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Submitted by Helen Nellis November 1, 2010

d-died or date of death
d/o-daughter of
LO-lot owner
NR-nearest relative
removed-physically moved to another section or another cemetery (according to Evergreen Cemetery director)
SG-single grave
s/o-son of


Fick, Christian  br-9/20/1938;  d-9/17/1938; age 89; married; born Ohio; s/o Schwartz
Fick, Edward  d-1/6/1950; br-1/10/1950; married; white;  s/o John & Christine Fick; LO-Christina Fick
Fick John br-2/21/1907
Fick, Lena br-8/6/1903
Fick, Norine  d-2/7/1951; br-2/9/1951;
widowed; white; LO-Christine Fick daughter in law 
Fie, Eddy (child) br-10/16/1888
Fiedeldey, Charles  d-12/18/1957; br-12/21/1957; age 81; widowed; white; s/o Henry & Louise Fiedeldey; LO-Chas Fiedeldey; NR- Edith Graf sister in law 
Fiedeldey, Ida  d-12/23/1954; br-12/27/1954; age 76; married; white; d/o Henry & Amelia Graf; LO-Chas. Fiedeldey
Fiedler Herman Richard  d-9/5/1956; br-9/8/1956; age 3/28/1889; married; white; s/o Richard Fiedler & Louisa Longenheingen;
disease gangrene of left leg arteriosclerotic; LO-Mrs. O DeWald;  NR-Margaret Fiedler
Fieder, Louise d-4/18/1951; br-4/21/1951; age 12/7/1865; widowed; white; nee Langenheinke from Hanover Germany; disease generalized Arterioscleresis; LO- Margaret Fiedler mother in law; NR-Mrs. Wm. L. Wode
Fiedler, Richard  ?ashes; br-8/8/1934;
removed from Sec.68 Gr.67
Fieger, Anthony Nicholas d-4/24/1954; br-4/26/1954; age 4/23/1954; infant; white; s/o Charles Fieger & Juluitt Nacoluso; NR-Charles Fieger 
Fieger, C G ( Infant) br-Mar 1908
Fieger, Charles A  br-8/20/1909
Fieger, Charles G  br-12/15/1943; d-12/12/1943; age 7/10/1889; widowed; born Newport; s/o Charles & Flosa Fieger; LO-Florence Fieger & Mrs. Flora Hass  
Fieger, Clifford Dewey  br-6/31/1898
Fieger, G E  br-5/25/1886
Fieger Infant br-4/27/1886
Fiegley, Infant br-8/3/1892
Fieger, John  br-1/25/1899
Fieger, John F  br-4/1/1916
Fieger Katherine  br-1/7/46  d-1/3/1946; age 84; widowed; born Cincinnati Ohio; d/o George Meyer & Elizabeth Strasser; LO-Flora Fieger 
Fiegar, Lestar  br-8/5/1918
Fieger, Margaret  br-3/11/1914
Fieger Pyrle   br-7/9/1934; LO-Fieger
Fiekley, R Mrs. br-1/29/1889
Fiel, Gertrude Means br-12/28/1940; d-12/26/1940; single  Jess Maeas
Field Alice Z  br-4/18/1940;  d-4/16/1940;
age 87; married; born Maryland; d/o Barns; NR-Mrs. Joe Enimerling
Fields Burn  br-7/9/1891
Field, John J  br-7/16/1909
Fielders, Chad Eric (Infant) d-7/20/1973; br-7/23/1973; age 6/12/1973; single; white;s/o Dennis R Fielders & Vicki Andruss; LO-Dennis R Fielders; NR-Dennis R Fielders-Father
Fields Edna (child) br-8/5/1893
Fields, Eliz (colored Adult) br-11/25/1883
Fields, Ella  br-11/25/1903 
Fields, Fannie  br-4/26/1933; LO-Fannie Fields
Fields, Fannie br-7/7/1926 
Fields, G C  br-1/19/1905 
Fields, Georgia Louise  br-6/3/1936; d- 6/1/1936; age 6/21/1932;
single; born Dayton Ky. d/o Ora &Henrietta Clark 
Fields, Gerald S d-4/30/1964;  br-5/4/1964; age 56; married; white; s/o John W Fields & Virginia Lee Barker; LO-Alice Fields wife
Fields Howard br-3/31/1900 
Fields, (Infant) City order; br-8/16/1934 
Fields, James  br-9/5/ 1890 
Fields, Mary A br-10/31/1902 
Fields, Millie (colored) br-2/20/1902
Fields Thomas  br-1/20/1886
Fields Thomas  br-4/4/1925 
Fields, Wm. (adult) br-12/4/1892 
Fieler, Geo, Anthony br-2/23/1929 
Fieller, Cleo d-6/21/1961; br-6/15/1961; age 78; widowed; white; s/o Charles Bell & Anna Holloway; LO-May Bell Lavine sister 
Fiendenstine E. Mrs. Bur 9/18/1888 
Fiene, Lilly (child) br-5/25/1889 
Fierlein Louise Bur.4/27/1905 
Fieror, Mary T  br-11/16.1914 
Figer, Infant br-1/5/1909 
Fightmaster, Betty  br-1/12/1925 
Fightmaster, Cora Thomas  br-4 Nov 1944;  d-11/1/1944; age 6/14/1877; widowed; born Nicholas Co Ky; nee Sheridan; LO-Geo. Fightmaster 
Fightmaster, George br-6/15/1937;  d-6/11/1937; age 72; married;  s/o Wm. & Lucietis Fightmaster; LO-Geo & Cora Fightmaster Fightmaster, Hervy  d-3/28/1964; br-4/1/1964; age 62; white; s/o George Fightmaster & Cora Sheridan; LO-eo Fightmaster son;  NR- Mrs. Elmo Montgomery Sister
Fightmaster Lizzie  br-6/9/1928 
Fightmaster Lucretia br-10/13/1915 
Fightmaster, Jno, Thos  br-11/29/1926  
Fightmaster Marcella  br-2/13/1915
Fightmaster Robt  br-7/9/1923 
Fightmaster Wm  br-4/25/1950  
Fillager, Anna Lyon  br-11/3/1931; LO-Charlette Lyon 
Fillager, Chas  br-1/14/1933; LO-Frank Wenz
Fillager, Louise A  br-4/23/1942  d-4/21/1942; age 2/3/1868 widowed born Cincinnati O; s/o Frank & Louise Wenz;  LO-Frank Wenz
Fillager, Oscar  br-12/17/45  d-12/13/1945; age 58; born Brownwood Va. P. Chas. & Louise Fillager; LO-Frank Wenz
Fillardt. Albert  br-7/7/1907
Fillhardt. Anna P  br-6/15/1939; d-6/12/1939; age 74; married born Campbell Co; d/o Peter & Barbian; LO-Frank Fillhardt
Fillhadt Catherine Anna  br-4/16/1941; d-4/14/1941; age 70; married; born Ky. nee Heiert? ; LO Chas Fillhardt
Fillhardt Charles H. d.. 2/26/1951 Bur. 2/28/1951; age 10/22/1869 widowed  white; s/o Henry & Catherine Rice Fillhardt; disease-heart condition; NR-Carl J Fillhardt
Fillhardt, Elaine  br-12/10/1915
Fillhardt, Frank J  d-5/5/1952; br-5/8/1952; age 8/4/1868; widowed; white; s/o Jake & Elizabeth Fillhardt NR-Frankhardt
Fillhardt, Geo P br-12/13/1946 d-12/10/1946; age71; widowed; born Campbell Co;. LO-His
Fillhardt, George  br-Oct 29/1943  d-10/24/1943; age 5/19/1875; widowed; born Campbell Co; s/o Henry & Catherine Fillhardt; LO-Henry Fillhardt; Removed Oscar Fillhardt
Fillhardt Henry br-6/8/1916
Fillhardt Infant  br-7/24/1911; undertaker Father
Fillhardt Infant  br-7/13/1916; Undertaker G Fillhardt
Fillhardt, Jacob  br-9/24/1909
Fillardt, Jacob Mrs. br-6/3/1907
Fillhardt, John br-9/6/1910
Fillhardt, Katherine br-12/26/1910
Fillhardt, Louis br-12/9/1910
Fillhardt, Rose Anna  br-6/13/38; d-6/10/1938; age 60; married; born Ky. nee Heiert?; LO-Young & Fillhardt; Removed Geo. B. Fillhardt
Fillhardt, William T d-5/21/72;  br-5/24/72; age 91; married; white; s/o Jacob Fillhardt & Elizabeth Schoenberg; LO-Self; NR-Mrs. Emma Fillhardt Wife 
Filling Henry br-8/3/1888
Finch, Ella F  br-4.14.1911
Finch John Cadwell  br-2/19/1934; LO-Harry Mann
Finck, Albert M. d.. 5/5/1954; br-5/8/1954; age 2/4/1886; married; white; s/o Chris Finck & Bertha Meyers; LO & NR-Sophia Finck
Finck Bertha br-7/25/1931
Finck, Chris br-5/4/1918
Finck Harry  d-9/11/68;  br-9/14/68; age 72; married; white; s/o John Finck & Lena Martin; LO-John Finck; NR-Alice Finck (wife)
Finck John br-1/8/1908
Finck John  br-6/14/1905 
Finck, John E  d-11/24/1955; br-11/28/1955; age 62; married; white; s/o William & Carrie Finck; NR-Louise Finck;
Finck Louise C  d. 11/20/1965; br-11/24/1965; widower; white; s/o John Kuechler & Louise Buchhert; LO-John Kuechler; NR-Eileen Soto Daughter
Finck, Raymond A  d-6/7/1959; br-6/10/1959; age 2/16/1907; married; white; s/o Albert Finck & Sophia Stadtlander; NR-Virginia Finck wife
Fink, Wm Geo br-5/20/27 
Findley, Albert A d-7/18/1958; br-7/22/1958;
age 12/27/1906; married; white; NR-Alice May Isles Daughter
Findley Elmer Lee
br-5/21/28; age 1 mo 14 days; s/o Albert & Marie Findley 
Findley Frank (adult) br-3/12/1893
Findley Rebecca Ann  d-2/24/1960;  br-3/1/1960; white; d/o Albert Findley & Virginia Mann; NR-Albert Findley Father
Fink, Leopold  br-4/23/1947  d-4/19/1927;
age 71; married;  born New Richmond Ohio; s/o Adam Fink removed Mary Fink
Fink Mary Heiert  d-4/3/1965;  br-4/6/1965;
age 87; widowed; white; s/o Leonard Schmidt & Magdalena Speier: LO-Mary Heiert; NR-Mabel DeCamp, daughter 
Fink Wm (adult)  br-10/18/1892
Finke Chas J  br-4/16/1934; LO-Finfe & Smith & Coate
Finke, Matilda  br-11/13/1947; d-11/10/47;
age 6/16/1856; widowed; born Cincinnati Ohio; d/o Herman & Nanette Goldenberg; LO-self; removed  Pearl E Smith
Finkernagel, George H  br-4/1/1910
Finkernagel Katie  d-5/13/1975;  br-5/16/1975; age 9/2/1890; s/o Eugene Wear & Mary Frances Godfrey; NR-William Finkernagel Jr. Son 
Finkernagel William d 10/12/1974  bur 10/15/1974; age 8/14/1884; NR-Katie Finkernagel
Finley Deborah  d-7/20/1964  br-7/22/1964;
age 6/16/1964; white; d/o Carl Finley; NR-Carl Finley Father
Finley Infant J br-1/12/1892
Finn, Emma Nettie  d-2/10/1954;
br-2/12/1954; age 12/25/1887; widowed; white; d/o Jefferson Morris & Ida Tolle; LO & NR-Mabel Guerrea  
Finn, Infant  br-6/23/1900
Finn John  d-8/15/1953;  br-8/18/1953;
age 1/12/1861; married; white; s/o Joseph Finn & Barbara Reasch; Frank G & Mabel Guerrea;  NR-Emma Finn wife
Finn Katherine d-9/2/1945; br- 9/5/1945; age 9/16/1877; married; parents John Listerman & Katherine Wobmitz; lot owner Scharatein & Finn; Removed William Finn
Finn, Wm d-10/11/1946; br-10/11/1946; age 68; widowed; born KY; parents not known; lot owner his; Removed Frank Listermann
Finnegan, Jno McIntyre d-6/7/1948; br-6/10/1948; age 12/24/1896; married; white; born-New Orleans; lot owner Jean Finnegan; NR-Mrs. John W Finnegan
Finnegan, Malinda Ann d-12/11/1957; br-12/21/1956; age 11/22/1871; widowed; white; parents Ely Greenlee & Jane Teeters; born Bradysville Ohio; NR-Edsie Reilley niece
Finneran, Joseph M d-5/15/1955; br-5/18/1955; age 1/31/1887; married; white; parents Joseph Finneran & Mary Corcoran; born Cincinnati; lot owner Wm Volk, son-in-law; NR-Mrs. Corrine Finneran
Finney, Albert C Jr. d-7/1/1963;  br-7/5/1963; age 43; married; white; parents Albert Finney & Arabelle Mann; born Paris KY; lot owner & NR Norma Finney, wife
Finnigan, Martin br-7/ 7/1931
Fiorelli, Myrtle d-7/ 15/1970; br-7/ 18/1970; age 4/1/1891; age 79; married; white; parents John & Belle Hicks; born Ky. NR-James Fiorelli, husband
Firerringer, Ida (child) br-11/13/1892
First, Infant br-8/30/1900
First, Infant br-7/17/1911
First, Leah br-1/21/1925
First, Norbert br-7/8/1920; removed From Sec 9 grave 564
First, Norman W d-8/2/1972; br-8/5/1972; age 56; married; white; parents Raymond & Edna (Mueller) born Cincinnati; LO & NR  Lucille First-wife 
Firth, Bernice Miller br-9/17/1934
Firth, Catherine M br-6/1/1936; age 5/30/1936; born Dayton KY; parents Frank & Florence (Nichels)
Firth Edward d-8/24/1943; br-8/26/1943; age 11/24/1891; born Newport; parents Frank & Margaret Firth; removed Frank Firth
Firth, Edward J br-10/6/1931; LO-Edward Firth
Firth, Florence single grave 750 sec 72
Firth, Frank d-11/12/1950; br-11/15/1950; age 11/27/1888; married; white; born Newport; parents Frank & Margaret (Potter) NR-Florence Firth
Firth, George br-4/16/1904
Firth, John F br-2/13/1934; LO-Schulenberg
Firth, Joseph (child) br-3/26/1897
Firth, Mary M Clemmes d-3/1/1936;  br-3/4/1936; age 4/23/1863; widowed; born Cincinnati; LO-Edward J Firth
Firth, Thomas br-5/1/1923
Firth, Thomas R d-4/8/1967; br-4/8/1967; age 65; married; white; parents Edward J & Mary (Clemmer) born Cincinnati; LO-Edward J Firth-son; NR-Catherine Firth-wife
Fischer, Ada d-6/21/1968; br-6/24/1968; age 86; widowed; white; parents Squire & Elisa J Groves; born Gallatin Ky. NR-Garnet Murley-daughter
Fischer, Anna br-6/15/1906
Fischer, Charcilla d-8/16/1959; br-8/20/1959; age 54; married; white; born Lee Co Ky. parents Thomas J. Townsend & Celia Whisman; LO & NR-Clifford Fischer-husband
Fischer, Chas d-May/4/1946; br-May 7/1946; age 12/28/1889; married; born Cincinnati; parents Fred & Elizabeth Fischer; LO Clara M Fischer; removed by Clara Fischer
Fischer David d-11/25/1960; br-11/28/1960; age 73; married; white; parents Ernest & Caroline Fischer; born Cincinnati; LO-K Fischer & LeRoy & Catherine Fischer; NR-Katherine Fischer-wife
Fischer, Elizabeth br-4/9/1949; age 72; widowed; nee Treding; LO-Paul C Fischer
Fischer, Geo br-6/2/1933; LO-Phoebe Fischer
Fischer, Henry L br-1/22/1908
Fischer, Ida May d-4/17/1939; br-4/20/1939; age 4/19/1859; born Manchester Ohio; widowed; parents Wm. H. Bowen & Vince Ann Gutheridge; LO-H C McMahan; removed Mrs. Robert Plaga
Fischer, Child of Chas & Dorothy; d-8/25/1936; br-8/27/1936; age 8/25/1936; LO-Jos. Grees Clement
Fischer J W br-1/8/1892
Fischer Johanna br-1/20/1885
Fischer, John Andrew d-10/28/1963; br-12/31/1963; age 5/1/1884; single; white; born Newport; parents Gettleib & Mary (Cook) LO & NR-Laura Fischer-sister
Fischer, Julia d-11/2/1954; br-6/25/1957; age 9/27/1904; white; parents Frank Elliott; born Ohio; residence 2980 B. St. San Diego California; ashes in casket of Frank Elliott; NR-Virginia Elliott-sister
Fischer, Katherine d-7/10/1969; br-7/14/1969; age 84; widowed; white; parents Frank Schack & ?; born Newport; LO-self; NR-Leroy D Fischer-son
Fischer, Katherine br-2/18/1916
Fischer, Laura Virginia d-4/15/1966; br-4/18/1966; age 11/23/1887; single; white; born Newport; parents Gottleib Fischer & Isabella Cook; LO & NR-Frank L Poinsett-cousin 
Fischer, Lawrence br-1/12/1892
Fischer, Margaret br-7/5/1945; br-7/7/1945; age 2/9/1872; widowed; born Cincinnati; parents Christian Theobald & ?; LO-Dora & Gertrude Fischer
Fischer, Martha br-8/11/1927
Fischer, Mary Gay d-3/3/1973; br-3/6/1973; age 66; married; white; parents Elmer T Smith Gay Clark; born Bellevue; LO & NR Sylvester Fischer-husband 
Fischer, Mary Margaret d-12/21/1975; br-12/24/1975; age 63; parents Thomas King & Mary Miller; born Campton. Ky. NR-Paul Fischer-husband
Fischer, Phoebe d-5/29/1971; br-7/3/1971; parents Joseph Annis & Amanda Miranda; born Cincinnati; LO-Phoebe Fischer; NR-Clifford Fischer-son
Fischer, Samuel br-10/26/1884
Fischer, Thomas A d-1/13/1966; br-1/17/1966; age 81; married; white; born Ohio; parents Michael & Eleanor; LO & NR-Ada Fischer-wife
Fischer, Veronica br-9/25/1883
Fischer, William br-4/10/1897
Fischer, William d-1/23/1965; br-1/26/1965; age 70; born Newport; single; white; parents William Fischer & Anna Lang; LO-William Fischer-Son NR-Anna Carper-sister
Fischer William M d-3/20/1966; br-3/23/1966; age 74; married; white; born Newport; parents William Fischer & Martha Snitzler; LO & NR-Emiline Fischer-wife
Fischer Wm d-10/1/1945; d- 9/27/1946; age 84; widowed; born Newport; Removed John N Fischer
Fischer Wm br-9/19/1919
Fischer William Clarence d-6/14/1971; br-6/17/1971; married; white; parents John Fischer; born Covington; LO-Mary K. Henry; NR-Ruth Fischer-wife
Fish Josephine Marie d-2/15/1969; br-2/19/1969; age 6/8/1910; married; white; born Ky. parents Frank Williamson & Lucy Si?es; LO & NR-David Fish-husband
Fisher Adam (child) br-11/22/1891
Fisher, Adolph d-1/22/1942; br-1/24/1942; age 57; married born Falmouth Ky. parents Archie Fisher & Kate Walch; removed by Mary Setter Fisher
Fisher, Albert d-1/20/1957; br-1/23/1957; age 82; widowed; white; parents Eutychus & Marcy Fisher; born Bellevue; LO-Albert Fisher NR-Fan Keeney-daughter
Fisher. Albert br-5/13/1913
Fisher, Alfred B d-2/11/1936; br-2/13/1961; married; born Ky. parents Chas & Ann Fisher; LO-Irene Fisher
Fisher Alice C (ashes) br-4/4/1932; LO-Alenze Fisher
Fisher, Alonzo br-6/21/1884
Fisher, Amanda br-6/5/1913
Fisher, Annie Theresa d-2/10/1937; br-2/13/1937; age 5/4/1867; single; born England; parents Entychus & Marcy Fisher; LO-F H Fisher
Fisher, Barbara br-4/30/1887
Fisher Bernhard br-9/5/1912
Fisher, Bertha br-9/18/1889
Fisher, Bertha d-11/30/1952; br-12/3/1952; age 4/23/1862; widowed; white; born Germany; parents John & Emma Gantner; LO-Wm Fisher; NR-John Fisher
Fisher, Carl br-1/7/1922
Fisher, Chas br-4/29/1894
Fisher, Clarence Christian br-3/24/1931; LO-Lena Fisher
Fisher, Daisy d-2/10/1959; br-2/12/1959; age 2/13/1887; widowed; white; parents Robert Craig & ? Fellers; born Cincinnati; LO-Daisy Fisher; NR-George Fisher Jr. son
Fisher, Dan br-6/30/1896
Fisher, Earl Randolph d-12/24/1940; br-12/27/1940; age 51; married; born Ohio; LO-Henry Steinhauser; removed by Eloise Fisher
Fisher Edw. C br-7/26/1889
Fisher, Elizabeth br-3/14/1908
Fisher, Elizabeth Bary br-9/4/1904
Fisher, Elsie Edith d-11/30/1962; br-12/5/1962; age 7/27/1889; widowed; white; parents Henry Steinhauser & Betty Klotzback; born Newport; LO-Henry Steinhauer-father; NR-Wilbur L. Steinhauser-nephew
Fisher, Emma F br-7/25/1892
Fisher, Emmite Franklin Jr. d-11/14/1953; br-11/17/1953; age 11/7/1923; Infant; white; parents Emmite Frank Fisher & Imogene Smith; NR-Emmite
Fisher, Ernest d-7/9/1951; br-7/31/1951; age 10/20/1875; married; white; born New Orleans; LO-Chas Cooper; ashes in concrete; NR-Beulah
Fisher, Ernat br-4/12/1906
Fisher, Fannie br-7/16/1912
Fisher, Fannie d-7/31/1942; br-8/4/1942; age 9/18/1870; married; born Newport; parents Nicholas & Mary Knoblock; LO-Albert Fisher
Fisher, Florence d-7/27/1957; br-7/31/1957; age 2/26/1899; widowed; white; parents Frank & Maude Brooks; born Kenton Co; LO & NR-Laverna Fisher-mother;
Fisher, Florence d-12/12/1953; br-12/16/1953; age 7/13/1885; married; white; parents James & Lena Rogers; born Newport; LO-Lena Fisher-daughter
Fisher, Frances d-1/30/1958; br-2/1/1958; age 7/22/1883; widowed; white; parents Jacob Fisher & Margaret Metz; born Newport; LO- Frances Fisher; NR-Jessie Stryker-daughter
Fisher, Frances Elizabeth  d-4/24/1916; br-4/25/1916; age 4/15/1916; child; parents Frank & Bertha Fisher; LO-Wm Fisher-grandfather
Fisher, Francis br-8/15/1933
Fisher, Fred M d-2/13/1961; br-2/16/1961; age 29; married; white; parents Fred R Fisher & Nellie Marshall; born Ft Thomas; LO & NR-Louella Fisher-wife
Fisher, Fred Raymond  d-9/8/1960; br-9/13/1960; age 56; parents Wm R Fisher & Elizabeth Shugg; born Cumberland Md. LO-Fred Fisher; NR-Carcle Wood-daughter
Fisher, Frederick Henry  br-9/23/1949; age 79; parents Budyens & Merey;
Fisher, G  br-7/26/1892
Fisher, George  d-8/7/1954; br-8/10/1954; age 69; married; white; parents Thomas & Margaret Fisher; born Cincinnati; LO & NR-Daisy Fisher-wife
Fisher, George W d-3/1/1944; br-3/4/1944; age 12/31/1893; married; born Pomeroy Ohio; parents Henry Fisher & Mary Price; LO-Anna Ader; removed by Florence Fisher
Fisher. Graver d-9/2/1936; br-9/5/1936; age 11/25/1885; married born Ky. parents Archibald & no record
Fisher, Henry  br-4/2/1902;
Fisher, Henry P Sr. d-7/25/1953; br-7/29/1953; age 89; born Newport; LO-Mary K Fisher; NR-Henry P Fisher Jr.
Fisher, Henry Phillip  d-4/5/1962; br-4/7/1962; age 4/16/1897; widowed; white; parents Henry P Fisher & Mary K Ackerman; born Newport; LO-Mary K Fisher-mother; NR-Gladys Brazier-sister
Fisher, Infant br-4/26/1887
Fisher, Infant br-6/9/1892
Fisher, Infant  br-3/22/1926
Fisher, Infant (colored) br-3/9/1910
Fisher, Infant d-4/12/1943; br-4/13/1943; age 4/12/1943; born Covington; parents George & Gloria Fisher; removed by George Fisher Fisher, Isabella  br-7/10/1911;
Fisher, James Mack  d-3/13/1945; br-3/15/1945; age 73; married; born Covington; parents James & Elizabeth; LO-William Fisher
Fisher, Jasper D  br-2/11/1913; removed from Sec. 15 Grave 52. to Sec 34 lot 23
Fisher, John br-6/14/1883
Fisher, John  br-12/28/1891
Fisher, John H d-8/22/1940; br-8/26/1940; age 9/8/1865; married; born Newport; parents Henry & Catherine Fisher; LO- Henry Fisher Fisher, John (child)  br-7/8/1895
Fisher Jonathan Abe br-12/23/1947; age 11/10/1887; born Newport; parents Henry & Mary ? (Rice) LO-Ader; removed by Mrs. Walter Ader
Fisher, Kate br-4/30/1913; removed from sec 40 lot 4 to single grave 631 sec 28
Fisher, Lena Berth d-2/11/1945; br-2/14/1945; age 7/2/1861; widowed; born Campbell Co; removed by Florence Fisher
Fisher, Louisa  br-12/6/1906
Fisher, Louis May  br-4/9/1890
Fisher, Margaret Elizabeth  d-3/6/1957; br-3/9/1957; age 12/4/1900; married; white; born Covington; parents Lawrence Wedding; NR-Henry P Fisher-husband
Fisher Mary K  d-5/2/1951; br-5/4/1951; age 58; born Maysville Ky. NR-Mr. E W Fisher
Fisher, Mary K  br-9/26/1934
Fisher, Mary K  br-2/1/1918
Fisher, Mary Elizabeth  d-8/10/1948; br-8/16/1948; age 8/7/1859; married; born Elizabethtown Pa. parents Henry Price & Abigail Davis; LO-Ader; removed by Mrs. Anna Ader
Fisher, Mary Maude d-7/28/1952; br-7/21/1952; age 11/24/1872; widowed; white; born Albany Indiana; parents Samuel & Chalista Baennen; LO & NR-Thelma Fry
Fisher, Marcy  br-6/28/1911
Fisher Mormie d-11/19/1954; br-11/23/1954; age 37; married; white; born Cincinnati; parents Carl & Anna; 
Fisher, Nancy (adult) br-9/2/1896
Fisher, Nellie  d-4/12/1941; br-4/16/1941; age 12/16/1887; married; born Newport; parents Frank Barber & Emma Allaway; LO-Anna Ader; removed by Abe Fisher
Fisher, Nellie M br-12/13/1958; age 12/30/1902; married; white; born Burlington Ky. parents John Marshal & Minnie Marshall; LO & NR-Fred Fisher-husband 
Fisher, Norman Paul  d-2/3/1945; br-2/5/1945; age 1/31/1945; born Dayton Ky. parents Norman & Mary Edith; removed by Norman Fisher
Fisher, P Mrs. br-6/27/1894
Fisher, Pater W br-11/26/1910
Fisher, Robert C  d-2/1/1936; br-2/4/1936; single; parents Chas E & Margaret;
Fisher Robert Thomas d-5/30/1970; br-6/2/1970; age 63; white; parents George & Daisy (Craig) born Cincinnati; NR-Geneva Wells Fisher-wife
Fisher, Ruben M  d-4/9/1962; br-4/13/1962; age 3/10/1895; divorced; white; born Pomeroy Ohio; parents Adam & Mary (Price) NR-Mildred Park-daughter
Fisher, Sadie d-8/31/1958; br-9/3/1953; age 88; widowed; white; born Newport;  parents Taylor & Jane Alice Williams; LO-Williams & Fisher; NR-Albert C Fisher-son
Fisher, Sarah  d-4/29/1935; br-5/2/1935; age 2/19/1935 (as shown) widowed born KY
Fisher, Sarah S C  br-4/30/1904
Fisher, Thomas G  d-1/25/1941; br-1/28/1941; age 82; married; born KY; LO-Clive Neubauer; removed by Margaret Fisher
Fisher, Wm  br-3/17/1921
Fisk, Elizabeth  br-1/29/1919
Fisk, Infant  br-10/17/1911
Fisk, James H  br-2/17/1912
Fisk, Marie Ellen  br-10/17/1911
Fisse, Laura  br-3/5/1917
Fissell, Joseph  br-9/5/1922
Fissell, Minnie  br-10/22/1936; age 67; widowed; born Newport; LO-J G Curtis-daughter
Fister, Ellen  br-2/24/1923
Fister, Emma  d-2/14/1972; br-2/17/1972; age 79; widowed; white; born Cincinnati; parents Uranus Staib & Elizabeth Samulowitz; LO-Matilda Fisher & Belle Holabird; NR-Elizabeth Gephart-daughter
Fister, Gus U d-1/16/1947; br-1/21/1947; age 3/19/1877; born Bellevue; parent Gus J Fister
Fister, Gus J br-3/9/1925
Fister, Infant  br-1/23/1928
Fister, Harrison B  d-6/30/1945; br-7/3/1945; married; born Bellevue; parents Justine & Mary Ellenore; LO-G J Fister
Fister, Lena  br-10/16/1898
Fister, Louisa  br-1/30/1908
Fister, Matilda  d-7/19/1965; br-7/23/1965; age 89; single; white; born Bellevue; parents August Fister & Ellen Ryan; LO-G J Fister- daughter; NR-Mrs. Vernon Getz-sister
Fister, Nellie br-7/26/1885
Fister, Raymond d-7/27/1969; br-7/30/1969; age 73; single; white; parents August Fister & Ellen Ryan Fister; born KY; LO-Jus Fister NR-J S Lusk-nephew
Fister, Dr Wilbur d-8/23/1966; br-8/26/1966; age 73; married; white; parents August Fister & Ellen Ryan; born Bellevue; LR-Fister & Holabird; NR-Emma Fister (wife)
Fitch Allen H d-12/12/1947; br-2/15/1947; age 67; married; born Tollesboro KY; parents Matthew & Eugenia Sitch lot owner t.W. Davis
Fitch Anna br-4/6/1900
Fitch Annetta d-4/30/1965; br-5/5/1965; age 58; single; white; parents Allen Fitch & Lydia Davies; born Newport; LO-Thomas W Davies-grandfather; NR-Loren Pratt-sister
Fitch, Lydia d-3/17/1954; br-3/20/1954; age 74; married; white; parents Thomas W Ann Davies; born Cleveland Ohio; LO-T W Davis-father; NR-Dorothea Pratt
Fitch, --- br-8/17/1928
Fitch, T Cloyd br-3/17/1900
Fich Thomas C  D-3/20/1937; br-4/2/1937; age 89; married; born Indiana; lot owner T C Fitch
Fite, Eva C d-1/28/1970; br-1/31/1970; age 87; parents DeWitt Clift & Elizabeth Henderson; born California KY; LO-Luther W Fite-husband; NR-Violet Herold (daughter)
Fite, Luther Webster d-11/4/1932; br-11/7/1952; age 3/7/1882; married; white; born Ripley Ohio; parents Daniel Fite Elizabeth Soyus; LO-Luther W Fite; NR-Eva Clift Fite
Fite William E d-12/24/1963; br-12/27/1963; age 3/17/1896; married; white; parents William & Nancy Fite; born Hamersville Ohio; LO & NR-Nellie Fite-wife
Fithen, Cranie (adult) br-1/15/1896
Fitter, Betty d-6/22/1959; br-6/25/1959; age 10/18/--; widowed; white; parents John Ebner & Margaret T. Bagley; born London Ohio; LO-Betty Fitter; NR-Sister Mary Matilda
Fitter, Edward d-2/25/1957; br-2/28/1957; age 10/22/1888; married; white; born Cincinnati Ohio; LO & NR-Betty Fitter-wife
Fitter, Pearl br-8/28/1902
Fitterer, Ida May d-11/12/1950; br-11/15/1950; age 1/12/1888; born Baltimore Maryland; parents Conrad & Ida Thompson; LO & NR-Walter Fitterer-husband
Fitterer, Robt br-10/11/1929
Fitterer Rosetta d-10/18/1975; br-10/21/1975; married; parents Henry Buchanan & Della Cole; born Madison Indiana; LO & NR-Joseph Fitterer-husband
Fitterer Walter J d-5/5/1964; br-5/8/1964; age 77; widowed; white; parents Walter E Fitterer & Carrie Demler; born Newport; LO- Walter Fitterer; NR-Zelma Hardin-daughter
Fitterer, Carrie br-4/25/1911
Fitters, Infant (city of Newport) br-1/22/1937; age 1/21/1937; born Dayton KY; parents Robert & Gayla Fitters; removed by father Robert Fitters
Fitsenberger, Helen J br-9/3/1918
Fitzer, Albert br-6/7/1903
Fizer, Clara br-2/29/1904
Fitzer Edward br-12/27/1927
Fitzer Emma br-4/18/1908
Fitzer Henrietta br-4/9/1915
Fitzer Infant br-7/14/1894
Fitzer, Norma d-2/7/1975; br-2/10/1975; age 87; parents; Charles Bertelsman & Pauline Kuehnie; born Newport; NR-Virginia Fitzer Fitzer Wm br-5/5/1917
Fitzenberger. Percy R d-6/16/1954; age 67; parents Joseph Fitzenberger & Mary O Rayann; born U.S.A. NR-Mrs. Richard Hugo
Fitzgerald, Chas br-3/13/1925
Fitzgerald, Nancy br-4/15/1895
Fitzgerald, Patrick d-3/16/1947; br-3/19/1947; age 9/22/1886; single; born Penn; LO-Fermer; removed by Mrs. R Farmer
Fitzgerald, Paul H d-5/16/1971; br-5/22/1971; age 68; married; white; parents Harry Fitzgerald & Margaret Hartley; born Chicago Ill. LO & NR-Betty R. Fitzgerald-wife
Fitzgerald Pleasant br-4/21/1895
Fitzerald, Victor br-2/21/1887
Fitzpatrick, Minnie Belle d-7/5/1947; br-7/8/1947; age 10/13/1881; widowed; born Lexington KY; parents Ollie Bishop & Thersa Tudor; removed by Michael F Cates
Fitzsimmons, Carrie May d-2/13/1946; br-2/16/1946; age 12/-- /1863; widowed; white parents Martin & Carrie Straus; born Lexington KY; LO-Carrie Straus-daughter; NR-Edith Wittman
Fitzsimmons, Thomas br-1/17/1925
Fitzwater, Cecil T d-8/24/1972; br-8/28/1972; age 64; married; white; parents James & Stella; born Cynthiana KY; LO & NR-Margaret Fitzwater-wife
, Rev Joseph W d-7/11/1956; br-7/14/1956; age 4/3/1898; married; white; parents John Mead Fix & Carrie Lee Holt; born Rawley N Carolina; disease heart failure; LO & NR-Eloise Fix-wife
Flad, Carolina br-12/17/1900
Flaherty, Glenn d-11/5/1950; br-11/8/1950; age 43; married; white; born Henderson KY; parents John & Laura Flaherty; NR-Beverly Flaherty
Flaig, Albert W d-6/7/1971; br-6/10/71; age 75; white; parents William & Anna Flaig; born Newport; LO & NR-Lillian Stith
Flaig Anna br-4/14/1925
Flaig Anna Eliz. br-5/27/1911
Flaig, Chas br-12/23/1932; LO-Flaig
Flaig, Edward d-12/27/1974; br-12/30/1974; age 69; parents William Flaig; born Newport; NR-William Flaig-brother
Ella d-3/1/1950; br-3/4/1950; age 86; widowed; white; born Newport; parents -- Miller & Elizabeth Neyman; LO-Wm. Flaig; NR-Mrs. J M Eanleuvan
Flaig George br-1/13/1933
Flaig Henry d-12/15/1962; br-12/19/1962; age 77; married; white; parents Charles Flaig & Rose Boden; born Campbell Co; LO-owners Henry & Daisy Flaig; NR-Daisy Flaig-wife
Flaig, Lillian d-6/7/1974; br-6/10/1974; age 75; parents John Leidel & Mary Knoch; born Newport; NR-Lillian Stith
Flaig Wilbert E d-11/29/1958; br-12/3/1958; age 10/14/1907; single; white; parents Henry C Flaig & Daisy McKinley; born Newport; LO-Henry & Daisy Flaig; NR-Henry C Flaig-father
Flaig William  d-6/4/1936; br-6/8/1936; age 70; married; born Hamilton Co. Ohio; parents Angus Flaig
Flairty, John br-7/19/1887
Flanagan Ada J br-7/12/1947; br-7/16/1947; age 8/21/1877; born Campbell Co; parents Joseph Shack & Emma Linville; LO- self; removed by Edna Griffith
Flanagan, Jno. A  d-3/2/1946; br-3/6/1946; age 83; married; born Newport; parents Cornelius Flanagan; LO-Ada Flanagan; removed by Ada Flanagan
Flanders Margaret S br-12/31/1928; LO- Sam W Shaw
Flanders, W E  d-1/22/1938; br-10/25/1938; age 74; widowed; born Georgia; LO-Samuel Shaw
Flangher, Louise M br-6/13/1912
Flannelly, Cell A. d-10/12/1961; br-10/16/1961; married; white; parents Louis Kaeser; born Cincinnati; NR-Manus Flannelly-husband
Flannelly, Manus J d-6/21/1973; br-6/25/1973; age 89; widowed; white; parents Thomas Flannelly & Elizabeth Hunt; LO-self Flannery, Edna br-7/11/1925
Flannery, Infants (Twins)  b&d 11/16/1959; br-11/18/1959; white; parents Frank Flannery & Laura Dawes; born Dayton KY; NR- Frank Flannery-father
Flannery, Infant d-11/1/1958; br-11/4/1958; age 11/1/1958; parents John F Flannery & Laura B Dawes; NR-John F Flannery- father
Flannery, Isabelle br-4/19/1902
Flattery, T J  br-4/29/1895
Flaughers, Alice br-2/21/1922
Fleagun, Lena (child) br-7/20/1887
Fleahman, Adam br-2/20/1906
Fleahman Louisa br-4/25/1894
Fleischer, Infant br-2/8/1904
Fleischmann, Elizabeth  d-3/18/1962; br-3/20/1962; age 88; widowed; white; parents Thomas Dameron & Margaret Murnan; born Kentucky; LO-Thomas Dameron-father; NR-Willard McCrea
Fleischman, Geo br-5/6/1929; LO-Thos Dameron
Fleischman, Wm br-8/2/1934; LO-Dameron
Fleischmer, Robert br-1/31/1905
Fleiss, Amalia H d-10/20/1974; br-10/23/1974; age 76; parents Julius Fleiss & Barbara Seamon; NR-Ellsworth Worst
Fleiss, Barbara br-3/19/1918
Fleiss, Edwin A  d-15 Mar 1944; br-3/15/1944; age 6/26/1895; single; born Cincinnati; parents Julius & Barbara Fleiss; LO-Julian Fleiss; removed by Julius Fleiss
Fleiss, Julius A d-3/16/1946; br-3/19/1946; age 86; widowed; born Germany; LO-Julius Fleiss; removed by Miss Amelia Fleiss
Fleitz, Catherine br-4/16/1949; widowed; parents Robert & Eliza De Moss; LO-self
Fleitz Geo Ryan br-4/23/1929; LO-Catherine Fleitz
Fleming, Carrie d-2/19/1945; br-2/22/1945; age 4/23/1865; married; born Newport; parents Valentine & Elizabeth Smith; LO-self removed by Miss Emma Smith
Fleming Edward br-1/3/1901
Fleming Edward br-1/21/1914
Fleming, Geneva br-4/7/1908
Fleming, Infant br-8/24/1910
Fleming, Infant br-7/1/1910
Fleming Ira H br-6/20/1928
Fleming James br-4/21/1915
Fleming, Margaret br-11/9/1918
Fleming, Margaret Mrs. br-8/13/1910
Fleming, Rose d-6/17/1962; br-6/19/1962; age 77; widowed; white; parents John Young; born Vandergrift Pa. LO-Paul Hausman- Permission to use by heirs of Paul Hausman; NR-William O Fleming-son
Fleming William R d-4/24/1956; br-4/27/1956; age 74; married; white; parents Walter & Lucatta Fleming; born Reynoldsville Pa; LO- owner Hauseman; Permission given by Naomi Mausman daughter; NR-Rose Fleming-wife
Fleming, Wm br-8/26/1916
Fleming, Wm d-1/5/1946; br-1/12/1946; age 4/28/1901; married; born Ohio; removed by Mrs. Daisy Casey
Flemings, Mary (Infant) br-9/9/1899
Fleming Chas d-7/3/1948; br-7/8/1948; age 1910; married; white; born Addison Ohio; parents Albert & Daisy Fleming; removed by Mrs. Violet Meyer
Flerlage Alma d-6/18/1966; br-6/21/1966; age 82; widowed; white parents ? Smith; LO-Alma Flerlage; NR-Malcolm Roads Atty.
Flerlage, Lawrence L d-12/11/1958; br-2/12/1958; age 77; married; white; parents George & Mary Flerlage; born Independence Ky. LO & NR-Alma Flerlage-wife 
Flerlage, Stuart Q  d-5/24/1966; br-5/27/1966; age 12/25/1901; married; white; parents John Flerlage & Catherine Bromm; born Cincinnati Ohio; LO & NR-Minnie Hart Flerlage-wife
Fletcher, Charles S br-11/4/1906
Fletcher, Clara br-3/29/1898
Fletcher, Elizabeth br-4/20/1893
Fletcher Emma Mrs. br-9/24/1888
Fletcher, F (child) br-10/1/1892
Fletcher, Harold br-3/29/1898
Fletcher. Harry K br-12/22/1907
Fletcher, Isabella br-9/11/1926
Fletcher James br-8/23/1920
Fletcher. Mary br-4/20/1908
Fletcher Mary br-6/28/1915
Fletcher, Mary br-12/17/1918
Fletcher, Walter br-9/3/1900
Fletcher Wm br-10/23/1930
Flick, Martin P d-6/21/1964; br-6/25/1964; age 2/15/1890; married; white; parents John Flick; born Cincinnati Ohio; LO & NR-Myrtle Morrison Flick-wife 
Flick, Myrtle d-Oct 1969; br-10/11/1969; age76; widowed; white; birth Ohio
Flickinger, Dorothy br-3/18/1921
Flickinger, Fred b-11/28/1903
Flickinger, Fred James b-11/19/1936; br-11/23/1936; age 31; single; birth Ky. s/o Fred & Margaret Flickinger; LO-Fred Flickinger
Flickinger Frederick
br-12/27/1932; LO-same
Flickinger, Infant br-6/9/1904
Flickinger Katherine br-11/28/1922
Flickinger, Margaret d-1/7/1957; br-1/10/1957; age 6/12/1885; widowed; white; parents Richard & Tina Alloway; birth Newport; cause of death Coronary occlusion; LO-Fred Flickinger; relation husband; NR-daughter-Mrs. Wm Henley
Flickinger Margaret br-10/10/1932; LO-F Flickinger
Fliehman Elizabeth br-1/18/1899
Flinchum, Infant b&d 5/27/1961; white; parents Glenn Flinchum & Yvonne Andrea; NR-Glenn Flinchum-father
Flinchum, Infant b&d 8/12/1956; br-8/14/1956; white; parents Glen Flinchum & Yvonna Andrea; NR-Glenn Flinchum-father
Flinchum Lenn Craig. d-12/24/1955; br-12/27/1955; age 12/22/1955; white; parents Glenn Flinchum & Yvonne Andrea; NR-Glenn Flinchum-father
Flint, Clifford Edwin d-12/5/1941; br-12/2/1941; age 4/27/1884; married; born Cincinnati; parents Edwin H. & Emiline Totton; removed by Clifford Flint
Flint, Mabel d-12/14/1960; br-12/14/1960; age 3/24/1891; widowed; white; d/o George Aull; born Covington Ky. LO-George Aull-father; NR-Edith Beckler-daughter
Flint, Margaret d-10/15/1970; br-10/19/1970; age 7/4/1884; white; d/o Henry Rose; born Ohio; NR-Clifford Flint-son
Flint, Walter D d-5/8/1958; br-5/10/1958; age 5/21/1881; white; s/o Alford Flint & Mary Ann Anderson; born Indiana; cause of death cerebral thrombosis; LO-Alex Kinney; NR-Mabel Flint
Flintroy Jas. (colored) city order br-5/25/1917
Floger, Alice (how the card is)
Flowers, Alberta br-8/23/1918
Floyd, Nellie Mae d-7/2/1960; br-7/7/1960; age 66y 8m 15days; d/o Wm Pferrman & Matilda Rich; LO-May Whuck; NR-Alonzo C Floyd-husband
Fluegemen, Della (Booker) d-1/17/1971; br-1/20/1971; age 74; widowed; white; d/o William Luzader & Emma Simon; NR-William Booker-son
Fluke, Beatrice b-7/7/1925
Flummer, Bessie A br-12/16/1918
Flummer, James br-2/10/1916
Flummer, Louis ?  d-2/10/1941; br-2/13/1941; age 3/13/1876; married; born Louis Co KY; s/o James & Eliza (Fitch) LO- Bertha M Flummer; removed by Bertha M Flummer
Flummer. Luther d-1/28/1937; br-2/1/1937; age 12/24/1873; married; born Ky. s/o James & Eliza (Flich) LO-Louis A Flummer; cause of death (pneumonia)
Flummer, -- Ann  d-11/14/1940; br-11/16/1940; age 3/19/1871; born Carrs Ky. d/o James & Eliza (Fitch) removed by William Flummer
Flynn, Chas M br-11/18/1916
Flynn, James V d-12/8/1945; br-12/12/1945; age 45; married; born Mt. Sterling Ky. s/o Deward Flynn & Julia Leap; LO-Mary M Flynn; removed by Mary Flynn
Flynn Mary Margaret d-10/1/1963; br-10/4/1963; age 59; widowed; white; d/o Thomas Moore; LO-Mary M Flynn-self; NR-James Flynn-son
Flynn Viela Marie d-4/17/1950; br-4/19/1950; age 37; married; white; born Newport; d/o Andrew Young & Christina Heiert; LO-Christian Young-father; NR-Jack Flynn
Focke, Helen E d-8/5/1972; br-8/8/1972; age 1/7/1901; widowed; white; d/o Frederick Altemeier & Mathilda Rust; born Cincinnati; LO-Matilda Altameier-daughter; NR-Albert Focke Jr. son
Foerdener, Louisa br-3/20/1916
Foerderer, Ann Elizabeth d-3/3/1945; br-3/6/1945; age 11/23/1880; married; born Campbell Co; d/o Jacob & Christian Fausz
Foerderer, Emil  d-2/17/1961; br-2/15/1961; age 2/28/1874; widowed; white; s/o John & Louise; born Germany; LO-Foerderer & Fillhard; NR-Carl Fillhardt-stepson
Foertmeyer, Dr. William A d-11/20/1961; br-11/22/1961; age 73; married; white; s/o William Louis & Anna (Wunder) born Cincinnati; LO-Wm A & Nellie Foertmeyer; NR-Nellie Foertmeyer-wife
Foesinger, Sarah br-5/4/1895
Fogarty, Caroline (ashes) br-4/6/1921
Fogel, Albert br-5/24/1888
Fogle, Daisy d-2/24/1973; br-2/27/1973; age 2/17/1897; widowed; white; d/o Edward Hynes & Daisy Smith; born New Albany Ind. NR-Ralph Fogle-son
Fogle, Bessie (child) br-3/20/1896
Fogle, Chas E br-8/17/1949; age 58; married; s/o Chas & Ella; LO-Ewing
Fogle Mary (Infant) br-3/25/1912
Fogle, Wm H  d-11/1/1969; br-11/5/1969; age 6/13/1891; married; white; s/o Jasper; born Boston KY; LO & NR-Ralph Fogle-son
Fohlbush, Katherine Eloise br-May 18 1944
Foldman, Christiana (adult) br-2/13/1896
Foley Daisy d-20 May 1938; br-22 May 1938; age 6 Mar 1876; widowed; born Ironton Ohio; d/o Ellis Moore & Rebecca; LO-self;  removed by Daniel Foley
Foley, Daniel br-5/4/1920
Folger, Alice M d-11/20/1958; br-1/24/1958; age 3/16/1870; widowed; d/o Samuel Burland & Eliza ?ane Davis; born Cincinnati; LO- Alice Folger;  NR-Edwin Johns-brother
Folger, Wm H  d-3/4/1946; br-3/7/1946; age 76; married; born Cincinnati; s/o Louis R Floger; removed by Alice Floger
Follette, Anna Youmans d-2/17/1947; br-2/19/1947; age 10/19/1871; widowed; born Newport; d/o John & Laura Youmans; LO- Winona Lenn; removed by Mrs. Winona Lann
Follette, Harry A  d-11/28/1940; br-11/30/1940; age 8/11/1870; married; born Campbell Co; s/o John T Follette & Gertrude Baker; LO-J T Follette;  removed by Winona Lann
Follette Infant br-4/1/1897
Follette. John T br-12/7/1918
Follette Lou  br-7/20/1915
Follette, Ruth  br-5/13/1904
Follick Harold single grave 647 sec 45
Follick Harry d-1/9/1971; br-1/6/1971; age 83; married; born Kansas; s/o Fred Follick & Martha; NR-Mrs. Josephine Follick-wife
Follich, Infant br-10/15/1918
Follick, Josephine F d-4/19/1971; br-4/22/1971; age 3/19/1884; widowed; d/o John Bonshoff & Elizabeth Lange; born Dayton KY: NR-Harold Follick-son
Follich, Infant br-8/1/1919
Follman, Floyd O br-2/24/1926
Foltz, Elizabeth d-5/24/1975; br-5/28/1975; d/o Clarence Martin & Martha Jane Hewling; born Ft. Thomas; NR-Albert M Foltz- husband
Foltz, Robert James br-12/24/1931; LO-Mattie Martiz
Foos, Mary J br-11/4/1897
Foos Thomas br-2/4/1911
Foote, Electa Storrs d-4/23/1970; br-4/27/1970; age 77; widowed; d/o John Storrs & Lulan North; born Covington; NR-Mrs. R L Murray-daughter
Forbes, Irene E d-11/7/1971; br-11/10/1971; age 69; married; d/o Christine Cline & Grace Worthington; born Springfield, Ohio; LO- self; NR-Donald Cline-brother
Forbes, Mary A d-1/22/1972; br-1/26/1972; age 11/16/1889; single; white; LO-Frank Wampler-uncle
Forbes, Thomas F d-1/31/1975; br-2/3/1975; age 61; s/o James D Forbes & Natalie Larsen; born Lowndes Co. Ga. NR-Virginia Forbes-wife
Forbes, Virginia Yung d-6/16/1975; br-6/19/1975; age 61; d/o Peter Yung & Christine Glier; born Bellevue; NR-Peter J Forbes-son
Forbus, Wilbur H d-5/8/1960; br-5/12/1960; age 48; married; s/o Lester & Edna (White) LO & NR-Laura Forbus-wife
Ford, ---- single grave 167 sec. 48 residence 311 E. Patton-Covington
Ford Alma br-4/25/1885
Ford, Anna Elizabeth br-4/25/1932; LO-Harry Mess
Ford, Arthur br-4/29/1919
Ford Bessie br-1/29/1923
Ford Celess br-7/23/1918
Ford, Charles lot US Gov. br-4/6/1902; Undertaker Ft. Thomas. Gov.
Ford Chas br-4/10/1896
Ford, Clara br-3/3/1896
Ford Clay d-5/1/1943; br-5/4/1943; age 4/1/1886; married; born Mt. Zion Ky. s/o Jack & Arthusia Ford; removed by Ethel Ford
Ford, Edna Ethel d-6/21/1961; br-6/23/1961; widowed; d/o Charles Singer & Leann Dunham; born Ohio; LO-self; NR-Charles Hafer
Ford Edith br-5/21/1930; LO-Mary Ellen Ford
Ford Elizabeth br-8/10/1899
Ford Ellen br-11/13/1922
Ford, Ellen A d-1/31/1942; br-2/3/1942; age 7 9/1862; widowed; d/o Emery & Sarah Noyes; LO-self; born Whitman Mass; removed by Miss Lula Ford
Ford, Francis Gillespie, br-2/9/1931; LO-A J Gillespie
Ford Hattie Infant br-2/3/1883; LO-Wm Boden
Ford, Herbert G d-4/24/1962; br-4/27/1962; age 62; married; s/o James Ford & Mary Kennedy; born Grant Co. Ky. LO-Mary Allen Ford-mother; NR-Nancy Ford-wife
Ford, Infant br-6/21/1924
Ford, James d-5/16/1938; br-5/19/1939; age 5/15/1871; born Grant Co. Ky. s/o H A & Arthusia Ford; LO-Mary Ford
Ford, James br-10/22/1919
Ford, John br-3/4/1912
Ford Lee d-2/10/1944; br-12 Feb 1944; age 7/19/1871; widowed; born Newport; s/o Samuel & Mary Jane Ford; LO-Harry Moss; removed by Emma Cumming
Ford, Lorria R. br-7/20/1949; age 84; widowed; LO-Gillespie
Ford Lyman br-9/1/1915
Ford Margaret d-1/19/1945; br-1/22/1945; age 1/17/1870; widowed; born Augusta Ky. d/o John & Mary Sellers; removed by Willa Mae Ackman
Ford Mary Ann br-4/11/1931; LO-Wm Boden
Ford, Mary Ellen d-8/25/1940; br-8/28/1940; age 8/12/1876; widowed; born Gallatin Co. Ky. d/o Francis & Annie Kennedy; LO- Mary Ellen Ford; removed by James Ford
Ford Perry br-7/30/1902
Ford Tommy Lee b&d 6/12/1963; br-6/13/1963; s/o Charles T. Ford & Wanda L. Stamper; born Ft. Thomas; NR-Chas T Ford-father
Ford Walter br-12/6/1898; lot US Gov. undertaker Government in Ft. Thomas
Ford William br-4/7/1915
Fordice Janie (child) br-1/12/1891
Fordyce, William d-4/29/1966; br-5/3/1966; age 59; married; s/o Leonard Fordyce & Ollie Barber; born Newport; LO & NR-Willa Fordyce-wife
Forest William br-4/4/1910
Forester. Anna Wortley d-12/2/1936; br-12/4/1936; age 12/24/1856; widowed born West Va. d/o John & Martha Southall; died of cancer of the liver
Forester, Arthur E d-11/23/1970; br-11/27/1970; age 1/6/1880; widowed; s/o Paul Forester & Margaret Cappell; born Cincinnati Ohio; NR-Virginia Metz-daughter
Forester Charles C d-2/15/1959; br-2/18/1959; age 9/26/1885; married; s/o Walter Forster & Mary Maerton; born Newport; LO-Mary & Chas Cox-son-in-law; NR-Emma Forester-wife
Forester, Infant br-11/13/1916
Forester, Lillian E d-10/25/1963; br-10/26/1963; age 77; married; d/o Andrew Poehne & Anna Heckman; born Newport; LO-Joseph Hood; NR-Arthur E Forester-husband
Forester, Ruby C d-8/26/1959; br-8/29/1959; age 48; divorced; nee Chadwell; born Jellico, Tenn; NR-Miss Melda Forester-daughter
Forester, Wm br-1/26/1924
Forge, Sadie br-2/9/1916
Forgey, Ella br-3/19/1949; age 76; single; d/o John & Harriet Murchland
Forgey, Harold br-10/11/1945; age 46; divorced; born Freeiorn Pa. s/o John & Ellen Forgey
Forgey John H br-7/24/1929
Forman, Charles br-4/25/1907
Forseilles, Frank b-9/4/1855; br-1/10/1916; married; born France; s/o Joseph & Mary Forseilles
Forseilles. Frank b-3/17/1887; d-3/25/1936; married; born Ky. s/o Frank Forseilles & Anna; LO-Anna Forseilles
Fornash Alice Laverne b-1939; d-5/18/1941; br-5/21/1941; born Ky. d/o Wesley & Mary (Ross) removed by Wesley Forash 
Fornash, Mary a-28y; d-4/8/1945; br-4/11/1945; married; born Blaze Ky. d/o Chas Ross & Lillian Campbell; removed byWesley Fornash
Fornash, Melissa Dianne a-12 hours; d-4/27/1962; br-4/27/1962; s/o Forrest Fornash & Bonnie Jean Wilson; born Ft Thomas Ky. LO- John Voigt-great grandfather; signed permission Mrs. Wilson; NR-Forrest Fornash-father
Forrest. Ernast O br-11/22/1917
Forrest, Julia Ann br-4/19/1897
Forsee, Edna br-2/11/1930
Forsee, George br-7/18/1924
Forster, Mary br-6/7/1922
Forster. Emma d-3/19/1960; br-3/22/1960; age 60; Widowed white; d/o Chas L Cox & Mary; born Gallipolis Ohio; LO-Chas L Cox-father; NR-Robert L Foster-son
Forster, Oscar d-7/22/1947; br-7/25/1947; married; age 57; born Dayton Ky. s/o Walter & Mary Forster; LO-his
Forster, Walter d-5/27/1974; br-5/29/1974; age 87; s/o Walter Forster Sr. & Mary Maerten; born Newport; NR- Martha Forster
Forster, Walter br-12/10/1928; LO-S S Brown
Forstner, Alexander br-11/26/1919
Forstner, Geneva A br-4/15/27
Forthopfer, John N br-2/25/1919; on card this name Bessie Forthopfer
Forthuber, Mary br-2/7/1919
Fortlage, Albert William br-5/25/1940; age 45; married; born Newport; s/o Carl & Ida Fortlage; LO-Chas Fortlage-son; buried in same grave of Chas Clamor Fortlage; remark Mrs. Payl Fortlage
Fortlage Carl Clamor b-3/6/1861; d-5/21/1940; br-5/25/1940; married; born Germany; LO-Charles Fortlage; removed by Ida Fortlage
Fortlage Christian br-10/31/1906
Fortlage Christian br-2/27/1918
Fortlage Frieda b-7/17/1870; d-5/26/1961; br-5/23/1961; widowed; nee Minzlaff; born Germany; LO-Christian Fortlage-husband; NR-Wm A Fortlage-son
Fortlage, Frieda br-4/24/1899
Fortlage, Ida Sophia b-2/17/1860; d-8/27/1947; br-9/30/1947; widowed; born Newport; d/o Ernst & Elsie Buecker; LO-Fortlage
Fortlage Infant br-3/18/1927
Fortlage Walter C br-3/18/1931; LO-Christian Fortlage
Fortlage, William August b-6/9/1894; d-5/29/1961; br-6/1/1961; married; s/o Christian & Frieda (Mintzlaff) born Cincinnati; LO- Mary Arnold; permission to use grave nearest relative Morna Fortlage wife
Fortman Carrie br-1/9/1929
Fortman William b-4/30/1876; d-6/28/1957; br-7/2/1957; married; s/o Augustus & Elizabeth; born Cincinnati; LO-self; NR- wife Jessie Fortman
Fortner, Chas br-5/26/1919 (order by city of Newport)
Fortner. Crystal Virginia b-2/25/1925; d-10/9/1937; br-10/9/1937; born Dayton Ky. d/o John & Pearl (Sparke) death General-Contagious (abscessed Pharangeal) Removed by John Foetner
Fortner Elizabeth br-8/27/1925
Fortner George C d-12/25/1962; br-12/27/1962; age 72; born Ohio; LO & NR-Geo B. Fortner-son
Fortner, James br-9/10/1926
Fortner, John Otto b-7/24/1900; d-4/25/1951; br-4/28/1951; married; born Newport; s/o James Fortner; NR-Pearl Fortner
Fortune, Infant br-10/30/1899
Fortune Lawrence br-6/12/1906
Fortune Sephia br-9/4/1894
Fortune Unknown br-6/4/1895
Fosco Anna d-12/30/1965; br-1/5/1965; age 85; widow; LO-self; Contact-Atty Jack McPharson
Fosco Louis b-12/24/1877; d-7/26/1948; br-7/31/1948; married; born Pa. s/o Simon & Marie; LO-Anna Fosco; removed byAnna Fosco
Fosco Louis br-9/13/1913
Foskey Austin br-3/6/1926
Foss Ida Mae d-11/14/1962; br-11/17/1962; age 45; divorced; d/o Ray Wehner & Mabel Betsch; born Newport; LO-Zella M ?rinkman NR-Mr.& Mrs. Ray Wehner-mother & father
Foss. Laura br-2/8/1932
Fosse, William br-1/17/1916
Fossett Infant br-5/21/1926
Foster, Albert br-8/10/1931
Foster, Albert br-6/17/1971; age 56; widowed; s/o Albert J & Beatrice (Mil???n) born Ind. NR-William E Foster-brother
Foster, Anna br-10/4/1891
Foster, --- br-4/22/1918
Foster, Benjamin d-2/15/1936; br-2/18/1936; age 47; married; born Ga. s/o Thomas Foster; LO-Clara Morris
Foster, Benj. Franklin br-10/11/1929; LO-Cu??ins
Foster, C J br-7/9/1891
Foster Carolena B br-8/13/1893 (adult)
Foster George d-5/7/1969; br-5/9/1969; age 70; married; s/o Willard & Daisy (Hamilton) born Lexington; LO & NR-Helen Foster-wife
Foster Gertrude  b-6/28/1911; d-5/21/1946; br-5/24/1946; married; born Dayton Ky. d/o Chas & Gertrude Schuh; LO-Elsie Mae Schaile; removed by Wm Foster
Foster, Grace H (child) br-7/20/1893
Foster Infant br-7/12/1906
Foster Jas. Ray b-9/15/1950; d-9/18/1950; br-9/20/1950; born Covington Ky. s/o Ray & Betty (Jarvis) LO-Nellie Jarvis-grandmother; NR-Ray Foster
Foster Mae C b-1/25/1956; br-1/27/1956; age 67; divorced; d/o Samuel & Sophia Reeder; born Dayton Ky. LO-Samuel Reeder-father; NR-Mrs. John Wooten-daughter
Foster Sarah br-4/6/1920
Foster, Vertina br-5/8/1925
Foster Walter G b-3/28/1865; d-3/17/1947; br-3/20/1947; born Manchester Oh; s/o Dyer & Mary (Dean) LO-Mary P Foster; removed by Mary Dean Foster
Foster. Wm Hy br-8/5/27
Foudray, Thomas br-12/4/1876
Foudrey, Augustus br-7/8/1912
Foulks, Nellie b-2/6/1876; d-2/12/1953; br-2/16/1953; married; born Covington Ky. d/o Hoziah McClain & Florence McBride; LO & NR-Newton Foulks-husband
Foulks, Pauline b-4/3/1897; d-9/13/1943; br-9/15/1943; married; born Newport; s/o John & Pauline Eicher; LO-John Eicher
Foulks, Terry Lee b&d 1/20/1953; br-2/11/1953; s/o Harold C & Alma Louise (Hopkins) born Covington Ky. LO-Alma Hopkins-grandmother; NR-Harold C Foulks Jr.
Foureman, Infant b&d 4/26/1963; br-4/27/1963; child of Roy Williams & JoAnn (Johnston) born Ft. Thomas; NR-Roy Williams Foureman-father
Fourgeral, Fred br-6/25/1904
Fougeral, Joseph br-11/25/1883
Fourgeral. Otelia & Josephina (children) br-1/21/1903
Fourgeral, Ottella br-11/18/1883
Fourgerel, Celelia b-1/2/1892; d-10/14/1972; br-10/18/1972; single; d/o Ferdinand Fourgerel & Dorothy Stautmeister; born Newport; LO-self; NR-Mrs. Margaret Gerding-niece
Fourgerel Dorothy br-6/4/1934
Fourgerel Ernie (child) br-7/22/1888
Fourgerel Ferdinand br-2/15/1922
Fourgeral, Robt (child) br-10/6/1893
Fourgerle, Herbert br-8/19/1896
Fourgrer, Freida (child) br-6/23/1890
Fouse John Wil Mer b-3/21/1893; d-12/20/1954; br-1/14/1954; born Huntington Penn. NR-Mrs. Nora Fouse-wife
Fowee, Edward Raymond b-10/2/1953; d-10/3/1953; br-10/6/1953; s/o parents Charles & Cora (Campbell) NR-Charles Fowee
Fowee, Frances A b&d 4/22/1948; br-4/23/1948; d/o Joseph & Margaret (Thurman) removed by Joseph Fowee
Fowler, Ada b-4/17/1893; d-10/28/1936; br-10/30/1936; divorced; born Newport; d/o Wm. Miller & Abba Smokey; LO-George Bertache
Fowler, Alice br-7/14/1919
Fowler, Atha Wainscott br-7/21/1922 (spelled originally on card as Fowyeler)
Fowler, Betty Jean br-10/26/1934
Fowler Catherine br-12/8/1902
Fowler, Chas br-4/11/1885
Fowler, Charles John d-1/24/1973; br-1/27/1973; age 82; single; s/o Thomas J & Alice (Foster) born Dayton Ky; LO & NR-Jeanette Wenteroth-neice
, Edna Mae d-3/11/1948; br-3/15/1948; age 22; single; born Dayton Ky. d/o George & Edith Fowler
Fowler Florence b-6/12/1889; d-12/29/1950; br-1/3/1951; married; born Cincinnati; d/o Geo & Agnes Bernard; LO-Geo Barnard-father; NR-Milton Fowler
Fowler Florence br-10/28/1930
Fowler George br-3/7/1925
Fowler George Wesley d-1/16/1973; br-1/18/1973; age 78; divorced; s/o Wm. Welch & Blanche (Secrist) born Wheeling West Va. LO & NR-Carl Fowler-son
Fowler, Infant br-8/4/1922
Fowler Infant br-1/9/1924
Fowler, Jane br-9/15/1903
Fowler, Lillian br-5/31/1896
Fowler Lon Logan d-7/22/1953; br-7/25/1953; age 69; widowed; s/o Levi & Nettie (Cobb) born W. Va. NR-Leona Pretot-daughter
Fowler, Mary br-9/7/1934
Fowler Mary A br-11/18/1889
Fowler Milton d-7/4/1965; br-7/8/1965; age 81; widowed; s/o John & Mary; born Maryville Tenn. LO-George A Barnard-father-in-law; NR-Glenn Fowler-son
Fowler, Otie Samuel  b-2/8/1886; d-11/8/1954; br-11/11/1954; married; s/o Samuel & Mary; born W Va. NR-Mrs. Francis Fowler
Fowler, Rex br-2/24/1927
Fowler Rose Ann d-7/3/1954; br-7/6/1954; age 65; divorced; d/o Sam Glover; born Point Pleasant WVa. NR-Paul Fowler
Fowler, Thos J br-4/14/1933
Fowler, W Scott br-6/28/1919
Fowler William H  d-12/10/1967; br-12/14/1967; age 79; single; s/o Thomas J & Alice (Foster) born Dayton Ky. LO & NR-Miss Jeanette Wenteroth (niece) 
Fox, Charlette R  br-3/2/1932
Fox, Clyde B b-11/10/1892; d-2/26/1971; br-3/1/1971; married; d/o Butler Fox & Lillie Watts; born Winchester. Ky. LO & NR-Viola Fox (wife)
Fox, Eleanor d-10/15/1946; br-10/18/1946; age 78; born Terenta Canada; d/o Wm F Warrington & Beatrice Williams; removed by Harry A Fox
Fox, Fannie Belle d-12/11/1938; br-12/14/1938; age 43; nee Bowman; LO-Geo M Fuch; removed by Harry D Fox
Fox Geo E  b-10/26/1878; d-10/1/1945; br-10/4/1945; born Newport; s/o George M & Louise; LO-Geo M. Fuchs; removed by Katherine Fox
Fox, Harry A  b-1/18/1890; d-4/8/1952; br-4/10/1952; married; d/o Jacob Fox & Eleanor Williams; born Newport; LO-Eleanor Fox-mother; NR-Margaret Fox
Fox, Harry Douglas  b-5/17/1885; d-4/13/1961; br-4/17/1961; married; s/o George M Fuchs (Fox) & Louise Weber; born Newport; LO-Geo. Fuchs-father; NR-Mary Fox-wife
Fox, Henry C  br-5/24/1949; widowed; s/o Christian & Louise; LO-Schmidt
Fox, Henry J b-6/4/1871; d-2/17/1957; br-2/20/1958; widowed; s/o Jacob Fuch & Sara Schul; born Newport; LO-Jacob Fuch-father; NR-Mrs. George Schenck (sister)
Fox, Jacob br-6/14/1906
Fox, John W br-7/7/1921
Fox, Katherine G  d-7/25/1968; br-7/27/1968; age 93; single; d/o George M Fuchs & Louise Weber; born Newport; LO-George M Fuchs-father; NR-Miss Luella Fox (sister)
Fox, Laura A  b-7/9/1864; d-10/24/1945; br-10/27/1945; married; born Mayville Ky. d/o Conrad & Katherine Schmidt; LO- Katherine Schmidt; removed by Sadie Fox
Fox, Louise  d-3/8/1935; br-3/12/1935; age 88; widowed; born Cincinnati; d/o George & Magdaline Weber; LO-Geo Fuchs (husband) Fox, Mary Ethel  br-9/22/1919
Fox, Robert F  b-7/4/1891; d-4/16/1939; br-4/19/1939; married; born Cincinnati; s/o Geo W & Mary (Davis) removed by Robert C Fox
Fox, Robert single Grave 603 Sec 69
Fox, Wallace Frank  br-8/5/1935; age-24; death Sarcoma
Fox, Walter C br-12/21/1918
Fox William H  br-1/29/1909
Foy, Blanche a-7/1/1914; d-3/10/1943; br-3/13/1943; married; born Grants Lick Ky. d/o Oscar & Maude Webster; removed by Oscar Webster
Foy, Hulda  br-7/2/1921
Foy, John E  b-8/21/1879; d-12/12/1948; br-12/16/1945; married; born Newport; s/o John & Hulda (Meaker) LO-Mary Scharstein place of death Mergards Bowling Alley 7th St; removed by Mrs. Lucille Foy (wife)


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