Gosney


GOSNEY, Belle A. (Behymer)      b.1869  d.1-5-1941      W/O Robert Albert Gosney


GOSNEY, Bertha Mae (Cryer)            b.1899  d. December 1960            W/O Robert Gosney


GOSNEY, Bessie M. (Charles)    b.1894  d.9-7-1956           W/O Clyde Gosney                       


GOSNEY, Clyde           b.1893  d.7-1-1954            H/O Bessie M. Gosney

S/O Robert Albert & Belle (Behymer) Gosney


GOSNEY, Elizabeth (Bachman) Moore   b.3-4-1902  d.2-5-1970    W/O Harley Walter Gosney


GOSNEY, Emery A.            b.1903  d.4-14-1944         H/O Cullay (Wagner) Gosney         S/O Nimrod M. & Hannah Bell (Thomas) Gosney


GOSNEY, Harley Walter          b.12-4-1896   d.3-26-1956      H/O Elizabeth Gosney             S/O Nimrod M. & Hannah Bell (Thomas) Gosney


GOSNEY, Howard B.            b.1887  d.3-12-1963      H/O Keturah S. Gosney             S/O George Bayless & Lily Belle (Yelton) Gosney


GOSNEY, John P.         b.1878  d.4-13-1957          H/O Addie Pearl Gosney

S/O Wesley Coleman & Rhoda E. (Maddox) Gosney


GOSNEY, Lawrence Hilton     b.1-20-1900  d.2-18-1958      H/O Myrtle Gosney           S/O Nimrod M. & Hannah Bell (Thomas) Gosney


GOSNEY, Lucy Evaline          b.10-11-1837  d.6-1-1939        D/O William C. & Evaline Esther (Wright) Gosney


GOSNEY, Luther Hunnie             b.12-24-1865  d.12-24-1944            H/O Mary Gosney    S/O John Henry & Mary Ann (Yelton) Gosney


GOSNEY, Martha Dell (Hannah)    b.11-21-1881  d.9-6-1947          W/O Robert A. Gosney        D/O Granville & Amret (Dix) Hannah



GOSNEY, Mary (Risch)             b.1-3-1870  d.8-8-1949            W/O Luther Hunnie Gosney              D/O George & Sarah Risch


GOSNEY, Myrtle (Dunn)       b.10-3-1901  d.12-27-1971      W/O Lawrence Hilton Gosney        


GOSNEY, Robert              b.4-13-1898  d. October 1972             H/O Bertha Gosney      S/O Robert Albert & Belle (Behymer) Gosney


GOSNEY, Robert A.         b.1875  d.-31-1939           H/O Martha Dell Gosney      (Buried under A. R. Gosney)


GRADEN, Clara Frances (Kyle)    b.9-10-1866  (no death date)   W/O John William Graden


GRADEN, Edith Mae            b.1898  d.2-19-1939   D/O John William & Missouri F. Graden


GRADEN, Elsie May (Paul)      b.7-23-1902  d.10-4-1993       W/O William Arthur Graden


GRADEN, George Robert       b.5-15-1896  d. October 1896  S/O John William & Clara Frances (Kyle) Graden


GRADEN, John Edward        b.2-27-1895  d.7-15-1895      S/O John William & Clara Frances (Kyle) Graden


GRADEN, John William           b.5-9-1865  d.9-23-1929   H/O Clara Frances Graden                  S/O John Smith M. & Ruth Esther (Benedict) Graden


GRADEN, Missouri Florence  (Holden)          b.1866  d.12-15-1948       W/O John William Graden 


GRADEN, Edwin            (child)   buried 12-3-1906  


GRADEN, William Arthur        b.7-2-1893  d.5-14-1962           H/O Elsie May Graden


GRAY, James W.               b.1910  d.4-6-1962          H/O Maria Flora Gray


GRAY, Maria Flora                     1909____            W/O James W. Gray


GREEN, Adennis                        1851-1924          H/O Eliza (Gilliam) Green


GREENE, Edna L.                       1899-19__


GREENE, Robert B.           b.1901  d.9-20-1955         H/O Ruth D. Greene


GREENE, Ruth D.                       1919-__             W/O Robert B. Greene


GREENE, William C.        b.1903  d.1-28-1950           H/O Edna L. Greene


GREENWOOD, Benjamin F.            b.1861  d.1-3- 1942            H/O Missouri Greenwood


GREENWOOD, John        b.9-19-1831  d.7-27-1880    age 48 yrs  10 mths  8 dys                    H/O Permillia Greenwood


GREENWOOD, Missourie E. (Wright)    b.1851  d.5-25-1925        W/O Benjamin F. Greenwood


GREENWOOD, Permillia     b.8-22-1840  d.4-12-1889   W/O John Greenwood


GREENWOOD, Rosy Jane      b.4-22-1874  d.12-13-1878  age 4 yrs  7 mths  21 dys    D/O John & Permillia Greenwood


GRIFFEY, Dorinda (Brown)    b.5-18-1825  d.8-11-1896  W/O William Griffey


GRIMM, George G.     b.6-30-1871  d.2-8-1957      H/O Lillian M. Grimm


GRIMM, Lillian M.      b.12-31-1872  d.4-13-1949  W/O George G. Grimm


GRIZZELL, Elam R.                    1901-1962            H/O Naomi Grizzell


GRIZZELL, Harriet P.           b.2-18-1918   d.4-11-1918     D/O William F. & Harriet R. Grizzell


GRIZZELL, Harriet Rebecca (Grizzell)        b.1874  d.5-19-1954          W/O William Franklin Grizzel         D/O John & Hannah Frances (Oliver) Grizzell


GRIZZELL, Naoma                   1882-1890         


GRIZZELL, Naomi           b.1898  d.8-20-1977           W/O Elam R. Grizzell


GRIZZELL, Norvina               b.1880  d.4-27-1914          


GRIZZELL, William Franklin        b.1848  d.4-17-1941           H/O Harriet Rebecca Grizzell         S/O Andrew Jackson & Catherine (Stephens) Grizzel


GROESCHEN, Elsie M.             b.9-19-1896  d.2-25-1988          W/O William J. Groeschen


GROESCHEN, William J.          b.1896  d.2-3-1961           H/O Elsie M. Groeschen


GROOVER, Irma M. (White)    b.1879  d.9-11-1961     W/O Willett Groover


GROOVER, Willett          b.1887  d.3-28-1967       H/O Irma M. Groover


GRUENOR, B. Pauline              1911-1912            D/O Jacob Gruenor


GRUENOR, Jacob         b.10-16-1825   d.7-21-1892      F/O B. Pauline Gruenor


GUDDORF, Clifford T.       b.4-24-1895  d.2-24-1963



GULLEY, William (SR)          b.1903  d.10-19-1964


GUTAPFEL, John A.          b.1898  d.6-3-1964      H/O Mildred A. Gutapfel


GUTAPFEL, Mildred A.     b.1901  d.4-29-1963     W/O John A. Gutapfel


GWINNER, Christian       b.1-1-1844  d.11-6-1912    H/O Mary A. Gwinner


GWINNER, Martin                 b.1849  d.11-26-1929


GWINNER, Mary A.        b.9-29-1848  d.12-27-1897    W/O Christian Gwinner


HAEHN, John         b.5-20-1857  d.7-29-1901     S/O John D. & Mary M. Haehn


HAEHN, John D.      b.12-24-1822  d.6-28-1897      H/O Mary M. Haehn


HAEHN, Mary M.         b.12-26-1825  d.9-14-1906   W/O John D. Haehn


HAGER, John M.        b.2-7-1894  d.6-30-1957



HALEY, Florence M.         b.1890  d. January 1965            W/O Thomas P. Haley


HALEY, Thomas P.         b.1888  d. January 1962     H/O Florence M. Haley


HALL, Charles              b.1870  d.4-5-1940              H/O Lalla Hall


HALL, J. S.                               1841-1917            H/O Nettie L. Hall


HALL, Lalla              b.1877  d.10-19-1932           W/O Charles Hall


HALL, Mary J.           b.6-3-1816   d.10-5-1897     W/O Wm. Hall


HALL, Nettie L.           b.1842  d.2-27-1917            W/O J. S. Hall


HALL, William        b.11-6-1817   d.6-17-1894            H/O Mary J. Hall


HAMILTON, Edward         b.1889  d.11-22-1956


HANNAH, Alma F.          b.1875  d.12-22-1943          W/O William Thornton Hannah


HANNAH, Amret (Dix)      b.5-10-1848  d.1-22-1908         W/O Granville Hannah


HANNAH, Anna M.          b.1879  d.10-25-1957          W/O Fred C. Hannah


HANNAH, Cora Lou      b.10-28-1883  d.8-14-1951          D/O Granville & Amret (Dix) Hannah


HANNAH, Fred C.         b.12-3-1871  d.10-5-1953          H/O Anna M. Hannah       S/O Granville & Amret (Dix) Hannah


HANNAH, Granville         b.7-3-1843  d.3-7-1919          H/O Amret Hannah

S/O Andrew & Hannah (Turner) Hannah


HANNAH, Lucille M.         b.1-25-1896 d.12-8-1971          D/O Granville & Amret (Dix) Hannah


HANNAH, Newel A.          b.1887  d.11-20-1955            S/O Granville & Amret (Dix) Hannah


HANNAH, Ollie              b.6-23-1889  d.7-26-1965            D/O Granville & Amret (Dix) Hannah


HANNAH, Ralph C.          b.1910  d.9-5-1940           S/O Fred C. & Anna M. Hannah


HANNAH, William  Thornton        b. 1878  d.4-13-1942             H/O Alma F. Hannah             S/O Granville & Amret (Dix) Hannah


HARDEN, Archie               b.1884  d. May 1956           H/O Grace Harden


HARDEN, Grace Mae              b.1888  d.3-6-1970      W/O Archie Harden


HARDWAY, Dorothy M.           1912-                      W/O Harper G. Hardway


HARDWAY, Harper G.              b.1906  d. August 1956            H/O Dorothy M. Hardway


HARDY, George A.        b.7-5-1899  d.6-7-1964        H/O Marie J. Hardy


HARDY, Marie J.            b.9-24-1907  d. July 1983      W/O George A. Hardy


HARPER, Ruffus F.    b.6-9-1897  d.2-5-1954


HARRIS, Benjamin F.         b.6-20-1854  d.7-6-1947           S/O William H. & Mariah Jane (Wright) Harris


HARRIS, Donald Robert    b.11-4-1927  d.8-18-1963



HARRIS, Eva Rowena               b. February 1865  d.5-29-1929         D/O William H. & Mariah Jane (Wright) Harris


HARRIS, James Albert          b.1-211877  d.8-14-1958          H/O Nora Bell Harris             S/O Charles Clinton & Lucy Jane (Poe) Harris


HARRIS, Mary Emily                 b. January 1847  d.9-26-1929       D/O William H. & Mariah Jane (Wright) Harris


HARRIS, Nora Bell (Green)        b.1876  d.10-2-1957         W/O James A. Harris                  D/O Adennis & Eliza (Gilliam)  Green


HARRIS, Sarah Jane   b. May 1862  d.7-20-1950        D/O William H. & Mariah Jane Harris


HARRIS, Thomas         b.12-25-1896  d.12-8-1953



HARRISON, Dennis Lee    b.10-27-1952  d.2-2-1956


HARRISON, Jerome         b.1906  d.7-6-1957         H/O Lillian Harrison


HARRISON, Lillian      b.1909                                 W/O Jerome Harrison


HARRISON, Rhoda          b.4-27-1807   d.5-4-1891    W/O William B. Harrison


HARRISON, William B.    b.9-27-1796   d.10-13-1885    H/O Rhoda Harrison



HARTMAN, Charles H.        b.8-6-1864  d.1-20-1873  S/O William & Mary J. Hartman


HARTMAN, Dena           1810-1887


HARTMAN, Jacob F.      b.6-22-1893  d.4-17-1956



HARTMAN, Mary J. (Parker)    b.7-22-1841  d.1-15-1902  age 60 yrs  6 mths         W/O William Hartman


HAUBNER, Joyce Lee            b.1938  d. March 1956


HAUSSER, Ernest (DR)             b.6-12-1835  d.3-7-1901

(Die Sterbliche Huelle)


HAWKINS, Charles G.         b.1884  d.11-20-1950        H/O Osie M. Hawkins


HAWKINS, Osie M.           b.1884  d.3-12-1966         W/O Charles G. Hawkins


HAYES, Daisy (White)              b.1880  d.9-16-1957              W/O Frank G. Hayes        D/O John W. & Armilda C. (Wright) White


HAYES, Frank G.             b.1888  d.2-16-1947              H/O Daisy Hayes


HECK, Bessie (Marvin)         b.1861  d.11-5-1935


HECK, Edward M.         b.1881  d. September 1962             H/O Jessie L. Heck


HECK, Jessie L.            b.1879  d. November 1948       W/O Edward M. Heck


HELD, Gwendolynn               b.1927  d.1-1-1950


HELLER, Charles J.       b.1891  d.8-31-1959         H/O Laura M. Heller


HELLER, Laura M.       b.1894  d.4-3-1962         W/O Charles J. Heller



HELMSAUER, Herman                b.1871  d. August 1936           H/O Nellie Helmsauer


HELMSAUER, Nellie         b.1865  d. March 1934          W/O Herman Helmsauer


HENDERSON, Amanda       b.1863  d.8-19-1937              W/O Perry Henderson


HENDERSON, Anna H.        b.1895  d.11-22-1985              W/O Claude A. Henderson


HENDERSON, Claude A.     b.1892  d.2-26-1971               H/O Anna H. Henderson


HENDERSON, James C.       b.1888  d.2-22-1961               H/O Mary Henderson


HENDERSON, Mary        b.1895  d.7-30-1940         W/O James C. Henderson


HENDERSON, Perry C.        b.1854  d.9-8-1948               H/O Amanda Henderson


HENDERSON, Russell         b.1895  d.4-17-1957      S/O Perry & Amanda Henderson


HENLEY, Samuel A.             b.1876  d.7-6-1952


HENRY, Everett R.          b.1896  d.6-2-1960                H/O Lucy Henry


HENRY, Everett C.          b.1924  d. July 1952         S/O Everett & Lucy Henry Sr.


HENRY, Lucy M.             b.1905  d.9-6-1971               W/O Everett Henry


HENSON, Kenneth E.       (child)    b.1950  d.6-2-1950


HERBST, Anna                 b.1886  d.3-18-1955     W/O Leonard P. Herbst


HERBST, John Henry        b.1864  d.10-2-1944


HERBST, Leonard P.       b.1882  d.12-18-1954     H/O Anna Herbst


Herfurth, Alvy R.           b.1-9-1890  d.5-9-1963



HERNDON, Jane               b.1830  d.4-2-1911


HESS, Amelia P.     b.10-18-1879  d.6-18-1880  aged 8 months  D/O Peter & Anna Maria Hess


HESS, Anna Maria   b.11-26-1845  d.5-16-1891            W/O Peter Hess


HESS, Augusta (Rodenberg)   b.1870  d. August 1927   W/O Peter Hess


HESS, Anna Elizabeth             b.1865  d.7-25-1940          W/O Henry Hess


HESS, Henry                     b.1864  d.3-28-1948                H/O Elizabeth Hess


HESS, Myron R.                b.1910  d.1-1-1953


HESS, Peter             b.2-22-1839  d.9-17-1908       H/O Anna Maria Hess


HESS, Peter W.              b.1872  d.7-5-1927     H/O Augusta Hess

HICKENBOTHAM, James    (no dates)            H/O Missouri Hickenbotham


HICKENBOTHAM, Missouri       (no dates)       W/O James Hickenbotham


HIGHTOWER, Clarence C.       b.1891  d. May 1947             H/O Stella Hightower


HIGHTOWER, Stella M.           b.1865  d. May 1932            W/O Clarence Hightower


HIGHTOWER, Thomas        b.10-6-1888  d.9-12-1925




HIGINBOTHAM, Charles B.     b.2-9-1871  d.4-4-1874    S/O W. & H. Higinbotham


HIGINBOTHAM, Unnamed  (infant)   b,7-12-1872  d.10-26-1872  aged 3 mos  14 dys  Child of W. & H. Higinbotham


HILKER, J. Ernst           b.1827  d. January 1908          H/O Louisa Hilker


HILKER, Louisa             b.1845  d.1-14-1925            W/O J. Ernst Hilker


HILL, Malcom M.                  1872-1873        S/O Theodore MacDonald & Mary Isaphine Hill


HILL, Mary Isaphine (White)       b.10-3-1842  d.2-17-1929    W/O Theodore MacDonald Hill    D/O Henry Erskine & Elizabeth Jane (Carle) White


HILL, Pearl P.                           1876-1876


HILL, Rhea R.                          1868-1876    D/O Theodore  MacDonald & Mary Isaphine Hill


HILL, Roy R.                            1878-1879


HILL, Theodore MacDonald      b.7-4-1842  d.5-4-1900       H/O Mary Isaphine Hill


HITEMAN, Anna R.        b.1888  d. July 1951           W/O Thurman Henry Hiteman


HITEMAN, Edna                b.1895  d. February 1958     W/O Joseph Raymond Hiteman


HITEMAN, Joseph Raymond     b.2-27-1898  d. July 1963   H/O Edna Hiteman          S/O Henry Frederick & Margaret F. (Dougherty) Hiteman


HITEMAN, Mary J.         1922-1923      D/) Joseph Raymond & Edna Hiteman



HITEMAN, Thurman Henry       b.7-24-1888  d.1-15-1966                  H/O Anna Hiteman      S/O Henry Frederick & Margaret E. (Dougherty) Hiteman


HODGE, Edith Spilman (Parry)    b.4-15-1891  d.9-26-1983   W/O Verner Harris Hodge              D/O Benjamin F. & Elizabeth E. (Spilman) Parry


HODGE, Margaret Mable (Alford)      b.8-1-1891  d.3-23-1913                  W/O Verner Harris Hodge        D/O George Washington & Josephine L. (Smith) Alford


HODGE, Verner Harris        b.1-28-1886  d.6-26-1977      H/O Margaret Mable (Alford) Hodge & Edith Spilman (Parry) Hodge       S/O Sanford Smith & Anna Louise (Smith) Hodge


HOFACKER, Anna M.       b.1885  d.7-29-1971     W/O Charles F. Hofacker


HOFACKER, Charles F.    b.1881  d.6-11-1957     H/O Anna M. Hofacker


HOFFMAN, Helen Susan (Hutchinson)  b.5-27-1912  d.11-6-1939

(an infant Sandra Lee is buried with her)


HOFSTETTER, John C.               b.1871  d.3-17-1951      H/O Virginia Hofstetter


HOFSTETTER, Virginia           b.1882  d.6-1-1971       W/O John C. Hofstetter


HOLDEN, Ella Mary Ellen (Morin)               b.1874  d.3-10-1953          W/O Joseph Holden           D/O Edward P. & Susannah Eleanor (Boyers) Holden


HOLDEN, Ivy M. (Alford)      b. January 1887  d.5-4-1972     W/O William P. Holden           D/O Richard Bates & Mary Elizabeth (Nelson) Alford


HOLDEN, George S.          b.1870  d. August 1937        H/O Sallie J. Holden


HOLDEN, John          b.5-11-1876  d.9-8-1879      S/O Joseph & Hannah S. (Forrester) Holden


HOLDEN, Joseph (SR)       b.11-3-1810  d.1-4-1892        H/O Sarah Elizabeth (Alford) Holden     S/O Joseph & Mary (Tomson) Holden


HOLDEN, Joseph J.      b.1869  d.7-6-1949         H/O Ella Mary Ellen Holden        S/O Joseph & Hannah S. (Forrester) Holden


HOLDEN, Maud (Alford)          b.1880  d. June 1933        W/O Thomas W. Holden Sr.      D/O Richard Bates & Mary Elizabeth (Nelson) Alford


HOLDEN, Sallie J.                1881-1959                     W/O George S. Holden


HOLDEN, Robert      b.12-21-1883  d.12-18-1887    S/O Joseph & Hannah Holden


HOLDEN, Thomas W. (SR)   b. June 1872  d. 3-18-1960       H/O Maud Holden           S/O Joseph & Hannah S. (Forrester) Holden


HOLDEN, Thomas W. (JR)     b.5-11-1911   d.11-24-1960

PVT  US  ARM  WWII    S/O Thomas W. & Maud (Alford) Holden Sr.


HOLDEN, William P.     b. May 1878  d.1958        H/O Ivy M. Holden

S/O Joseph & Hannah S. (Forrester) Holden Jr.


HOPKINS, Arthur Milton         b.1863  d. July 1935

Journalist,  Humorist, Philosopher


HOPKINS, Mary Gertrude  (White)    b.1-26-1888  d.9-8-1964


HOPPER, Bessie L.         b.1900  d.9-10-1959     W/O Taylor Hopper


HOPPER, Taylor               b.1899  d.2-4-1956         H/O Bessie L. Hopper       


HORSFELL, Joseph    b.10-5-1811 Yorkshire, England  d.8-26-1893



HOSKING, Martha                   b.1900  d.12-15-1965


HOUSTON, John F. (DR)      b.1868  d. February 1936      H/O Nettie M. Houston


HOUSTON, Nettie M. (Wheeler)     b. August 1866  d. 9-9-1944    W/O John F. Houston                D/O Richard M. J. & Martha Ann (Shaw) Wheeler


HOWARD, Catherine C.            b.1898  d.8-17-1949


HUPPERT, Bertha F.      b.1882  d.7-29-1929


HUPPERT, George         b.1846  d. September 1924     H/O Mary A. Huppert


HUPPERT, Henry C.          b.1881   d. May 1926       


HUPPERT, John E.         b.1878  d.1-22-1944


HUPPERT, Louise E.         buried 12-4-1907


HUPPERT, Mary A.       b.1854  d.3-28-1940        W/O George Huppert 


HUFF, Ada             b.1893  d.10-22-1974               S/O Calvin Huff


HUFF, Calvin         b.1886   d.2-6-1972              H/O Ada Huff


HUFF, John Howard        b.1899  d. December 1928


HUFF, Russell R.  “Bud”         b.1917  d.3-16-1934


HUFF, Woodrow Clay     (infant no dates)   age 3 mths


HULLEY, Alice M. (Wright)         b. January1878  d. October 1962         W/O John R. Hulley


HULLEY, Benjamin (SR)   b.1-12-1803  d.11-11-1854     H/O Sarah Hulley

S/O John & Sarah (Phillips) Hulley


HULLEY, Benjamin (JR)  b.3-19-1851  d.4-8-1891   age 40 yrs  19 dys

S/O Benjamin & Sarah (Middleton) Hulley Sr.


HULLEY, Charles        b.1895  d.10-10-1952        H/O Edna Hulley


HULLEY, Edna           b.1-1-1913  d.2-2-1975          W/O Charles Hulley



HULLEY, George Y.    b.11-22-1889  d.12-10-1899   S/O John & Henriet Hulley


HULLEY, Hannah     b.10-24-1852  d.12-20-1859  age 4 yrs  11 mths  16 dys                        D/O Benjamin & Sarah (Middleton) Hulley Sr.


HULLEY, Henriet           b.4-15-1858  d.10-29-1899    W/O John Hulley


HULLEY, James T.          b.1872  buried 8-3-1953          H/O Lucy Hulley

S/O John  & Sarah Jane (Nelson) Hulley


HULLEY, John R.           b. June 1877  d. September 1957          H/O Alice M. Hulley     D/O John & Sarah Jane (Nelson) Hulley


HULLEY, Lucy                b.1874  d. September 1967          W/O James T. Hulley


HULLEY, Mary E.           b.1906  d. January 1908           D/O John R. & Alice M. Hulley


HULLEY, Missouri J. (Maddox)        b. July 1847  buried 7-3-1912            W/O Squire Hulley     D/O Elijah G. & Margaret Jane (Smith) Maddox


HULLEY, Robert      b.10-24-1852  d.9-21-1883     age 30 yrs  10 mths  27 dys                                     S/O Benjamin & Sarah Hulley


HULLEY, Sarah (Middleton)    b.4-15-1815  d.10-26-1902    W/O Benjamin Hulley


HULLEY, Sarah A.             b.1856  d.6-19-1918            W/O Squire Hulley


HULLEY, Sarah Jane (Nelson)   b.11-13-1844  d.1-2-1883   W/O John Hulley       D/O Thomas & Jane (Taylor) Nelson


HULLEY, Sarah Jane (Alford)       b.12-1-1867  d.3-11-1940            W/O William Clarence Hulley           D/O Richard Bates & Mary Elizabeth (Nelson) Alford


HULLEY, Squire         b. March 1841  d.9-3-1933             H/O Missouri J. Hulley  & Sarah A. Hulley         S/O Benjamin & Sarah (Middleton) Hulley


HULLEY, Steven A.        b.1959  d.3-17-1960


HULLEY, Thomas H.    b.12-30-1885  d.10-26-1900   S/O John & Henriet Hulley


HULLEY, William Clarence       b.8-30-1865  d.2-2-1929             H/O Sarah Jane Hulley            S/O Squire & Missouri J. (Maddox) Hulley


HUMPHREY, Robert F.            b.1897  d.11-27-1958             H/O Lillian V. Humphrey


HUMPHREY, Lillian V.            b.1-17-1907  d.1-14-1996             W/O Robert F. Humphrey


HUPPERT, Elizabeth              1884-_               W/O John Huppert


HUPPERT, Bertha Florence          b.1884  d.7-29-1929        W/O John E. Huppert


HUPPERT, John                     1848-1920            H/O Elizabeth Huppert


HUPPERT, John E.               b.1879  d.1-22-1944     H/O Florence Huppert


HUPPERT, Louise B.                   1883-1907             H/O Mary A. Huppert


HUPPERT, Mary A.             b.1853  d.328-1940      W/O Louise B. Huppert


HUTCHCRAFT, Bobby Lee                 b.1944  d. September 1955


HUTCHCRAFT, Betty Mae                  b.1924  d.1-15-1945


HUTCHINSON, Dorothy S.  “Dora”        b.1882  d. February 1926               W/O William Hutchinson


HUTCHINSON, Isa G.           b.1890  d. April 1957

(Buried next to William & Dora S. Hutchinson)



HUTCHINSON, William C.       b.1884  d.6-7-1968                H/O Dora S. Hutchinson


ILES, George W.               b.1873  d.1-27-1949               H/O Martha E. Iles


ILES, Helen                   b.1920  d.12-25-1948


ILES, John G.                           b.1897  d. May 1946


ILES, Joseph William          b.1936  d. October 1956            S/O George W. & Martha E. Iles


ILES, Martha E.          b.1875  d.2-24-1958            W/O George W. Iles


JAMES, Carolina W. “Carrie”     b.1877  d.8-8-1952    W/O Roy T. James


JAMES, Roy T.          b.1880  d. July 1947       H/O Carrie W. James


JANA, Elizabeth                       1852-1931            W/O Robert Jana


JANA, Robert                           1827-1903             H/O Elizabeth Jana


JENE, Christian     b.5-20-1820  d.7-12-1901   H/O Margaret Jene


JENE, Margareth    b.6-7-1828  d.4-8-1909   W/O Christian Jene


JENKINS, Walter W.            b.1882  d.8-6-1947


JOHNS, George W.            buried 2-27-1951


JOHNS, John W.            b.1860  d. May 1921              H/O Matilda Johns


JOHNS, Loretta              b.1922   d.3-28-1922        D/O Rebecca Jane Johns


JOHNS, Matilda             b.1862  d.2-1-1956       W/O John W. Johns


JOHNS, Rebecca Jane       b.1884  d.5-4-1931     M/O Loretta Johns


JOHNSTON, Addie        b.1889  d.12-14-1972       W/O Floyd A. Johnston


JOHNSTON, Anna B.         b.1877  d.2-14-1944          W/O Jackson E. Johnston


JOHNSTON, Cora M.         b.1891  d.6-15-1979       W/O James H. Johnston


JOHNSTON, Elizabeth            b.1861  d.4-4-1939              W/O Richard A. Johnston


JOHNSTON, Floyd A.             b.1897  d. May 1963              H/O Addie Johnston


JOHNSTON, Jackson E.        b.1856  d.4-22-1939       H/O Anna B. Johnston


JOHNSTON, James H.             b.1885  d.6-7-1968               H/O Cora M. Johnston


JOHNSTON, Richard M.          b.1846  d.9-23-1923        H/O Elizabeth Johnston


JONES, Abrams                       1884-1892   


JONES, Arley C. (SR) (REV)       b.1898  d.9-18-1952       H/O Edna L. Jones


JONES, Charles B.         b.1855  d.3-20-1924


JONES, Clarence                      1891-1892


JONES, Claude C.                    b.1907  d. February 1946


JONES, Edna           b.1912  d. March 1954           W/O Robert Jones


JONES, Edna L.             b.11-29-1902  d. 3-12-1987             W/O Rev. Arley Jones SR


JONES, Minnie D.                    b.1876  d.6-21-1954


JONES, Olympia                      1853-1891


JONES, Robert            b.3-7-1905  d.9-27-1986     H/O Edna Jones


JOSLYN, Mabel M.                  1886-1941            


KAUL, John                    b.1856  d.11-30-1941               H/O Mary Kaul


KAUL, Mary E.             b.1865  d.11-8-1930               W/O John Kaul


KEES, Frank J.    b.5-9-1917  d.8-1-1943   S/O George & Frances Kees



KEES, Frances (Thatcher)             b.8-27-1889  d.5-14-1991     W/O George Kees     D/O Frank Spilman & Mary Elizabeth (Nelson) Thatcher


KEES, George              b. April 1886  d.6-27-1962            H/O Frances Kees

S/O John W. & Sophia E. (Kessler) Kees


KEES, John James        b.1890  d.6-7-1911     S/O William H. & Lena R. Kees


KEES, John W.              b.1862  d.7-17-1945              H/O Sophia E. Kees


KEES, Lena R.              b.1865  d.12-9-1943             W/O William H. Kees


KEES, Sophia E.           b.1862  d.1-11-1913             W/O John W. Kees


KEES, William H.         b.1858  d. August 1908               H/O Lena R. Kees


KEITH, Ruby Mae         b.1930  d.4-7-1964


KELCH, Ida B.              b.1866  d.12-28-1939          W/O Thomas Kelch


KELCH, Thomas                   b.1868  d.3-15-1947           H/O Ida B. Kelch


KEMPER, Charles          b.1875  d. September 1957       H/O Ollie Kemper


KEMPER, Cora Belle           b.1856  d.10-2-1932     W/O Herman Kemper


KEMPER, Herman              b.1850  d.8-3-1935     H/O Cora Belle Kemper  


KENEMAN, Charles B.      1934-1946          S/O Julius & Emma Keneman


KENEMAN, Emma           b.1882  d. February 1939           W/O Julius Keneman


KENEMAN, Julius E.         b.1876  d.4-3-1917           H/O Emma Keneman


KENEMAN, William                 b.1870  d.5-5-1933


KENNEWEG, John W.        b.1898  d.10-24-1972        H/O Mary Kenneweg


KENNEWEG, Mary          b.1908  d.9-2-1951        W/O John W. Kenneweg


KEPPLER, Andrew          b.1866  buried 4-3-1941          B/O Katherine Keppler


KEPPLER, Katherine                1855-1929          S/O Andrew Keppler


KILMER, Edward H.                  b.1913  d.5-26-1946


KILMER, Iva M.              b.10-15-1890  d.4-10-1975         W/O William H. Kilmer


KILMER, William H.            b.9-7-1890  d. February 1980          H/O Iva M. Kilmer


KINSTLER, Adam        b.11-11-1827  d.1-25-1895   H/O Catharine S. Kinstler


KINSTLER, Catharine S.  b.1-20-1828  d.5-21-1894  W/O Adam Kinstler


KIRBY, Darrell S.       b.10-18-1897  d. May 1981          H/O Inez E. Kirby


KIRBY, Inez E.       b.10-21-1899  d. August 1975     W/O Darrell S. Kirby


KLEIN, Edward G.       b.5-22-1922  d.7-23-1965



KNAPKAR, George                   b.1828  d. January 1909


KNAPKAR, Herman           b.1836  d. March 1913           H/O Katherine Knapkar


KNAPKAR, Katherine          b.1828  d. August 1913           W/O Herman Knapkar


KNARR, Emma Susanna           b.1873  d.1-30-1936           W/O Fred W. Knarr


KNARR, Fred W.        b.1868  d. December 1947           H/O Emma Susanna Knarr


KNARR, Naomi Pauline            b.1919  d. March 1954


KOHAKE, Margaret                  b.1900  buried 9-1-1954


KOHLMAN, Anna        b.12-26-1818  in Geb’ne Deuerlein  d.1-9-1901  W/O Johann Kohlman


KOHLMAN, Johann       b.8-11-1822 in Franhof, Bayern  d.7-25-1893  H/O Anna Kohlman


KRAFT, Albert C.             b.1941  d. December 1988         S/O Helen Kraft


KRAFT, Christian               b.7-15-1870 d.1-14-1940    S/O Jacob & Elizabeth Kraft Sr.


KRAFT, Elizabeth (Huber)   b.12-25-1830  d.8-15-1890   W/O Jacob Kraft Sr.


KRAFT, Elizabeth Ellen (Losey)       b.1860  d.2-8-1944           W/O Fred Kraft


KRAFT, Elsie             b.9-19-1901  d.7-4-1986             W/O Freddie Kraft Jr.


KRAFT, Esther R.         b.11-18-1900  d.6-30-1997            W/O Niley Kraft


KRAFT, Ethel                   1892-1908           D/O Fred & Elizabeth Kraft Sr.


KRAFT, Fred (SR) “Fritz”          b.11-28-1861 d.3-2-1926            H/O Elizabeth E. Kraft         S/O Jacob & Elizabeth Kraft Sr.


KRAFT, Freddie (JR)          b.1888  d.7-12-1937            H/O Elsie Kraft

S/O Fred & Elizabeth E. Kraft Sr.


KRAFT, Helen J.                 died 1943              M/O Albert C. Kraft


KRAFT, Niley          b.9-26-1902  d.6-1-1954            H/O Esther Kraft

S/O Christina & Emma (Brickler) Kraft


KRAMER, Christina                b.1833  d. March 1911


KRAMER, G. A.           buried 1-23-1905     



KREBS, Alma K. (Kilmer)       b.1888  d.9-21-1968            W/O William Louis Krebs


KREBS, William Louis           b.1886  d.3-1-1963       H/O Alma K. Krebs


KRIFT, Aloys H.           b.1893  d.4-26-1950         H/O Elizabeth Krift


KRIFT, Elizabeth           b.1901  d.5-22-1966           W/O Aloys H. Krift


KUENNEN, Joseph B.      b.3-20-1888  d.10-29-1952



KUHL, Carroll W.     b.1920  d. December1943          S/O Gorden & Alma Z. Kuhl     CO D  318TH  INF  80TH  DIV


KUHL, Catherine Marie (Hess)            b.11-28-1834  d. August 1910           W/O Henry Kuhl


KUHL, Conrad           b.4-12-1876  d.7-24-1946                H/O Laura C. Kuhl


KUHL, Elizabeth       b.1870  d.3-26-1952                 W/O John H. Kuhl Sr.


KUHL, Elizabeth J.   b.11-26-1891  d.6-3-1963   W/O Frank J. Kuhl


KUHL, Elmer P.        b.1915  d.3-26-1943           S/O Conrad & Laura C. Kuhl


KUHL, Frank            b.9-2-1873  d.1-28-1948                    H/O Lulu Kuhl

S/O Henry & Katherine Marie (Hess) Kuhl


KUHL, Frank J.        b.1-29-1897  d.5-1-1983     H/O Elizabeth J. Kuhl


KUHL, Frederick                 b.1870  d. October 1922     B/O Frank Kuhl


KUHL, Hannah H. (Leopold)          b.1875 d. May 1907     W/O William F. Kuhl


KUHL, Henry           b.1830  d. January 1900                         H/O Catherine Kuhl


KUHL, Henry                      b.1893  d.7-16-1916


KUHL, Henry Peter    b.5-31-1895  d.3-22-1962



KUHL, John H. (SR)        b.1868   d.3-18-1935         H/O Elizabeth Kuhl


KUHL, John H. (JR)          b.1899  buried 4-1-1944       H/O Marie T. Kuhl


KUHL, Kate M.         b.11-27-1890   d.2-5-1891       D/O Peter & Mary Kuhl


KUHL, Laura Charlotte (Trapp)        b.10-11-1879  d.5-1-1942           W/O Conrad Kuhl       D/O George & Catherine (Shaurer) Trapp


KUHL, Lulu (Racke)               b.1882  d.8-13-1961                     W/O Frank Kuhl


KUHL, Marie T.         b.2-18-1901  d. 9-22-1983       W/O John H. Kuhl Jr.


KUHL, Mary (Geib)             1864-1943                      W/O Peter Kuhl


KUHL, Peter         b.9-16-1860  d. February 1901               H/O Mary Kuhl


KUHL, Sophia M.      b.1910  d.2-25-1930        D/O Conrad & Laura C. Kuhl


KUHL, Unnamed     (baby)   buried 5-24-1919          D/O Conrad & Laura C. Kuhl


KUHL, William Fritz          b.7-7-1863  buried 2-3-1908         H/O Hannah H. Kuhl


KUHNHEIN, Frederick A.          b.1896  d.8-29-1961


KUMMINGS, Herman G.      b.1894  d. January 1954


KYLE, Bessie                b.1873  d.7-1-1942                    W/O James A. Kyle


KYLE, Harry S.             b.1898  d.1-1-1951


KYLE, James A.               b.1869  d.8-19-1961             H/O Bessie Kyle


LABOITEAUX, Charles C.        b.1887  d.11-4-1954


LAHE, Shirley Ann               1938-1950


LAMB, Courtney                  1888-1939                     H/O Myrtle Lamb


LAMB, Myrtle (Poe)      b.1886  d. January 1954         W/O Courtney Lamb


LANCASTER, Florence (Clift)        b.1889  d. July 1960


LANGAN, John C.                 b.2-22-1923  d.11-19-1965


LANNING, Joseph P.             b.1870  d.8-9-1958


LASPE, Amalia       b.9-13-1815  d.11-6-1870         W/O Sebastian A. Laspe


LASPE, George              b.1854  d. August 1910             H/O Mary Laspe


LAPSE, Mary                         1860-1896                    W/O George Laspe


LASPE, Olhomer            buried 1-1-1903


LASPE, Sebastian A.    b.2-15-1810  d.6-9-1878         H/O Amalia Laspe


LAWTON, William H.     b.3-5-1915   d.12-25-1964



LAYFIELD, Bertha K.    b.1895  d.12-18-1945    W/O Raymond G. Layfield


LAYFIELD, Ella (Yung)         b.1902  d.12-31-1971            W/O Raymond G. Layfield


LAYFIELD, Emma R.      b.1870  d.5-16-1959       W/O George J. Layfield


LAYFIELD, George J.       b.1865  d.12-10-1946     H/O Emma R. Layfield


LAYFIELD, Raymond G.       b.1899  d.4-7-1971         H/O Bertha K. Layfield


LEAP, August J. (SR)          b.1885  d. December 1955             H/O Eva M. Leap                 S/O John J. & Mary Anna (Seibert) Leap


LEAP, August J. (JR)      b.1-17-1907  d.8-13-1994    S/O August J. & Eva M. Leap Sr.


LEAP, Eva M. (Schmidt)              b.1886  d.12-23-1945             W/O August J. Leap


LEAP, Henry C. A.        b.4-5-1909  d.2-12-1976      S/O August J. & Eva M. (Schmidt) Leap Sr.


LEES, Carrie                  b.1883  d.4-13-1946                W/O Hubbard Lees


LEES, Hubbard               b.1884  d.10-3-1963                H/O Carrie Lees


LEIBROCK, Anna E.             1826-1896                W/O George S. Leibrook


LEIBROCK, Barbara (Honer)      1851-1895


LEIBROCK, George S.         b.1807  d. March 1881   H/O Anna E. Leibrook


LEINEGAR, Adam              b.12-25-1854  d.3-28-1905


LEISZ, Albert W.         b.1884  d.11-13-1964                 H/O Bertha A. Leisz


LEISZ, Bertha A.         b.1895  d.6-17-1976               W/O Albert W. Leisz


LEONARD, Edith B.        b.8-7-1897  d.10-21-1962    W/O George W. Leonard


LEONARD, George W.    b.6-30-1892   d.11-15-1958     H/O Edith B. Leonard           KY  PVT  105TH  SANITARY TRAIN  WWI


LEONARD, Susan              b.1896  d.6-17-1946


LEOPOLD, John B.         b.1883  d.4-8-1960       H/O Margaret Leopold


LEOPOLD, Joseph F.           b.1856  d.8-16-1939     H/O Mary F. Leopold


LEOPOLD, Margaret      b.7-25-1909  d.3-25-1996    W/O John B. Leopold


LEOPOLD, Mary F.           b.1855  d.2-26-1952     W/O Joseph F. Leopold


LICKENFELT, Elizabeth          b.1877  d.3-1-1957       


LICKERT, Anna Laura         b.1870  d. January1933      W/O Henry Lickert


LICKERT, Carl C.                 b.1873  d.5-22-1956


LICKERT, Elizabeth (Gottfried)         b.4-10-1808  d.3-26-1880


LICKERT, Hazel      (baby)         b.1919 d.8-26-1919                          


LICKERT, Henry            b.1869  d.8-22-1949                  H/O Anna Lickert


LICKERT, James Carl       b.8-1-1920  d.2-9-1962



LICKERT, Maria M.        b.1-4-1881   d.7-4-1882  D/O F. & H. Lickert


LICKERT, Unnamed   (baby)       April 2, 1926     Child of Henry & Anna Lickert


LICKERT, Walter     b.11-30-1897  d.12-6-1897


LIEFERT, Gottfried       b.11-28-1833  d.4-4-1878


LING, Anna                b.1838  d. August 1898         W/O Charles Ling


LING, Charles                 b.1836  d.10-3-1917          H/O Anna Ling


LIPSCOMB, Eddie           1899-1901           S/O Edward & Ella Lipscomb


LIPSCOMB, Edward                 1856-1956           H/O Ella Lipscomb


LIPSCOMB, Elizabeth J.     b.4-22-1829    d.8-17-1915


LIPSCOMB, Ella                       1856-1928           W/O Edward Lipscomb


LIPSCOMB, Sarah “Maime”          b.1866  d.11-26-1923


LITTLETON, John Dallas       b.10-16-1918  d.4-27-1961



LOEBRICH, Edward J.    b.3-12-1918  d.10-20-1961



LOHSTROH, Edward G.      b.1866  d.4-3-1954      H/O Katherine Lohstroh


LOHSTROH, Katherine        b.1869  d.9-8-1954    W/O Edward G. Lohstroh


LOOS, Anna               b.1866  d.6-10-1945          W/O John Edward Loos


LOOS, Anna M.                 1853-1856        D/O Conrad & Margaretha Loos


LOOS, Catherine C.      b.7-17-1864   d.12-8-1953     W/O John C. Loos


LOOS, Conrad       b.12-8-1823  d.2-6-1910     H/O Margaretha Loos


LOOS, Edna Mae            b.10-24-1893  d. 11-7-1980      W/O John E. Loos


LOOS, Geneva               b.6-12-1901  d.2-12-1995           W/O William Loos 


LOOS, George E.                  b.1902  d.12-7-1946     S/O William F. & Katharine Loos


LOOS, John Edward          b. 1865  d.5-25-1916               H/O Anna Loos


LOOS, John C.      b.3-18-1861  d.6-11-1937         H/O Catherine C. Loos  


LOOS, John E.                  b.1896  d.2-4-1966            H/O Edna Mae Loos


LOOS, Katharine                b.1870  d.12-16-1928         W/O William Loos


LOOS, Margaretha       b.11-18-1830  d.1929                    W/O Conrad Loos


LOOS, Mark                      b.1954  d.11-28-1954


LOOS, William  F.            b.1862  d.9-27-1935               H/O Katharine Loos 


LOOS, William P.             b.1897  d.12-15-1945           H/O Geneva Loos


LOSEY, Edna May           b.1904  d.12-13-1911   D/O William Edward & Jessie F. Losey


LOSEY, Jessie F.                b.1873  d.8-31-1959        W/O William Edward Losey


LOSEY, Polly A.                     1834-1915            W/O Robert Losey


LOSEY, William Edward          b.1868  d.7-22-1940          H/O Jessie F. Losey


LOSEY, Robert                       1835-1912            H/O Polly A. Losey


LOVINS, John        b.5-8-1897  d.11-24-1965     H/O Dorothy Mae Lovins



LOVINS, Dorothy  Mae      b. 12-7-1899   d.3-28-1980   W/O John Lovins


LUMAN, George B.          b.1-9-1893  d.6-26-1963



LUSCHEN, Elizabeth (Schmidt)         b.1878  d. April 1941


LUTHER, Charles L.             b.1866  d.3-3-1946       H/O Ora Ann Luther


LUTHER, Ora Ann         b.1877  d.1-11-1958        W/O Charles L. Luther


LUTTON, B. Alfred                   1890-1892 S/O Alfred & Nancy Jane (Culbertson) Lutton


LUTTON, James G.                   1885-1887    S/O Alfred & Nancy Jane (Culbertson) Lutton


LUTTON, Roy                    died 4-6-1892     S/O Alfred & Nancy Jane (Culbertson) Lutton


LYNN, Virgil L.      b.3-1-1910  d.3-19-1954


MADDOX, Alonzo M.          b.1882  d. January 1950   H/O Alma (Ellis) Maddox              S/O John J. & Louisa J. (Visa) Maddox Sr.


MADDOX, Charles H.      b.12-12-1811  d.12-11-1904         H/O Mary F. (Winston) Maddox & Elizabeth (Yates) Maddox      S/O Hezekiah & Rhoda (Harris) Maddox


MADDOX, Charles Samuel    b.1898  d. July 1952     H/O Louise Maddox

S/O Charles C. & Mary A. (West) Maddox


MADDOX, Elijah G.         b. June 1878  d.12-19-1948     S/O John James & Louisa J. (Visa) Maddox Sr.


MADDOX, Elizabeth Esther (Harris)      b.11-1-1859  d.6-7-1947   W/O Walter C. Maddox         D/O William H. & Mariah Jane (Wright) Harris


MADDOX, Frank        b.1-29-1863  d.11-29-1942        H/O Margaret L.  Maddox      S/O Charles H. & Mary F. (Winston) Maddox


MADDOX, Ina (Randall)        b. June 1868  d.6-9-1954          W/O Samuel H. Maddox           D/O Samuel F. & Rachel Harriet (Baker) Randall


MADDOX, Jennie A.                 b.1882  d.10-28-1950       D/O Alexander Robert & Marcia (Randall) Maddox


MADDOX, John James (SR)    b. September 1851  d.6-3-1928   H/O Louisa J. Maddox         S/O Elijah G. & Margaret Jane (Smith) Maddox


MADDOX, John James (JR)           b.1876  d.12-26-1945           H/O Mabel (Dabney) Maddox          S/O John James & Louisa J. (Visa) Maddox Sr.


MADDOX, Lalla R.            b.1882  d.6-30-1928      D/O Alexander Robert & Marcia (Randall) Maddox


MADDOX, Louise         b.1-22-1899  d.2-22-1987      W/O Charles Samuel Maddox


MADDOX, Louise J. (Visa)        b. December 1854  d.9-22-1930   W/O John James Maddox Sr.           


MADDOX, Margaret L. (Grant)         b.1873  d.8-17-1949       W/O Frank Maddox           D/O Samuel & Mary M. (Byrd) Grant


MADDOX, Mary F. (Winston)     b.1824  d.10-14-1905        W/O Charles Maddox        D/O Joseph & Sarah Winston


MADDOX, Mary Elizabeth       b.1869  d.11-17-1946     D/O Charles H. & Mary F. (Winston) Maddox


MADDOX, Mary A. (West)       b. February  1886  d. May 1926       W/O Charles C. Maddox          D/O Samuel & Martha Ann (White) West


MADDOX, Pollard C.                b.1884  d.5-7-1921       S/O Alexander Robert & Marcia (Randall) Maddox


MADDOX, Samuel H.          b. July 1865  d.1-13-1925            H/O Ina Maddox         S/O Hezekiah & Rosamond Rachel (Smith) Maddox


MADDY, Melody Sue    b.1-13-1954  d.10-19-1955


MADDY, Missouri F.         b.7-28-1846  d.10-29-1935     W/O William H. Maddy


MADDY, William E.                   b.1876  d.7-5-1936       H/O Ada Maddy


MADDY, William H.    b.8-25-1847  d.12-18-1925   H/O Missouri F. Maddy


MAGGARD, Kermit             b.6-15-1915  d.2-21-1957   H/O Joyce (Sandy) Maggard, Lillie (Hall) Maggard & Mary A. (Blanton) Maggard      S/O Elijah & Martha (Lewis) Maggard


MAINS, Lawrence L.            b.1886  d.11-24-1955      H/O Lula Mains


MAINS, Lawrence                b.1947  d.1-7-1945


MAINS, Lula          b.1899  d. January 1994            W/O Lawrence L. Mains


MALONEY, Eunice F.        1893-1947


MARCUM, Elizabeth             b.1911  d. August 1959       W/O William E. Marcum


MARCUM, William E.          b.2-10-1904  d.10-15-1979       H/O Elizabeth Marcum


MARK, Stella M.       b.8-12-1878  d.1-8-1959         W/O William Mark


MARK, William         b.12-23-1877  d.6-8-1952        H/O Stella M. Mark


MARSH, Bertha P.          b.1876  d. April 1962         W/O Charles Lee Marsh


MARSH, Charles Lee           b.1871  d.9-17-1958          H/O Bertha P. Marsh


MARSH, Mary P.          1904-1946         D/O Charles Lee & Bertha P. Marsh


MARTIN, Clarence A.          b.1880  d.12-10-1954


MARTIN, Howard C.     b.12-31-1862  d.1-6-1881   age 18 yrs  6 dys      S/O A. J. & Elmira Martin


MARTIN, Rhea Hartfall                  b.1898  d.9-9-1955


MARTIN, Virgil E.                 b.10-14-1900  d. January 1966      


MASON, Lew W.           b.1861  d. December 1916           H/O Lyda Mason


MASON, Lyda               b.1859  d.3-25-1923            W/O Lew W. Mason


MASON, Marie        b.1905  d.7-17-1975                W/O Wallace T. Mason


MASON, Mary E.            b.1873  d.8-23-1925          W/O William W. Mason


MASON, Wallace T.          b.1902   d.11-24-1964              H/O Marie Mason 


MASON, William W.       b.1869  d.3-21-1946          H/O Mary E. Mason 


MATHERS, Edward               1877-1924        S/O Melvin J. & Maud C. (Ragan) Mathers


MATHERS, Maud C. (Ragan)      b.9-24-1807  d.8-10-1940     W/O Melvin J. Mathers


MATHERS, Melvin J.        d.4-20-1921             H/O Maud C. Mathers


MAUSER, Charles           b.1858 d.4-30-1944           H/O Julia K. Mauser


MAUSER, Clara E.          b. 1886 d.2-7-1968    D/O Charles & Julia K. Mauser


MAUSER, Elizabeth A.          b.1892 d. 12-18-1979


MAUSER, George Leonard       b.1-1-1890  d.5-24-1959

PVT  BTRY  D  75TH  ARTY  CAC    WWI       S/O Charles & Julia K. Mauser


MAUSER, Julia K.         b.1858  d.12-26-1926           W/O Charles Mauser


MAUSER, Kunie (Kunengarda)    b.1856  d.8-13-1954


MAYNARD, Rebecca I.              1850-1896               W/O Thomas Maynard


MAYNARD, Thomas           1841-1895                H/O Rebecca I. Maynard


MCCLANAHAN, Jesse B.    b.4-30-1830    d.6-10-1892  




MCCORD, Bertie            b.1878  d. March 1950


MCCORD, Carrie S.        b.6-9-1905  d.9-23-1998    W/O James H. McCord


MCCORD, James H.             b.1904  buried 6-3-1956           H/O Carrie S. McCord


MCCORD, Virgil F.         b.1868  d. March 1950           H/O Bertie McCord


MCCORMICK, Elnora              b.1868  d.5-16-1941           W/O John J. McCormick


MCCORMICK, John J.              b.1857  d.1-14-1936            H/O Elnora McCormick


MCCORMICK, Lottie Lee         b.1892  d.2-26-1962        W/O William Taylor McCormick


MCCORMICK, Mary Louella       b.1863  d. February 1934


MCCORMICK, Nancy B.    b.9-18-1824  d.3-7-1907  aged  82 yrs  5 mos  17 dys.                   W/O William T. McCormick


MCCORMICK, William T.       b.11-30-1814  d.9-14-1890   aged 75 yrs  9 mos  15 days    H/O Nancy B. McCormick


MCCORMICK, William Taylor      1893-1966          H/O Lottie Lee McCormick


MCCOY, Rebecca M.         b. October 1880  d.8-10-1948   M/O Lona Miller


MCCULLOUGH, Mary C.             1843-1897


MCCUTCHEON, Lewis R.    b.4-24-1894  d.5-28-1962    S/O Loretta R. McCutcheon                  PVT  US  ARMY  WWI


MCCUTCHEON, Loretta R.    b.5-2-1897  d.9-10-1964      W/O Lewis R. McCutcheon


MCDERMOTT, America (Shaw)    b.10-11-1823  d.4-8-1895      W/O Michael McDermott       D/O David & Sarah (White) Shaw


MCDERMOTT, Belle                  1868-1946

(buried next to America and Charles McDermott)


MCDERMOTT, Charles      b.1848  d.12-23-1922   S/O Michael & America (Shaw) McDermott


MCFARLAND, Grant P.         b.1908  d.10-26-1932        S/O Frank McFarland


MCGAHA,  Virgil             b.1903  d.1-30-1955         H/O Virginia McGaha


MCGAHA, Virginia M.     b.1907  d.6-15-1993        W/O Virgil McGaha


MCGIVERN, Florence            b.1899  d.1-15-1966    W/O George M. McGivern


MCGIVERN, George M.           b.1882  d.2-15-1956      H/O Florence McGivern


MCGREGOR, Freeman       b.1911  d.9-26-1962


MCGREW, James L.      b.6-10-1836  d.2-16-1886  aged 49 yrs  8 mos  6 dys


MCGUIRE, Jean          b.1927  d. June 1946          D/O Walter & Lucille McGuire


MCGUIRE, Lucille            b.1903  d.6-21-1946          W/O Walter McGuire


MCGUIRE, Walter    b. 1898  d. 2-4-1932            H/O Lucille McGuire

PVT  ICL  81st   FIELD  ARTY  8th   DIV



MCGUIRE, WILLIAM W.           b.1923  d.9-8-1950          S/O Walter & Lucille McGuire


MCKIBBEN, Emma (Orr)         1855-1887            W/O T. P. McKibben


MCKIBBEN, Mary     b.9-20-1878  d.7-20-1879    D/O T. P. & Emma McKibben


MCKIBBEN, T. P.                      1850-1887             H/O Emma McKibben


MCKINNEY, Anna B.        b.6-2-1891  d.12-18-1987           W/O Claude McKinney


MCKINNEY, Claude E.    b.3-21-1887  d.3-22-1972  H/O Anna McKinney


MCMILLAN, Emma R.            1870-1949          W/O William H. McMillan


MCMILLAN, William H.        1867-1945         H/O Emma R. McMillan


MCVEAN, Alexander “Sandy”    b.8-14-1870  d.10-6-1959  H/O Laura J. McVean          S/O Stephen J. & Elizabeth (Spilman) McVean


MCVEAN, John S.                b.9-28-1902  d.12-30-1923   S/O Alexander & Laura J. (Youtsey) McVean


MCVEAN, Laura J. (Youtsey)       b.1875  d.11-11-1948        W/O Alexander McVean          D/O Jacob Thomas & Addie L. (Burns) Youtsey


MELLIGAN, Allen  “AL”       b.1882  d.3-7-1960       H/O Emma Melligan


MELLIGAN, Charles       b.12-18-1876  d.4-27-1883   S/O John & Maggie Melligan


MELLIGAN, Edward “Pat”             1874-1943


MELLIGAN, Emma (Hauck)      1872-1918            W/O Allen Melligan


MELLIGAN, Margaret “Maggie”     1850-1929             W/O John Melligan



MELLIGAN, Mary (Baker)       b.2-13-1813  d.3-16-1880     W/O Patrick Melligan          D/O David & Nancy (Galliger) Baker


MELLIGAN, Nancy “Nannie”            b.1852  d.7-28-1931   D/O Patrick & Mary (Baker) Melligan


MELTON, Unnamed           (no dates)             C/O Edward & Margie Melton

MEYER, John F.             b.8-23-1901  d.7-9-1969          H/O Lillian M. Meyer


MEYER, John G. Mrs.         b.2-31-1848  d.8-31-1903      W/O John G. Meyer


MEYER, Lillian M.      b.7-1-1903  d.10-25-1967         W/O John F. Meyer


MEYERS, Bessie                b.1884  d.1942


MEYERS, William C.          b.1858  d. March 1938


MILES, Bettie                       b.1875  d.4-6-1951          W/O Jackson Miles


MILES, Jackson “Jack”        b.1873  d.7-23-1947           H/O Bettie Miles


MILLER, Albert             b.10-161889  d.1-16-1954           H/O Katherine Miller        KY  PFC  236TH CO  MPC  WWI


MILLER, Alma                           1909-1910


MILLER, Alma Z.                b.2-8-1899  d.5-19-1989      W/O Gorden Miller


MILLER, Amelia                  b.1883  d.12-7-1958             W/O John Miller


MILLER, Anna M.               b.1907  d.8-18-1922


MILLER, Anna Mae                   b.1902  d. May 1931


MILLER, Catherine                     1908


MILLER, Charles             b.1861  d.10-8-1951


MILLER, Charles M.       b.1894  d.6-26-1957              H/O Tillie J. Moore


MILLER, Elizabeth         b.1883  d.7-16-1961                 W/O George Miller


MILLER, Emma K. (Bootes)      1870-1942


MILLER, Emma M.      b.1881  d.12-29-1956             W/O Fred Miller


MILLER, Fred            1881-1956             H/O Emma M. Miller


MILLER, Fred M.         b.1883  d.9-30-1945    H/O Mary A. Miller & Margaret Miller


MILLER, Freda            b.4-5-1908  d.11-2-1993             W/O Victor Miller


MILLER, George          b.1876  d.2-23-1969             H/O Elizabeth Miller


MILLER, George Henry           b.1829  d.10-22-1912      H/O Julia A. Miller


MILLER, George W.            1907-1908


MILLER, Gordon               b.1905  d.9-18-1960             H/O Alma Z. Miller


MILLER, Henry          b.12-28-1893  d. February 1964            H/O Jessie Alice Miller


MILLER, Henry                  b.1858  d.2-25-1916


MILLER, James K.         b. October 1903  d.12-29-1950    H/O Lona Miller


MILLER, Jessie Alice          b.1892  d. December 1958       W/O Henry Miller


MILLER, John                     b.1872  d.5-19-1943         H/O Mamie Miller


MILLER, John                     b.1855  d.4-18-1936         H/O Josephine Miller


MILLER, John                     b.1881  d.10-8-1958           H/O Amelia Miller


MILLER, John G. (JR)         b.1882  d.12-27-1914


MILLER, John F.                b.1918  d.3-18-1919


MILLER, Josephine      b.1857  d.7-10-1935                 W/O John Miller


MILLER, Julia A.         b.1835  d.10-31-1912        W/O G. Henry Miller


MILLER, Katherine         b.1904  buried 8-2-1975    W/O Albert Miller


MILLER, Lona (McCoy)          b.2-12-1904  d.11-23-1970      W/O James K. Miller


MILLER, Mayme         b.1873  d.1-29-1938           W/O John Miller


MILLER, Margaret Jane (Metcalfe)    b.11-9-1879   d.1-3-1963   W/O William Mart Miller


MILLER, Margaret               b.1884  d.11-10-1920        W/O Fred M. Miller


MILLER, Margaret                      1906-1908


MILLER, Mary  A.           b.1880  d.7-2-1964            W/O Fred M. Miller


MILLER, Maryanna         b.1856  d.9-30-1942          W/O Mathias Miller


MILLER, Mathias                b.1853  d.6-6-1925            H/O A. Mary Miller


MILLER, Nola              b.1874  d.9-22-1946             W/O William B. Miller


MILLER, Richard W.    b.12-10-1921  d.3-26-1958



MILLER, Sarah (Fuller)         b.1826  d. February 1907       W/O Wesley Miller


MILLER, Tillie J.                         1896-19_                W/O Charles M. Miller


MILLER, Victor               b.7-20-1903  d.1-10-1966           H/O Freda Miller


MILLER, Wesley                       1822-1891                H/O Sarah Miller


MILLER, William B.           b.1871  d.8-6-1955        H/O Nola Miller


MILLER, William Mart       b.12-6-1877   d.3-19-1964   2nd Timothy 4:7-8

H/O Margaret Jane Miller


MILLWARD, Daisy         b.1884  d.5-2-1926


MOEHRSTADT, Emil J.      b.3-30-1894  d.3-9-1948



MOORE, B. F.              b.1838  d. March 1910              H/O Mary Moore


MOORE, Beverly A.                b.1941  buried 8-16-1950


MOORE, Coleman               b.1869  d.12-23-1949     H/O Matilda Moore

S/O Peter & Mary Florence (Tarvin) Moore


MOORE, Edith M.          b.7-24-1904  d.3-5-1986         W/O William W. Moore


MOORE, Emma L.         b.1913  d.9-20-1961           W/O George J. Moore


MOORE, George J.        b.9-8-1911  d.8-26-1986        H/O Emma L. Moore


MOORE, Jess F.           b.1893  d.2-3-1966           H/O Sarah R. Moore


MOORE, Katherine            b.1867  d. January 1906        D/O Peter & Mary Florence (Tarvin) Moore


MOORE, Leonard A.         b.1880  d.7-21-1960          H/O Pearl F. Moore


MOORE, Mary              b.1841  d. September 1902       W/O B. F. Moore


MOORE, Mary Florence (Tarvin)        b.1840  d.10-26-1911              W/O Peter Moore      D/O John C. & Rebecca C. (Tarvin) Tarvin


MOORE, Matilda Ann (Alford)       b.1868  d.3-26-1959        W/O Coleman Moore         D/O Thomas Atchinson & Mary Jane (Shaw) Alford


MOORE, Pearl F.        b.1873  d.7-30-1959            W/O Leonard A. Moore


MOORE, Peter         b. 1833  d.12-13-1923        H/O Mary Florence Moore


MOORE, Sarah R.         b.1901  d.9-4-1958         W/O Jess F. Moore


MOORE, William R.        1925-1944       S/O William W. & Edith M. Moore



MOORE, William W.      b.1902  d.2-7-1951               H/O Edith M. Moore


MORAN, Shirley          (no dates)                   D/O Thomas & Estella Moran


MORELAND, Elizabeth     b.1887  d.9-29-1948           W/O Harry Moreland


MORELAND, Harry          b.10-18-1886  d.2-21-1974           H/O Elizabeth Moreland


MORGAN, Louella           b.1921                              W/O William J. Morgan


MORGAN, William J.      b.1900    d. August 1952      H/O Louella Morgan


MORIN, Arthur Templeton      b.1872  d.6-17-1943     H/O Edna Morin

S/O William A. & Missouri L. (Biggs) Morin


MORIN, Edna (Wright)         b.1884  d. September 1939   W/O Arthur Templeton Morin


MORRIS, John                   b.1870  d.3-7-1958           H/O Mary Morris


MORRIS, Mary                  b.3-5-1887  d.715-1974           W/O John Morris


MORSCHER, Albert V.           b.1884  d.5-5-1961             H/O Elsie F. Morscher


MORSCHER, Elsie F.        b.1-21-1899  d.8-14-1982       W/O Albert V. Morscher


MOTZ, Henry                  b.1889  d.6-15-1934          H/O Lida Motz


MOTZ, Lida                                 1896-19_            W/O Henry Motz


MULLER, Elizabeth (Wiesner)   b.3-20-1821  d.8-12-1891  W/O George Muller


MULLER, Godfrey       b.10-22-1858   d.2-16-1933



MULLER, George   b.9-16-1826   d.7-24-1892       W/O Elizabeth Muller


MURRAY, George H.                   1855-1900           H/O Tillie Murray                       


MURRAY, James                          1823-1872           H/O Lettia Murray


MURRAY, Lettia                           1833-1894           W/O James Murray


MURRAY, Nannie P.                     1866-1928          W/O William Murray


MURRAY, Tillie                b.1861  d.12-28-1922      W/O George H. Murray


MURRAY, William            b.1868  d.3-18-1930       H/O Nannie P. Murray


MUSEBECK, Charles     b.4-20-1821                         H/O Mary Musebeck


MUSEBECK, Mary     b.9-7-1854   d.6-3-1890   W/O Charles Musebeck


MUSICK, William R.       b.9-26-1893  d.11-2-1964



MYERS, C. Jeanette              1901-1902


NAEGELE, Dorothy M.         b.8-29-1915  d.1-23-1997           W/O Robert H. Naegele


NAEGELE, Robert H.         b.12-19-1909   d.9-18-1965      H/O Dorothy M. Naegele


NATHANILES, Clyde       b.3-12-1915  d.10-19-1921


NEAL, Charles S.           b.1880  d.11-28-1956              H/O Laura B. Neal


NEAL, Laura B.              b.1884  d.5-19-1957              W/O Charles S. Neal


NEAL, Mary E.               b.1851  d.10-20-1932                    W/O Elias Neal


NEALE, Nellie         b.4-1-1863  d.9-25-1948           W/O Warren Neale


NEALE, Otto           b.11-17-1882  d.7-22-1953  S/O Warren & Nellie Neale


NEALE, Samuel      b. 12-13-1818  d.1-20-1879  age 60 yrs  1 mth  7 dys  


NEALE, Sarah       b.6-5-1824  d.11-26-1906


NEALE, Warren      b.12-17-1859  d.7-1-1941    H/O Nellie Neale


NEIHOF, Blanche     b.5-29-1904  d. 2-2-1985              W/O John Neihof


NEIHOF, Ernest L.       b.10-31-1901  d.12-30-1963      H/O Blanche Neihof


NEIHOF, John                 b.1866  d.4-28-1961              H/O Laura Neihof


NEIHOF, Laura                b.1868  d.1-25-1953              W/O John Neihof


NEIHOFF, August              b.9-23-1801   d.10-19-1891   S/O H. & E. Neihoff


NEIHOFF, Bertha               b.1-2-1892    d.1-3-1892


NEIHOFF, Christina        b.11-8-1831  d. January 1910      W/O Ernest Neihoff


NEIHOFF, Ernest        b.1816   d.6-23-1888  aged 72 yrs       H/O Christina Neihoff


NEISER, Joseph F.          b.1894  d.12-4-1945                H/O Mary Neiser         


NEISER, Mary E.            b.1894  d.7-25-1995              W/O Joseph Neiser


NELSON, Ada Florence (Reiley)        b.1853  d.6-11-1947          W/O Rev. Thomas Greenup Nelson           D/O John & Leah Ann (White) Reiley


NELSON, Alice (Mell)   b.11-28-1837  d.2-4-1911   W/O Rev. John James Nelson


NELSON, Anna Mae Mrs.           b.1896   d. January 1922


NELSON, Barker                1900-1900           S/O Rev. Bain M.  & Etta W. (Carmack) Nelson


NELSON, Bertha M.      b.1896  d.5-31-1955       W/O Everett H. Nelson


NELSON, Bryan              1897-1900         S/O Rev. Bain M.  & Etta W. (Carmack) Nelson


NELSON, Douglas Marshall    b.2-16-1856  d.1-27-1957     H/O Nora Nelson       S/O Robert B. & Eliza Melvina (Barker) Nelson


NELSON, Elizabeth Esther (Nelson)    b.1862  d.12-1-1946     W/O Marshall G. Nelson         D/O Robert B. & Eliza Melvina (Barker) Nelson


NELSON, Elizabeth Susan    b.4-15-1864  d.7-28-1939     D/O Samuel Wesley & Nancy Jane (Barker) Nelson


NELSON, Emma (Neihol)     b.1873  d.6-15-1917             W/O John Thomas Nelson


NELSON, Estella K. (Henderson)  b.12-28-1889  d.3-11-1989             W/O William A. Nelson


NELSON, Everett H.       b.1-27-1898  d.11-3-1987     H/O Bertha M. Nelson


NELSON, George Tydings      b.10-4-1854  d.10-12-1899             H/O Mary E. Nelson        S/O Samuel Wesley & Nancy Jane (Barker) Nelson


NELSON, John James (Rev)   b.1-13-1832  d.8-6-1878  H/O Alice Nelson

S/O William M. & Susan (Streeter) Nelson


NELSON, John M.       b.4-28-1805  d.12-18-1854    H/O Mary Ann Nelson      S/O Thomas & Mary Eunice (Hough) Nelson Sr.


NELSON, John Robert (SR, REV)    b.1854  d.1-9-1942             H/O Susan M. Nelson     S/O Robert B. & Eliza Melvina (Barker) Nelson


NELSON, John Robert (JR)         b. 889  d.4-13-1950        S/O Rev. John R. & Susan Mary (White) Nelson Sr.


NELSON, John Thomas   b.11-29-1867  d.3-27-1950   H/O Emma Nelson

S/O Samuel Wesley & Nancy Jane (Barker) Nelson


NELSON, Marshall Greenup   b.8-24-1856  d.12-6-1936         H/O Elizabeth Esther  Nelson      S/O Samuel Wesley & Nancy Jane (Barker) Nelson


NELSON, Mary Ann (Johnson)     b.2-9-1807   d.2-24-1875  aged 68 years 15 days    W/O John Nelson


NELSON, Mary E. (Benedict)       b.1857  d.1-14-1902            W/O George Tydings Nelson


NELSON, Eliza Melvina (Barker)     1831-1883            W/O Robert B. Nelson      D/O Greenup & Elizabeth (DeMoss) Barker


NELSON, Nancy Jane (Barker)      b.2-10-1834  d.5-10-1934             W/O Samuel W. Nelson     D/O Greenup & Elizabeth (DeMoss) Barker


NELSON, Nora (Nelson)      b.1857  d.9-8-1927           W/O Douglas Marshall Nelson       D/O John James & Alice (Mell) Nelson


NELSON, Rand Summerfield       b.1857  d.1-13-1936    W/O Nora Nelson   S/O Robert B. & Melvina Nelson


NELSON, Robert B.                 1823-1906            H/O Melvina Nelson

S/O Thomas & Elizabeth (Quisenberry) Nelson Sr.


NELSON, Samuel Wesley   b.9-1-1828  d.1-25-1916             H/O Nancy Jane Nelson        S/O Thomas & Elizabeth (Quisenberry) Nelson Sr.


NELSON, Susan Mary (White)    b.6-13-1858  d.5-29-1942      W/O Rev. John Robert Nelson Sr.             D/O George K. & Mary B. (Truesdell) White


NELSON, Thomas (JR)    b.11-11-1808  d.11-23-1881   H/O Jane Nelson

S/O Thomas & Mary Eunice (Hough) Nelson Sr.


NELSON, Thomas Greenup (REV)      b.1849  d.10-19-1924           H/O Ada Florence Nelson        S/O Robert B. & Eliza Melvina (Barker) Nelson


NELSON, Unnamed    (baby)  b.1-31-1891  d.12-18-1891  Child of George T. & Mary E. Nelson


NELSON, William A.                1883-1955          H/O Estella K. Nelson


NEUSPICKEL, Catherine         1840-1900   


NEWKIRK, Hattie                     1873-1902           W/O Robert Newkirk


NEWKIRK, Robert                    1860-1932                H/O Hattie Newkirk


NEWMAN, Fannie (Bartlett)      1883-1906             

D/O Rolly V. & Matilda Bartlett   


NIBLICK, John R.      b.11-14-1903  d.3-2-1975               H/O Mayme H. Niblick


NIBLICK, Mayme H.          b.1906  d.1-4-1962         W/O John R. Niblick 


NOLAN, Ida B.             b.1896  d.11-18-1923           W/O Walter R. Nolan


NOLAN, Walter R.      b.1894   d.10-15-1936     H/O Ida B. Nolan

KENTUCKY   COOK 115  M. G.  BN.  30 DIV


NOERTKER, Mary E.                  1864-___             W/O William Noertker


NOERTKER, William       b.1852  d.10-8-1920        H/O Mary E. Noertker


OETZEL, Edward         b.9-17-1875  d.4-25-1932      H/O Katherine Oetzel

S/O John & Susan (Hotchkiss) Oetzel


OETZEL, John Adison          b.4-22-1870  d.6-29-1956          H/O Mary Ann Oetzel               S/O John & Susan (Hotchkiss) Oetzel


OETZEL, Katherine (Weinel)       b.1879  d.7-16-1932       W/O Edward Oetzel             D/O George F. & Dora D. Weinel


OETZEL, Mary Ann (Schnorr)      b.12-4-1880  d.6-7-1963      W/O John Adison Oetzel            D/O John W. & Julia (Hund) Schnorr


OGDEN, Harry B.          1893-1893         S/O Henry S. & Martha S. Ogden


OGDEN, Henry S.               1845-1895             H/O Martha S. Ogden


OGDEN, Martha S.              b.1857  d.12-5-1943    W/O Henry S. Ogden


OGDEN, Ralph Wesley         (child)    b.1924  d.1-4-1926


ONEAL, Edward              b.1878  d.2-15-1965


ORR, Edward B. (DR)     b.5-17-1848   d.4-22-1878     S/O John & Maria (Spilman) Orr


ORR, John (DR)    b.1-14-1806  d.1-1-1877          H/O Maria Orr


ORR, Maria (Spilman)           b.7-17-1824  d.6-11-1885      W/O Dr. John Orr      D/O Henry Erskine & Mary Mourning (Morin) Spilman


OVERPECK, Edward C.          b.1883  d. January 1958            H/O Violet M. Overpeck


OVERPECK, Violet M.           b.1-18-1898  d.12-22-1992         W/O Edward C. Overpeck


OWEN, William A.                 buried 10-24-1884


PAINTER, Alfred J.          b.1864  d.4-14-1936       H/O Margaret A. Painter

S/O Joseph & Mary Arlina (Regans) Painter


PAINTER, Grover                 1894-1930               H/O Mary E. Painter

S/O Alfred J. & Margaret A.  Painter


PAINTER, Margaret A.   b.1864  d.3-7-1948        W/O Alfred J. Painter


PAINTER, Mary E. (Carmack)           b.1893  d.3-12-1960   W/O Grover Painter     D/O William J. & Ella Carmack


PAPE, Dora Mae              b.1877  d.11-13-1963           W/O John H. Pape


PAPE, John H.                  b.1875  d.12-13-1960             H/O Dora Mae Pape


PAPE, Keith A.         b. December, 1962  d. April, 1963


PARK, Emma                  b.1860  d.5-19-1943             W/O Lewis Park


PARK, Lewis                   b.1861  d.1-16-1956              H/O Emma Park


PARKER, Aaron      b.9-7-1833  d.3-21-1919


PARKER, Albert                      1868-1950             H/O Jarusha Parker


PARKER, Carl                  1892-1924             S/O Albert & Jarusha Parker


PARKER, Charles H.                1864-1950             H/O Matilda Parker


PARKER, Della (Bootes)      b.1886  d.1905


PARKER, Dellia             b.1880  d.11-12-1913     M/O Edith Parker


PARKER, Edith M.          b.1903  d.5-4-1930   D/O Dellia Parker


PARKER, Edward C.          b.1866  d.1-21-1949      H/O Ida H. Parker


PARKER, Everett        b.6-27-1898  d.10-9-1965



PARKER, Gwendolyn              1897-1949              W/O Norman T. Parker


PARKER, Hannah       b.11-25-1841  d.3-25-1900  age 58 yrs  4 mths   W/O Thomas Parker


PARKER, Ida M.             b.1871  d.9-19-1958       W/O Edward C. Parker


PARKER, Jarusha                     1871-1925              W/O Albert Parker


PARKER, Louisa          b.6-1-1836  d.9-9-1919


PARKER, Mary O.                    1892-1957              W/O Richard E. Parker


PARKER, Matilda                     1868-1949               W/O Charles H. Parker


PARKER, Norman T.           1917-1937             H/O Gwendolyn Parker


PARKER, Richard E.        b. 893  d.10-18-1971           H/O Mary O. Parker


PARKER, Sarah L.              1855-1874       D/O Thomas & Hannah Parker


PARKER, Susanna H.         b.1843  d.3-15-1917         D/O Thomas & Hannah Parker


PARKER, Thomas                    1819-1901                H/O Hannah Parker


PARKER, Samuel      (infant)   7-15-1950


PARKER, Samuel      (infant)  3-18-1916


PARKER, William                1845-1892         S/O Thomas & Hannah Parker


PARKS, Emma                          1846-1912               W/O James L. Parks


PARKS, James L.                      1840-1894                H/O Emma Parks


PARKS, Mollie                          1873-1898      D/O James L. & Emma Parks


PARKS, Will                             1869-1913      S/O James L. & Emma Parks


PARRY, Benjamin F.         b.8-11-1851  d.4-9-1918          H/O Elizabeth S. Parry


PARRY, Carl          1881-1881            S/O Benjamin F. & Elizabeth E. Parry


PARRY, Elizabeth E. (Spilman)     b.8-1-1860  d.2-22-1914           W/O Benjamin F. Parry    D/O Edward K. & Rosanna (Baker) Spilman


PATTISON, Anna (Kemper)      b.1874  d.11-1-1933    W/O Robert V. Pattison


PAVY, Samuel D.                      1896-1936              S/O John D. & Jane Pavy


PAYNE, Martha “Patsy”        b.1874  d.10-27-1964  M/O Aretha (Payne) Brock


PELLE, Eliza. B.                       1874-1945                  W/O Harry L. Pelle


PELLE, Frances                         1882-1964                 


PELLE, Harry L.                       1876-1926                   H/O Eliza B. Pelle


PELLE, William                        1881-1943                  W/O Frances Pelle


PETERSON, Florence Jane (Reiley)        b.1894  d. March 1969                W/O Paul A. Peterson    D/O Edward Morin & Rosa A. (Hartman) Reiley


PETERSON, Paul A.     b.1890  d.3-19-1961       H/O Florence J. Peterson


PETTY, George Bailey       b.4-5-1858  d.12-16-1935       H/O Hannah Lou Petty            S/O Hayden & Mary Jane (Bannister) Petty


PETTY, Grover C.         b.5-23-1885  d.3-25-1886   S/O George Bailey & Hannah Lou (Shaw) Petty


PETTY, Hannah Lou ((Shaw)    b.5-29-1857  d.3-2-1925  W/O George Bailey Petty           D/O James & Mary (Acklin) Shaw


PETTY, Lillian Anna (Schulze)    b.12-18-1892  d.8-20-1981   W/O Thomas Lafayette Petty


PETTY, Thomas Lafayette       b.6-5-1889  d.11-4-1947    H/O Lillian Anna Petty            S/O George Bailey & Hannah Lou (Shaw) Petty


PFENDER, Anna M. (Walter)   b.12-11-1820  d.12-11-1904  age 84 years  W/O Chris Pfender



PFENDER, Chris      b.6-13-1817  d.8-13-1899     H/O Anna M. Pfender            CO  D  23rd  KY  INF


PFENDER, Lura A.        b.6-6-1858  d.2-14-1883            W/O Fred Pfender


PHILLIPS, Alma M.        b.1889  d.2-17-1961          W/O Fred E. Phillips Sr.


PHILLIPS, Avis Ann “Effie” (Wright)      b.1851  d.9-5-1926     W/O Henry D. Phillips         D/O Thompson & Jane (White) Wright


PHILLIPS, Charles J.   (baby ) b.1911  d.3-28-1911          S/O Dwight & Edith Phillips


PHILLIPS, Dwight B.         b.1880  d. July 1950        H/O Edith C. Phillips


PHILLIPS, Edith C. (Judd)        b.1884  d. February 1966  W/O Dwight B. Phillips


PHILLIPS, Fred E. (SR)             1885-1960          H/O Alma M. Phillips

S/O John & Emma Phillips


PHILLIPS, George T.     b.1856  d.12-7-1944          H/O Mary F. Phillips


PHILLIPS, Henry D.           b.1853  d.5-16-1916          W/O Avis Ann Phillips                S/O Jacob & Barbara(Fossett) Phillips


PHILLIPS, Martha A.         b. 1824  d.9-21-1920


PHILLIPS, Mary F.          b.1860  d.2-26-1911        W/O George T. Phillips


PHILLIPS, Oran         buried 1918                S/O Dwight & Edith Phillips


PIERCE, Iva M. (Baker)       1885-19_ _


PINKERTON, Bessie R.     b.11-28-1876  d.7-2-1957


PINKERTON, Dana C.        b.3-15-1875  d.5-16-1948


PINKERTON, Thomas W.    b.9-9-1914  d.9-22-1914


PLOSS, William C.       b.1871   d.9-21-1945


POE, Clara Mae           b.1908  d.1-5-1965


POELCHER, Addie           b.1884  d.5-26-1965          W/O Thomas Poelcher


POELCHER, Thomas        b.1878  d. October 1960      H/O Addie Poelcher


POTTER, John           b.12-16-1919        d.11-3-1989


POTTER, Unnamed         b.1964   buried 8-31-1964   C/O James & Ada Potter


PRICKETT, Anna M. (Houben)     b.1919  d.7-22-1961


PRICKETT, Benjamin B.      b.1889  d.2-1-1965       H/O Visa Jane Prickett


PRICKETT, Elizabeth F.    b.1849  d.3-4-1918    W/O George W. L. Prickett


PRICKETT, George W. L.      b.1853  d.4-10-1926          H/O Elizabeth F. Prickett


PRICKETT, Gertrude                   1887-19_ _           W/O Larry Prickett


PRICKETT, Larry             b.1883  d.5-28-1942             H/O Gertrude Prickett


PRICKETT, Visa Jane         b.1894  d.1-4-1961           W/O Benjamin B. Prickett


PRIM, Abraham        b.1859  d.12-30-1932       H/O Katherine Prim


PRIM, Ella E.        b.1887  d.4-16-1953                W/O William Prim


PRIM, Katherine        b.1867  d.1923                W/O Abraham Prim


PRIM, William            b.1888  d.11-21-1959            H/O Ella E. Prim



PROCTOR, Stephen H.    b.12-19-1900  d.12-15-1964



PRYOR, Alice (Mulliken)    b.1886  d. March 1923   W/O William Greenup Pryor


PRYOR, Alma M.                         1898-1901


PRYOR, Ardella (Burton)     b.1906  d.10-21-1967


PRYOR, Augusta V. (Eads)        b.1863  d.2-12-1944       W/O Millard Fillmore Pryor         D/O Caswell & Nancy Margaret (Dial) Eads


PRYOR, Geneva A.                      1864-1905            W/O George T. Pryor


PRYOR, George T. B.       b.10-10-1853  d.3-29-1927             H/O Geneva A. Pryor        S/O James H. & Cassandra (Shanks) Pryor


PRYOR, Leonard Edwin     b.1-5-1887  d.3-2-1961              H/O Nora Pryor

S/O Richard Taylor & Lydia Melvina (Nelson) Pryor


PRYOR, Lydia Melvina (Nelson)    b.2-7-1865  d.2-24-1959     W/O Richard Taylor Pryor           D/O Robert B. & Eliza Melvina (Barker) Nelson


PRYOR, Millard Fillmore      b.5-12-1859  d.11-9-1946      H/O Augusta V. Pryor                 S/O William A. & Nancy Light (Tarvin) Pryor


PRYOR, Nora (Graden)    b.9-14-1889   d.11-11-1993        W/O Leonard Edwin Pryor       D/O John William & Clara Frances (Kyle) Graden


PRYOR, Richard Taylor     b.8-21-1864   d.8-16-1935              H/O Lydia M. Pryor      S/O William A. & Nancy Light (Tarvin) Pryor


PURCELL, Claire L.        (child)   b.1929  d.1-4-1929


PURCELL, Harry             (child)  b.1935  d.9-28-1935


PURCELL, James T.        (child)   b.1933  d.6-9-1933


PURCELL, Unnamed       (child)   b.1931  d.1931


PYLE, Alice         b.1882  d.5-11-1944        W/O William Jesse Pyle Sr.


PYLE, Sallie (Truesdell)    b.1870  d. November 1901     W/O William Jesse Pyle Sr.


PYLE, Unnamed  (child)   buried 10-10-1903    D/O William Jesse & Alice Pyle Sr.


PYLE, William Jesse (SR)      b.1867  d.5-20-1942    H/O Sallie Pyle


PYLE, William Jesse (JR)       b.1889  d. October 1901   S/O William Jesse & Sallie Pyle Sr.


QUEBE, Clifford E.             b.1884  d.9-28-1950          H/O Lillian Quebe


QUEBE, Lillian            b.1890  d.4-7-1976                W/O Clifford F. Quebe


RACHFORD, Bertha E. “Birdie”    b.1885  d.6-2-1983    W/O Ralph L. Rachford


RACHFORD, Elizabeth J. (Beall)      b.2-1-1825   d.1-17-1884      W/O Dr. Hugh K. Rachford


RACHFORD, Fred      1895-1949        S/O Richard A. & Sarah E. (Pryor) Rachford


RACHFORD, George K.       b.2-4-1898  d.12-12-1961            H/O Viola M. Rachford


RACHFORD, Hugh K. (DR)       b.8-18-1815  d.5-3-1891      H/O Elizabeth J. Rachford      S/O Hugh & Sarah (Kercheval) Rachford


RACHFORD, Herbert Ellsworth   b.1909  d.7-7-1911   S/O Ralph L. & Bertha E. Rachford


RACHFORD, John Hamilton     b.March 1847-1905          H/O Margaret A. Rachford       S/O Alexander L. & Eliza Ann (Pryor) Rachford



RACHFORD, John T.     b.12-9-1853  d.11-27-1856      S/O Dr. Hugh K. & Elizabeth J. (Beall) Rachford


RACHFORD, John R.                   1887-1968              H/O Lena T. Rachford


RACHFORD, Lena T.                   1880-1956              W/O John R. Rachford    


RACHFORD, Marcella                 1920-5-10-1920 (baby 1 mth old)


RACHFORD, Margaret Ann (Nelson)  b.2-2-1848  d.4-11-1920      W/O John Hamilton Rachford     D/O Thomas & Jane (Taylor) Nelson       


RACHFORD, Pearl I. (Nelson)       1882-1960       W/O Thomas A. Rachford     D/O George Tydings & Marietta E. (Benedict) Nelson


RACHFORD, Ralph L.       b. January 1883  d.9-19-1952   S/O Frederick & Zelia A. (Henderson) Rachford                  H/O Bertha “Birdie” E. Rachford


RACHFORD, Samuel K.   b.4-16-1852  d.1-17-1884     S/O Dr.  Hugh K. & Elizabeth J. (Beall) Rachford


RACHFORD, Sarah K.     b.9-28-1855  d.9-21-1856       D/O Dr. Hugh K. & Elizabeth J. (Beall) Rachford


RACHFORD, Thomas Alexander     b.2-3-1871   d.2-4-1914         H/O Pearl I. Rachford         S/O John Hamilton & Margaret Ann (Nelson) Rachford


RACHFORD, Viola M.      b.9-28-1907 d.5-31-1980    W/O George K. Rachford


RACKE, Andrew     b.3-15-1829  d.9-17-1912        H/O Catherine Racke


RACKE, Andrew                1878-1952                H/O Katherine Racke


RACKE, Anna L.         1892-1960     D/O Edward A. & Catherine M. Racke


RACKE, Arthur                          1898-1961              H/O Flora Racke


RACKE, Catherine (Storn)       b.9-12-1938  d.4-3-1913     W/O Andrew Racke


RACKE, Catherine M. (Kuhl)      b.10-15-1866 d.1920               W/O Edward A. Racke


RACKE, Edward A.                   1862-1935              H/O Catherine M. Racke


RACKE, Elizabeth                      1858-1925               W/O Henry Racke


RACKE, Elizabeth                      1887-1966                W/O John Racke


RACKE, Flora                             1905-1981               W/O Arthur Racke


RACKE, Frederic J.       b.10-26-1866   d.8-24-1890      S/O Andrew & Catherine Racke


RACKE, Henry                           1858-1936                 H/O Elizabeth Racke


RACKE, Jacob F.                       1893-1957                H/O Margaret Racke

(Former Campbell County, KY Police Chief)    S/O John D. & Margaretha E. Racke


RACKE, John                             1881-1956                 H/O Elizabeth Racke


RACKE, John D.                       1855-1938            H/O Margaretha E. Racke


RACKE, Katherine                    1871-1947            W/O Andrew Racke


RACKE, Louise M.        b.1893  d.5-6-1969         W/O William F. Racke


RACKE, Margaretha E. (Fauss)    1861-1929        W/O John D. Racke


RACKE, Margaret         b.1897  d.8-29-1966     W/O Jacob Racke


RACKE, William A.    1890-1918     S/O Edward A. & Catherine M. Racke


RACKE, William F.          b.1889  d.1-28-1962        H/O Louise M. Racke


RAGAN, Cora M.              b.1874  d. May 1941           W/O William Ragan


RAGAN, William E.         b.1877  d.1-18-1951            H/O Cora M. Ragan


RAHE, Caroline                          b.1873  d. May 1930


RAHE, Carrie (Niemand)           1867-1941                  W/O Henry H. Rahe


RAHE, Christine                  b.1870  buried 5-2-1942


RAHE, Ernest              b.1944  d.5-28-1944  (Buried on same lot as Homer C. Rahe)


RAHE, Ethel M. (Hulley)          b.1890  d.5-7-1962        W/O Henry F. Rahe


RAHE, Frank H.                         b.1885  d.1-20-1955


RAHE, Fred J.            b.1865  d. June 1919                  H/O Mary A. Rahe


RAHE, Henry F.               b.1833  d. March 1900                  H/O Mary Rahe


RAHE, Henry F.               b.1883  d.3-26-1950              W/O Ethel M. Rahe


RAHE, Henry H.              b.1869  d.11-3-1951                  H/O Carrie Rahe


RAHE, Henry W.             b.1884  d.12-1-1926           H/O Mayme E. Rahe


RAHE, Homer C.       b.6-9-1913   d.6-14-1913       S/O Ernest & Thelma Rahe


RAHE, John                 b.1874  d.9-15-1960                  H/O Rosena M. Rahe


RAHE, John F.            b.1829  d.6-13-1912


RAHE, Katie                                b.1876  d. April 1902


RAHE, Martha                 b.1875  d. January 1945       W/O William H. Rahe


RAHE, Mary                   b.1843  d. April 1924            W/O Henry F. Rahe


RAHE, Mary A.            b.1843  d.6-24-1925


RAHE, Mary Anna          b.1878  d. June 1934          W/O Fred J. Rahe


RAHE, Mayme E.          b.1883  d.1-1-1948         W/O Harry W. Rahe


RAHE, Minnie                     b.1878  d.11-1-1940           


RAHE, Rosena M. (Haas)            1881-1952                   W/O John Rahe


RAHE, W. Clifford              b.1905  d. January 1913             S/O John & Rosena M. Rahe


RAHE, William H.       b.1872  d.5-29-1946           H/O Martha Rahe


RAMSEY, Harriet      b.12-25-1812  d.5-26-1888


RAMSEY, Julia (LeMaire)        b.10-31-1851  d.12-4-1910


RANDALL, Anna (Nancy Anna Maddox)     1865-1934  W/O Pollard G. Randall     D/O Charles H. & Mary F. (Winston) Maddox


RANDALL, George P.        b.1906  d.12-28-1944      S/O Pollard G. & Anna (Maddox)  Randall


RANDALL, Pollard G.         b.1862  d.2-15-1946            H/O Anna Randall

S/O Jeremiah & Hester Ann (Gosney) Randall


RARDIN, Bessie                                     buried 9-4-1902


RARDIN, Lucy (Fletcher)   b.1877  d. 12-19-1967  W/O Winfred D. Rardin


RARDIN, Mildred M. (Snyder)       b.1899  d.5-9-1953  W/O Raymond Rardin


RARDIN, Raymond  b.9-2-1900  d. 7-19-1989   H/O Lucy Rardin   S/O Augustus S. & Mary E. (Addis) Rardin


RARDIN, Winfred D.   b.1874  d.5-25-1965   H/O Lucy Rardin  S/O Augustus S. & Mary E. (Addis) Rardin


RANKIN, John W.         b.1893  d. May 1956        H/O Ruth M. Rankin


RANKIN, Ruth M.          b.1891  d.11-26-1968       W/O John W. Rankin


RATH, Mary Jane         (child)       died 1-18-1945


RATLIFF, Thomas A.   b.4-30-1852   d.12-20-1886


RAWLINS, Rose S.           b.1880  d.12-7-1957       W/O William F. Rawlins


RAWLINS, William F.       b.1876  d.6-3-1964       H/O Rose S. Rawlins


REDFIELD, Floyd N.              1872-1954          H/O May F. Redfield


REDFIELD, May F. (Fitchgerald)       1880-1947           W/O Floyd N. Redfield


REDFIELD, Mildred Ruth           1909-1940        W/O Aubery Redfield


REED, Dora        b.1907  d.10-12-1991            W/O John J. Reed


REED, John J.     b.1897  d.10-22-1962            H/O Dora Reed


REED, Lester              b.1900  d.1961


REILEY, Benjamin Franklin     b.8-2-1813  d.4-22-1906       H/O Susannah Reiley    CPL 2ND  KY  INF   SP  AM  WAR     S/O William & Elizabeth (Morin) Reiley


REILEY, Dan Wesley                       b1924  d.9-7-1924


REILEY, Edward Morin     b.5-28-1862  d.9-9-1946              H/O Rosa Reiley        S/O George Washington & Margaret (Shaw) Reiley


REILEY, Ella (Culbertson)     b.10-3-1853  d.12-19-1928   W/O Thomas Reiley            D/O James Greer & Catherine (Youtsey) Culbertson


REILEY, Elizabeth (Morin)   b.3-8-1789  d.9-6-1878     W/O William Reiley

D/O Edward & Elizabeth (Jones) Morin


REILEY, George G.    b.8-29-1874  d.6-20-1936       S/O John James & Lucy G. Reiley         2ND LIEUT  CO  G  2ND KY  IN  SP  AM  WAR


REILEY, George Washington (SR)  b.7-24-1815  d.3-29-1891  age 75 yrs  3 mths  5 dys               H/O Margaret Reiley & Emily (Shaw) Reiley  S/O William & Elizabeth (Morin) Reiley


REILEY, George Washington (JR)      b.5-17-1857  d.1921       H/O Eliza M. Reiley   S/O George Washington & Margaret (Shaw) Reiley


REILEY, John                       1826-1901           H/O Leah Ann Reiley

S/O William & Elizabeth (Morin) Reiley


REILEY, John James       b.11-29-1842  d.3-30-1925           H/O Lucy G. Reiley    S/O Benjamin Franklin & Susannah (Stroube) Reiley


REILEY, John Wesley         b. June 1866  d.9-16-1950               H/O Mae Charlotte Reiley           S/O John & Leah Ann (White) Reiley


REILEY, John Wilburn               b.8-17-1925  d.9-16-1950    S/O John Wesley & Mae Charlotte (Fuller) Reiley  


REILEY, Leah Ann (White) “Lettie”     b.1833  d.5-31-1915         W/O John Reiley            D/O Jacob & Avice (Shaw) White


REILEY, Eliza M. (White) “Lida”       1859-1909            W/O George Washington Reiley Jr.          D/O Thomas M. & Elizabeth (Bryan) White


REILEY, Lucy G.     b.3-28-1841  d.6-2-1905             W/O John J. Reiley


REILEY, Mae Charlotte (Fuller)       b.1886   d.10-19-1971             W/O John Wesley Reiley       


REILEY, Margaret (Shaw)    b.2-23-1827  d.1-31-1921          W/O George Washington Reiley       D/O Robert Franklin & Margaret (Morin) Shaw


REILEY, Mary                 b.1882  d.4-28-1960


REILEY, Rosa (Hartman)        b. February 1866  d.4-25-1943         W/O Edward M. Reiley    D/O William & Mary Jane (Parker) Hartman


REILEY, Susannah (Stroube)   b.1-9-1819  d.2-21-1897   W/O Benjamin F. Reiley


REILEY, William      b.10-21-1786  d.1-19-1882           H/O Elizabeth Reiley

S/O John & Elizabeth (McCullough) Reiley


REINHARDT, Amos         b.1870  d.4-26-1967           H/O Delia Reinhardt


REINHARDT, Anna                    1879-1939                   W/O Fred Reinhardt


REINHARDT, Delia            b.1865  d.4-7-1940      W/O Amos Reinhardt


REINHARDT, Elizabeth     b.5-12-1847   d.4-12-1885


REINHARDT, Elizabeth           b.1875  d.1-24-1943        W/O Nicholas Reinhardt


REINHARDT, Fred       b.1874  d.7-2-1949             H/O Anna Reinhardt


REINHARDT, Nicholas             b.1876  d. March 1953             H/O Elizabeth Reinhardt


REINHARDT, Olympia J.           1902-1902


RESLER, Elsie             b.1924                            W/O Harold Resler


RESLER, Harold D. “Doc”     b.1918  d.11-30-1962         H/O Elsie Resler


REVEL, Florence                1885-1910        D/O Hugh Knox & ILA Revel


REVEL, Hugh Knox                   1855-1934                   H/O Ila Revel


REVEL, Ila                                  1857-1913              W/P Hugh Knox Revel


REVELL, Eve I.             1881-1945


RICE, Anna                     b.1873  d.4-25-1960         W/O Thomas M. Rice


RICE, Thomas M.           b.1880  d.2-5-1958           H/O Anna Rice


RIEDINGER, Charles G.          b.1889  d.5-28-1958     H/O Gertrude K. Riedinger


RIEDINGER, Gertrude K.       b.1892  d.4-12-1978       W/O Charles G. Riedinger


RIES, Henry E.     b.6-11-1897  d.8-18-1956



RIGBY, Charles                         1890-1944              H/O Julia Rigby


RIGBY, Julia                              1889-1980              W/O Charles Rigby


RIGGALL, Mabel V. (Horner)         1876-1948          W/O Robert C. Riggall


RIGGALL, Robert            b.1-2-1848  d.8-17-1925    H/O Susan S. Riggall


RIGGALL, Robert C.                   1882-1955              H/O Mabel V. Riggall


RIGGALL, Susan S.          b.2-19-1852  d.11-12-1903   W/O Robert Riggall


RILEY, Calvin S.                         1869-1945              H/O Margaret Riley    


RILEY, Carrie                     b.1905  d.1-6-1962     W/O Ezekiel Riley


RILEY, Connie Sue       b.7-2-1957  d.7-4-1957


RILEY, Erma E.                     died 11-23-1903


RILEY, Eugene D.              1899-1963       S/O Calvin S. & Margaret Riley


RILEY, Ezekiel                  b.1905  d. November 1960   H/O Carrie Riley


RILEY, Margaret                          1863-1946            W/O Calvin S. Riley


RILEY, Mother              (no dates or first name)


RILEY, Nicholas                  b.1909  d.11-17-1922


RILEY, Wilford Gordon      b.2-25-1892  d.1-30-1950



RINEHARD, Kate                        1870-1960              W/O Peter Rinehard


RINEHARD, Peter                       1866-1954              H/O Kate Rinehard


RISCH, Carrie (Kane)                  1880-1937


RISCH, Christian (Christophe)         b.1854  d.12-7-1931        H/O Margaret Risch


RISCH, Elizabeth          b.1860  d.11-7-1921        W/O Jacob Risch


RISCH, Emma L.            b.9-4-1869  d.3-26-1946   W/O Henry Risch


RISCH, F.                     b.1858  buried 7-31-1901        H/O L. Risch


RISCH, George                           1831-1880         H/O Sophia Risch


RISCH, Hazel A.        b.1919  d. March 1965      M/O Karen J. Risch


RISCH, Mary H.                         b.1858  d.11-24-1912        


RISCH, Henry H.               b.1883  d.6-8-1933        H/O Sophia Risch


RISCH, Jacob “Jake”             b.1856  d.2-13-1928         H/O Elizabeth Risch


RISCH, Karen Jean    (child)      b.1957  d. March 1965      D/O Hazel A. Risch


RISCH, L.                                    1862-1922         W/O F. Risch


RISCH, Louisa                     1876-1894          D/O George & Sophia Risch


RISCH, Margaret              b.1856  d.5-3-1935         W/O Christian Risch


RISCH, Peter                      1872-1894          S/O George & Sophia Risch


RISCH, Sophia               b.1834  buried 5-7-1921          W/O George Risch    


RISCH, Sophia (Lickert)      1891-1954          W/O Henry H. Risch


RISCH, Sophia             b.12-12-1888  d.7-9-1981


RISCH, Thomas                    1867-1894          S/O George & Sophia Risch  


RISCH, William              b.3-2-1886     d.4-22-1965


RITTINGER, Edward                1900-1954           H/O Stella Rittinger


RITTINGER, Fred J.                  1898-1959           H/O Goldie Rittinger


RITTINGER, Goldie (Kiser)      1900-1987           W/O Fred J. Rittinger


RITTINGER, Joseph                  1858-1939           H/O Magdalena Rittinger


RITTINGER, Joseph J.              1911-1951       H/O Alma A. Rittinger


RITTINGER, Magdalena          1872-1932           W/O Joseph Rittinger


RITTINGER, Stella                   1905-__                    W/O Edward Rittinger


ROBERTSON, C. M. (Clempson M.)  1844-1921        H/O Rosa A. Robertson


ROBERTSON, Lyda Rose         1890-1920          D/O C. M. & Rosa A. Robertson


ROBERTSON, Mary Elizabeth (Neale)        b.3-3-1843  d.8-9-1881    W/O Clempson Robertson


ROBERTSON, Rosa A. (Thatcher)   1849-1930   W/O C. M. Robertson


ROBINSON, Alec M.       b.1861  d.5-28-1943      H/O Margaret Robinson


ROBINSON, Amy                       1890-1961          W/O Burns Robinson


ROBINSON, Barney N.          1861-1942         H/O Maggie Robinson


ROBINSON, Burns            b.2-25-1890  d.4-7-1993          H/O Amy Robinson


ROBINSON, John James           b.1908  d. November 1958


ROBINSON, Margaret         b.1875  d.2-22-1971      W/O Alec M. Robinson


RODENBERG, F. W. (REV)      1845-1909            H/O Louise Rodenberg


RODENBERG, Louise           b.1852  d. February 1930    W/O Rev. F. W. Rodenberg



RODGERS, Walter G.      b.11-11-1895  d.6-27-1962



ROSE, Cora P.           b.1877  d.3-1-1958


ROSE, Helen            b.6-6-1921  d.11-26-1974           W/O John D. Rose


ROSE, John D.             b.12-11-1923        d.8-26-1994    H/O Helen Rose


ROTHFUSS, George E.       b.1-31-1902  d.7-19-1962            H/O Grace E. Rothfuss


ROTHFUSS, Grace E.         b.4-11-1909  d.4-9-1992      W/O George E. Rothfuss


RUNGE, Unknown         (infant)    8-24-1958


RUPP, Charles Wesley                 1904-1938          H/O Kathryn E. Rupp


RUPP, Jacob                                 1868-1929          H/O Margaret Rupp


RUPP, Kathryn E.                        1896-1937           W/O Charles Wesley Rupp


RUPP, Margaret                            1869-1957           W/O Jacob Rupp


RUPP, Mary N.                            1906-1929


RUSK, Anna E.    b.9-18-1843  d.6-23-1895


RUSK, Beulah       b.1-25-1867  d.1-27-1885


RUSK, Edward     b.3-7-1883  d.4-14-1885


RUSK, James H.    b.7-24-1841  d.7-9-1918      H/O Jo Eva (Warwick) Rusk


RUSK, Lizzie       b.1-3-1869  d.3-13-1889


RUSK, Lula      b.6-26-1872  d.9-4-1873


RUSK, Unnamed   (infant)           1902         D/O J. W. & Margarete Rusk


RUST, Mary E.         b.10-18-1835  d.5-18-1900


RUST, Theresa L.     b.4-11-1874   d.6-13-1875    D/O F. O. & M. E. Rust


RYLE, Lucian                b.1896  d.3-26-1962


SABIE, Margaret C. “Daisy”            b.1891  d.7-1-1981     W/O William T. Sabie


SABIE, William T.              b.1888  d.2-22-1958        H/O Margaret C. Sabie


SAGE, Samuel     b.3-22-1807  d.10-22-1875  


SANSOM, Charles W.                 1875-1932


SANSOM, Daisy S.                     1918-


SANSOM, Frank E.                      1915-1964            


SANSOM, George T.                    1869-1952             H/O Mary L. Sansom


SANSOM, Ida E.                         1918-1931


SANSOM, Mary E.   b.5-16-1841   d.12-25-1917      W/O Ritchard C. Sansom


SANSOM, Mary L.                       1877-1954             W/O George T. Sansom


SANSOM, Ritchard C.     b.12-21-1837   d.10-11-1908         H/O Mary E. Sansom            LIETU  CO  C    2ND  PHB  MT  INF


SARRES, August                  1842-1881             


SARRES, Henry                    1869-1904          S/O August Sarres


SATTLER, Mary          b.1860  d.3-28-1945     W/O Philip Sattler


SATTLER, Philip         b.1850  d.2-15-1920      H/O Mary Sattler


SAUSER, Annie             b.1881  d.9-24-1984        W/O Louis Sauser


SAUSER, Ella K.           1902                D/O Louis & Anna M. Sauser


SAUSER, Louis              b.1875  d.2-10-1957        H/O Annie Sauser


SCHABER, Anna M.     b.10-16-1793  d.6-21-1881 


SCHABER, Earl                 1900-1915


SCHABER, G. F.   b.2-26-1824  d.8-14-1884   age 60 yrs  5 mths  18 dys


SCHABER,  George H. (DR)     1892-1929


SCHABER, Harry A.                1887-1964                H/O Mary L. Schaber


SCHABER, John A.                1865-1938                  H/O Sallie A. Schaber


SCHABER, Mary L.                 1889-1936                 W/O Harry A. Schaber


SCHABER, Sallie A.                1871-1947                 W/O John A. Schaber


SCHAFER, Dora         (no dates)


SCHAFER, Freidaricke                 1843-1927             W/O John Schafer


SCHAFER, Izetta                          1918-1955


SCHAFER, John                            1838-19_             H/O Freidaricke Schafer


SCHALK, Arthur P.                       1903-1957           H/O Hazel V. Schalk


SCHALK, Hazel V.                        1908-1975           W/O Arthur P. Schalk


SCHEFFING, George                    1855-1924          W/O Mary Scheffing


SCHEFFING, Mary                       1857-1946           W/O George Scheffing



SCHEIBLY, Robert Leo     b.6-12-1912  d.9-20-1959



SCHICKLEY, Albert                     1893-1977            H/O Lena Schickley


SCHICKLEY, Lena                       1896-1965            W/O Albert Schickley


SCHLAKE, Catherine L. (Scker)   b.12-8-1838  d.1-22-1925    H/O Henry J. Schlake


SCHLAKE, Henry J.     b.6-2-1828 Harpenfeld Amt., Wittlage, Hanover, Germany     d.6-8-1893                                       H/O Catherine L. Schlake


SCHLAKE, J. Henry          b.1856  d. February 1911           H/O Katherine Schlake


SCHLAKE, John E.       b.11-8-1890  d.1-10-1956



SCHLAKE, Eva Katherine           b. 1864  d.10-3-1945           W/O J. Henry Schlake


SCHLELEIN, Adam M.               b.1859  d. April 1919            S/O George L. & Katherine Schlelein


SCHLELEIN, George L.      b.6-13-1820  d.4-8-1878      H/O Katherine Schlelein


SCHLELEIN, John                     b.1857  d. August 1941          


SCHLELEIN, Josephine              1864-1939            D/O George L. & Katherine Schlelein


SCHLELEIN, Katherine              b.1826  d. August 1908        W/O George L. Schlelein


SCHMIDT, Anna Elizabeth (Schneider)  b.4-7-1821  d.12-27-1884   

S/O Valentin Schmidt



SCHMIDT, Arthur J.    b.11-5-1917  d.3-23-1964



SCHMIDT, Bertha S.         1885-1892           D/O John & Josephine Schmidt


SCHMIDT, Dorothea (Geis)        b.1820  d.9-10-1911  


SCHMIDT, Elizabeth M.         b.1879  d.12-5-1963       W/O Frederick Schmidt


SCHMIDT, Eva K.       b.1887  d.3-21-1943     W/O John K. Schmidt


SCHMIDT, Frederick           b.1875  d.10-13-1944       H/O Elizabeth M. Schmidt


SCHMIDT, Henry          b.1850  d.6-30-1930              H/O Mary Schmidt


SCHMIDT, Irma Fischer     B & D  11-2-1925 


SCHMIDT, John K.          b.1883  d.12-29-1950     H/O Eva K. Schmidt


SCHMIDT, John W.               b.1861  d.9-13-1943             H/O Josephine Schmidt


SCHMIDT, Josephine                  1861-1936             W/O John Schmidt


SCHMIDT, Kate             b.1864  d.3-29-1962        H/O Peter Schmidt


SCHMIDT, Louisa M.               b.1891  d.9-27-1964


SCHMIDT, Marion C.               b.1922  d.2-7-1922    


SCHMIDT, Mary            b.1860  d.7-5-1949               W/O Henry Schmidt


SCHMIDT, Peter             b.1856  d.1-1-1943        H/O Kate Schmidt


SCHMIDT, Valentin               b.6-3-1824  d.3-21-1893       H/O Anna Elizabeth Schmidt



SCHMIDT, Valentine W.        b.1886  d.4-2-1940       S/O John & Josephine Schmidt


SCHMUDDE, A. M. Dorothea (Wiecher)   b.8-12-1833  d.10-30-1898  W/O J. F. L. Schmudde


SCHMUDDE, Frank C.         b.1874  d.2-10-1958       H/O Pearl Schmudde


SCHMUDDE, Fred H.         b.1868  d.11-29-1943          H/O Louise M. Schmudde


SCHMUDDE, J. F. L.     b.8-18-1827   d.12-12-1908        H/O A. M. Dorothea Schmudde


SCHMUDDE, Louise M.            b.1874  d.6-6-1962             W/O Fred H. Schmudde


SCHMUDDE, Pearl         b.1881  d.10-18-1964       W/O Frank Schmudde


SCHNITZLER, Criss           b.1882  d.3-23-1958    H/O Katherine Schnitzler


SCHNITZLER, Elmer G.        b.6-5-1914  d.1-9-1997       H/O Janet M. Schnitzler


SCHNITZLER, Henry           b.1853  d.3-20-1920             H/O Lizzie Schnitzler


SCHNITZLER, Janet M.        b.1905  d.3-12-1945     W/O Elmer G. Schnitzler


SCHNITZLER, John                   1861-1926             H/O Lizzie Schnitzler


SCHNITZLER, Katherine     b.1889  d.1-12-1964     W/O Criss Schnitzler


SCHNITZLER, Lizzie                 1859-1930             W/O Henry Schnitzler


SCHNITZLER, Lizzie                 1869-1934             W/O John Schnitzler


SCHROATH, Eyma S. (Irma)      1910-1911             D/O John & Louisa Schroath


SCHROATH, John                       1880-1938              H/O Louisa Schroath


SCHROATH, Katherine         1878-1898    D/O Phillip & Susan Schroath


SCHROATH, Louisa (Hess)        1880-1932               W/O John Schroath


SCHROATH, Lucy L.                  1898-19_               W/O Martin Schroath


SCHROATH, Martin                    1885-1950             H/O Lucy L. Schroath


SCHROATH, Phillip                    1857-1933          H/O Susan Schroath


SCHROATH, Susan                     1853-1921           W/O Phillip Schroath


SCHWEITZER, Albert W.            b.12-13-1887  d.3-20-1963     H/O Norma L. Schweitzer


SCHWEITZER, Barbara              1876-1923             W/O George C. Schweitzler


SCHWEITZER, George C.        1873-1960              H/O Barbara Schweitzer


SCHWEITZER, Norma L.          b.3-25-1891  d.3-4-1981    W/O Albert W. Schweitzer


SEIBERT, Dorothy          b.1-10-1913  d.12-23-1980               W/O Franklin E. Seibert


SEIBERT, Franklin E.        b.5-1-1912  d.5-30-1990                H/O Dorothy Seibert


SEIBERT, Katherine A.              b.1882  d.8-12-1957


SEITZ, George                             1864-1940            H/O Katherine Seitz


SEITZ, George      b.2-15-1893   d.7-7-1962



SEITZ, John                                 b.1858  d.4-10-1937


SEITZ, Katherine         b. 1860  buried 6-2-1935         W/O George Seitz


SHANKS, Addie B.      b.7-17-1868  d.12-16-1907   W/O John W. Shanks


SHANKS, Augusta              b.1874  d.4-17-1947        W/O Rev. James P. Shanks


SHANKS, Clifford           b.1899  d. March 1918          S/O John W. & Addie B. Shanks


SHANKS, Effa                  b.1891  d.9-28-1979         W/O William Shanks


SHANKS, Estella K.          b.1874  d.1939     W/O Robert E. Shanks


SHANKS, George F.                 1902-1933      S/O John W. & Ida Mae Shanks


SHANKS, Harold Guy       b.11-19-1894  d.8-5-1915


SHANKS, Ida Mae                b.2-9-1872  d.5-18-1966           W/O John W. Shanks       Married 1910


SHANKS, James P. (REV)          b.1869  d.3-2-1949          H/O Augusta Shanks


SHANKS, James William         b.1892  d.4-25-1965    H/O Effa Shanks


SHANKS, John C.        b.11-19-1889  d.2-26-1916     S/O John W. & Addie B. Shanks


SHANKS, John W.           b.1866  d.9-1-1932           H/O Addie B. Shanks & Ida Mae Shanks


SHANKS, Preston D.      b.8-16-1894  d.5-1-1900     S/O John W. & Addie B. Shanks


SHANKS, Robert E.            b.1871  d.2-13-1960      H/O Estella K. Shanks



SHAW, Alice     b.7-12-1853   d.1-25-1854       D/O James & Mary (Acklin) Shaw


SHAW, Augusta               buried 1854


SHAW, Augusta V.      b.11-23-1843  d.2-16-1857    D/O Edward & Rosanna R. (Baker) Shaw


SHAW, Benjamin Anderson       b.4-12-1879  d.12-11-1969   H/O Georgia Louella (White) Shaw          S/O William Thomas Lafayette & Ella Virginia (West) Shaw


SHAW, Benjamin F.       b.9-1-1844  d.8-25-1850    S/O James & Mary (Acklin) Shaw


SHAW, Clayton Whitemore (MD)       1871-1944     H/O Faye Fern (Hill) Shaw     S/O James Fremont & Laura (Reed) Shaw


SHAW, Clara             b.1894  d.2-16-1949              W/O John Willis Shaw


SHAW, Elizabeth (Faris)     b.3-12-1867  d.2-14-1902    W/O Howard Kirby Shaw           D/O John A. & Matilda (Mason) Faris


SHAW, Emily F.      b.6-13-1852  d.8-11-1858      D/O Edward & Rosanna R. (Baker) Shaw


SHAW, Ennis Lee        b.4-2-1893  d.5-5-1965       H/O Eula Hazel Shaw

S/O John James & Harriet (Moore) Shaw


SHAW, Eula Hazel (Harris)      b.7-5-1903  d.10-27-1995      W/O Ennis Lee Shaw       D/O James Albert & Nora Bell (Green) Harris


SHAW, Evelyn L.           b.10-6-1895  d.11-24-1982    W/O Robert C. Shaw


SHAW, Faye Fern (Hill)       b.7-23-1874  d.8-27-1963   W/O Clayton Whitemore Shaw           D/O Theodore MacDonald & Mary Isaphine (White) Hill


SHAW, Frances J. (Troxell)     b.3-15-1830  d.1-15-1896  age 65 yrs  10 mths   W/O James A. Shaw


SHAW, Georgia Louella ((White)     b.10-7-1898  d.3-29-1926   W/O Benjamin Anderson Shaw       D/O George R. & Sarah E. (Wright) Shaw


SHAW, Harriet R. (Moore)    b.2-13-1872  d.3-18-1945  W/O John James Shaw


SHAW, Henry J.      b.2-4-1879  d.11-2-1959   H/O Nancy (Boren) Shaw & Bertha (Scott) Shaw            S/O Joseph Monroe & Elizabeth Katherine (Wilson) Shaw


SHAW, Howard Kirby      b.8-11-1863  d.5-4-1927     H/O Elizabeth (Faris)) Shaw  & Lenora Ophelia (Daniel)       S/O John A. & Jane (Kirby) Shaw


SHAW, James A.         b.1-22-1822  d.4-20-1890     H/O Frances J. (Troxell) Shaw        S/O David & Sarah (White) Shaw


SHAW, Jane (Kirby)         1844-1901           W/O John A. Shaw

D/O Mortimer F. & Mahala (Bradford) Kirby


SHAW, John A.      b.1-13-1836  d.8-29-1897       H/O Jane Shaw

S/O James & Mary (Acklin) Shaw


SHAW, John James        b.8-26-1849  d.11-25-1918        H/O Harriet R.  (Moore) Shaw & Sarah Keturah (Reiley) Shaw      S/O Joseph & Matilda (Slater) Shaw


SHAW, John Willis      b.6-18-1895  d.12-8-1967     H/O Clara Shaw            S/O John James & Harriet (Moore) Shaw


SHAW, Lenora Ophelia (Daniel)    b.2-20-1872  d.4-30-1959   W/O Howard Kirby Shaw         D/O Stephen F. & Elizabeth Florella (Kennedy) Daniel


SHAW, Lizzie Mason         b.3-7-1847  d.7-30-1849  age 2 yrs  3 mths  23 dys       D/O James A. & Frances J. (Troxell) Shaw


SHAW, Martha         b.11-26-1848  d.9-17-1850      D/O Edward & Rosanna R. (Baker) Shaw



SHAW, Nellie G. (Luther)         b. August 1871  d.1-13-1964     W/O Warren P. Shaw


SHAW, Robert C.          b.5-7-1895  d.6-17-1964        H/O Evelyn L. Shaw


SHAW, Roy   b.1-4-1912  d.9-10-1957    S/O Clayton Whitemore & Fay Fern (Hill) Shaw              SK 2  USNR  WWII


SHAW, Ruby      b.10-10-1892  d.2-26-1965         D/O Howard Kirby & Elizabeth (Faris) Shaw


SHAW, Warren P.              b. May 1865  d.7-8-1943            H/O Nellie C. Shaw            S/O Coleman G. & Mary Evaline (Reiley) Shaw


SIMONS, Alford R.            b.1848  d. December 1923           H/O Elizabeth Simons


SIMONS, Alvin     buried 10-2-1899



SIMONS, Andrew


SIMONS, Betty                           1897-1923


SIMONS, Charles E.            b.1877  d.11-29-1945        H/O Mary E. Simons


SIMONS, Douglas


SIMONS, Elizabeth                     1819-1894           W/O Lorenzo Simons Sr.


SIMONS, Elizabeth Ann            b.1853  d.4-4-1932              W/O Alford R. Simons




SIMONS, Lorenzo Dow (SR)            1811-1895            H/O Elizabeth Simons


SIMONS, Lorenzo Dow (JR)        b.1857  d.11-4-1941         S/O Lorenzo Dow & Elizabeth Simons Sr.


SIMONS, Lorenzo             b.1879  d.11-29-1940              H/O Marie Simons


SIMONS, Marie            b.1895  d.1-8-1948             W/O Lorenzo Simons


SIMONS, Mary E.         b.1874  d.6-2-1951                     W/O Charles E. Simons


SIMONS, Ora                 b.1871  d.11-18-1958          W/O Thomas Simons


SIMONS, Pauline “Polly”       b.1900  d.11-15-1923             D/O Thomas & Ora Simmons


SIMONS, Shirley Ann            buried 10-11-1935


SIMONS, Taylor


SIMONS, Thomas             b.1855  d.10-21-1933               H/O Ora Simons


SIRY, Irene B             b.1896  d.4-22-1960              W/O Raymond C. Siry


SIRY, Raymond C.           b. 1891  d.12-25-1978              H/O Irene B. Siry


SIZEMORE, Barbara A.      b.1914    d.2-28-1963      W/O Logan Sizemore


SIZEMORE, Logan       b.1913                               H/O Barbara A. Sizemore


SLALINE, Elizabeth (Trapp)      1818-1890


SMITH, Addie         b.1878  d.7-17-1937     D/O Verner & Frances Smith


SMITH, Carl               b.1892  d.7-8-1968              H/O Emma Smith


SMITH, Carolina              b.1847  d.10-4-1920               W/O John P. Smith


SMITH, Charles E.         b.11-2-1924  d.2-9-1945   S/O Carl & Emma Smith



SMITH, Daniel Elva “Elvie”      b.2-12-1882  d. 1-12-1962    H/O Lillie (Droege) Smith & Goldie G. (Gosney) Smith       S/O Daniel Boone & Margaret Jane (Baker) Smith


SMITH, Deborah Lynn          b.12-27-1963   d.2-16-1964


SMITH, Edna M.           b.1905  d.7-25-1962             W/O Kellom Smith


SMITH, Emelie           b.1911  d.1-17-1915       D/O Harry B. & Lottie Smith


SMITH, Emma                  b.1894  d.10-10-1988         W/O Carl Smith


SMITH, Ethel B. (Bray)       b.3-6-1898  d.12-4-1975       W/O Henry Aulick Smith             D/O John W. & Elizabeth Ella (Courtney) Bray


SMITH, Frances “Fannie”        b.1882  d. July 1953   W/O Verner Smith


SMITH, Harry B.                        1884- 1967             H/O Lottie Smith


SMITH, Hazel P. (Tyre)             b.2-27-1897  d.3-3-1943             W/O Wilkie Smith


SMITH, Henry Aulick        b.10-3-1894  d.3-31-1985       H/O Ethel B. Smith              S/O Francis Marion & Mary Ann (Foss) Smith


SMITH, Jack W.          b.12-13-1927  d.1-3-1960      H/O Helen Smith

Father of Amber Smith


SMITH, Jacob                b.1879  d.10-23-1952       H/O Margaret Smith


SMITH, Jean                    b.7-26-1926  d.7-31- 1926  age 5 days


SMITH, John Edwin         b.1-14-1920  d.1-2-1964   H/O Melba Smith

S/O Henry Aulick & Ethel B. (Bray) Smith     



SMITH, John Henry         b.1895  d.7-15-1935



SMITH, John P.             b.1847  d.4-10-1934             H/O Caroline Smith


SMITH, John P.            b.1852  d.1-5-1923     H/O Mary J. Smith


SMITH, John R.      b.1-29-1885  d.4-24-1926      H/O Rose Smith


SMITH, Kellom             b.1905  d.11-28-1962           H/O Edna M. Smith

S/O Verner & Mary Smith


SMITH, Lillie (Droege)       b.1883  d.5-24-1952        W/O Daniel Elva Smith


SMITH, Lottie                             1886-                      W/O Harry B. Smith


SMITH, Mamie                b.1894  d.10-12-1973              W/O Pete Smith


SMITH, Margaret             b.1881  d.3-26-1960         W/O Jacob Smith


SMITH, Mary J.                b.1857  d.1-8-1922     W/O John P. Smith


SMITH, Pete                b.1891  d.5-19-1964               H/O Mamie Smith


SMITH, Rose        b.3-10-1889  d.11-22-1946      W/O John R. Smith


SMITH, Rose K.                   b.1864  d.10-4-1938


SMITH, Russell H.           b.1892  d.5-2-1936      H/O Hannah Lou (Petty) Smith


SMITH, Verner              b.1882  d. November 1953          H/O Frances Smith


SMITH, Walter J.           b.1-16-1888   d.5-30-1955



SMITH, Wilkie B.           b.11-22-1888  d.4-29-1976     H/O Hazel P. Smith

S/O Daniel Boone & Margaret Jane (Baker) Smith


SNYDER, Henry J.                  b.1900  d.12-10-1952


SNYDER, Joseph H.        b.1868  d.2-5-1960          H/O Nettie B. Snyder


SNYDER, Nettie B.          b.1870  d.6-8-1913          W/O Joseph H. Snyder


SOBELEW, Amelia                      1879-1901


SORRELL, George R. (SGT)     b.1928  d. May 1973


SPONSEL, Anna M.         b.1873  d. July 1953         W/O John Sponsel


SPONSEL, John               b.1872  d. October 1938   H/O Anna M. Sponsel


SPANGLER, Blanche        b.1882  d.6-18-1956        W/O William Spangler


SPANGLER, James A.           b.1853  d.6-5-1931        H/O Levina Spangler


SPANGLER, Levina             b.1863  d.1908                W/O James A. Spangler


SPANGLER, William E.        b.1887  d.2-4-1975       H/O Blanche Spangler


SPRAGUE, Arnold        buried 4-21-1934


SPRAGUE, Danny Ray Roy     b.5-18-1958  d.5-18-1958


SPRAGUE, Goldie M.     b. 1908  d. 5-9-1968       W/O Henry A. Sprague


SPRAGUE, Henry A.    b.1875  d.3-21-1869   H/O Lady Ann Sprague & Goldie M. Sprague     S/O William A. & Malinda Agnes (Rardin) Sprague


SPRAGUE, Irene      b.2-25-1913  d.8-22-1989


SPRAGUE, Kenneth R.    b.9-24-1940  d.12-18-1984


SPRAGUE, Lady Ann (Thomas)        b.1891  d.4-21-1956   W/O Henry A.  Sprague


SPRAGUE, Louetta       b.12-30-1897  d.7-17-1979


SPRAGUE, Marion         b.1920  d.10-11-1931


SPRAGUE, Mary E.       b.6-28-1893  d. December 1977


SPRAGUE, Robert W.            b.1948  d.7-16-1948


SPRAGUE, Shirley Arthur      b.  d. 9-23-1971        S/O William A. & Malinda Agnes (Rardin) Sprague


SPRAGUE, Wesley      b.1-20-1910  d. August 1994


SPRAGUE, William H.    b.9-16-1912  d.8-17-1995  H/O Edna (Leap) Sprague


SPAULDING, Frederick              1885-1955                H/O Orain Spaulding


SPAULDING, Margaret (Mell)  b.11-2-1847  d.2-26-1921    W/O William H. Spaulding


SPAULDING, Orain            1884-1962                W/O Frederick  Spaulding


SPAULDING, William H.    b.9-29-1852  d.7-22-1918   H/O Margaret Spaulding                 S/O Henry E. & Delila Ann (Giles) Spalding


SPILLMAN, Charles H.        b.6-6-1857  d.8-1-1923   H/O Ella Spillman


SPILLMAN, Ella (Burr)       b.1856  d.9-14-1937    W/O Charles H. Spillman


SPILMAN, William E.       b.6-10-1889  d.9-11-1968  S/O Charles & Ella (Burr) Spillman          PVT  CO  C  64th   RGT  C. A. C.  WWI


SPITZELBERGER, Helena (Schmidt)          1866-1950


SPOLDEN, Elizabeth (Strawn)    b. December 1814  d. December 1899   W/O John Spolden


SPOLDEN, John       b.12-26-1810  d.3-10-1888      H/O Elizabeth Spolden

S/O Aaron & Hannah Spalding


SPORING, Amanda            b. 1847  d.12-24-1932           W/O Peter Sporing


SPORING, Charles                       b.1877  d.7-25-1960


SPORING, Clara G.       b.1870  d.7-1-1956        W/O Edward F. Sporing


SPORING, Edward F. (DD)    b.1877  d.12-22-1962     H/O Clara G. Sporing


SPORING, Elizabeth                    1852-1899            W/O Peter Sporing


SPORING, Fillmore      b.11-19-1882   d.9-2-1915    S/O John & Mollie Sporing              


SPORING, John W.                b.1851  d.3-9-1929             H/O Mollie Sporing


SPORING, Leonard G.        b.1880  d.6-21-1954      H/O Mabel W. Sporing


SPORING, Mable W.         b.1889  d.12-7-1957       W/O Leonard G. Sporing


SPORING, Mollie             b.1852  d. December1927             W/O John Sporing


SPORING, Peter             b.1847  d.3-15-1932             H/O Amanda & Elizabeth  Sporing


SPORING, Lillie H.                      1891-1923


SPORING, Rosa D.                       1884-1926


STAMLER, Jean M.          b. 1911  d.10-16-1967      W/O Marion E. Stamler


STAMLER, Marion E.      b.1909  d.6-27-1961        H/O Jean M. Stamler


STECKLE, Joseph H.                b.1880  d.2-27-1957


STEFFEN, Carl H.        b.9-1-1902  d.4-4-1978          H/O Loretta M. Steffen


STEFFEN, Edna              b.1912  d. April 1940            W/O Ralph L. Steffen


STEFFEN, Loretta M.       b.3-5-1912  d.2-27-1984    W/O Carl H. Steffen


STEFFEN, Ralph L.          b.1902  d.8-10-1958             H/O Edna Steffen


STEINBECK, Nora                                                        D/O Nellie Bly Wiley


STEPHENS, Francis M.      b.1-28-1842  d.5-7-1904


STEVENS, Jane (Stevens)   b.8-10-1812  d.4-19-1876 

W/O Thomas Stevens


STEVENS, Thomas   b.2-15-1805  d.7-17-1889  age 84 yrs  5 mths  2 dys 

H/O Jane E. Stevens


STEVENSON, Martha A.     b.4-16-1824  d.9-28-1898


STEWART, Norma Lee           b.1931  d. April 1933


STIERHELM, Minnie          b.1868  d. November 1947        W/O Sebastian Stierhelm


STIERHELM, Sebastian              b.1866  d. June 1932            H/O Minnie Stierhelm


STORN, Anna E.           b.1882  d.11-15-1943              W/O Edward H. Storn


STORN, Anna L.            died 1909


STORN, Edward H.        b.1879  d.6-24-1953              H/O Anna E. Storn



CO  K  192nd   OHIO  INF


STORN, John David (SR)        b.1841  d. December 1914        H/O Louisa Storn


STORN, John David (JR)           b.1872  d.4-25-1942         S/O John D. & Louisa Storn Sr.


STORN, Lena A.            b.1876  d.3-16-1948           D/O John D. & Louisa Storn Sr.


STORN, Louisa             b.1845  d. April 1918            W/O John D. Storn  


STORN, Mary Jane “Janie”    b.7-30-1956  d.6-12-1958


STRANGE, Amelia                    1880-1960


STRANGE, Hobert                 b.9-18-1918  d.12-20-1975


STRATMAN, Effie                     1889-1932                   W/O Frank Stratman


STRATMAN, Frank                   1877-1930                    H/O Effie Stratman


STRATTON, Eva R.          b.1888  d.12-6-1952    W/O John R. Stratton


STRATTON, John R.         b.10-4-1872  d.8-28-1944    H/O Eva R. Stratton



STRAWN, Elizabeth        b.1858  d. January 1946    W/O Hiram C. Strawn


STRAWN, Hiram C.        b.1849  d.6-4-1922          H/O Elizabeth Strawn


STRAWN, Lafayette (General)   b.1-19-1854  d.11-14-1877


STRAWN, Martha J.              b.1840  d. March 1917


STRAWN, William J.           b.1866  d.4-29-1935



STROBEL, Ada B.          b.6-23-1885  d.4-10-1973              W/O William A. Strobel


STROBEL, William A.      b.5-28-1893  d.1-22-1966          H/O Ada B. Strobel


STUBBS, Catharine ((Disthelsway)     b. 1819  d.12-24-1870   in the 51st yr of life          W/O  Isaac Stubbs


STUBBS, Dora A. (Hilker)    b.1877  d. October 1907              W/O Isaac G. Stubbs


STUBBS, Howard E.     b.1-7-1905  d.12-10-1958



STUBBS, Isaac    b.11-20-1810  d.3-2-1887           H/O Catharine Stubbs


STUBBS, Isaac G.        b.1867  d.7-17-1933                   H/O Dora A. Stubbs


STUBBS, Martha B.     b.4-19-1850   d.9-27-1895    W/O John Bartle Stubbs


STUBBS, Mary A.       b.12-11-1839   d.7-27-1905   D/O Isaac & Catharine Stubbs


STUBBS, Mary A. (Hilker)       b.1875  d. April 1933              W/O William R. Stubbs


STUBBS, Raymond W.         b.1898  d.1-5-1949


STUBBS, Theodore              b.1847  buried 6-11-1908            S/O Isaac & Catharine Stubbs


STUBBS, William R.              b.1862  d.10-21-1939               H/O Mary A. Stubbs


STULL, Charles L.       b.1894  d.12-24-1923            S/O Samuel & Sarah Stull


STUMPF, Emma L.        b.1868  d.6-27-1938             W/O John H. Stumpf


STUMPF, John           b.1854  d.8-3-1913              H/O Kaythern Stumpf


STUMPF, John H.          b.1862  d.10-20-1923           H/O Emma L. Stumpf


STUMPF, Katherine       b.1866  d.4-5-1943                    H/O John Stumpf


SUMMERS, Father                      1838-1879


SUMMERS, Mother                     1843-1877 


SWART, Emmett                 b.9-9-1909  d. January 1960


TABB, Alma J. (Shanks)             1926-                 W/O Eugene Tabb


TABB, Eugene                             1927-                  H/O Alma J. Tabb


TARVIN, Catherine (Smith)        b.1848  d.6-3-1934          W/O Henry B. Tarvin


TARVIN, Hazel P.              b.1924  d.4-18-1963          W/O Thomas Tarvin


TARVIN, Hazel S.             b.4-26-1905  d.12-23-1978    W/O Howard P. Tarvin


TARVIN, Henry B.                          1838-1907           H/O Catherine Tarvin

S/O John Armstrong & Violetta Baswell (Maddox) Tarvin


TARVIN, Howard P.           b.1898  d.2-1-1961      H/O Hazel S. Tarvin

S/O Samuel & Cordelia (Painter) Tarvin


TARVIN, Cora Pearl (Nelson)        b.1879  d.9-7-1933    W/O Jesse Wiley Tarvin      D/O Thomas Greenup & Ada Florence (Reiley) Nelson


TARVIN, Thomas                         1921-_____        H/O Hazel P. Tarvin


TAYLOR, George T.                     1882-1951          H/O Lena W. Taylor


TAYLOR, Lena W.           b.1896  d.11-17-1985        W/O George T. Taylor


TEMPLE, Maria Louise               b.1880  d. October 1920


TESCHNER, Albert (SR)    b.3-25-1873  d.10-1-1958     H/O Rosa Teschner


TESCHNER, Albert (JR)   b.9-22-1895  d.3-3-1961    S/O Albert & Rosa Teschner Sr.


TESCHNER, Rosa    b.3-26-1876  d.9-131941    W/O Albert Teschner Sr.


THATCHER, Blanche             b.7-21-1877  d.11-19-1965     D/O Daniel Edward & Elizabeth (Tarvin) Thatcher


THATCHER, Daniel Edward       b.8-4-1836  d.9-8-1901   H/O Elizabeth Thatcher        S/O Daniel John & Margaret (Spilman) Thatcher


THATCHER, Daniel John       b.3-14-1809   d.11-9-1896      H/O Margaret Thatcher             S/O Daniel Allen & Rosannah (Baker) Thatcher


THATCHER, Edgar Allen             b. April 1844  d.9-4-1916          H/O Patience Emerine  Thatcher      S/O Daniel Allen & Elizabeth (Reiley) Thatcher


THATCHER, Edith E.              b.8-4-1885  d.9-4-1944     D/O Frank Spilman & Mary Elizabeth (Grant) Thatcher


THATCHER, Elizabeth (Reiley)          b.1817  d. October 1910          W/O Daniel Allen Thatcher       D/O William & Elizabeth (Morin) Reiley


THATCHER, Elizabeth (Tarvin)     b.1844  d.11-22-1920    W/O Daniel Edward Thatcher          D/O Thomas Floyd & Winfrede Gholson (Kercheval) Tarvin


THATCHER, Frank G.         b. 1876     d.3-22-1931



THATCHER, Frank Spilman          b.4-28-1856  d.8-6-1939          H/O Mary Elizabeth Thatcher      S/O Daniel John & Margaret (Spilman) Thatcher


THATCHER, Goldie      b. July 1889  d.7-24-1944          D/O Edgar Allen & Patience Emerine (Gosney) Thatcher



THATCHER, James      b.2-21-1838   d.7-4-1896    H/O Mary Ellen Thatcher                  S/O James & Sarah Ann (West) Thatcher


THATCHER, Jessie (Salmons)         12-15-1890  1-31-1986           W/O John Carlisle Thatcher


THATCHER, John       b.3-14-1809  d.11-9-1896            H/O Margaret Thatcher


THATCHER, John Carlisle       b.9-2-1884  d.3-22-1969            H/O Jessie Thatcher       S/O Daniel Edward & Elizabeth (Tarvin) Thatcher


THATCHER, John Clayton       b.3-30-1915  d.9-21-1999   H/O Virginia Lucinda Thatcher


THATCHER, Lulu                b.3-26-1874  d.10-1-1960     D/O Daniel Edward & Elizabeth (Tarvin) Thatcher


THATCHER, Margaret (Spilman)      b.4-1-1815  d.12-23-1867   W/O Daniel John Thatcher                D/O Henry Erskine & Mary Mourning (Morin) Spilman


THATCHER, Margaret Spilman      b.10-14-1871  d.7-4-1960    D/O Daniel Edward & Elizabeth (Tarvin) Thatcher


THATCHER, Mary Ellen       b.1837  d. May 1917       W/O James Thatcher


THATCHER, Mary Elizabeth (Grant)   b.12-23-1857  d.1-9-1929  W/O Frank Spilman Thatcher         D/O William Samuel & Lydia Ann (Grant) Grant


THATCHER, Patience Emerine (Gosney)   “Mollie”  1849-1917  W/O Edgar Thatcher


THATCHER, Sarah E.         b.1841  d.6-24-19341934          D/O Daniel Allen & Elizabeth (Reiley) Thatcher


THATCHER, Virginia Lucinda (Allen)                                W/O John Clayton Thatcher


THATCHER, William             b.1846  d.7-23-1934          S/O Daniel Allen & Elizabeth (Reiley)  Thatcher


THESE, Benjamin                     1863-1927         H/O Helena These


THESE, Helena                          1868-1927         W/O Benjamin These


THOBURN, Marie Agnus      buried 11-27-1961


THOBURN, John W.             b.1904  d. March 1948

S/O Samuel B. & Katherine Thoburn


THOBURN, Katherine       b.1884  d. June 1954        W/O Samuel B. Thoburn


THOMAS, Augusta W.                1848-1892        W/O John G. Thomas


THOMAS, Floyd H.       b.1899 d.8-9-1965       H/O Margaret Thomas


THOMAS, Hannah                      1901-1951


THOMAS, Henry                         1893-1958


THOMAS, John G.          b.1839  d.2-6-1917       H/O Augusta W. Thomas


THOMAS, Lillie L.                      1885-1967           W/O William H. Thomas


THOMAS, Wagner      (no dates)


THOMAS, Walter G.                1880-1942


THOMAS, William H.                  1884-1963           H/O Lillie L. Thomas


THOMASON, Elizabeth     b.1-12-1833  d.4-26-1866         W/O F. W. Thomason


THOMASSON, James M.    b.5-20-1795  d.4-21-1880              H/O Sarah Thomasson


THOMASSON, Julius N.          1840-1908           H/O Mary E. Thomasson


THOMASSON, Mary E. (Wright)       1842-1916          W/O Julius N. Thomasson


THOMASSON, Sarah      b.6-3-1800  d.1-11-1890  W/O James M. Thomasson


THORNTON, Earl             b.1894  d.1955                H/O Lydia Thornton

S/O Walter A. & Amanda (Shipp) Thornton


THORNTON, Lydia             b.1894  d.8-6-1976           W/O Earl Thornton


TISCHNER, Jacob         b.1883  d.3-18-1959


TODD, John             b.6-21-1835  d.5-29-1923          H/O Susan Maria Todd


TODD, Susan  Maria (Shaw)      b.8-26-1839  d.6-12-1925          W/O John Todd       D/O David & Sarah (White) Shaw


TODD, Solomon                      b.8-20-1864  d.12-2-1900   S/O John & Susan Maria (Shaw) Todd


TRAPP, Albert W.                  b.1885  d.2-24-1914


TRAPP, Andrew                     b.1855  d.7-24-1931           H/O Emelie Trapp


TRAPP, Anna          b.8-11-1877   d.1-2-1933           W/O Charles Trapp


TRAPP, Anna L.                b.1885  d. December 1938     W/O August Trapp


TRAPP, August                  b.1882  d.5-4-1964            H/O Anna L. Trapp


TRAPP, Caroline J.         b.6-20-1931  d.2-3-1977


TRAPP, Carrie                b.8-10-1910  d.9-16-1992               W/O Joseph R. Trapp


TRAPP, Charles     b.5-11-1872  d.3-6-1910         H/O Anna Trapp


TRAPP, Edith                b.1884  d. January 1965       W/O Louis Trapp


TRAPP, Effie                 b.1875  d.1-30-1939           W/O John N. Trapp


TRAPP, Emelie                 1858-1893              W/O Andrew Trapp


TRAPP, Fred W.       b.3-31-1890  d.2-20-1956    S/O Nick & Lizzie Trapp



TRAPP, George                      1853-1927            H/O Katharine Trapp


TRAPP, George L. (SR)            b.1841  d. June 1905             H/O Josephine Trapp


TRAPP, George L. (JR)      b.4-12-1870  d.11-2-1894    S/O George L. & Josephine Trapp Sr.


TRAPP, George L.          b.1880  d.2-7-1922


TRAPP, John N.           b.1876  d.6-14-1957             H/O Effie Trapp


TRAPP, John V.               b.1871  d.2-5-1948               H/O Katherine Trapp


TRAPP, John A.             b.1878  d.6-14-1934            H/O Eva Trapp


TRAPP, Joseph            b.1876  d.3-13-1945      H/O May M. Trapp


TRAPP, Joseph R.         b.1-22-1909  d.11-30-1986             H/O Carrie Trapp


TRAPP, Josephine                b.1847  d.2-10-1932      W/O George L. Trapp


TRAPP, Josephine     b.9-26-1879  d.8-14-1898   D/O George L. & Josephine Trapp Sr.


TRAPP, Juanita June         b.8-8-1939  d.11-12-1940


TRAPP, Katharine           b.1853  d.3-14-1927             W/O George Trapp


TRAPP, Katie                b.1871  d.8-17-1961               W/O John Trapp


TRAPP, Louis     b. 2-21-1882  d. February 1967       H/O Edith Trapp


TRAPP, May M.        b.1878  d.6-25-1960       W/O Joseph Trapp


TRAPP, Unnamed         (infant)   born & died 5-16-1916   D/O August  & Anna L. Trapp


TRAPP, Unnamed         (infant)      1880-1881    


TRAPP, William                           1908-1909         S/O August & Anna L. Trapp


TRAPP, William A.          b.1935  d. May 1958               S/O John N. & Effie Trapp


TRAUB, Unknown          (infant)    2-3-1943        C/O Frank Traub


TREIBER, George                  1874-1944           H/O ? “Mother” Treiber


TREIBER, Mother                        1878-19_ _          W/O Geo. Treiber


TRITSCHLER, Catherine               1870-1954           W/O William Tritschler


TRITSCHLER, William               1864-1904            H/O Catherine Tritschler


TRUESDELL, Alvina            1912-1924             D/O Charles H. & Emma S. Truesdell


TRUESDELL, Ann (Nickleson)     1840-1908      W/O Harmon B. Truesdell


TRUESDELL, Anna Maude (MacDonald)         b.1876  d.6-11-1933   W/O Roscoe Truesdell


TRUESDELL, Charles B.       b.1890  d.1-3-1966      H/O Estella J. Truesdell


TRUESDELL, Charles H.          b.1891  d.5-22-1942            H/O Emma S. Truesdell


TRUESDELL, Edgar M.              1889-1925            H/O Edna Truesdell

S/O Charles H. & Matilda Truesdell


TRUESDELL, Emma S. (Trutschel)   1892-            W/O Charles H. Truesdell


TRUESDELL, Estella J.      b.1894  d.5-9-1965    W/O Charles B. Truesdell


TRUESDELL, George F.              1836-1907          H/O Lucy E. Truesdell


TRUESDELL, Harmon B.           1827-1907         H/O Ann Truesdell


TRUESDELL, Herbert Hoffman (D.D.S.)    1873-1963    H/O Elizabeth A. Truesdell


TRUESDELL, Julia A.        1896-1924        D/O Charles H. & Matilda Truesdell  


TRUESDELL, Levi                      1853-1908         H/O Luella N. Truesdell


TRUESDELL, Lucy E. (Carmack)      1839-1913   W/O George F. Truesdell


TRUESDELL, Mary (Hicks)     1830-1883        W/O Solomon H. Truesdell


TRUESDELL, Nellie             1867-1873            D/O Solomon Holman & Mary Ann Truesdell


TRUESDELL, Roscoe C.         b. 1879  d.7-24-1959   H/O Anna Maude Truesdell


TRUESDELL, Solomon              1874-1948           S/O George F. & Lucy E. Truesdell


TRUESDELL, Solomon H.      1823-1896         H/O Mary Truesdell


TRUESDELL, William          1869-1933      S/O George F. & Lucy E. Truesdell


TRUTSCHEL, Elsie (Alford)  1899-1926          W/O Henry Trutschel


TUEMLBER, Betty J.          b.1922                     W/O Vernon L. Tuemler


TUEMLER, Vernon L.         b.1888  d.1959        H/O Betty J. Tuemler


TURNER, Clarence W.              1901-1986             H/O Marie H. Turner


TURNER, Marie H.                 1902-1969             W/O Clarence W. Turner


TYRE, Ella              b.11-22-1873  d.8-30-1915        W/O John W. Tyre


TYRE, John W.       b.10-29-1864  d.1-22-1948                   H/O Ella Tyre


TYRE, Zada            b.5-29-1899  d.5-28-1916     D/O John W. & Ella Tyre


ULM, Ella                         b.1864  d.8-18-1938      W/O Frank Ulm


ULM, Frank                 b.1858  d.1-14-1955          H/O Ella Ulm


ULM, Frank W.                     1883-1929                 S/O Frank & Ella Ulm


UTHE, Anna M.                         1879-1954              W/O August H. Uthe


UTHE, Augusta H.                     1878-1967               H/O Anna M. Uthe


VEID, Durbin E.        b.1895  d. February 1950           H/O Leola M. Veid


VEID, Leola M.         b.1900  d.6-19-1957            W/O Durbin E. Veid


VIEL, Frances C.        b.1892  d.7-24-1964           W/O Joseph A. Viel


VIEL, Joseph A.         b.1884  d.11-16-1937          H/O Frances C. Viel


VOGEL, Anna Marie     b.6-21-1862  d.6-7-1921    W/O Henry Vogel


VOGEL, Henry              b.3-8-1853  d.4-12-1920     H/O Anna Marie Vogel


VOGEL, Mary M.                        1858-1885            W/O Phillip C. Vogel


VOGEL, Phillip C.                       1855-1924             H/O Mary M. Vogel


VOGEL, Wilhelmina                    1893-1893             D/O Phillip C. & Wilhelmina K. Vogel


VOGEL, Wilhelmina K.                1857-1922            W/O Phillip C. Vogel


VOLL, Mary Alice                        1950-1961


VOLL, Mildred                              1920-1987


WAGNER, Andrew     b.8-9-1899  d. October 1973       H/O Estella Wagner


WAGNER, Catherine                      1847-1934              W/O Mathias Wagner


WAGNER, Catherine (Trapp)   b.1876  d.10-14-1941  W/O Louis Wagner


WAGNER, Elliott        b.2-22-1832  d.4-17-1884



WAGNER, Elizabeth      1898-1908      D/O Louis & Catherine Wagner


WAGNER, Emily L.                      1894-1952           W/O Fred J. Wagner


WAGNER, Estella Kathryn          b.1898  d. June 1950    W/O Andrew Wagner


WAGNER, Fred J.                          1892-19_ _          H/O Emily J. Wagner


WAGNER, Louis R. (SR)          b.1865  d.1-29-1940   H/O Catherine Wagner


WAGNER, Louis R. (JR)          b.1910  d.3-24-1961   S/O Louis R. & Catherine Wagner Sr.


WAGNER, Mathias                      1858-1931             H/O Catherine Wagner


WAGNER, William              1915-1915      S/O Louis & Catherine Wagner


WAGONER, Anna                       1888-1889


WAGONER, Mary B.                  1860-1907           W/O Richard H. Wagoner


WAGONER, Richard H.                1859-1904           H/O Mary B. Wagoner


WAGONER, Sidney A.      b.7-3-1869  d.4-13-1888    W/O Oliver Wagoner


WAGONER, W. R.                    1857-1944     


WAGONER, William E.              1883-1958        


WAGONER, William H.              1839-1908


WALKER, Bell                          1857-1943            W/O William G. Walker


WALKER, Father           (no dates buried with Bell and Mother Walker)                             H/O Mother Walker


WALKER, George G.                    1877-1948            H/O Mamie Walker


WALKER, Mamie                         1879-1937           W/O George G. Walker


WALKER, Mother           b.7-1-1822  d.7-1-1910      W/O Father Walker


WALKER, Russell R.           1879-1955          S/O William G. & Bell Williams


WALKER, William G.                  1854-1936            H/O Bell Walker


WANNER, Barbara                        1882-1963           W/O George Wanner Jr.


WANNER, George (JR)                1885-1951             H/O Barbara Wanner


WARD, Elizabeth (White)             1860-1930           D/O Henry E. & Elizabeth White


WARDLOW, Lloyd A.         b.1904  d.5-8-1966


WARNER, Clara            b.1904  d.10-20-1959


WARNER, Fred         b.2-13-1924   d.1-30-1958




WARNER, Fred F.            b.4-23-1897  d.12-1-1960



WARNER, Mary E.        b.1906  d.4-21-1989          W/O Virgil Warner


WARNER, Virgil            b.1908  d.12-24-1960             H/O Mary E. Warner


WASSER, Betty Jo    (baby)  b.12-26-1930  d.12-26-1930

(Buried with Edward H. & Anna E. Storn)


WATSON, John T.   b.11-8-1890  d.9-5-1963           H/O Lytle M. Watson



WATSON, Lytle M.           b.1896  d.2-17-1962           W/O John T. Watson


WATSON, Margalene                    b.1894  d.11-8-1963


WEAVER, Chester C.           b.1884  d.1-11-1958


WEAVER, Marie                    1906-1930


WEBER, Adolph                           1856-1906             H/O Elizabeth Weber


WEBER, C. M.     b.12-28-1827  d.11-12-1894     H/O Katharine Weber


WEBER, Catharine   b.8-15-1821  d.6-21-1889      W/O C. M. Weber


WEBER, Christina                   1882-1922             W/O Emil Weber


WEBER, Elizabeth              b.1857  d.5-18-1920             W/O Adolph Weber


WEBER, Emil            b.1872  d.6-8-1936                 H/O Christina Weber


WEBER, Howard J.                   b.1916  d.9-27-1933


WEBER, John Harold             b.1927  d.1-29-1928


WEBER, William E.        b.1912  d.9-11-1935


WEGAND, Wiswell W.             b.1892  d.1947


WEHNER, John A.           b.1844  d.9-23-1919          H/O Margaret Wehner


WEHNER, Margaret        b.1855  d.12-13-1932         W/O John A. Wehner


WEHNER, William             1881-1910        S/O John A. & Margaret Wehner


WEINEL, Albert                           1891-1920


WEINEL, Anna Marie                  1848-1912        W/O Christopher Weinel


WEINEL, Anna M.              b.1860  d.11-23-1954             W/O Henry P. Weinel


WEINEL, Barbara                b.1848  d.1-12-1916              W/O Henry Weinel


WEINEL, Catherine    “Mother”      1815-1889


WEINEL, Charles W.           b.1885  d.7-19-1949     H/O Nellie Weinel


WEINEL, Christian        b.7-5-1887  d. August 1965    H/O Lena Weinel


WEINEL, Christopher (SR)           1845-1920         H/O Anna Marie Weinel


WEINEL, Christopher (JR)             1866-1920              H/O Frances Weinel & Hattie Weinel


WEINEL, Clara L.            1907-1965         D/O George F. & Dora D. Weinel


WEINEL, Dora D.            b.1878  d.5-11-1954           W/O George F. Weinel


WEINEL, E. E. (woman)         b.3-26-1891    d.10-21-1909


WEINEL, Eliza              b.1864  d.8-7-1945              W/O John Weinel


WEINEL, Faye              b.1963  d.12-22-1963  (Twin of Kaye Weinel)          


WEINEL, Frances           b.1871  d.2-3-1911           W/O Christopher Weinel


WEINEL, George F.        b.1862  d.1-2-1945            H/O Dora D. Weinel


WEINEL, Gertrude          b.1881  d.6-8-1964              W/O John Weinel


WEINEL, Hattie                          1873-1901             W/O Christopher Weinel


WEINEL, Henry            b.1851  d.12-4-1930              H/O Barbara Weinel


WEINEL, Henry P.          b.1857  d.10-19-1927        H/O Anna M. Weinel


WEINEL, John                             1844-1910               H/O Eliza. Weinel


WEINEL, John                             1873-1941               H/O Phillipine Weinel


WEINEL, John                             1891-1920


WEINEL, John               b.1886  d.9-8-1964                H/O Gertrude Weinel


WEINEL, John             (child)  died 1917     S/O Charles & Nellie Weinel


WEINEL, Joseph            b.1882  d.9-6-1953                H/O Rosella Weinel


WEINEL, Kaye             b.1963  d.12-22-1963   (Twin of Faye Weinel)


WEINEL, Lena               1890-1919             W/O Christian Weinel


WEINEL, Louise (Miller)      1910-1942


WEINEL, Nellie                  b.1898  d.4-27-1970      W/O Charles Weinel


WEINEL, Peter                   b.1880  d.3-9-1932


WEINEL, Phillipina              b.1877  d.7-6-1942               W/O John Weinel


WEINEL, Robert H.      b.9-2-1894  d.9-20-1959



WEINEL, Rosella (Oetzel)           b.1883  d.2-1-1978     W/O Joseph Weinel


WEINEL, William          b.3-14-1860    d.2-9-1904


WELLENKOTTER, C. H.   b.2-21-1856                      H/O Christina Wellenkotter


WELLENKOTTER, Christina     b.10-30-1833                     W/O C. H. Wellenkotter


WEST, Samuel             1825-1907               H/O Martha Ann West


WEST, Martha T.           1870-1879       D/O Father & Mother West  (buried next to Father, Mother, Thomas J. West)


WEST, Martha Ann (White)         b.1836  d.2-4-1914        W/O Samuel West   

D/O Jacob & Avice (Shaw) White                                   


WEST, Thomas J.           1878-1912           S/O Samuel & Martha Ann (White) West


WESTWOOD, Coral          1887-1907    D/O Thomas & Hattie Westwood


WESTWOOD, Harriet “Hattie”        b.1848  d.12-24-1919   W/O Thomas Westwood


WESTWOOD, Inez        1880-1906    D/O Thomas & Hattie Westwood


WESTWOOD, Mary E.      b.1865  d.


WESTWOOD, Thomas     b.1858  d.1-16-1937    H/O Harriet Westwood & Mary E. Westwood


WHEELER, Almira W. (Griffey)     b.2-2-1843  d.1-8-1902    W/O Thomas J. Wheeler


WHEELER, Jasper           b.5-19-1838  d.12-10-1923       S/O John & Elizabeth Wheeler


WHEELER, Martha Ann (Shaw)    b.1834  d.1882   W/O Richard M. J. Wheeler            D/O James & Mary (Acklin) Shaw


WHEELER, Margaret B. (Youtsey)     1841-1911


WHEELER, Mary E.         b.1864  d.1865       D/O Richard M. J. & Martha Ann (Shaw) Wheeler


WHEELER, Richard M. J.     1831-1866       H/O Martha Ann Wheeler


WHEELER, Robert             1873-1954                H/O Rosa Lou Wheeler


WHEELER, Rosa Lou         1874-1936               W/O Robert Wheeler


WHEELER, Thomas J.        1836-1898      H/O Almira W. Wheeler


WHITE, America (Anderson)     b.1844  d.5-12-1928        W/O Jacob Wesley White


WHITE, Anna Georgianna       b.1878  d. 4-6-1936         W/O James L. White


WHITE, Antha Avice        b. July 1884  d.3-7-1974    D/O William W. & Maria S. (Spilman) White


WHITE, Armilda C. (Wright)           b.1845  d.4-26-1923             W/O John W. White          D/O William H. & Sarah (Harris) Wright


WHITE, Arthur W.         b.1915  d.8-7-1920          S/O Jehu Benjamin & Nellie Jane (Wright) White


WHITE, Benjamin Dowd          b. May 1882  d.12-10-1950     S/O William W. & Maria S. (Spilman) White


WHITE, Benjamin R.           b.6-6-1903  d.4-17-1968        S/O Jehu Benjamin & Nellie Jane (Wright) White


WHITE, Carl Wilford              b.1882  d.9-26-1951    S/O George Washington & Harriet Ann (White) White


WHITE, Charles                buried 9-27-1903


WHITE, Charlie B.           b.8-5-1929   d.7-8-1993


WHITE, Charles C.            b.5-28-1900   b.6-11-1975


WHITE, Charles E.            b.11-20-1925  d.1-26-1995


WHITE, Clara                   b.1873  d.6-4-1938                 W/O George White


WHITE, Coleman B.             b.1871  d. August 1898  S/O John W. & Armilda C. White


WHITE, Demaris F.          b.1835  d.12-13-1927

(Listed as Mrs. Mace White)


WHITE, Donald           buried 1-23-1994


WHITE, Elihn R.             buried 4-1-1900


WHITE, Elizabeth          b.1868  d.11-4-1921


WHITE, Elizabeth (Bryan) b.1829  d. July 1903     W/O Thomas Marion White            D/O Samuel & Cynthia (Carmack) Bryan


WHITE, Elizabeth J. (Martin)          b.1834  d. December 1889   W/O Jonathan C. White              D/O Nathan & Nancy Elizabeth (Hall) Martin


WHITE, Elizabeth Jane (Carle)    b. 4-18-1820  d.2-17-1895   W/O Henry Erskine White            D/O Thomas & Mary (Thatcher) Carle


WHITE, Elizabeth E.         b.1871  d.4-7-1946        D/O George R. & Sarah E. (Wright) White


WHITE, Elizabeth Pearl         b.1879  d.2-5-1949          W/O James S. White


WHITE, Ella              b. 5-21-1901       d.9-12-1992


WHITE, Emily J.          b.1859  d.2-11-1932


WHITE, Emma H.            b.10-9-1864  d.



WHITE, George K.     b.4-29-1817  d.3-30-1886     H/O Mary Broadsword White                 S/O Jacob & Sarah (Stevens) White


WHITE, George R.           b.1-28-1835  d. September 1905              H/O Sarah E. White           S/O Jeremiah & Jane (Shaw) White


WHITE, George W.      b.1869  d.6-2-1949                   H/O Clara White


WHITE, George Washington        b.3-13-1842  d. April 1901              H/O Harriet A. White           S/O James Stevens & Mary Alice (Thomasson) White


WHITE, Grace L.        b.1926  d.6-14-1930    D/O Jehu Benjamin & Nellie Jane (Wright) White


WHITE, Harold G.           b.7-28-1899  d.6-10-1988


WHITE, Harriet Ann (White)      b.3-16- 1847  d.3-23-1921           W/O George Washington White            D/O Henry Erskine & Elizabeth Jane (Carle) White


WHITE, Harvey R.            b.3-9-1860  d. April 1877      S/O George R. & Sarah E. (Wright) White


WHITE, Henry Erskine      b.1-15-1816  d.5-29-1908     H/O Elizabeth Jane White              S/O Coyers & Sarah (Spilman) White Sr.


WHITE, Ida May                      1867-1908


WHITE, Jacob      b.3-14-1826   d.11-20-1907   H/O Sarah White

S/O Jacob & Avice (Shaw) White III


WHITE, Jacob W.          b.1853  d.12-8-1938


WHITE, Jacob Wesley     b.5-21-1833  d. August 1907       H/O America White             S/O James Stevens & Margaret C. (Dicken) White


WHITE, James               b.1894  d.1-9-1957


WHITE, James               b.1874  d.1-30-1959



WHITE, James H.             b.1876  d.12-27-1951        H/O Vaddis M. (Ellis) White            


WHITE, James L.       b.1884  d. June 1947     H/O Anna Georgianna White


WHITE, James L.             b.6-20-1915  d. June 1987


WHITE, James S.    b.5-15-1804  d.4-16-1877   H/O Mary A. White   & Margaret C. (Dicken) White


WHITE, James S.     b.1873  d.3-3-1943            H/O Elizabeth  P. White


WHITE, Jane (Shaw)  b.1-2-1814   d.12-18-1874 in the 60th year of her age   W/O Jeremiah White     D/O Robert Franklin & Margaret (Morin) Shaw


WHITE, Jehu Benjamin    b.1868  d.12-24-1943      H/O Nellie Jane White

S/O Jonathan C. & Elizabeth J. (Martin) White


WHITE, Jeremiah        b.2-17-1809   d.1-29-1875     H/O Jane White              S/O Jacob & Sarah (Stevens) White


WHITE, John C.                1885-1887        S/O John W. & Armilda C. (Wright)  White


WHITE, John R.                 b.3-29-1898  d. August 1963


WHITE, John W.        b.1-3-1840  d.2-11-1922          H/O Armilda C. White

S/O Jeremiah & Jane (Shaw) White


WHITE, John W.           b.1906  d.4-11-1966


WHITE, Jonathan C.         b.1813  d. May 1893           H/O Emily (Wright) White & Elizabeth J. (Martin) White          S/O Conyers & Sarah (Spilman) White


WHITE, Joseph Jasper       b.1-10-1832  d.2-5-1900              H/O Demarius White            S/O James Stevens & Margaret C. (Dicken) White


WHITE, Josephine W.          b.1869  d.2-2-1948    D/O John W. & Armilda C. (Wright)  White


WHITE, L. E. Mrs.           Buried 10-27-1900


WHITE, Lena A.           b.1861  d.9-25-1948


WHITE, Leroy E.            b.8-10-1904  d.6-23-1976


WHITE, Lucy P. (Orr)      b.3-23-1851  d.1-15-1860    W/O William W. White Sr.                D/O Alfred & Rebecca (Ware) Orr


WHITE, Maria (Brooks)              b.1845  d.12-30-1922


WHITE, Maria S. (Spilman)        b.1845  d.12-30-1922       W/O William W. White Sr.         D/O Frank & Antheann (Brooks) White


WHITE, Mary Alice (Thomason)    b.12-11-1818  d.5-18-1888  W/O James Stevens White                


WHITE, Mary Broadsword (Truesdell)    b.2-22-1818  d.8-12-1899    W/O George K. White       D/O John & Eleanor (Tarvin) Truesdell


WHITE, Maud L.             b.1865  d.8-14-1937


WHITE, Minta              b.1853  d.4-25-1965


WHITE, Missouri                   1852-1882


WHITE, Myreta          b.1869  d. September 1904         D/O William W. & Lucy P. (Orr) White Sr.


WHITE, Myrtle                 b.5-19-1906  d.8-23-1989


WHITE, Nellie F.             b.1908  d.11-16-1921  D/O Jehu Benjamin & Nellie Jane (Wright) White


WHITE, Nellie Jane (Wright)   b.1873  d.5-20-1955     W/O Jehu Benjamin White          D/O Nicholas E. & Sarah E. (White) Wright


WHITE, Neva Maud                     b.1874  d. February 1924


WHITE, Oliver G.          b.1903  d.9-25-1967           H/O Virginia E. White


WHITE, Olivette Blanch    b.12-26-1878  d.5-28-1960


WHITE, Rien                (no dates)


WHITE, Robert Mrs.            buried 11-2-1908


WHITE, Robert Lee          b.6-25-1924  d.6-27-1924   S/O Jehu Benjamin & Nellie Jane (Wright) White


WHITE, Ruby         (no dates)


WHITE, Ruby                b.7-24-1907  d.4-6-1973


WHITE, Ruby E. (Neal)           b.1915  d.3-5-1935    D/O Elias & Mary E. Neal


WHITE, S. E. (female)              buried 9-8-1901


WHITE, Samuel H.              b.1856  d.10-13-1919


WHITE, Sarah (Reiley)        b.2-28-1828  d.6-27-1883   W/O Jacob White         D/O William & Elizabeth (Morin) Reiley


WHITE, Sarah E. (Wright)       b.2-2-1839  d.1894       W/O George R. White       D/O Samuel & Elizabeth (Baker) Wright


WHITE, Sarah V.              b.7-10-1899  d.4-1-1982


WHITE, T. (Mrs.)                (no dates)


WHITE, Theodore                   b.1880  d.3-1-1937      


WHITE, Thelma A.             b.3-31-1924  d.8-24-1994


WHITE, Thomas          (no dates)


WHITE, Thomas (Mrs.)        (no dates)


WHITE, Thomas Marion         b.3-10-1829  d. March 1900          H/O Elizabeth White               S/O James Stevens & Margaret C. (Dicken) White


WHITE, Thomas S.          buried 9-21-1908


WHITE, Vera S.            b.1886  d.2-1-1959           W/O William N. White


WHITE, Vernon L.             b.8-14-1914  d.12-18-1987


WHITE, Virginia E. (Rupp)       b.5-15-1903  d.11-3-1973      W/O Oliver G. White              D/O Jacob & Sarah Margaret (Nelson) Rupp


WHITE, William B.         b.1866  d.2-15-1941


WHITE, William J.      b. November 1877  d.5-30-1963        S/O John W. & Armilda C. (Wright) White


WHITE, William M.       b.7-5-1855  d.3-16-1878        S/O James & Margaret (Anderson) White


WHITE, William Nolan           b.1884  d.8-26-1967          H/O Vera S. White


WHITE, William W. (SR)      b.1842  d.4-12-1921        H/O Lucy P. (Orr) White & Maria S. (Spilman) White       S/O Jacob & Avice (Shaw) White


WHITEHILL, Elizabeth       b.1907  d.10-20-1960    W/O Harry L. Whitehill


WHITEHILL, Harry L.        b.11-6-1903  d.3-23-1981    H/O Elizabeth Whitehill


WHITTEN, Alice I.        b.2-9-1894  d.10-21-1970         W/O Otis S. Whitten


WHITTEN, Otis S.         buried 10-21-1963               H/O Alice I. Whitten


WILEY, Elizabeth (Miller)       b.1863  d.9-29-1956            W/O Frank W. Wiley


WILEY, Elizabeth R.      b.1901  d.10-20-1934            D/O Frank W. & Elizabeth Wiley


WILEY, Frank C.                  b.1887  d.6-29-1925  


WILEY, Frank W.                 b.1860  d.1-21-1941       H/O Elizabeth Wiley       


WILEY, Louis E.                  b.1917  d.12-22-1927


WILEY, Nellie Bly (Stull)           1894-1964


WILKINSON, Euphemia            1886-19_          W/O Wallace V. Wilkinson


WILKINSON, Wallace V.           1881-1951         H/O Euphemia Wilkinson


WILLIAMS, Ida S.        b.1865  d.8-22-1952         W/O Walter Williams


WILLAMS, Leona (Field) (nee Guy)        b.1900  d.5-29-1959  W/O Charles A. Field


WILLIAMS, Mary            b.1843  d. July 1903


WILLIAMS, Walter         b.1862  d.1-27-1942           H/O Ida S. Williams


WILLARD, Albert Lee        b.1885  d.6-22-1962         H/O Mable E. Willard


WILLARD, Ethel Ellen         b.1920  d.5-2-1960       D/O Albert Lee & Mable E. Willard


WILLARD, Mabel E.     b.1890  d.1-12-1979           W/O Albert Lee Willard


WILLARD, Silvia T.          b.2-16-1895  d.7-27-1979      W/O Wilbert Willard


WILLARD, Wilbert               b.1896  d.11-13-1962           H/O Silvia T. Willard


WILLIAMSON, Clarence E.       b.1884  d.1-21-1974          H/O Hattie Williamson


WILLIAMSON, Harriet  “Hattie”       b.1888  d.11-16-1960         W/O Clarence Williamson


WILLHITE, Alice           b.10-16-1866   d.6-27-1940


WILLOUGHBY, Bethel          b.1905  d.9-24-1985        W/O James H. Willoughby


WILLOUGHBY, James H.         b.1900  d.9-7-1956          H/O Bethel Willoughby


WINN, Austin               b.1844  d.3-26-1926


WILSON, Agnes M.           b.1921                        W/O Loran Wilson


WILSON, Austin W.           b.1893  d.6-25-1965           H/O Frieda Wilson


WILSON, Freda A.             b.1905  d.12-31-1959          W/O Austin Wilson


WILSON, Loren          b.1917  d.7-11-1964          H/O Agnes M. Wilson


WINER, John    (no dates buried with John A., Margaret & William Wehner)



WINKLER, John G.                 b.1917  d.12-23-1952


WISE, George W.             b.1895  d.9-2-1957              H/O May M. Wise


WISE, Matilda May         b.1900  d.3-24-1972        W/O George W. Wise


WITTE, Frank J.                       b.1868  d.12-22-1920    H/O Lizzie Witte


WITTE, Lizzie                         b.1872  d.1-18-1946       W/O Frank J. Witte


WITTE, Louis J.                       b.1891  d.10-23-1954


WORKMAN, Carl W.  “Sonny”    b.1944  d.5-31-1965


WRIGHT, Albert Clayton     b.1872  d.6-26-1965     H/O Bertha Wright


WRIGHT, Albert Parry      b.1-21-1915   d.3-16-1988    H/O Georgianna Erna (Fillhardt) Wright        S/O Albert Clayton & Bertha (Parry) Wright


WRIGHT, Amelia Frances (Gosney)     b.2-5-1856  d.1882      W/O William Henry Wright             D/O Benjamin Coleman & Nancy McMurtry (Bryan) Gosney


WRIGHT, Andrew Jackson          b.1815  d. November 1898        H/O Nancy Wright     S/O Joseph & Esther (Potts) Wright


WRIGHT, Anna E. (Riggall)        b.1858  d. April 1940         W/O Samuel F. Wright              D/O Richard & Frances (Cook) Riggall


WRIGHT, Bertha (Parry)      b. June 1882  d.1-9-1967   W/O Albert Clayton Wright         D/O Benjamin F. & Elizabeth E. (Spilman) Parry


WRIGHT, Carrie A.         b. October 1881  d.2-5-1911       D/O Joseph M. & Sarah Sophia (Carney) Wright


WRIGHT, Edith R.        b. June 1893  d.3-18-1922   D/O William Henry & Mary E. (Maddox)  Wright


WRIGHT, Edward C.         b.1870  d. January 1941                 S/O John J. & Emma E. (Anderson) Wright


WRIGHT, Elizabeth (Baker)       b.2-5-1812  d.11-12-1889   W/O Samuel Wright          D/O Nicholas & Susannah (Carll) Baker


WRIGHT, Elizabeth C. (Miles)     b.7-27-1839  d.7-31-1885    W/O William J. Wright        D/O Thomas C. & Catherine (Clark) Wright


WRIGHT, Elizabeth E.              b.10-6-1902  d. 12-3-1969


WRIGHT, Elmer H.    b.9-17-1875    d.5-2-1880  age 4 yrs  7 mths  15 dys    S/O Thomas  J. & A. E. Wright


WRIGHT, Elsie              b.1-9-1887  d. May 1938    D/O Joseph F. & Emma J. (Ripley) Wright


WRIGHT, Emma E. (Anderson)  b.1845-1926  W/O John James Wright

D/O Benjamin Franklin & Julia Ann (Shaw) Anderson


WRIGHT, Emily J.      b.10-25-1844  d.4-8-1932         D/O Samuel & Elizabeth (Baker) Wright


WRIGHT, Emma J. (Ripley)         b. August 1853  d.11-28-1944   W/O Joseph F. Wright


WRIGHT, Eva               b. October 1888  d.5-8-1925         D/O Samuel F. & Anna E. (Riggall) Wright


WRIGHT, Flora Mae          b.1893  d.4-27-1961


WRIGHT, Grace T.         b. January  1893  d.2-23-1914   D/O Joseph M. & Sarah Sophia (Carney) Wright


WRIGHT, Ira Clayton       b.6-22-1889  d.7-1-1890   S/O Lafayette C. & Patience Baker (Randall) Wright


WRIGHT, Irl       b.7-9-1891  d.7-22-1891      S/O Lafayette C. & Patience Baker (Randall) Wright


WRIGHT, James S.           b.1926  d.12-19-1959   S/O Quincy B. & Elizabeth E. Wright


WRIGHT, Jane (White)      b.5-31-1819  d.12-26-1884        W/O Thompson Wright          D/O Jacob & Avice (Shaw) White


WRIGHT, Jeremiah             b.1849  d.3-27-1940              H/O Lucy Wright

S/O Thompson & Jane (White) Wright


WRIGHT, John James     b. May  1839-1910   H/O Emma E. Wright

S/O William H. & Sarah (Harris) Wright


WRIGHT, Joseph F.      b.9-17-1836  d.2-28-1916      H/O Mary A. Wright

S/O Samuel & Elizabeth (Baker) Wright


WRIGHT, Joseph M.                 1841-1899           H/O Sarah Sophia (Carney) Wright & Lavina (White) Wright     S/O William H. & Sarah (Harris) Wright


WRIGHT, Maria L. (White)             1840-1892        W/O Nicholas E. Wright

D/O George K. & Mary Broadsword (Truesdell) White


WRIGHT, Mary A. (Todd)  b.7-4-1810  d.12-13-1879     W/O Joseph F. Wright          D/O Solomon Todd


WRIGHT, Mary E. (Maddox)    b.8-30-1853  d.4-12-1936       W/O William Henry Wright       D/O William H. & Rachel (Butcher) Maddox


WRIGHT, Nancy (Reiley)          b. February 1822  d.6-17-1918         W/O Andrew Jackson Wright           D/O William & Elizabeth (Morin) Wright


WRIGHT, Naomi                 b.1904  d.2-23-1961


WRIGHT, Nicholas E.              b. April 1841  d.12-3-1922           H/O Sarah E. Wright              S/O Samuel & Elizabeth (Baker) Wright


WRIGHT, Olivert Burton        b.1871  d.12-28-1958

(Buried next to Elizabeth C. Wright)


WRIGHT, Patience Baker (Randall)   b.8-3-1856  d.9-4-1891  W/O Lafayette C. Wright            D/O Jeremiah & Hester Ann (Gosney) Randall


WRIGHT, Quincy Burton        b.4-17-1900  d.10-27-1982     H/O Elizabeth E. Wright


WRIGHT, Roy Cassious      b.6-9-1887  d.9-30-1959    S/O Lafayette C. & Patience Baker (Randall) Wright      PVT  163RD  DEPOT  BRIGADE  WWI


WRIGHT, Samuel        b.9-29-1807  d.3-24-1885     H/O Elizabeth Wright

S/O Joseph & Esther (Potts) Wright


WRIGHT, Samuel F.       b.8-15-1851  d.6-11-1927         H/O Anna E. Wright           S/O Samuel & Elizabeth (Baker) Wright


WRIGHT, Sarah “Sallie” (Harris)           b.2-17-1816  d.12-6-1874          W/O William Wright         D/O John & Mary (Smith) Harris


WRIGHT, Sarah E. (White)      1845-1883         W/O Nicholas E. Wright

D/O George K. & Mary Broadsword (Truesdell) White


WRIGHT, Sarah Sophia (Carney)   b. September 1855  d.1928     W/O Joseph M. Wright           D/O James T. F. & Eliza (Dorman) Carney


WRIGHT, Silvia B.            b. December 1880  d.1881           D/O John James & Emma E. (Anderson) Wright


WRIGHT, Susan H.       b.11-17-1842  d.7-11-1928          D/O Samuel & Elizabeth (Baker) Wright


WRIGHT, Thompson            b.1814                              H/O Jane Wright

S/O Joseph & Esther (Potts) Wright


WRIGHT, William H.    b.9-22-1809  d.5-26-1878            H/O Sarah (Harris) Wright          S/O Joseph & Esther (Potts) Wright


WRIGHT, William J.         b.1835  d. June 1907      H/O Elizabeth C. Wright

S/O Samuel & Elizabeth (Baker) Wright


WURTH, George L.            b.1864  d.9-29-1947         H/O Mary Wurth


WURTH, Mary                   b.1867  d.3-29-1918         W/O George Wurth


WYRICK, Ada B.               b.1883  d.2-24-1953         W/O Zuril K. Wyrick


WYRICK, Dewey B.          b.1904  d.9-23-1948


WYRICK, Zuril K.              b.1881  d.1-22-1967        H/O Ada B. Wyrick


WYSONG, Paula R.      b.1890  d.12-31-1885         W/O Samuel Randolph Wysong


WYSONG, Samuel Randolph      b.1901  d.2-25-1950      H/O Paula R. Wysong                   1ST SGT


YAEGER, Lorraine (DR)              1906-1962  

(Buried with Joseph B. & Mary Jane Dameron)


YANA, Christian           b.1857  d.1-13-1925         H/O Louisa A. Yana


YANA, Louisa A.          b.1870  d. November 1934    W/O Christian Yana


YELTON, Charles E.           b.11-15-1858  d.11-19-1909         H/O Martha A. Yelton          S/O Charles Henry & Harkalena (Gosney) Yelton


YELTON, Edwin Alan (LT)          b.2-8-1919  d.1943   H/O Willaverne Fern (Schill) Yelton      S/O Emmett Ellis & Emma F. (Yelton) Yelton


YELTON, Edwin F.       b.1895  d.2-1-1946        H/O Mayme Ann Yelton

S/O Charles E. & Mayme Ann (Gosney) Yelton


YELTON, Elizabeth Alice (Caldwell)    b. October 1861  d.6-28-1949        W/O Richard Washington Yelton       


YELTON, Martha A. (Gosney)       b.1860  d.4-11-1909         W/O Charles E. Yelton         D/O Daniel Boone & Susan Malinda (Tucker) Gosney


YELTON, Mayme Ann (Gosney)     1891-19_ _        W/O Edwin F. Yelton

D/O Nimrod M. & Hannah Bell (Thomas) Gosney


YELTON, Richard Washington      b.8-24-1854  d.12-1-1927          H/O Elizabeth Yelton             S/O Richard William & Susan (Dunaway) Yelton


YORK, Dora            b.1875  d.11-23-1949


YORK, Rose L.    b.7-23-1920  d.4-7-1961



YOST, Charles P.    b.1859  d.6-29-1922       S/O Jacob & Katharine Yost Sr.


YOST, Elizabeth H.       b.1874  d.4-4-1958           W/O George L. Yost Sr.


YOST, George L. (SR)      b.1874  d. November 1949             H/O Elizabeth H. Yost


YOST, Harry J.       b.1861  d.10-27-1948          H/O Lena Yost  


YOST, Jacob (SR)       b.1827   d. May 1910          H/O Katharine Yost


YOST, John W.             b.1856  d. March 1930    S/O Jacob & Katharine Yost Sr.


YOST, Katharine                          1829-1890     W/O Jacob Yost Sr.


YOST, Lena               b.1867 d. June 1949           W/O Harry Yost


YOUNG, Eva           b.1895  d.2-12-1945       D/O Fred & Hester Young


YOUNG, Fred                              1876-1955          H/O Hester Young


YOUNG, Hester (Nora Carbert)   1878-1951         W/O Fred Young       


YOUNG, James “Walter”        b.1880  d.8-8-1965          S/O Fred & Hester Young


YOUNG, Sylvia (Burr)          b.1875  d. January 1955          D/O William C. & Margaret S. Burr


YOUTSEY, Addie L. (Burns)            b.1856  d.8-16-1917            W/O Jacob Thomas Youtsey      


YOUTSEY, Agnes B. (Pelle)               b.5-13-1890  d. 1-19-1976    W/O George C. Youtsey


YOUTSEY, Albert O.          b.3-10-1868  d.10-17-1937     H/O Martha A. Youtsey              S/O Henry & Mary Jane (Higinbotham) Youtsey


YOUTSEY, Anna Marie (Weinel)    b.1868  d.4-2-1919        W/O William Albert Youtsey         


YOUTSEY, Annie L.                b.1862  d.1-31-1938

(Sister to Fannie B. Youtsey)


YOUTSEY, Carl F.        1884-1886        S/O James John & Clara (Todd)  Youtsey


YOUTSEY, Charles               buried 1-16-1901


YOUTSEY, Clara (Todd)       b.1861  d.4-13-1929           W/O James John Youtsey             D/O John & Susan Maria (Shaw) Todd


YOUTSEY, Eliza Janette (Beggs)           b.1825  buried  4-2-1899           W/O John Stuart Youtsey


YOUTSEY, Ella Riley           b.1889  d.11-18-1962


YOUTSEY, Fannie B.             b.1874   d.4-14-1921

(Sister to Annie L. Youtsey)


YOUTSEY, Frederick        b.10-16-1875  d.7-14-1876      S/O George Taylor & Rose  Anna (Thatcher) Youtsey


YOUTSEY, George C.           b.1883  d. August 1935      W/O Agnes B. Youtsey           S/O George Taylor & Rose  Anna (Thatcher) Youtsey


YOUTSEY, George Taylor        b.1-1-1844  d. December 1924     H/O Rose Anna Youtsey


YOUTSEY, Henry                 b.1826  (no death date)            H/O Mary Jane (Higinbotham) Youtsey              S/O Jacob & Mary (Stevens) Youtsey


YOUTSEY, Henry Harry            b.12-20-1871  d.4-16-1899     S/O George Taylor & Rose  Anna (Thatcher) Youtsey


YOUTSEY, Ida       b.1-5-1850  d.2-24-1851  age 13 mths  19 dys      D/O John C. & Janet (Beggs) Youtsey


YOUTSEY, Jacob Thomas        b.8-22-1849  d.11-13-1913        H/O Addie L. Youtsey       S/O John Stuart & Eliza (Beggs) Youtsey


YOUTSEY, James John     b.10-26-1855  d.12-7-1921        H/O Clary Youtsey       S/O John Stuart & Eliza (Biggs) Youtsey


YOUTSEY, James John    b.1878  d.5-30-1925          H/O Anna Taliaferro S/O George Taylor & Rose Anna (Thatcher) Youtsey


YOUTSEY, James Robert        b.1-22-1860  d.11-23-1876    S/O Henry & Mary Jane (Higinbotham) Youtsey


YOUTSEY, Janet (Beggs)     b.1821  d. February 1908  W/O John C. Youtsey


YOUTSEY, John Burns    b.2-3-1885  d.8-4-1947    H/O Mary Lorena Youtsey             S/O Jacob Thomas & Addie L. (Burns) Youtsey


YOUTSEY, John C.                  1817-1891          H/O Janet Youtsey

S/O George & Sarah (Culbertson) Youtsey


YOUTSEY, John M.           1890-1892      S/O William Albert  & Anna Marie (Weinel)  Youtsey


YOUTSEY, John Stuart      b.6-28-1820  d.10-9-1907         H/O Eliza Jeanette Youtsey        S/O Jacob & Mary (Stevens) Youtsey


YOUTSEY, John T.         b.1874  d.3-17-1948          H/O Lula M. Youtsey


YOUTSEY, Martha A.              b.1869  d.10-31-1935    W/O Albert O. Youtsey


YOUTSEY, Mary Jane (Higinbotham)            buried 8-23-1909  W/O Henry Youtsey


YOUTSEY, Mary L.             b.1887  d.4-3-1924


YOUTSEY, Mary Louise         b.1876  d.10-11-1950          W/O John T. Youtsey


YOUTSEY, Mary Lorena (Petty)     b. January 1887  d.4-3-1924      W/O John Burns Youtsey


YOUTSEY, Raymond         b.2-22-1906   d. 4-5-1970        S/O Albert O. & Martha A. Youtsey


YOUTSEY, Rose Anna (Thatcher)   b.11-28-1849  d.1942         W/O George Taylor Youtsey           D/O Daniel John & Margaret (Spilman) Thatcher


YOUTSEY, Unnamed        (infant grave )       1889-1889   C/O William A. & Anna Marie (Weinel) Youtsey


YOUTSEY, Unnamed        (infant grave)    1890-1890  D/O William Albert & Anna Marie (Weinel) Youtsey


YOUTSEY, Unnamed         (child)