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Evergreen Cemetery



Transcribed and submitted by Kathy Rose 9 March 2011

From microfilm LDS #1562463

SG-single grave
LO-lot owner
NR-nearest relative

Caddell, Fannie br-18 Mar 1916 in SG 627 sec 43
Cadet, Paul br-23 Aug 1901 in SG 60 sec 1901
Cady, Infant br-27 Sep 1924 in sec 2 lot 107 N1/2 
Cady, Lucini Lucy b-Newport Ky. 92y; d/o Jonathan Whittington & Emily Norris; d-4 Aug 1962; br-sec 2 lot 107 N1/2; LO-D Mahoney-step daughter; NR-Chas Cady-son-Cincinnati
Cady, Wm Alford b-29 Dec 1862 in New Haven Oh; s/o ? & Angeline (Hammond) d-8 June 1946; br-sec 2 lot 107 N1/2; LO-D Mahoney; removed Lusinia Cady-Cincinnati
Cahill, Bernard b-3 Apr 1909; s/o Elise Cahill; d-Ft Thomas Ky. br-14 May 1928 in sec 26 lot 53B; LO-Elsie Cahill
Cahill, Clarence Taters b-26 June 1890 in Newport Ky. s/o Thomas & Emma (Schmidt) d-27 Dec 1958; br-sec 57 lot 34 W1/2; NR-Marie Knecht Cahill-wife
Cahill, Marie A b-31 Dec 1894 in Newport Ky. d/o Adam Knecht & Elizabeth Rau; d-11 June 1975; br-in sec 57 lot 34 W1/2; r-Covington; NR- Elizabeth Cahill-daughter-Covington Ky.
Cahill, Roy Kenneth b-7 Feb 1893 in Caddo Ky. s/o Aurelius & Aurena (McCall) d-25 Dec 1959 in Newport Ky. br-sec 73 lot 19 E1/2;  NR-Ortrud Cahill-wife
Cahill, Wm br-6 Oct 1930 in sec 26 lot 53B S1/2; LO-Elsie Cahill
Cain, Donald b-Cincinnati; 15y; s/o Donald & Myrtle; d-25 Jan 1936 in Cincinnati; br-in SG 206 sec 43B 
Cain, Infant br-14 Dec 1922 in SG 204 lot 8
Cain, Louise br-5 May 1918 in SG 436 lot 8
Cain, Myrtle b-Newport Ky. 44y; d/o Willis Walker & Lucy Howard; d-27 Nov 1936 in Cincinnati; br-in SG 606 lot 43B
Cain, Raymond (infant) b-13 Feb 1973 in Ft Thomas Ky. s/o Raymond & Ann (Lucius) d-29 Mar 1973 in Newport Ky. br- SG 24 lot 53
Cain, Robt br-14 Oct 1921 in SG 427D sec 8
Cain, Vernus (colored) (city order) br-18 Oct 1924 in SG 211 sec 47
Cain, Thomas Victor b-Campbell Co Ky. 69y; s/o Thomas J & Anna L (Daniel) d-7 June 1963 in Newport Ky. br-sec 5 lot 91A; NR-Katie Cain-wife
Cain, Virgil A b-25 June 1911 in Covington Ky. d-14 Nov 1963 in Campbell Co Ky. br-in SG 204 sec 25; NR-Wm R Brown-friend Newport Ky.
Cain, James E Caine b-26 Apr 1878 in Morehead Ky. s/o Wm; d-27 June 1939 in Newport Ky. br-in SG 235 sec 69; removed Grace Cain Newport Ky.
Caine, Martha Jane br-1 Oct 1926 in SG 68 sec 47

Calahan, Richard Michael b-3 Jan 1945 in Michigan; s/o Bud & Rose Beatrice; d-8 Aug 1962; br-in sec 65 lot 14C; r-Melbourne Ky.  LO & NR-John Sneed-foster father
Calahan, William Hugh II b-Evansville Indian; 58y; s/o William Hugh & Ida (Jenner) d-19 June 1961 in Ft Thomas; br-in sec 5 lot 100B; NR-Catherine Calahan-wife
Caldwell, Albert br-1 July 1926 in sec 15 lot 115 S1/2
Caldwell, Ann br-25 Feb 1900 in sec 17 lot 74
Caldwell, Anna b-Claryville Ky. 69y; d/o Wm Maddox & Emily Jessup; d-8 May 1945; br-in sec 40 lot 38; removed Frank Caldwell-Buffalo NY
Caldwell, Anna E br-25 Aug 1922 in sec 10 lot 14
Caldwell, Augusta A br-11 Oct 1933 in sec 20 lot 81 S1/2; LO-John R Caldwell
Caldwell, Benjamin (colored) br-18 Feb 1924 in SG 571 sec 42
Caldwell, Benjamin br-10 Apr 1883
Caldwell, Bettie J br-18 Aug 1923 in sec 34 lot 21 W1/2
Caldwell, Carrie H b-3 Sep 1878 in Kentucky; d-24 Sep 1958 in Alexandria Ky. br-in sec 54(4?) lot 103 N1/2; NR-Prentice Caldwell-husband
Caldwell, Catherine b-Cincinnati; 93y; d/o Jake & Katherine Schuler; d-26 June 1941; br-in SG 125 sec 72; removed Margie Smith-Newport
Chas B br-13 Feb 1918 in sec 39 lot 13A
Caldwell, Dorothy b-Kentucky; 47y; d/o Omar Webster & Lillian Swope; d-3 June 1970 in Newport; br-in sec 15 lot 115 S1/2; LO-Margaret Caldwell; NR-Harold Caldwell-husband
Caldwell, Dorthy br-15 May 1926 in sec 54 lot 103
Caldwell, Elizabeth 78y; d/o Frederick & Elizabeth Swope; br-20 May 1949 in sec 3 lot 52; LO-Schwab
Emma A b-12 Dec 1868 in Campbell Co Ky. d/o James & Mary Jane Caldwell; d-29 Nov 1946; br-in sec 5 lot 20 E1/2; removed Dr H H Caldwell-Newport
Caldwell, Ernina br-9 Oct 1926 in sec 34 lot 21 W1/2
Caldwell, Eugene F br-25 Feb 1929 in SG 404 sec 47
Caldwell, Florence b-4 Feb 1878 in Cincinnati; d/o Jesse Busby & Margaret White; d-28 June 1942; br-in sec 59 lot 120 E1/2; LO-Wm Albert Caldwell; removed Howard Caldwell Highland Heights KY
Caldwell, Florence Catherine b-Newport Ky. 80y; d/o Gus Sauer & Anna Dietz; d-20 Oct 1972 in Newport; br-in sec 58 lot 28D; LO-Ray T Caldwell; NR-Mrs. Ruthanne Rollman-niece Cincinnati Oh
Caldwell, Floyd br-16 May 1902 in sec 20 lot 81 S1/2
Caldwell, Frank br-3 Dec 1921 in sec 40 lot 14A 
Caldwell, Frank A 87y; d-20 Nov 1963 in Buffalo NY; br-in sec 40 lot 38; NR-Estella Caldwell-wife
Caldwell, George (child) br-8 Sep 1901 in SG 45 sec 1901
Caldwell, George br-1 Oct 1918 in SG 821 sec 43
Caldwell, Grace br-30 June 1893 in sec 20 lot 81 S1/2
Caldwell, Harold b-Newport Ky. s/o Albert & Margaret (Ploss) d-15 Jan 1973 in Newport; br-in sec 15 lot 115 S1/2; NR-Clifford Andrews-cousin
Caldwell, Harold L (child) br-29 Nov 1898 in SG 55 sec 1898
Caldwell, Harry William b-Newport Ky. 58y; s/o James & Elizabeth; d-14 July 1937; br-in sec 3 lot 43 N1/2
Caldwell, Howard P br-24 Nov 1925 in sec 54 lot 103 N1/2
Caldwell, Ida May b-Ohio; 74y; d/o John & Mary Westlake; d-1 Nov 1957 in Newport Ky. br-in sec 40 lot 38; NR-Mary Lee Caldwell-niece-Southgate Ky.
Caldwell, Ida May b-Newport Ky. 85y; d/o Hans Caster & Wilhomena Pelle; d-8 Feb 1947 in Newport; br-in sec 5 lot 21; removed Irene Fox Walnut Hills Oh
Caldwell, Infant br-24 May 1920 in SG 554 sec 8
Caldwell, Infant br-6 Nov 1918 in SG 475 sec 8
Caldwell, Infant br-2 Sep 1906 in SG 46 sec 1906
Caldwell, Infant br-12 Dec 1892 in sec 20 lot 81 W1/2
Caldwell, Infant br-11 July 1892 in SG 45 sec 1892
Caldwell, Infant br-24 June 1886 in SG 28 sec 1896
Caldwell, James br-20 May 1888 in sec 3 lot 43
Caldwell, James br-19 Aug 1922 in SG 183 sec 48 
Caldwell, James br-12 July 1905 in sec 5 lot 20
Caldwell, James N br-21 May 1903 in sec 17 lot 74
Caldwell, J Asher b-Campbell Co Ky. 75y; s/o James & Mary Jane; d-26 Feb 1946 in Southgate Ky. br-in sec 40 lot 38
Caldwell, James Elwood b-11 Oct 1908 in Newport Ky. s/o Albert & Margaret; d-21 Oct 1944 in Newport; br-in sec 15 lot 115 S1/2
Jane A br-17 July 1890 in sec 3 lot 43 
Caldwell, Jessie br-20 Feb 1887 in sec 3 lot 36
Caldwell, John H (adult) br-10 July 1895 in SG 42 sec 1895
Caldwell, John Hadley 78y; s/o James & Mary Jane; d-22 Oct 1957 in Newport Ky. br-in sec 40 lot 38; NR-Mary Lee Caldwell Southgate KY
Caldwell, John J br-15 Jan 1905 in SG 261 sec 28
Caldwell, John H br-7 May 1913 in sec 20 lot 81
Caldwell, Kate br-30 Aug 1906 in sec 23 lot 10
Caldwell, Lottie (infant) br-6 Feb 1913 in sec 3 lot 43
Caldwell, Lucy E br-1 Apr 1915 in sec 17 lot 74 
Caldwell, Mamie I br-8 Aug 1932 in sec 5 lot 20 
Caldwell, Margaret K br-2 Sep 1899 in sec 17 lot 74
Caldwell, Martha 19y; d/o Ray T & Pearl Caldwell; d-18 Nov 1950 in Lansing Michigan; br-in sec 58 lot 28; NR-Ray T Caldwell Batavia IL removed
Caldwell, Mary br-24 Aug 1889 in sec 17 lot 74
Caldwell, Mary Jane s. 5 l. 20 b. 3-20-1912
Caldwell, Mary M br-21 May 1913 in SG 98 sec 8
Caldwell, Mildred E br-31 May 1921 in sec 40 lot 38
Caldwell, Millie b-14 Apr 1867 in Winchester Ky. d/o Riley Rainey & Mary Decary; d-2 Apr 1950; br-in SG 399T sec 72; NR-Ada Hoffman-Newport
Caldwell, Pearl b-Grants Lick Ky. 91y; d/o Joseph Wright & Mary Margaret Yelton; d-7 Jan 1968 in Southgate Ky. br-in sec 40 lot 38; NR-Mary Lee Caldwell-daughter-Southgate
Caldwell, Pearl b-14 Oct 1902 in Kentucky; nee McCarty; d-8 Jan 1953; br-in SG 58 sec 74; NR-Sidney Caldwell-Ft Thomas
Caldwell, Pearl 57y; d-30 Sep 1950 in Batavia Illinois; br-in sec 58 lot 28; LO-Ray T Caldwell-husband
Prentice b-Campbell Co Ky. 89y; s/ Hon Robert & Anna Elizabeth (Clary) d-2 Aug 1964; br-in sec 54 lot 103 N1/2; NR-Alice Rouse-niece
Caldwell, R F br-24 Apr 1906 in sec 17 lot 74
Caldwell, Rev Ray T 80y; s/o Charles & Elizabeth (Swope) d-25 Feb 1971 in Newport Ky. br-in sec 58 lot 28; NR-Florence Caldwell-wife-Newport
Caldwell, Rosella b-11 Dec 1890 in W Va. d/o John & Sarah Butts; d-26 May 1936 in Newport Ky. br-in SG 272 sec 69
Caldwell, Sallie M 90y; d/o Elim Miles & Sarah Marshall; d-22 July 1966 in Hillsboro Oh; br-in sec 40 lot 14A; LO-W E Caldwell-husband; NR-Ruth Johnson-daughter-Hillsboro Oh
Caldwell, Sidney Lee br-7 May 1905 in sec 5 lot 20
Caldwell, William Albert b-27 July 1872 in Campbell Co Ky. s/o Joseph & Mary (Hornback) d-19 Apr 1955 at Eastern State Hospital in Lexington Ky. br-in sec 59 lot 120 E1/2; NR-Howard Caldwell-son-Highland Heights Ky.
Caldwell, Wm br-4 Mar 1926 in SG 97 sec 47
Caldwell, Wm br-15 Nov 1924 in SG 208 sec 47 
Caldwell, Wm (child) br-6 Nov 1895 in SG 66 sec 1895
Caldwell, Wm E b-26 May 1873 in Newport Ky. s/o Frank & Catherine (Lyons) d-24 Aug 1955 Hillsboro Community Hospital; br-in sec 40 lot 14A; NR-W E Caldwell Jr. Cincinnati
Cale, Raymond H b-5 June 1913 in Cincinnati; s/o Clarence & Della (Albright) d-23 Oct 1970 in Dayton Ky. br-in sec 65 lot 122C; NR-Ruth Cale Yates-wife
Calhoon, Caroline br-30 Mar 1888 in sec 1 lot 22
Calhoun, Harriet br-24 May 1924 in SG 243 sec 47
Calhoun, James P b-Ft Worth Texas; 56y; s/o Houston & Fannie (Price) d-15 Apr 1961 in Cincinnati; br-in sec 51 lot 58; NR-Houston Calhoun-brother-Newport Ky.
Calhoun, Raymond (city of Newport) b-18 May 1935 in GA; s/o James P & Mayme (Low) d-20 Dec 1937 in Newport; br-in SG 348 sec 70
Clayton b-Kentucky; 57y; s/o Matthew; d-19 Sep 1952; NR-Twila Callahan-Cold Spring Ky
Infant br-4 Nov 1925 in SG 133 sec 47 
Callahan, Infant br-3 Sep 1917 in SG 395 sec 8
Callahan, Marion br-5 May 1923 in sec 6 lot 24 S1/2
Callahan, Martha Eliz br-4 Mar 1927 in SG 46 sec 47
Callahan, Twila Jeanne 69y; nee Smith; d-21 Nov 1968 in Covington Ky. br-in sec 52 lot 41; NR-Mrs. Mary Curtis-friend
Callamer, Elberta br-1 May 1918 in SG 437 sec 8
Callamer, Mrs. adult br-16 July 1895 in SG 51 sec 1892
Callen, Columbus br-10 May 1917 in SG 255 sec 41
Callen, Hazel M br-7 Apr 1903 in SG 15 sec 1903
Callery, Edward P b-Newport Ky. 83y; s/o John & Bridgett (Shannon) d-27 Oct 1960; br-in sec 59 lot 167 E1/2; LO-Julia Pfaff-sister in law; NR-Ella Callery-wife of Bellevue
Callery, Ella N 86y; d/o Patrick Sullivan; d-23 Mar 1968 in Bellevue Ky. br-in sec 59 lot 167 E1/2; NR-William F Callery-son of Dayton Ky.
Callery, Marcella br-4 July 1921 in SG 618 sec 8
Callery, William br-7 Nov 1913 in SG 17 sec 43
Callery, William M b-Newport Ky. 67y; s/o William & Caroline (Weismann) d-20 July 1961 in Newport; br-in sec 73 lot 28 W1/2; LO-Bertha Callery-wife
Callon, Infant b&d 31 Mar 1940 in Covington; child of Clarence & Luella Joyce; br-in SG 971 sec 70; parents r-Kenton Hills Ky.
Calston, John br-28 Dec 1892
Calvert, Christine L b-28 Jan 1905 in Dayton Ky. d/o Joseph Kiefer & Ida Kietch; d-16 Dec 1972 in Cincinnati. br-in SG 257 sec 72; NR- g. 257; NR-Connie Perry-daughter of Ft Thomas
Calvert, Grace Belle 78y; d-9 Feb 1955 on Blange Rd in Brent Ky. br-in SG 917 sec 68 NR-Russell Calvert of North Vernon IN
Calvin, Elizabeth R br-19 Apr 1915 in SG 244 sec 43 
Calvin, Mary J br-6 Apr 1926 in SG 407 sec 46
Calvin, William br-22 Mar 1903 in sec 9 lot 34

Cameron, Angeline br-19 Mar 1900 in SG 14 sec 1900
Cameron, Clyde L b-27 Aug 1899 in Va. s/o Daniel & Hattie (Cameron) d-10 Nov 1962 in Cincinnati; br-in sec 60 lot 23C; NR-Martha L Cameron-wife
Cameron, Ella R b-Pa. 92y; nee Redfield; d-30 Dec 1940 in Southgate Ky.; br-in sec 37 lot 20 S1/2; LO-Thos J Cameron; removed Blanche Moock-Southgate
Cameron, Gussie b-31 Dec 1913 in Calico Plains Tenn. s/o Dee? & Sarah Colvin; d-30 Jan 1954; br-in sec 60 lot 23C; NR-Clyde Cameron-husband of Newport
Cameron, Otto T b-Indianapolis Indiana; 78y; s/o Thomas & Ella Rose; d-5 Dec 1954; br-in sec 37 lot 20 S1/2; NR-Susie Cameron of Dayton KY
Cameron, Ralph Tillman br-9 May 1949 in SG 723 sec 72; s/o James & Hattie Cameron of Alexandria
Cameron, Ruth br-15 May 1930 in SG 905 sec 43
Cameron, Susie b-Alexandria Ky. 86y; d-31 May 1965 in Battle Creek Michigan; LO-Mrs. Thos J Cameron-daughter in law; NR-Blanche Klett-DeBary Florida
Cameron, Thos J br-31 Oct 1912 in sec 37 lot 20 S1/2
Camm, Eliza br-30 Aug 1920 in sec 44 lot 26C
Camm, Joseph b-W Va. 83y; d-8 Aug 1938; br-in sec 44 lot 26C LO-John A Camm county infirmary
Cammeron, Thos br-6 Sep 1888
Camp, Catherine b-Newport Ky. 59y; d/o Daniel Carmichael & Catherine Fletcher; d-21 Apr 1965 in Cincinnati; br-in sec 62 lot 69; NR-Lewis L Camp-husband
Campbell, Abigal br-24 July 1884 in sec 3 lot 53
Campbell, Albert John b-Cincinnati; 66y; s/o James & Mary (Cain) d-20 Sep 1961 in Dayton Ky. br-in sec 73 lot 112; NR-Selma Campbell-wife
Campbell, Anna 46y; d-17 Nov 1937 in Knoxville Tennessee; br-in SG 318 sec 69
Campbell, Bertha b-Tennessee; 82y; d/o John Chaplain; d-12 Nov 1969 in Newport Ky. br-in sec 65 lot 120B; LO-Pearl Moore-daughter-Newport
Campbell, Calvin b17 Dec 1923 in SG 182 sec 46
Campbell, Cecil Harry 49y; s/o James & Mary (Cain) d-7 May 1946; br-in sec 59 lot 217 E1/2; LO-Augusta Campbell of Dayton Ky.
Campbell, Charles Edward b-20 Oct 1879 in Ravenswood W Va. s/o Joseph A; d-5 Oct 1965 in Norwood Oh; br-in sec 49 lot 112-113; NR-Clara Campbell-wife
Campbell, Charles W b-2 June 1905 in Covington Ky. s/o Ed & Margaret (Miller) d-10 Nov 1936 in Covington; br-in SG 258 sec 369; removed Catherine Campbell
Campbell, Clabourne L b-Covington Ky. 52y; s/o Louis & Stella (NicholsP d-13 Feb 1962; br-in sec 5 lot 110B; NR-Willie Campbell-wife
Campbell, Clara 80y; d/o Leonard Glabb & Sally Barton; d-1 Mar 1971 in Owensville Oh; br-in sec 49 lot 112-113; LO-Charles E Campbell-husband; NR-Mrs. Clara Rosselot-daughter of Owensville Oh
Campbell, Dorothy (city order) br-21 Nov 1932 in SG 503 sec 47
Campbell, Edith Elizabeth (ashes) b-23 Apr 1904 in Newport Ky. d/o John S & Bertha (Skipp)d-12 Mar 1965 in Newport;  br-16 Mar in sec 30 lot 17 S1/2; LO-J W Wheeler; cremated on 14 March 1935
Campbell, Edna Mae b-Newport Ky. 49y; d/o John T Metheringham & Mattie Strobel; d-6 Feb 1962 in Newport; br-in SG 386 sec 35; NR-John Metheringham-brother of Newport
Edward C br-22 June 1916 in sec 24 lot 29 
Campbell, Edward Stuart br-7 Nov 1918 in sec 23 lot 110
Campbell, Elizabeth (ashes) b-Maysville Ky. 63y; d/o Perry & Mary Ann Jefferson; d-6 Nov 1933 in Indianapolis Indiana; br-3 Aug 1936 in SG 370
Campbell, Eve Marie b-9 Feb 1922 in Newport Ky. d/o Wm Green Gaddis & Nona Jones; d-9 Feb 1956 in Newport; br-in SG 163 sec 74; NR-John D Campbell-husband
Campbell, Frank M b-Cincinnati; s/o James & Sarah; d09 Jan 1937 in Cincinnati; br-in SG 317 sec 69; NR-Anna Campbell-wife of Cincinnati
Campbell, George H br-25 Aug 1903 in sec 13 lot 53 S1/2
Campbell, Grace b-8 Oct 1904 in Laurel Co Ky. 43y; d/o Perry B Gill & Rebecca Chambers; d-16 Feb 1948 in Bellevue; br-18 Feb in sec 59 lot 246 E1/2; NR-Ralph Campbell-husband
Campbell, Grace (leg) br-21 July 1947 in sec 59 lot 246 E1/2; LO-Ralph Campbell
Campbell, Herbert br-3 Aug 1903 in SG 28 sec 28
Campbell, Infant br-1 Oct 1925 in SG 152 sec 67 (smeared) 
Campbell, Infant b&d 23 Oct 1937 in Dayton Ky. child of Cecil & Augusta; br-in SG 982 sec 70
Campbell, Infant br-26 May 1915 in sec 24 lot 29
Campbell, Infant br-15 Apr 1916 in sec 33 lot 14 W1/2
Campbell, Jane br-30 Aug 1916 in sec 16 lot 57-58-59
Campbell, Jessie Y b-Newport Ky. 81y; s/o John & Mary; d-22 Oct 1955 in Miami Florida; br-in sec 23 lot 110; NR-Jos V Davidson of Cincinnati
Campbell, John b-19 Aug 1898 in Cincinnati; s/o James Grant; d-13 Dec 1956 in Newport; br-in sec 73 lot 465; NR-Alma Campbell-widow
Campbell, John br-4 Jan 1927 in SG 369 sec 45 
Campbell, John (adult) br-19 Jan 1894 in SG 4 sec 1894
Campbell, John Valentine br-27 Dec 1932 in sec 23 lot 110; LO-J S Campbell
Campbell, J Stuart b-Winchester Va. 84y; s/o John S & Elizabeth; d-22 July 1917 in Huntington W Va. br-24 Aug in sec 23 lot 110; r-Chesapeake Oh
Campbell, Ladora b-Ohio; 83y; d-29 May 1959 in Coral Gables Florida; br-in sec 23 lot 110; NR-J J Davidson of Coral Gables
Campbell, Lewis b-Breathitt Co Ky. 66y; s/o Brack & Phoebe (McIntosh) d-4 Oct 1965 in Lexington Ky. br-in sec 52 lot 128; LO-John E Dear or 1 (typed over) NR-Evalee Campbell-wife
Campbell, Loretta b-25 July 1898 in Cincinnati; d/o Benjamin Collmer & Emma Lawhorn; d-22 Feb 1937 in Cold Spring Ky. br-in SG 472 sec 69 g
Campbell, Lucerne Howard b-8 Jan 1936 in Dayton Ky. s/o Albert John & Selma (Carmichael) d-9 Aug 1954 in Campbell Co Ky. br-in sec 73 lot 112; NR-Albert Campbell 
Campbell, Margaret b-Newport Ky. 83y; d/o John Stricker & Margaret Risch; d-27 Jan 1967 in Newport; br-in sec 34 lot 44 E1/2; NR-Mrs. Clara Koehler-daughter of Newport
Campbell, Margaret A br-7 Dec 1927 in sec 24 lot 29 W1/2
Campbell, Margie b-Maysville Ky. 73y; d/o Jas Henderson & Mary Hawood; d-26 Feb 1952 in Cincinnati; br-in SG 322 sec 42; NR-Harvey Hesser
Campbell, Mary E br-23 July 1914 in sec 23 lot 110
Campbell, Mary Edith br-11 Apr 1919 in sec 33 lot 14 W1/2
Campbell, Mearl br-13 Oct 1932 in sec 2 lot 16
Campbell, Minnie b-26 June 1880 in WV; d-29 Dec 1960 in Newport Ky. br-in sec 51 lot 7 W1/2; LO-Mabel Jones-daughter
Campbell, Nellie b-19 Apr 1901 in Kentucky; d/o Chas & Rose Cooper; d-25 Feb 1936 in Newport Ky. br-in SG 231 sec 69
Campbell, Norma Suzanna br-28 Apr 1921 in sec 49 lot 112 & 113
Campbell, Paul H b-12 Aug 1907 in Maysville Ky. s/o James & Anna (Gross) d-2 Nov 1952; br-in SG 139 sec 25; NR-Edna Campbell of Newport
Campbell, Sarah br-1 Dec 1923 in SG 136 sec 46
Campbell, Stella br-20 Apr 1932 in SG 384 sec 68
Campbell, Whitfield br-13 July 1915 in SG 710 sec 42
Campbell, Wilma B br-27 Aug 1918 in SG 460 sec 8
Campbell, Woodrow S b-Hazard Ky. 51y; s/o John H & Minnie (Bell) d-18 Dec 1967 in Hamilton Oh; br-in SG 228 sec 25; r-Newport Ky. NR-Cecil Campbell-brother of Ft Thomas 

Canada, Bobby Lee b-23 Oct 1963 in Dayton Ky. s/o John & Bethel (Feltner) d-23 Oct 1963 in Dayton Ky. br-in SG 240 sec 53; parents residence in Newport Ky. 
Helen B br-7 May 1923 in SG 318 sec 47
Candle, Francis br-18 Aug 1948 in SG 819 sec 68
Canfield, Timothy (adult) br-25 Nov 1898 in SG 46 sec 1895
Cannon, Catherine (colored) b-Wayne Co Ky. 90y; d-4 Jan 1952 in Newport Ky. br-9 Jan in SG 202 sec 43B; r-129 West 2nd St in Newport; NR-Mrs. Eula Walker of Danville Ky.
Cannon, Cornelius G Rev b-MO; 98y; s/o Cornelius; d-5 Nov 1944; br-in SG 201 sec 43B; removed Catherine Cannon of Newport
Cannon, Infant d-14 Mar 1954 in Cincinnati; 8 hours; child of James & Jeannette (Darnell) br-in SG 959 sec 70
Cannon, Jesse A (adult) br-15 Apr 1904 in SG 36 sec 1881
Cansey, Alice br-23 Jan 1898 in SG 5 sec 1898
Cansey, Joshua br-29 Oct 1920 in SG 244 sec 45
Cantan, Evelyn C b-Newport Ky. 36y; d/o Farris & Katherine Castle; d-18 Dec 1957 in Dayto Ky. br-in sec 55 lot 92 N1/2; NR-Daniel Cantan-husband
Cantrell, Lola Fern br-6 May 1929 in SG 401 sec 47
Cantrell, Ollie Beatrice b-22 Mar 1912 in Rockcastle Ky. d/o David Adams & Claudia Taylor; d-22 May 1952 at Key West Naval Hospital; br-in sec 60 lot 266; LO-Leo Cantrell-husband of Cincinnati Ohio
Cantrill, Joseph A b-Dayton Ky. 23y; s/o Estill & Vernal (Gooch) d-1 Jan 1969 in Detroit Michigan; br-in sec 65 lot 79A; LO-June SPears-sister; NR-Estill Cantrill-father of Newport
Cantrell, Royce A b-Pound Va. 24y; s/o David & Margaret; d-2 Feb 1943 in Avon Park Florida; br-in sec 59 lot 116 E1/2; LO-Mayme Cantrell; removed Margaret Cantrell of Ft Thomas
Canvana, Romomia br-8 Mar 1939 in sec 39 lot 32 E1/2; LO-Bertha A Iliff

Capek, James b-12 Jan 1884 in Czechoslovakia; d-6 Aug 1939; br-in sec 59 lot 67; LO-Mary Capek of Dayton KY
Capek, Mary Ann b-Kentucky; 90y; nee Prohaska; d-20 July 1969; br-in sec 59 lot 67 E1/2; NR-James Capek-son of Bellevue Ky.
Capelle (or Capollo), Clarence 39y; s/o Wm & Helen; d-Lexington Ky. br-13 July 1949 in SG 664 sec 72; r-Dayton KY
Thomas br-31 Aug 1908 in sec 1 lot 52

Carbaugh, Lydia br-16 May 1922 in SG 140 sec 48 
Card, Bess Herzig 59y; d/o John A & ? Herzig; br-31 Oct 1949 in sec 30 lot 34S; r-Cincinnati
Cardal, Infant br-23 Dec 1887 in sec 9 lot 96
Cardes, Child br-10 Nov 1886 in SG 82 sec 1886
Cardis, Margaret (adult) br-1 Aug 1889 in SG 40 sec 1889
Cardwell, Arthur L b-Alabama; 90y; s/o Simon & Mary F (Helton) d-19 Mar 1961 in Covington Ky. br-in sec 60 lot 159; NR-Mary Cardwell-wife
Cardwell, Mary L b-Ohio. 90y; d/o William Hindman & Mary Fagan; d-20 Oct 1958 in Covington Ky. br-in sec 60 lot 149; NR0Anna Bragan-daughter
Carey, Laura E (adult) br-19 Aug 1887 in SG 32 sec 1887
Cargill, Donald br-9 Apr 1910 in SG 24 sec 1910
Cargill, Infant br-13 July 1904 in sec 4 lot 14
Cargill, Stella M (infant) br-18 Mar 1919 in SG 492 sec 8
Caridal, Infant br-11 Feb 1890 in sec 9 lot 96
Adam br-2 Sep 1924 in sec 49 lot 223
Carius, Catherine b-11 Aug 1869 in Marietta Oh; d/o Phillip Smith & Augusta Koon Miner; d-13 Mar 1944; br-in sec 49 lot 223; removed Mrs. Imgram of Covington 
Carius, Mary Blanch b-1 Oct 1886 in Hammersville Oh; d/o Wm C & Nellie Powell; d-9 Sep 1943; br-in sec 59 lot 102 E1/2; LO-Phillip Carius of Newport Ky.
Carius, Phillip b-31 Aug 1896 in Marietta Oh; s/o Adam & Anna; d-17 Sep 1943; br-in sec 59 lot 102 E1/2; removed Dorothy Griggs of Newport Ky.
Cark, Harriet br-8 May 1887 in sec 10 lot 50 1/4
Carlisle, Agnes b-7 May 1887 in Portsmouth Oh; d/o John Brennan & Rose Jefford; d-5 Oct 1952 in Cincinnati; br-in SG 46 sec 68; NR-Mrs. Jas Humphreys of Cincinnati
Carlisle, Estelle Garrison br-13 Mar 1929 in sec 23 lot 30 E1/2; LO-Geo Garrison
Carlisle, Lilbon b-Kentucky; s/o Oakley & Ada (Rouse) d-1 Nov 1947; br-in sec 23 lot 30 E1/2; LO-Geo A Garrison; removed Alpa P Carlisle of Covington Ky.
Carlisle, Virginia br-4 Dec 1922 in sec 23 lot 30 E1/2
Carlisle, Wm E b-20 Dec 1882; s/o Wm & Elizabeth (Werner) d-26 Jan 1948; br-in SG 45 sec 68; removed Agnes Carlisle-wife of Cincinnati Ohio
Carlson, Minnie b-Kansas; 87y; d/o Christopher Horn & Janice Hartley; d-19 Dec 1973; br-in sec 63 lot 129 S1/2; NR-Robert Jones of Cincinnati
Carlson, Oscar W s. 63 l. 129 s ˝ d. 6-7-1971 age 85 y par: Carl Carlson & Anna nat: Sweden; nr-Harold Jones–son Cincinnati Ohio
Carlton, Samuel A b-Glencoe Ky. 62y; s/o Charles & Ella; d-30 July 1959; br-in SG 402 sec 35; NR-Hallie Carlton-wife of Newport Ky.
Carmack, Cora br-24 June 1932 in sec 50 lot 8
Carmack, John Thornton br-6 Feb 1931 in sec 50 lot 8
Carmack, Irene br-15 Sep 1924 in SG 209 sec 46
Carmack, Irma br-22 Apr 1929 in sec 56 lot 165 S1/2
Carmack, Jefferson D b-Kentucky; 69y; d-22 Jan 1941 in Falmouth Ky. br-in SG 208 sec 46
Carmack, Mary Ann br-1 Sep 1928 in sec 54 lot 50 N1/2 
Carmack, Mildred br-5 Oct 1921 in SG 637 sec 8
Carmack, Raymond b-Carthage Ky. 77y; s/o Wm Gregory & Henrietta (Tarvin) d-12 Aug 1965 in Newport Ky. br-in sec 56 lot 165 S1/2; NR-Raymond R Carmack-son of Ft Thomas
Carmack, Virginia br-10 July 1930 in sec 56 lot 165 S1/2; LO-Benj Carmack
Carmichael, Carl William b-26 July 1933 in Dayton Ky. s/o Carlos & W Mary; d-22 June 1937 in Ohio River from drowning; br-in SG 171 sec 70; removed Carlos Carmichael-father of Bellevue Ky.
Carmichael, Catherine Fletcher br-15 Aug 1916 in sec 15 lot 61 S1/2 
Carmichael, Charlotte B b-Kentucky; 82y; d/o Frederick Bloseing; d-21 May 1971; br-in sec 27 lot 50; NR-William Carmichael-husband of Newport
Carmichael, Daniel b-15 Feb 1863 in Switzerland; d-5 Aug 1943; br-in sec 15 lot 61 S1/2
Carmichael, Mary Francis b-Mason Co Ky. 25y; d/o John & Anna Dee Carmichael; d-3 May 1947; br-in sec 59 lot 204-205 E1/2; LO-Vernon Chain of Dayton
Carmichael, Ross br-9 July 1894 in sec 15 lot 61 S1/2
Carmichael, William (ashes) b-17 June 1889 in Maryland; d-23 Oct 1975 in Ft Thomas; br-in sec 27 lot 50
Carmichaels, Mary br-17 June 1902 in SG 33 sec 1902

Carnahan, Ben br-13 Jan 1932 in SG 334 sec 68
Carnahan, Charles Murray b-21 Nov 1856 in Cincinnati; s/o Gustavas & Louise; d-30 Dec 1937; br-in sec 22 lot 95 E1/2; r-Ft Thomas
Carnahan, Lizzie E br-11 Apr 1919 in sec 36 lot 50 N1/2
Carnan, Harry R br-9 June 1933 in SG 718 sec 43
Carnan, Ruth br-4 Nov 1920 in SG 572 sec 28
Carnan, Robert R (child) br-18 Nov 1886 in SG 61 sec 1886
Carnan, Ristan br-3 Dec 1907 in SG 572 sec 28
Carnan, Mary M b-3 May 1880 in Falmouth Ky. d/o Thomas & Fannie C?arnell; d-12 Mar 1935 in Newport Ky. br- in SG 708 sec 68
Carnan, Lulu (child) br-9 Nov 1886 in SG 61 sec 1886
Carnan, Irene F br-31 May 1922 in sec 49 lot 147
Carnan, Edward R b-Newport Ky. 72y; s/o Edward; d-20 Sep 1957; br-in sec 49 lot 147; NR-Ruby Carnan-widow of Newport Ky.
Carnan, David b-Wyoming Oh; s/o Ristus & Ada; d-24 Jan 1935 in Newport Ky. br-in SG 707 sec 68 g. 707
Carnes, Rosa br-28 Feb 1924 in SG 110 sec 46
Carnes, Wissie Sue b-Knox Co Ky. d/o Bill Smith; d-22 Mar 1971 in Covington Ky. br-in sec 66 lot 19A; LO-William Hensley; NR-Tesco Hensley-son of Greens Road Ky. 
Carney, Buckner br-24 Feb 1891 in sec 16 lot 47
Carney, Ellen br-18 May 1885 in sec 16 lot 47
Carney, Mary Clark br-1 Oct 1901 in sec 16 lot 47 
Carnwall, Smith W br-26 July 1891 in sec 13 lot 13

Carothers, Caroline Butler b-Kentucky; 99y; d/o Chas Powell & Caroline Butler; d-17 Feb 1960 in Ft Thomas; br-in sec 22 lot 105; LO-Thos P Carothers; NR-Richard Carothers-son of Paris Tennessee
Carothers, Clara b-12 Dec 1866 in Mt Pleasant Iowa; d/o Dr. Robert Carothers of Mariemont Oh; d-12 June 1945; br-in sec 57 lot 81 E1/2
Carothers, Elizabeth b-Ft Thomas Ky. 67y; d/o Robert B Carothers & Elizabeth Abbott; d-9 July 1935; br-in sec 22 lot 106; LO-Mary C Shanks-sister
Carothers, Elizabeth br-12 Dec 1921 in sec 22 lot 105
Carothers, Mary Belle br-13 Apr 1901 in sec 22 lot 105 
Carothers, Dr Robert b-Ft Thomas Ky. 90y 7 days; s/o Robert B & Elizabeth (Abbott) d-24 Sep 1954; br-in sec 57 lot 81 E1/2; NR-Dr Ralph Carothers-Cincinnati
Carothers, Robert Barr br-4 Sep 1917 in sec 22 lot 105
Carothers, Thos br-7 May 1924 in sec 22 lot 105
Carothers, Wm C br-10 Sep 1920 in sec 57 lot 81 E1/2; removed from section 22 lot 105 May 1935
Carpenter, Edward E br-6 Apr 1907 in SG 487 sec 28 
Carpenter, Ella B br-9 Aug 1918 in SG 815 sec 43
Carpenter, Elnora br-7 Mar 1927 in SG 74 sec 42
Carpenter, Harry b-Pittsburgh PA; 69y; s/o Jessie; d-5 May 1967 in Dayton Ky. br-in sec 65 lot 51B; NR-Mrs. Lola Carpenter-wife Dayton Ky.
Carpenter, Henry W br-4 Feb 1920 in sec 44 lot 24
Carpenter, Dovie Rebecca b-23 Sep 1924 in Paducah Ky. d/o Edward Barnett & Lula Johnson; d-23 June 1956 in Covington Ky.  br-in SG 150 sec 74; NR-Dewey Carpenter-husband
Carpenter, Infant br-22 Mar 1912 in SG 50 sec 8
Carpenter, Mary (adult) br-17 Dec 1892 in SG 75 sec 1892
Carpenter, Mary A br-1 July 1918 in sec 34 lot 10
Carper, Roberta Wilma b-24 July 1938 in Dayton Ky. d/o Wilbur Carper & Alice Perkins; d-24 July 1938 in Dayton Ky. br-in SG 519 sec 70

Carr, Alice Jane br-30 July 1925 in sec 50 lot 37 W1/2
Carr, Arthur Samuel b-Ft Thomas Ky. 69y; s/o Millard P & Winifred (McGraw) d-22 May 1965; br-in sec 54 lot 27 N1/2; LO-Zwick & Carr; NR-Catherine Carr-wife
Carr, Bertha (adult) br-27 Jan 1903 in SG 69 sec 1902
Carr, Charles James br-19 Jan 1940 in sec 27 lot 44 S1/2
Carr, Clara J br-18 Aug 1909 in SG 129 sec 43
Carr, Donna Lee b-1 Jan 1960 in Dayton Ky. d/o Samuel & Mary Rose; d-24 Jan 1960 in Newport Ky. br-in SG 49 sec 53 
Carr, Elizabeth b-Logansport Indiana; 55y; d/o Ernest & Mary Wright; d-3 Sep 1945; br-in sec 55 lot 57 S1/2; r-Lafayette Indiana
Carr, Ethel (colored adult) br-14 Feb 1896 in SG 12 sec 1896
Carr, Infant br-15 Feb 1910 in SG 2 sec 1910
Carr, Infant br-5 May 1923 in SG 27 sec 54
Carr, Infant b&d 28 June 1972 in Newport Ky. child of Vicki Lynn Carr; br-in SG 453 sec 53
Carr, Infant Girl b-Mariemont Oh; 1 day; d/o Phillip W & Janet M (Kaylor) d-21 Dec 1971; br-in sec 54 lot 123 S1/2; LO-Bessie Drapp-grandparent
Carr, Infant Boy  b-Mariemont Oh; 1 day; s/o Phillip W & Janet M (Kaylor) d-21 Dec 1971; br-in sec 54 lot 123 S1/2; LO-Bessie Drapp-grandparent
Carr, James A br-30 Aug 1921 in SG 628 sec 8
Carr, James P br-10 Feb 1915 in SG 719 sec 42
Carr, Jennie br-5 Dec 1918 in SG 335 sec 41
Carr, John B b-St Mary's Oh; 59y; s/o Jerome & Mary; d-1 Aug 1944 in Ft Thomas Ky. br-in sec 55 lot 67 S1/2' :P-Eliz Wright Carr
Carr, Josephine br-22 May 1917 in sec 44 lot 15 E1/2
Carr, L (child) br-16 Feb 1886 in SG 6 sec 1886
Carr, Louise br-27 Jan 1923 in sec 44 lot 31D
Carr, Lucinda (colored) br-7 Apr 1908 in SG 345 sec 28
Carr, Mabel b-Bellevue Ky. 50y; d/o Samuel & Roberta Peacock; d-19 Jan 1942; br-in sec 20 lot 2; LO-Immegart; removed Walter J Carr-Newport
Carr, Nan A br-21 Apr 1914 in SG 541 sec 42
Carr, Martha br-18 Feb 1900 in sec 10 lot 38 N1/2
Carr, Michael br-16 Nov 1932 in sec 44 lot 15 E1/2 
Carr, Millard F b-Kentucky; 75y; d-25 July 1937; br-in sec 54 lot 82 N1/2; removed Walter Carr of Newport Ky.
Carr, Ralph Robert b-20 July 1892 in Bellevue Ky. s/o Robert & Clara (Martin) d-2 Feb 1962 in Woodlawn Ky. br-in sec 63 lot 170 N1/2; NR-Ruby Carr-wife
Carr, Rilla W br-16 Oct 1883 in sec 4 lot 48
Carr, Robert br-11 Jan 1913 in SG 128 sec 43
Carr, Samuel T br-22 Feb 1919 in SG 325 sec 41
Carr, Sara Elizabeth b-Augusta Ky. 41y; d/o William R & Gertrude Watson; d-29 Jan 1955; br-in sec 60 lot 60C; NR-Gertrude Keller of Silver Grove Ky.
Carr, Scotti Wayne b-2 Jan 1965 in Mariemont Oh; s/o Phillip W & Janet (Taylor) d-2 Jan 1965; br-in sec 54 lot 123 S1/2; LO-Bessie Drapp-great grandmother
Carr, Simon b-1 Nov 1879 in Tennessee; s/o Wm; d-8 Nov 1955 in Cincinnati; br-in sec 60 lot 27C; NR-Mrs. Martha Creekmore of Newport
Carr, Tiffin S b-Dayton Ky. 64y; s/o Samuel; d-22 Dec 1936; br-in SG 426 sec 69; r-Dayton Ky.
Carr, Winifred br-27 Apr 1931 in sec 54 lot 82 N1/2; LO-Millard Carr & Alice Rardin

Carral, Mary br-31 July 1891 in sec 19 lot 40
Carran, Harriett H br-9 Mar 1915 in sec 39 lot 5C
Carran, John T br-11 Dec 1919 in sec 39 lot 5
Carrel, Eliza br-14 Mar 1903 in sec 10 lot 34
Carrigan, Isaac M br-10 Sep 1903 in SG 64 sec 28
Carrigan, James br-25 June 1921 in sec 44 lot 51
Carrigan, L E (adult) br-17 Feb 1891 in SG 13 sec 1891
Carrigan, M A (adult) br-20 Sep 1889 in SG 47 sec 1889
Carrigan, Mack br-10 Apr 1914 in SG 40 sec 43
Carrigan, Margaret br-16 Jan 1928 in SG 53 sec 28 removed Mrs. John M Prewitt Mt Sterling KY
Carrigan, Mary Josephine b-Newport Ky. 87y; d/o James & Mary Josephine Carrigan; d-2 July 1966; br-in sec 44 lot 51 W1/2; r-Dayton Oh; NR-W M Hampton of Dayton Oh
Carrigan, Wm J br-27 July 1918 in SG 273 sec 41
Carrington, Dora br-13 Oct 1934 in sec 71 lot 31 E1/2; LO-Margaret Carrington
Carrol, Geo (adult) br-20 May 1887 in SG 21 sec 1887
Carroll, Gladys b-Ft Thomas Ky. 73y; d/o Frank Moore & Edna Smith; d-20 Jan 1963 in Cincinnati; br-in sec 55 lot 3B; NR: Mrs. Marian Partin-daughter of Ft Thomas
Carroll, Harry b-Bellevue Ky. 52y; d-9 Sep 1940; br-in sec 54 lot 143 S1/2; LO-R A Smith & R ? Wallace; removed Gladys Carroll Ft Thomas
Carroll, Infant br-13 Mar 1919 in SG 480 sec 8
Carroll, John T br-27 Apr 1918 in sec 1 lot 52
Carroll, Julia F b-26 Apr 1888 in Cincinnati; d/o John Thien & Frances Kettner; d-21 Nov 1972; br-in sec 56 lot 62 N1/2; NR-Mary Saulsburg-daughter of Cincinnati
Carroll, Marie b-8 Aug 1884 in Lawrence Co Ky. d/o Thomas Salter & Sarah Salmon; d-12 May 1944 in Dayton Oh; br-in sec 50 lot 72; LO-Lucille Collins; removed Thomas Carroll of Dayton Oh
Carroll, Robert J b-Gadson Alabama; 61y; s/o John; d-14 Nov 1968; br-in sec 63 lot 105; NR-Anna Mae Carroll-wife of Covington Ky.
Carroll, Sarah J br-7 Feb 1912 in sec 1 lot 52
Carroll, Thos Alton b-Cincinnati; 53y; d-15 Nov 1945; br-in sec 50 lot 72 W1/2; LO-Collins; removed Harry Saulsbury of Cincinnati
Carroll, Walter Scott b-Monroe Co Illinois; 89y; s/o John; d-2 Jan 1945; br-in sec 1 lot 52 W1/2; LO-John Carroll; removed Cincinnati
Carson, Anna br-25 Apr 1921 in SG 34 sec 48 
Carson, Annie L b-Gaulle WV; 73y; d/o Bryce & Elizabeth Carson; d-21 Aug 1945; br-in sec 50 lot 52; LO-Boyer; r-Silver Grove Ky.
Carson, Arvil br-23 Nov 1923 in SG 138 sec 46
Carson, Birdie br-26 Feb 1924 in SG 183 sec 46 
Carson, Clarence E Sr. b-Cincinnati; 51y; s/o Clarence & Irene; d-19 July 1972 in Dayton Ky. br-in sec 63 lot 299 N1/2; NR-Priscella Carson-wife
Carson, Cordelia br-14 May 1918 in SG 360 sec 42
Carson, Geo Francis br-19 Sep 1930 in SG 463A sec 28
Carson, Jerome br-11 Apr 1925 in SG 290 sec 46
Carson, John br-10 Apr 1908 in SG 423 sec 28
Carson, John br-19 July 1917 in SG 241 sec 41
Carson, Mary F br-3 Dec 1909 in SG 463 sec 28
Carson, Mattie Lee b-4 Oct 1913 in Kentucky; d/o Chas Wright & Leoma Becraft; d-16 Aug 1950 at residence of a gunshot wound; br-in SG 794 s 72; NR-Dorothy McKinney of Dayton Ohio
Carson, Oliver W (adult) br-5 Dec 1895 in SG 15 sec 1891

Carter, Allie b-28 Dec 1890 in Owensville Ky. d-10 Mar 1937; br-in SG 433 sec 69; NR-Anna Carter-wife Newport
Carter, Alma A br-12 Feb 1906 in sec 10 lot 10 N1/2
Carter, Anderson W br-22 Nov 1929 in SG 578 sec 42
Carter, Ann (city order) br-28 Mar 1934 in SG 118 sec 43B
Carter, Anna b-28 Sep 1894 in Kentucky; d/o ? Tucker & Laura Golden; d-14 June 1971 in Highland Heights Ky. br-in SG 383 sec 69; NR-Mrs. Gladys Simpson-daughter of Covington Ky.
Anna M br-25 Aug 1924 in SG 268 sec 42
Carter, Chas (adult colored) br-12 Oct 1891 in SG 55 sec 1891
Carter, Chas B (infant) br-4 Apr 1910 in sec 30 lot 25
Carter, Clara Louise b-Dayton Ky. 65y; d-7 Sep 1973 in Bellevue Ky. br-in sec 36 lot 37; LO-Chas E & Lizzie T Cunningham; NR-Jack Carter-husband Bellevue
Clara J br-14 Sep 1925 in SG 128 sec 47
Carter, Fannie br-29 Mar 1924 in sec 1 lot 74
Carter, Frances S b-28 June 1803 in Newport; d-4 Feb 1890; br-sec 2 lot 37
Carter, Fred br-in SG 342A sec 41 (no other information given)
Carter, Geo br-8 Jan 1926 in SG 106 sec 47
Carter, Gilbert br-30 June 1904 in SG 28 sec 1880 
Carter, Gladys b-11 June 1900 in Cincinnati; d/o Frank McDonald & Maude Redick; d-29 June 1969; br-in SG 262 sec 45; NR-Fred Carter-husband Cincinnati
Carter, Nettie Agnes b-VA; 61y; nee Bolton; d-4 Oct 1942; br-in sec 59 lot 68 E1/2; LO-John Carter; removed John Bolton of Dayton KY
Carter, Infant b&d 5 Oct 1961 in Dayton Ky. child of William & Virginia (Craig) br-in SG 195 sec 53
Carter, Infant b-23 Oct 1950 in Dayton Ky. child of Lawrence & Nellie; d-25 Oct 1950 in Ft Thomas Ky. br-in sec 59 lot 309 W1/2; LO-Hill Family
Carter, Infant b&d 12 Nov 1951 in Covington Ky. child of William & Virginia (Craig) br-in SG 1059 sec 70; parents r-Cincinnati g. 1059
Carter, Infant br-2 June 1934 in SG 241 sec 47
Carter, Jack b-Lynchburg Va. 67y; s/o Jack W & Hattie (Bolton) d-11 Apr 1975 in Dayton Ky. br-in sec 36 lot 34-37; NR-Cleve Carter-brother
Carter, Jas W br-23 Dec 1922 in SG 336 sec 47
Carter, John Henry b-Richland Iowa; 27y 11m 10 days; s/o William & Mollie; d-10 Oct 1941; br-in sec 71 lot 12 W1/2; LO-Josephine Carter Newport
Carter, John W b-Bedford Va. 78y; s/o Jefferson & Amanda; d-21 Dec 1960 in Dayton Ky. br-in sec 59 lot 88 E1/2; NR-Cleve Carter-son
Carter, John Wesley b-Bath Co Ky. 65y; s/o Marion & Lou Ann (Blevins) d-30 June 1967 in Newport Ky. br-in sec 63 lot 188 S1/2; LO-Lucy Ingram Carter-wife Newport
Carter, Jonas br-23 Apr 1907 in SG 482 sec 28
Carter, Josephine L b-Franklin Oh; 62y; d-2 June 1972; br-in sec 71 lot 12 W1/2; NR-Mrs. Viola Level, Mrs. Myrtle Edgers & Mrs. Bernice Donahue-sisters
Carter, Karen L 6 days; d/o Lawrence Carter & Velma Heidman; d-Newport Ky. br-13 Aug 1949 in sec 59 lot 309 W1/2; LP-Hill
Carter, Lawrence br-11 Mar 1895 in sec 1 lot 74
Carter, Louisa br-13 July 1921 in SG 67 sec 48
Carter, Maria Louisa br-17 Dec 1907 in sec 1 lot 74
Carter, Nathan R (colored) br-13 Sep 1919 in SG 357 sec 35
Carter, Nell s. 27 l. 3n ˝ d. 10-10-1951 age 6-28-1880 par: Cornelius & Bridgett Ryan nat: Covington KY nr: Margaret Meiner Newport: LO-Catherine M Reese
Carter, Ruth s. 30 l. 25 b. 11-19-1913
Carter, Samuel s. 2 l. 37 d. 11-7-1883 age 7-16-1792 nat: Virginia lo: Francis Carter Newport; rem: Amelia Ohio
Carter, Sarah Elizabeth (colored) s. 42 g. 259 b. 4-5-1918
Carter, William s. 30 l. 25 d. 2-10-1936 lo: William Carter
Carter, Willie Sadie s. 57 l. 12w ˝ d. 9-15-1955 age 9-13-1868 par: John W & Sally Carter nat: Salvisa Ky lo: Frank & May Bary nr: Melvin Nichols Newport
Cartini, Anthony (Tony Clark) s. 71 l. 112 e ˝ d. 8-7-1963 age 4-23-1914 par: Mayme Burden & Wm Clark nat: Newport Ky res: Dayton Ohio; LO-Minnie Worthington rel: nephew Newport
Cartwright, Maragedia s. 3 l. 12 b. 9-24-1886
Caruthers, Charles Raymond s. 31 l. 62d d. 7-11-1965 age 79 par: Charles Caruthers & Emma res: Dayton KY nr: Ruth Caruthers Dayton KY
Carver, Elijah B s. 23 l. 68e ˝ b. 6-27-1922
Carwile, Elsie s. 49 l. 99 d. 11-17-1957 age 2-25-1885 M par: John H Yancey & Susan Burris nat: Campbell Co; res: 3103 Decoursey Ave Covington; nr: George J Carwile - husband
Carwile, George J s. 49 l. 99 d. 6-29-1972 age 89 par: Jacob W Carwile & Lucy Cornelius nat: Gladys, VA res: 20 S Grand Ave Ft Thomas nr: Mrs. Martin Kirchoff – daughter same address
Carwile, Infant s. 49 l. 99 b. 2-23-1922

Case, Anna b-Cincinnati; 79y; d-25 Aug 1959; r-1114 5th Ave Dayton KY NR-Margaret Case
Case, Augustus b-1 Aug 1905 in Anderson Co Ky. s/o Samuel & Cora (Burger) d-25 Apr 1943; br-in SG 403A sec 72; removed Roberta William Case-River Rd Silver Grove KY
Case, Charles br-22 June 1929 in SG 810 sec 42
Case, Chas James b-Covington Ky. 68y; s/o James & Roseabella; d-16 Jan 1940 in Covington; br-in sec 27 lot 44 S1/2; LO-John P Schneider-son in law-3145 Indianola in Columbus Oh
Case, Cora b-15 Sep 1877 in Louisville Ky. d/o John & Elsie Burgan; d-15 May 1941 in Cold Spring Ky. br-in SG 801B sec 68
Case, Donald (Infant) br-12 Apr 1918 in SG 427 sec 8
Case, Infant br-28 Dec 1896 in SG 37 sec 1883
Case, Infant br-26 Feb 1901 in SG 11 sec 1901
Case, James W br-18 Nov 1912 in SG 429 sec 42
Case, Jas. V br-5 Dec 1918 in SG 310A sec 41
Case, John N br-2 Apr 1906 in SG 86 sec 1902
Case, Joseph b-Bracken Co Ky. 73y; s/o Wm; d-1 Nov 1946; br-in SG 592 sec 72; removed Anna Case-1114 5th Ave Dayton KY
Case, Levi b-25 Oct 1893? (last digit cut off) in Van Buren Ky. s/o Sam & Elizabeth (Simpson) d-10 Mar 1959 at C&O Hospital in Huntington W Va. br-in sec 73 lot 446; r-926 Park Ave in Newport; NR-Ici Lee Case-wife
Case, Marcella E br-20 Apr 1883 (no section given)
Case, Mary C (adult) br-26 Apr 1903 in SG 77 sec 1902
Case, Oliver Joseph (child) br-10 Jan 1898 in SG 2 sec 1898
Case, Samuel br-8 June 1928 in SG 359 sec 48
Case, Susie (child) br-15 Apr 1898 in SG 13 sec 1898
Case, Walter Harrison b-Brooksville Ky. 38y; s/o James W & Mary; d-7 Sep 1936; br-in SG 375 sec 69; r-419 Oliver St Covington Ky.
Casebeer, Wm G br-6 Dec 1929 in sec 15 lot 25 S1/2; LO-Henry Degenhart
Casebolt, Albert b-12 Nov 1900 in Ironton Oh; s/o Stevens & Emma; d-2 Jan 1944; br-in sec 59 lot 23; removed Alma Casebolt-1079 Grand Ave Newport Ky.
Casebolt, Catherine M b-7 Feb 1905 in Kentucky; d-13 Mar 1964 in Vista San Diego CA; br-in sec 63 lot 231 N1/2; NR-Edward Casebolt Sr. husband-724 Covert Run Pike in Bellevue Ky.
Casebolt, Eugene b-23 July 1928 in Newport Ky. s/o Frank & Alice (Morton) d-31 Oct 1938; br-in sec 50 lot 72S E1/2; permission signed by Alma Hoff
Casebolt, Frank br-24 Apr 1925 in SG 165 sec 47
Casebolt, Infant br-10 Feb 1926 in SG 100 sec 47
Casebolt, Jeanette br-17 June 1922 in SG 667 sec 8

Casebolt, Jerry Vernon br-11 Nov 1932 in SG 513 A sec 47
Casebolt, LaVerne Joyce (child) b-14 May 1944 in Cincinnati; d/o Frank & LaVerne; d-3 Jan 1945; br-in SG 98 sec 70; r-1033 Central Ave Newport
Mary Jane br-8 Aug 1934 in SG 659 sec 68
Casebolt, Robt Ray b-15 Aug 1943 in Dayton Ky. s/o Gerald E & Julia (Frigazzi) d-4 Sep 1943 at Children's Hospital in Cincinnati; br-in SG 331 sec 70; r-329 E 2nd St in Newport Ky.
Sallie b-Ironton Oh; 90y; d/o John Breece & Jane Ewing; d-8 Mar 1964; br-in sec 31 lot 63A; r-220 ˝ N 4th St in Ironton Oh; LO-Henry Swope; NR-Helen Davies 38 Linden Ave in Ft Thomas Ky.
Casebolt, Stephen A b-30 May 1870 in Oh; s/o ? & Nancy; d-16 June 1936; br-in SG 658 sec 68; r-209 E 2nd St in Newport Ky.
Casey, Ann E b-N Vernon Indiana; 86y; d/o John & Miranda Sage; d-13 Dec 1958; br-in sec 73 lot 415; r-431 S Grand Ave., Ft Thomas; NR-Allene Boltz-daughter
Casey, Daisy b-8 Apr 1882 in Falmouth Ky. d/o Wm & Sarah Shafer; d-22 Nov 1954; br-in SG 647 sec 72; NR-Violet Meyer-Licking Pike in Alexandria KY
Casey, Infant br-20 July 1883 in SG 51 sec 1883
Casey, Irene L b-9 Nov 1899 in Ky. d/o Charles Jameson & Cora Mercer; d-27 Oct 1966; br-in sec 54 lot 148; r-615 Blanche Ave in Arlington Heights O; LO-Irene L Jenner Casey; NR-Mrs. Violet Roth-daughter-520 Olden Ave in Arlington Heights Oh
Casey, Katherine (initial illegible) br-16 June 1922 in sec 31 lot 17
Casey, Lyda Durham b-Dayton Ky. 84y; d/o Thomas A Casey & Catherine D Dunham; d-17 Sep 1963; br-in sec 31 lot 17; r-Virginia Beach VA; LO-T A Casey-son; NR-Mr. W R Vandiver-brother
Casey, Thomas A br-17 Dec 1931 in sec 31 lot 17
Cashatt, Ann M b-Cincinnati; 82y; d/o Frank Miller & Roberta Arnold; d-5 May 1970; br-in sec 3 lot 18 N1/2; r-119 Cleveland Ave in Bellevue, KY; NR-Mrs. Louella Diblasio-daughter-same address
Caskey, Thos Gale br-15 Apr 1929 in SG 355 sec 47
Casner, Elizabeth Frances b-Mason Co Ky. 67y;  d/o Casper & Lillian Haughaboo; d-11 Dec 1950; br-in sec 60 lot 174; LO-John R Casner-husband at 142 Woodside Place in Ft Thomas KY
Casner, Josephine b-3 May 1887 in Newport Ky. d/o Wm Casner; d-21 Dec 1928 in Newport; br-24 Dec in SG 580 sec 45; removed John R Casner of 142 Woodside, Ft Thomas KY
Casner, John R Sr. b-Newport Ky. 79y; s/o ? & Josephine (Blakley) d-27 Sep 1963; br-in sec 60 lot 174; NR-Jack R Casner Jr. son-rr 2 Lebanon Oh
Casner, Katheryn b-KY; 40y; (nee Blakeney) d-14 Feb 1936; br-in SG 582 sec 45; r-407 Fairfield Ave in Bellevue, KY
Casner, Ida child s. 1893 g. 25 b. 4-8-1893
Casner, Joseph br-11 June 1941 in SG 581 sec 45
Casner, William M br-13 Oct 1903 in SG 67 sec 28
Cansner, Lillian (child) br-2 Sep 1894 in SG 57 sec 1894
Cason, Carrie C b-24 July 1888 in Covington Ky. d/o Fred & Ann Bender; d-12 Oct 1961; br-in sec 60 lot 296; NR-Marjorie Ott-daughter-40 Burney Lane in Ft Thomas, KY
Cason, William H b-19 Feb 1891 in KY; s/o Wm & Alberta; d-10 Jan 1953; NR-Carrie Cason-wife-604 S Grand Ave in Ft Thomas KY
Cass, Alf (infant) br-28 July 1903 in SG 29 sec 1903
Cass, Howard br-4 May 1911 in SG 31 sec 35
Cass, Ralph Robt br-20 Oct 1927 in SG 332 sec 48
Cassell, Adelia S br-24 Sep 1930 in sec 17 lot 111; LO-John A Cassell
Cassell, Bertha d-26 Mar 1963 in Hollywood Florida; 84y; r-Ft Thomas Ky. NR-Mrs. Dilla C Linneman-sister-2211 Scott Blvd in Covington KY
Cassell, John br-9 Feb 1924 in sec 17 lot 111
Cassidy, Ellisworth F br-27 Feb 1911 in SG 92 sec 1910
Cassidy, Harry E b-16 Nov 1864 in Cincinnati; 55y; s/o Wm & Electra (Ridgeway) d-21 Sep 1920 in Bellevue Ky. br-24 Sep in sec 40 lot 31; (the following info was handwritten without explanation) 20 Sep 1957; LO-Chas E Cassidy-son-58 Locust St Bellevue KY
Cassidy, Helen R br-7 Jan 1927 in SG 60 sec 47
Cassidy, Mary Eliz b-Cincinnati; 76y; nee Jordan; d-11 Aug 1938; br-14 Sep in sec 40 lot 31; LO-Chas E Cassidy-58 Locust St Bellevue KY
Cassidy, Minnie br-8 June 1933 in sec 44 lot 13B E1/2; LO-Sarah Frances Adams
Cassidy, Nettie R b-28 Nov 1887; d/o E B Honchell; d-6 Mar 1917; br-in sec 40 lot 31; LO-Chas E Cassidy-234 E 3rd St Cincinnati OH
Cassidy, Pete (city order) 73y; br-4 June 1935 in SG 910 sec 42 
Cassidy, William b-Cincinnati; 48y; s/o William; d-8 Feb 1972; br-in sec 65 lot 97D; r-711 Fairfield Bellevue KY; LO-Mrs. Eleanor Meyer-daughter- 907 4th St in Dayton KY
Casson, Annetta b-Cincinnati; 78y; d/o James Stewart & Virginia Cooper; d-25 July 1962; br-in SG 537 sec 68; NR-Virginia McLaughlin-daughter- 3025 Verdin Ave in Cincinnati OH
Casson, Daniel b-7 July 1883; 77y; s/o Daniel & Sarah Ann (Rushton) d-14 Aug 1960; br-in sec 50 lot 25; r-610 Park Ave in Newport KY;  LO-Sarah Casson-mother; NR-Mrs. David Mueller-sister same address
Casson, Daniel br-23 Sep 1925 in sec 50 lot 25 
Casson, Daughter br-in SG 540 sec 68
Casson, Edward br-in SG 539 sec 68
Casson, Edward br-2 May 1933 in SG 487 sec 68 
Casson, Joshua Lafayette b-8 Nov 1880 in Butler Ky. s/o Joseph & Harriet (Kyle) d-8 Aug 1960 in Cincinnati; br-in SG 538 sec 68; r-2592 Westwood Northern Blvd in Cincinnati O; NR-Annette Casson-wife
Casson, Ollie May b-14 Dec 1884 in Falmouth Ky.  d/o William Bradley & Harriet Bailey; d-25 Jan 1954; br-in sec 50 lot 25; LO-Dan’l Casson-father in law; NR-William H Casson-501 E 2nd St in Newport KY
Casson, Ruth Thelma b-Birmingham Alabama; 47y; d/o John & Alice McCellan; d-26 Sep 1959 at 117 Delta Ave in Ft Thomas Ky. br-in sec 50 lot 25; NR-Robert Casson-husband
Casson, Sarah s. 50 l. 25 b. 2-20-1932
Casson, William H b-England; 89y; s/o Daniel & Sarah Ann (Rushton) d-8 Mar 1967; br-in sec 50 lot 25; r-501 E 2nd St in Newport Ky. LO-Sarah Casson-mother; NR-Mrs. D Walter Pavey-daughter same address
Casson, Wm D br-1 June 1926 in sec 50 lot 25
Casterline, Chas br-20 Sep 1887
Casterline, Francis b-24 Jan 1905 in Hartford City Indiana; s/o Marvel & Minnie (Wooten) d-14 Oct 1960; br-in sec 73 lot 97; r-1117 3rd St in Dayton Ky. LO-Frances Casterline-wife 
Castilow, Elizabeth br-11 Feb 1897 in sec 4 lot 66
Castle, Ella br-14 Nov 1927 in sec 61 lot 25
Castle, Farris J b-29 Oct 1910 in KY; s/o Farris & Katherine (Andrea) d-8 Nov 1969; br-in sec 63 lot 179 S1/2; r-219 E 10th St in Newport KY; LO- Bertha Castle-wife
Castle, Farris d-17 Feb 1943; 56y; br-in sec 55 lot 92 N1/2; LO-Katherine Castle-133 O’Fallon Ave in Dayton KY
Castle, John Watson b&d 15 Nov 1964; s/o John C & Billie Joe (Melvin) br-sec 62 lot 22 N1/2; r-34 Dumfries Ave Ft Thomas KY
Castle, Katherine b-Newport Ky. 81y; d/o Jacob Andrea & Elizabeth Siler; d-3 Nov 1973; br-in sec 55 lot 92 N1/2; r-128 6th St in Dayton KY; NR- Betty Fehler-daughter-88 Concord Ave Ft Thomas KY
Castle, Marion b-18 Apr 1876 in Lawrence Co Ky. s/o Albert & Eliza (Young) d-5 Sep 1948 in Campbell Co Ky. br-in sec 61 lot 25; LO-Marion Castle & Russell Guy; removed Maude Guy of Newport KY
Castle, Mark Allen b-Mariemont Oh; 2 weeks; s/o Donald & Carmen (Baxter) d-8 May 1963; br-in sec 52 lot 53
Castle, Mary M b-Mt Sterling Ky. 79y; d/o John A Sponsil & Margaret Stull; d-4 May 1967; br-in sec 52 lot 53; r-Newport KY NR-Donald Castle-son-of Cincinnati OH
Castle, Maude W b-Grayson Ky. 64y; nee Wellman; d-7 June 1968; br-in sec 62 lot 32A; r-Ft Thomas KY NR-John C Castle-son Ft Thomas KY
Castleman, Vance br-3 Feb 1896 in sec 3 lot 46 N1/2
Castor, Amelia br-1 May 1883
Castor, Charles Albert b-9 Aug 1884 in Newport Ky. s/o Hans Yurgen & Wilhelmina (Pelle) d-8 Nov 1959; br-in sec 5 lot 21; NR-Agnes Pohl-sister-of  Newport
Castor, Johanus br-13 Nov 1901 in SG 29 sec 15
Castor, Mary b-19 June 1875 in Newport Ky. d/o Hans Castor & Wilhelmina Pelles; d-27 Sep 1958; br-in sec 5 lot 21; LO-Agnes Pelle; NR-Daniel Schwartz-nephew
Castor, Susan E br-8 May 1920 in sec 10 lot 12
Castor, Wilhelmina br-20 Feb 1922 in sec 5 lot 21
Castor, William b-3 Jan 1878 in Ky. s/o Hans & Minnie (Pelle) d-27 June 1936 in Newport Ky. br-in sec 5 lot 21; LO-Agnes Pelle

Cate, Felix P b-15 May 1908 in Alabama; s/o Lester & Jeanne; d-14 Sep 1967; br-in sec 61 lot 20; r-Newport Ky. LO-Bertha Pruden; NR-Mrs. Esther-wife
Catilla, Margaret Anna b-25 Aug 1888 in Grant Co Ky. d/o Edward West & Alice Evans; d-8 June 1955 in Newport Ky. br-in sec 57 lot 82W1/2; NR-Virginia Boanes 601 York St in Newport KY
Caton, Katherine br-7 June 1924 in sec 1 lot 22
Catron, Joseph br-2 July 1932 in SG 404 sec 68
Catron, Mamie buried in SG 405 sec 68 
Catron, Mamie b-Oh; 82y; d/o Wilson Shelton & Love Barton; d-8 June 1968; br-in SG 405 sec 68; r-Cincinnati; NR-Mrs. Heuss
Catton, King br-11 Mar 1908 in SG 188 sec 35

Caudill, Carrie b-18 Dec 1902 in Morgan Ky. d/o James Conn; d-5 Aug 1975; br-in sec 56 lot 151B; r-Dayton KY NR-Clarence Caudill-son of Ft Thomas KY
Caudill, Colbert C b-Melvin Ky. 70y; s/o Marion & Mary (Johnson) d-8 Sep 1965; br-in sec 63 lot 4W1/2; r-Dayton KY NR-Della Caudill-wife
Caudill, Cora L b-Maysville Ky. 74y; d/o Thornton Kelly & Julia Moore; d-22 Apr 1962; br-in sec 50 lot 72 W1/2; r-Ft Thomas KY LO-Kenneth & Lucille Collins; NR-Wm Nelson Caudill-husband
Caudill, Dowell b-6 Mar 1900 in Kentucky; d-27 Nov 1970; br-in sec 56 lot 151B; r-Newport KY NR-Carrie Caudill-wife
Caudill, Elisha b-Breathitt Co Ky. 87y; s/o Elisha & Martha; d-14 July 1961; br-in sec 73 lot 376; r-Cincinnati; LO-Samle Caudill-son; NR-Louisa Caudill-wife
Caudill, James Irvin b-KY; 52y; s/o Elisha & Louisa (Morris) d-25 Mar 1964; br-in sec 73 lot 309 S1/2; r-Newport KY NR-Hester Caudill-wife
Caudill, Jeff b-Diableck Ky. 16y; s/o George & Oma (Combs) d-19 Aug 1961; br-in sec 73 lot 30 N1/2; r-Cold Spring KY
Caudill, Louisa b-Breathitt Co Ky. 82y; d/o Aliaz Morris & Elizabeth Turner; d-15 Nov 1961; br-in sec 73 lot 376; r-Cold Spring KY LO-Sam Caudill-son 
Caudill, Marion br-25 Sep 1929 in SG 480 sec 48
Caudill, Helen Beatrice d-3 May 1923; br-in SG 318 sec 47; 3 months; d/o Dowell & Carrie Caudill of Newport KY
Caudill, Robert b-Covington Ky. 55 min. s/o William E & Renate (Schroeder) d-18 Jan 1962; br-in SG 184 sec 53; r-Newport KY
Caudill, William b-14 Feb 1934 in Newport Ky. s/o Calvert & Della (Reeder) d-18 Jan 1938; br-in SG 170 sec 70
Caudill, William Nelson b-Rowan Co Ky. 81y; s/o William & -- (Johnson) d-1 July 1972; br-in sec 50 lot 72 W1/2; r-Ft Thomas KY LO-Kenneth & Lucille Collins; NR-Robert E Caudill-son
Caudle, Anna b-KY; 85y; d/o Andrew & Ellen Dowden; d-15 Oct 1954; br-in SG 914 sec 68; NR-Leroy Caudle of Newport KY
Caudle, Frances b-18 Feb 1903 in Frankfort Ky. d/o John Caudle & Anna E Dowen; d-15 Aug 1948 in Cincinnati; br-in SG 819 sec 68; NR-Mrs. Gertrude Smith-sister Newport KY
Caudle, John d-12 Feb 1936 in Geneva Illinois; 67y; br-in SG 768 sec 68
Caudle, Stanley Earl Sr. b-Frankfort Ky. 46y; s/o John & Ann Eliza (Douden) d-26 Apr 1957; br-in SG 925 sec 68; r-Cincinnati Oh
Causey, Vernon (child) br-16 June 1897 in SG 30 sec 1897
Cavana, Milton James b-Iowa Falls Iowa; 49y; s/o W E; d-13 Sep 1959; br-in sec 73 lot 413; r-Bellevue Ky. LO-Jane Cavana (wife) & Chester Brunson (father in law)
Cavana, Ramona b-Kentucky; nee Iliff; 27y; d-6 Mar 1939; br-in sec 39 lot 32 E1/2; LO-Amos Iliff-father of Bellevue Ky. PERPETUAL CARE
Cavanaugh, Edw F b-27 Apr 1897 in Greenburg Indiana; s/o Roger & Katherine; d-10 June 1948; br-in sec 44 lot 4B; LO-Ensterhoff
Cawr, G W br-31 Mar 1888 in sec 10 lot 36 N1/2
Caylor, Bonnie Jane b-29 Sep 1945 in Newport Ky. d/o Chas & Willmore (Schardt) d-16 Mar 1946 in Newport; br-in SG 894 sec 70; removed Charles Caylor in Newport
Caylor, Charles b-7 Oct 1909 in Harlan Ky. s/o ? & Rose; d-8 Apr 1973; br-in sec 64 lot 149 N grays; r-Newport KY NR-Mrs. Wilmore Caylor-wife
Cayze, Carl William b-6 June 1885 in Covington Ky. s/o James; d-24 Dec 1954; br-in sec 52 lot 166; NR-Rebecca Cayze-widow of Newport KY
Cayze, Chas C br-23 Feb 1920 in SG 215 sec 45
Cayze, Clifford (adult) br-28 Apr 1891 in SG 25 sec 1891
Cayze, Mary Marie b-9 July 1957 in Ft Thomas Ky. d/o Robert Cayze & Mary Beverly King; d-10 July 1957; br-in SG 275 sec 70; r-Bellevue KY
Cayze, Rebbecca d-5 July 1964; 78y; nee Applegate; br-in sec 52 lot 166; r-Cincinnati; NR-Dorothy Graff-daughter

Cecil, David Terrill b-Ft Thomas Ky. 16y; s/o Gerald G & Mildred; d-12 Nov 1951; br-in sec 52 lot 93
Cecil, Herbert X b-30 Jan 1893 in Bardstown Ky. d-20 Dec 1953; br-in sec 73 lot 199; NR-Nellie Cecil-wife of Newport KY
Cecil, Nellie b-Kentucky; 77y; d-2 Aug 1973; br-in sec 73 lot 199; NR-Mrs. Luke Kidney of Ft Thomas KY
Cella, Eva br-5 Dec 1921 in SG 60 sec 48

Chaille, Frank Harold b-Butlersville Indiana; 77y; s/o Lee & Nora (Forsythe) d-9 Oct 1972; br-in sec 64 lot 301 S1/2; r-Newport KY LO-Erma Chaille-wife
Chain, ----  buried in SG 262 sec 45
Chain, Marion D br-7 Mar 1921 in SG 261 sec 45
Chalcraft, Alvina Ida b-New York; 67y; d/o ? Miller & Mary Roth; d-17 Mar 1935 in Clifton Ky. br-in sec 33 lot 20 W1/2; signed permission to use by Harry J, Flora & August Riedmatter-surviving heirs of Mary Roth
Chalcraft, Wm Ward b-Michigan; 76y; d-10 June 1938; br-in sec 33 lot 20 W1/2; LO-Mary Roth; removed Walter Chalcraft of Clifton KY
Chalcraft, Minnie br-15 Feb 1909 in SG 110 sec 35
Chalfant, Carla Virginia b-9 Aug 1908 in Newport Ky. d/o Chas & Linda Chalfant; d-30 June 1957; br-in sec 73 lot 139; r-Newport; NR-Sam Chalfant-brother
Chalfant, Carlos b-2 Jan 1880 in Portsmouth Oh; s/o Finley & Sarah (Zane) d-19 Sep 1955; br-in sec 73 lot 138; LO-Carla Chalfant-daughter; NR-Linna Chalfant
Chalfant, Linna b-29 July 1881 in Germany; d/o Ignotz & Rosina Bihl; d-25 June 1973; br-in sec 73 lot 138; r-Columbus Oh; NR-Samuel Z Chalfant-son
Chalfant, Mildred br-5 Mar 1918 in SG 107 sec 42
Chalfant, Ray K b-Perryopolis Pa. 69y; s/o Ephraim & Ada (Wells) d-2 Nov 1962; br-in sec 19 lot 27; r-Ft Thomas KY LO-Joseph Shaw; NR- Margaret Chalfant-wife
Chalfont, Sallie Jane br-21 Mar 1921 in SG 276 sec 45
Chalk, Arta Beatrice b-Darke Co Oh; 83y; d/o Curtis & Mary Rudy; d-18 June 1975; br-in sec 30 lot 40; r-Cold Spring KY NR-Thelma Jean Harrison
Chalk, Elizabeth br-25 July 1932 in sec 30 lot 40
Chalk, George b-28 Jan 1899 in Newport Ky. s/o Louis & Susie (Elmhardt) d-16 Apr 1936; br-in sec 57 lot 3 W1/2; LO-Herman Schmidt
Chalk, Henry br-11 Nov 1930 in sec 30 lot 40
Chalk, Herbert J b-Melbourne Ky. 77y; s/o Henry & Elizabeth (Braun) d-25 Dec 1971; br-in sec 30 lot 40 S1/2; NR-Mrs. Edith Loos Chalk-wife
Chalk, Walter H b-Ross Ky. 78y; s/o Henry & Elizabeth C (Braun) d-21 Apr 1966; br-in sec 30 lot 40 NE1/4; NR-Beatrice Chalk-wife
Chamberlain, Robert br-5 Oct 1925 in SG 124 sec 47
Chambers, Edward b-29 Apr 1894 in Covington Ky. s/o Geo & Jennie (Greenwood) d-31 Oct 1942 in Dayton Oh; br-in SG 9B sec 72; removed Myrtle Chamber of Newport KY
Chambers, Edward br-9 Dec 1904 in SG 264 sec 28
Chambers, Elizabeth F br-14 Feb 1920 in SG 299 sec 28
Chambers, Fred Lee b-11 Oct 1900 in Cherokee Co Alabama; s/o William & Maggie (Cook) d-21 Sep 1971; br-in sec 73 lot 140; r-Cincinnati; NR-Ida Mae Chambers-widow
Chambers, Nettie b-Tennessee; 57y; d/o Wm Henry Potter; d-22 Dec 1942; br-in SG 42 sec 72; removed Glencie Chambers of Bellevue KY
Chambers, Jennie br-19 Dec 1924 in SG 259 sec 46
Chambers, Jessie br-22 Jan 1893 in sec 20 lot 37
Chambers, Jessie (city order) br-25 Feb 1912 in SG 42 sec 8
Chambers, Le Roy (child) (city order) br-26 Oct 1899 in SG 53 sec 1899
Champlin, Norval br-7 Feb 1922 in SG 313 sec 45 
Chance, Helen J b-Bristol Tennessee; 62y; d/o Samuel L Chance & Elizabeth Bevens; d-26 Apr 1970; br-in sec 65 lot 76A; r-Newport; NR-Ruby Bond-sister
Chance, Woodrow W b-27 Oct 1917; s/o Samuel & Elizabeth (Bevins) d-1 Oct 1963; br-in sec 65 lot 19A; r-New Orleans LA; LO-Ruby Bond-sister; NR-Mrs. Robert Bond-sister of Newport Ky.
Chandler, Eva b-28 July 1896 in Hungary; d/o Joseph & Ann Jacobs; d-4 July 1940; br-in SG 215 sec 72; removed Howard Chandler Newport KY
Chandler, Helen br-22 Aug 1921 in sec 49 lot 127
Chandler, Howard L b-17 Feb 1894 in Kentucky; s/o Phillip & Olive (Main) d-26 Mar 1972; br-in SG 214 sec 72; r-Cincinnati; NR-Eva Ann Hall-daughter
Chandler, Infant (city order) b&d 24 Jan 1941 in Newport Ky. child of Carl & Miranda (Stewart) br-in SG 890 sec 70 
Chandler, Infant b&d 9 Dec 1942 in Covington Ky. child of A B & Bertha (Bromwall) br-in SG 689 sec 70; parents r-Newport KY
Chandler, Infant br-7 May 1891 in SG 27 sec 1891
Chandler, Linnie br-4 June 1927 in sec 47 lot 50
Chandler, Wm br-12 Feb 1932 in SG 384 sec 68; reserve 362-2636-364
Chaps, Christian br-5 May 1919 in SG 494 sec 8 
Chapel, Albert W b-9 Dec 1868 in Iowa; 67y; s/o Harry & Marian (Warren) d-17 Nov 1936 in Cincinnati; br-20 Nov in sec 44 lot 29 S part; r-Ft Thomas; Grace Ware Chapel-wife
Chapel, Grace b-Cold Spring Ky. 77y; d/o Wm & Mary Jane Ware; d-29 Mar 1951 in Covington Ky. br-in sec 44 lot 29 S1/2; NR-Helen Cooke of Ft Thomas Ky.
Chapin, Anna L br-1 Sep 1921 in SG 80 sec 48
Chapin, Bruce Allen b-10 Nov 1959 in Ft Thomas Ky. s/o Bruce Don & Donna (Bowman) d-10 Apr 1960 in Dayton Ky. br-in SG 4 sec 53
Chapin, Edward O b-9 Aug 1878 in Nebraska; s/o Luther & Lucy A; d-24 Mar 1944 in Dayton Ky. br-in SG 427 sec 72
Chapin, Jan Ray b-Fort Thomas; 1 y; s/o Raymond & Nancy Ruth (Stewart) d-24 June 1962 in Newport Ky. br-in SG 98 sec 53
Chapman, Bertha b-Campbell Co Ky. 72y; d/o Theo & Permelia Hutchins; d-15 Feb 1951; br-in sec 31 lot 54A; LO-Earl Chapman husband of Newport KY
Chapman, Earl West b-11 Oct 1874 in Hartford City W Va. d/o Samuel M & Anna; d-16 July 1953 in Cincinnati; br-in SG 54A sec 31; NR-Ruth Chapman of Newport KY
Chapman, Elizabeth b-28 June 1875 in Lexington Ky. d/o Hiram Holloway; d-19 Dec 1940 in Newport Ky. br-in SG 705 sec 43
Chapman, Esther b-Kentucky; 54y; d/o Benjamin Craft & Emma Jones; d-5 Mar 1948; br-in sec 50 lot 62 N1/2; LO-John C Chapman of Covington KY
Chapman, John C b-13 Mar 1890 in Nowland W Va. s/o James & Mary (Duncan) d-28 May 1956; br-in sec 50 lot 62 W1/2; r-Covington KY NR-Morton Chapman-son of Covington KY
Chapman, Margaret b-Cincinnati; 72y; d/o Lawrence & Mary O'Neill; d-17 Mar 1956; br-in sec 58 lot 33; r-Melbourne KY NR-Edw Chapman-husband of Melbourne KY
Chapman, Raymond M b-13 Aug 1893 in Newport Ky. d-16 Jan 1965; br-3 June 1965 in SG 181 sec 25; r-Newport Ky. NR-Madred Windle-sister of Columbus Oh
Chapman, Russell E b-_ Sep 1903 in Newport Ky. s/o Earl W & Bertha; d-20 Nov 1950 in Baltimore MD; br-in sec 31 lot 54A
Chapman, Ruth Virginia b-Newport Ky. 69y; d/o Earl W Chapman & Bertha Hutchinson; d-7 Aug 1971; br-in sec 31 lot 54A; NR-Ralph W Chapman-brother of Newport KY
Chapman, Virginia May br-16 Oct 1923 in sec 50 lot 62 W1/2
Chappa, Margaret E b-Newport Ky. 74y; d/o John Schweitzer & Rose Huber; d-29 Mar 1967 in West Union Oh; br-in sec 40 lot 48 E1/2; r-Ottawa Oh; NR-Albert J Chappa-husband
Chappie, Andrew J b-9 May 1917 in Covington Ky. s/o Andrew & Frances (Nordmeyer) d-16 Apr 1973 in Ft Thomas Ky. br-in sec 16 lot 90 S1/2; LO-Hilda E Chappie wife of Dayton KY
Chappie, Catherine Henriette b-17 Sep 1885 in Alexandria Ky. d/o Matthew Tritschler & Marie Kuhl; d-19 Aug 1964; br-in sec 37 lot 7 N1/2; r-Newport Ky. LO-Matthew Tritschler-father; NR-Charles Henry Chappie-husband
Chappie, Charles b-Newport Ky. 75y; s/o John P & Rosemary (Staggenberg) d-24 June 1966; br-in sec 37 lot 7 N1/2; LO-Matt Tritschler; NR-Rev Carl H Chappie of Minneapolis MN
Chappins, John M br-16 Jan 1914 in SG 20 sec 48
Chappins, Alice Amania 71y; d/o Charles W Fisher; d-20 Apr 1938; br-in SG 563 sec 69; removed Charles Chappins of Cold Spring KY
Charles, Sarah br-8 June 1933 in sec 6 lot 69; LO-Crawley & Woodward
Charlesworth, Infant br-8 May 1896 in SG 33 sec 1896
Charlesworth, Mildred (child) br-21 July 1895 in SG 45 sec 1895
Charlton, Charles b-Cincinnati; 88y; s/o John & Lucinda (Beirlew) d-12 July 1960; br-in sec 71 lot 94 E1/2; r-Zephyrhills FL NR-Mary Charlton of Columbus Oh
Charlton, Clara Ayers d-25 Nov 1937 in Ocala Florida; 65y; LO-Chas Henry Charlton of Cincinnati
Chase, Bertha R b-Washington DC; 74y; d/o Clarence Kind & Georgia Ann Thompson; d-10 Jan 1957; br-in sec 49 lot 248; NR-Mrs. Walter Sand-daughter of Covington KY
Chase, Ethel b-Kentucky; 78y; d/o Richard Eveslage & Elizabeth Groat; d-8 May 1969; br-in sec 60 lot 20C; r-Dayton Ky. NR-Elsie Faulkner-daughter
Chase, Everett br-5 July 1933 in sec 49 lot 248; LO-Bertha Chase
Chase, J (adult) br-26 Jan 1883 in SG 11 sec 1883
Chase, James F b-7 June 1884 in Lexington Ky. s/o James & Elizabeth; d-13 Aug 1956; br-in sec 60 lot 20C; NR-Mrs. Ethel Chase Dayton KY
Chasey, Arthur Rev br-4 Apr 1925 in sec 19 lot 16 W1/2 
Chasey, Grace Walker b-Campbell Co Ky. 64y; d/o Graydon & Mary Walker; d-29 May 1941 in Blufton Oh; br-in sec 19 lot 16; LO-Jos C Wood; removed Walker Chasey of Port Huron Michigan
Chatlein, Charles (adult) br-21 Apr 1902 in SG 23 sec 1902
Chattan, Mary br-6 Mar 1923 in sec 2 lot 93 S1/2 
Chattin, Mary A br-17 Mar 1921 in sec 2 lot 93

Chegwidden, James Eddy br-25 June 1949 in sec 60 lot 156 
Chegwiddin, Lillian b-12 Aug 1882 in England; d/o William & Anna Tollison; d-3 June 1935; br-in SG 127 sec 69; r-Ft Thomas KY
Chenault, Chas (city order) br-25 Oct 1933 in SG 482 sec 42
Cheney, Carolyn S b-14 May 1862 in Newport Ky. d/o John & Mary Ackerman; d-23 Jan 1946; br-in sec 37 lot 25 S1/2; LO-Carolyn S Cheney
Cheney, J A br-31 Aug 1912 in sec 37 lot 25 S1/2 
Chenot, Infant b&d 21 Dec 1958; child of Melvin & Kathleen; br-in SG 132A sec 70; parents r-Newport Ky.
Chenot, Leroy Edward b-Newport Ky. 39y; s/o Theodore & Minnie (Herklots) d-5 Feb 1968; br-in SG 230 sec 25; NR-Melvin Chenot-brother
Chenot, Scott Ray b-9 Apr 1971 in Ft Thomas Ky. s/o Rick & Donna (Rogers) d-10 Feb 1975; br-in sec 54 lot 122 S1/2; r-Dayton KY; NR-Raymond Moeckel-grandfather of Dayton KY
Cherrington, Alice Jane b-Covington Ky. 72y; d/o John & Nancy Hood; d-25 Apr 1936 in Cincinnati; br-in SG 228 sec 42
Cherrington, Elizabeth d-2 May 1949; 77y; d/o Henry & Caroline Eicher; br-in sec 9 lot 78; r-Newport Ky.
Cherrington, George H br-21 Mar 1912 in SG 227 sec 42 
Cherrington, Irene b-Cincinnati; 61y; d/o Stephan & Hannah Lynagh; d-23 Oct 1952 in Las Vegas NV; br-in sec 59 lot 16 S1/2; NR-J Brad
Cherrington of Nevada
Cherrington, John R b-Newport Ky. 63y; s/o Oscar & Elizabeth (Eicher) d-28 June 1959; br-in sec 59 lot 16 S1/2; NR-Rose Cherrington-wife
Cherrington, Nancy J br-6 June 1899 in sec 15 lot 85
Cherrington, Oscar b-Kentucky; 50y; s/o Bradley; d-10 Feb 1942 in Covington Ky. br-in sec 59 lot 16; removed Elsie Stoeckel of Covington KY
Cherrinton, Oscar Atwater b-12 Jan 1869 in Covington Ky. d-16 Jan 1956; br-in sec 9 lot 78; LO-Eicher; NR-J Brad Cherrinton of Newport
James Matthew b-Fincastle Ky. 27y; s/o Rodney & Grace (Gable) d-15 Jan 1961; br-in sec 59 lot 77; r-Ft Thomas KY LO-Warren Ray signed permission; NR-Rodney Chester-father
Chayna, Elizabeth br-15 June 1929 in SG 387 sec 48
Chezem, Robert A d-30 June 1972; 74y; br-in sec 63 lot 23; r-Punta Gorda FL; LO-Gustav Holzhaur; NR-Garnett Chezem-wife

Chidester, Hazel Jane b-Newport Ky. 83y; d/o William Craig & Emma Miller; d-15 Nov 1975; br-in sec 49 lot 131A; r-Ft Thomas KY NR-Gordon Chidester-son of Ft Thomas KY
Childs, Infant br-31 July 18999 in sec 24 lot 101
Childs, Infant br-8 June 1900 in sec 24 lot 101
Childs, Katie br-15 Apr 1893 in sec 9 lot 100 W1/2
Childs, Roy E br-19 Jan 1908 in sec 24 lot 101
Chin, Anna B b-6 Sep 1917 in Georgetown Ky. d/o Davis Glass & Mary Thompson; d-18 Jan 1959; br-in sec 73 lot 86; r-Newport KY LO-John Walker-brother; NR-Frank Chinn-husband
Chinn, Bessie Murl b-Rochester Indiana; 75y; d/o William Chinn & May Evans; d-30 July 1960 in sec 55 lot 49F; r-Ft Thomas KY; LO-Fred C Abel-brother in law; NR-Mrs. Gail Abel-sister
Chinn, Carrie H b-Pomeroy Oh; 85y; d-2 Feb 1956; br-in sec 56 lot 67 S1/2; r-Cincinnati; LO-Augusta Clark-permit signed by Arthur Clark; NR-Mrs. Arthur Clark-niece of Lakeside Park KY
Chisenhall, Infant br-3 Sep 1931 in SG 489 sec 47
Chittenden, Lawrence B b-28 June 1874 in Kentucky; s/o Wm; d-30 Nov 1942; br-in sec 55 lot 86 N1/2; removed Mrs. Dora Chittenden Newport Ky.
Chittenden, Wm b-15 Sep 1948 in Newport Ky. d-13 Sep 1948; br-in sec 55 lot 86 N1/2; LO-Lawrence Chittenden of Newport KY
Chmielewski, Benjamin J b-10 Aug 1899 in Jackson Michigan; s/o Joseph & Josephine; d-20 Apr 1951 in VA Hospital; br-in sec 60 lot 268E; NR-Sarah Chmielewski-wife of Newport KY
Choobworth, Infant (child) br-3 Feb 1899 in SG 11 sec 1899
Chope, Infant br-21 Aug 1916 in SG 301 sec 8
Chope, John br-14 Oct 1913 in SG 124 sec 8
Chorry, Daniel (child) br-16 Apr 1885 in SG 40 sec 1885

Chrest, John d-9 June 1948 in Chicago Illinois; br-in sec 16 lot 2; s/o James & ? (Hainsworth) removed Mrs. John Chrest of Chicago
Chrest, Lavinia b-Newport Ky. 67y; d/o Hugh & Lavinia Moore; d-26 Feb 1950 in Chicago Illinois; br-in sec 16 lot 2; LO-Jas Hainsworth; perpetual care
Christ, Fred d-27 Aug 1953 in Leesburg Florida; 71y; s/o Peter & Vickey; br-in sec 55 lot 5; LO-Peter Buchert-father in law; NR-Mrs. Fred Christ of Umatilla Florida
Christman, Anna F b-Newport Ky. 60y; d/o John & Carlone Meier; d-18 Dec 1944; br-in sec 44 lot 30D; LO-Fred Christman
Christian, Clarence S br-27 Apr 1918 in SG 434 sec 8
Christian, Edna R G br-21 July 1906 in SG 39 sec 1906
Christian, Infant br-1 Nov 1894 in SG 5 sec 14
Christian, Infant br-9 Mar 1898 in SG 5 sec 14
Christian, Jas E br-9 May 1932 in SG 408 sec 68 
Christian, James Elmer d-24 Oct 1972; 60y; s/o James & Minnie (Riedinger) br-in sec 64 lot 58 S1/2; r-Highland Heights KY LO-Mrs. Leona Jarvis Christian-wife
Christian, Infant br-5 July 1899 in sec 14 lot 5
Christian, Joseph b-Newport Ky. 54y; s/o George & Eliza (Nelson) d-13 Nov 1946; br-in SG 594 sec 72; removed Harry Christian of Muncie IN
Christian, Lewis b-9 May 1884 in Ironton Oh; s/o James & Judy; d-14 Jan 1956; br-in sec 56 lot 10 N1/2; NR-Clara Christian of Newport KY
Christian, Minnie buried in SG sec 68 
Christian, Robert b-Cincinnati; 36y; s/o Lewis & Clara (Riederinger) d-24 Mar 1965; br-in sec 73 lot 227; r-Covington KY Nr-Barbara Christian-wife of  Cincinnati
Christian, Stanley Charles b-Newport Ky. 53y; s/o Stanley & Anna (Hoepker) d-11 Aug 1963; br-in sec 73 lot 244; r-Newport; NR-Kathryn Christian-wife
Christiansen, James b-Addiston Oh; 54y; s/o Louis & Sarah (McCroght) d-16 June 1959; br-in sec 73 lot 70; r-Cincinnati; NR-Florence Christiansen-wife
Christiansen, Myra Rae d-13 Mar 1937; 2y; d/o James & Florence; br-in sec 31 lot 38 N1/2; LO-Mrs. G W Ross
Christie, Edward br-3 Oct 1902 in sec 2 lot 27
Christie, Jasper br-22 Sep 1916 in sec 13 lot 53 S1/2
Christie, Mollie (ashes) br-14 June 1927 in sec 2 lot 27
Christman, Frederick D b-16 Sep 1883 in Newport Ky. s/o George & Minnie (Hoffmeier) d-11 Dec 1972; br-in sec 44 lot 30D E1/2; r-Ft Thomas KY NR-Miss Louise Christman-daughter of  Ft Thomas
Christman, George br-21 May 1901 in sec 24 lot 25
Christman, J Wilhelmina b-1 June 1887; d/o Chas Taylor & Josephine Fry; d-6 Oct 1958; br-in sec 59 lot 317 W1/2 r-Ft Thomas Ky. NR-Mrs ??? Goepper-sister; LO-Minnie Christman
Christman, Lulu br-23 May 1893 in sec 13 lot 27
Christman, Minnie br-3 Sep 1929 in sec 24 lot 23 E1/2
Christman, William H b-7 Mar 1881 in Newport Ky. s/o Henry & Minnie (Hoffmeier) d-27 Oct 1948; br-in sec 59 lot 317 W1/2; removed Minnie Christman
Christy, Anna br-15 Dec 1891 in sec 2 lot 27
Christy, Eliz Baker br-17 Sep 1929 in SG 180 sec 45
Christy, Infant br-3 Dec 1914 in SG 188 sec 8
Christy, John br-26 Mar 1918 in SG 6 sec GAR
Christy, Nellmay br-10 Mar 1915 in SG 216 sec 8
Christy, Robert br-16 July 1931 in SG 301 sec 46
Chroust, Bertha b-31 May 1860 in St Louis MO; d-4 Feb 1940 in Newport Ky. br-in sec 55 lot 84 S1/2; LO-Leck
Chumard, George Dalton b-17 Dec 1895 in Somerset Ky. s/o George & Elizabeth (Dalton) d-1 Dec 1965; br-in sec 56 lot 130; r-Ft Thomas Ky. LO-Jennie Yeith-mother in law; NR-Georgia Nai Chumard-wife


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