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Evergreen Cemetery


Transcribed and submitted by Helen Nellis August 21, 2011

d-died or date of death
d/o-daughter of
LO-lot owner
NR-nearest relative
removed-physically moved to another section or another cemetery (according to Evergreen Cemetery director)
SG-single grave
s/o-son of


Gabbard, Florence b-10/12/1886; d-9/4/1956; br-9/7/1956; ;widowed; white; parents Theophilus & Marie Brandenburg; born Lee County Ky. LO-Florence Gabbard; NR-Vernon Gabbard
Gabbard, Helen br-7/23/1923
Gabbard, John L b-9/29/1885; d-1/27/1956; br-1/30/1956; married; white; parents Hiram & Mary Gabbard; born Booneville KY; disease Thrombsie; LO 7 NR-Florence Gabbard-wife 
Gabbard, Louetta d-4/13/1962; br-4/16/1962; age 75; widowed; white; parents; Joseph Creech & Sirah Gabbard; born Ky. LO & NR- Tom Gabbard-son
Gabbard, Ruby Jane br-9/10/1927
Gabbard, Sally Ann b-12/17/1953; d-7/16/1954; br-7/19/1954; parents William Gabbard & Pearline Bridwell; born Dayton Ky. NR- William Gabbard
Gabbs, Chas Thomas br-11/19/1932; LO-Chas Gabbs
Gabbs, Elizabeth br-2/16/1918
Gabbs, Infant br-6/30/1885
Gabbs, M A br-7/17/1884
Gabbs, Wm H br-5/25/1926
Gabel, A V (child) br-10/27/1888
Gabel, Carrie d-11/17/1966; br-11/21/1966; age 77; married; white; Parents Louis Holliday Ida Stalcup; born Cincinnati O; LO & NR- William E Gabel-husband 
Gabel, Emma br-10/30/1922
Gabel, Harry W br-12/14/1929; Lot owner Lillie Gabel
Gabel, Infant br-7/2/1906
Gabel, John J br-8/19/1913
Gabel, Lillian d-3/14/1971; br-3/17/1971; age 93; widowed; parents Robert Porter & Isabell Peak; born Ft Thomas KY; LO-self; NR- Mrs. Isabell Bertuche-daughter
Gabel, Robert J d-8/12/1965; br-8/17/1965; age 50; married; parents Harry W Gabel & Lillian Parter; born Bellevue; LO-Lillian Gabel-mother; NR-Sephia Gabel-wife
Gabelman, Flora b-3/5/1878; d-7/26/1957; br-7/30/1957; married; born Carol KY; parents John Hicks & Belle ???? NR-husband Ralph Gabelman
Gabhart, Mark Houston b-3/5/1878; d-6/10/1953; br-6/12/1953; married; parents; Thomas & Hannah Gabhart; born Hart Co. Ky. LO-Gabhart & Pierce; NR-Nellie J Gabhart
Gabhart, Nellie J  d-2/25/1967; br-12/27/1967; age 89; widowed; parents; Lawrence Menheiter & Katherine Peters; born Louisville KY; LO-M H Gabhart; NR-Mrs. W V ?icrcu-daughter
Gable, Arthur Dutton b-5/11/1886; d-2/9/1945; br-2/13/1945; widowed born Dayton KY. parents John Gable Sr. and Mattie Bell Knight; LO-His; place of death Houston Texas
Gable, Cynthia br-10/15/1923
Gabler, Julius E  br-3/20/1905
Gabler, Margaret  br-2/9/1924
Gabler. Millie br-11/25/1918
Gabler, Tillie br-3/27/1925
Gadd, Betty Jane br-4/19/1926
Gadd, Infant b&d 10/16/1966; br-10/16/1966; parents Alvin V Gadd and Rosie Caunill; born Ft. Thomas Ky. LO & NR-Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Gadd
Gadd, Luther F  d-5/30/1965; br-6/2/1965; age 63; married; white; parents Armp Gadd and Louise Chastine; born Rockcastle Ky. LO- Frances Maier-Father; NR-Ida Gadd-wife
Gaddis, Alpha B br-10/30/1911
Gaddis, Emma J br-4/16/1926
Gaddis, George Herman  d-5/14/1947; br-5/16/1947; age 82; single born Ft. Thomas KY; parents John Carter & Emma Jane Gaddis Gaddis, John br-4/7/1887
Gaddis, Nona b4/7/1894; d-4/17/1944; br-4/20/1944; married; born Lincoln Co. Ky. parents Eberle & Isabella Jones; removed by Ruth Smith
Gaeddert, Mildred V d-5/29/1968; br-6/1/1968; age 58; married; parents Ray C. Pierce & Elsie Boyer; born Newport; LO & NR-Theodore Gaeddert-husband
Gage, Clayton E b-1/24/1881; d-6/30/1941; br-7/3/1941; married; born Indiana; parents James Gage and Rose Hutson; removed by Mrs. Margaret Gage
Gage, Margaret K  b-1/30/1881; d-11/25/1951; br-11/28/1951; widowed; parents Frank P Winstal & Victoria Jenkins; born Ky. NR-Margaret Stabler
Gage, Ruth M  br-9/25/1920
Gahm, Alfred  br-8/10/1918
Gainer, Alex  br-1/14/1922
Gainer, Clara S  br-12/8/1908
Gainer, Dorothy b-8/5/1913; d-1941; single; born Cincinnati Ohio; parents Geo Sr. & Edna Niemann; Removed Geo. Gainer Sr.
Gainer, Edna Emma  d-8/1/1969; br-8/5/1969; age 84; widowed; parents Frank Niemann & Sophia Nieberhehman; born Cincinnati Ohio; LO & NR-George Gainer-son
Gainer, Elsie (Infant) br-12/12/1931
Gaines. Anna (colored) br-2/7/1917
Gaines, Nina  b-1894; d-7/23/1942; br-7/25/1942; single; born Lewis Co KY; parents Susan & Robert Voiers
Gaines Thompson d-12/1/1958; br-12/3/1958; age 79; Married; parents Sim Thompson & Ann Lowrey; born Ghent KY; LO & NR- Mollie Thompson-wife
Gainor, Alex Jr. br-3/22/1892
Gaither, George  br-6/29/1925
Galagher, Charles br-8/18/1911
Galagher, Charles E  br-3/17/1944; parents Wm J & Virginia Galagher; LO-Fitzgerald
Galagher, Margaret A br-1/12/1911
Galagher, Virginia br-2/25/1929; Lot owner Fitzgerald
Galagher, Wm E  br-5/21/1927
Galagher, Wm Ja. br-5/7/1920
Galberth. M R br-9/20/1912
Galbreth, Mary Ella br-9/12/1905; removed from Sec. 28 Grave 411
Gale, Ralph br-8/17/1898
Gall, Louisa br-3/2/1915
Gallager, James (adult) br-7/16/1887
Galager, K Mrs. br-12/12/1891
Gallagher, C W  br-7/21/1889
Gallagher, D C br-1/21/1904
Gallagher, Frank H d-7/4/1956; br-7/4/1956; b-2/7/1871; Married-Div; parents James Gallagher & Mary Kimpton; born Cinti. Oh; disease-Senility; lot owner Cooper & Shoup; NR-Mrs. Jesse Shoup-sister
Gallagher, Frank Joseph  d-10/29/1955; br-11/1/1955; b-2/17/187?; parents ? and ? Bogart; born Newport Ky. NR-Pat Gallagher
Gallagher, James H br-5/16/1906
Gallagher, Jane br-12/11/1945; d-12/8/1945; age 59; married born Dayton Ky. parents Thomas Twaddel and ?; removed Frank Gallahger
Gallagher, Bessie br-1/20/1947; d-1/22/1947; age 2/25/1878; single; born Cinti. Oh; parents James & Mary Gallagher; LO-Jas. remove Mrs. Vernon Getz
Gallagher, Mary E br-11/27/1901
Gallagher, Robert B br-11/11/1900
Gallagher, S James br-9/12/1898
Gallagher, Thomas br-8/21/1896
Gallagher, ? J br-11/3/1894
Gallagher, William Frank d-11/7/1954; br-11/12/1954; age 3/9/1905; single; parents Frank Gallaher & Jane Waddwell; born Newport Ky. NR-Michael Gallagher
Gallar, Ann br-5/20/1901
Gallar, Thos br-2/5/1888
Gallear, Wm br-?/20/1896
Gallen, Alice Eliz br-8/14/1926
Gallimoore, Ann br-6/8/1942; d-6/5/1942; age 5/15/1855; parents Chas & Ann Gallimoore; LO-Gallimoore; removed J. Wesley Gallimoore
Gallimore, C M br-4/17/1906
Gallimore, D br-8/12/1899
Gallimore, Emma br-3/10/1908
Gallimore, James br-6/27/1902
Gallimore, Mellie br-3/4/1903
Galoway, Carl br-3/25/1900
Galloway, Clifford br-5/13/1925
Galvagni, Daisy d-4/26/1958; br-4/30/1958; age 72; single; parents Joseph & ?aul?ne Galvagni; born Cinti. Oh; LO-Joseph Galvagni (father) NR-Joseph Galvagni brother
Galvagni, Johanna d-2/26/1951; br-2/28/1951; age 40; married; born Cinti. Oh; parents John & Sophia Game; LO & NR-Wm Galvagni (husband)
Galvagni, Joseph br-1/2/1907
Galvagni, Joseph C d-2/17/1965; br-2/20/1965; age 65; married; parents Joseph Galvagni & Pauline Lay; born Bellevue Ky. LO-self; NR-Gertrude Galvagni-wife
Galvagni, Louise br-8/13/1937; d-8/11/1937; age 46; single; born Cinti. Oh; LO-Jos. Galvagni-brother; removed Pauline Galavgni
Galavgni, Marie D br-1/24/1936; age 41; married; born Cinti. Oh; parents; Wm Shoptaugh; LO-Wm Galavgni
Galavgni, Pauline br-6/4/1942; d-6/2/1942; age 84; married; born Indiana; nee Lay; LO-Joseph Galvagni; removed Daisy Galvagni
Galvin, Alma d-9/?/1965; br-9/8/1965; age-7/20/1895; widowed; parents Aloys Rudelph & Ann Disaclhoff; born Cinti. Oh; LO-self; NR-Alice Klump-daughter
Galvin, Earl Clay Br-2/10/1911; removed from Mrs. Maurer's Lot 5 Sec 16
Galvin, Emma br-1/3/1918
Galvin, John F d-9/12/1956; br-9/15/1956; age-7/3/1887; married; parents John & Mary Galvin; born Cinti Oh; LO & NR-Alma Galvin (wife)
Galvin, Michael br-5/14/28; age 52; single; parents Michael & Emma Galvin
Gambel, Anna br-2/24/1911
Gamble, Infant br-11/16/1945; b&d 11/15/1945; born Campbell county Ky. parents Jewell Gamble & Roberta Haskins; removed Jewell Gamble
Gamble, Infant br-1/30/1929
Gamble, Jewell d-12/5/1975; br-12/9/1975; age 10/19/1917; parents Forester Gamble & Ludie Howard; born Middletown Oh; LO & NR-Roberta Gamble wife
Gamble, Michaela d-7/7/1975; br-7/10/1975; age 22; parents Jewell Gamble & Roberta Hoskins; born Dayton Ky. NR-Jewell Gamble father
Gamble, Ludie d-7/15/1953; br-7/17/1953; age 7/19/1899; married; parents Carin & Matilda Howard; born Harlan Co. Ky. disease Carcinoma; LO & NR-Foster Gamble-husband
Gamble, Mrs. (adult) br-6/25/1891
Gamble, Theresa d-8/19/1970; br-8/24/1970; age-9/3/1967; single; parents Edward Gamble & Theresa Faunz; born Covington Ky. NR-Mr. & Mrs. Edward Gamble parents
Gambrel, Infant d-9/19/1955; br-9/22/1955; age 10 hours; parents Dwain & Edna Gambrel; born Ft. Thomas; NR- Dwain Gambrel
Gander, Grace C d-2/8/1971; br-2/12/1971; age 7/1/1888; married; parents John Mains & Frances (unknown) born Ky. LO-William Gander-husband; NR-E J Connor-son
Gander, Hattie d-1/11/1953; br-1/15/1953; age-6/8/1889; married; born Indiana; parents Howard A Thison & Edna Mae Long; LO& NR-Ralph Gander
Gander, Ralph could not read
Gang, Aila br-5/21/1906
Gang, Gladys May br-4/16/1912
Gang, Howard K br-2/9/1908
Gannon, Elsie br-3/13/1926
Gannon, Joseph Thomas d-3/7/1958; br-3/12/1958; age-12/19/1873; married; parents Thomas Gannon & Emily Symmes; born England; LO-Self; NR-Melinda Belle Gannon-wife
Gannon, Melinda Belle d-8/5/1966; br-8/8/1966; age 94; widowed; parents John W Galberith & Mary E Fry; born Cynthiana Ky. LO & NR-Mrs. Rosie McHenry (daughter)
Ganott, Lilian May (child) br-7/27/1893
Gantner, Jone H  br-6/15/1948; d-6/12/1948; age-10/11/1926; married; born Newport; parents Wm B. Henley & Lucille Slickinger; LO-Fred Flichinger; removed Edward K Gantner-husband
Gantner, Wm R br-6/12/1948; b&d 6/11/1948 in Newport; parents Edward Gantner & Jean Henley; LO-Flickinger; remove Edward Gantner father
Garber, Louis br-7/1/1901
Gard, Alice d-4/17/1965; br-4/20/1965; age 68; widowed; parents Edwin Linville & Alice Davis; born Dayton Ky; LO-Herbert Gard (husband) NR-Gayle Gastright-daughter
Gard, Arthur L br-7/2/1917
Gard, Clarence br-3/28/1923
Gard, Elizabeth br-12/23/1928
Gard, Frank B d-10/31/1971; br-11/9/1971; age 75; parents John M Gard & Belle Gulley; born Kentucky; LO-Jason Gard-grandfather; NR-Jason Gard-brother
Gard, Gladys br-4/28/1904
Gard, Herbert Elmer d-3/13/1952; br-3/17/1952; age 12/22/1887; parents John Gard & Belle Gulley; born Cincinnati; LO-Edwin Linville-son-in-law; NR-Alice Gard
Gard, Jason br-4/1/1896
Gard, John br-6/27/1936; 6/25/1936; age 11/15/1861; born Campbell co. Ky. parents Jason & Sarah Crosby; LO-Jason Gard
Gard, Ralph br-7/23/1921
Gard, Sarah Jane br-12/6/1906
Gardner, Carrie br-6/5/1907
Gardner, Christine d-9/17/1950; br-9/20/1950; age 62; born Newark N.J. parents Edw. & ???? Wag?n?n; LO-Leslie Gardner-wife
Gardner, Chas br-8/22/1916
Gardner, David Milton d-11/18/1961; br-11/21/1961; age 12/15/1933; parents Elba Gardner; LO-Mildred-wife & Mr. & Mrs. Elba Gardner
Gardner, Clifford d-9/12/1955; br-9/15/1955; age 4/15/1884; parents Chas. & Caroline Gardner; born Cincinnati; LO-Chas Gardner-son; NR-Lula Gardner
Gardner, Elden br-4/5/1920
Gardner, br-3/15/1917
Gardner, Elizabeth d-11/14/1950; br-11/17/1950; age 84; born Bethel Ohio; parents Samuel & Jane Ford; LO-Ms. Ford; NR-J Perry Gardner
Gardner, Florence br-6/2/1899
Gardner, Harry C d-10/22/1972; br-10/25/1972; age 71; parents Henry Gardner & Barbara Holtz; LO-George Stetter; NR-Mrs. Dorothy Ti?? Gardner-wife
Gardner, Harry br-6/21/1899
Gardner, Henrietta Louise d-12/7/1973; br-12/11/1973; age 5/18/1908; parents James Boyer & Henrietta Voss; born Ky. NR-Elba Gardner-husband
Gardner, Henry br-10/20/1945; b-10/18/1945; age 10/9/1874; widowed; born Burlington Ky. LO-Geo Stetter; remove Harry Gardner Gardner, Ida Rebecca br-5/22/1916; removed from Section 22 lot 10 on 11/15/1938
Gardner, Infant br-10/4/1910
Gardner, Jackson br-3/15/1932
Gardner, James Perry d-5/5/1962; br-5/24/1962; age 5/23/1861; widowed; parents William Gardner & Accenath Short; born Ohio; LO-Wm Ford; NR-James A Gardner-son
Gardner, Leslie d-11/21/1973; br-11/26/1973; age 87; single; parents John E Gardner & Hannah Linnelle; born London England; LO- Leslie Gardner; NR-Mrs. Marjorie Riley-daughter
Gardner, Louisa br-2/3/1936; d-2/1/1936; age 2/14/1872; married; born England; parents Thomas & Elizabeth Lidington; LO-Minnie Bell; removed permission to use signed by Minnie Bell
Gardner, Phillip d-8/24/1968; br-8/27/1968; age 73; married; parents Charles Gardner & Nettie Dunn; born Adams Co. Ohio; LO & NR-Eugenia Gardner-wife
Garenta, Sada L br-7/7/1921
Garey Fredericka br-4/15/1943; d-4/13/1943; age 66; married born Ky. parents Bernard and Elizabeth Garey; LO-Fredericka Garey; Removed Carrie Meyers
Garey, Infant br-8/3/1893
Garey, James br-9/16/1911
Garfield, Liley (child) br-6/13/1908
Garld, Rohert T br-6/13/1908
Garneau, Jonathan-8/30/1966; br-9/2/1966; age 1min. parents Ray C Garneau & Violet L Owens; NR-parents
Garneau, Ray C d-8/30/1966; br-9/2/1966; age 1 min. parents Ray C Garneau & Violet L Owens; NR-parents
Gerner, Albert br-5/31/1945; age 3/28/1878; born Munford Tenn. parents Franklin Garner and ?
Garner, John T d-1/19/1964; br-1/22/1964; age 8/18/1875; widowed; parents ? John & Mary Garner; LO-Lorette & John T Garner; NR-William Garner-son
Garner, Lorette d-2/16/1958; br-2/19/1958; age 9/30/1882; married; parents Robert Tuck and Mary Morris; LO-Loretta & John T Garner; NR-John T Garner husband
Garner, William P d-12/7/1964; br-12/11/1964; age 12/20/1904; married; parents John T Garner and Loretta Tuck; LO-Loretta & John Garner (son) NR-Viola Garner wife
Garnett, Clarence Lee d-3/10/1958; br-3/12/1958; age 12/11/1864; widowed; parents William Garnett & Mary ?ewell; born Harrison Co, Ky. LO-Henry Walker; NR-Frances Garnett daughter
Garnett, Frances Margaret d-10/11/1971; br-10/14/1971; age 80; single; parents Clarence L Garnett & Mamie Spillman; born Harrison County Ky. LO-Henry Walker; NR-Mrs. Katherine Staklin (sister)
Garnett, Mamie Katherine d-8/ 9/1954; br-8/11/1954; age 8/20/1865; married; parents Henry Ersking Spilman & France Walker Whaley; LO-Henry Walker relation Granddaughter; NR-Clarence Lee Garnett
Garnett, Martin Collard d-9/15/1941; 9/12/1941; age 12/23/1899; divorced; born Harrison Co. Ky. parents Clarence Lee Garnett & Mamie K Spilman; LO-Walker Heirs
Garrard, Robert br-3/3/1917
Garrard, William d-11/20/1971; br-11/23/1971; age 80; married; parents William W. Garrard & Hettie Baxter; born Williamston Ky. LO & NR-Alma Garrard-wife 
Garrett, John (adult)
Garrett. Rose br-6/22/1885
Garretson, Floyd Lawson br-7/19/1917
Garretson, Fluvia ( Fulvia ) Young br-3/7/1928
Garretson, Joseph br-3/29/1924
Garretson, Joseph L br-6/16/1897
Garretson, Oliver Perry br-8/18/1910
Garrett, Anna br-3/15/1912
Garrett, Burton d-3/2/1951; br-3/5/1951; age 51; married; born Lexington Ky. parents Burton & Alice (Little) disease-Heart Condition; LO & NR-Mary Garrett-wife 
Garrett, Doris Rose d-10/15/1973; br-10/18/1973; age 48; married; parents August Hammel Mary Treadway; born Newport Ky. NR-Charles E Garrett-husband
Garrett, Effie br-10/20/1921
Garrett, Elizabeth H br-11/7/1932
Garrett, Emma J T br-7/16/1931
Garrett, Florence br-8/16/1909
Garrett, Infant (colored) br-5/7/1910
Garrett, James br-2/21/1942; d-2/18/1942; age 12/11/1941; single; born Newport Ky. parents Martin & Ruby (Hackman) remove Martin Garrett
Garrett, Jerry Edw. br-1/25/1927
Garrett, Matthew Turner br-4/7/1944; d-4/3/1944; age 5/17/1901; married; born Ruddles Mill Ky. parents Matthews & Katie Garrett remove Vivina Garrett
Garrett, Stanley d-7/20/1974; br-7/25/1974; age 74; parents Mark Garrett & Mineva Bonds; born Owsley Co. Ky. NR-Charles E Garrett-son
Garrett, William M d-5/26/1973; br-6/1/1973; age 40; single; parents Mathew Garrett & Vivian Gee; born Covington Ky. place of death Washington D.C. LO & NR-Vivian McGraw-mother
Garrey, George br-12/2/1901
Garrison, Alice d-11/7/1971; br-11/10/1971; age 9/1/1903; widowed; parents George J Fettkether & Lena M Lucky; born Reading Ohio; LO-self; NR-Mrs. Edna L McCormick-sister
Garrison, Bessie Lee  d-12/1/1956; br-12/4/1956; age 68; married; parents William P & Lulu Lee Gamp; born Bellevue Ky. LO- Bessie Garrison-self; NR-Mrs. E C Glass-daughter
Garrison, Carolina ( adult ) br-9/29/1884
Garrison, Geo. Earl  br-2/25/1930
Garrison, George A  br-7/17/1900
Garrison, Grace  br-1/16/1904
Garrison, Hettie Ida d-1/22/1947; br-1/25/1947; age 2/27/1875; widowed; born Adams Co. Ohio parents Elu & Eliza Greenlee
Garrison, Infant br-3/28/1893
Garrison, J E br-1/29/1894
Garrison, Mary  br-5/26/1941; d-5/23/1941; age 71; married; born Ky. Parents ? Well; remove Wm Garrison
Garrison, Sanford C  d-2/6/1950; br-2/11/1950; age 46; married; born Cincinnati Ohio; parent Sam Garrison; MR-Lola Garrison
Garrison, Sharon K  br-7/2/1946; 7/1/1946; age 4 days; born Covington Ky. parents Ralph Garrison & Helen Rouckhorst; remove Ralph Garrison
Garrison, Sherwood  br-1/29/1949; LO-his
Garrison, Thomas br-7/15/1943; d-7/12/1943; age 11/18/1858; widowed; born Missouri; parents Elizah Garrison & ? LO-his; remove Anna Kratzmeier
Garrison, Walter br-2/26/1904
Garrison, William J  d-2/1/1952; br-2/6/1952; age 11/20/1887; married; born Deer Creek Ind. parents Thos Garrison & Martha Taylor; LO & NR-Henrietta Garrison-wife 
Garrison, Wm  d-6/15/1945; br-7/28/1945; age 12/16/1865; single
Garritson, Emma Dieffenback  d-4/10/1966; br-4/13/1966; age 10/7/1877; parents Andrew Dieffenbach & Katherine Belt; born Bellevue Ky. LO & NR-Catherine Garritson-daughter 
Garther, Infant  br-1/2/1924
Garvell, Manson S  br-7/29/1903
Gasdorf, F E (child) br-5/15/1883
Gasdorf, Infant  br-2/17/1883
Gasdorf, Infant  br-4/15/1883
Gasdorf, Infant (child) br-4/13/1894
Gasdorf, Jacob Albert (child) br-5/15/1883
Gasdorf John M (child) br-4/15/1883
Gasdorf, Nannie V  br-2/15/1936; d-2/13/1936; age 3/14/1876; married born Tenn. parents ? Gish; LO-Louis Meister (son in law) Remove Permission signed Louis A Meister
Gaskins, Alornia  br-7/2/1908
Gaskins, Anna  d-8/17/1942; br-8/21/1942; age 7/4/1893; married; born Campbell Ky. parents Herman Simon & Bernadina Weyer; LO-Claude Gaskins; remove Claude Gaskins
Gaskins, Benjamin H  br-11/27/1951; age 8/25/1878; married; parents Thomas Gaskins & Frances Corn; born Point Pleasant West Va. NR-Hazel Gaskins
Gaskins, Birdie A  br-8/25/1948; d-8/23/1948; age 8/17/1948; born Dayton Ky. parents Raymond Gaskins & Frances Dolence; remove Raymond Gaskins
Gaskins, Birdie L  br-5/12/1921
Gaskins, Byron J   parents Samuel Gaskins & Georgia born Newport Ky. LO-Byron Gaskins; NR-Raymond C Gaskins-son
Gaskins, Catherine  d-12/7/1948; br-12/10/1948; age 72; widowed; LO-Gaskins
Gaskins, Catherine  d-2/21/1962; br-2/24/1962; age 76; widowed; parents Jacob Ulrich & Margaret Metz; born Newport Ky. LO- Catherine Gaskins-self; NR-Helen Wilson-daughter
Gaskins, Claude  br-1/28/1944; d-1/25/1944; age 10/6/1884; widowed; born West Va. parents Sam Gaskins & George Fowler; LO-self; remove Hilda Koher
Gaskins, Claude Jr. d-5-14-1948; br-5-21-1948; age 12-30-1905; married; born Dayton Kentucky; Parents name Claude Gaskins and Mary Hobson; drowned in Ohio River
Gaskins, Dorothy  br-7/10/1916
Gaskins, Dorothy (Infant) br-8/11/1911
Gaskins, Ethel V  d-4/14/1966; br-4/16/1966; age 12/31/1887; married; parents Oliver Brooks & Martha Glacicen; born Crittenden Ky. LO & NR-Everett Gaskins-husband
Gaskins, Everett  d-3/16/1974; br-3/19/1974; age 3/12/1883; parents Samuel & Ella; born W. Va. NR-Everett Gaskins Jr. son
Gaskins, Frances  br-6/ 7/1927
Gaskins, Georgiana  br-4/24/1917
Gaskins, Gory Gordon  d-10/11/1970; br-10/15/1970; age 67; married; parents Samuel R Gaskins & Georgia Fowler; born Newport Ky. NR-Mrs. Anna Bucher-sister
Gaskins, Hazel  d-1/2/1962; br-1/4/1962; age 83; widowed; parents Samuel Davies & Anna Transon; born Cold Spring Ky. NR- Stanley Davies-brother
Gaskins, Hoy  br-10/21/1946; d-10/17/1946; age 56; married; parents Samuel Gaskins & Georgia Fowler; LO-Catherine Gaskins; remove Katherine Gaskins
Gaskins, Infant  b&d 11/28/1950; br-12/1/1950; born Covington Ky. parents Raymond & Frances Gaskins; disease Pre-clampsin?; NR-Raymond Gaskins
Gaskins, Infant  b&d 5/8/1943; br-5/10/1943; born Newport Ky. parents Raymond & Frances Gaskins; LO-Byron Gaskins; removed Raymond Gaskins
Gaskins, Infant  b&d 7/9/1945; br-7/10/1945; born Dayton Ky. parents Gaskins & Francis Dolane; removed Raymond Gaskins
Gaskins, Infant  b&d 5/27/1946; br-5/27/1946; born Speers Hops. parents Raymond & Frances V Delence; LO-Nora Bridwill; Remove Mr. R. Gaskins
Gaskins, James J  br-9/18/1943; d-9/15/1943; age 71; married; born W. Va. LO-Nora Gaskins; Removed Katherine Gaskins
Gaskins, Janafay  br-8/6/1942; 8/8/1942; age 8/6/1942; born Newport Ky; parents Raymond Gaskins & France Dolence; LO-Byron Gaskins; removed Raymond Gaskins
Gaskins, Jessie d-5/26/1947; br-5/29/1947; age 4/16/1887; married; born Cincinnati Ohio; LO-Park Gaskins; removed Park Gaskins Gaskins Louise d-10/18/1973; br-10/22/1973; age 4/14/1905; parents Fred Ulrich & Katherine Williams; born Newport; LO & NR-Charles Gaskins-husband 
Gaskins, Mary br-2/20/1939; d-2/17/1939; Age 3/5/1880; widowed; born Claryville Ky. parents Mary Knap & John Rider; Removed Kate Thomas
Gaskins, Minnie br-4/21/1908
Gaskins, Raymond J br-10/30/1946; age 7/8/1944; parents Raymond & Francis Gaskins; Removed Raymond Gaskins
Gaskins, Samuel d-12/13/1974; br-12/17/1974; age 1/17/1890; parents Samuel R Gaskins & Georgia Fowler; born W. Va. NR-sister Mrs. Anna Bucher
Gaskins, Samuel R  d-12/2/1945; br-12/5/1945; age 7/21/1863; widowed; born Mason Co W. Va. LO-Samuel R Gaskins
Gasman, Andrew Jackson  br-1/16/1917
Gass, Christian br-5/21/1906
Gass, Frank br-9/7/1905
Gass, Henry br-7/8/1926
Gass, Mary br-2/11/1924
Gassert, Flora d-3/23/1956; br-3/27/1956; age 10/16/1906; married; parents Stephen Stith & Flora Ault; born Cincinnati Oh; LO & NR-Wm Gassert-husband 
Gassert, Lena br-10/28/1936; d-10/25/1936; age 12/31/1875; married; born Cinti Oh; parents Geo Beiler & Kathryn
Gassert, John P br-12/3/1949; age 76; single
Gassert, Robert E  br-7/24/1943; d-7/21/1943; age 10/24/1903; single; born Terra Haute Ind. parents J Phillip & Lena Gassert; Removed J. Phillips Gasert
Gaston, Carrie br-12/2/1895
Gaston, Sarah  br-7/3/1911
Gatchell, Andrew M  br-1/30/1941; d-1/27/1941; age 82; widowed; born Covington Ky. parents Nathan Gatchell & Mary Bridgeford; lot owner Andrew M. Gatchell
Gatchell, Charles br-3/30/1901
Gatchell, Mary M br-11/11/1907
Gatchell, Mary M  br-6/4/1940; d-6/1/1940; age 77; married; born Covington Ky. parents Lawrence Weingartner; LO-A Gatchell; Remove Andrew Gatchell
Gatchell, Nathan br-6/24/1894
Gates, Cenway br-1/14/1925
Gates, L (child) br-1/21/1889
Gates, Lycinda (adult) br-5/4/189?
Gates, Margaret br-2/26/1940; d-2/23/1940; age 12/24/1854; widowed; born Ohio; parents Daniel Wabnitz; LO-Mary Scnarstein & Mary Kate; Removed Emma Leonard
Gates, Sarha J br-3/22/1902
Gaugh, Albert G  d-10/9/1960; br-10/12/1960; age 75; widowed; parents Edward Gaugh & Nettie; born Newport Ky. LO-A Gaugh- self; NR-Mrs. Clifford Fleitz daughter
Gaugh, Anna br-3/31/1899
Gaugh, Asa  br-1/2/1931
Gaugh, Boyd  br-4/13/1884
Gaugh, Boyd L  br-12/12/1891
Gaugh, Catherine  br-8/26/1900
Gaugh, Choyce Davies  br-11/6/1945; d-11/3/1945; age 57; married; born Newport Ky. parents Thomas & Ann Davies; LO-Geo Burgaw
Gaugh, Daniel Webster D.o.I. 11/ 15/ 1943 11/ 11/ 1943 age / 23/ 1886 widowed Borm Newport Ky. Parents Osa & Louise Gaugh lot owner Weber & Gaugh
Gaugh, Edward  br-3/23/1922
Gaugh, George  br-11/20/1923
Gaugh, Hattie  br-10/14/1915
Gaugh, Louise  br-12/6/1947; age 11/23/1864; widowed; Born Newport Ky. parents Dan Weber & Heddie Jolly; LO-Gaugh; removed Williams W Gaugh
Gaugh, Nettie br-1/12/1927
Gaugh, Rece P???l br-3/17/1941; d-3/14/1941; age 8/22/1884; married; born Clermont Co. Ohio. Parents Isiah & Elizabeth Jones
Gaugh, John (adult) br-3/2/1894
Gaunt, Jennie B  br-6/22/1901
Gaupel, Harry Ferdinand d-8/18/1966; br-8/22/1966; age 86; widowed; parents Joseph Gaupel & Theresa Brutsche; born Newport Ky. LO-self; NR-Charles Caupel (son)
Gaupel, Sophia Elizabeth d-11/13/1954; br-11/16/1954; age 11/9/1888; married; parents Daniel & Wilhelmina Fayes; born Covington Ky.LO-Harry & Sophia Gaupel; NR-Harry Gaupel
Gaupel, Thelma Etta br-12/4/1929; LO-Harry & Sophia Gaupel
Gaurd, Mary J br-6/1/1908
Gaus, Albert br-7/7/1945; d-7/4/1945; age 66; widowed; born Newport Ky. parents William & Catherine Gaus; LO-W C Gaus
Gaus, Catherine br-5/7/1945; d-5/4/1945; age 67; parents John Martin & Catherine Gaus; LO-Wm C Gaus
Gaus, Edward br-1/2/1925
Gaus, Katherine br-11/26/1921
Gaus, Walter br-4/20/1897
Gaus William br-6/26/1898
Anna M  br-12/19/1919
Gausman, Elsie Anna br-7/21/1934
Gausman, John  br-4/2/1932; LO-Elsie Gausman
Gay, Amma  br-9/26/1907
Gay, Anna  br-7/14/1924
Gay Gelia (City Order) d-7/17/1940; br-7/19/1940; age 56; widowed; born Louisville Ky.
Gay, George  br-12/27/1924
Gay, Hezikiah  br-11/9/1906
Gay, Jasper  br-8/16/1890
Gay, Robert  br-5/8/1940; d-5/5/1940; age 65; married; born Jamesport Mo. parents James & Anna Gay; removed Celia Gay
Gayhart, Edward d-12/18/1954; br-12/22/1954; age 67; married; born Bromley Ky. LO & NR-Pearl Gayhart-wife
Gayhart, Grace br-7/22/1937; b&d 7/21/1937; parents Edward & Cora Gayhart; removed Edward Gayhart
Gaylord, Julia  br-3/29/1902
Gaynor, Sarah Ann d-1/20/1956; br-1/23/1956; age 3/19/1893; single; parents Joseph & Catherine Hewling; born Ft. Thomas Ky. LO- Geo Bockland-brother-in-law; NR-Daisy Mc Donald


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