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Evergreen Cemetery



Submitted by Helen Nellis November 1, 2010

d-died or date of death
d/o-daughter of
LO-lot owner
NR-nearest relative
removed-physically moved to another section or another cemetery (according to Evergreen Cemetery director)
SG-single grave
s/o-son of


Fraas, George G  br-12/13/1907
Fraas, Jane  br-1/16/1923
Fraas, Lou Belle  b-6/6/1872; d-10/3/1941; br-10/6/1941; born Dayton KY; d/o James & Jane Fraas
Frael, George br-6/1/1918
Frampton, Armania M  br-11/30/1890
Frampton, Julia  br-12/20/1903 (child)
Frampton, Marion V br-9/16/1892
Frampton, May (child) br-3/15/1885
Frampton, Wm (child) br-7/3/1896
Frances, Jos B br-10/3/1938
Frances, R H  br-2/8/1893
Frances, Robert br-7/29/1886; removed from Grave 37 Sec 1886 (adult) to Sec 15 lot 117
Francis, Ada Mullins d-1/19/1957; br-1/23/1957; age 77; widowed; d/o Daniel & Anna Mullins; born Kenton Co. Ky. LO-Francis Meusoleum (sister in law) NR-Vera Buddenberg
Francis, Albert J  br-8/1/1924
Francis, Carrie O  d-1/12/1962; br-1/15/1962; age 69; widowed; d/o John Thomas Ford & Sarah Francis Hayden; born Arkansas; LO-Carrie O Francis; NR-daughter Mrs. Georgia Mae Fieds
Francis. Carrie (Infant) br-2/11/1913
Francis, Chas Thos  br-4/20/1940; married; s/o Chas Todd & Sarah Francis
Francis, Chas. Todd br-12/11/1926
Francis, Edward V d-9/19/1961; br-9/22/1961; age 70; married; s/o Thomas J & Sarah Marie (Fitch) born Youngtown Oh; LO & NR-Carrie Francis (wife) 
Francis (colored) br-1/9/1913
Francis, Grace E d-2/9/1954; br-2/11/1954; age 63; married; d/o Theodore & Lillie Guddorf; born Cincinnati; LO-self; NR-William Francis
Francis, Henry Woodard  br-11/23/1896
Francis, Irma  d-12/20/1973; br-12/24/1973; age 86; d/o Edward Koch & Hanna Cross; born Cincinnati; NR-Roger Francis (Son)
Francis, James G  br-7/18/1897
Francis, John  br-12/28/1907
Francis, L M  br-3/10/1896
Francis, Luretta Pitsenberger  d-2/24/1965; br-2/27/1965; age 76; widowed; d/o Alonze Pitsenberger & Mary Miller; born Ohio; LO-Estate? Francis (son) NR-Elizabeth Grieahaber (daughter)
Francis Mary Louisa  d-6/27/1947; br-7/3/1947; age-41; widowed; born Silver City NM; d/o Ernest & Minnie Brumback; LO- Brumback; removed by David Darling
Francis, May  br-1/6/1900
Francis, Nettie H br-9/9/1930; LO-Francis Mauseleum
Francis, Ollie d-4/14/1936; br-4/16/1936; age 58; married; born Grant Co. Ky. d/o Francis Mausoleum 
Francis, Paul W  b-1/27/1887; d-9/15/1954; br-9/18/1954; married; s/o Charles T & Sarah (Ware) born Scottsville KY; LO-Francis NR-Loretta Pitsenberger Francis
Francis, Roy A  d-4/19/1967; br-4/21/1967; age 80; married; s/o Carvossso & Cecelia (Rogers) born Bristown Ky. LO-self; NR- Irma Francis (wife)
Francis, Sallie M  br-1/5/1910
Francis, Sarah  br-5/21/1895
Francis, Theodore Paul  b-7/8/1908; d-1/27/1964; br-1/30/1964; s/o Theodore H; born Ky.
Francis, William E  d-9/6/1940; age 64; widowed; born Campbell Co; s/o Chas & Sarah; LO-Francis Mausclaum
Francis, William L  d-10/22/1965; br-10/26/1965; age 79; widowed; s/o Nathen Alexander & Sarah (Perry) born Winchester Oh; LO- William Francis; NR-Mrs. Robert Roden (daughter)
Francisco, John Henry  b-9/27/1883; d-8/27/1964; br-8/31/1964; married; s/o George & Alberta (Eucker) LO & NR-Mary D Francisco (wife)
Francisco, Mary D d-10/4 /1971; br-10/6/1971; age 87; widowed; d/o John Hepner & Mary Lonas; Nativity Mt. Jackson, VA; NR-Ann Hebby (daughter)
Franck, Adam  br-11/7/1923
Franck, Robert C b-1/27/1891; d-3/29/1953; br-4/1/1953; married; s/o Adam & Rose (Leidel) born Cincinnati; NR-Katheryn Martin
Franck, Rose  br-7/2/1923
Frank, Albert  br-10/22/1928
Frank, Blanche E  d-1/26/1963; br-1/29/1963; age 77; widowed; d/o Wm Adamson & Alice ?tre?e; NR-Miss Bessie Adamson (sister)
Frank Buddy L  d-4/7/1972; br-4/11/1972; age 28; married; s/o Herman E & Julia (Ewing) born Dayton Ky. LO-Frances Frank (wife) NR-Mrs. Julia Cianciolo (mother)
Frank, Mabel E  d-10/30/1974; br-11/2/1974; age 81; married; d/o Fricke & Carrie ?: born Cincinnati; LO & NR-David Frank (husband)
Frank, Carrie  br-4/21/1887
Frank, Edna Belle  br-3/9/1932; LO-Nellie Frank
Frank, Frank E  d-4/22/1935; br-4/24/1935; age 46; married; Nativity Oh; LO-Blanch Frank (wife)
Frank, Fred  br-8/26/1914
Frank, Hattie Mae  d-4/22/1952; br-4/25/1952; age 57; married; d/o Davis Gribben & Paris; LO & NR-Sam Frank (husband)
Frank, Helen  b-10/12/1881; d-6/ 8/1947; br-6/11/1947; divorced; born Ky. d/o Oswald Nestler
Frank, Herman Eugene  d-7/6/1961; br-7/10/1961; age 57; married; s/o Herman & Rose (Doyen) LO & NR-Julia Frank (wife)
Frank Herman  br-1/3/1929
Frank, Infant  br-Oct 1908
Frank, Jean  br-5/26/1922
Frank, Margaret  d-2/18/1971; br-2/22/1971; married; d/o John A Papst & Ida Gosney; born Bellevue; LO-A J Papst (grandparent); NR-Carl Frank (husband)
Frank, Nellie  br-10/15/1932
Frank, Samuel  d-6/4/1956; br-6/7/1956; age 62; s/o Abraham & Rose; born Cincinnati; LO & NR-Georgia Frank (wife)
Franke, Edward P d-11/19/1973; br-11/21/1973; age 80; s/o Julius & Therese (Seidel) born Newport; LO-Mary Staten; NR-Mrs. Margaret Cook (niece)
Franke, Ernest J  br-9/9/1913
Franke, Geo (child) br-5/8/1885
Franke, Geo Aug  b-12/31/1891; d-7/26/1946; br-7/29/1946; widowed; born Newport: s/o Julius & Theresa
Franke. Julius d-7/ 12/ 1965; br-7/15/1965; age 75; married; s/o Julius & Theresa (Seidel) born Newport; LO-Theresa Frank-mother; NR-Katherine Franke (wife)
Franke, Mildred Anna  br-2/9/1918
Franke, Pauline Marie d-11/15/1972; br-11/18/1972; age 70; married; d/o Richard A Staten & Mary Walsh; born Walton Ky. LO- Mary Staten
Franke, Theresa  br-5/29/1929
Franke, Wm (child)  br-7/5/1887
Frankenhoff, Annie Rennie  b-7/12/1908; d-7/3/1967; br-7/7/1967; married; d/o Andrew Mac Donald & Annie Rennir Walker; born Scotland, Gr, Br. LO & NR-Clement Frankenhoff (husband)
Franklin, Agnes  d-1/25/1974; br-1/29/1974; age 89
, Chas W  br-7/26/1949; age 65; married; s/o Chas & Ida (Harecurt) LO-Harcourt
Franklin, Charles Wm Sr. b-11/13/1854; d-24 Mar 1938; br-3/26/1938; married; born Birmingham England; s/o Henry & Caroline (Neil) LO-Joseph Harcourt Heinz
Franklin Charles (city Order) d-9/4/1940; br-9/6/1940; divorced
Franklin, Gus L Sr. b-7/14/1883; d-10/ 20/ 1937; br-10/23/1937; married; born Ohio. Removed Mary Franklin
Franklin, Gus L Jr.  d-9/17/1969; br-9/20/1969; age 63; married; s/o Gus L Sr. & Mary (Montgomery) born Cincinnati: LO & NR-  Ruth M. Franklin (wife)
Franklin, Ida Harcourt  d-7/26/1940; br-7/29/1940; age 84; Nativity Newport
Franklin, Isaac  br-8/13/1929
Franklin, James  d-7/3/1936; br-7/5/1936; Nativity Aberdeen Ohio
Franklin, James  br-6/24/1899 (Adult)
Franklin, Mirtha  d-3/12/1940; br-3/14/1940; Nativity Maysville Kentucky
Franklin, Mary  d-8/16/1968; br-8/22/1968; Nativity Concord KY; age 84
Franklin, Myrtle C  b-8/12/1868; d-11/6/1952; br-11/10/1952/ Nativity Louisa KY
Franks, Bessie  br-9/10/1920
Frantz, Albert E  d-1/19/1970; br-1/22/1970; age 90; Nativity Cincinnati, Ohio died in South Pasadena, Fla.
Frantz, Caroline  b-12/9/1876; d-7/14/1954; br-7/16/1954; nativity Newport KY
Frantz, Charles  d-1/5/1962; br-1/9/1962; Nativity Ohio; age 68
Frantz, Edward H  br-11/8/1913
Frantz, Joseph S  d-7/6/1948; br-7/6/1948; age 68; died at VA Hospital in Ft Thomas, KY
Franz. Albert Edward  b-7/16/1889; d-2/3/1940; br-2/4/1940
Franz, Catherine br-7/12/1949; age 69
Franz, Catherine A br-9/28/1914
Franz Charles G d-1/4/1953; br-1/6/1953; Nativity KY
Franz, Fred  br-8/13/1907
Franz, Frederick Edward  b-10/5/1858; d-12/25/1938; br-12/27/1938; Nativity Germany
Franz, George H  br-8/10/1899
Franz, Hazel D  d-10/22/1962; br-10/26/1962; age 63; nativity Dayton, KY
Franz, Henry Louis  br-9/28/1949; married; LO-Franz
Franz, Ida Louise b-6/14/1868; d-1/16/1940; br-1/18/1940; widowed; born St. St. Louis Mo. d/o Frederick Kreuger & -- Killon; removed Herman Franz
Franz, Infant br-1/8/1926
Franz, Josephine  b-5/22/1900; d-10/17/1974; br-11/4/1974; born Pennsylvania; LO-Paul Hausman Ashes; NR-G H Franz (husband)
Franz, Robert Lusky br-2/1/1915
Franz, Sophia L  d-12/29/1959; br-3/21/1960; age 78; d/o Henry Luskey & Mary Mette; born Columbus Oh; LO-Catherine Sranz; NR-Dorothy F Kennedy
Franzen, M Carline b-2/9/1888; d-5/15/1935; br-5/18/1935; widowed; born 10 mile Ky. d/o Joseph Mauser & Caroline Meyer; LO- Mauser, Vogel & Franzen
Franzen, John Jas. br-10/21/1918
Frappon Catherine br-5/7/1930
Frasche, Fred  br-10/12/1882
Frasche. W  br-10/9/1882
Fraser, William  b-7/3/1894; d-6/22/1957; br-6/25/1957; married; s/o William & Barbara (Young) born Aberdeen Scotland; LO & NR-Ann Fraser (wife)
Frasher, Buren br-3/21/1899
Frasher, James F  br-9/6/1905
Fratz, Ella B  b-6/30/1875; d-1/20/1948; br-1/23/1948; widowed; d/o Calib Broomall & Mary McDowell; LO-Broomall
Fraser, Harry br-12/11/1909
Frazer, Harry Carlton  b-8/9/1869; d-7/8/1943; br-7/10/1943; married; born Eaton Oh; s/o John & Mary (Rice) LO-Eliza McCord; remove Marie Frazer
Frazer, Marie b-4/10/1879; d-8/9/1947; br-8/13/1947; widowed; d/o James Flummer & Eliza Fitch; born Vanceburg KY
Frazier. Colston (Infant) (colored) br-12/26/1911
Frazier, Emery Child br-6/25/1900
Frazier, Hattie Turner br-11/28/1949; age 77; widowed; d/o Mary Turner
Frazier, Jas. Richard  d7/14/1941; br-7/17/1941; age 5m; born Bellevue Ky. s/o John & Julia Frazier
Frazier, John A  d-11/16/1963; br-11/19/1963; age 59; married; s/o John & Nora Alice (Yelton) born Covington KY; LO & NR-Charlotte Frazier (wife) 
Frazier, Margaret Mary  b-4/22/1897; d-10/19/1962; br-10/23/1962; age 64; widowed; d/o Herbert Wilson & Ellen Robb; NR-Mrs. William Davies (daughter)
Frazier, Marie  br-9/13/1947
Frazier, Mary E L  b-11/1/1865; d-7/13/48; br-7/17/1948; married; born Grant Licks KY; d/o James & Sarah Hodge; remove James Lewis
Frazier, Masmus E  br-9/10/1927
Fread, Mary br-4/19/1904
Frecking, Annette b-5/8/1876; d-12/8/1961; br-12/12/1961; widowed; d/o Adam & Mary Spence; born Dayton Ky. LO-Chas Gilbert; MR-Leola Ward (daughter in law)
Frecking, George F Sr. d-5/19/1952; br-5/22/1952; age 76; married; s/o Geo & Mary; born KY; LO-Chas H. Gilbert (step-father-in-law) NR-Mrs. Geo Frecking Sr.
Frederick, Augusta br-3/3/1919
Frederick, Emma  d-3/23/1954; br-3/27/1954; age 87; widowed; d/o Peter Constans; LO-Peter Constans (father) 
Fredrick, Ella d-6/6/1934; LO-Chas P Mac Knight
Frederick, Henry a-7/11/1889; d-11/24/1947; br-11/26/1947; widowed; born Dover Ohio; remove Robert Frederick
Frederick, John br-12/30/1921
Frederick, Louise d-3/13/1936; br-3/16/1963; age 88; widowed; d/o Ernest Boelzner & Helena Horn; born Ky. NR-Miss Helena Bullett
Frederick, Robert b-7/6/1915; d-6/9/1975; br-6/13/1975; LO-Ethel Frederick (wife)
Freed, Louisa  br-6/6/1894
Freed, Peter A  br-6/17/1894
Freedman, Bernard  br-7/19/1906
Freeman, Amelia d-1/18/1974; br-1/22/1974; age 82; d/o Peter Blum & Anna Maria Keepler; born Newport; LO-Amelia Freeman; NR-George A Freeman (son)
Freeman, Anna (adult) (colored) br-12/13/1890
Freeman, David  br-5/24/1909
Freeman, Edward  b-4/17/1912; d-4/23/1937; br-4/26/1937; married; born Newport; s/o Charles & Viola (Nichols) remove Ruth Freeman (wife)
Freeman, Geo  d-2/5/1947; br-2/8/1947; age 64; married; born Ironton Ohio; s/o David & Sarah Ann (Runyons) LO-Amelia Freeman
Freeman, Harold Wm  b-12/21/1890; d-9/30/1943; br-10/2/1943; born Lawrenceburg Ind; married; s/o Hanson & Catherine (Wirth) removed Violet Wall
Freeman, Infant  b&d 8/6/1946; br-8/6/1946; born Newport;  parents Raymond & Maggie Freeman
Freeman, Infant br-4/24/1885
Freeman, Infant br-8/10/1899
Freeman, Infant (colored) br-9/8/1886
Freeman, Infant br-4/8/1933
Freeman, Marie br-10/14/1927
Freeman, Martha br-8/27/1926
Freeman, Rebecca br-6/16/1901
Freeman, Robert  b-7/17/1950; d-7/25/1950; br-7/26/1950; born Dayton Ky. s/o Jas.& Christine Freeman
Tennessee  d-9/29/1959; br-10/1/1959; age 82; born Ky. NR-Everett Freeman (son)
Freeman, Viola br-3/30/1923
Freeman, William  b-4/20/1854; d-1/4/1937; br-10/6/1937; widowed; born Ohio; removed Wm H Meyer (son in law)
Freeman, Wm Jr.  b-6/22/1948; d-6/25/1948; br-6/28/1948; born Dayton Ky. s/o William Freeman & Christine Jones; removed William Freeman Sr.
Freeze, Sarah br-1/7/1933
Freeze, Walter Buford b-2/11/1903; d-3/6/1962; br-3/9/1962; married; s/o Jacob & Sarah (Williams) born Sheffield Ala. NR-Jean Freeze (wife)
Freitag, Albert  d-12/20/1941; br-12/26/1941; born Bellevue; place of death Newport Hotel 83 Bowery in New York City NY; remove Lorimer Scott
Freitag, Fredrick br-12/12/1906
Freitag, George H br-9/24/1910
Frelinger, Infant br-10/24/1928
Frelinger, John A  d-4/20/1943; br-4/24/1943; age 46; single; born KY; LO-Margaret Frelinger; removed by Walter Scule
Frelinger, John G  br-1/2/1909
Frelinger, Margaret  d-3/14/1937; br-3/17/1937; age 68; married; born Ohio; nee Nolan; LO-Nolan
Fremont, William H  br-2/20/1908
French, Carrie  br-1/26/1907
French Douglas Mathew  b-12/28/1974; d-12/31/1975; br-1/2/1976; s/o Roger Douglas & Vickie Fields (Jordan) born Ft. Thomas Ky. NR-Vickie Jordan (mother)
French, Edward  br-3/29/1909
French, Fred W  br-2/5/1912
French, Grant E  br-12/10/1913
French, Helen S  d-12/29/1963; br-1/2/1964; age 63; married; d/o Arthur Schell & Katherine Schneider; born Newport; LO & NR-Clinton French (husband)
French, Samuel C br-2/15/1888
Frenheit, Emma (infant) br-10/31/1910
Frentzel Henrietta d-1/30/1967; br-2/3/1967; age 74; married; d/o Charles W Fritch & Lillie Wells; born Petersburg, Ky. LO-Lillie Conway & Theo F. Frentzel; NR-Theodore F Frentzel (husband)
Freppon, Esta b-3/14/1893; d-4/20/1943; br-4/23/1943; married; born Ripley Ohio; d/o Albert & Mollie R?dick; removed by Joseph Freppon Jr.
Freppon, Floyd M d-6/26/1963; br-7/2/1963; age 44; married; s/o John & Katherine; born Newport; LO-Mary Freppon (sister) -signed permission to use; NR-Delores Freppon (wife)
Freppon Geo b-2/9/1873; d-8/15/1946; br-8/19/1946; married; born Cincinnati; s/o Adam & Mary; removed by Carl Freppon
Freppon Cpl. John C d-12/11/1967; br-12/22/1967; age 20; single; s/o John & Marie; born Dayton Ky. place of death Vietnam; LO- John & Marie Freppon (parents) 
Freppon John  b-11/7/1883; d-12/22/1951; br-12/27/1951; widowed; s/o Adam & Mary; born Dayton Ky. LO-self; NR-Mary Freppon
Freppon John P  b---/16/1906; d-6/17/1973; br-6/20/1973; married; s/o John A & Katherine (Reddick) born Dayton KY; LO-self NR-Marie Freppon  (wife)
Freppon Joseph  b-6/30/1892; d-7/7/1952; br-7/10/1952; widowed; born Dayton Ky. s/o Adam & Mary; NR-Joseph Freppon Jr.(son)
Freppon Katherine  b-1/14/1890; d-12/30/1947; br-1/2/1948; married; d/o Albert Reddick; LO-Jno Freppon; born Aberdeen Ohio remove by John Freppon
Freppon Stalla D  b-7/9/1877; d-6/29/1948; br-7/2/1948; widowed; born Covington Ky. d/o Elizabeth Weasatt; LO-self
Fretscher. Herman br-7/21/1925
Freuhite, Katherine  br-3/7/1921
Frey , Albert  d-1/9/1959; married; s/o Gottlieb; res Newport
Frey, Alice br-7/28/1923
Frey Amelia  d-3/10/1950; br-3/14/1950; age 60; nativity Cincinnati; d/o Albert & Helen Newman
Frey, Cardaile (colored) (adult) br-12/26/1893
Frey, Clarence J  b-4/2/1887; d-5/22/1946; br-5/25/1946; single; born Bellevue; s/o Frank & Cory; place of death Norwood Ohio
Frey, Cora  br-11/21/1921
Frey, Elsie Louise b-12/23/1912; d-11/23/1943; br-11/26/1943; single; born Newport; d/o Louis & Anna Frey; place of death Newport
Frey, lda?? d-3/1?/1969; br-3/18/1969; age 78; widowed; born Ohio; NR-Virginia Roberts (daughter)
Frey, Isaac br-5/31/1904
Frey, John H  br-12/2/1926
Frey Louis br-9/16/1930
Frey Mrs. Louise d-6/12/1966; br-6/16/1966; age 58; Div. d/o Fred & Agnes Wendt; LO-Fred Wendt (son)
Frey Margaret Thelma br-5/2/1911
Frey Marie  br-12/27/1949; married; d/o George & Caroline Tritchler; LO-Tritchler
Frey Victoria  br-12/13/1949; married; d/o Harry Gates & Monica Seibert
Freyberg Jennie Belle d-11/30/1950; br-12/4/1950; age 77; married; born Maysville KY; nee Glover; LO & NR-Rudolph Freyberg (husband)
Freyberg Jos. br-11/17/1933
Freyberg Matilda  b-4/29/1855; d-5/16/1935; br-5/14/1935; widowed; born Austria; nee Stegemueller could be Seegmuller
Freyberg Rudolph  b-1/7/1883; d-3/17/1959; br-3/20/1959; widowed; s/o Joseph & Matilda (Seegmuller) born Indiana; LO-Rudolph Freyberg; NR-Jennie Blos (sister)
Freyer, Alice  d-12/31/1953; br-1/2/1954; age 72; widowed; d/o John Oder; born Covington KY; LO & NR-Geo Freyer (son)
Freyer, Arthur E b-11/6/1886; d-4/30/1957; br-5/3/1957; married; s/o Albert & Rose (Gemeiner) born Ohio; LO-Arthur Freyer NR-Alice Gehrlein (daughter)
Freyer, Bertha Brown b-10/27/1892; d-2/2/1957; br-2/5/1957; married; d/o Samuel Butcher & Alice Bradford; born Maysville KY; LO & NR-Arthur E Freyer (husband)
Freyer, C Mrs. br-11/17/1890
Freyer, Geo br-12/20/1885
Freyer George d-12/24/1971; br-12/28/1971; age 68; single; s/o George & Nancy (Oder) LO-George Freyer (son) NR-Robert Freyer (brother)
Freyer George d-2/22/1951; br-2/26/1951; age 69; married; born Kentucky; s/o Geo & Elizabeth; LO-Geo Freyer; NR-Alice Freyer
Freyer, Kate br-6/ 10/ 1904
Freyer Lewis br-12/ 12/ 1883
Freyer Loretta br-4/ 24/ 1908
Freyer Wm br-as shown on card 4226-1883
Freyer Wm br-2/17 1920
Freyer Wm br-10/26/1928
Fricke Anthony  d-6/12/1876; d-5/16/1935; br-5/18/1935; div. born KY; s/o Fred & Mary Fricke
Fricke Lilly  b-8/1/1880; d-9/25/1943; br-9/28/1943; widowed; born Newport; d/o Geo Skelton; removed  by Mrs. Stanley Niemiller
Frickman Alice Leah b-7/25/1899; d-11/19/1961; br-11/23/1961; married; d/o David Hughes & Alice Grice; born Newport: LO-Oscar Frickman (father-in-law) NR-Dr. O W Frickman (husband) 
Frickman, Alice Leah  b-7-25-1899; d-11-19-1961; married
Frickman, Dorothy Roth  d-11-26-1966; age 70
Frickman, Emma Christtine b-6-16-1870; d-10-1-1957
Frickman, Oscar August b-1-2-1868; d-6-29-1955
Frickman Dr. Oscar William b-8-22-1899; d-2-5 1966
Frickman, Otto br-6-3-1904
Frickman, Walter b-12-26-1903; d-6-12-1958
Friday, Infant interment 11-24-1899
Fried, Albert d-5-3-1966; age 66
Fried, Anna br-4-25-1924
Fried, Charles d-5-31-1974; Age 91
Fried, Jacob d-4-7-1937; age 76; nativity Germany
Fried, Lena d-12-4-1938; age 66; nativity Germany
Fried Magdalena br-3-18-1919
Fried, May C d-2-28-1961 age 70
Fried, Frances d-7-14-1941 age 70y-6m-6d
Frier, Geo  br-2-10-1892
Frierdich, Elizabeth  a-3-30-1879; d-11-15-1943
Friederich, Frank R  br-12-22-1946 age 66
Frierson, Geo Alvin  br-2-17-1921
Frieson, Marcella  br-10-29-1915
Frieson, Quinton  br-8-1-1914
F??rman, John F  br-10-15-1912; sec 17 lot 79; bury per. # 1817 interment # 19040 Under taker M L Swetman
Frisch, Karl  br-1-31-1919
Frisch, Edward  age 9-16-1874; d-2-1/1941
Frisch, Homer  br-12-1-1930
Frisch, Melvin J br-4-10-1939 age 36
Fritage, Fred  br-4-13-1886
Fritage Kate  br-5-24-1887
Fritsch, A E br-5-17-1887
Fritsch, Chas F br-2-15-1917
Fritsch, Fredrick br-1-2-1926
Fritsch Harry J b-20 Oct 1865 in Germany; s/o Joseph; d-2 June 1946; married; LO-Anna Fritsch; removed by Anna Fritsch
Fritsch William J d-2-231963; br-2-261963; age 65; married; s/o Henry & Anna (Silbersack) born Ohio; LO-Mrs. David ?onnard White?harst (daughter) nearest relative Anna Fritsch (mother)
Fritsche Rev Carl G br-3-5-1915
Fritsche Carrie A d-1-3-1946; br-1-7-1946; single; born West Va. d/o Carl & Anna Fritsche; LO-Fritsche
Fritsche, Emma Rosina d-1-14-1962; br-1-17-1962; age 89; single; d/o Rev C G Fritsche & Anna E Luehlemann; born Newport; LO-Louis Fritsche
Fritsche Louis C d-11-20-1958; br-11-22-1958; age 89; widowed; s/o Rev Carl Fritsche; born Newport; LO-Louise Fritsche; nearest relative Richard Fritsche son
Fritsche Louise H br-4-5-1912
Fritsche Missouri B b-2-21-1850; d-11-10-1927; br-11-12-1927; widowed; d/o John Crukbsum & Almins Marshell
Fritsche, Stella d-6-9-1957; br-6-12-1957; age 72; married; d/o August & Eliza Klare; born Cincinnati; LO-Fritsche husband nearest relative Louis C Fritsche
Fritsche, T Edmond br-11-24-1914
Fritz, Caroline H d-7-3-1938; br-7-6-1938; age 68; born Cincinnati; d/o ? Horshman
Fritz, Chas br-10-5-1917
Fritz, Herman br-2-5-1949; widowed; parents Lewis & Elizabeth Fritz
Fritz, Joseph br-11-17-1919
Fritz, Martha Elizabeth br-2-14-1920
Fritz, Phylis br-6-3-1909
Fritz, Valentine br-1-13-1927
Fritz, Lizzie Mrs. (adult) br-7-4-1893
Froeba, Walter A d-8-12-1967; br-8-15-1967; Age 1-20-1888; age 79; married; born Saxony Germany; LO-William A Eimer what relation Father-in-law; nearest relative Mrs. Ruth Eimer Froeba-wife
Froehlich, Barbara Ann b-7-6-1940; d-9-14-1940; br-9-14-1940; born Rossmoyne Ohio; d/o Arthur Forehlich & Flora Bennett; LO-Peter Forehlick; removed Arthur Froehlick
Froehlich, Amma/Anna M br-8-1-1927
Froehlich. Fred C b-7-1-1882; d-12-4-1959; br-12-8-1959; married; s/o Chas Froehlich & Katherine Schaeffer; born Cincinnati Ohio; LO-Grace Froehlich & Stuart Mac Donald; what relation husband; nearest relative Grace Froehlick-wife
Froehlich, Grace b-2-7-1885; d-3-1?-1972; br-7-1972?; widowed; d/o William Prine & ? born Ohio nearest relative daughter
Froehlich, Peter b-7-4-1873; d-12-24-1955; br-1-4-1956; married; s/o David Froehlich& Catherine Zumstein; born Germany; disease Hemorrhagic nephritis & cystitis; LO-Peter Froehlich; nearest relative Mrs. Emma Carsten-daughter
Frohman, Donald d-?-12-1971; br-?-15-1971; widowed; s/o George & Augusin Frotman; born Cincinnati; LO-Virginia Frohman-wife nearest relative Lillian Stith
Frohman, Virginia d-3-21-1966; br-3-24-1966; age 61; married; d/o John & Mary Knock; born Newport; LO-Virginia Frohman-self; nearest relative Donald Frohman-husband
Fromeyer, Henry br-10-27-1892
Fromm, August br-2-16-1915
Fromm, Augusta br-11-3-1895
Fromme, Carrie L b-4-23-1906; d-5-8-1974; br-5-11-1974; d/o Charles Hill & Hattie Reynolds; born West Virginia; nearest relative Frank Fromme-husband
Fromme, Herbert d-8-17-1943; br-8-20-1943; age 39; married; born Cincinnati; LO-Mary J Asborn; removed by Mrs. Elma Fromme
Fromme, William Timothy d-6-3-1950; br-6-5-1950; age 5 hrs. born Covington; s/o Wm L & Margaret Elaserner; nearest relative Wm Fromme-grandfather
Frommel, Andson d-2-22-1941; br-2-??-1941; age 69; married; born Kentucky; removed by Margaret Frommel
Frommel, Dorothy Mae b-?-2-1914; d-2-11-1971; br-2-17-1971; married; born Dayton KY; LO-Mabel Emmerich mother
Frommell, Chas br-3-29-1934
Frommel, Edna Mae d-11-6-1948; br-11-9-1948; age 47; married born Cincinnati; d/o Edward & Marie Hausfeld
Frommel, Louise br-4-12-1926
Frommel, Margaret d-11-1-1952; br-11-22-1952; age 76; widowed; born Scotland; d/o Peter & Isabella Martin; LO-Andrew Frommel husband; nearest relative Mrs. Elmer Reusch
Frommell, Mary br-11-21-1924
Frommeyer. Carl Joseph d-1-18-1973; br-1-22-1973; age 54; married; s/o George Frommeyer & Rosa Clabb; born Alexandria KY; LO-Blanche Childress-mother-in-law; nearest relative Mrs. Norma Jean Frommeyer-wife
Fronk, Emma Elizabeth d-3-16-1954; br-3-19-1954; age 68; married; d/o John & Caroline Hilge; LO-John Hilge-father; NR-Joseph F Fronk
Fronk, Infant d&d 6-22-1950; br-6-22-1950; born Covington KY; s/o Wallace & Imogene Fronk; LO-Eliza Eads-grandmother; nearest relative Wallace Fronk
Fronk, Infant b&d 12-24-1942; br-12-24-1942; born Covington KY; parents Wallace & Imogene (Cook) removed by Wallace Fronk
Fronk Infant b-11-24-1947; d-11-24-1947; d-11-26-1947; born Kentucky; parents Wallace Fronk & Imogene Cook; LO-Clifford C Cook; removed by Wallace Fronk
Fronk, John b-5-8-1918; d-3-5-1975; br-3-7-1975
Fronk, Louis K b-4-21-1887; d-1-12-1958; br-1-15-1958; single; s/o Willard Fronk & Dove McAtee; born Brooksville KY; LO-Dove Jones-mother; nearest relative Kathryn Kaltenbach-sister
Fronk, Mark J br-7-9-1930; lot owner Dove Jones
Frost Chas (ashes) b-8-10-1861 in Canada; d-9-29-1922; married; LO-Bamfond
Frost, Ivy Roscoe b-1-17-1884; d-11-7-1956; br-11-9-1956; married; s/o Robert & Ida Frost; born Hickman Ky. LO-Lillian Frost-wife
Frost, Juanita d-12-11-1969; br-12-15-1969; age 43; married; d/o M Lidster & Prezzete Watson; born Little Rock Ark. LO-Dana Frost-husband;
Lillian b-3-10-1895; d-8-25-1961; br-8-29-1961; widowed; d/o John K Weatherly & Laura Pri?chett; born Ky. LO-self; nearest relative Herbert L Weatherly-brother
Frotsche, Carl b-11-26-1896; d-9-6-1941; single; born Hamilton Ohio; s/o Herman & Elizabeth Frotscher
Frotscher, Belinda C d-3-21-1945; br-3-24-1945; age 53; married born Cincinnati Ohio; parents George E Hand & ? LO-her own; removed Herman D Frotscher
Frotscher, Elizabeth B b-10-21-1864; d-11-25-1942; br-11-28-1942; widowed; born Germany; d/o Jacob & Elizabeth Bareswilt; removed Lillian Held
Frotscher, Heclan D b-?-11-1889 in Cincinnati; age 78y; d-5-10-1967; br-5-13-1967; married; parents Herman Frotscher & Elizabeth ?arasuilt; LO-Herman & Delinda Frotacher; nearest relative Mrs. Rean Frotscher-wife
Frotscher, Ida M br-1-3-1914
Frotscher, Lloyd Winnefred br-3-29-1935; LO-Herman Frotscher
Fruediger, Melvin L b-2-16-1948; d-3-9-1948; br-3-12-1948; born Mt, Adams Ohio; s/o Lewis Fruediger & Dollie Bradford; removed Lewis Fruedinger
Fry, Alma b-2-27-1891; d-10-5-1955; br-10-7-1955; nee Plummer; born Foster Ky. LO-Louis Fry-husband
Fry, Anna E b-7-26-1896; d-10-24-1974; br-10-28-1974; d/o Adam Matz; born Cincinnati; LO-George Fry-husband
Fry, Anna May br-7-6-1925
Fry, Benjamen (adult) br-3-15-1888
Fry, Chas M (child) br-1-2-1883
Fry, Copper d-2-9-1944; br-2-14-1944; age 80; removed Enoch Fry
Fry, Edith May d-6-28-1966; br-7-1-1966; age 69; widowed; d/o Abijah & Edith Patterson; born Indiana; LO-James Fry-son
Fry, Edna May br-1-3-1919
Fry, Edwin C br-10-17-1883 (adult)
Fry, Elgar br-7-2-1924
Fry, Ella br-1-17-1925
Fry, Elais br-8-4-1903
Fry, Ernat (child) br-2-12-1887
Fry, Frank br-9-7-1934
Fry, Frank N br-2-12-1913
Fry, George A b-1-16-1866; d-11-30-1942; br-12-3-1942; married; born Newport Ky. s/o David Fry; LO-Fry removed Herbert Fry
Fry, George b-1-1-1894; d-2-6-1975; br-2-10-1975; s/o George & Ellie; born Newport; nearest relative George A Fry-son
Fry, Infant b&d 9-4-1973; br-9-6-1973; parents Gary W Fry & Monica P Wooten; born Ft Thomas; nearest relative Mr. & Mrs, Gary W. Fry parents
Fry, Infant br-8-14-1916
Fry, John Louis b-2-5-1879; d-4-6-1958; br-4-9-1958; widowed; s/o ? Fry & Winifred Doolan; born Paris Ky. LO-Louis Fry-self; nearest relative Alice Cody-daughter
Fry, Julia br-2-21-1897
Fry, Lavon d-11-13-1971; br-11-17-1971; age 48; parents Louis Fry & Edith May Patterson; born Ky. LO-Dorothy Beckner-sister
Fry, Louis B d-7-26-1961; br-7-29-1961; age 72; married; s/o Frank Fry & Cora Shields; nearest relative Edith Fry-wife
Fry, Minnie R b-9-26-1892; d-4-25-1969; br-4-28-1969; d/o Wm Harrison & Sarah ?; born Ohio; NR-Mrs. Robert Wilkins-daughter
Fry, Nancy Belle (colored) b-2-20-1869; d-2-4-1960; br-2-8-1960; married; born Williamstown Ky. LO-self; NR-Enoch Fry-son
Fry, Rose d-8-29-1958; br-9-3-1958; age 63; s/o Jacob Hoffman & Anna Huber; born Campbell Co; LO-Jacob Hoffman-father; nearest relative Roy Fry-husband
Fry, Roy G d-9-26-1960; br-9-29-1960; age 61; s/o George Fry & E?ua Kauder; born Newport; NR-Herbert Fry-brother
Fry, Timmie J d-12-9-1953; br-12-11-1953; age 5 mo; s/o Louis & Frieda Fry; born Covington Ky. nearest relative Louis Fry
Frye, Anna (child) br-12-13-1885
Frye, August br-4-23-1901
Frye, Dale br-10-2-1929
Frye, David br-11-1-1910
Frye, Dorothy br-10-26-1916
Frye, Ellwood br-6-8-1923
Frye, Grover Cleveland b-3-15-1884; d-1-19-1973; br-1-23-1973; married; s/o John; born Ky. LO-Grover C Frye & Emma Campbell; nearest relative-Emma Campbell-daughter
Frye, Janie d-2-13-1948; br-2-16-1948; widowed; d/o Fred & Rachel Hogle; LO-Grye; born Ft Thomas
Frye, Melzenia b-3-2-1886; d-10-25-1962; br-10-29-1962; married; d/o Joseph Kilgore & Eliza Drake; born Louis Co Ky. LO- Emma Campbell & G. Frye; nearest relative Emma Campbell-daughter
Frye, O br-10-6-1891
Frye, Reeva br-3-26-1920
Frye, Roy L b-11-29-1913; d-8-24-1958; br-8-27-1958; married; s/o Grover Frye & Melzine Kilgore; born Ky. NR-Lucy Frye-wife
Fryer, Elizabeth br-4-14-1889
Fryer, Elizabeth br-9-22-1923
Fryer, Elizabeth br-4-3-1896
Fryer, Fred br-12-20-1887
Fryer, Henry br-4-10-1888
Fryer, Infant br-6-7-1910
Fryer, Infant br-3-12-1914
Fryer, Mabel br-2-8-1916
Fryer, Mary d-1-30-1943; br-2-2-1945; age 77; born Cincinnati; nee Stevenson; LO-Fryer; remove Robert Fryer
Fryer, ? (Infant) br-9-19-1969
Fryer, Robert br-3-4-1925
Fryer, Robert N d-3-4-1965; br-3-9-1965; age 57; married; s/o Robert Fryer & Mary Stevenson; born Cincinnati; LO-Robert N Fryer- son; nearest relative Jane Fryer-wife
Fryer, Rudolph Milton d-1-31-1970; br-2-3-1970; age 47; married; s/o Rudolph Fryer & Mabel Wilson; born Butler Ky. LO-Peggy Fryer-wife
Fryman, Carol Jr. d-6-1-1951; br-6-2-1951; age One day; born Dayton Ky. s/o Caroline & Carol Fryman; NR-Caroline Fryman
Fryman, Carolman d-4-1-1962; br-4-4-1962; age 27; married; d/o George Scent & Edith Survall; LO-Carol Fryman-wife; nearest relative Carol Fryman jr. husband
Fryman, Pamela Sue d-5-2-1956; br-5-4-1956; age 2 mo. d/o Carol Fryman & Caroline Cint; NR-Carol Fryman-father
Fuchs, Chas H b-5-1-1870; d-7-17-1945; br-7-20-1945; married; born Newport; s/o George & Louise Fuchs; LO-self
Fuchs, Cora br-10-19-1915
Fuchs, Ellanora d-2-16-1937; br-2-17-1937; age 70; married; born Dayton Ky. d/o John & Gertrude Heeg; LO-W F Fuchs
Fuchs, Frances b-3-23-1877; d-3-22-1947; br-3-25-1947; widowed; born Dayton Ky. George & Helen Schoulties; LO-Chas Fuchs
Fuchs, Frank br-10-6-1892
Fuchs, Frank br-4-19-1892
Fuchs, Frank F b-1-17-1856; d-11-2-1939; br-11-6-1939; widowed; born Newport; s/o Wm. & Magdaline Fueglein; remove Mrs. S E Hecker
Fuchs, Freda br-8-4-1927
Fuchs, H B br-5-31-1907
Fuchs, George M br-5-7-1904
Fuchs, Jacob br-2-15-1902
Fuchs, Leo br-7-16-1913
Fuchs, Louis d-4-10-1930; br-4-13-1939; age 73; widowed; born Bellevue; s/o William & Mary Fuchs; LO-W F Fuchs
Fuchs, Lula B br-3-29-1885
Fuchs, Maglaline br-11-5-1896
Fuchs, Mary br-6-22-1909
Fuchs, Mary A br-7-14-1906
Fuchs, Minnie br-5-3-1913
Fuchs, Sarah br-6-16-1888
Fuchs, William F br-4-6-1900
Fueg, Anna Eliz br-12-8-1902
Fueg, Joseph br-11-15-1916
Fuge, Lena br-12-2-1912
Fueglein, Michail br-7-31-1916
Fugate, George B b-3-2-1883; d-8-27-1954; br-8-30-1954; married; s/o John Dickerson Fugate & Susan C Scott; born Pike C Ky. nearest relative Mrs. Lorena Fugate
Fugate, Susan b-1-1-1854; br-?-30-1928; 
Fugett, Carrie b-7-31-1885; d-7-23-1961; br-7-25-1961; widowed; d/o Geo Sauer; born Cincinnati; disease Myacardial failure; LO-J Fugett nearest relative Jerry E Fugett
Fugett, Henrietta br-11-1-1911
Fugett, James E Jr. br-10-18-1920
Fugett, James S d-9-27-1942; br-9-30-1942; age 56; married; born KY; LO-Jas E Fugett; removed Mrs. C Fugett
Fugett, Tolbert b-3-11-1862; br-5-24-1928; s/o -- Fugett & -- Smith; LO-Tolbert Fugett
Fugett, Vina br-7-12-1924
Fuhrman, br-4-21-1887
Fuldner, May br-7-24-1918
Fuller, Anna br-3-25-1914
Fuller, C br-4-28-1916
Fuller, Charles b-12-18-1891; d-7-1-1952; br-7-5-1952; born Mayville Ky. nearest relative Leslie Fuller-brother
Fuller, Edwin b-11-15-1872; br-4-6-1961; widowed; LO-David Miller; nearest relative John W Fuller-Grandson
Fuller, Ella A br-9-26-1901
Fuller, Hannah br-8-4-1922
Fuller, Leslie b-9-6-1876; d-7-6-1954; br-7-8-1954; widowed; s/o Amazor Fuller & Luck Pyle; born Brooksville Ky. LO-Leslie Fuller self; nearest relative Floyd Fuller
Fuller, Lillian d-7-10-1948; br-7-16-1945; age 64; married; born Newport; d/o Wm A & Mary Louise Darin; LO-D Miller; remove Wm Davin
Fuller, Pearl M d-8/27/1971; br-8/30/1971; age 86; single; parents William Fuller & Keturah Marshall; born Louisville KY; LO & NR-Mrs. C B Edwards-Aunt
Fuller, Tella G d-8/11/1959; br-8/14/1959; age 79; widowed; parents Maurice Price & Anna Roman ?rice; born Newport KY; LO-William A Grayson; NR-Mrs. Geneva Fessler-cousin
Fuller, Tillie d-11/1/1953; br-11/4/1953; age 12/6/1877; married; parents John Wiggins & ?; born Mt. Olivet KY; LO & NR-Leslie Fuller-husband
Fullman, Leona d-3/16/1959; br-3/18/1959; age 87; widowed; parents Thomas Hunt & Isadora McClabe; born Greenup KY; LO- Sherman Fullman-husband; NR-Florence Harrison-daughter
Fullman, Norman d-3/28/1928
Fullman, Sherman d-11/29/1953; br-12/1/1953; age 11/22/1870; married; parents Charles & Mary Fullman; born Greenup KY; LO & NR-Mrs. Sherman Fullman-wife 
Fulmer, Arthur E br-12/19/1910
Fulmer, Bertha L d-6/16/1963; br-6/19/1963; age 76; widower; parents Alex Spratt & Louisa Lawson; LO-Robert H Fulmer-husband; NR-Felix Fulmer
Fulmer, Charles Allen d-9/28/1974; br-10/1/1974; age 84; born Plainfield, New Jersey; NR-John A Fulmer
Fulmer, Clarence A d-12/2/1958; br-12/5/1958; age 8/27/1959; b-_/29/ 1904; single; parents Robert Fulmer & Bertha Spratt; born Newport Ky. LO & NR-Bertha Fulmer-mother 
Fulmer, Debra Sue d-2/20/1960; br-2/23/1960; age 2/20/1960; single; parents James Fulmer & Sylvia Wilson; born Ft. Thomas Ky. LO-James & Sylvia Fulmer-parents
Fulomer, Hazel June d-2/6/1971; br-2/9/1971; age 55; married; parents Arthur Knarr; born Newport Ky. :O & NR-William J Fulmer-husband
Fulmer, Joseph b&d 6/11/1970; br-6/15/1970; parents Robert Fulmer & Sara Taylor; NR-Robert Fulmer father
Fulmer, Mary Theresa d-12/12/1959; br-12/16/1959; age 9/27/1959; parents Robert Fulmer & Marjorie Bradey; born Covington Ky. NR-Robert Fulmer father
Fulmer, Robert Franklin d-12/21/1969; br-12/26/1969; age 63; married; parents Robert Fulmer & Buhla Spratt; born Covington Ky. LO-Robert Starrett; NR-Shawn Fulmer (son)
Fulmer, Robert H d-2/3/1953; br-2/6/1953; age 3/12/1876; married; parents Pickens Fulmer; born Georgia LO-Robt M Fulmer; NR-Bertha Fulmer
Fulner, Albert br-4/2/1888
Fulner, Alberta br-1/6/1938; d-1/4/1938; age 5/28/ ?; born New Port Ky. married; parents Robert Mahothe & Seloma Marding; LO- George Fulner; removed Geo F Fulner
Fulner, Amelia br-8/10/1903
Fulner, Bernice d-5/23/1958; br-5/26/1958; age 6/11/1886; single; parents Ferdinand & Emma Fulner; born New Port Ky. Disease carcinoma; LO & NR-Emma Fulner-mother
Fulner, C Fred  br-11/20/1939; d-11/17/1939; age 2/5/1852; married; born Cinti Oh; parents John & Amelia Fulner; removed Emma Fulner
Fulner, Charles W  d-1/17/1950; br-1/20/1950; age 81; widowed; born Cincinnati; parents John & Amelia Fulner; LO-Geo Fulner-son 
Fulner, Clarence Winston br-12/27/1900
Fulner, Edw. br-4/8/1893
Fulner, Emma M br-10/30/1945; d-10/26/1945; age 3/31 ???? parents Conrad & Sophia Wolf; LO-Fred Fulner removed Miss Emilie Fulner
Fulner, George F br-Oct. 31 1944; d-10/28/1944; age 12/ 9/1859; widowed; born Cincinnati Ohio; parents Ferdinard Fulner & ? lot owner self
Fulner, George McKinley d-2/7/1950; br-2/9/1950; age 8/24/1897; married; born Ft. Thomas; parents George & Alberta Fulner; LO- Geo F Fulner-son
Fulner, Henry br-4/26/1883
Fulner, Heney br-5/29/1912
Fulner, Mary Maud br-1/3/1942; 1/1/1942; age 10/30/1870; married; born Covington KY; parents Richard & Mary Ann Salter; LO- Chas & Grace Fulner
Fulner, Salian M br-6/7/1904
Fulton, Cora br-9/8/1933
Fulton, Thec?iore (Infant) br-12/5/1910
Fults, Alfred br-1/29/1900
Fulweiler, Anna Martha br-12/4/1945; d-12/1/1945; age 62; widowed; born Cincinnati Ohio; parents Henry & Margar Schaeper; LO- Fulweiler & Scharper
Fulweiler, Catherine d-11/1/1974; br-11/5/1974; age 55; parents Robert Fulweiler Effie Scroggin; born Ky. NR-Robert Fulweiler husband
Fulweiler, Louis W br-8/16/1920
Funk, Mollie br-8/6/1908
Fuqua, Huber d-4/15/1972; br-4/19/1972; age 55; married; parents Albert Fuqua & Ida Wilson; born Cinti O; LO & NR-Anita Fuqua-wife
Furnean, Augusta Seiter br-3/21/1907
Furneau, Harry Chas d-12/7/1956; br-12/11/1956; age 98; widowed; parents George & Mathilda Furneau; born England London; LO-Harry Furenau; NR-daughter in law Lincoln Donaldson
Furneaux, Ernest A d-9/30/47; br-10/3/1947; age 71; widowed; born Newport Ky. parents George & Isabella Furneaux
Furnesux, Gertrude br-12/31/1930
Furneaux, Infant b&d 9/17/1895; parents Harvey & Gussie Furneaux
Furneaux, Isabella br-6/28/1885
Furneaux, Stella d-11/21/1971; br-11/23/1971; age 76; married; parents John F. Flowers & Flora Cooch; born Logan KY: LO- Harry C Furneaux-father-in-law; NR-Burt Furneaux-husband
Furnish, Beulah Lewis d-11/4/1958; br-11/6/1958; age 4/24/1913;Married; parents Clarence Kountz & Sarah born Newport Ky. LO & NR-Howard Furnish-husband
Furnish, Carrie d-6/26/1963; br-6/29/1963; age 91; Widowed; parents William Elder & Marion Guard; born Cincinnati Ohio; LO & NR-Harry Furnish-son
Furnish, Corilin A br-6/26/1911
Furnish, Eva d-10/30/1957; br-11/2/1957; age 67; Married; parents Theoplis Nix & Nellie Stokley; born Kentucky; LO- Eva Furnish; NR-Rollie Furnish-husband
Furnish, Francis M br-10/21/1918
Furnish, Frank d-7/28/1958; br-8/1/1958; age 2/10/1903; Divorced; parents Jasper Furnish & Carrie Elder; born Madison Ind. LO & NR-Anna Bell Furnish
Furnish, Helen Maude d-10/3/1952; br-10/6/1952; age 72; born Campbell County Ky. parents Chas. T & Sallie Ware Francis: LO-Francis Mausoleum-brother; NR-Mrs. Allie Allnutt
Furnish Jasper br-12/19/1938; d-12/15/1938; age 12/17/1866; married; born Ky. s/o Marion----; removed Carrie Furnish
Furnish, Mabel br-5/13/1911;
Furnish, Rollie d-6/12/1959; br-6/15/1959; age 3/25/1885; widowed; parents Frank Furnish & Amelia Stafford; born Owenton Ky. NR-Nelson Furnish-son
Furnish, Thelma br-9/24/1934
Furrow, Charles V br-1/30/1940; 1/27/1940; age 7/22/1890; born Ohio; parents James & Laura Costeck; LO-Michael Stickling; Removed Mathilda Furrow
Furrow, Mathilda d-7/3/1954; br-7/7/1954; age 12/2/1887; widowed; parents Michael Stickling & Katherine Huber; born Newport Ky.
LO-Michael Sticking-father; NR-John Ritter
Furst, Cora Mae d-7/3/1959; br-7/6/1959; age/3/18/1876; widowed; parents John D Lovett & Harriett A Cook; born Cincinnati Ohio;
LO-Sara Furst; NR-Samuel J Noss
Furst, Emma Katherine br-4/7/1944; d-4/4/1944; age 12/4/1866; married; born Cincinnati Ohio; nee Dahlman
Furst Gladys d-1/5/1972; br-1/8/1972; age 74; married;  parents Henry Carnes & ? Bu??er; born Pendleton Co. Ky. LO-Elmer Richard (son) & Gladys Furst; NR-Erwin Furst-son
Furst, Herbert William d-10/16/1965; br-10/19/1965; age 4/16/1896; single; parents William Fyrst And Emma ??hlman; born Cincinnati Ohio; LO & NR-Elmer R. Furst-brother
Furst, Infant br-8/1/1922
Furst, Infant br-7/12/1929
Furst, Louis d-10/22/1955; br-10/26/1955; age 1/14/1881; married; parents Richard & Mary Furst; born Cincinnati Ohio; LO & NR-Cora May Furst-wife 
Furst, William d-2/5/1950; br-2/8/1950; age 3/13/1869; widowed; born Cincinnati Ohio
Furtin, Sarah A br-8/11/1885
Fuson, Evelyn Gertrude b-9/27/1907; d-11/21/1957; br-11/23/1938; married; born Cincinnati Ohio; parents L. Hemingway & Lillie Yates; place of death Contagious Hosp. of Diphtheria
Fuson, Gills L b-7/17/1895; d-5/8/1940; br-5/11/1940; widowed; born Ky. parents J.C Fuson & Frances Mayme; removed by Edward F Fuson
Fussey, John br-6/12/1924
Futz, Katie br-3/28/1906
Fyffe, Louis b-9/18/1863; d-4/2/1951; br-4/5/1951; widowed; white; born KY; NR-Susan Dean
Fuyet, Infant br-10/4/1887


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