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Evergreen Ci-Co


Transcribed and submitted by Kathy Rose 9 March 2011


From microfilm LDS #1562463

SG-single grave
LO-lot owner
NR-nearest relative


Ciafardini, Georgia br-17 Mar 1931 in sec 24 lot 107 
Cianciolo, Joseph C b-Cincinnati; 57y; s/o Mariano & Anglea (Gerace) d-6 Dec 1967 in Covington Ky. br-in sec 62 lot 47 S1/2; NR-Margaret A Cianciolo-wife
Cilch, Mary br-7 Sep 1926 in SG 239 sec 48
Cinker, Nicholas b-18 Oct 1885 in Romania; s/o John & Ann; d-6 July 1952; br-in sec 60 lot 117; NR-Ruby Cinker-wife of Highland Heights KY
Cint, George Riley b-7 Nov 1908 in Arcola Illinois; s/o George Light & Anna Leona (Anderson) d15 Jan 1952; br-in sec 59 lot 28 W1/2; NR-Edith L Cint-wife of Dayton KY
Cisco, Mayme A b-Cincinnati; 78y; d/o Henry Macke & Louise Rothert; d-10 Oct 1965; br-in sec 62 lot 12; NR-John R Cisco-husband Bellevue KY
Cironak, Joseph br-29 Oct 1920 in SG 25 sec US 25
Ciss, Carrie br-12 Aug 1895 in sec 31 lot 48 S1/2

Claar, Charles Frederick b-27 Feb 1862 in Campbell Co Ky. d/o Jacob & Christine; d-29 Jan 1940; br-in sec 20 lot 46; LO-J Claar & C V Kopp
Claar, Christine br-13 Apr 1903 in sec 20 lot 46 
Claar, Jacob br-9 May 1896 in sec 20 lot 46
Claar, John br-26 May 1933 in sec 20 lot 46; LO-Claar & Kopp
Clafs, Geo (child) br-24 Aug 1894 in SG 56 sec 1894
Clapp, Alvin Ray b-Hartsville Indiana; 53y; s/o Melville & Mary (Geddis) d-9 Apr 1950; br-in sec 60 lot 243; NR-Margarite Clapp-wife Ft Thomas
Clapp, Lloyd b-Rochester NY; 66y; s/o D & Cora; d-30 Oct 1957; br-in sec 58 lot 107; LO-John C Bobzien-son in law; NR-Wilma Clapp-widow
Clapp, Wilma B d-24 Feb 1974; 69y; d/o John C Bobzien & Lorene Zoph; br-in sec 58 lot 107; NR-J Kenneth Bobzien-brother Highland Heights KY
Clampett, Anna b-26 Sep 1871 in Bellevue Ky. d/o Andrew Dieffenbach & Katherine Belt; d-15 May 1969; br-in sec 24 lot 30 E1/2; r-Cincinnati; NR-Mrs. Catherine Garritson-niece of Cincinnati OH
Clark, Abraham b-17 Aug 1889 in Port Townsend WA; s/o John Robert & Anne (Erleson) d-23 Dec 1965; br-in sec 73 lot 306 S1/2; r-Ft Thomas; NR-Ruth E Clark-daughter of Ft Thomas KY
Clark, Adeline b-16 Apr 1887; d/o Joseph Hermann & Amelia Kaiser; d-6 Sep 1961; br-in sec 73 lot 306 S1/2; NR-Abraham Clark-husband Ft Thomas KY
Clark, Albert Thomas Jr. b-8 Aug 1900 in Newport Ky. s/o Albert T & Nellie (Bristow) d-13 Nov 1951; br-in sec 60 lot 290; NR-Ruth Clark-wife of Newport
Clark, Albert br-30 July 1912 in sec 13 lot 45
Clark, Albert br-21 Dec 1925 in sec 19 lot 4
Clark, Albert T b-Newport Ky. 74y; s/o Frank & Mary; d-23 Mar 1953; br-in sec 52 lot 19; NR-Nellie Clark-wife Dayton KY
Clark, Alice b-23 Feb 1919 in Oh; d/o John McHugh & Mary Lenahan; d-3 Apr 1975; br-in sec 59 lot 25? E1/2; r-Alexandria KY nr: William Clark-husband
Clark, Alice (infant) br-19 Jan 1883 in sec 3 lot 36
Clark, Alice Elizabeth b-3 Mar 1883 in Clarksburg WV; d-7 Aug 1942; br-in sec 54 lot 149 N1/2; LO-Henry Shepard; removed Kenneth Edward Clark of Newport Ky.
Clark, Allen (adult) br-23 June 1902 in SG 36 sec 1902
Clark, Alma b-1 May 1882 in Cleveland Oh; d/o Nicholas Hilsford & Margaret Michelbeck; d-8 Dec 1964; br-in sec 34 lot 26B; r-Ft Wright KY LO- James Clark-husband; NR-Mrs. Edward Benken-daughter
Clark, Alvina br-14 July 1884 in sec 10 lot 32
Clark, Andrew B br-10 June 1918 in SG 11 sec 42
Clark, Ann May br-24 Dec 1928 in SG 372 sec 47
Clark, Annie b-13 Nov 1865 in Sweden; d/o Earl Edandson; d-21 Aug 1942; br-in SG 21 sec 72; removed Ernest M Clark of Ft Thomas
Clark, Anthony Cartini (see Cartini for information) br-in sec 71 lot 112 E1/2
Clark, Augusta b-29 Nov 1877 in Dayton Ky. nee Koepf; d-25 Sep 1952; br-in sec 56 lot 67 S1/2; r-Dayton KY NR-Arthur Clark-son
Clark, Bessie b-Kentucky; 76y; d-4 Jan 1969; br-in SG 310G sec 41; LO-Martha Richey-daughter of Cincinnati OH
Clark, C Mrs. br-31 Oct 1892 in sec 14 lot 6
Clark, Carlton J b-3 July 1889 in Indiana; s/o Jasper & Anna Louise; d-13 Dec 1953; br-in sec 73 lot 276; NR-Bessie Clark-wife of Southgate KY
Clark, Carl Edward b-Cincinnati; 76y; s/o Charles & Sarah (Wells) d-26 Dec 1965; br-in sec 62 lot 26 S1/2; NR-Della Clark-wife of Bellevue KY
Clark, Caroline Maria Laura b-30 Nov 1865 in Newport Ky. d/o Andreas & Mary Nordheim; d-13 Feb 1951; br-in sec 60 lot 248B; NR-Hypatia Mar Clark of Newport
Clark, Carrie S b-Bracken Co Ky. 83y; d/o John Wilson & Samantha Hull; d-9 Mar 1966; br-in sec 6 lot 72 W1/2; NR-Mrs. Doris Merz-daughter of Ft Thomas Ky.
Clark, Catherine Ann b-Dayton Ky. 14 days; d/o Howard F & Mary K (McCain) d-1 June 1945 in Newport Ky.  br-in SG 438 sec 70
Clark, Charles Oterson b-Nashville Tennessee; 83y; s/o Samuel; d-27 Feb 1956; br-in sec 9 lot 28 N1/2; r-Amarillo TX NR-Winston Clark-son-of Ft Thomas Ky.
Clark, Chas br-6 Oct 1890 in sec 10 lot 32
Clark, Charles br-29 June 1931 in SG 255 sec 68 
Clark, Charles F br-15 Aug 1902 in sec 9 lot 112
Clark, Charles Robert b-Dayton Ky. 48y; s/o Carl E & Adele; d-20 May 1967; br-in sec 62 lot 31; r-Cincinnati; NR-Lillie Mae Clark-wife
Clark, Charlotte br-24 Oct 1918 in sec 38 lot 21 N1/2
Clark, Clara br-4 Nov 1918 in sec 31 lot 23 S1/2
Clark, Cora Mae b-23 Apr 1882 in Cold Spring Ky. 63y; d/o George Blangy & Louise Taylor; d-10 Oct 1945; br-in sec 39 lot 2 S1/2; r-Cincinnati; LO-Louise Blangy of Cincinnati OH
Clark, Clare A b-8 Feb 1884 in Kentucky; d/o Maurice Androit & Caroline Schroll; d-7 Jan 1965; br-in sec 49 lot 95; r-Cincinnati; LO-self; NR-John E Clark-son of Cincinnati
Clark, Clarence br-5 Dec 1919 in SG 162 sec 45
Clark, Clarence br-5 Oct 1918 in SG 450 sec 8
Clark, Clinton br-15 June 1890 in sec 10 lot 32
Clark, Clinton A b-24 Sep 1887 in Newport Ky. s/o James & Joanna (Proudy) (smeared) d-23 Apr 1957 in Lexington Ky. br-in sec 73 lot 23; r-Newport Ky. NR-Maude Clark-wife
Clark, Daniel b-Newport Ky. 63y; s/o William & Lena; d-9 Oct 1938; br-in sec 56 lot 67 N1/2; LO-Elizabeth Clark of Newport
Clark, David Wm br-11 Mar 1929 in sec 54 lot 140 S1/2; LO-Nellie Frank
Clark, Dorothea L b-28 Jan 1956 in Germantown Oh; d/o Frederick & Barbara Esaias; d-28 Jan 1956; br-in sec 59 lot 71; r-Trenton Oh; LO-Helen Clark; NR-Pat Clark of Dayton KY
Clark, Dorothy Vite br-3 July 1904 in sec 13 lot 45
Clark, Earl V b-Covington Ky. 61y; s/o John W & Georgia (Osting) d-17 Dec 1968; br-in sec 65 lot 90A; r-Newport Ky. NR-Frances Clark-wife-of Highland Heights KY
Clark, Edna (colored child)br-23 Apr 1894 in SG 23 sec 1894
Clark, Edw (colored child) br-16 July 1886 in SG 33 sec 1886
Clark, Edward (adult) br-23 Mar 1901 in SG 22 sec 1901
Clark, Edward S b-23 May 1877 in Johnstown Pennsylvania; s/o Edward & Anna (Kauf) d-15 Apr 1954; br-in sec 59 lot 95; LO & NR-Clara Clark-wife of Cincinnati
Clark, Elizabeth br-21 Oct 1911 in sec 38 lot 21
Clark, Elizabeth br-11 Jan 1909 in sec 17 lot 72
Clark, Elizabeth M b-25 Sep 1888 in Kentucky; d/o Frederick Glenkley & Catherine McGerle; d-27 Sep 1971; br-in sec 56 lot 105 N1/2; r-Newport Ky. NR-Harry F Clark-husband of Newport KY
Clark, Elizabeth M b-26 Nov 1879 in Cynthiana Ky. d/o James W Martin & Lucy Marsh; d-14 Jan 1973; br-in sec 56 lot 67 N1/2; r-Newport Ky. NR-Mrs. Dorothy L Napier-niece of Sardinia Oh
Clark, Elizabeth M br-9 Oct 1916 in sec 9 lot 28
Clark, Emma Emily b-Lexington Ky. 61y; d-16 Feb 1943; br-in SG 828 sec 68 removed Wm Porter of Cincinnati
Clark, Ernest Mason b-Vancouver WA; s/o John & Joanna; d-4 May 1969; br-in sec 63 lot 192 E1/2; r-Ft Thomas Ky. NR-Florence Clark-wife
Clark, Ethel b-3 Oct 1909 in Cincinnati; d/o Roy Parris & Ida Tunning; d-18 Nov 1963; br-in sec 73 lot 318 N1/2; NR-John Clark-husband
Clark, Eva br-30 June 1933 in SG 526 sec 68 
Clark, Ethel (child) br-23 Oct 1897 in SG 59 sec 1897
Clark, Frances b-10 May 1922 in Middletown Oh; d/o Herbert Spence & Nellie Thomas; d-11 Oct 1973; br-in sec 50 lot 96; r-Highland Heights KY; NR-Fred Clark-son
Clark, Francis A br-14 Nov 1912 in sec 13 lot 45
Clark, Francis K br-22 Feb 1902 in sec 9 lot 112 N1/2
Clark, Frank A Dr. br-4 Apr 1912 in sec 13 lot 45
Clark, Frank L b-Ohio; 56y; d-15 Oct 1938; br-in sec 6 lot 72 W1/2; removed Carrie Clark of Ft Thomas KY
Clark, George br-SG 7 sec 48 (no dates)
Clark, George b-4 Dec 1885 in Newport Ky. d-25 June 1960; br-in sec 52 lot 182; NR-Mary Clark-wife of Newport KY
Clark, George (adult) br-3 Mar 1900 in SG 8 sec 1900
Clark, George W br-4 Aug 1913 in SG 151 sec 41
Clark, Georgia Luella b-Madison Indiana; 71y; d/o Henry F Osting & Mollie Miller; d-14 Nov 1944; br-in SG 482 sec 72; removed John Clark of Newport KY
Clark, Grace br-31 Dec 1907 in sec 13 lot 45 
Clark, Grover L br-12 Dec 1893 in sec 14 lot 6
Clark, Harry b-5 July 1886 in Cincinnati; d-19 Aug 1975; br-in sec 56 lot 105 N1/2; r-Newport KY NR-Cecilia Jacks-cousin of Bellevue KY
Clark, Harvey b-Robinson Co Ky. 63y; s/o Elijah & Mollie (Cooper) d-23 July 1948; br-in SG 649 sec 72; removed Bessie Mastin Clark of Cincinnati
Clark, Helen J b-21 June 1906 in Louisville Ky. d/o Roy Allen Gould & Pearl George; d-18 July 1948; br-in sec 34 lot 26B; LO-Jas Clark; removed Royal Clark of South Hills KY
Clark, Henry F (city order) b-21 Jan 1936 in Falmouth Ky. s/o Felix V; d-21 Jan 1936; br-in SG 908 sec 42 
Clark, Henry R br-3 June 1901 in sec 9 lot 112
Clark, Herbert S b-31 Dec 1899 in Kentucky; s/o Samuel & Caroline (Nordheim) d-8 Jan 1972; br-in sec 62 lot 29B; r-Hodgenville KY LO-Mrs. Hypathia Lampe-sister of Ft Thomas KY
Clark, Howard br-8 Aug 1888 in sec 10 lot 32
Clark, Ida br-20 June 1949 in sec 40 lot 210; LO-Emmett
Clark, Infant br-19 Sep 1887 in sec 9 lot 77
Clark, Infant br-25 June 1889 in SG 35 sec 1889
Clark, Infant br-26 May 1890 in sec 14 lot 6
Clark, Infant br-20 Dec 1907 in sec 13 lot 45
Clark, Infant br-19 Apr 1909 in SG 17 sec 1909
Clark, Infant br-30 Nov 1893 sec 2 lot 45
Clark, Infant br-8 May 1894 in sec 14 lot 6
Clark, Infant br-14 Oct 1912 in SG 31 sec 8; child of Wm & Mimi Clark of 225 E Front St
Clark, Infant br-11 Mar 1921 in SG 604 sec 8
Clark, Infant Janine br-14 Dec 1929 in SG 430 sec 47
Clark, Jas G b-17 Mar 1874 in New York; s/o Edgar & Adelaide (SPies) d-21 Aug 1948; br-in sec 34 lot 26B; removed Alma Clark Newport KY
Clark, James Michael b-Covington Ky. 3y; s/o Wm W & Alice (McHugh) d-16 June 1956; br-in sec 59 lot 251-252 E1/2 
Clark, Jennie br-21 Feb 1927 in sec 44 lot 31B
Clark, John A (colored adult) br-26 Jan 1894 in SG 5 sec 1894
Clark, John F b-6 Nov 1895 in Covington Ky. s/o John W; d-3 Sep 1971; br-in sec 59 lot 158 W1/2; r-New Port Richey FL; NR-Cecelioa Clark-wife
Clark, John R (U S Gov) Ft Thomas br-10 May 1910
Clark, John W? b-Columbus Oh; 64y; s/o John W & Sarah; d-16 June 1938 in Dayton Ky. br-in sec 56 lot 67 S1/2
Clark, Johnathan Lee b&d 29 Nov 1965 in Ft Thomas Ky.; s/o Fred B & Joyce Ann; br- in SG 200 sec 53; parents r-Dayton Ky.
Clark, Jos br-14 Apr 1930 in SG 531 sec 45
Clark, Jos R (child) br-22 July 1895 in SG 46 sec 1895
Clark, Jos W br-24 Aug 1894 in sec 9 lot 77
Clark, Laura Ella (colored) br-5 Dec 1908 in sec 10 lot 10 S1/2
Clark, Lena br-23 Jan 1934 in sec 2 lot 30; LO-Daniel Schmidt
Clark, Leslie R b-Kentucky; 72y; d-3 Mar 1938 at Water Works Road in Newport Ky. br-in sec 23 lot 75 E1/2; removed Mrs. Ella Clark; LO-R C Clark
Clark, Lillian b-Cincinnati; d/o John Theim & Mary Holtman; d-14 Dec 1973; br-in sec 64 lot 113 N1/2; NR-Esther Conlon of Southgate KY
Clark, Lillie br-15 Nov 1898 in sec 23 lot 112
Clark, Lillie b-Kentucky; 60y; d/o C Winston; d-2 Apr 1936; br-in sec 9 lot 28; LO-Elizabeth Winston of Ft Thomas KY
Clark, Lillie F br-3 June 1896 in sec 13 lot 45
Clark, Lora E br-27 Feb 1931 in sec 9 lot 112 E1/2
Clark, Lucy (child) br-29 Dec 1882 in SG 107 sec 1882
Clark, Luly (child) br-16 Apr 1883 in SG 34 sec 1883
Clark, Mabel br-7 July 1896 in sec 9 lot 113
Clark, Mary (adult) br-20 Dec 1902 in SG 35 1/2B sec 1902
Clark, Mary br-6 Feb 1923 in SG 44 sec 46
Clark, Mary br-19 June 1921 in SG 8 sec 48
Clark, Mary br-29 Apr 1911 in sec 13 lot 45
Clark, Mary A b-Virginia; 90y; d/o John Tighe; d-14 Oct 1935 in Ft Thomas Ky. br-in SG 152 sec 41
Clark, Mary Ellen b-Richmond Indiana; 67y; d/o John E Alexander & Alice E Branizer; d-27 Jan 1963; br-in sec 52 lot 182; r-Newport Ky. NR-Charles Levine-nephew
Clark, Mary Jones (city order) br-20 May 1933 in SG 827 sec 42
Clark, Matilda (colored adult) br-11 Aug 1886 in SG 41 sec 1886
Clark, Maude Rose b-26 Aug 1891 in Newport Ky. d/o Henry Neu & Bernadina Erschell; d-3 June 1959; br-in sec 73 lot 23; NR-Dolores Clark-daughter of Newport
Clark, Mildred & Marion (infants) br-17 Jan 1912 in sec 13 lot 45
Clark, Minnie br-21 June 1900 in sec 23 lot 75 E1/2
Clark, Minnie May b-Cincinnati; 48y; nee Walton; d-26 Dec 1939; br-in SG 267 sec 72; removed Grace Thomson of Bellevue KY
Clark, Mitilda br-21 Oct 1910 in sec 13 lot 45
Clark, Mortimer br-4 Nov 1908 in SG 177 sec 35
Clark, Mrs. (adult) br-1 Dec 1891 in SG 61 sec 1891
Clark, Myrtle b-2 May 1897; d/o John Killinger & Ida M Stevenson; d-1 Aug 1945; br-in sec 59 lot 158 W1/2; removed John F Clark of Newport KY
Clark, Myrtle br-8 Aug 1920 in SG 562 sec 8
Clark, Nellie b-Newport Ky. 72y; d/o James & Ida Bristow; d-10 Sep 1953; br-in sec 52 lot 19; NR-Vivian Clark Dayton KY
Clark, Nola Sheets b-2 Feb 1882 in Ohio; d/o Frank Sheets & Elsie Blessing; d-5 Nov 1961; br-in sec 59 lot 227 W1/2; NR-Mae Wenck Akron Oh
Clark, Norman B b-Clark Co Ky. 75y; s/o Robert & Millie (Rainy) d-9 Dec 1966; br-in sec 63 lot 19 W1/2; r-Newport Ky. NR-Luella Clark-wife of Newport
Clark, Ollie b-Kentucky; 47y; d-26 Fe4b 1936; br-in SG 216 sec 69; r-Newport KY
Clark, P A br-11 July 1892 in sec 6 lot 50
Clark, Parthenia br-15 Apr 1924 in sec 23 lot 75 E1/2
Clark, Peter H b-Galion Oh; 73y; s/o Wm; d-26 Nov 1945; br-in sec 59 lot 227 W1/2; LO-Nola Clark of Cincinnati
Clark, R G Mrs. br-21 Oct 1884 in sec 9 lot 77
Clark, Richard b-30 June 1904 in Dayton Ky. s/o WM & Dora; d-31 July 1940; br-in sec 59 lot 71; removed Helen Clark Dayton KY
Clark, Richard b-Highlands in Campbell Co Ky. s/o James A; d-19 Jan 1954; br-in sec 17 lot 72; LO-James Clark-son; NR-W Nelson Simlick-nephew of Cincinnati
Clark, Robert br-7 Aug 1907 in SG 522 sec 28
Clark, Robert C b-8 Dec 1906; s/o Reson & Mary (Burke) d-8 Apr 1966; br-in sec 73 lot 202; r-Newport KY NR-Florence Clark-wife
Clark, Robert W b-Cincinnati; s/o David & Lottie; d-4 Dec 1973; br-in sec 64 lot 113 N1/2; r-Highland Heights KY NR-Lillian Clark-wife
Clark, Robert James b-Covington Ky. 5 days; s/o Royal & Helen; d-27 Nov 1935 in Covington; br-in SG 120 sec 43
Clark, Rosa D br-18 Feb 1904 in sec 16 lot 47
Clark, Royal James b-6 Apr 1907 in Johnson City NY; s/o James & Alma (Hilsdorf) d-3 Feb 1964; br-in sec 34 lot 26B; r-Ft Wright KY NR-Mrs. Harry Dunham-daughter of Ft Thomas KY
Clark, Ruth S b-Newport Ky. 59y; d/o Charles Clark; d-13 Aug 1965; br-in SG 254 sec 68; r-Newport; NR-Violet Breueggemier-friend
Clark, Samuel br-19 Feb 1912 in sec 13 lot 45 
Clark, Samuel R b-Cincinnati; 83y; d-28 Mar 1951; br-in sec 32 lot 37; NR-Farrell Clarke of Bellevue KY
Clark, Sarah b-27 Jan 1864 in Adams Co Oh; d/o Britton Bristow & Charity Robinson; d-9 Nov 1937; br-in sec 56 lot 105 N1/2; LO-Harry Clark-son of Cincinnati
Clark, Sarah A br-14 Apr 1909 in SG 129 sec 35
Clark, Susie br-22 June 1921 in SG 2 sec 48
Clark, Sussie (adult) br-24 Jan 1900 in SG 12 sec 1900
Clark, Thomas br-2 Jan 1926 in SG 396 sec 46
Clark, Thomas br-28 Mar 1908 in SG 107 sec 1902
Clark, Tilly (child) br-20 Mar 1891 in SG 20 sec 1891
Clark, Vera L ? br-10 Jan 1922 in SG 549 sec 8
Clark, Virginia b-Kings Mountain Kentucky; 58y; d/o Dillard Couch & Lucy Minter; d-30 Dec 1969; br-in sec 73 lot 67 NW1/2; r-Ft Thomas Ky. NR-Miss Rebecca Clark-daughter of Ft Thomas KY
Clark, Viola br-9 Dec 1929 in SG 530 sec 45
Clark, Viola Mae b-2 Feb 1900 in Cincinnati; d/o Edward & Mary Jones; d-18 July 1954; br-in sec 73 lot 202; NR-Robert C Clark-husband of Newport Ky.
Clark, Virginia Eliz br-27 Oct 1916 in SG 45 sec 43
Clark, W B br-16 July 1883
Clark, William br-7 Feb 1906 in sec 38 lot 21 N1/2 from sec 28 grave 131
Clark, William br-7 Apr 1928 in sec 2 lot 50
Clark, Wm br-17 Apr 1918 in sec 38 lot 21 N1/2
Clark, Wm br-27 Dec 1924 in SG 1 sec 48
Clark, Wm br-23 Feb 1917 in sec 32 lot 37
Clark, Wm F br-28 Nov 1928 in sec 54 lot 23 N1/2
Clark, W H br-10 Feb 1946 in SG 537 sec 72 
Clark, William H b-Findley Oh; 73y; s/o John & Georgia (Miller) d-25 June 1966; br-in sec 63 lot 98 S1/2; r-Ft Thomas KY NR-Ivalou Clark-wife
Clark, Wm L (Russell) b-15 Aug 1913 in Covington Ky. s/o Wm S & Lottie (Gornell) d-5 July 1935 in Dayton Ky. (perforation bulllet) br-in SG 113 sec 69; removed to St Mary's Cemetery Covington 12 Dec 1941
Clark, Wm O b-9 Oct 1874 in Bracken Co Ky. s/o Chas E & Harriet; d-28 Nov 1946; br-in sec 59 lot 71; removed Dorothea Clark of Dayton KY
Clark, Wm Riley br-26 May 1933 in sec 44 lot 31B LO-Francis Emerson
Clark, Winston b-Newport Ky. 64y; s/o Chas O & Lillian M (Winston) d-30 Nov 1965; br-in sec 73 lot 67 N1/2; NR-Virginia Clark-wife
Clarke, Florence br-22 Aug 1934 in sec 32 lot 37; LO-Sam R Clarke
Clarke, Geo. W b-Westley Arkansas; 73y; s/o William P & Nancy J; d-11 Jan 1955 in Seattle Washington
Clarke, Inez N b-New York; 84y; d/o Henry Hixman & Orpha Beckwith; d-26 Jan 1965; br-in sec 65 lot 38D; NR-Julia Clarke-daughter
Clarke, John Geo  br-16 May 1916 in SG 280 sec 8 
Clarke, Julia Anna b-St Clare Kansas; 70y; d/o James M & Amanda J Gustin; d-25 Mar 1952; br-in sec 71 lot 20 W1/2; LO-C Hough-son in law; NR- George W Clarke-husband of Covington KY
Clarke, Mary A b-Newport Ky. 70y; d/o Wm E Weingartner & Mary A Kennedy; d-6 Nov 1968; br-in sec 32 lot 37; LO-Samuel R Clarke; NR-Samuel Farrell Clarke-husband of Bellevue KY
Clarke, W Reily br-9 Apr 1918 in sec 23 lot 75 E1/2
Clarke, Samuel Farrell b-Bellevue Ky. 75y; s/o Samuel R & Florence (Russell) d-5 Sep 1973; br-in sec 32 lot 37; NR-Mrs. Edna Howe of Middletown Oh
Clarke, William Thomas b-Bellevue Ky. 74y; s/o Samuel R & Florence (Russell) d-30 Dec 1964; br-in sec 32 lot 37; LO-Samuel R Clarke-son; NR-Samuel F Clarke-brother of Bellevue KY
Clary, Mrs. D. br-19 Oct 1888 in sec 10 lot 14
Clary, Dora b-8 Mar 1873 in Grants Lick Ky. d/o Benjamin & Josephine Kronenberger; d-25 Oct 1942; br-in SG 10B sec 72
Clary, Edward Meaton b-Cold Spring Ky. 79y; s/o Daniel & Dorothy (Clary) d-14 Oct 1945; br-in sec 10 lot 14; LO-Mrs. B G Headly; removed Ida R Clary of Newport KY
Clary, Ida Rowena b-19 Feb 1866 in Hagerstown Indiana; d-2 Apr 1953; br-in sec 10 lot 14; LO-John H Clary-husband; NR-Alvin Clary of Newport KY
Clary, Minna H (Minnie) b-Newport Ky. d-26 Mar 1968; br-in SG 8A sec 55; NR-Mrs. G R Moore-friend
Clary, Robert E Lee b-Grants Lick Ky. 67y; s/o Upton & Susan (Bixler) d-26 Jan 1936; br-in sec 55 lot 8A; r- d.Birmingham AL
Clary, Roy A b-Charters Ky. s/o John & Elizabeth (Harrison) d-15 Dec 1961; br-in sec 73 lot 157 N1/2; LO & NR-Dorothy Spatig-daughter of Indianapolis IN
Clary, Susan A br-19 Sep 1903 in sec 17 lot 3
Clary, Thyra M br-1 June 1918 in SG 476 sec 8
Clary, Upton br- (illegible month) 1883 in sec 17 lot 3
Clary, Virginia Marie br-16 June 1914 in sec 15 lot 109 
Clary, Wm Luther b-Campbell Co Ky. 76y; s/o Daniel & Dorothy; d-18 Feb 1935; br-in sec 10 lot 14; LO-John H Clary
Clas, Infant br-1 Apr 19885 in SG 38 sec 1885
Class, Christina (adult) br-25 July 1890 in SG 35 sec 1890
Class, Alvin R b-Ft Thomas Ky. 52y; s/o John & Hermenie (Rosskamp) d-3 July 1965; br-in sec 62 lot 89; NR-Helen Class-wife of Ft Thomas
Class, Anna Mae b-Kentucky; 52y; d/o Edmond & Addie (Green) d-10 May 1959; br-in sec 73 lot 394; NR-William Class Sr. of Ft Thomas KY
Class, Arthur L b-27 Jan 1909; d-20 Nov 1971; br-in sec 64 lot 263 N1/2; NR-Mae Class-wife of Highland Heights KY
Class, Betty L b-Dayton Ky. 20y; d/o Alvin & Helen Class; d-19 Mar 1969; br-in sec 62 lot 89; NR-Helen Class-mother
Class, Freda Edith br-1 Aug 1916 in Sg 242 sec 28
Class, Hermiene b-9 May 1877 in Germany; d/o John & Anna Rosskamp; d-22 Mar 1950; br-in SG 589 sec 69; NR-Anna Krogman Ft Thomas KY
Class, John b-Ft Thomas Ky. 63y; s/o John Sr. & Hermiena (Rosskamp) d-12 July 1964; br-in SG 590 sec 69; r-Camp Spring KY; NR-Irwin Class- brother
Class, John Geo S b-27 Oct 1877 in Germany; s/o Christian & Caroline; d-20 Aug 1945; br-in SG 588 sec 69; removed Hermiene Class of Ft Thomas KY
Class, L & C (twins infants) br-28 Mar 1885 in SG 38 sec 1885
Class, Vernon br-13 Aug 1928 in SG 352 sec 47
Class, William br-9 Aug 1904 in SG 231 sec 28 
Claudy, Agnes br-9 June 1927 in sec 64 lot 17 
Claudy, Albert C b-Cincinnati; 75y 11m 22 d; s/o Peter & Agnes; d06 Aug 1947; br-in sec 54 lot 17 N1/2; r-Brooklyn NY
Claudy, Edward William b-27 June 1876 in Cincinnati; s/o Peter & Agnes (Hirt) d-2 Nov 1956; br-in sec 54 lot 17 NS1/2; NR-Emma Claudy
Claudy, Emma L b-Newport Ky. 84y; d/o John Korte & Augusta Mumme; d-7 Nov 1963; br-in sec 54 lot 17 S1/2; LO-Edw W Claudy-husband; NR-Bertha Lang-daughter of Southgate KY
Claudy, Ida Belle br-6 Mar 1928 in sec 84 or 34 lot 17 E1/2
Claus, Anna H br-14 June 1904 in SG 242 sec 28
Claus, Elizabeth br-11 Apr 1899 in sec 24 lot 68
Clause, Arthur Edward br-21 June 1906 in sec 27 lot 90 N1/2
Clause, Peter Martin b-Pennsylvania; 93y; s/o John & Sarah; d-7 Nov 1937; br-in sec 27 lot 90 N1/2; LO-Martin Clause; removed Walter Clause of Dayton Ky.
Clause, Sarah (adult) br-29 Mar 1883 in SG 19 sec 1883
Clawson, Donald b-10 July 1941 in Dayton Ky. s/o Donald & Genevieve; d-16 July 1941; br-in SG 28 sec 69; removed Mrs. Genevieve Smith
Clawson, Warren E br-19 Aug 1902 in SG 61 sec 1902
Clay, Chas (colored) br-4 June 1918 in SG 550 sec 42
Clay, Mary D. (adult) br-21 Aug 1893 in SG 36 sec 1893
Clayburn, Maggie (colored) (city order) br-19 July 1915 in SG 708 sec 42
Clayton, Amelia M b-Bracken Co Ky. 69y; d/o Henry Beyersdorfer & Mary Johnson; d-9 May 1964; br-in sec 73 lot 236; NR-Orville S Clayton-husband of Newport KY
Clayton, Bedelia br-23 Apr 1918 in sec 17 lot 34 
Clayton, Carol Constance b-Covington Ky. 6y; d/o John & Flossie (Parley) d-7 Sep 1959; br in SG 582 sec 74
Clayton, Chas Herschel b-5 Aug 1935 in Bracken Co Ky. s/o Luther & Thelma; d-21 Dec 1935 in Alexandria Ky. br-in sec 50 lot 69 SW1/4; LO-Thelma Bachmann (smeared)
Clayton, Christopher C b-14 Dec 1969 in Ft Thomas Ky. s/o Paul & Beverly (Cruse) d-16 Dec 1969; br-in sec 73 lot 73D; r-Newport Ky.
Clayton, Emma br-27 Apr 1912 in SG 68 sec 41
Clayton, John E br-5 Apr 1912 in sec 17 lot 34
Clayton, Lester Lee b-9 June 1938 in Dayton Ky. s/o Frances Clayton; d-25 Aug 1938; br-in SG 612 sec 70; removed Orville Clayton Newport KY
Clayton, Nannie (city order) b-Kentucky; d/o Harrison & Mattie Poe; d-23 Dec 1941; br-in SG 543 sec 69; NR-Mrs. Thomas Pierce of Cincinnati
Clayton, Orville F b-Pendleton Co Ky. 68y; s/o F O & Anna E (Thornberry) d-3 Feb 1969; br-in sec 73 lot 236; Nr-Mrs. Loraine Deaton-daughter of Highland Heights Ky.
Cleary, Sabinia br-4 June 1927 in sec 30 lot 33 N1/2
Cleavenger, Harry b-Uniontown Penn; 59y; s/o Paul & Sarah; d-3 June 1952; br-in sec 73 lot 204; NR-Flora Clevenger-wife of Bellevue KY
Clebourne, Isabella br-16 May 1883 in sec 17 lot 27
Cleburne, Alice L br-6 Jan 1922 in sec 17 lot 27
Cleburne, Isabella br-7 Mar 1916 in sec 17 lot 27
Cleburne, Robert S br-29 Apr 1905 in sec 17 lot 27
Cleggett, Margaret br-16 Dec 1921 in SG 462 sec 42
Clem, Anne Marie b-Conklin Ky. 25y; d/o John G Amis & Theresa Deville; d-14 June 1944; br-in sec 59 lot 125 W1/2; LO-Lennie Clem of Newport KY
Clem, Margaret Rosella br-21 May 1929 in SG 400 sec 47
Clemens, Anna br-19 Mar 1895 in sec 6 lot 5
Clemens, Edw br-14 Mar 1894 in sec 1 lot 64
Clemens, Elisabeth br-16 Sep 1908 in sec 6 lot 5
Clemens, Hattie br-5 Dec 1908 in sec 1 lot 64
Clemens, Samuel br-9 Apr 1888 in sec 6 lot 5
Clemens, Sarah br-18 Mar 1893 in sec 1 lot 64
Clement, Arthur D br-23 May 1914 in sec 2 lot 25
Clements, Emma St Clair br-15 Oct 1920 in sec 44 lot 31C
Clements, Joseph G br-4 Jan 1932 in sec 44 lot 31C
Clements, Mary b-28 Aug 1884 in Kentucky; d/o Logan & Clara Gossett; d-8 Dec 1961; br-in sec 34 lot 26 W1/2; LO-Maud Caldwell; NR-Clara Ebert-niece of Newport Ky.
Clemmens, Frank br-22 Oct 1932 in sec 1 lot 64
Clemmens, Rebecca br-26 Oct 1891 in sec 1 lot 64
Clendenen, Dixie Lee b-11 Mar 1941 in Cincinnati; d/o A C; d-12 Mar 1941; br-in SG 380 sec 68 over Richard Willis; removed A C Clendenen
Clephane, Deforrest b-Newport Ky. 55y; s/o Fred & Nellie; d-26 Aug 1952; br-in sec 54 lot 64 N1/2; NR-Gertrude Clephane-wife of Ft Thomas
Clephane, Della E b-Newport Ky. 79y; d/o Wm Clephane & Margaret Sauer; d-12 June 1974; br-in sec 60 lot 101; NR-Mrs. Grace B Clephane-sister in law
Clephane, Elmer br-6 Nov 1913 in SG 468 sec 28
Clephane, Emma br-13 May 1907 in SG 469 sec 28
Clephane, Fred b-2 May 1871 in Newport Ky. d-13 Jan 1959; br-in sec 60 lot 305; NR-Lavon Hallon-niece of Ft Thomas KY
Clephane, Nellie b-28 Apr 1874 in Covington Ky. d/o Thomas Botts & Sara McKibben; d-21 Mar 1953; br-in sec 60 lot 305; LO-Lavon Halloran-uncle; NR-Fred Clephane of Bellevue KY
Clephane, Theo. S br-? Mar 1923 in SG 26 sec 46
Clephane, Thos. S br-30 Nov 1888 in sec 3 lot 31
Clephane, Vivian C. (infant) br-15 Jan 1906 in sec 15 lot 83
Clephane, Roy William b-29 Dec 1896 in Newport Ky. s/o William & Margaret (Sauer) d-2 June 1957; br-in sec 60 lot 101; LO-Grace & Della Clephane; NR-Grace Clephany-wife
Clephane, Wm. S br-21 Aug 1924 in SG 213 sec 46
Cleveland, Lavern Doris b-26 Mar1897 in Kentucky; d/o Fred Ostermann & Laura McClain; d-13 Mar 1971; br-in sec 62 lot 63; LO-Mildred Kelley-daughter; NR-Mrs. Mildred Privett-daughter of Covington KY
Clevenger, Flora b-Dayton Ky. 75y; d/o Fredian Bethge & Anna Beich; d-9 Dec 1974; br-in sec 73 lot 204; NR-Kenneth Clevenger-son of Ft Thomas
Clever, Minnie (Ola Brown) b-Tennessee; 79y; d/o -- K Penson & Mary Elizabeth Adams; d-26 Aug 1966; br-in sec 59 lot 50 W1/2; NR-Mrs. Barbara Burnett-daughter of Cincinnati

Clifford, Anna Belle br-20 June 1927 in SG 320 sec 45
Clifford, Chas. S br-8 July 1924 in SG 257 sec 47
Clifford, Daniel (U.S.) br-1 Jan 1896 in SG 14 sec 25
Clifford, Elizabeth b-Newport Ky. 68y; d/o Richard & Catherine Deimling; d-18 Jan 1957; br-in SG 134 sec 72; NR-Dorothy Dillahunt-daughter of Newport
Clifford, Effie br-5 July 1927 in SG 373 sec 45
Clifford, Fannie br-17 Nov 1925 in SG  355 sec 45 
Clifford, Harry b-15 Sep 1859 in New York City; s/o Henry; d-20 Feb 1938; br-in sec 71 lot 64; LO-Madge Senieur; removed Wm B Seniew of Cincinnati Oh
Clifford, Henry br-7 Jan 1893 in sec 22 lot 8
Clifford, Infant br-8 Nov 1902 in SG 70 sec 1902
Clifford, John S b-16 Sep 1870 in Cincinnati; d-2 Nov 1944; br-in SG ?22 sec 42; removed Frank Firth of Newport KY
Clifford, Lee br-24 Feb 1922 in SG 321 sec 45
Clifford, Mollie br-1 Sep 1910 in SG 628 sec 28
Clift br-in SG 331 sec 45
Clift, Dewitt br-19 Dec 1921 in SG 3 sec 48
Clift, Elizabeth br-4 Oct 1924 in SG 4 sec 48
Clift, Ernest St Clair b-20 Nov 1877 in Ft Thomas Ky. s/o DeWitt Clinton & Elizabeth (Lacock) d-15 Sep 1937; br-in SG 301 sec 69
Clift, Flora b-Mt Olivet Ky. 91y; d/o John Armbruster Sr. & Sallie Rebecca Dayton; d-26 May 1973; br-in sec 69 lot 302; NR-Mrs. Edward C Studer-daughter of Cincinnati Oh
Clift, Maude Buckley br-8 July 1926 in SG 332 sec 45
Clifton, Barbara b-6 Mar 1866 in Owen Co Ky. nee Talbert; d-22 Apr 1950; br-in SG 632 sec 45; NR-Mrs. Margaret Chamberlan (last 4-5 letters
Clifton, Geo. S br-29 Oct 1928 in SG 633 sec 43
Clifton, Infant br-13 May 1915 in SG 234 sec 8
Clifton, Phillip b-Cincinnati; 32y; s/o Jesse & Bessie (Roland) d-24 Oct 1968; br-in sec 14 lot 21A; NR-Allen Clifton-wife of Newport KY
Cline, Beulah L b-Yellow Springs Oh; 63y; d/o Charles & Catherine Henshaw; d-30 Jan 1964; br-in sec 73 lot 183 S1/2; r-Bellevue Ky. LO-Chas Cline-son of Villa Hills Ky.
Cline, Christian b-5 Nov 1877 in Clinton Co Oh; s/o Phillip & Ella; d-30 Dec 1942; br-in sec 59 lot 124 E1/2; removed Grace Cline Bellevue KY
Cline, Elvina b-Ohio; 77y; nee Page; d-30 Apr 1935; br-in SG 4 sec 69; r-Bellevue KY
Cline, Grace b-Springfield Oh; 81y; d/o Leroy & Ellen Worthington; d-2 Dec 1960; br-in sec 59 lot 128 E1/2; NR-Mrs. Irene Forbes-daughter of Springfield Oh
Cline, Harry br-7 Apr 1930 in sec 62 lot 108; LO-Gladys Cline
Cline, Infant br-5 Sep 1905 in SG 52 sec 1905
Cline, John br-23 Aug 1902 in SG 62 sec 1902
Cline, Myrta L b-19 Feb 1882 in Bentonville Oh; d/o John Henry Thomas & Minnie Carr; d-11 Sep 1945; br-in SG 92 sec 68; r-Cincinnati
Cline, Phillip A b-Ohio; 83y; d-18 June 1939; br-in SG 3 sec 69; removed Christ Cline of Ft Thomas KY
Cline, Virginia Ruth br-11 Jan 1929 in SG 367 sec 47
Clingman, Geo A E br-12 Oct 1895 in sec 23 lot 118
Clinkenbeard, Clara b-Illinois; 76y; d/o Thos & Ida Clinkenbeard; d-20 Feb 1940; br-in sec 23 lot 78 E1/2; LO-Geo Maynard; removed Newport KY
Clinkenbeard, Florence br-3 Apr 1902 in sec 17 lot 14
Clinkenbeard, Genevieve b-8 Oct 1916 in Joelin Illinois; d/o Harvey Woolridge & Eva Stephenson; d-8 Dec 1942; br-in sec 59 lot 126 E1/2; LO-Chas Clinkenbeard; removed Covington KY
Clinkenbeard, Geo W b-22 Feb 1868 in Newport Ky. s/o John & Sarah; d-12 Dec 1945; br-in sec 9 lot 16; removed Minnie Clinkenbeard of Newport
Clinkenbeard, Infant b&d 31 Oct 1941 in Covington Ky. child of Virgie & Edna (Scligman) br-in sec 57 lot 43 E1/2; removed Covington KY
Clinkenbeard, Infant br-6 Mar 1897 in sec 17 lot 14
Clinkenbeard, Infant br-27 Sep 1908 in sec 23 lot 28 E1/2
Clinkinbeard, Irene Tracy b-3 Nov 1894; 72y; d/o Sim Tracy & Lydia Appley; d-25 May 1967; br-in sec 73 lot 71A; r-Conroe Texas; LO-Lester Clinkinbeard-husband
Clinkinbeard, John br-26 Apr 1906 in sec 17 lot 14 
Clinkinbeard, Lester G b-Kentucky; 75y; s/o John & Lucy Belle (Owings) d-20 Sep 1975; br-in sec 73 lot 71 SW1/2; r-Cincinnati; NR-Michael Dieckman
Clinkenbeard, Lucy A br-23 Jan 1904 in sec 23 lot 78 E1/2
Clinkenbeard, Mary br-16 Nov 1907? in sec 27 lot 40 S1/2
Rebecca 67y; d/o Bernard & Margaret Stubbe; d-6 Apr 1938; LO-Wm Benke; removed Newport
Clinkenbeard, Robt A br-17 June 1933 in sec 57 lot 43 E1/2 
Clinkenbeard, Sarah br-12 Apr 1918 in sec 17 lot 14
Clinkenbeard, Thomas B br-15 Jan 1900 in sec 23 lot 78 E1/2
Clinkenbeard, Virgil C b-Covington Ky. 74y; s/o Edward & Sarah (West) d-28 Apr 1962; br-in sec 57 lot 43 E1/2; NR-Alma Clinkenbeard-wife
Clinton, Frances (adult) br-4 Sep 1887 in SG 35 sec 1886
Clinton, Geo (adult) br-20 Aug 1889 in SG 41 sec 1889
Clinton, Hattie (child) br-11 Oct 1884 in SG 56 sec 1884
Cloe, John Newton b-6 June 1863 in Harrison Co Ky. s/o James & Mary; d-3 Dec 1943; br-in sec 55 lot 71 N1/2; LO-Florence Cloe of Newport KY
Clore, Bessie M b-23 Oct 1887 in Paint Lick Ky. d/o John & Carrie Sisson; d-3 Nov 1964; br-in sec 63 lot 328 S1/2; r-Covington Ky. LO-Harry P Cloe-son
Cloe, Alvin br-31 Dec 1948 in sec 16 lot 32; 13y; s/o Ervin & Anna; removed Cold Spring KY
Clos, Arthur J b-Hamilton Co Oh; 66y; s/o Jacob & Emma (Meyer) d-19 Oct 1971; br-in SG 12A sec 41; r-Newport Ky. ; NR-Martha Clos-wife
Clos, Carl Davis (infant) br-25 Mar 1910 in sec 16 lot 32
Clos, David Jos b-4 Aug 1944 in Covington Ky. s/o Earl J & Alice (Clark) of Newport Ky. d-29 Sep 1944; br-in SG 179 sec 70
Clos, Elsie b-16 July 1889 in Newport Ky. d/o Jacob Clos & Harriett Dosset; d-30 Oct 1951; br-in sec 15 lot 14; NR-Gussie Kalfrat; LO-Jacob Clos-father
Clos, Emma Jane b-Bracken Co Ky. 84y; d/o James Meyers & Ellen Mary Barry; d-27 Nov 1966; br-in sec 16 lot 166A; r-Anderson Indiana; LO- Arthur & Emma Clos of Newport KY
Clos, H C br-1 Sep 1885 in sec 13 lot 29
Clos, Harriet br-17 Apr 1912 in sec 15 lot 14 
Clos, Henry b-19 Aug 1868 in Campbell Co Ky. s/o Jacob & Louisa of Cold Spring Ky. d-11 Jan 1943; br-in sec 16 lot 32
Clos, Jacob br-16 Apr 1885 in sec 13 lot 29
Clos, Jacob b-24 Mar 1842 in Newport Campbell Co Ky. d-9 June 1936; br-in sec 15 lot 14
Clos, Jacob F b-22 Feb 1879 in Bracken Co Ky. s/o Jacob & Elizabeth (Blum) d-23 July 1959; br-in sec 61 lot 166A; r-Highland Heights Ky. LO-Arthur Clos-brother; NR-Emma Clos-wife
Clos, Julius b-9 July 1859 in Campbell Co Ky. s/o Jacob & Louise in Cold Spring Ky. d-26 Dec 1944; br-29 Dec in sec 16 lot 32
Clos, Louisa br-25 Nov 1907 in sec 16 lot 32
Clos, Louise L br-2 Aug 1896 in sec 15 lot 14
Clos, Mary br-7 Nov 1907 in sec 16 lot 32
Clos, William H br-13 Dec 1906 in sec 15 lot 5
Close, Charles R b-18 Dec 1898 in San Francisco California; s/o Benjamin F & Elizabeth L; d-12 July 1957; br-in sec 50 lot 7; LO-Chas L Berhalter-father in law; NR-Marian Berhalter Close
Close, L S br-23 Sep 1885
Closs, Albert B b-26 Jan 1888 in Indianapolis Indiana; s/o William K & Sarah; d-5 Jan 1952; br-in sec 2 lot 116 S1/2; LO-Sarah Closs-mother; NR- Florence Closs of Cincinnati OH
Closs, Charles br-19 Mar 1901 in sec 16 lot 32 
Closs, Clarence b-2 Apr 1937 in Dayton Ky. s/o Clarence & Gladys; d-15 Apr 1937; br-in SG 881 sec 70; r-Newport Ky.
Closs, Infant br-19 Oct 1902 in sec 16 lot 32
Closs, Jacob br-17 Apr 1904 in sec 13 lot 29
Closs, Jacob br-23 July 1904 in sec 16 lot 32
Closs, Sarah b-4 May 1864 in Cincinnati; nee Dawson; d-5 Jan 1941; br-in sec 2 lot 116 S1/2; removed A B Closs of Bellevue KY
Closs, Theobold br-10 Dec 1892 in sec 15 lot 5 
Closs, William H b-11 June 1885 in Newport Ky. s/o Wm H & Sarah; d-29 May 1937; br-in sec 2 lot 116 S1/2; removed Ft Thomas KY
Closterman, John H b-31 July 1911 in Newport Ky. s/o John & Myrtle (Yung) d-14 Nov 1970; br-in sec 29 lot 20; r-1363 S. Ft Thomas Ave Ft Thomas K. LO-Henry Hansjergen; NR-Dorothy Closterman-wife
Closterman, John Henry b-1 Nov 1874 in Cincinnati; s/o John Henry & Clara (Nichols) d-10 Dec 1966; br-in sec 62 lot 45; r-835 Overton St Newport Ky. LO-John H. Closterman; NR-Mrs. Gordon Walz-daughter at same address
Closterman, Myrtle br-1 Mar 1922 in sec 17 lot 88
Cloud, Marguerite d-20 Feb 1941 at 404 Carmalt St in Cincinnati; 60y 2m 23 days; br-in SG 586 sec 69; d/o ? Huegel & Marguerite Schneider
Cloud, Morton W b-New Jersey; 75y; s/o Daniel & Priscilla; d-6 Mar 1963 at VA Hospital in Cincinnati; br-in SG 201 sec 25; r-939 Columbia St Newport Ky. NR-Dan Stroghill (friend) address 87 Holmes in Newport
Cloud, Raymond 69y; r-15517 Marlow in Detroit Michigan; d-19 Apr 1965 at home; br-in sec 62 lot 20 N1/2; LO-Eleanor Cloud-wife
Clough, Sarah E br-10 Mar 1890 in sec 5 lot 20
Clouse, Mary J b-Covington Ky. 21y; d/o Carl & Alma Mullikin; d-24 Sep 1970 in Ft Thomas Ky. br-in SG 372 sec 41; r-823 3rd Ave Dayton Ky. NR-Dennis Clouse-husband
Clubb, Beulah Mary b-Cincinnati; 58y; d/o William Lutz & Clara Bohne; d-19 May 1972; br-in sec 64 lot 141 N1/2; r-74 Grant St Ft Thomas Ky. LO & NR-Clarence Clubb-husband
Clubb, Gertrude br-5 May 1926 in sec 54 lot 98 S1/2
Clubb, Hallie br-24 Aug 1923 in sec 49 lot 183
Clubb, Infant br-13 Mar 1930 in SG 546 sec 8
Clubb, Richard b-Kentucky; 68y; d-4 Feb 1937 in Cincinnati Chronic Hospital; br-in sec 49 lot 188; r-1006 Gest St Cincinnait; LO-Richard Clubb
Clubb, Walter G b-Winchester Ky. 84y; d-1 Dec 1965 in Lakeside Place; br-in sec 54 lot 98 S1/2; r-33 Grant St Ft Thomas Ky. LO-self; NR-G Clubb wife
Cluster, William removed to Highland Cemetery 9 May 1907 in SG 470 sec 28
Clutter, Nellie br-30 Mar 1884 in sec 17 lot 112
Clutter, William H br-1 Sep 1887 in sec 3 lot 91

Coal, Churchell (colored) br-17 Apr 1911 in sec 10 lot 11
Coate, Nettie Emma b-19 July 1880 in Cincinnati; d/o Charles Finke & Matilda (G)oldenberger; d-28 Oct 1962 in Ft Thomas Rest Home; br-in sec 55 lot 49B; r-817 S. Grand Ave. Ft Thomas KY; LO-Finke-Smith & Coate/self; NR-Mary Cunningham-daughter
Coate, William Kirk b-22 Aug 1869 in Wilmington Oh; s/o Elijah & Mary Elizabeth (Lafferty) d-31 Jan 1959; br-in sec 55 lot 49B; r-33 Highland Ave Ft Thomas KY LO-Coate-Finke & Smith; NR-Nettie Coate-wife
Coates, Albert b-Indiana; 707; d-29 Nov 1940 in Newport Ky. br-in sec 23 lot 114; LO-Geo Davis; removed: George W Wagner
Coates, Ida May br-29 Aug 1925 in SG 322 sec 46 
Coates, J. (infant) br-21 Apr 1902 in sec 20 lot 48 W1/2
Coates, Mattie (E?) br-8 Oct 1896 in sec 20 lot 48 W1/2
Coats, Eddie br-6 Apr 1896 in sec 20 lot 48
Coats, Nettie br-8 July 1896 in sec 5 lot 5 W1/2

Cobb, Blanche b-Ohio; 82y; d/o Dan Walls & Margaret Kelly; d-9 Dec 1975 in Cincinnati; br-in sec 44 lot 4C; r-51 E Millian St. Cincinnati; NR-Warren Cobb
Cobb, Clarence A b-Bellevue Ky. 75y; s/o Robert L & Stella (Kelso) d-12 Dec 1973 at Booth Hospital in Covington Ky. br-in sec 55 lot 59 SE1/2; r-90 Robinson Rd, Highland Heights, KY; LO-Robert L Cobb-father; NR-Sylvia Cobb-wife
Cobb, Harry  b-Kentucky; 36y; s/o Robert & Stella; d-13 Nov 1939 at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati; br-in sec 55 lot 59 S1/2; LO-Albert Cobb; removed Robert Cobb 223 Center St. Bellevue, KY
Cobb, Helen Gale (child) br-15 Mar 1902 in sec 55 lot 59 S1/2; LO-Albert L Cobbs; removed from sec. 1902 grave 21-Nov 16, 1939
Cobb, Nellie b-Cincinnati; 46y; d/o John Bradford & Laura Hammonds; d-25 Oct 1942 at the Branch Hospital in Cincinnati; br-in SG 9A sec 72; removed Arthur Cobb 2471 Beekman St. Cincinnati
Cobb, Robt. L b-20 July 1869 in Maysville Ky. s/o Louis & Louisa (Stickley) d-26 June 1957; br-in sec 55 lot 59; LO-self; removed Stella Cobb 223 Center St. Bellevue, KY
Cobb, Pearl b-Bellevue Ky. 75y; s/o Robert L & Stella (Kelso) d-11 Sep 1969; br-in sec 55 lot 59; r-223 Center St Bellevue; NR-Clarence A Cobb – brother of 90 Robinson Rd, Highland Heights, KY
Cobb, Stella G b-Indiana; 74y; d/o Hames Kelso & Mayme Baird; d-10 Sep 1948; br-in sec 55 lot 59; Lo-Estate of Robt L Cobb: nr: Pearl Cobb 223 Center St. Bellevue KY
Cobbs, Anna br-28 Mar 1925 in sec 14 lots 7 & 21
Cobbs, Emma br-31 Dec 1918 in sec 14 lot 7 N1/2
Cobbs, Raymond J br-13 Apr 1897 in sec 14 lot 7 W1/2 
Cobbs, Thomas b-Chillicothe Oh; 79y; d-29 May 1937 in Chillicothe; br-in sec 14 lot 7 N1/2; removed Edward Cobbs, 3531 Parkline Ave Cinti Oh
Coburn, O. L. (adult) br-11 Mar 1887 in SG 10 sec 1887
Cochran, Barbara Gyor b-4 May 1863 in Portsmouth Oh; d/o Henry Gyor & Katherine Parlor; d-26 Aug 1940 at Deaconess Hospital in Cincinnati; br-in sec 22 lot 81 E1/2; LO-Jas T Cochran; U: removed Howard R Cochran 1962 Fairmont Ave. Cincinnati OH 1214 Bates

Cochran, Gladys O. br-10 Feb 1909 in SG 6 sec 1909
Cochran, Jas. T br-7 Feb 1916 in sec 22 lot 81 E1/2
Cochran, Viola F b-Indiana; 74y; d/o Alonzo Smith & Katherine Johnson; d-19 Sep 1974; br-in sec 22 lot 81 E1/2; r-1721 Westwood Ave Cincinnati; LO-James T Cochran; NR-Durrell Smith-brother-724 Covert Run Pike lot 74 Bellevue KY 41071
Cockings, Mary br-27 Feb 1925 in SG 41 sec 45; removed L Ida Larry 3930 Zinsle Ave Cinti O
Cockings, Roy A b-Indiana; 63y; s/o Thomas & Mary; d-25 Dec 1955; br-in sec 34 lot 42 W1/2; r-3920 Zinsle Ave; LO-Wm A Grayson-nephew; NR-L Ida Lang-sister
Cockings, Thos. G br-3 Dec 1918 in SG 40 sec 45; removed Lida Lang 3930 Zinsle Ave. Cincinnati O
Cochran, Howard Roy b-9 Oct 1887 in Dayton Ky. s/o James T & Barbara (Gayer) d-11 Mar 1966; br-in sec 22 lot 81 E1/2; r-1214 Bates Ave. Cincinnati; LO-James Cochran-son; NR-Viola Cochran-wife
Cochran, Jennie br-22 Feb 1900 in SG 23 sec 1900
Cochran, John Everett b-2 Dec 1908 in Covington Ky. s/o ? & Velma (Wilson) d-14 May 1962 at his residence; br-in sec 65 lot 16A; r-647 Columbia St Newport KY; LO-Mayme Cochran-wife
Cochran, Lillian Pearl br-28 Aug 1933 in SG 542 sec 47
Coffin, Josephine br-22 Oct 1924 in sec 16 lot 5
Coffer, Alvin br-13 Jan 1908 in SG 37 sec 1881
Cofer, Alice br-7 Sep 1911 in SG 31B sec 35
Cofer, Willie br-15 Feb 1915 in SG 343 sec 43
Cofield, Joseph Clyde b-8 May 1886 in Anniston Alabama; s/o Corvah & Haddia (Messer) d-6 Nov 1951 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-in sec 54 lot 60 N1/2; LO-Anna Rainey; NR-Mamie Cofield 714 Roberts St Newport KY
Cofield, Mamie M b-Butler Ky. 73y; d/o John & Rose Ervin; d-26 May 1965; br-in sec 54 lot 60 N1/2; r-714 Roberts St Newport Ky. LO-Anna Rainey-permission to use; NR-Bonnie Kaeff-niece
Cofojohn, Dena M. b-Picturn Island Chile; 78y; d/o Olaf Aslakeen & Melvena Hardy; d-25 July 1974 in Lakeside Place Ky. br-in sec 62 lot 11; r-3510 Alexandria Pike, Highland Heights, KY; NR-George Cofojohn-son-420 Fernway Dr, Hamilton Oh
Cofojohn, James A. b-Cleveland Oh; 46y; s/o John & Dena (Aslakson) d-7 Apr 1971 at Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati; br-in sec 62 lot 29A; r-Central YMCA Cincinnati; LO-George Cofojohn-brother-326 Locust Lane, Bellevue KY 41073
Cofojohn, John J. b-Greece; 77y; d-27 Jan 1965 at VA Hospital in Lexington Ky. br-in sec 62 lot 11; r-326 Locust Lane, Bellevue KY; LO & NR-Dena Cofojohn-wife
Coghill, Namomi br-17 Oct 1921 in SG 292 sec 45
Cohan, Chas. J. br-27 Nov 1918 in sec 44 lot 6 W1/2; removed from section 36 lot 34 E1/2
Cohan, Sarah Belle br-17 Sep 1883; interment #6460
Cohen, Sara J. b-3 Apr 1901 in Cincinnati; d/o William Cohen & Anna Blumberg; d-24 Mar 1975 at Providence Hospital in Cincinnati; br-in sec 54 lot 155A; r-4805 Glenway Ave Cincinnati; NR-Henry Cohen-brother
Cohorn, Ronald Gene b-6 Apr 1936 in Dayton Ky. s/o Estel & Mary Eliz (Cohorn) d-5 Mar 1945; br-in SG 565 sec 72; removed Harry Neises-1025 Central Ave. Newport KY
Coil, Alberta Marie b-Southgate Ky. 66y; d/o Wm Schneider & Louisa Bogner; d-12 Nov 1968 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas Ky. br-in sec 59 lot 42 E1/2; r-Box 258 R#1 Alexandria KY; LO-self; NR-Harry J Coil-husband
Coker, Samuel Edgar Jr. b-16 Sep 1906 in Macedon, Henry Co Georgia; s/o Samuel E Sr. & Ethel (Dickson) br-in sec 52 lot 127; r-Box 74 Licking Pike Newport KY; NR-Martinia Coker-widow

Colbert, Carrie (colored) br-6 Nov 1916 in SG 449 sec 42
Colbert, Rodney Patrick br-9 June 1920 in SG 567 sec 8
Colburn, Clarence S br-16 Dec 1918 in SG 357 sec 46; removed from sec 43 grave 6 on 3 Nov 1925
Colburn, Eva b-Tennessee; 78y; d/o Albert L Sayers & Sarha Orr; d-13 Nov 1966; br-in sec 59 lot 305 E1/2; r-5563 Julmar Dr. Cincinnati; NR-Mrs. Anna Hillard-sister of 62 Walnut St Ft Devens, Mass
Colburn, Jas. C b-Vanceburg Ky. 71y; s/o James & Rosa (Dykes) d-4 Dec 1947 at Bethesda Hospital in Cincinnati; br-in sec 59 lot 305 N1/2; LO-Eva Colburn 1051 Central Ave Newport KY
Colburn, William br-2 Jan 1931 in sec 49 lot 154; removed to Greenlawn C Milford, Ohio 12 Oct 1948
Colby, Infant br-14 Apr 1919 in sec 15 lot 14
Colclough, Sarah br-24 Sep 1924 in sec 31 lot 23 N1/2 U: Von & Stetter
Coldiron, Dorothy L b-14 Nov 1880 in Newport Ky. d/o Herman & Minerva Stephens; d-24 June 1948; br-in SG 628 sec 72; removed Leroy Leonard 720 Isabella St Newport
Cole, A. H. br-1 Feb 1889 in sec 10 lot 24; age 5 weeks
Cole, Albert br 15 June 1892 in sec 19 lot 25; age 6y 12d 18m (not legible)
Cole, Ann Hornbrook 63y; d/o Geo Hornbrook & Mary A O'Brian; br-28 June 1926 in sec 19 lot 25; LO-Albert H. Cole; U: Stanley High
Cole, Austin A. b-Newport Ky. 56y; s/o Holman & Ivy (Hicks) d-24 Apr 1970 in Cincinnati; br-in sec 73 lot 444; r-302 Knollwood Dr. Ft Thomas KY; NR-Virginia Cole-wife
Cole, Chas. Allen br-15 June 1934 in sec 54 lot 65 NW1/4; LO-Lillian Cole; U: Dobbling
Cole, Corrine (infant) b-Newport; d/o Orville & Corrine (Cole) d-21 July 1941 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington; br-in SG 1161 sec 70; r-434 W 7th St. Newport
Cole, Elizabeth br-29 Apr 1930 in sec 54 lot 65 NW1/2 U: Dobbling
Cole Corrine Iles b-Kenton Co Ky. 59y; d/o James Redman Smith & Mary Cummins; d-23 Sep 1974 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas; br-in sec 63 lot 147 S1/2; U: Radel; r-31 A Oak Lane, Alexandria KY; NR-Delores Butler, daughter; same address
Cole, Elsie Emma b-Cincinnati; 61y; d/o John Rall & Emma Bradford; d-12 Nov 1973 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas Ky. br-in sec 64 lot 110 S1/2; U: Muehlenkamp & Ers; r-805 Washington Ave. Newport KY NR-Hargis Cole-husband
Cole, Evelyn br-8 Sep 1930 in SG 454 sec 47; U: Nadel Co
Cole, Geo S  br-3 Oct 1918 in SG 304 sec 41; U: Dobbling
Cole, George W br-7 Jan 1919 in sec 19 lot 25; 63y; s/o G W Cole; U: H J Ihlendorf
Cole, George W b-19 Nov 1879 in Kentucky; s/o Thos & Mary (Braun) d-3 Dec 1952 at St Mary's Hospital; br-in sec 54 lot 3 N1/2; LO-A Allbecker; NR-Lillie Cole-631 Dixmythe Ave. Cincinnati
Cole, Infant b&d 30 Jan 1969 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas Ky. child of Jesse & Rhonda (Gilbert) br-in SG 335 sec 53; parents r-638 Maple Ave. Newport KY
Cole, Ivy b-23 Aug 1892 in English Ky. d/o John & Bella Hicks; d-2 Sep 1964 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-in sec 73 lot 444 N part; U: Muehlenkamp; r-114 Hope Lane Highland Heights, KY; NR-Austin Cole-son
Cole, J. M. br-24 Sep 1890 in sec 19 lot 25; 56y; LO-G W Cole
Cole, John b-3 Mar 1881 in Kentucky; s/o John Hardy & Sarah (Dale) d-17 June 1955 in Dunham Hospital; br-in SG 376 sec 72; U: Riedlinger; NR-Marvin Cole 303 Hilton Place Cincinnati O
Cole, John Wilson b-22 Sep 1872 in Kentucky; d-24 Dec 1948; br-in sec 60 lot 226; LO-Lillie Cole 328 Washington Ave Newport KY; U: Erschell
Cole, Julia (adult) br-9 May 1900 in SG 33 sec 1900; U: C A Smith
Cole, Katherine br-1 Apr 1893 in sec 19 lot 25; age 2 ½ yrs.
Cole, Lillian May b-14 May 1890 in Cincinnati; d/o Chas & Elizabeth Cole; d-18 Mar 1951 in LaSalle Michigan; br-in sec 54 lot 65 NW 1/2; LO-self; NR-Wm H Cole 4106 Newport Ave. Chicago
Cole, Lillie b-16 Dec 1885 in Ohio; d/o John Allbrecker & Anna Cristhoff; d-17 Nov 1969 at Drake Memorial in Cincinnati; br-in sec 54 lot 3 N1/2; NR-Albert Allbrecker-brother-44 93 Comanche Trace, Jamestown Oh; r-1709 Mills Ave in Norwood Oh; U: Kleb & Ihlendorf
Cole, Lillie Belle b-16 Mar 1865 in Bath Co Kentucky; d/o Levi Carpenter; d-3 Nov 1962 in Independence Kentucky; r-3912 Tracy Ave in Covington Kentucky; NR-Arthur Cole-son; U: Allison & Rose
Cole, Louise Donna (nee Collier) b-24 Dec 1907 in Kentucky; d-26 Dec 1968; br-in sec 73 lot 24 NW 12/;  r-530 Elm St in Newport Ky. U: Muehlenkamp-Erschell; NR-Charles Cole-husband
Cole, Mamie (adult) br-12 Dec 1902 in SG 66 sec 1902; U: High
Cole Mary br-3 Oct 1905 in SG 314 sec 28; U: Saifke
Cole, Mary b-Jackson Ky. 62y; d/o Daniel & Elsie Cole; d-23 June 1966 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-in sec 65 lot 650; U: J J Radel; r-335 W 9th St Newport; NR-Edna Jackson same address
Cole, Mary A br-2 June 1896 in sec 19 lot 25; d/o D Clark
Cole, Mrs. S br-2 Apr 1887 in sec 10 lot 11
Cole, Ned b-Breathitt Co Ky. 54y; s/o John Deaton & Ellis; d-15 Dec 1944 at 216 W 5th St in Newport Ky. br-in SG 461 sec 72; U: J J Radel; removed Edna Moore-512 Isabella St Newport
Cole, Orville W b-Mt Sterling Ky. 50y; s/o John; d-11 June 1965 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-in sec 63 lot 147 S1/2; U: Betz; r-119 W 13th St Newport KY; NR-Corrine Smith Cole-wife
Cole, Thos S br-12 Apr 1889 in sec 10 lot 11
Coleman, Albert H br-25 Mar 1918 in sec 22 lot 52 U: C A Smith
Coleman, Alice (colored) br-12 Apr 1918 in SG 260 sec 342(?) U: C A Jones
Coleman, Bertha M Hurd (nee Millinger) b-Ohio; d-20 May 1963; br-in sec 55 lot 49A; U: Memphis Tenn. Funeral; r-1914 Poplar Ave. Memphis, TN; LO-self; NR-Alexander Millinger-brother Los Angeles CA
Coleman, Charles G b-20 Oct 1915 in Sandfordtown Kyl s/o Grant & Elizabeth (Thacker) d-5 Feb 1973; br-in sec ? lot 10; U: Radel; r-65 Edward Court Ft Thomas Ky. NR-Lorraine Coleman-wife
Coleman, David b-Ft Thomas Ky. 2 days; s/o David & Lorraine (Sarakatsannis) d-7 Sep 1959; br-in SG 94 S1/2 sec 6; r-521 Maple Ave. Newport KY
Coleman, E. (adult) br-27 Jan 1891 in SG 1 sec 1891
Coleman, Edward b-Madison Indiana; 79y; s/o August & Rosannah; d-19 Dec 1938 in Marionville (Ne or Mo) blurry; br-in sec 22 lot 52; U: Smith; removed Norma Coleman-wife
Coleman, Elizabeth (nee Thacker?) b-12 May 1873 in Cynthiana Ky. d-22 Nov 1958; br-in sec 6 lot 94 S1/2; r-204 Lincoln Rd in Bellevue Ky. U: Radel; NR-Chas Colman-son 7th & Central Ave Newport
Elizabeth b-Newport Ky. 79y; d/o George & Elizabeth Sieber; d-29 June 1944 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-in sec 22 lot 52; U: Dobbling & Son; removed Louise Sieber 520 4th St Dayton KY
Coleman, Eva Ellen b-14 Sep 1912 in Ford Ky. d/o James E Clifford & Susan Ball; d-31 Jan 1958; br-in sec 6 lot 94 S1/2; r-South Main St in Highland Heights Ky. U: Radel; NR-Chas G Coleman-husband
Coleman, George b-17 Nov 1868 in Covington Ky. s/o John & Evelyn; d-27 Aug 1939 on Youell Pike in Boone Co Ky. br-in SG 345D sec 28; U: Hugenberg & Glindmeyer; removed Geo E Coleman Boone Co KY
Coleman, Infant br-9 Jan 1929 in SG 384 sec 47; U: Dobbling
Coleman, Infant br-15 June 1894 in SG 30 sec 1894
Coleman, Infant br-20 Mar 1921 in SG 606 sec 8; U: W C Betz
Coleman, Infant (city order) br-29 Dec 1915 in SG 268 sec 8; U: Dobbling
Coleman, James br-25 Feb 1931 in SG 150 sec 46; U: J J Radel
Coleman, John br-14 July 1921 in SG 163 sec 42; U: C A Smith & Son
Coleman, John Lindsey br-29 Dec 1915 in SG 258 sec 8; U: Costigan
Coleman, Josie E br-21 Nov 1900 in sec 22 lot 52; U: C A Smith
Coleman, Laura br-4 Nov 1910 in sec 1 lot 69; U: Erschell
Coleman, Lena br-31 Jan 1907 in SG 345C sec 28; U: Walber
Coleman, Martha b-15 Nov 1852 in Kentucky; d/o Clay Hartow & Betsey Maiden; d-14 Jan 1937 at 309 W 6th St; br-in SG 149 sec 46; U: J J Radel
Coleman, Mary B br-29 July 1904 in SG 233 sec 28 U: W F Fullner
Coleman, Mary Lou br-12 Dec 1937 in SG 716 sec 68; U: Vondarhaar & Stetter
Coleman, Newton (colored) (city order) br-5 Nov 1915 in SG 645 sec 42; U: C A Smith
Coleman, Rosa br-9 Mar 1898 in sec 22 lot 52
Coleman, Spencer (colored) br-6 Nov 1908 in sec 10 lot 8 U: W A Gaines
Coleman, Woodbury b-27 Apr 1889 in Grant Co Kentucky; s/o James & Martha (Harlow) d-7 Jan 1971 at Lakeside Place; br-in sec 64 lot 12 S1/2; r-24 17th St in Newport Ky. U: J J Radel LO-Mrs. Martha Kock-niece-same address
William br-20 Mar 1901 in sec 1 lot 69; U: FA Erschell
Coleman, Wm S  br-10 Apr 1892 in sec 22 lot 52
Colemire, Ronald (infant) b&d 24 Oct 1966 at Booth Hospital in Covington Ky. s/o Robert & Marion (Brewer) br-in SG 158 sec 53; U: J J Radel parents r-112 Washington Ave in Newport Ky.
Coles, Elizabeth b-19 Jan 1872 in England; d/o John Curnow & Catherine Lelfin; d-5 Nov 1958; br-in sec 55 lot 100 CN1/2; r-561 E 3rd in Newport Ky. U: Radel; LO-Clifford Nash-son; NR-George G Coles Sr.
Coles, Emma Ruth b-Newport; d/o Oliver D Moore & Anna Barrett; d-26 June 1972 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas Ky. br-in sec 58 lot 39-39A; r-Grandview Rd in Alexandria Ky. U: Radel; LO-Thomas G & Emma Coles; NR-Mrs Florence Boers-sister of 1021 Maycliff Pl in Cincinnati Oh
Coles, George G d-21 July 1962; 85y; s/o Joseph & Jane (Kitchen) br-in sec 55 lot 100C N1/2; r-561 E 3rd St in Newport Ky. U: Radel; LO-Clifford Nash-father in law; NR-Tom Coles 404 E 7th St Newport Ky.
Coles, Infant br-1 June 1904 in SG 24 sec 1904; U: Erschell
Coles, Thomas G d-22 July 1970 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas Ky. 68y; br-in sec 58 lot 39; r-Grandview Rd in Alexandria Ky. U: Radel; NR-Emma Coles-wife
Col*ran, Esther br-14 Oct 1892 in sec 22 lot 77
Collamer, Infant br-20 July 1895 in SG 44 sec 1895
Collard, C. E. (adult) br-29 July 1889 in SG 39 sec 1889
Collard, Carrie Spillman b-13 Oct 1863 in Dayton Ky. d/o Henry E Spilman and Frances Walker; d-30 Sep 1954 in Memorial Hospital in Huntington WV; br-in sec 26 lot 1-2-3; U: Steele; LO-Walker-granddaughter
Collard, Gladys E. br-27 Dec 1910 in sec 9 lot 13 U: Watkins
Collard, Harry E. (child) br-10 June 1886 in SG 24 sec 1886 
Collard, Infant br-16 June 1887 in SG 34 sec 1887
Collard, John b-10 Sep 1909 in Mt Washington in Cincinnati; s/o John M & Effie; d-14 Oct 1936 at Ohio State Farm Hospital; br-in sec 9 lot 13; r-Mt Washington in Cincinnati; LO-Thomas B Collard; U: T P White
Collaway, Washington br-26 May 1909 in SG 378 sec 28; U: Habic & Son
Colle, J br-9 Dec 1882 in SG 64 row 1882
Collemer, Mrs. (adult) br-10 Feb 1887 in SG 6 sec 1887
Collemar, Nellie L (adult) br-10 Feb 1887 in SG 6 sec 1887
Collen, A. S. br-25 July 1896 in SG 36 sec 1896
Collens, R. C (or G?) br-24 Sep 1894 in sec 1 lot 19
Collier, Grace b-Zanesville Oh; 71y; d/o Charles Segle & Sarah Taylor; d-24 Aug 1963; br-in sec 74 lot 517; r-703 Overton St Newport Ky. U: Betz; NR-Harry A Stiers-son 14 Linet Ave. Highland Heights, KY
Collier, Jennie Evans b-Lewisburg Ky. 77y; d/o Frederick & Hannah Singleton; d-9 Mar 1942 at Booth Hospital in Covington Ky. br-in sec 39 lot 35B; LO-Jas. T. Singleton; U: Erschell; removed James T Singleton-651 E 3rd St Newport Ky.
Collier, Laura br-15 Aug 1883 in sec 1 lot 45
Collier, Mae S. br-7 July 1905 in SG 39 sec 1905; U: Costigan
Collier, Oscar (Jack) b-16 July 1893 in Harrisburg Ky. s/o James & Disa (?) (Dalton) d-19 Jan 1956 at 703 Overton St in Newport Ky. br-in sec 75 lot 517; U: Betz; LO-Grace Collier-wife
Colling, Bessie M. b-6 Sep 1885 in Cincinnati; d/o Thomas H & Nettie Y Colling; d-16 Dec 1944; br-in sec 50 lot 56; LO-Nettie Y Colling; U: W Mack Johnson; removed Mrs. Willard J Purser-2651 Gilbert Ave Cincinnati Ohio
Colling, Carl (infant) br-18 Nov 1910 in SG 71 sec 1910; U: W F Fuldner
Colling, Clifford A. b-Campbell Co Ky. 48y; s/o Thomas & Nettie; d-21 Jan 1941 at 231 Beech Rd in Southgate Ky. br-in sec 55 lot 43; LO-Fred Lickart; U: C A Smith & Sons
Colling, Harry T. b-30 Mar 1890 in Cincinnati; s/o Thomas & Nettie Mae (Young) d-6 July 1942 at Holmes Hospital; br-in sec 50 lot 56; removed 3926 Beech St. Mariemont, Ohio; U: Johnson
Colling, Nettie (nee Young) br-15 May 1931 in sec 50 lot 56; U: Smith & Sons
Colling, Thomas br-7 May 1923 in sec 50 lot 56 W1/2; U: Smith
Collins, Allis br-12 Aug 1888 in sec 13 lot 36
Collins, Amanda Nellie b-3 Sep 1888 in New York; d/o Elijah & Minnie Vogel; d-15 Apr 1955 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-in SG 45 sec 74; NR-Fanny Holbert-RR 2 Chattanooga Tennessee; U: Betz
Collins, Amelia b-Newport Ky. d/o Chas Grimm & Lena Nagel; d-3 Sep 1960 at Booth Hospital in Covington Ky. br-in sec 49 lot 9; r-110 Bramble Ave in Highland Heights Ky. U: Radel; LO-Chas Grimm-father; NR-Wm J Vogt-son Riffle Range Rd Alexandria Ky.
Collins, Anna Bell (adult) br-13 Jan 1897 in SG 3 sec 1897
Collins, Arthur br-31 July 1895 in sec 9 lot 10
Collins, C. E. br-31 Dec 1905 in sec 1 lot 69; U: Erschell
Collins, C. W. br-29 June 1884 in sec 4 lot 50
Collins, Carl (child) br-14 Mar 1900 in SG 13 sec 1900; U: Meninger
Collins, Donald Ward br-2 Feb 1929 in sec 50 lot 72 E1/2; LO-Alma Hoff; U: Betz
Collins, S. (child) br-27 Jan 1895 in SG 8 sec 1895
Collins, Ella br-1 Mar 1905 in SG 339 sec 28; U: Erschell
Collins, Elmer b-Kentucky; 49y; s/o Estle & Ledella Mary; d-15 May 1968 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas Ky. br-in sec 2 lot 119; r-939 Columbia St in Newport Ky. U: Betz; LO-Lizette M Iffland; NR-Ruth Collins-wife
Collins, Elmer br-4 Nov 1899 in sec 1 lot 69; U: Smith
Collins, Elsie b-19 Jan 1902 in Grants Lick Kentucky; d/o Edward & Nettie Hodge; d-22 June 1936 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-in SG 327 sec 69; r-626 Saratoga St in Newport Ky. U: Radel 
Estle D. b-10 June 1883 in Wytheville VA; s/o Wm; d-27 Apr 1950 at 12th & South Sts in Newport Ky. br-in sec 2 lot 119; U: Betz; LO-Lizette M Iffland; NR-Mrs. LeDella Collins-208 E 4th St Newport Ky.
Collins, Floyd (colored) b-Williamstown Ky. 56y; s/o Jim & Hala (Williams) d-23 Sep 1955 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-in SG 407 sec 43B; U: Jones; NR-Hala Williams-626 Dayton St Newport
Collins, Frances B (Fannie) b-6 Mar 1872 in Kentucky; d/o Charles & Sarah Fisher; d-2 Feb 1962 ; br-in sec 60 lot 111; r-Bellevue Rest Home at 210 O'Fallon Ave in Bellevue Ky. U: Muehlenkamp; NR-Inez Gastright-daughter
Collins, Hanna br-18 Apr 1907 in sec 3 lot 66; U: Betz
Collins, Hazel Lillian b-Campbell Co Ky. 70y; d/o Prentice Ewing & Christine Fritz; d-19 Feb 1970  at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas Ky. br-in sec 31 lot 32 S1/2; r-901 S Ft Thomas Ave in Ft Thomas; U: Muehlenkamp & Erschell; NR-William E Nolan-son
Collins, Infant b-31 May 1945 in Dayton Ky. child of Don & Lillian (McAllister) d-1 June 1945 in Dayton; br-in SG 526 sec 70; U: Radel city of Newport interment; r-623 E 4th St Newport
Infant br-8 Apr 1902 in SG 29 sec 1902; U: Gilligan
Collins, Irene Ruth b-12 Aug 1893 in Chicago Illinois; d/o Albert Hill & Nettie Parker; d-15 July 1970 in Dayton Oh; br-in sec 73 lot 406; r-5117 Pensacola Blvd in Dayton Oh; U: Swart, W Carrolton, O; NR-Harry J Collins-husband
Collins, Jerry Lee 24y; s/o Helen B Curley; d-14 Sep 1951; br-in sec 27 lot 71 N1/2; U: Allison & Rose; LO-E H Beasley-grandparent; NR-Helen B Curley-1325 Ponce De Leon Ft Lauderdale Fl
Collins, John br-26 Apr 1892 in sec 23 lot 116
Collins, John F b-2 June 1877 in Covington Ky. s/o John & Mary; d-25 May 1950 at residence; br-in sec 60 lot 111; r-210 O'Fallon Ave in Bellevue Ky. U: Stetter; LO-Fannie Collins-wife
Collins, John W. b-Ohio; 94y; d-12 Nov 1935 at 210 O'Fallon Ave in Bellevue KY. br-in sec 9 lot 10; U: Vonderhaar & Stetter
Collins, LeDella J. b-24 June 1893 in Dayton Ky. d/o William J Mars & Anna Theil; d-22 Mar 1953 at residence; br-in sec 2 lot 119; U: Betz; LO-Iffland-grandmother; NR-Elmer L Collins-551 E 3rd St Newport
Collins, Lucille b-22 Aug 1897 in Bandera TX; d/o William Robison & --- Petty; d-27 Aug 1967 at Good Sam Hospital in Cincinnati; br-in sec 50 lot 72 W1/2; U: Dobbling; r-315 S Ft Thomas Ave., Ft Thomas Ky. NR-Mrs. Robert Caudill-2 Glenway Ave Ft Thomas Ky
Collins, Luella b-Newport Ky. d/o William Schell & -- Jones; d-15 July 1966 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas Ky. br-in sec 49 lot 163; r-925 Hamlet St in Newport; U: Radel; LO-Daniel Schorry; NR-Jesse Collins-same address
Collins, Lulu br-31 Dec 1921 in sec 45 lot 308; U: Vond & Stetter
Collins, Margaret br-12 Nov 1920 in sec 13 lot 36; U: Cunningham & Dobbling
Collins, Mary b-Newport Ky. 76y; d/o George & Mary Turner; d-29 Jan 1943 at 172 Van Voast in Bellevue Ky. br-in SG 515 sec 45; U: Radel
Collins, Mary br-6 Mar 1894 in sec 9 lot 10
Collins, Mary A. br-30 July 1903 in sec 9 lot 68 W1/2; U: Erschell
Collins, Mrs. S. br-23 Feb 1886 in sec 17 lot 93
Collins, Overton James b-25 Jan 1900 in Cold Spring Ky. s/o George & Martha; d-19 Jan 1946 ast St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington Ky. br-in sec 49 lot 129; r-3213 Rogers St in Covington; LO-Wilson; U: Erschell 
Collins, Ralph b-Oil City Penn; 68y; s/o James; d-9 June 1965; br-in sec 27 lot 71 N1/2; r-Ft Lauderdale Fl; LO-Earlel H Beasley-father in law; NR-Ralph E Collins Jr. son-2527 Ardmore Ave Cincinnati Ohio
Collins, Robert W. br-31 Dec 1928 in sec 54 lot 44 N1/2; LO-John Evans; U: Wiltsee
Collins, Ruth Anna Clark b-Kentucky; 64y; d/o Henry Farrar & Anna Carmichael; d-4 Dec 1975 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas Ky. br-in sec 60 lot 290; r-25 W 12th St in Newport Ky. NR-Janet Bray-daughter of 27 Bordeaux Dr., Highland Heights; U: Vonderhaar Stetter Betz
Collins, Victor M. b-26 May 1964 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington Ky. s/o Carnell J & Glyda (Torres) d-26 May 1964 in Covington; br-in SG 276 sec 33; U: Betz 
Collins, Virginia br-25 Jan 1929 in sec 1 lot 69; LO-Harris; U: Radel
Collins, Wallace Jr. b-Covington Ky. 6 days; s/o Wallace & Carolyn (Colston) d-6 Oct 1946; br-in SG 895 sec 70; r- 728 Columbia in Newport Ky. U: Radel
Collison, Dorothy M. br-20 May 1920 in sec 43 grave over 231; U: Smith
Collision, Edith J. br-25 Mar 1913 in SG 231 sec 43; U: Vond & Stetter
Collison, Henry br-3 Apr 1926 in SG 641 sec 43; U: Mack Johnson
Collomer, Benjamin b-Kentucky; s/o Dan; d-6 Dec 1936; br-in SG 268 sec 69; r-803 Putnam St in Newport Ky. U: Radel
Collopy, Wilmer Anthony b-Newport Ky. 67y; s/o Thomas & Ellen (Shanks) d-22 Jan 1963; br-in sec 63 lot 170 S1/2; r-723 Central Ave in Newport; NR-Pearl Collopy-wife; U: Radel
Collord, Effie Henrietta b-24 Apr 1874 in Cincinnati; d/o Heremy Moore & Kate Babin; d-30 June 1960; br-in sec 9 lot 13; r-Eastern Star (State) Home; LO-Thos Collord; NR-Ed Collord-son-6847 Wayside Ave in Cincinnati; U: Hawthorne
Collord, George Robson b-Kentucky; age 69y 5m 19 days; s/o Thomas D & Emmaline; d-21 Aug 1941 at 5947 Wayside Ave, Mt Washington in Cincinnati; br-in sec 9 lot 13; LO-Thos Collard; U: T P Witek Sons
Collum, Alberta (city order) b-13 Oct 1913 in McFall Alabama; d/o Howard Arlis & Marie Wills; d-19 Nov 1941 in Newport; br-in SG 908 sec 43B; U: Delaney & Son
Colman, Jane br-3 Jan 1868 in SG 17 sec 1868; U: Smith & Son
Coleman, Laura T (colored) b-14 Apr 1888 in Kentucky; d/o Spencer & Julia Hubbard; d-14 Apr 1888 in Columbus Oh; br-in sec 10 lot 3; LO-George Taylor; U: E B Delaney & Son-252 N Monroe Ave., Columbus Ohio
Colman, Lottie br-20 Oct 1905 in SG sec 1879; U: WA Gaines Co
Colson, Augustus Reynolds b-11 July 1856 in Buffalo NY; s/o Frederick & Julia (Bartholomew) d-3 Nov 1944 at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati; br-in sec 26 lot 35; LO-EL Higdon; U: Vitt & Stermer; removed Mrs. G E Tebbs-2837 Urwiler Cincinnati
Colson, Emily Higdon b-14 Sep 1879 in Bellevue Ky. d/o Erasmus Higdon & Sarah E Marklay; d-29 Mar 1942 at 160 E Nutcreek in Cincinnati; br-in sec 26 lot 35; LO-EL Higdon; U: Mack Johnson; removed A R Colson of St Bernard Ohio
Colson, Roselle (child) br-24 Mar 1893 in SG 18 sec 1893
Colston, John (colored adult) br-3 Jan 1893 in SG 1 sec 1890
Colston, Martha b-20 Jan 1930 in Cold Spring Ky. d/o William Colston & Daisy Blair; d-18 Aug 1947 at the Ohio River foot of McCullough St in Cincinnati; br-in SG 556 sec 72; U: Barrere; removed William Colston-3764 Mead Ave. Cincinnati Ohio
Colston, William L. b-21 June 1959 in Cincinnati; s/o William & Joyce (Campbell) d-26 June 1959; br-in SG 133A sec 70; r-2314 Gladstone Ave inCincinnati; NR-William Colston-same address; U: Barrere
Jules b-Natchitoches LA; 64y; s/o James K & Annie; d-24 May 1958; br-in sec 56 lot 5S1/2; U: Dobbling; r-2021 Alexandria Pk. Highland Heights Ky. LO-Jules & Bertha Colton; NR-Bertha Colton-wife
Colwell, Minnie R. b-3 July 1961 in Dayton Ky. d/o Manuel R & Bernice (Barrett) d-11 June 1963 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-in SG 99 sec 53; U: Muehlenkamp; r-808 Saratoga St Newport
Colyer, Edith Mae b-Speedwell Tenn. 59y; d/o W C Watson & Eliza Welch; d-11 Mar 1968 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas Ky. br-in sec 73 lot 73A; U: Dobbling; r-4603 Ripple Creek Rd Cold Spring, KY; NR-Perry R Colyer-husband
Colyer, Edith S. b-Ohio; 79y; d-12 Mar 1970 at 1020 3rd Ave in Dayton Ky. br-in sec 65 lot 91A; U: Vonderhaar & Stetter; NR & LO-Robert Ralston-friend 714 Saratoga St Newport
Colyer, Ellen br-4 Jan 1912 in SG 280 sec 45; U: Radel
Colyer, Elsie br-24 Jan 1917 in SG 551 sec 43; U: Radel
Colyer, Ernest M. b-Somerset Ky. 70y; d-15 July 1967 DOA at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas Ky. br-in sec 65 lot 68A; U: Radel; r-1124 3rd Ave Dayton KY; NR-Edith M Colyer-wife
Colyer, Gladys Lena (Infant) br-16 Feb 1908 in SG 15 sec 1908; U: Radel
Colyer, Infant b&d 4-15-1962 in Ft Thomas Ky. child of William & Barbara (Dunn) br-in SG 147 sec 53; U: Dobbling; r-165 Ward Ave., Bellevue Ky.
Colyer, Susan (Infant) b-Ft Thomas Ky. 52 minutes; s/o William & Barbara (Dunn) br-in SG 50 sec 53; U: Dobbling; r-452 Ward Ave
Colyer, John br-28 July 1923 in SG 279 sec 45; U: Henry Grueter
Colyer, John Robert br-28 Sep 1912 in SG 34 sec 8; U: J Schrishar
Colyer, Wm. W b-Covington Ky. 40y; s/o Perry & Edith Mae (Watson) d-13 Nov 1969 at Veterans Hospital; br-in sec 66 lot 58; U: Dobbling; r-153 Ward Ave in Bellevue; NR-Barbara Colyer-wife
Colyer, William (infant) br-3 Feb 1913 in SG 93 sec 8; U: Jos Schriber

Combass, Alice br-8 Feb 1923 in SG 334 sec 47; U: Wm Fuldner
Combass, Aline br-9 Apr 1932 in SG 386 sec 68; U: Radel
Combess, Clarence Boyd b-Ohio; 54y; s/o Clarence; d-7 Nov 1972 at VA Hospital in Cincinnati; br-in SG 256 sec 25; U: Radel; r-2720 Alexandria Pk, Highland Heights KY; LO-Gloria Combess; NR-Richard Combess-son
Combess, Clarence b-Mason Co Ky. 61y; s/o John & Willetta (Harber) d-6 June 1955 at Booth Hospital in Covington Ky. br-in SG 900 sec 68; U: Allison Rose; NR-Dorothy Combess-R#2 California KY
Combs, Alfred b-Breathitt Co Ky. s/o J Hugh & Elizabeth (Short) d-13 Feb 1966 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas Ky. (DOA) br-in sec 73 lot 225A; U: Radel; r-942 Ann St Newport Ky. NR-Louise Combs-wife
Combs, C. L. br-27 May 1892 in sec 9 lot 108
Combs, Cleda br-26 Nov 1926 in SG 72 sec 47; U: Radel
Combs, Gerald b&d 30 Nov 1938 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington Ky. s/o William & Doris; br-in sec 69 grave over 430; parents r-712 Crescent Ave in Covington; LO-F. C. Jackson; U: Radel
Combs, Grace Emeline b-Bayard Iowa; 57y; d/o John Henry & Margaret McCord; d-28 June 1945 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-in sec 59 lot 165 E1/2; LO-Joseph Combs; r-16 Garrison Ave in Ft Thomas Ky. U: Dobbling
Combs, Infant b&d 2 Oct 1961 in Ft Thomas Ky. 5 minutes; child of Charles & Betty Jean (McIntosh) br-in SG 1943 sec 53; parents r-830 Patterson St. Newport
Combs, Infant br-23 Jan 1897 in sec 9 lot 108
Combs, Jasper C. b-Hazard Ky. 83?y (very blurry) d-22 Aug 1966; br-in sec 59 lot 165 E1/2; U: Dobbling; r-321 A East Palmer Ave., Glendale, CA; NR-Mr. Leonard Combs-son-101 Cleveland Ave, Bellevue Ky.
Sergeant Lusian b-Kentucky; 35y; s/o Robert McNat(?) & Alice Combs; d-29 May 1939 in Louisville Ky. br-in SG 25 sec 128; LO-government plot; r-177 Sgt. Row, Ft Thomas, Ky. U: CA Smith
Combs, Martha b-13 Mar 1931 in Breathitt Co Ky. d/o Dutch Burton & Evaline Deaton; d-21 July 1955 at 427 E 8th St in Newport Ky. br-in sec 74 lot 535; U: Radel; NR-Chas. Combs-husband
Combs, Mattie br-20 Jan 1902 in sec 15 lot 81; U: Erschell
Combs, Olive Lossy 80y; d/o James Losey & Eliz Halderman; d-at home in Withamsville Oh; br-7 Feb 1949 in SG 25 sec 43; U: White
Combs, Oliver P. br-3 Mar 1901 in sec 9 lot 108 S1/2; U: Gus Meninger
Combs, Ralph br-26 June 1901 in sec 9 lot 108 S1/2; U: Gus Meninger
Combs, Sallie b-24 Aug 1884 in Wolf Co Ky. d/o James Williams & Judith Ellen Taulbee; d-30 Sep 1955 in Dayton Ky. br-in SG 220 sec 69; NR-Lucille Jourdan-33 Court Place Newport; U: Radel
Combs, Samuel E. br-10 June 1912 in SG 22 sec 43; U: Erschell
Compton, Infant b&d 13 Jan 1969 in Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati; child of Teddy H & Denise L (Beller) br-in sec 23 lot 117; U: Dobbling; parents  r-7098 Cherry Wood Lane, West Chester Ohio LO-Helena E?lingner
Compton, John D. b-Kentucky; 92y; d-3 Mar 1937 at Booth Hospital in Covington Ky. br-in sec 23 lot 94 E1/2; LO-Mattie Compton U: Allison & Rose; r-Sterrett Ave. Covington
Mattie br-18 May 1902 in sec 23 lot  94 E1/2; U: Gus Meninger
Compton, Mattie br-13 Feb 1922 in sec 23 lot 94 E1/2; U: AP Rose
Compton, William M. br-2 Sep 1898 in sec 23 lot 94 E1/2; U: Gus Meninger

Conatser, Donald b-18 Aug 1942 in Covington Ky. s/o Donald & Margaret (Hubbard) d-Covington; br-24 Oct 1942 in SG 82 sec 70; U: Radel 
Conatser, Evelyn Norma b-15 Mar 1941 in Newport Ky. d/o Donald & Margaret (Hubbard) d-1 Mar 1942 in Cincinnati; br-in SG 1100 sec 70; U: Radel
Conatser, Infant b&d 5 Feb 1940 in Newport Ky. child of Donald & Margaret (Hubbard) br-in SG 984 sec 70; U: Radel 118 Monmouth St Newport
Daisy (child) br-31 Oct 1884 in SG 61 sec 1884 
Conclin, Susie (child) br-12 May 1884 in SG 15 sec 1884
Congrove, Clyde A. b-14 Sep 1889 in WV; 48y; s/o Louis & Dorothy (Fletcher) d-15 Feb 1938 at 1418 S Ft Thomas Ave in Ft Thomas Ky. br-18 Feb in sec 5 lot 28; LO-John B. Lock; U: Dobbling; removed Kitty (Lock) Congrove
Conklin, Bruce (child) br-25 Feb 1897 in SG 13 sec 1897
Conklin, Charles (adult) br-6 Feb 1900 in SG 16 sec 1900; U: M J Costigan
Conklin, Decatur br-26 June 1906 in SG 94 sec 1902; U: Gus Meninger
Conklin, Eliz. br-10 Sep 1893 in sec 5 lot 74
Conklin, Elizabeth br-27 Mar 1913 in SG 420 sec 42; U: Radel
Conklin, George A. br-6 Dec 1912 in SG 428 sec 42; U: Radel
Conklin, Joseph br-14 Dec 1910 in SG 403 sec 25; U: CA Smith
Conklin, Mary A (adult) br-4 July 1891 in SG 41 sec 1891
Conlee, Infant b&d 6 Apr 1958 in Middletown Oh; child or Jeff & Ovana (Holder) br-in SG 205A sec 70; U: McCoy & Leffler; parents r-108 Renshaw Ave. Highland Heights Ky. NR-Jeff Conlee-father 2003 South St. Middletown Ohio
Conlee, Infant b&d 19 Nov 1936 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas Ky. child of Jeffe & Louisa (holder) br-in SG 200A sec 70; U: Radel; r-317 Charles St Middletown Ohio
Conley, Clarence b-Portsmouth Oh; 40y? (not legible)  s/o Doc & Lydia (Puckett) d-1 Nov 1965 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky.  br-in sec 63 lot 207 N1/2; U: Muehlenkamp; r-629 5th Ave., Dayton Ky. LO-Thelma Matlock permission to use signed; NR-Marie Schmitz-wife
Conley, Dorothy E. b-Springfield Oh; 5?not legible; d-20 Jan 1944; br-in sec 15 lot 88; LO- Banks A ??; U: Linneman; removed James E Conley 35 W 5th St. Covington
Conley, Ella b-Kenton Co Ky. 69y; d/o James & Jane Conley; d-4 Apr 1947 at 43rd & Decoursey; br-in SG 351D sec ??; U: Swindler
Conley, Ellen br-6 Apr 1917 in sec 15 lot 88 S1/2; U: Radel
Conley, George br-15 Nov 1907 in sec 15 lot 88 S1/2; U: Allison & Rose
Conley, Lucy Ann b-Kenton Co Ky. 64y; d/o James & Jane Conley; d-14 Mar 1938 at 432 E 45th St in Covington Ky. br-in SG 352C sec 69; U: Swindler; removed Ella Conley-same address
Conley, Margaret 88y; d/o Frank & Margaret Faulker? (very blurry) d-31 Aug 1949 at 238 Van Voast Ave in Bellevue Ky. br-in sec 30 lot 63 W1/2; U: Dobbling; LO-Holmes
Conley, Ollie H. b-Lotts Indiana 64y; d/o William & Nora Holmes; d-29 July 1955 at Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati; br-in sec 50 lot 65 W1/2; U: Dobbling; LO-WT Holmes & Heirs; relation daughter; NR-Albert C Conley 832 Park Ave. Newport
Conley, Robert "Robby" b-5 Nov 1958 in Dayton Ky. s/o Charles & Dorothy (Deaton) d-1 Nov 1975 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas Ky. br-in sec 73 lot 66 N1/2; U: Radel; r-158 Main St. Newport Ky. NR-Charles Conley-father 5429 Taylor Mill Rd, Taylor Mill, KY
Samuel br-17 June 1891 in sec 15 lot 88 S1/2
Conly, Chas br-14 Dec 1935 in sec 43B lot 901; U: CH Jones; removed from sec 42 (blurry)
Conover, Herbert B. b-Clinton Co Oh; 59y; s/o Martin & Maude (Greene) d-27 Feb 1970 at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati Oh; br-in sec 62 lot 135; r-5325 Ellmarie Dr in Cincinnati; NR-Birdie Conover-wife; U: Dobbling
Conn, Charles N (or H?) br-30 Sep 1904 in sec 2 lot 73 S1/2; U: CA Smith
Conn, E. H. br-31 July 1901 in sec 27 lot 29; U: Costigan
Conn, Infant (city order) br-2 Mar 1914 in SG 129 sec 8; U: Erschell
Conn, John (adult) br-5 Sep 1901 in SG 73 sec 1895; U: High
Conn, Lucinda (adult) br-24 June 1891 in SG 39 sec 1891
Connelay, Everett E. b-Kentucky; 56y; s/o W J & Elizabeth; d-26 Oct 1940 near Devon Ky. br-in sec 59 lot 70 E1/2
Connell, Elizabeth br-20 Jan 1923 in sec 33 lot 54 W1/2; U: Erschell
Connelly, Albert John b-7 Nov 1877 in Foster Ky. s/o Thomas & Martha (Suran) d-13 Jan 1966; br-in sec 17 lot 27; U: Erschell; r-Lakeside Place Cold Spring KY; LO-H Cleburne-son-in-law; NR-George K Connelly-brother 15308 Grovewood Ave Cleveland Ohio
Connelly, Anna b-6 Jan 1895 in Grant Co Ky. d/o Travis & Katherine Bennett; d-3 Oct 1946 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-in SG 616 sec 72; U: Muehlenkamp; removed Myrtle Huff Crab Orchard Rd Highland Heights KY
Connelly, Elizabeth br-27 Apr 1934 in sec 29 lot 24 E1/2; LO-W J Connelly; U: Taliaferro
Connelly, Infant br-26 Feb 1907 in SG 29 sec 1907; U: Radel
Connelly, Isabella b-31 Mar 1872 in Newport Ky. d/o Robert Cleburne & Betty Spring; d-21 Nov 1959 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-in sec 17 lot 27; r-617 Park Ave in Newport; LO-R Cleburne-father; NR-A J Connelly-husband; U: Erschell
Connelly, Lillie Mae b-Richmond Ky. d/o -- Harding & Lilitha Coyle; d-19 July 1947 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-in SG 606 sec 72; r-105 Eden Ave in Bellevue; U: Dobbling 
Connelly, Martha L br-27 Jan 1916 in sec 32 lot 48 W1/2; U: Costigan & Noll
Connelly, Mary Lacy br-7 May 1918 in sec 29 lot 24 E1/2; U: Taliaferro
Thos. S br-1 Aug 1911 in sec 32 lot 48 W1/2; U: Coat & Bell
Connelly, William J br-22 Mar 1905 in sec 29 lot 24; U: J Cunningham
Connelly, Frederick J br-18 Apr 1938 in sec 55 lot 54 N1/2; U: Radel; LO-Estella Connley
Connely, Jennie Pearl b-Missouri; 60y; d/o Joseph & Elizabeth Connely; d-20 Feb 1942 at Big Bone Ky. br-in sec 29 lot 24 E1/2; LO-W J Connaly; U: Taliaferro
Conner, Anna A b-Kentucky; 89y; d/o James & Margaret Conner; d-21 Sep 1945 in Pittsburgh PA; br-in sec 9 lot 11; removed Cora Conner 306 E 4th Newport
Clara br-6 Jan 1895 in sec 15 lot 36 
Conner, Cora A br-22 June 1890 in sec 19 lot 73
Conner, Cora E b-Newport Ky. 87y; d/o James & Margaret Conner; d-8 Nov 1953 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-in sec 9 lot 11; removed Richard Neiser 1123 Alexandria Pike, Ft Thomas; U: Erschell
Conner, Hattie C (or G?) br-19 Feb 1912 in sec 9 lot 11; U: Erschell
Conner, James br-9 Aug 1900 in sec 9 lot 11; U: C A Smith
Conner, John W br-4 May 1885 in sec 2 lot 5
Conner, Martha br-25 June 1927 in sec 27 lot 43 N1/2; U: Stetter
Conners, Edna b-Cincinnati Oh; 77y; d/o Fred Otte & Catherine Johnson; d-16 July 1965 at 142 Center St in Southgate Ky. br-in sec 59 lot 290 W1/2; NR- Maurice Conners-son 117 Robson Ave in Ft Thomas Ky. U: Dobbling 
Conners, Margaret br-1 Sep 1897 in sec 9 lot 11
Conners, Mina br-14 Aug 1930 in SG 179 sec 42; U: Delaney
Conners, Wm S 66y; s/o Michael & Catherine (King) d-15 Feb 1948; br-in sec 59 lot 290 W1/2; r-142 Ceneter St in Southgate Ky. LO-Edna Conners; U: Allison & Rose
Charles A b-Cincinnati Oh; 72y; s/o Malvin & Johanna; d-4 Oct 1959; br-in sec 34 lot 26A; r-28 W 3rd St in Newport Ky. LO-Maude Caldwell & Mary Clements; sister in laws; NR-Miss Eva Connett-daughter same address; U; Muehlenkamp
Connett, Goldie b-23 Sep 1890 in Newport Ky. d/o Logan & Clara Gossett; d-25 Mar 1941 at 1004 Cenetral Ave in Newport; br-in sec 34 lot 26 W1/2; LO-Caldwell; removed Charles Connett-same address; U: Muehlenkamp
Connett, Goldie M br-16 July 1927 in sec 34 lot 26 W1/2; U: Muehlenkamp
Connett, Margaret (child) b-5/8? Jan 1928 in Newport Ky. d/o Charles & Goldie; d-29 Dec 1935 at 111 W 13th St in Newport of burns on chest; br-in sec 34 lot 26 W1/2; LO-Caldwell
Agnes E  82y; d/o John Shanon; d-20 Feb 1970 at Booth Hospital in Covington Ky. br- in sec 55 lot 54 N1/2; r-19 E 20th St in Covington; NR-Frederick G Connley-grandson 21 E 20th St in Covington; U: Middendorf
Connley, Emiley b-Newport Ky. 56y; d/o William Elliott; d-21 Oct 1965 in Springfield Oh; br-in sec 29 lot 24 E1/2; LO-Wm Jas Connley-father in law; NR-Elizabeth Danaron-daughter of 238 Prescott Dr in Orlando FL; U: Stetter
Connley, Frederick G b-Boone Co Ky. 52y; s/o William J & Elizabeth Clare; d-16 A1938; br-in sec 55 lot 54 W; r-611 Plum St in Cincinnati; LO-Estella Connley; NR-George Connley 307 W 20th St in Latonia Ky. U: Radel; 
Connley, George b-14 Feb 1908 in Bellevue Ky. s/o Fred & Estella; d-8 July 1958 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington; br-in sec 55 lot 54 N1/2; r-503 Wallace Ave in Covington; NR-Ann Connley-wife; U: Hugenberg 
Connley, Marie B (or E?) b-Cincinnati Oh; 85y; d/o William F Mayers & Dora Fegebank; d-3 May 1973; br-in sec 59 lot 70 W1/2; r-209 McKinney Ave in Dayton Ky. NR-Mrs. Evelyn Myers-daughter, same address; U: Muehlenkamp-Erschell
Connley, Wm C b-Illinois; 69y; s/o Joseph & Elizabeth (Glare) d-23 Dec 1945; br-in sec 29 lot 24; removed Emily Connley 206 Park Ave in Newport
Connor, James W br-21 July 1898 in sec 10 lot 13 S1/2; U: CA Smith
Conover, Frank (city order) br-3 Nov 1917 in SG 221 sec 41; U: Betz
Conover, Nellie br-3 Jan 1929 in SG 377 sec 48; U: Stetter
Conrad, Adolph br-13 Aug 1931 in sec 31 lot 4; LO-Christ Whitehead; U: Muehlenkamp & Bell lo: Christ, Whitehead
Conrad, Geo S br-14 May 1923 in SG 367 sec 42; U: Rankin
Conrad, George br-30 Oct 1928 in sec 50 lot 19 W1/2; U: Dobbling
Conrad, Gertrude M b-17 July 1880 in Newport Ky. d/o Chris Whitehead & Lucy Canton; d-27 July 1960 at Baptist Home in Newport; br-in sec 31 lot 4; r-211 Willow St in Southgate Ky. LO-C Whitehead; NR-Albert G Meyer-nephew 243 Linden Ave in Newport; U: Muehlenkamp
Conrad, Infant (city order colored) br-20 Oct 1908 in SG 69 sec 1908; U: CA Smith
Conrad, Infant br-23 Nov 1910 in SG 8 sec 1910; U: Cost & Roll
Conrad, Infant (colored) br-16 Nov 1910 in SG 9 sec 1910; U: Cost & Roll
Conrad, Infant (colored) br-31 Dec 1909 in SG 56? (58?) sec 1909; U: Smith & Son
Conrad, Infant (colored) br-29 Jan 1912 in SG 8 sec 8; U: Cost & Roll
Conrad, Jos. br-13 May 1920 in sec 42 lot 57; U: Oliver Moore
Conrad, Margaret R b-Cynthiana Ky. 80? d/o Mary Casay; d-30 Sep 1955 at Baptist Rest Home in Newport; br-in sec 50 lot 19 W1/2; U: Dobbling; NR-Ruth Huck-daughter, 260 Rosemont Ave Ft Thomas
Conrad, Susan Eliz. br-30 July 1921 in sec 48 lot 64; U: Russo & Borgman
Conradia, Wm. br-6 Feb 1890 in sec 14 lot 10
Consana, Kate br-7 Aug 1893 in SG 32 sec 1886
Constana, Arthur G br-26 Mar 1906 in sec 20 lot 38-39; U: Erschell
Constana, Edward George b-31 Jan 1887 in Newport Ky. s/o Margaret & Lewis; d-27 Feb 1937 at 2302 Yosemite Dr. Eagle Rock CA (heart) ashes buried 29 Apr 1937 in sec 20 lot 38; LO- Peter Constana
Constana, Elizabeth br-29 Sep 1906 in sec 20 lot 36; U: Cost & Roll
Constana, Ella br-21 Nov 1898 in sec 20 lot 38; U: Schraffenberger
Constana, Emil br-10 July 1920 in sec 20 lot 36; U: Costigan & Roll
Constana, Flora br-16 Jan 1885 in sec 20 lot 36
Constana, Louis br-20 Nov 1902 in sec 20 lot 36; U: Schrafenbergaer
Constana, Louis F br-30 Nov 1912 in sec 20 lot 38 & 39; U: Betz
Constana, Louisa br-16 Apr 1897 in sec 20 lot 36
Constana, Margaret br-28 Oct 1904 in sec 20 lot 38-39; U: Schraffenberg
Constana, Margaret (ashes) br-12 July 1921 in sec 20 lot 38&39
Constana, Sylva br-9 Apr 1923 in sec 20 lot 38-39; U: Dobbling
Conway, Anna L b-Newport Ky. 87y; d/o Christopher Matthews & Minnie Grishh(blurry) d-24 Dec 1965 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas Ky. br-in sec 23 lot 4 W1/2; r-928 Boone St in Newport; LO-Minnie Matthews-daughter; NR-Bertha Bower-sister 720 Overton St in Newport; U: Radel
Conway, Charles E b-20 July 1913 in Ft Thomas Ky. s/o Howard & Rose (Foster) d-21 Apr 1969 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-in sec 55 lot 970 W1/2; r-470 1st St in Silver Grove Ky. LO-Hazel Pierce; NR-Charles Conway-son 809 S Ft Thomas Ave; U: Radel
Conway, Earl b-1 Aug 1897 in Newport Ky. s/o Noah & Lillie (Philpott) d-26 Mar 1951 at Booth Hospital in Covington Ky. br-in sec 23 lot 4; LO-Minnie Matthews-grandmother; NR-Lillie Conway-226 Covington Ave Covington; U: Radel
Conway, Elmer Noah br-7 July 1932 in SG 402 sec 68; U: Radel
Conway. Geo. br-17 July 1887 in sec 22 lot 84
Conway, Harry b-31 Mar 1896 in WV; s/o Harvey & Barbara; d-8 Dec 1953 at Bay Pines Hospital; br-in sec 55 lot 97-on 1/2; LO-Hazel Pierce-sister; NR-M? Conway 10005 Pines E??? St St Petersburg FL; U: Dobbling
Conway, Hazel b-Parkersburg WV; 75; d/o Harvey N Conway & Barbara (?) Yobe; d-14 Jan 1974 at Lakeside Park Place; br-in sec 64 lot 93S; r-3510 Alexandria Pike in Highland Heights Ky. LO&NR-Floyd Conway-brother 311 Washington Ave in Alexandria; U: Dobbling
Conway, Howard b-3 Sep 1891 in WV; s/o Harvey H; d-28 June 1950 at residence; br-in sec 35 lot 97 N1/2; LO-Hazel Pierce-sister; NR-Hazel Copeland, 23 River Rd in Ft Thomas Ky. U: Radel
Mary br-7 July 1897 in sec 22 lot 84
Conway, Mary Alice b-Philadelphia PA; 57y; d/o Charles & Mary Hyman; d-17 July 1936; br-in sec 55 lot 97 CN1/2;  r-23 River Rd in Ft Thomas Ky. LO-Hazel Perce-sister in law; NR-Ruby Alford-sister in law-same address; U: Dobbling
Conway, Nettie br-in SG 403 sec 68; no dates listed
Conway, Noah br-16 Jan 1934 in SG 610 sec 68; U: Radel
Conway, Raymond br-19 Oct 1923 in sec 23 lot 4; U: Radel
Conway, Raymond H b-Ft Thomas Ky. 38y; s/o Howard & Rose; d-26 June 1958; br-in sec 73 lot 456; r-53 Shawnee Ave in Ft Thomas; LO & NR-Lillian Conway-wife; U: Dobbling

Cook, Albert N br-30 Nov 1909 in sec 23 lot 64; U: Erschell
Cook, Arthur b-Canada; 56y; d-9 Mar 1939 in 1044 Dodgson Dayton Oh; br-in SG 611 sec 69; removed Mrs. John Angst 946 York St Newport Ky. U: Radel 
Arthur br-5 May 1887 in sec 3 lot 16
Cook, Barbara br-1 June 1928 in sec 22 lot 91 E1/2; U: Erschell
Cook, Burness br-2 July 1897 in sec 20 lot 57;  removed to Vine St cemetery (Cincinnati)
Cook, Carrie br-2 Dec 1930 in sec 16 lot 14; U: Dobbling
Cook, Carrie Neblett br-26 Oct 1927 in SG 476 sec 42; U: Thompson
Cook, Charles B b-15 Oct 1856 in Cold Spring Ky. s/o Wm & Anna (Day) d-13 Jan 1936 at 11 38 Elm Pl in Newport Ky. br-in SG 228? sec 69; U: Radel
Cook, Chas F br-27 Oct 1923 in sec 31 lot 18; U: Radel
Cook, Clara May br-13 Feb 1913 in SG 124 sec 43; U: Ershchell
Cook, Clifford b-Lewis Co Ky. 74y; s/o Cass & Eva (Sullivan) d-13 Nov 1961 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-in sec 61 lot 133; U: Radel; r-557 E 2nd St. Silver Grove KY; NR-Elsa Cook-wife
Cook, D. L. br-3 Feb 1893 in sec 9 lot 77
Cook, Eliza br-4 Nov 1911 in sec 30 lot 33; U: Allison & Rose
Cook, Elizabeth br-28 Jan 1921 in sec 19 lot 47; U: Vond. Stetter & Erschell
Cook, Elizabeth Fagin b-10 Feb 1866 in Kentucky; d/o Theodore Fagin & Harriet Cupples?; d-2 Dec 1944 in Miami Florida; br-in sec 4 lot 64; LO-Thos Fagin; U: Smith & Sons
Cook, Elva R b-Kentucky; 65y; d/o William Eads & Elizabeth A Naiart?; d-22 May 1962; br-in sec 61 lot 133; U: Radel; r-357 E 2nd St Silver Grove Ky. LO-Clifford Cook-husband; NR-Mrs. Deco Farris-daughter same address
Cook, Emil B b-20 Sep 1894 in Portsmouth Oh; s/o ? & Sala; d-28 Mar 1956 at Cincinnati General Hospital; br-in sec 60 lot 28B; U: Radel; r-121 E Court St Cincinnati Ohio; NR-Kenneth Cook same address
Cook, Ethel br-7 Nov 1924 in sec 64 lot 71; U: Smith & Sons
Cook, Frank br-22 June 1927 in sec 23 lot 64; U: Radel
Cook, Frank br-27 Nov 1890 in sec 23 lot 64 
Cook, Frank br-12 Nov 1908 in sec 30 lot 33S1/2; U: Allison & Rose
Cook, Frank C br-24 Aug 1933 in sec 61 lot 133; LO-Clifford Cook; U: Radel
Cook, George William (child) br-9 Feb 1902 in SG 9 sec 1902; U: High
Cook, Geo br-12 Mar 1889 in sec 9 lot 36
Cook, George F b-9 Feb 1887 in Mason Oh; s/o George & Barbara (Kaul) d-12 May 1966 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas Ky. br-in sec 73 lot 216A; U: Erschell; r-149 Garden Way Ft Thomas; NR-Mary Cook-wife same address
Cook, Grace br-1 Mar 1925 in sec 9 lot 63
Cook, Hattie Ann b-17 Aug 1907 in Newport Ky. d/o Peter Reilly & Essie Bradford; d-27 Jan 1953 at residence; br-in SG 36 sec 74; U: Radel; NR-Miss Kathryn Cook 409 York St Newport
Cook, Henry H br-29 Feb 1916 in SG 632 sec 43; U: Radel
Cook, Henry J b-4 Apr 1912 in Ft Thomas Ky. s/o Louis & Nevada (Losey) d-9 Oct 1967; br-in sec 73 lot 44A; U: Muehlenkamp Erschell; r-66 Edgewood Dr Ft Thomas; NR-Mrs. Jean M Cook-wife
Cook, Hubert br-16 Oct 1921 in SG 89 sec 48; U: Mack Johnson
Cook, Ida May br-22 Jan 1909 in sec 15 lot 15 E1/2; U: Busse & Borg
Cook, Infant br-1 July 1902 in SG 45 sec 1902; U: Costigan
Cook, Infant br-8 July 1933 in SG 545A sec 47; U: Radel
Cook, Infant br-20 Mar 1905 in sec 4 lot 84; U: Smith & Sons
Cook, Infant br-6 July 1906 in sec 9 lot 29; U: Allison & Yates
Cook, Infant br-7 Sep 1910 in SG 50 sec 1910; U: Radel
Cook, Infant br-4 Mar 1912 in SG 44 sec 8; U: Radel
Cook, Infant br-25 May 1920 in SG 555 sec 8; U: Radel
Cook, Infant br-14 Aug 1934 in SG 225 sec 47; U: Vond & Stetter
Cook, J. M. br-30 Apr 1899 in SG 29 sec 1899
Cook, James br-28 Sep 1917 in sec 9 lot 29 N1/2; U: John Allison
Cook, John L br-20 Sep 1889 in sec 23 lot 64
Cook, John Nelson b-29 Jan 1868 in Grant Co Ky. d-24 Apr 1953 at St Mary's Hospital; br-in sec 60 lot 268F; U: Vitt & Starmay? NR-Bessie Brunner Cincinnati O
Cook, John Walter br-27 Mar 1917 in SG 58 sec 43; U: Dunkman
Cook, Joyce Ann b-17 Mar 1963 in Kentucky; d/o Jerry Cook & Martha Johnson; d-3 Sep 1970 at General Hospital in Cincinnati; r-2018 Eastern Ave in Cincinnati; br-in SG 27A sec 41; U: Radel 
Cook, Jonothos T (child) br-13 Dec 1901 in SG 50 sec 1901; U: illegible
Cook, L. (removed) br-11 Feb 1897 in sec 20 lot 57
Cook, Lena br-23 Aug 1900 in sec 23 lot 95E1/2; U: Allison & Yates
Cook, Lillie br-7 July 1899 in sec 23 lot 95E1/2; U: Allison & Yates
Cook, Louis b-Kentucky; 87y; d-18 Sep 1938 at 1415 N Ft Thomas Ave in Ft Thomas Ky. br-in sec 19 lot 47; LO-Henry Aharing; removed Louis Cook
Cook, Louis William Jr. b-12 Apr 1881 in Newport Ky. s/o L W Sr. & Elizabeth (Ahlring) d-30 Mar 1963; br-in sec 60 lot 228; U: Erschell; r-1043 S Ft Thomas Ave Ft Thomas; NR-Henry J Cook 66 Edgewood Ft Thomas
Cook, Lucretia br-25 Nov 1906 in sec 31 lot 18; U: CA Smith
Cook, Lula C Ravenscraft b-7 Aug? 1886 in Morgan Ky. d/o Joseph & Katherine Ravenscraft; d-17 Nov 1973 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas Ky. br-in sec 57 lot 30E1/2; U: Radel; r-319 W 11th St Newport; NR-William Ryan-grandson 50 Hidden Valley Dr Apt 58 Highland Heights KY
Cook, Lula br-5 June 1915 in SG 347 sec 43; U: Betz
Cook, Maggie d-28 Mar 1953; 74y; br-in sec 60 lot 268F; U: Yitt & Stermer; NR-John Cook-husband of 3116 Illinois Ave Cincinnati
Cook, Margaret Ann (King) b-18 May 1862 in Madison IN; d/o Benjamin King & Margaret Lund; d-15 Oct 1946 at 639 Elm St Ludlow Ky. br-in sec 9 lot 29S1/2; NR-Helen D Schill; LO-William Cook; U: Catherman
Cook, Maria br-15 Apr 1907 in sec 3 lot 72; U: Erschell
Cook, Mary b-23 Aug 1901 in Newport Ky. d/o Chas A Weber & Elizabeth Dummell; d-28 June 1958; br-in sec 56 lot 60S1/2; U: Radel; r-Star Rte Licking Pk John Hill, Newport; NR-Florence Krause-sister; 565 Duck Creek Rd Cold Spring
Cook, Mary d-23 Aug 1927 in Chicago IL; 78; br-in sec 9 lot 29; LO-Wm & James Cook U: Allison & Rose
Cook, Mary (colored adult) br-7 July 1884 in SG 33 sec 1884
Cook, Mary Jones, b-2 July 1887 in Covington Ky. d-5 Apr 1958 in Covington; br-in SG 52 sec 74; r-1109 Banklick South Covington; U: Allison & Rose; NR-Mrs. Anna F Meyer 11 Elm St Erlanger Ky.
Cook, Mary br-22 Apr 1907 in sec 30 lot 33; U: Allison & Rose
Cook, Mary A br-22 May 1897 in sec 9 lot 61
Cook, Mary F br-13 July 1902 in SG 39 sec 1902; U: High
Cook, Matilda b-28 Apr 1874 in Louisville Ky. d-26 July 1941 at Nokomis Ave in Saylor Park, Cincinnati; br-in SG 651 sec 43;  removed Ruth Staley-same; U: ??? Blair
Cook, Maud br-19 July 1889 in sec 9 lot 61
Cook, Martie M br-1 June 1897 in sec 9 lot 29
Cook, Michael (infant) (city order0 b-31 July 1941; s/o Clarence & Hattie (Railley) d-31 July 1941 in Newport Ky. U: Radel; removed Essie Railley-216 W Southgate St Newport
Cook, Milton J. s. 31 l. 18e ½ b. (?)5-31-1906 U: Smith & Sons
Cook, Nancy s. 9 l 6 b. 4-21-1890
Cook, Nevada H. s. 60 l. 228 d. 10-28-1948 age 64 M nat: Campbell Co; d/o George & Cordelia Losey; LO-Louis Cook pod: res 143 S Ft Thomas Ave Ft Thomas; U: Dobbling
Cook, Richard B. s. 23 l. 93n ½ b. 4-7-1930 U: Smith & Meyer
Cook, Ruth s. 1908 g. 71 b. 10-28-1908 U: High
Cook, Sadie E. s. 1900 g. 58 adult b. 8-16-1900 U: Erschell
Cook, Sallie A. city order s. 16 l. 14 b. 11-14-1897
Cook, Sim B. s. 68 g. 482 d. 12-28-1952 age 3-17-1898 S wht par: Geo. H Cook & Virginia Kibler nat: Lexington KY U: Radel pod: res nr: George H Cook –father 1021 Columbia St Newport
Cook, Thelma s. 73 l. 216a d. 9-7-1966 age 10-10-1914 M wht par: George Cook & Mary Mayer Cook nat: Newport Ky U: Muehlenkamp & Erschell res: 821 Highland Ave Ft Thomas Ky pod: St Luke Hosp nr: Mrs Mary Cook- mother
Cook, Theodore ashes s. 9 lot 61 b. 4-20-1921 U: Smith & Sons
Cook, Vincent H. s. 23 l. 31 d. 10-13-1971 age 9-23-1914 M wht par: John F Cook & Essie Gilday nat: Cincinnati Ohio U: Gilligan res: 3031 Belden Circle, Cinti doa General Hosp Cinc. Lo: Philllip Stein nr: Margaret Franke Cook-wife
Cook, Walter B. adult s. 1887 g. 22 b. 5-25-1887
Cook, Wilhelmina s. 45 g. 308 b. 1-11-1922 U: Vond & Stetter
Cook, William s. 9 l. 29s ½ d. 7-22-1936 age 83 M nat: Campbell Co; s/o Franklin Cook and Ellen Ling pod: 437 Elm St Ludlow KY
Cook, William s. 56 l. 60s ½ d. 1-3-1944 age 6-9-1896 M nat: Campbell Co Ky par: Joseh and Carrie Cook U: Radel pod: VA Hosp Dayton Ohio rem: Mary Cook, Licking Pk Newport
Cook, William S. infant s. 1904 g. 29 b. 7-3-1904 U: Allison & Yates
Cook, Wm. S. 72 g. 266 d. 12-30-1939 nat: New Hampton Iowa par: John & Lola Cook U: Stetter pod: Speers rem: 712 6th Ave Dayton KY
Cook, Wm. S. 3 l. 72 b. 6-2-1893
Cook, Wm D. s. 16 l. 14 b. 5-16-1887
Cook, Wm. T. s. 57 l. 50n ½ d. 10-26-1946 age 69 M wht nat: Campbell Co; s/o Joseph Cook & Mary Gray; LO-Lulu Cook pod: Booth Hosp. U: Radel rem: Lulu Cook 319 W 11th St Newport
Cook, Willie s. 9 l. 29 b. 11-28-1888
Cook, Wilson H (or M?) Infant s. 8 g. 89 b. 2-14-1913 U: Vitt & Starmar
Cook, Zorah s. 31 l. 63a se ½ d. 4-30-1955 age 12-29-1885 W wht par: Francis Payne & Margaret Lowe nat Missouri pod: St Elizabeth U: Radel nr: Clayton Cook 1259 Upland South Mills KY
Alice s. 23 l. 95e ½ d. 12-15-1964 age 62?? W wht nat: Covington KY; U: Catherman & Jones res: 103 Elm St Ludlow KY; pod: Covington LO-Richard Cooke rel: Dau in law nr: Alice Vandorp-daughter same address
Cooke, Allen Lindsey s. 64 l. 240n ½ d. 3-18-1973 age 91 M wht par: William H Cooke & Ada Lindsey nat: Evansville, IN U: M&E res: 1742 N Ft Thomas Ft Thomas; nr: Mrs Allen Cooke (Louise)-wife
Cooke, Carrie s. 41 g. 124 b. 2-14-1913 U: Allison & Yates
Cooke, Cecelia s. 1 l. 72 b. 12-16-1918 U: Radel
Cooke, Frank M. s. 23 l. 95e ½ d. 4-9-1940 age 12-4-1877 M nat: IN par: Richard Cooke & Margaret King U: Bullock Cathermann pod: 103 Elm St Ludlow KY
Helen s. 58 l. 19 d. 3-29-1955 age 58 M wht par: Albert and Grace Chapel nat: Newport Ky U: Dobbling pod: 2760 Linahaw Cinti O lo: Gustava & M Napper rel: mother nr: Mrs. Napper-dau 6234 Glad Ave Mt Washington Oh
Cooke, Marcia s. 70 g. 423 d. 6-20-1942 age 2 days nat: Ft Thomas; d/o Roscoe Cooke & Zella Brown U: Smith Sons pod: Ft Thomas VAHosp 14 Indiana
Cooke, Martha P. s. 4 l. 17 d. 4-11-1902 U: Allison & Yates
Cooke, Mary Ann (King) s. 9 l. 29s ½ b. 10-18-1946 U: Catherman lo: W Cooke
Cooke, Millard s. 9 l. 29 d. 2-16-1965 age 1-17-1895 W wht par: James Cooke & Mary Miller nat: Ludlow Ky U: Bullock res: 215 Garrard St Covington Ky pod: res lo: Wm & James Cooke rel: grandson nr: Miss Carrol Cooke-daughter 324 Highway Ave Ludlow KY
Cooke, Richard s. 14 l. 88 d. 1-3-1969 age 64 M wht par: Richard & Alice Cooke nat: Covington Ky U: Cathermann res: Ludlow nr: Eula Cooke-wife
Cooke, Victoria s. 23 l. 95e ½ b. 1-9-1905 U: Allison & Yates
Cooker, Helen R. s. 20 l. 24 b. 3-6-1894
Cooks, Margaret s. 23 l. 95e ½ b. 6-5-1899
Cool, Jacob s. 28 g. 286-0 b. 6-13-1908 U: Donnelly
Cool, John A. s. 14 l. 10 b. 4-19-1911 U: Erschell
Cool, Martha s. 28 g. 286-0 b. 2-23-1928 U: Radel
Cool, Mary D. s. 14 l. 10n ½ d. 11-30-1955 age 3-4-1872 W wht par: Chas Kennedy nat: Newport; U: Erschell res: 4237 Brookside Ave Cinti OH lo: Louisa Conradia rel: none nr: Walter A Cool 126 W Walnut St Southgate KY
Walter Alexander s. 73 l. 458 d. 1-20-1959 age 7-9-1898 M wht par: John Cool & Mar Kennedy nat: Newport; U: Erschell res: 126 Walnut St Southgate Ky pod: Speers Hosp nr: Dorothy Cool rel: husband
Cooley, Flora Eliz. s. 65? G. 636? D. 4-9-1944 age 2-9-1920 M nat: Newport; par: Frank Firth & Florence Nichols pod: Speers U: Radel rem: Frank Firth 2121 Columbia St Newport
Cooley, Raymond Lester s. 51 l. 54 d. 9-11-1939 age 55 M wht par: Harry L Cooley & ??? Sowell Cooley nat: Yellville, Ark U: Monroe res: Norwood Ohio nr: Mrs. Melanie Cooley-wife
Coombs, Albert s. 14 l. 10 b. 4-12-1932; LO-Louisa Conradi U: Donnelly Bros.
Coombs, L. Mrs. S. 14. l. 10 b. 5-13-1893
Coombs, Floyd s. 69 g. 219 d. 1-26-1936 age 11-16-1880 M nat: Ky par: Nicholas & Eliza Williams Coombs U: Radel pod: 313 W 10th St Newport
Coombs, Geo. S. 50 l. 264w ½ d. 3-24-1948 age 7-11-1875 M what nat: Alexandria VA par: Alfred Combs & Elizabeth Bailey lo: Mamie A Coombs pod: res. 3851 Country Club Pl. Cinti Oh
Coombs, Martha s. 9 l. 108 b. 3-25-1884
Coombs, Sarah s. 72 g. 286 d. 4-17-1948 M wht nat: Breathitt Co KY pos: res 4169 Eastern Ave. Cinti rem: Rima(?) Wilder same address
Coomes, Joseph W. s. 59 l. 319w ½ d. 12-26-1948 age 5-30-1896 M nat: Nelson Co Ky par: Felix Coomes & Rosa Beans lo: Crauts U: Kalbart pod: Good Sam Hosp rem: Mrs. Tillie Coomes 724 State Ave Cincinnati Ohio
Comes, Tillie s. 59 l. 319w ½ d. 7-8-1962 age 82 wht par: John Zwick & Christine Wolfer nat: Cincinnati U: Radel res: 2 S Ft Thomas Ave pod: Ft Thomas Test Home lo: Edwin Crauts rel: mother in law nr: Grace Crauts-dau 10 Concord Ave. Ft Thomas
Coon, Carl s. 25US g. 120 b. 6-24-1930 U: Dobbling
Coon, Elizabeth s. 52 l. 1b d. 7-1-1959 age illegible; par: ?? Love; nat: Jersey City NJ U: Dobbling res: #7 Mesh Court Bellevue; nr: Irene Coon-dau
Coones, Lillian s. 1897 g. 1 b. 1-11-1897
Cooney, Infant s. 1908 g. 35 b. 4-26-1908 U: Smith & Son
Cooney, Loretta Elizabeth s. 65 g. 134d d. 5-30-1972 age 8-14-1892 W wht par: Frank Ayers and Susan Bowling nat: KY U: M & E res: 529 Sandford St Covington KY pod: St Elizabeth Hosp lo: Loretta Brickley rel: dau same addr
Cooney, Patrick b. 4-2-1895
Cooney, William s. 74 g. 75 d. 5-22-1952 age 3-9-1870; white; par: John & Ann Cooney nat: Scotland U: Muehlenkamp pod: res dis: myocarditis nr: Elizabeth Cooney Alexandria Pike Cold Springs
Coons, Elizabeth G. s. 1904 g. 33 U: G. Meninger (no dates)
Cooper, Alfred s. 27 l. 64 b. 12-19-1922 U: Radel
Cooper, Alexander s. 74 g. 172 d. 11-19-1959 age 72 white par: Benjamin H Cooper & ? Bury*ar nat: Louisiana U: Betz res: 526 Lexington Ave Newport; dis: St Luke Hosp. nr: Ella Ziegler friend same addr
Cooper, Andrew s. 48 g. 394 b. 7-9-1929 U: Henry Linneman
Cooper, B. H. adult s. 1899 g. 32 b. 5-8-1899 U: WC Betz
Cooper, Benjamin S. s. 61 l. 119a d. 4-4-1956 age 3-17-1879 M white par: Sydney & Isabella Cooper nat: Nashville NC U: Muehlenkamp res: 410 5th St Dayton Ky lo: Blanche Cooper rel: husb
Coope, Charles H. s. 30 l. 4n ½ b. 6-29-1912 U: Radel (Coope is the way this name is listed on the card but in ‘alphabetical order’ of coopers)
Cooper, Benjamin H. s. 72 g. 729 b. 7-14-1949 age 68? S par: Benjamin & Clara Phurryer (?) Cooper U: Betz addr: 526 Lexington Ave Newport Cooper, Carl s. 47 g. 226 b. 8-9-1924 U: Vond & Stetter
Cooper, Cisthara s. 43 g. 241 b. 7-17-1931 U: Vond & Stetter
Cooper, Clara Anna s. 46 g. 441 b. 6-11-1926 U: Vond & Stetter
Cooper, Delila s. 42 g. 919 b. 7-29-1933 city order U: Muehlenkamp
Cooper, Elizabeth s. 41 g. 65 b. 2-19-1912 U: Erschell
Cooper, Ellen Stein s. 43 g. 803 b. 5-13-1926 U: Streibig
Cooper, Elinore s. 68 g. 585 b. 10-20-1933 U: Vond & Stetter
Cooper, Emma s. 9 l. 5s ½ d. 1-18-1969 age 93 W white par: Jacob Rike & Mary Zolg nat: Newport KY U: Dobbling res: Lakeside Place Highland Heights lo: Jacob Reik father nr: Mrs. Alma Williams-sis 41 Winding Way Ft Mitchell
Cooper, Francis Sarah s. 39 l. 42n ½ b. 10-12-1917 U: Von & Stetter
Cooper, Frank C. s. 43 g. 242 b. 2-16-1915
Cooper, Fred W. s. 59 l. 289e ½ b. 4-18-1949 age 71 M par: Wm & Margaret Cooper U: Radel lo: Lida Cooper pod: Central State Hosp addr: 307 Monmouth
Cooper, Gladys Emily s. 44 l. 48w ½ d. 12-2-1944 age 50 div nat: Dayton Ky lo: Arthur Bamdarth par: Arthur Bandarth & ? U: Thorp & Stith pod: Kinghtstown(?) Ind. Rem: Lt. Frederick Cooper
Cooper, Infant s. 8 g. 236 b. 6-14-1916 U: Dobbling
Cooper, James s. 69 g. 230 d. 12-5-1935 age 1-21-1906 M nat: Vanceburg Ky par: Chas & Rose Cooper U: Radel pod: Deaconess Hosp res: Melbourne KY
Cooper, Jas. Jr. s. 47 g. 515 b. 7-5-1932 U: Radel
Cooper, Jeanette C. s. 27 l. 64n ½ d. 1-7-1959 age 10-9-1891 W wht nat: Newport Ky U: Radel res: 81 18th St Newport Ky lo: Christina Roehr
Cooper, Joseph G. s. 9 l. 5s ½ d. 1-16-1945 age 72 M nat: Winsbury England par: Thomas Cooper lo: Reik U: Dobbling pod: res rem: Emma Cooper 34 Elmwood Ave. Ft Thomas
Cooper, Leslie, s. 46 g. 387 b. 3-6-1926 U: Radel
Cooper, Lida M. s. 59 l. 289e ½ d. 9-27-1969 age 87 M white; par: Anzir Fuller & Letha Powell nat: Maysville, KY U: Radel res: 223 E 2nd St Newport Ky pod: Speers Hosp nr: Margaret Cooper-dau same as above
Cooper, Lillie s. 74 g. 28 d. 10-27-1952 age 69 S white; par: Benj H Cooper nat: New Orleans LA U: Betz pod: General Hosp. dis: Suicide-suffocation by immersion nr: Alexander Cooper 526 Lexington Ave Newport
Cooper, Luther s. 46 g. 23 d. 11-3-1957 age 8-26-1895; white; par: Ephraim Cooper & ? nat: Morehead KY U: Radel res: 135 Broadway Ave. Cinti Oh dis: General Hosp. nr: Bertha Cooper-widow
Cooper, Mary C. s. 68 g. 635 b. 1-2-1934 U: Vond & Stetter
Cooper, Ruth W. s. 39 l. 42n ½ b. 4-8-1931 U: Stirling Moore lo: Wells
Cooper, Samuel P. s. 56 l. 62s ½ d. 12-29-1942 age 6-7-1888 M nat: Ruggles KY par: Jess Cooper & ? U: Murre Bros. pod: 1411 Clay St Cinti Oh rem: Dorothy Cooper same address
Cooper, Septha s. 49 l. 116 b. 8-28-1920 U: Radel
Cooper, James (Stewart written above James) s. 47 g. 430 b. 12-16-1929 U: Radel
Cooper, Walker child s. 1889 g. 59 b. 8-26-1889
Cooper, Walter infant s. 47 g. 572 b. 5-25-1934 U: Radel
Cooper, William s. 49 l. 45 d. 5-2-1940 age 10-20-1872 M nat: Ill. Par: Henry & Jane Cooper lo: Wm F Cooper U: Vond & Stetter pod: 35 Woodland Pl Ft Thomas
Cooper, Wm. P. s. 69 g. 554 d. 7-8-1938 age 3-27-1882 M nat: Nashville TN U: Muehlenkamp pod: Kalamazoo Mich. 1009 Scott St Covington
George G. s. 41 g. 89 (removed) b. 7-13-1912 U: Vond & Stetter rem: to German Protestant Cemetery 10-12-1912

Cope, Bogie s. 72 g. 107 d. 8-8-1941 age 12-1-1879 M nat: Rrkcastle Co Ky par: ? & Elizabeth Cope U: Erschell rem: Elizabeth Cope 210 E 5th St Newport
Cope, Edward s. 46 g. 174 b. 1-29-1924 U: Dobbling
Cope, Susan Elizabeth s. 73 l. 228a d. 8-12-1966 age 72 W wht par: Isaac Holland & Sabra Holcomb nat: Garrard Co Ky U: Ersschell res: 218 E. 4th St Newport; pod: St Luke Hosp lo: Sylvia Spencer rel: Dau nr: Mrs Sylvia Spencer 49 15th St Newport Ky 41071
Cope, Infant s. 53 g. 326 d. 10-5-1965 stillborn par: Howard Cope & Margaret Plummer nat: Speers res: 39 E 9t St Newport Ky
Cope, Lillian Julia s. 36 l. 5 d. 4-13-1936 age 2-17-1889 W nat: ohio par: Albert & Mary Ashford; LO-Elizabeth Roach U: Erschell pod: Ft Thomas; res: 17 River Rd Ft Thomas
Cope, Tobias C. Major s. 36 l. 5e ½ b. 5-31-1921 U: Vond Stetter Erschell
Cope, William R. s. 25 g. 314 d. 6-22-1973 age 5-1-1916 S wht par: Bogie Cope & Elizabeth Holland nat: KY U: M & E res: 218 E 4th St Newport; pod: Veterans Adm Hosp Cincinnati Ohio nr: James C Cope-bro 713 Saratoga St Newport
Copeland, Infant s. 47 g. 385 b. 1-29-1929 U: Von & Stetter
Copeland, Leola s. 68 g. 765 d. 2-18-1939 age 11-22-1882 M nat: Alabama par: J A Mimms & Ray U: Radel pod: Good Samaritan Hosp rem: Paul Copeland 425 Van Voast Ave Bellevue
Copeland, Mary E. s. 48 g. 389 b. 6-25-1929 U: Radel
Copeland, Paul L. s. 68 g. 764 d. 1-16-1968 age 92; white; par: Isaac Copeland & Ella Canoles nat: Ohio U: Radel res: 3510 Alexandria Pike Highland Heights Ky pod: St Luke Hosp nr: Theodore A Copeland-son 11 Elbanine Dr. Highland Heights Ky
Copeland, Silas (colored) s. 1898 g. 38 b. 9-15-1898 U: J White
Coplinger, Ross s. 28 g. 34 b. 2-9-1905 U: Erschell
Copp, Julia A. s. 10 l. 44 b. 4-23-1928 U: Muehlenkamp
Copp, Perry C. s. 10 l. 44 b. 6-23-1888
Coppage, Blanch child s. 1885 g. 3 b. 1-11-1885
Coppage, Harry child s. 1885 g. 1 b. 1-8-1885
Coppage, Jas. F. adult s. 1884 g. 11 b. 3-9-1884
Coppin, Francis s. 23 l. 83 b. 9-24-1893
Coppin, Thomas s. 1 l. 52 b. 8-31-1908
Coppeck, Blanch McHenry s. 32 l. 23 b. 9-12-1930 lo: McHenry U: Smith
Coppy, Walter s. 20 g. 62 b. 2-17-1906 U: Sullivan

Corbin, Alberta s. 13 l. 9 d. 3-24-1971 age 66 S white par: John M Corbin & Zelletta Belle Porter nat: Newport; U: Baiter & Sahnd Inc. res: 341 Terrace Ave Cinti Ohio pod: Bethesda Hosp. nr: Woody Ingram, friend & extr
Corbin, David Wilson s. 13 l. 9 b. 12-8-1910 U: Smith
Corbin, Horace V. s. 15 l. 79e ½ b. 12-15-1927 U: Dobbling
Corbin, John M. s. 13 l. 9 d. 4-15-1937 age 70 M nat: KY; LO-Mary J Porter U: Vond & Stetter pod: 227 E 4th St Newport (cerebral hem)
Corbin, Lillian s. 15 l. 79 b. 12-27-1928 U: Dobbling
Corbin, Zelletta s. 13 l. 9n ½ d. 1-16-1948 age 12-22-1866; white; par: David & Mary Jane Walker; LO-Mary J Porter U: Setter rem: Miss Alerta Corbin 227 E 4th St Newport
Corbitt, Catherine s. 16 l. 29 b. 12-22-1919 U: Smith
Corbitt, Warren s. 16 l. 29 b. 6-4-1917 U: Sullivan
Corcoran, Infant city order s. 1896 g. 78 b. 12-12-1896
Cordemann, Mary D. adult s. 1889 g. 52 b. 11-15-1889
Cordie, Francis E. s. 29 l. 30 b. 8-9-1913 U: Cunn & Dobb
Cordie, Laurence s. 29 l. 30 d. 1-15-1956 age 1-29-1877; white; par: Nicholas Cordie & Vina Miller nat: Eaton Ohio U: Miller pod: 5402 Reading Rd. dis: gun shot wound in head lo: F E Cordie nr: Mrs. L A Cordie same addr
Cordie, Nicholas s. 29 l. 30 b. 5-4-1905 U: Cunningham
Cordie, Nina s. 29 l. 30 b. 7-18-1925 U: Dobbling
Cordes, Anna Sophia s. 38 l. 18s ½ d. 2-25-1970 age 80 M white; par: August Barg & Anna Duttleberg nat: Newport; U: Muehlenkamp & Erschell res: 649 Riddle Rd Cinn. Ohio pod: Deaconess Hosp. nr: Walter Barg-bro same addr
Cordray, Ruth Eliz s. 47 g. 368 b. 1-8-1929 U: Fuldner
Cordy, Robt. S. 48 g. 137 b. 5-6-1922 U: Costigan & Roll
Core, Ella M. s. 28 l. 53b & 54c b. 12-1-1949 age 88 W par: Edward & Margaret Pontius Haney lo: Wm F Core U: Smith addr: 9 Timont Av Ft Thomas
Wm. F. s. 26 l. 54c b. 12-1-1927 U: Smith
Corey, Alonza s. 22 l. 50w ½ b. 8-21-1908 U: Cunningham
Corey, Charles E. s. 44 l. 36e ½ d. 3-7-1940 age 12-25-1863 nat: Cinti Ohio par: Marshall & FL Rising Corey U: Colligan pod: Mercy Hosp. Hamilton O. 217 Park Ave. Hamilton Ohio rem: Elsworth Corey, Elmswood Ohio
Corey, Chester Allen s. 22 l. 50 b. 2-27-1904 U: Meninger
Corey, Evelyn s. 48 g. 5 b. 11-19-1907 U: Miller
Corey, Francis Maud s. 22 l. 50w ½ b. 1-9-1899 U: Meninger
Corey, George Willis s. 50 l. 47w ½ d. 8-30-1964 age 84; white; nat: Dayton KY U: Stetter pod: St Elizabeth Hosp nr: Catherine Meyer Corey-wife
Corey, Infant s. 22 l. 50w ½ b. 3-27-1899 U: High
Corey, Lucy A. s. 44 l. 36e ½ b. 12-7-1920 U: Cath
Corey, Lydia F. s. 22 l. 50w ½ b. 7-16-1913 U: Watkins
Corey, Marshell s. 22 l. 50 b. 10-11-1885 rem: gr. 42 sec. 1885
Corey, Mary s. 22 l. 50 b. 9-4-1904 U: Cunningham
Corey, Stella s. 50 l. 47w ½ b. 5-23-1933 lo: Geo Corey U: Vond & Stetter
Corkins, Hattie s. 31 l. 29n ½ b. 4-23-1920 U: Busse & Borgman
Corkins, John W. s. 31 l. 29 b. 3-18-1918 U: Smith
Corkins, Leonard G. s. 31 l. 29n ½ b. 8-31-1908 U: Cost & Roll
Corkins, Roscoe Earl s. 31 l. 29n ½ d. 7-1-1952 b. 3-5-1968 age 69 nat: Sedaliz Mo. Res: 1457 Aster Place Cincinnati Ohio U: Hawthorn pod: Brown Co Hosp. LO-J W Corkins ashes buried in Baxter air seal with Mrs. Corkins his wife
Corkins, Selma s. 31 l. 29n ½ d. 3-1-1968 b. 3-5-1968 age 92 W par: Robert Maeder & Fredericka Moeschle nat: Germany U: Hawthorne res: R R #2 Bethel Ohio pod: Daly Park Nursing Home husbands ashes in same vault nr: Mrs. Howard Uible-dau same addr
Cornelius, Jesse G. s. 1907 g. 31 b. 3-4-1907 U: Smith
Cornelius, Lillie Luck s. 48 g. 201 d. 9-10-1960 age 7-22-1885 M wht par: James C Haller & Susanna Ruehl nat: Cincinnati U: Imwalle res: 17 Wuest St Cinc. Dis: Cinti Gen Hosp. nr: Joseph Cornelius same addr.
Cornelius, Margaret s. 40 l. 47 d. 6-23-1951 age 75 M white; nat: Newport; par: Fred & Ernestine Wiessler U: Erschell pod: res lo: Ernstine Wiessler rel: dau nr: Miss Mary Wiessler 914 York St. Newport
Cornell, Sidney L. s. 62 l. 85n ½ d. 12-19-1968 age 73 M white; par:? Cornell & Henrietta Hart nat: Marietta Ohio U: Dobbling res: 342 Linden Ave Southgate Ky lo: Beatrice Cornell rel: husband
Corner, James Rudolph s. 61 l. 30 d. 12-1-1935 age 11-23-1934 nat: Dayton KY par: Wm & Frieda Radke U: Radel pod: Dayton res: 136 Lake St Bellevue
Corner, Trudy Marie s. 70 g. 1062 d. 8-31-1944 age 8-31-1944 infant nat: Covington KY par: William Corner & Frieda Marie Radke U: Radel rem: Mrs. William Corner 112 W Walnut St
Corner, William s. 60 l. 132 d. 11-7-1960 age 55 M wht par: Joseph Gannon & Myrtle Anderson nat: Newport Ky U: Radel res: 112 W Walnut St Southgate Ky nr: Freida Corner-wife
Cornish, Infant s. 1909 g. 30 b. 8-5-1909 U: Betz
Cornwell, Charles W. s. 13 l. 13 b. 9-26-1910 U : Erschell
Cornwell, Elizabeth s. 65 l. 39c d. 8-6-1964 age 80 W wht par: James Mills & Ella Hutchison nat: Georgetown Ky U: Radel res: 936 Ann St Newport Ky pod: Hill Top Rest Home nr: James Waterfield-son 2167 Dana Av Cinc Ohio
Cornwell, Oliva s. 26 l. 53 b. 5-6-1913 U: Cunn & Dobb
Corranne, Infant s. 8 g. 491 b. 3-13-1919 U: Dobbling
Correll, Charles A. s. 49 l. 73 d. 7-12-1965 age 88; Single; white; par:Frederick Correll & Elvira Gorlite nat: Newport; U: Erschell res: 828 N Ft Thomas Ave Ft Thomas; LO-F C Correll rel: father nr: Frank Correll 929 N Ft Thomas Ave
Correll, Chas. S. 49 l. 73 b. 3-6-1931 U: Erschell
Correll, Elmer John s. 59 l. 312e ½ d. 8-10-1953 age 11-25-1886; white; par: Frederick Correll & Alvine Goerlitz nat: Newport Ky pod: 36 Steart Ave Ft Thomas nr: Frank Correll-son 103 3rd St Newport
Correll, Elivinia s. 49 l. 73 b. 4-7-1921 U: Smith
Correll, Flora s. 49 l. 73 b. 6-6-1956 age 80 S wht par: Frederick & Elvina Correll nat: Newport Ky U: Erschell res: Clovernook Home for Blind, Cinti Oh lo: F Correll rel: dau
Correll, Frank (initial too blurred) s. 59 l. 311e ½ d. 7-31-1969 age 60 div wht par: Elmer Correll & Lauretta Maddux nat: Newport Ky U: Muehlenkamp res: 311 E 4th St Newport Ky pod: res nr: Patricia Ann Correll-dau 925 N Ft Thomas
Correll, Lauretta A. s. 59 l. 312e ½ d. 12-27-1947 age 59 M nat: Cincinnati par: Frank J Maddox & Emma Seegar rem: Elmer Correll 36 Stewart Ave Ft Thomas
Corwin, Thos. S. 41 g. 366 b. 9-27-1926 U: Radel rem: Eliz Crawford 104 Washington Newport

Cosby, Russell s. 23 l. 21 d. 4-11-1975 age 76 par: Benjamin F Cosby & Della Thomas Richardson nat: Camargo KY U: Dobbling res: 3235 Sharon Rd Cinc Oh pod: Hialeh Florida nr: Mrs. Colletta F Moore-dau 107 Highland Ave Ft Thomas
Cosgriff, Anna Eliza s. 2 l. 104n ½ b. 2-25-1901 U: Costigan
Cosgriff, Infant s. 2 l. 104n ½ b. 1-3-1902 U: Costigan
Cosgriff, James s. 2 l. 104 b. 4-11-1903 U: Costigan
Cosgriff, Kate s. 2 l. 104n ½ 10-27-1895
Cosgriff, Katie s. 2 l. 104n ½ b. 10-22-1882 lo: James Cosgriff
Cosgriff, Saunders s. 2 l. 104 b. 12-4-1892
Cosgrove, Eliza s. 13 l. 57 b. 7-29-1896
Cosgrove, Ida M. child s. 1884 g. 31 b. 7-11-1884
Cosgrove, Jas. S. 13 l. 57 b. 12-5-1886
Cosiol, Josephine s. 1898 g. 22 adult b. 5-19-1898 U: Menninger
Coss, Frank s. 1908 g. 43 b. 6-20-1908 U: Radel
Cosway, Wm. S. 46 l. 142 b. 9-26-1923 U: Vond & Stetter
Cotcamp, Howard Kenneth s. 59 l. 150 d. 2-10-1944 age 3-2-1909 M nat: Carter Co KY par: Fred & Sarah Cotcamp U: Dobbling lo: Mayme Cotkamp pod: Cincinnti rem: Mayme Cotcamp 25 ½ River Rd Silver Grove
Cotter, Amelia s. 32 l. 22 d. 11-11-1950 age 4-1-1890; white; nat: Grants Lick KY par: Andy & Amelia Weber Trapp U: Radel podP Speers Hosp LO-Charlotte Cotter nr: Mrs. Pearl Schweitzer 2416 Alexandria Pk Highland Hght
Cotter, Cornelius s. 32 l. 22 b. 3-12-1910 U: Radel
Cotter, Charles Henry s. 32 l. 22 b. 12-5-1949 age 63 M par: Corneluis & Sharlotta Cotter U: Erschell pod: Booth Hosp addr: 110 Alexandria Pk Highland Heights KY
Charlotta s. 32 l. 22 d. 12-27-1943 age 1-4-1862 W nat: Sweden par: Henry Hetwig U: Radel pod: Ft Thomas rem: Thomas Cotter 1211 S Ft Thos Av
Cotter, Elizabeth s. 32 l. 22 d. 12-18-1962 age 78; W white par:William C Cotter & Amelia Weber nat: Alexandria KY U: Radel res: 606 E 10th St Newport KY pod: Speers Hosp. lo: Charlotte Cotter rel: Daughter in law nr: James Robert DeMoss – foster son Ripple Creek Rd Cold Spring
Cotter, Ellen D. b. 5-16-1883
Cotter, Susan s. 20 l. 40n ½ b. 9-27-1910 U: Smith
Cotter, Thomas s. 32 l. 22 d. 3-19-1959 age 6-2-1890 W white; par: Cornelius Cotter & Charlotte Spongberg nat: Oklahoma U: Radel res: 1211 S Ft Thomas Ave Ft Thomas; DOA Cinc Gen Hosp. LO-Lotta Cotter nr: Robert Cotter-son 322 West 5th St Cincinnati Ohio
Cotter, William C. s. 32 l. 22 d. 3-14-1960 age 10-25-1885 M wht par: Cornelius Cotter & Charlotte nat: Salt Lake City Utah res: 606 E 10th St Newport; dis: Speers Hosp. lo: Charlotte Cotter rel: son nr: Elizabeth Cotter-wife
Cottie, Alnatta s. 42 g. 62 b. 4-28-1926 U: Delanay
Cottie, Clarence s. 42 g. 63 b. 9-24-1924 U: Delanay
Cottie, Clarence s. 42 g. 357 b. 3-1-1918 U: Smith
Cottie, Maggie s. 42 g. 277 b. 1-13-1928 U: Jones
Cottie, Wm. Arthur s. 43b g. 504 d. 9-15-1950 age 9-10-1918 M Colored nat: Newport; par: Clarence & Alnatta U: Delanay pod: Newport Ky cod: coronary thrombosis nr: Mrs. Wm Cottie 616 Saratoga St Newport
Cottmas, Caroline s. 56 l. 80s ½ d. 7-27-1942 age 3-25-1905 div. nat: Ohio par: John Unnewejr and Bertha Kalkbrenner pod: 214 Findley St Cincinnati Ohio
Cotton, Elizabeth s. 42 g. 436 b. 12-1-1913 U: Radel
Cotton, Infant s. 8 g. 372 b. 12-20-1917 U: Radel
Cottrell, Carrie s. 28 g. 18 b. 5-6-1903 U: Betz
Cottrell, Dorothy Eliz. S. 8 g. 537 b. 1-13-1920 U: Vond Sttter Erschell
Cottrell, Emma adult s. 1891 g. 32 b. 6-5-1891
Cottrell, Fred W. s. 32 l. 2 b. 9-6-1933 U: Muehlenkamp
Cottrell, Joseph H. s. 31 l. 1 b. 11-16-1911 U: Cost & Roll
Cottrell, Lida s. 31 l. 1 b. 12-21-1933 U: Muehlenkamp lo: Fred Cottrell
Coughlin, Mattie adult s. 1901 g. 54 b. 8-2-1901 U: Tippenhauer
Courtney, Infant s. 1906 g. 11 b. 3-15-1906 U: Smith
Courtney, Mammie s. 45 g. 219 b. 2-2-1920 U: Costigan
Courtney, Wm S. s. 45 g. 629 b. 1-29-1929 U: Grissman Grim & Hamilton
Covalt, Frank (infant) s. 9 l. 117 b. 11-30-1882 lo: Frank Covalt
Covalt, (name is badly blurred) Grass(?) s. 9 l. 117 b. 5-30-1949 age 69 S par: Frank & Susan Bradford Covalt pod: 434 Forest Ave. Cincinnati Ohio
Covalt, Jas. S. 9 l. 119 b. 4-14-1885
Covalt, Jas. B. b. 9-12-1884
Covalt, Margaret s. 9 l. 117 b. 7-5-1895
Covalt, Susan s. 9 l. 117 b. 11-20-1882 lo: Frank Covalt
Covert, Alice s. 38 l. 17s ½ b. 6-2-1931 U: Dobbling
Covert, James s. 38 l. 17s ½ b. 1-6-1916 U: Smith
Covert, Samuel s. 3 l. 1 b. 6-29-1915 U: Smith
Covington, Anna s. 1902 g. 50 adult b. 9-14-1902 U: Costigan
Covington, Jas. Clifford s. 43b g. 313 b. 1-7-1927 U: Jones
Covington, Paul adult s. 1885 g. 33 b. 5-29-1885
Covington, Robert s. 17 l. 54 b. 10-16-1902 U: Costigan
Cowe, Albert s. 27 l. 35 d. 4-5-1962 age 78 M white; par: Henry Cowe and Annie Walker nat: Cincinnati Ohio U: Dobbling res: 239 Fairfield Ave Bellevue KY dis: Speers Hosp. LO-J. Winters rel: son in law nr: Orrell Cowen-wife
Cowe, Orrell W. s. 27 l. 35 b. 3-7-1971 age 85 W white par: John L Winters and Orpha H Vanosdal nat: Bellevue KY U: Dobbling res: 239 Fairfield Ave Bellevue Ky pod: Baptist Home Newport; LO-John L Winters rel: father nr: Mrs. James Winters of 66 Taylor Ave Ft Thomas
Cowell, Harry s. 42 g. 535 b. 6-14-1913 U: Cost
Cowens, Klenora s. 54 l. 97s ½ d. 1-31-1942 age 3-3-1905 M nat: Cinti Ohio par: Lafayette Roberts and Anna Schoffield pod: Dayton rem: Wm J. Cowens 832 4th Ave Dayton KY
Cowens, John Jas s. 72 g. 399nw d. 5-1-1948 age 10-31-1888 M wht nat: Cincinnati O par: Joseph Cowens and Ann Schaffield U: Radel pod: res rem: Florence Cowens-wife 206 Third Ave Dayton Ky.
Cowens, Sam. S. 54 l. 97n ½ b. 11-23-1913; LO-Lafayette B Roberts U: Radel
Cowes, Wm. S. 6 l. 51 b. 2-1-1887 age 7 yrs par: Peter J Cowi? Illegible
Cowie, Clara s. 74 l. 507 d. 11-24-1954 age 68 W white; par: Robert and Clara Carr nat: Cincinnati O U: Vondarharr pod: Speers lo: Earl Cowie rel: mother nr: Earl Cowie 424 W 7th St Covington KY
Cowie, Isabella s. 2 l. 102 b. 2-25-1927 U: Radel
Cowie, J. s. 6 l. 51 b. 10-29-1887 11 yrs par: P & B Cowie
Cowie, Jos. S. 2 l. 102 b. 7-12-1886 rem from gr. 36 sec 1886 adult
Cowie, Margaret s. 2 l. 102 b. 3-27-1907 U: Cost & Roll
Cowie, Peter s. 2 l. 102s ½ d. 3-26-1938 age 69 W nat: Scotland par: Peter & Isabella Cowie U: Von. Stetter pod: Speers rem: 542 Riverside Dr. Newport
Cowie, Robert s. 74 l. 507 b. 12-27-1922 U: Cost & Roll rem. From sec 2 lot 102
Cowley, Fred s. 46 g. 139 b. 11-2-1923 U: Vond & Stetter
Cox, Belle s. 31 l. 60n ½ b. 1-10-1919 U: U: W G Siefke
Cox, Chas. S. 32 l. 40e ½ b. 5-6-1929 U: Radel
Cox, David James s. 60 l. 230 d. 11-30-1951 age 8 child white; par: James & Mary Jane Cox nat: Cincinnati Ohio U: Muehlenkamp pod: res cod: pneumonia 814 6th Avenue Dayton KY
Cox, Deborah Sue s. 51 l. 29 b&d 2-2-1964; par: Jerry Lee Cox and Billy Rae Cox nat: Ft Thomas U: Dobbling res: 1001 Irwin Terrace Dayton KY; LO-Wm Cm Tucker rel: grandchild
Cox, Denver P. s. 65 l. 11c d. 5-14-1963 age 58 div. white; par: Jordon Cox and Myrta Brady nat: Ohio U: Radel res: 415 Thornton St. Newport Ky LO-Betty Drake rel: father
Cox, Dwight Sr. s. 64 l. 7n ½ d. 8-3-1975 age 8-3-1975 par: James Cox and Ada nat: Byesville, Ohio U: M& E res: 901 Washington Ave Newport pod: St Luke Hosp nr: wife-Mrs Charlotte Cox
Cox, Elizabeth s. 41 g. 344 b. 12-3-1918 U: Linneman
Cox, Ernest J. s. 60 l. 15e d. 3-24-1964 age 61 M white; par: Bradley Cox and Alice Jones nat: Harlan KY; U: Stetter res: 710 Isabella St. Newport pod: Booth Hosp. nr: Delania Cox –wife
Cox, Ernest Russell Jr s. 70 g. 232 d. 3-11-1941 age 9-12-1940 (this is the actual date shown on the card???) M nat: Cinti Ohio par: Ernest Cox and Olga Simonson pod: St Marys Hosp U: Borgmann rem: Ernest Cox 1556 Freeman Ave Cincinnati Ohio
Cox, Esther E. s. 55 l. 93s ½ d. 3-26-1974 age 77 par: Grant and Elizabeth Cox nat: Covington, KY U: Hugenberg-Niemeyer res: 1552 Eastern Avenue, Covington, Ky nr: Walter Cox same addr
Cox, Forest Wm. S. 60 l. 344 d. 1-21-1954 age 10-31-1901 M white; par: James and Ada Cox nat: Bayesville Ohio U: Erschell pod: res nr: Edrell Cox-wife 907 Washington Ave. Newport
Cox, Glenn s. 70 g. 604 b. 12-6-1938 age 11-3-1938 nat: Newport par: Wm and Helen Hager Cox U: Radel 831 Park Ave Newport
Cox, Glenn Axwell s. 25 g. 134 d. 2-25-1944 age 11-6-1917 M nat: Campton KY; par: James Cox and Mamie Alexander pod: Grand Island Nebraska U: Radel rem: Ruth Cox 316 Washington Ave. Newport
Cox, Grant s. 55 l. 93s ½ d. 8-13-1943 age 12-5-1869 W nat: Covington Ky par: Thomas Cox and Mary Coshorn; LO-Walter Cox-son 1552 Eastern Ave Covington KY
Cox, Grant F. child s. 1897 g. 16 b. 2-27-1897
Cox, Infant s. 1905 g. 32 b. 6-22-1906 U: Erschell
Cox, Infant s. 70 g. 774 b&d 9-5-1952; par: Oliver Cox and Hazel Kidd nat: Covington KY; St Eliz Hosp. 310 Dixie Hwy Erlanger KY
Infant s. 70 g. 204a b&d 7-29-1957; par: Ernest and Callie Cox res: 609 Dayton St Newport pod: Speers Hosp.
Cox, Infant city order s. 35 g. 102 b. 2-22-1910 U: Smith
Cox, John S. s. 32 l. 40 b. 4-28-1917
Cox, John L. s. 1905 g. 32 b. 6-6-1905 U: Erschell
Cox, Joseph city of Newport s. 42 g. 903 d. 10-8-1936 age 10-4-1876 nat: Ohio M par: Geo and Elizabeth Cox U: Radel pod: 413 W 6th St. Newport of spinal sclerosis
Cox, Leona s. 55 l. 93s ½ d. 11-9-1968 age 67 M white par: Edward and Susan Huber nat: Newport; U: Hugenberg and Niemeyer res: 1552 Eastern Ave. Covington, KY pod: St Eliz. Hosp. nr: Walter Cox-husband
Cox, Mary s. 8 g. 73 b. 5-10-1912 U: Fuldner
Cox, Mary s. 48 g. 229 b. 10-15-1926 U: Radel
Cox, Mary s. 32 l. 40e ½ b. 4-23-1925 U: Radel
Cox, Mary s. 35 g. 93 b. 5-17-1910 U: Radel
Cox, Mary Jane s. 63 l. 245s ½ d. 11-27-1971 age 12-8-1921 M white; par: William H George Sr and Corrine M Rumpf U: Hodapp res: 9566 Crestbrook Dr Cincinnati Ohio pod: Jewish Hosp. nr: James C Cox –husband
Cox, Mary Jane s. 59 l. 37e ½ b. 9-4-1940 age 73 M nat: KY par: Hardin Murphy and Lucinda Massey U: Radel LO-Wm Leonar Cox pod: 16 E. 13th St Newport
Cox, Mary S. s. 45 g. 291 b. 4-8-1925 U: Radel
Cox, Mattie s. 4 l. 83 b. 5-20-1914 U: Cost & Roll
Cox, Minnie s. 45 g. 256 b. 1-14-1930 U: Radel
Cox, Ora ? s. 72 g. 173 d. 12-4-1940 age 2-21-1870 W nat: Cinti O U: Betz pod: 5670 Hamilton Ave Cinti O rem: Syliva Marx 601 Monmouth St Newport
Cox, Orville s. 64 l. 101n ½ d. 12-8-1969 age 10-19-1908; nat: Maysville KY; res: 822 York St Newport; pod: Booth Hosp nr: Thelma Cox-wife
Cox, Robert s. 47 g. 274 b. 12-18-1928 U: Radel
Cox, Robert H. s. 30 l. 9 d. 1-14-1961 age 91 W white; par: Willis Henry Cox and Eleanor Frances Rusk nat: Kenton Co Ky U: Dobbling res: Honeysuckle Lane Humbolt Tenn. Nr: Virginia Nicholson-dau
Cox, Walter V. s. 28 g. 81 b. 8-29-1903 U: Smith
Cox, Warren E. s. 31 l. 60n ½ d. 6-26-1936 age 77 W nat: Ross Co. Ohio par: Aaron C Cox and Mary E Daley pod: 305 Lawrence St Cinti Ohio U: Fuldner

Cox, William L s. 59 l. 37e ½ d. 2-25-1961 age 93 white; par: William Cox and Molly Thompson nat: Crawfordsville Ind. Res: 304 Vine St. Dayton Ky nr: Christian Webb-dau same addr
Coy, Louise ? s. 55 l. 1e d. 8-12-1963 age 88 W white; par: Philip Griesenbrocker and Louise Bohart nat: Newport Ky U: Dobbling res: 462 Newman Ave Ft Thomas; pod: St Luke Hosp. nr: Mrs. Steward Berkley-dau 634 S Ft Thomas Ave Ft Thomas Ky
Coy, Newton A. s. 55 l. 1e d. 2-26-1954 age 76 M white; par: Simon and Elizabeth Coy nat: Pa. pod: home U: Smith nr: Louisa Coy-wife 505 Newman Avenue Ft Thomas
Coyle, Nora s. 1902 g. 111 b. 12-15-1909 U: Fuldner
Coyle, Olive Irene s. C.G.? l. 36 d. 12-21-1972 age 62 W white; par: Seymour Watts and Callie Noble nat: Breathitt Co. KY U: Dobbling res: 125 Bonnie Lynn Terrace Southgate KY pod: 545 Ridgeview Florence KY nr: Mr Ora Watts-bro RR #1 Box 332 Leitchfeld, KY
Coyle, William Sr. s. C.G. l. 36 d. 11-29-1971 age 70 M white; par: James P Coyle and Grace Davis nat: Cincinnati Ohio U: Dobbling res: 125 Bonnie Lynn Terrace, Southgate KY pod: Speers Hosp nr: Olive Coyle-wife


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