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Evergreen Cemetery


Updated by Helen Nellis December 16, 2009

d-died or date of death
d/o-daughter of
LO-lot owner
NR-nearest relative
removed-physically moved to another section or another cemetery (according to Evergreen Cemetery director)
SG-single grave
s/o-son of


Fennell, Agnes; burial 17544; interment no 34766; Single Grave 41 Sec.73; date of Interment Sept.16, 1944; 9-4-1944; age 7-4-1863;
widowed; born New York; d/o James Walsh & Grace Gooney. Lot owner Sennell; NR-Gordon Fennell, 2184 Harris Cincinnati Oh
Fennell, Clem R; interment no 39376; Sec 44 Lot 3d; d-1-30-1954; br-2-2-1954; age 70; married; white; s/ots George and Jennie; place of Nativity Dayton Ky. Lot owner Jennie Fennell; NR-Hattie Fennell, 521 N. Ft. Thomas Ave Ft. Thomas Ky.
Fennell, Emma Grace; burial Permit No. 15787 (Ashes) Interment No. 33009; Sec 44 Lot 3D; br-1-18-1941 d-1-11-1941; age 9-27-1880; Single Born Dayton Ky. d/o Geo and Jennie Fennell; Lot owner C R Fennell; Place of Death. 320 Monmouth St. Newport Ky. Remarks; Ashes in Casket
Fennell, George H; burial Permit no.485; interment no. 16708; Sec.44 Lot.3-D; br-9-23-1907; Removed from Sec 2 Lot 72
Fennell, George W; burial Permit 1274; interment No. 18497; SG 72 Sec. 42; br-8-9-1911;
Fennell, Hattie P; internment no. 48873; Sec 44 Lot 3D; d-11-10-1974; br-11-13-1974; age 81; d/o William Purser & Louise Ackerman;  Place of nativity Newport; Residence 521 North Fort Thomas Ave Ft. Thomas; Place of death Residence; NR-Son Clem R. Fennell, Jr. 30 Shaw Lane, Ft. Thomas
Fennell, Helen; burial Permit no 3833; interment 13166; Sec 19 Lot 38; br-4-20-1899;
Fennell, James; burial Permit no.8914; interment 26136; Sec 2 Lot 72; br-1-10-1927
Fennell, Jennie E; burial Permit no. 12713; interment 29935; Sec 44 Lot 3-D; br-8-23-1934; Lot owner C R Fennell; 
Fennell John; interment no 6207; Sec 2 Lot 71; br-3-6-1883
Fennell, John; interment no 6352; Sec. 2 Lot 72; br-5-2-1883
Fenton, Charlotte Jane; burial Permit no 9614; interment no 26836; Sec 32 Lot 5 West 1/2; br-5-3-28; age 12; Single; d/o Henry Bascom Fenton; Lot owner H B Fenton; Place of Death Bethesda Hospital
Fenton Edith; interment no 38251; Sec 74 Lot 4; br-10-6-1951; d-10-3-1951; age 9-28-1896; married; white; d/o William Lewis and Minnie Cordrey; Place of Nativity Cincinnati Ohio; Place of death St. Elizabeth Hosp; Lot owner James Fenton;  relation-wife
NR; James Fenton; 1306 Garvey Ave. Elsmer Ky.
Fenton, Eliza; burial Permit no 431; interment no 17654; Sec 32 Lot 3East 1/2;
Fenton, Geo E; burial Permit 4337; interment No.21560; SG-315 Sec 42; br-1-5-1980;
Fenton, Hanry; burial Permit No790l interment No.17013; SG 191 Sec.35; br-4-30-1908
Fenton, Harry B; burial Permit No.5397; interment No.22620; Sec 32 Lot 3; br-11-15-1919
Fenton Henry B; interment No.45344; Sec 32 Lot 6 west 1/2; d-1-25-1967; br-1-28-1967; age 10-15-1878; widowed; white; s/o H B Fenton Sr. & Eliza Seabrey; Place of Nativity Petersburg, KY: Residence 726 Franklin Ave. Terrace Park, Ohio; Place of Death Residence; Lot Owner H B Fenton & Thomas T. Fenton; NR-William B. Fenton-Son; 726 Franklin Ave. Terrace Park, Ohio
Fenton, Infant; burial Permit No.2607; interment No 20030; Sec.32 lot. 3E 1/2; br-1-4-1915
Fenton, Infant; burial Permit No 2418; interment No. 19641; Sec 32 Lot 3 E 1/2; br-2-17-1914
Fenton, Infant; burial Permit No.11595; interment No.28817; SG 17 Sec. 68; br-3-31-1932
Fenton James A Jr. interment No. 42431; Sec.74 Lot 4; d-9-8-1960; br-9-12-1960; age 63; married; white; s/o Jas. A Fenton & Ida Mae Fields; Place of Nativity Cincinnati Ohio; Residence 535 Muse Drive Covington Ky. d-V A Hospital Cinti. Ohio; Lot Owner Jas Fenton Jr. What Relation Self; NR-Mary Fenton, wife; Address Same
Fenton John A; interment No. 44201; Sec. 65 Lot. 19B; d-7-19-1964; br-7-22-1964; age 7-22-1926; Divorced; white; s/o George Fenton & Addie Adler; Place of Nativity Newport;  Residence 2047 Auburn Ave Cincinnati. Ohio;  Place of Death-General Hosp; Lot owner Ann Smith; What Relation Brother; NR-Ann Smith Sister
Fenton, Lester; burial Permit No.794; interment no 17017; Sec. 32 Lot 3 E 1/2; br-5-8-1908
Fenton Ldla K; (very dark & written over-hard to read) interment no 42860; Sec.32 Lot. 6 W 1/2; d-8-18-1961; br-8-21-1961; age 75; married; white; d/o W P Richards & Mary Rees; Place of Nativity Georgetown Ohio; Residence 726 Franklin Ave Terrace Park Ohio; Lot owner H B Fenton; What Relation Wife; NR-H B Fenton husband
Fenton, Morris; burial Permit 15104; interment no 32326; SG-335 sec 72; br-July 22 1939; d-7-19-1939; age 1-1-1862; widowed; born-Cincinnati; Parents no record; Place of death home; Lot owner single; Removed by Mrs. Chas. Mc Govern of  123 4th Ave Dayton Ky.
Fenton, Olive Mae; burial Permit no 11389; interment no 28611; Sec 32 Lot 5 E 1/2; br-11-30-1931; Lot Owner Thes Fenton
Fenton, Richard Thos; burial Permit no 3234; interment no 20457; Sec 32 Lot 5 & 6 S 1/2; br-11-22-1915;
Fenton, Thos Tayler; burial Permit no. 11470; interment no 28692; Sec. 32 Lot 5 E 1/2; br-1-16-1932; Lot owner Same;
Fenton William Keene; interment no 38105; Sec. 32 Lot 5 E 1/2; d-5-25-1951; br-5-29-1951; age 9-10-1876; Single; white; Place of Nativity Petersburg Ky. s/o Henry B Fenton & ?;  Place of Death Watsonville Calif; Lot Owner Thomas T Fenton; what Relation brother; NR-Mr. H. B. Fenton Elm & Marietta Ave , Terrace Park Ohio
Fenton, William R S;  SG 328 Sec.43 br.8-5-1914
Ferdon, Alice; br.5-4-1948;  d-5-2-1948 a-12-28-1871; sec 61 lot 131; married; white; d/o Thomas Hill & Anna Cummins; Removed Mrs. Effie Steinhauer.
Ferden, Joseph; br.2-6-1933
Ferger, Anna Wallace d-1-5-1957; br-4-3-1957 a-53; married; white; d/o Minnie & Dr. L. G. Wallace; Lot owner Pearl Chandler sister; Ashes in vault NR-Husband -Stanley Ferger
Ferguson, Edward; d-5-1966; br-2-9-1966; SG 6-C; Sec 72 D2; a-56y; Divorced; white; s/o William Ferguson & Rose Sergfald; Lot owner-Self; NR Edna Ferguson sister
Ferguson, Eliza H; br-8-31-1906; Sec. 23 Lot 99
Ferguson, Eulah; d-2-8-1975; br-2-12-71;  Sec,58 Lot 50; age 75y; married; white; d/o ? Fitspatrick; Lot owner-Self; NR-Mr. M J Ferguson Husband
Ferguson, Hannah; d-3-5-1952; br-3-7-1952;  Sec52 Lot 88; d/o William & Mary Holbrook; Lot owner Emma Ferguson Mother;  NR-Emma Ferguson
Ferguson, Mary H; d-8-171968; br-8-21-1968; Sec. 23 Lot 58; age-76; widowed;
white; d/o Roger S & Mary Ferguson; Lot owner James Pagan Grandfather; NR-Roger D Ferguson-son
Ferguson Roger; d-6-29-1969; br-7-2-1969; Sec.23 Lot 58;
single; white; NR-Roger Ferguson- nephew
Ferguson, Roger Sharp; d-5-1-1961; br-5-3-1961; Sec.23 Lot 58; a-73y; married; white; s/o Richard & Anna (Ragan) Lot owner-Jas. Ragan grandson; NR-Mary Ferguson Wife
Ferguson Rose; br-11-24-1926; Sec 54 Lot 49 North 1/2
Ferguson, Sherry Lyn; d-3-7-1963; br-3-8-63; a-5 days; single; white; d/o Glen Ferguson & Naomi Nelson; NR-Glen Ferguson (father)
Ferguson Walter R; br=2-4-1899; Sec.23 Lot 58
Ferguson Wm; br-8-8-1927
Ferlage Stuart Q; b-2-25-1901; d-5-27-1966; br-2-25-1966; Sec 73 Lot 109; married; white; s/o John Flerlage & Catherine Brown; Lot owner self; NR-Minnie Hart Flerlage wife
Ferson Lawrence (Corporal) br-10-14-1913
Ferneaux, Geo bf-5-19-1891; Sec 3 Lot 44
Fernholz, M; br-12-9-1882; SG 61 Row 1882
Fernimen, Valerie Jean;  d-9-16-59; br-9-17-59; a-5 days; single; d/o P Hardy & Bonnie Peterson Fernimen; NR-Hardy Fernimen Father
Ferree, Emma; d-7-1-1951; br-7-5-1951; a-11-28-1869; widowed; white
Ferrel, Infant; br-4-7-1924
Ferrel, James; br-12-23-1921
Ferrell, Dewey; d-5-28-1953; br-6-2-1953; Sec 60 Lot 103; a-55; married;
white; s/o P William Ferrell & Flora Batly; Lot owner-Irene Z Ferrell Husband; NR-Irene Ferrell wife
Ferrell Wm T; d-5-3-1941; br-5-6-1941; a-1-1-1873; married; s/o P Thomas & Sarah Foster; Removed Dewey Ferrell
Ferris, Anna Belle; br-6-16-1925; Sec.22 Lot 12w 1/2
Ferris, Chas T; br-3-9-1920; Sec 32 Lot.7E 1/2
Ferris, Martha; br-12-21-1929; Sec 32 lot 7; Lot owner Ferris (adult)
Fessenden, Stephen G; d-4-11-1883; SG 27 Sec 1883
Fessler, Elizabeth; br-11-4-1910; SG 448 Sec 28
Fessler, Frank John Sr. d-10-25-1961; br-10-28-1961; Sec.54 Lot 115; a-66; married; white; s/o P John Fessler & Mary;  Lot owner- Schneider Heirs son-in-law; NR-Geneva Fessler wife
Fessler, Infant; d-12-31-1947; br-12-31-1947; Sec 50 lot 35w 1/2; age-12-31-1947; child of P William & Nancy Fessler;  Removed William Fessler
Fesslsr, Jacob; br-12-31-1906; SG 449 Sec 28
Fessler, Laurence;  br-1-30-1915; Sec 23 Lot 19n 1/2
Fessler Nellie; d-9-21-1975; br-9-24-1975;  Sec 73 Lot 35; a-67; lot owner William Robert & Nellie Fessler; On 10-30-1975 Disinter open casket of Nellie Fessler and placed a certain envelope of hair of her decease husband in her casket; NR-William Fessler son  Fessler, Valentine  br-9-1-1914
Feth, Lettie  br-1-5-1942;  d-1-2-1942; age 61; married; Born KY; Pn. ? Steinhauser; LO-A T Lemmons 
Feth, George J  br-1-4-1933; LO-A T Lemmons 
Feth, Richard  br-11-25-1918 
Fetter, Fannie F  br-4-30-1932; LO-S C Reily 
Fetter, Cushy Gray  br-5-29-1917 
Fetters, Edna Mae  d-5-19-1973; br-5/23/1973; white; d/o John Batchelor & Edna Micale; LO-Sister Mrs. Linda Williams; NR-Mrs. Lina K. Williams-sister 
Feutchman, Chas  br-12/19/1944; LO-Feutchman 
Fewlass, Mrs. Geo  d-11/26/1888 
Fewlass Geo Robt  d-11/18/1947; br-11/20/1947; married; born 6/10/1872; s/o George & Mary Fewass; LO-Geo Fewlass
Fewlass, Louise F. Bur. 12/2/1948 d. 12/4/1948; widowed; born Cincinnati Ohio; LO-Fewlass 
Fewlass Mary Elizabeth  br-5/10/1947; d-5/7/1947; age 9/6/1867; single; born Newport; d/o George & Mary Fewlass; LO-Geo Fewlass
Fey, Jacquelyn T  d-3/13/67; br-3/16/67; age 39; married; white; LO-John A. Fey husband 
Fey, Juanita R  d-12/6/1973; br-12/11/1973;
age 55; married; LO-Albert Fey husband 

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