Corpus Christi Cemetery


Research done by Keith Geiman

The Corpus Christi Church began in 1844 in Newport and by 1848, the parish had its own cemetery called Corpus Christi Cemetery near 3 Mile Creek and the Licking River near Frederick's Landing.  There are still a few headstones on site, but it is closed to the public. An account by the Rev Paul E Ryan in the book,
History of the Diocese of Covington, Kentucky, on the Occasion of the Centenary of the Diocese, 1853-1953

says that the site was in an unfavorable location (because of its closeness to the Licking River and constant flooding) and because of that the search for a new parish cemetery started.  In 1869 the 20 acre site Corpus Christi selected for the new cemetery was dedicated as St. Joseph Cemetery and is located next to what is now St. John the Baptist Catholic Church at Licking Pike and Johns Hill Road in Wilder.  Burials from Corpus Christi Cemetery at 3 Mile Creek and St. Joseph's Cemetery in Newport were moved to the new cemetery. For a listing for burials in the St. Joseph Cemetery see the Cemeteries Index.

Records of the original Corpus Christi Cemetery include these known to have been moved to St. Joseph Cemetery.

Allerding, Anna Theresia-Geb ne Windoffer Geb.22 Feb 1818 Zu Ebbenburen/Westphalen Gest. 26 Jan 1869

Baszmann, Ferdinand-geb.22 Nov 1822 in Alshenson gest.16 Apr 1868
Baszmann, Katherine-geb.13 Oct 1861-gest.26 Marz 1865
Bauer, Franz-geb in Bayern am 9 Aug 1809-gest am 23 June 1851
Bobener, Bernard-geb.Im Jahr 1802-gest.18 Juni 1860

Crewe, Anna-Tochter von H & S Crewe-12 Nov 1858-26 Juli 1859
Crewe, Bernard-sohn von H & S Crewe-3 Marz 1856-10 Feb 1869

Dickert, Clara-1868-1869
Dreyer, Bernard G-geb den 15 Okt 1846-gest den 30 Okt 1853
Dreyer, Maria A T-geb den 13 Nov 1849-gest den 20 Jan 1851

Ebert, Adam-11 Jan 1862-7 July 1862
Ebert, Kath-12 Sep 1857-11 July 1862
Engelman, Oscar J-1888-1965

Frollinger, Sophia-nee Le?-geb den 6 Juni 1802-gest 3 Apr 1861

Gabor, Vasila-1888-1965
Gerding, Carl Joseph-geb August 1854-gest 26 Jan 1869
Gerding, M Philomena-8 Marz 1852-18 Juli 1853
Goke, Anna-24 Oct 1865-25 Dec 1868

Hoppinch, Gerhard-27 Aug 1828-3 Jan 1869
Hundepohl, Anna M-nee Haverkamp-14 Apr 1801-6 Aug 1869
Hundt, Adam-2 Juni 1863-30 Juni 1863
Hundt, Karl-15 Nov 1864-12 Dec 1869
Hundt, Maria-18 Mai 1860-28 Juni 1861

Kettler, E M Philomena-6 Apr 1848-19 Aug 1848
Kettler, J Fraziskus-13 Jan 1858-Dec 1860
Kettler, J Gerhard-10 Sep 1851-23 Juli 1852

Lambers, J H B-6 Nov 1827-28 Sep 1866
Lampe, B-28 Marz 1869-28 Marz 1869
Lang, G A-24 Mai 1860-9 Jan 1869
Langefels, Francis-1827-1855
Leising, Maria-2 Mai 1869-25 Mai 1869

Maschinot, Marie K-10 Sep 1855-17 Sep 1864
Muller, Anna Magdelene-tochter von A&K Muller-22 Juli 1829-31 Marz 1855
Muller, Katie-tochter von G&L Muller-16 Dec 1862-28 Dec 1862

Naber, Clemens-23 Nov 1805-24 Oct 1860

Ortman, Joseph-4 Dec 1862-2 Oct 1862

Roggenkamp, M Agnes-29 Okt 1867-29 Okt 1868
Roggenkamp, M Katharina-1 Juni 1860-4 Juli 1860

Sander, Franziska-12 Jan 1860-11 Dec 1868
Saner, Sally-nee Rohman-1846-1870
Schabert, B-married Reuscher-14 Sep 1787-20 Dec 1862
Schmers, Johann-sohn von Frand M-22 Apr 1856-28 Oct 1857
Schultheis, A Laulino-16 Aug 1869-9 Juni 1870
Schultheis, Lorenz D-13 Aug 1867-27 Aug 1867
Schweizer, Carolina-married Bohler-25 Marz 1836-15 Feb 1867
Strahm, Sylvester-1829-1869

Theele, Ger-7 Marz 1852-21 Juli 1857
Theele, M A-nee Buchter 12 Jan 1825-10 Aug 1853
Theele, M Catharina-gest 14 Aug 1853
Trautmann, Franziska-20 Mai 1809-26 Feb 1869

Waldbillig, Joseph-27 Aug 1864-21 Okt 1865
Wehner, Elizabeth-married Muller-2 Nov 1845-12 Juni 1870
Weippert, A Maria-2 Feb 1863-23 Feb 1863
Weippert, Jacob-9 Sep 1866-3 Sep 1868
Weippert, M Rosa-24 Juli 1861-24 July 1862 all children of Jacob & Catharine
Widerholt, Juliana-6 Jan 1800-13 Nov 1862
Windoffer, Anna Theresia-married Alerding-22 Feb 1818 zu Ebbenburen Westphalen-26 Jan 1869
Wolfel, Joseph-19 Marz 1787-28 Sep 1861

Zimmer, Anton-18 Jan 1818-26 Oct 1870

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