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Evergreen Cemetery


Transcribed and submitted by Kathy Rose 18 June 2012

 From microfilm LDS #1562463

LO-lot owner
NR-nearest relative

Updated 1 July 2016


Cugell, Hester br-16 May 1902 sec 4 lot 14; U: Erschell

Culbertson, Amelia br-9 Nov 1898 sec 15 lot 12 S1/2; U: Cunningham
Culbertson, Christine b-Ft Thomas Ky. 12y; d/o William & Evelyn (Winkler) d-22 Nov 1966 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas; br-sec 58 lot 1; U: Dobbling; r-46 St Nicholas Pl. Ft Thomas; LO-Alma Winkler-50 Linder Ave Ft Thomas
Culbertson, Frank Albert 3 July 1891-1 July 1894; br-3 July 1894 sec 13 lot 44 
Culbertson, Infant br-30 Dec 1905 sec 15 lot 12 S1/2; U: Esther
Culbertson, Infant br-16 June 1909 sec 15 lot 12 S1/2; U: Father
Culbertson, Thomas R br-25 Aug 1898 sec 13 lot 44 S1/2; U: Cunningham
Culbertson, William H 28 Jan 1848-10 Dec 1898
Cullen, Walker A br-29 July 1907 sec 1907 grave 40; U: Witt & Cullen
Cullis, Eliz Stegeman 1901-1933; br-21 Nov 1933 sec 24 lot 81-82-87&88; LO: Stegeman U: Smith & Sons
Cullum, Daniel Louis b&d 23 Apr 1940 in at 612 Dayton St in Newport Ky. s/o Daniel Louis & Katherine (Edwards) br-sec 70 grave 985; U: Betz
Culp, Clara (adult) br-29 Sep 1893 sec 1893 grave 47
Culter, Charles Robert b-11 June 1871 in Clermont Co Oh; s/o Hiram & Jennie (Scheyme) d-4 Apr 1954 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-sec 26 grave 140; U: Radel; NR: Lee Culter-Walled Lake Michigan
Culter, Elizabeth Martin b-19 Jan 1869 in Bell Co Ky. d/o Jefferson Miller & Mary Bradshaw; d-4 Jan 1959 at Puckett Rest Home in Elsmere Ky. br-sec 72 grave 408D; U: Dobbling; r-311 Eden Ave. Bellevue Ky. NR: Mrs. Amanda Martin-daughter-same address
Culver, Addie (Wood) 1858-1926; br-29 Apr 1926 sec 49 lot 127; U: Radel
Culver, Harry Drown b-9 June 1877 in Catlettsburg Ky. s/o Kirk V & Addie (Wood) d-2 Feb 1960 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington Ky. br-sec 73 lot 331; U: Radel; r-321 W 22nd St Covington Ky; NR: Mildred Culver-wife
Culver, Kirk V 1853-1926; d-18 Jan 1925 sec 49 lot 127; U: Donnelly Bros.
Culver, Mildred Aldine b-7 Nov 1890 in Stockville Indiana; d/o John & Ada Rohler; d-27 Oct 1964 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington Ky. br-sec 73 lot 331; U: Radel; r-903 Lewis St. Covington Ky; NR: Mrs. Clifford Dial-daughter 248 Watch Hill Ft Mitchell Ky

Cumming, Dora b-19 June 1870 in Brooklyn New York; d-23 Apr 1939 at Booth Hospital in Covington Ky. br-sec 24 lot 102; U: Erschell; LO: R A Cumming; removed 711 Monroe St Newport Ky; Perpetual Care
Cumming, Jessie 1868-1891
Cumming, Robert A 1823-14 June 1896
Cummings, Charles L 1862-1914; br-7 May 1914 sec 17 lot 97; U: Smith
Cummings, Charles A br-14 Oct 1929 sec 45 grave ???; U: Vond & Stetter
Cummings, Chas. Franklin br-13 May 1932 sec 48 grave 382; U: Vond & Stetter
Cummings, Emma b-16 May 1862 in Campbell Co Ky. d/o Sam & Jane Ford; d-30 Sep 1944 at 331 W 13th St; br-sec 36 lot 15 W1/2; LO-Matilda Ford; U: Vonderhaar & Stetter
Cummings, Hazel 1891-9 July 1893; br-10 July 1893 sec 17 lot 97
Cummings, Henrietta S 1833-1900; br-15 Feb 1900 sec 17 lot 97; U: Smith
Cummings, James Patterson Lieut. 1832-26 Aug 1890; br-28 Aug 1890 sec 17 lot 97
Cummings, Jessie F b-25 May 1866 in Cincinnati; d/o George C Wars & Hattie Robinson; d-4 Nov 1956 at Widows Home Hospital; br-sec 17 lot 97; U: Bamber; r-1310 McMillan St Cincinnati; LO-James Patterson Cummings-father in law
Cummings, John br-29 June 1920 sec 45 grave 193; U: Cunningham & Dobbling
Cummings, John L br-7 May 1885 sec 17 lot 97
Cummings, Joseph Lee b-7 Apr 1862 in Wheelersburg Oh; s/o Geo & Rebecca; d-8 May 1939 at 331 W 13th St in Newport Ky. br-sec 36 lot 25 W1/2; LO-William Ford; U: Vonderhaar & Stetter Perpetual Care
Cummings, Josephine br-22 Oct 1920 sec 45 grave 192; U: Cunningham & Dobbling
Cummings, Mary br-10 Apr 1928 sec 45 grave 563; U: Vonderhaar & S
Cummings, Pearl Chandler br-sec 68 grave 363 (no other info given)
Cummings, Susan br-6 July 1920 sec 24 lot 102; U: Erschell
Cummins, Anna Bell (colored) b-Covington Ky. 52y; d/o George & Emily Williams; d-1 June 1950 in Covington of heart disease; br-sec 43B grave 502; U: Delaney; LO: husband
Cummins, Annette (Tallon) 1927-24 Dec 2015
Cummins, Baby Girl 22 Oct 1941-22 Oct 1941
Cummins, Bernard 26 Nov 1918-12 Dec 1918; br-14 Dec 1918 sec 8 grave 482;  U: Dobbling
Cummins, Cassandra b-18 Aug 1854 in (Highlands) Ft Thomas Ky. d/o William Collier & Alice Taliaferro; d-6 Oct 1953; br-sec 2 lot 8 S1/2; U: Whaley; LO-Alice Collier-daughter; NR: Mrs. W R McMurtry-daughter; address-Pleasant St Cynthiana Ky.
Cummins, Charles Dawson b-19 Sep 1883 in Pendleton Co Ky. s/o Dawson & Mary (Schmidt) d-8 May 1954 at Eastern State Hospital; br-sec 74 grave 41; U: Radel; NR: Catherine Cummins-302 Chestnut St. Newport Ky.
Cummins, Davis 26 Nov 1918-12 Dec 1918
Cummins, Gregory H 1958-1983
Cummins, Helen L (Loos) 1 Sep 1926-1 Oct 2012
Cummins, Howard E 1917-2001
Cummins, Inda Catherine (Pierce) 29 Apr 1883-2 Feb 1957
Cummins, Infant b&d 22 Oct 1941 at Booth Hospital in Covington Ky. br-sec 70 grave 970; child of Stanley and Dorothy; U: Muehlenkamp; r-927 Putnam St. Newport Ky.
Cummins, J R 1831-26 Aug 1890
Cummins, Jack Filmore 1925-1940
Cummins, James V 1921-1992
Cummins, Janet L 1929-1993

John M br-12 Dec 1928 sec 30 lot 310? U: Henry Gildehaus
Cummins, John Wesley b-24 July 1886 in Effingham Illinois; s/o John W & ? (Bonar) d-14 Oct 1964 at General Hospital in Cincinnati; br-sec 63 lot 149 M1/2; U: Radel; r-4126 Liberty St Cincinnati; NR: John W Cummins Jr. 1723 Minon Ave Price Hill Oh
Cummins, Mary (Lenihan) 19 Oct 1836-6 July 1908
Cummins, May b-Cincinnati; 82y; d/o Lewis Stagman & Josephine Lenihan; d-19 July 1854 at residence; br-sec 31 lot 30 N1/2; U: Rhode; LO: J R Cummins; NR: Clarence Cummins-2721 Hyde Park Ave Cincinnati Ohio
Cummins, May br-8 July 1908 sec 31 lot 30 N1/2; U: Erschell
Cummins, Robert A br-16 June 1896 sec 24 lot 102
Cummins, Roy Albert b-28 Aug 1932 in Covington Ky. s/o Chas D & Catherine (Pierce) d-9 May 1952 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-sec 74 grave 103; U: Radel; NR: Catherine Cummins-mother 302 Chestnut St Newport Ky.
Cummins, Veach br-22 July 1875 sec 2 lot 65 1/2; LO: Alice Collier
Cummins, Vernon b-13 Sep 1909 in Carroll Co Ky. s/o Wesley & Nora; d-20 Sep 1947 at 330 Washington Ave in Newport Ky. br-sec 59 lot 260 E1/2; U: Muehlenkamp; NR: Helen Cummins-330 Washington Ave Newport Ky.

Cundiff, Carol Sue 30 Apr 1955-30 Jan 1988
Cundiff, Charles F 21 June 1985-30 Jan 1988
Cundiff, Infant b&d 15 Jan 1964 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas Ky. child of Charles & Dorothy (Privett) br-sec 53 grave 272; r-1923 Pine St Covington Ky, U: Radel 
Cundiff, Infant b&d 15 Nov 1962 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas Ky. child of Chas & Dorothy (Privett) br-sec 53 g. 227; U: Radel; r-1923 Pine St Covington Ky.
Cundiff, Jerry W 16 Dec 1977-30 Jan 1988
Cundiff, Nancy Harriet "Nannie: (Myers) -- Aug 1851-2 June 1922; br-25 Oct 1922 sec 27 lot 84 S1/2; U: Radel
Cundiff, Stephen B Pvt. 4 Feb 1828-1 Dec 1910; br-3 Dec 1910 sec 27 lot 84; U: Radel
Cuneo, Goldie b-21 Sep 1908 in Vevay Indiana; d/o George Gray & Pearl Caster; d-10 Dec 1973 at Providence Hospital in Cincinnati; br-sec 75 lot graves 9 1&2; U: Radel; r-11405 E Miami River Rd Cincinnati; NR: Geneva Crow-daughter 930 Brighton St
Cuneo, John b-15 May 1894 in Napoleon Indiana; s/o John & Elizabeth (Castor) d-13 Mar 1974 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas Ky. br-sec 75 lot 9; U: Radel; r-930 Brighton St. Newport Ky. NR: Geneva Crow-daughter-same address
Cunningham, Amanda br-16 May 1919 sec 6 lot 69; U: Dobbling
Cunningham, Amelia br-24 Nov 1901 sec 22 lot 15; U: Smith & Sons
Cunningham, Anna (Carr) 14 Dec 1856-23 Sep 1907; br-26 Sep 1907 sec 30 lot 18 N1/2; U: Cunningham
Cunningham, Archie W b-Bellevue KY. s/o Wm & Sarah (Rogers) d-4 Nov 1943; br-sec 36 lot 1; LO: Chas Ware; U: Dobbling & Son; removed Frank Cunningham-Grants Lick Ky
Cunningham, Arthur L b-8 Sep 1878 in Aberdeen Oh; s/o Harvey; d-6 Nov 1941 at Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati; br-sec 55 lot 52 S1/2; U: Radel; removed May Cunningham-RR#3 Latonia Ky
Cunningham, Buddy b-26 July 1948 in Dayton Ky. s/o Robert W & Lillian; d-26 July 1948 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-sec 70 grave 1085; U: Dobbling
Cunningham, Chas. E br-7 Nov 1919 sec 36 lots 34 & 37; U: Dobbling
Cunningham, Clara Ella b-17 Dec 1882 in Anderson Co Ky. d/o Thos & Livitia Hilton; d-15 Feb 1942; br-sec 50 lot 8; U: Erschell; removed Peyton Cunningham-570 E 4th St Newport Ky
Cunningham, Clem O b-Lima Oh; 74y; s/o James; d-21 June 1964 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-sec 73 lot 463; U: Radel; r- 817 Thornton St. Newport Ky. NR: Catherine West-daughter same address
Cunningham, Dorothy E (Brauntz) 20 Jan 1927-22 Sep 1989
Cunningham, Elizabeth b-Kentucky; 88y; d-19 June 1939 in Langdale Alabama; br-sec 36 lot 37; LO: Chas & Lizzie Cunningham; U: Dobbling; removed Mrs. Amy Johnson-Box 45 Landale Ala.
Cunningham, Emma b-Rochester NY; 67y; d/o Henry Frost; d-20 Apr 1945 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-sec 72 grave 325; U: Dobbling; r-409 3rd St Dayton Ky
Cunningham, Freda Irene b-16 Mar 1893 in Lima Oh; d/o Joseph Garee? (blurred) d-27 June 1957 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-sec 73 lot 463; U: Radel; r-817 Thornton St Dayton Ky. NR: Clem Cunningham-husband
Cunningham, Harry (adult) br-2 Aug 1902 sec 1902 grave 43; U: Gus Meninger
Cunningham, Infant br-3 Apr 1891 sec 1891 grave 24 
Cunningham, Irene br-16 Jan 1929 sec 36 lot 37; LO: Eliz Cunningham; U: Dobbling
Cunningham, J. B. (city order) br-15 Jan 1899 sec 1899 grave 4; U: Smith
Cunningham, James H b-28 Feb 1876 in Newport Ky. s/o James & Amanda; d-16 Mar 1943 at 116 E 7th St in Newport; br-sec 55 lot 54 S1/2; U: Radel; removed-Hazel Cunningham same address
Cunningham, Jeane C br-11 Mar 1918 sec 36 lots 34 & 37; U: Dobbling
Cunningham, John A br-23 Jan 1914 sec 36 lots 34 & 37; U: Cunn & Dobb
Cunningham, Joseph B 1821-1899
Cunningham, Joseph W 26 June 1924-20 Nov 1989
Cunningham, Josephine Helen (LeRoux) b-France; 74y; d-21 June 1942 at Fountain Square Hotel in Cincinnati; br-sec 56 lot 94S; U: Dobbling & Son; removed Wm. Cunningham-1023 Ann St Newport Ky
Cunningham, Laura br-7 Aug 1905 sec 1902 grave 42 1/2; U: Gus Meninger
Cunningham, Mable br-9 July 1890 sec 16 lot 42
Cunningham, Mary Alice b-30 July 1861 in Missouri; d/o Ben Fenger & Catherine Gable; d-3 June 1967; br-sec 35 lot 54 S1/2; U: Radel; removed James H Cunningham-707 Monmouth St Newport Ky.
Cunningham, May Elizabeth b-California Ky. 72y; d/o Dewitt Clinton & Elizabeth Laycock; d-14 May 1958 at St Mary's Hospital in Cincinnati; br-sec 55 lot 52 S1/2; U: Allison & Rose; r-4515 Ashland Ave. Norwood Oh; LO: Arthur L Cunningham-husband; NR: Carrie Garner- daughter same address
Cunningham, Mary Virginia (Cremins) b-13 Mar 1913 in Ft Thomas Ky. d/o William K & Nettie Coate; d-18 Sep 1973 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas; br-sec 55 lot 49 B; U: M&E; r-817 S Grand Ave Ft Thomas
Cunningham, Nellie b-1879 in Kentucky; d-7 Feb 1942 at 309 Center St in Bellevue Ky. br-sec 31 lot 36 N1/2; U: Dobbling & Sons; LO: Vergel Cunningham; removed H Prommints-Prospect St Bellevue Ky
Cunningham, Peyton b-Woodford Co Ky. 73y; s/o Mary (Cunningham) d-7 Aug 1954 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington Ky. br-sec 50 lot 8; U: Erschell; NR: Dorothy Cunningham-115 York St Newport Ky
Cunningham, Robt. J b-28 Sep 1918 in Cincinnati; s/o Clem & Frieda; d-18 Aug 1945 in the Ohio River near Dayton Ky. br-sec 68 grave 91; U: Radel; removed Lillian Louise Cunningham-815 Monroe St Newport; Clem 817 Thornton
Cunningham, Sarah b-Ireland; 90y; d/o Thomas & Lydia Rogers; d-2 June 1957 at Drake Memorial Hospital in Cincinnati; br-sec 36 lot 1; U: Dobbling; r-6813 Grace Rd. Mariemont Oh; LO: Ware & McHugh; NR: Robert Cunningham-son 348 Bonnie Leslie Bellevue Ky.
Cunningham, Stephen Leslie 20 Apr 1949-6 Nov 2009
Cunningham, Virgil A 28 July 1851-2 Feb 1919; br-15 Feb 1919 sec 31 lot 36 N1/2; U: Dobbling
Cunningham, Wm G br-8 Nov 1920 sec 36 lot 1; U: Cunningham & Dobb
Cunningham, William L b-Crown Point Indiana; 67y; s/o Wm A & Josephine (Leroux) d-28 May 1969 at 186 N Ft Thomas Ave in Ft Thomas Ky. br-sec 56 lot 94 S1/2; U: Muehlenkamp-Erschell; NR: Mrs. Cecelia Cunningham-wife same address
Cunny, Raymond L br-18 Apr 1916 sec 43 grave 619; U: G H Robie
Cuntan, Sandra Lynn d-Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. 3y; d/o Daniel & Evelyn; br-13 Oct 1949 sec 55 lot 92 N1/2; U: Dobbling; LO: Castle Cuntan

Anna br-26 Jan 1927 sec 45 grave 272; U: Busse & Borg
Cupples, James 1783-31 May 1850
Cuppy, Anna Louise b-Hanging Rock Oh; 77y; d/o Christopher & Mary Nauntel; d-9 Feb 1935; br-sec 44 lot 33 W1/2; U: Vond & Stetter; r-332 4th Ave Dayton Ky.
Cuppy, Florence b-? Sep 1884 in Ohio; d/o William Cuppy & Anna Mauntel; d-3 Feb 1967 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-sec 44 lot 33 W1/2; U: Vond & Stetter; r-332 4th Ave Dayton Ky. LO: Anna Cuppy-mother; MR: Marie Cuppy-sister
Cuppy, Wm. S. 44 l. 33 w b. 8-16-1919 U: Vond & Stetter

Curley, Helen Beasley (ashes) b-27 July 1891 in Loveland Oh; d/o E H Beasley & Susan Brown; d-9 Dec 1968 in Florida; br-sec 27 lot 71 N1/2; U: Fairchild; r-1325 Ponce De Lon, Ft Lauderdale, Florida; NR: Ralph E Collins-son 2527 Ardmore-Cincinnati
Curlis, Emma (Culbertson) 15 Oct 1850-7 Aug 1933; br-9 Aug 1933 sec 15 lot 12 S1/2; LO: Jacob Culbertson; U: Radel
Curlis, Jackson Taylor 1 Apr 1848-22 Oct 1916; br-24 Oct 1916 sec 15 lot 12 S1/2; U: Radel
Currie, Elizabeth Jean s. 69 g. 530 d. 5-25-1937 age 8-3-1884 W nat: Scotland par: Fred Green U: Tharp & Stith pod: Cincinnati General Hosp res: 624 Probasco St Cincinnati Ohio
Currie, Wm. S. 68 g. 188 b. 7-26-1934 U: Tharp & Stith
Currier, Cynthia (Sayre) 1801-18 Nov 1874
Currier, Henry M 1806-6 Sep 1881
Currin, Cornelius P 1882-1918; br-2 Jan 1919 sec 17 lot 15; U: Sullivan
Curry, Arthur b-Ohio; 65y; d-9 Feb 1939; br-sec 69 grave 614; U: Dobb; removed Edna Curry-132 6th Ave Dayton Ky.
Curry, Clara (Dowd) b-Kentucky; 59y; d-22 Jan 1939 in Newport Ky. br-sec 54 lot 111; LO: Dowd & Pfabler; U: Dobb; removed Eldridge Curry-1008 Waterworks Rd Newport Ky
Curry, Nona b-Cincinnati; 64y; d/o Edward & Mary Johnson; d-10 Feb 1952 at residence; br-sec 52 lot 91; U: Dobb; LO: Grace Gantrup-sister; NR: Mrs. Wm Gentrup-222 Freeport St Bellevue Ky
Curry, Elbridge s. 54 l. 111 b. 2-5-1940 M lo: Gertude Pfohler/Frank Dowd pod: Orlando FL U: Dobb rem: 1023 Waterwork Rd Newport Ky
Curtis, Chas A d-15 Oct 1886; br-17 Oct 1886 sec 6 lot 4
Curtis, Chas E br-9 Sep 1931 sec 23 lot 41; LO: Frederick Hense; U: Von & Stet
Curtis, Cora br-14 Oct 1911 sec 23 lot 41; U: Cunningham
Curtis, Infant br-30 July 1924 sec 47 grave 229; U: Radel
Curtis, Infant br-18 Feb 1929 sec 33 lot 42 E1/2; LO: Rheinhardt; U: Radel
Curtis, Franklin D "Frank: 6 Dec 1932-14 Nov 2003
Curtis, John D 1821-12 Jan 1864
Curtis, Julia E br-31 Mar 1921 sec 48 grave 28; U: Von Stetter Ersch
Curtis, Lillian E b-7 Dec 1882 in Harrison Oh; d/o Jacob Ernst & Ann Catherine Carver; d-26 Dec 1975 in Salt Lake City Ut; br-sec 15 lot 58; U: Allison & Rose; r-1582 E Orchard St Salt Lake City; NR: Mrs. Fred E Reeder-daughter 3249 Mission Ave. Carmichael California
Curtis, Maria F (Blitz) br-sec 59 lot 286 E1/2; 67y; LO: Patrick Curtin; U: Dobbling; r-1118 5th Ave Dayton Ky
Curtis, Marie E d-1865
Curtis, Marie Isabella 1862-6 Mar 1863
Curtis, Patrick d-Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati; br-27 Sep 1949 sec 59 lot 286 E1/2; 80y; s/o Patrick & Catherine; U: Dobb; removed 1118 5th Ave Dayton Ky.
Curtis, Polly R (Muncy) 28 June 1934-12 Jan 2011
Curtis, William b-Brookville Ky. 72y; d-2 Mar 1969 at Cincinnati VA; br-sec 65 lot 93D; U: Radel; r-742 Columbia St Newport Ky. LO & NR: Mrs. Lillie Klette-step daughter-307 Orchard St Covington Ky.
Curwood, Edward br-27 Nov 1915 sec 42 grave 143; U: Von

Custard, Hattie br-26 Mar 1923 sec 42 grave 164; U: Hill & Co
Custer, Richard br-1 May 1924 sec 8 grave 645 A?; U: Geo Robie
Custer, Wm E br-23 Sep 1921 sec 8 grave 635; U: Geo Robie
Cutbrod, Louisa 27 Oct 1869-7 Feb 1935
Cutbrod, Max ----
Cutshaw, William Kirkpatrick (Corporal) b-11 Feb 1921 in Ohio; s/o Henry; d-2 Nov 1962 in Chillicothe Oh; br-sec 61 lot 60A; U: Ersch; r-226 E 9th St Newport Ky. NR: Florence Howe Cutshaw-wife
Cutsinger, Dorothy E b-Shelbyville Indiana; 73y; d/o Joseph Allen & Mary Alice Cooper; d-6 Mar 1965 at 203 E 8th St Newport Ky. br-sec 7 lot 116; U: Radel; r-203 E 8th St Newport; LO: Augusta Wooten-signed permission; NR: Mrs. Russell Goodrich-daughter-41 Gaddis Dr Ft Thomas Ky.
Cutter, Andrew 20 May 1845-24 Jan 1925; br-27 Jan 1925 sec 29 lot 32 W1/2; U: Radel
Cutter, Charlotte b-3 Dec 1910 in Newport Ky. d/o Wm & Dixie Cutter; d-11 Dec 1939 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-sec 72 grave 288; U: Stetter; r-712 Columbia Newport
Cutter, Dixie "Edith" (Taylor) 11 July 1889-5 Dec 1919; br-8 Dec 1919 sec 28 grave 550; U: Costigan
Cutter, Freda A b-11 May 1890 in Newport Ky. d/o Andrew & Freda Dilling; d-24 Nov 1957 at Lakeland Ky. br-sec 29 lot 32 W1/2; U: Muehlenkamp; r-643 Monroe St Newport Ky
Cutter, George Wilson b-Newport Ky. 53y; s/o William & Dixie (Taylor) d-1 July 1972 at Oscoda Michigan; br-sec 73 lot 5; U: M&E; r-10 W 18th St Covington Ky; LO: Idia Mae Cutter-wife
Cutter, Harold D br-25 Aug 1920 sec 28 grave 549; U: Costigan
Cutter, Hattie br-26 Apr 1905 sec 29 lot 32 W1/2; U: Cunningham
Cutter, Howard C d-11 Mar 1973; 94y; br-sec 29 lot 32 W1/2; s/o Andrew; U: M&E; r-Detroit MI; LO: Andrew Cutter-father; NR: Mr. Stephen Cutter-4680 Linda Dr Cincinnati Ohio
Cutter, Mary L 1848-1927; br-3 Jan 1928 sec 29 lot 32 N1/2; U: Radel
Cutter, Ralph W b-16 Oct 1912 in Newport Ky. s/o William & Dixie (Taylor) d-26 Apr 1963 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas Ky. br-sec 73 lot 33 S1/2; U: Muehlenkamp; r-43 Ohio Ave Newport Ky; NR: Jessie Cutter-wife
Cutter, Roland br-20 July 1917 sec 8 grave 378; U: Costigan
Cutter, William James 18 Sep 1867-19 Dec 1933; br-21 Dec 1933 sec 68 grave 575; U: Muehlenkamp

Cyokonski, Harold br-5 Sep 1933 sec 47 grave 533; U: Radel
Cypners, Josie br-21 Mar 1918 sec 32 lot 4 W1/2; U: Dobb
Cyphers, Phillip Lewis b-Dayton Oh; 90y; s/o Philip & Margaret; d-21 July 1945 in Silver Grove Ky. br-sec 32 lot 4 W1/2; U: Dobb; r-908 Walnut St Dayton Ky
Cyiphers, Raymond br-5 Apr 1910 sec 32 lot 4 W1/2; U: Cunn

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