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Evergreen Cemetery


LO-Lot owner
NR-nearest relative
SG-single grave


Lea, Martha br-8 Nov 1913 in sec 86 lot ?
Leasar, Jos br-25 Oct 1889 in sec 25 lot 85
Leasar, Rachel br-30 Nov 1905 in sec 23 lot 65
Leach, Clara b-29 July 1877 in Aurora Indiana; d/o Henry Doctor & Rachel Beinkemper; d-19 Aug 1960 at Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati; br-22 Aug in sec 27 lot 87 S1/2; LO-Doctor & Kroendle; NR-Mrs. Herman Troendle-sister
Leach, John B b-Kentucky; 60y; s/o Albert G & Carolyn (Martin) d-27 Aug 1961 in Butler Ky. br-30 Aug in sec 60 lot 264; NR-Reve Arnold V Leach; LO-John Leach
Leach, Maggie b-11 July 1905 in Mt Sterling Ky. d/o Alons Willoghly & Ellen Strange; d-8 Jan 1952 at her residence; br-11 Jan in sec 60 lot 264; LO-John Leach; NR-Kohn Leach-Highland Heights
Leader, Henry (adult) city order br-28 Feb 1896
Leahy, David J b-20 Jan 1868 in Covington; s/o M W Leahy; d-19 Jan 1937 in Cincinnati; br-2 Feb in sec 10 lot 15; LO-Kate Jolly-daughter in law
Leake, Laurel Joseph b-28 Aug 1894 in Dayton Ky. s/o Joseph & Martha (Ratman) d-10 Apr 1958 in Ft Thomas; br-14 Apr in sec 4 lot 12; LO-Carew Sanders; NR-Bertha Leake-wife
Leahy, Lutie b-7 May 1871 in Covington; d/o William Jolly & Katherine Selby; d-7 July 1959 in Cincinnati; br-10 July in sec 10 lot 15; NR-Grace Hasenlaeger-daughter-Cincinnati
Leap, Marjorie b-Kentucky; d/o Martin Whitacre & Eileen Rachford; d-19 July 1974 in Newport; br-22 July in sec 64 lot 151 N1/2; NR-Thomas Leap-husband
Leap, Melville Elsworth b-20 May 1865 in Huntington West Virginia; d-22 Oct 1951; br-23 Oct in sec 54 lot 76 S1/2; LO-Melville & Nora Leap; NR-Nora Leap-Newport
Leap, Nora b-Rome Ohio d/o Newton Robinson & Mary Hall; d-4 May 1965 in Ft Thomas; 90y; br-7 May in sec 54 lot 76 S1/2; LO-Nora Leap; NR-Mildred Townsley-daughter
Lear, Caroline b-27 Mar 1865 in Germany; d-7 Mar 1937 in Newport; br-10 Mar in single grave 546 lot 48
Lear, Carrie M br-23 Aug 1905 in sec 9 lot 39
Lear, Jacob br-17 Aug 1922 in SG 547 sec 48
Lear, John P d-27 Oct 1944 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. 69y; br-30 Oct in sec 59 lot 61 W1/2; b-Newport s/o Jacob & Caroline (Smith) removed Mrs. Evert Kisor
Lear, Lois Jean br-20 May 1929 in sec 50 lot 69 W1/2; LO-Wm T Lear
Lear, Minnie b-15 Oct 1876 in Rossburg Oh; d/o Andrew Grosch & Margaret Zeal; d-15 Sep 1941 in Newport; br-17 Sep in sec 59 lot 61 W1/2; LO-John Lear; removed John Lear-Newport
Lear, William br-26 Aug 1915 in SG 446 sec 42
Leary, Infant br-26 Feb 1890 in SG 9 sec 1890
Le Ayler, Anna br-17 Jan 1901 in sec 15 lot 13
Lebber, Infant br-30 July 1890 in SG 53 sec 1890
Lechner, Carrie br-14 Jan 1906 in SG 397 sec 28
Leck, Elizabeth b-Pittsburg; 59y;  d/o Peter & Bertha Chroust; d-28 Feb 1940 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-25 Feb in sec 55 lot 84 S1/2; LO-Eliz & Harold Leck; removed Harold Leck of Detroit Michigan
Leck, Harold H b-Newport; 67y; s/o Frank & Elizabeth (Chroust) d-23 May 1967 in Ann Arbor Michigan; br-25 May in sec 55 lot 84 S1/2; LO-self; NR-Ruth Leck-wife
Lecka, Chas F (child) br-24 Aug 1891 in single grave 62 sec 1891
LeCount, W A br-28 May 1889 in sec 3 lot 43
Lecquire, Anna br-13 May 1922 in sec 2 lot 117 E1/2
Lecquire, Arch M b-10 Aug 1884 in Dayton Ky. s/o George & Anna (Humphrey) d-9 Aug 1958 in Covington; br-12 Aug in sec 27 lot 98A; LO & NR-Estella Lecquirer-wife
Lecquire, Charles br-14 Apr 1916 in single grave 104 sec 28
Lecquire, Estella d-15 May 1968 in Covington; 80y; br-18 May in sec 27 lot 98A; b-Newport
Lecquire, Geo J d-16 Dec 1945 at residence; br-19 Dec in sec 2 lot 117 E1/2; b-Newport s/o Frederick; removed Arch Lecquire
Lederer, Allan Thos br-15 Oct 1934 in single grave 493 sec 47; removed Mrs. Robt Lederer
Lederer, Valentine b-28 Sep 1877 in Germany; s/o Valentine; d-22 Sep 1939 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-25 Sep in secd 56 lot 51 S1/2; LO-Robert A Lederer
Lederrer, Emma b-2 Feb 1881; d/o William King; d-3 July 1952 at Eastern State Hospital in Lexington Ky. br-7 July in sec 56 lot 51 S1/2; LO-Robt Lederrer; NR-Mrs. Robt Ledderer of Alexandria
Ledford, John Harry b-Indiana; 42y; s/o ? & Lucy; d-29 Feb 1964 in Cincinnati; br-4 Mar in sec 65 lot 24C; LO & NR-Dorothy Ledford-wife
Ledford, Mary Q Moore b-22 Apr 1895 in Ripley Oh; d/o Charles & Mattie Moore; d-6 Apr 1963 in Longview Hospital in Cincinnati; br-9 Apr in sec 51 lot 15; LO-Mary M Ledford; NR-Mrs. James Mullen-daughter of Batavia Oh
Ledford, Joseph C b-25 Nov 1895 in Livingston Tennessee; d-26 Sep 1958 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-30 Sep in sec 51 lot 13; LO & NR-Mary Moore Ledford-wife
Ledmaster, Henrietta b-25 Feb 1902 in Newport Ky. d/o Henry & Louise Glick; d-30 Mar 1953 at residence; br-2 Apr in SG 144 lot 68; NR-Norman Ledmaster of 711 Newport
Lee, David J br-28 Aug 1897 in sec 19 lot 57
Lee, Dorothy M d-9 May 1975 in Independence Ky. br-12 May in sec 32 lot 51 N1/2; d/o John Olden Smith & Kate Feigel; NR-Jane D Krafrick-niece
Lee, Eugene H b-19 Sep 1927 in Newport; s/o Sherman & Nancy Blackburn (Melching) d-14 Oct 1974 in Newport; br-16 Oct in sec 67 lot 246; NR-Mrs. Walter Melching-mother
Lee, Goldie br-21 Mar 18--? in single grave 398 sec 48
Lee, Harriet br-20 June 1925 in single grave 369 sec 48
Lee, Infant br-25 Nov 1895 in sec 1895
Lee, Infant br-24 Mar 1923 in single grave 361 sec 8
Lee, Infant (colored) br-10 Aug 1925 in single grave 618A sec 8
Lee, James Howard b-10 July 1952 in Dayton Ky. s/o Robert E & Lucy Ann (Walding) d-12 July 1952 in Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-15 July in single grave 869 sec 70; NR-Robert E Lee-father
Lee, Jas Paris (child) br-6 June 1885 in single grave 54 sec 1885
Lee, John br-23 Aug 1921 in sec 49 lot 26
Lee, John br-28 Feb 1901 in sec 19 lot 57
Lee, Lila br-22 Apr 1929 in sec 50 lot 8
Lee, Lulu b-Jeffersonville Indiana; 85y; d/o David & Myra Tomlin; d-8 Feb 1954 at resident; br-11 Feb in sec 36 lot 55; LO & NR-Dr. S F Garrison-son in law
Lee, Nellie b-4 May 1889 in Cincinnati; d/o John Devins & Margaret Lally; d-26 Jan 1972 at Drake Hospital in Cincinnati; br-28 Jan in sec 33 lot 37 W1/2; LO-John W Hutcheson; NR-Mrs. Lawrence Engel-daughter of Cincinnati
Lee, Violet C br-single grave 56 sec 47
Lee, Tammy b-28 July 1970 in Melbourne Ky. d/o John R Lee & Connie Overstreet; d-15 Sep 1970 in Children's Hospital in Cincinnati; br-18 Sep in sec 53 single grave 415; NR-John R Lee-father
Lee, Walter br-25 July 1898 in US Government sec 25 single grave 24
Lee, Wesley br-7 May 1926 in single grave 514 sec 47B
Lee, William A d-29 May 1944 in Cincinnati; 72y 5m 6days; br-29 May in sec 32 lot 51; LO-Kate Oldeschmidt
Lee, Wm Prather d-26 Nov 1944 in Ft Thomas; 78y; br-29 Nov in sec 36 lot 55; LO-Dr. S P Garrison; NR-Mrs. Lulu Lee
Leech, Alva b-24 Aug 1905 in Newport; d/o Samuel Davies & Grace Dyer; d-30 Dec 1974 in Highland Heights Ky. br-3 Jan 1975 in sec 67 lot 234; LO-Martin Schneider; NR-Alva Tiemeyer-daughter of Pomeroy Oh
Leed, Elizabeth L b-31 Mar 1893 in Campbell Co Ky. d/o Edward Holmes & Maria Truesdell; d-9 Dec 1967; br-12 Dec in sec 50 lot 35 W1/2; LO-Ed Holmes-father; NR-Holmes Leed-son
Leeds, William Perry d-24 Sep 1970 in Highland Heights Ky. 95y; br-29 Sep in sec 65 lot 122B; NR-William Spivey-PoA of Silver Grove Ky.
Lees, Margaret C b-14 Apr 1902 in Covington Ky. d/o John W Lees & Mary B Grossman; d-24 Apr 1968 in Cincinnati; br-27 Apr in sec 49 lot 126; LO-Mary B Lees-mother; NR-Mrs. Geneva Runck-sister of Cincinnati
Lees, Mary B d-1 Sep 1951 in St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington; 83; br-5 Sep in sec 49 lot 126; b-Germany d/o Jacob & Eva Grossman; LO-Lees; NR-Miss Margaret Lees of Bellevue
Le Fevre, James b-28 July 1864 in Ohio; d-9 Feb 1936 in Ashland Ky. br-11 Feb in sec 57 lot 2 W1/2; LO-Bessie M Basier
Leffler, Chester b-Zanesville Oh; s/o Edward & Catherine (Curtis) 83y; d-21 May 1974 in Shelbyville Ky. br-24 May in sec 71 lot 97 E1/2; NR-Jerome Simon of Erlanger Ky.
Leffler, Grace (nee Aston) d-23 Apr 1938 at home; br-26 Apr in sec 71 lot 97 E1/2; LO-Chester Leffler
Lefler, Martha Elisa br-29 May 1930 in single grave 906 sec 48
Leflett, Edith C b-Dayton Ky. 68y; d/o Peter Leflett & Augusta Hildebrant; d-8 Apr 1975 in Dayton Ky. br-12 Apr in sec 59 lot 12; NR-Norma Leflett-sister
Leforce, Rose Marie b-9 June 1955 in Covington; d/o Vernon & Esther (Turner) d-10 June 1955 in Covington; br-11 June in single grave 118A sec 70; NR-Vernon Lindsey of Newport
Legert, Edna Ruth br-1 July 1920 in sec 49 lot 78
Legget, Nancy (adult) br-7 Mar 1895 in single grave lot 1895
Legget, Thos br-29 Mar 1890 in Soldiers & Sailors lot single grave 17
Leggette, Gertrude b-7 Jan 1903 in Dayton Tennessee; d/o John & Edna Stanley; d-19 July 1947 in Bethesda Hospital; br-22 July in sec 54 lot 79 S1/2; removed Ripley Oh
Legleiter, Henry b-Cincinnati Oh; 86y; d-23 Dec 1954 in Bellevue; br-28 Dec in sec 54 lot 85 S1/2; LO-Henry Legleiter; NR-Kathryn Hessling-daughter of Bellevue
Legleiter, Henry W Jr. b-26 Sep 1901 in Kentucky; d-15 Dec 1935 in Bellevue; br-18 Dec in sec 54 lot 85 S1/2; LO-Henry Legleiter Sr.
Legleiter, Isabella b-Cincinnati Oh; 76y; d/o David & Nancy White; d-26 Dec 1945 in Bellevue; br-29 Dec in sec 54 lot 85 S1/2; LO-Henry Legleiter
Legleiter, Robert John b-Erlanger Ky. 50y; s/o Henry & Isabella; d-19 Jan 1950 in Bellevue; br-23 Jan in sec 54 lot 85 S1/2; LO-Henry Legleiter-father
Legnon, Anna Catherine br-24 Dec 1915 in sec 15 lot 111 N1/2
Lehew, Barbara br-22 July 1931 in single grave 272 sec 68
Lehew, Edith b-24 Oct 1903 in Newport; d/o Samuel & Grace Davies; d-21 June 1947 at residence; br-24 June in single grave 554 sec 72; removed Francis M Lehew of Newport
Lehew, Francis b-Pomeroy Oh; 63y; s/o Pete & Minnie (Gray) d-10 June 1963 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington; br-13 June in sec 73 lot 242B; LO & NR-Chas Lehew-son
Lehkamp, Anna Mgt br-7 Apr 1930 in sec 6 lot 48
Lehkamp, Catherine br-6 Aug 1910 in sec 6 lot 48
Lehkamp, Clarence W b-Newport; 72y; s/o William & Elizabeth; d-20 Nov 1968 in Newport; br-25 Nov in sec 13 lot 46 N1/2; NR-Mrs. Margaret Lehkamp-wife
Lehkamp, Elizabeth b-23 Dec 1872 in Cincinnati; d/o Jacob Buegler; d-25 May 1950 in Newport; br-29 May in sec 13 lot 46 W1/2; LO-Jacob Boegler-father; NR-William Lehkamp of Newport
Lehkamp, Fred Wm b-22 May 1879 in Newport; s/o John Henry & Katherine; d-14 Mar 1942 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-17 Mar in sec 6 lot 48; LO-J C Lehkamp
Lehkamp, Herman br-14 Jan 1920 in sec 6 lot 48 S1/2
Lehkamp, Henry d-9 Mar 1857 in Newport; s/o Conrad & Katherine; d-19 Aug 1938 in Johns Hill; br-22 Aug in sec 24 lot 16
Lehkamp, John br-26 May 1907 in sec 24 lot 16
Lehkamp, Katherine Elva br-22 Aug 1921 in lot 6 sec 48
Lehkamp, Mary br-11 May 1914 in sec 24 lot 16
Lehkamp, Wm br-21 May 1949 in sec 13 lot 46 N1/2; 81y; s/o Conrad & Catherine
Lehman, Eugene (city of Newport) d-17 Oct 1938 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. 70y; br-17 Oct in single grave 237 sec 69; last address 636 Saratoga St in Newport
Lehman, Geo J b-30 June 1877 in Cincinnati; s/o Frank & Mary; d-4 Dec 1946 at his residence; br-6 Dec in sec 16 lot 115 N1/2
Lehman, Geo J Jr. br-22 July 1926 in sec 15 lot 115 W1/2
Lehman, Jas H br-8 May 1920 in single grave 551 sec 8
Lehman, Lucy Ann b-18 Apr 1884 in Maysville Ky. d/o James & Mary Hampton; d-3 Aug 1947 at Eastern State Hospital in Lexington Ky. br-5 Aug in sec 15 lot115 N1/2; removed Miss Jean Lehman of Newport
Lehman, Mathias b-Newport 1 y 8m; s/o Geo J & Minnie; d-2 May 1912 in Newport; br-4 May in sec 23 lot 4; LO-Matthews
Lehman, Minnie d-20 July 1916 at residence; 34y; br-22 July in sec 23 lot 4; d/o Chris & Minnie Matthews; LO-Minnie Matthews; removed Ms. Frank Schenk-daughter
Lehman, Henrietta b-Newport; d/o Fred Weber & Catherine Brandt; d-24 Sep 1937 in Elizabeth NJ; br-27 Sep in sec 5 lot 37; LO-Frederick Weber
Lehn, Infant br-29 June 1922 in single grave 669 sec 8
Lehn, Wm S b-3 July 1886 in Manhein Pa; s/o Henry & Lydian; d-26 June 1946 in Newport; br-28 June in single grave sec 72
Leibrock, Frederick L d-15 May 1958; br-17 May in sec 38 lot 3; r-Indianapolis Indiana; LO-Ebert; NR-Mrs. Kees of Covington
Leibrock, William br-2 Feb 1914 in sec 38 lot 3 S1/2
Leicht, Clara b-9 Feb 1892 in Cincinnati; d/o John Kippenbrock & Catherine Mariechian; d-3 May 1948 in Dayton Ky. br-6 May in sec 56 lot 308 E1/2; LO & NR-Ernest W Leicht of Dayton Ky.
Leicht, Ernest b-Cincinnati; 63y; s/o William; d-8 May 1950 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-10 May in sec 59 lot 308 E1/2; LO-Ernest Leicht; NR-Jack Leicht of Dayton Ky.
Leicht, Leonard b-Cincinnati; 40y; s/o Jacob & Myfanwy? (Bevan) d-22 May 1967 in Cincinnati; br-25 May in sec 14 lot 27 N1/2; LO-Clifford A DeMoss-father in law; NR-Virginia Leicht-wife of Dayton Ky.
Leicht, Ludwig b-Germany; 86y; s/o John & Elizabeth; d-17 Feb 1956 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas; br-21 Feb in sec 57 lot 23 E1/2; LO-Fielder & Gertrude Grear-daughter; NR-Louise Leicht of Ft Thomas
Leicht, Lula b-1 Jan 1897 in Clay Co Ky. d/o William & Anna Wyatt; d-5 Nov 1956 in Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-8 Nov in sec 60 lot 325; LO & NR-Erwin Leicht-husband
Leicht, Richard Allen b-15 Aug 1952 in Covington; s/o Leonard & Virginia; d-24 Aug 1952 at Booth Hospital in Covington; br-26 Aug in sec 2 lot 122; LO-Mamie Nordheim-grandmother; NR-Leonard Leicht of Dayton Ky.
Leicht, Rosina b-Germany; 69y; d/o Frederick & Anna Schatz; d-7 Mar 1953 in Ft Thomas; br-11 Mar in sec 57 lot 23 E1/2; LO-Greer
Liechte, Marguerite b-France; 78y; d-30 Jan 1975 in West Covington; br-3 Feb in sec 64 lot 101 S1/2; NR-Robert Liechte-son
Leichter, Fred br-31 May 1921 in sec 20 lot 4; cremated & sent to California 24 Mar 1937
Leickert, Bertha E br-16 Mar 1898 in sec 10 lot 46
Leiggner, Infant br-23 June 1890 in sec 17 lot 112
Leigh, Allen br-4 Nov 1929. Undertaker-C & Roll Muehlenkamp
Leight, John Harry b-Charleston W Va; 65y; s/o Wm & Ella; d-20 Feb 1946 in Newport; br-22 Feb in single grave 488 sec 69; removed Alta Leight of Newport
Leighton, Bayford b-Minnesota; 49y; s/o George & Jane O (Myers) d-17 Oct 1959; r-Mt Morris Illinois; br-21 Oct in sec 29 lot 11 E1/2; LO-George Leighton-father; NR-Bayford Leighton-son
Leighton, Geo b-England; 84y; d-23 Sep 1947 in Deaconess Hospital in Cincinnati; r-Minneapolis Minnesota; br-27 Sep in sec 29 lot 11 E1/2; LO-his
Leighton, Jane O br-20 Oct 1920 in sec 29 lot 11 E1/2
Leighton, Lydia A br-1 Feb 1908 in sec 29 lot 11 E1/2
Leiner, A H br-18 June 1890 in sec 9 lot 95
Leiner, Gustave br-5 Oct 1912 in SG 81 lot 26
Leiner, Emma br-27 Sep 1933 in sec 31 lot 35 N1/2; LO-Henry Leiner
Leiner, Henry L br-29 July 1930 in sec 31 lot 35 N1/2; LO-Leiner
Leiner, Infant br-28 July 1893 in sec 9 lot 25
Leisch, Elsie br-17 Oct 1889 in sec 2 lot 27
Leising, Frank br-31 Jan 1900 in sec 6 lot 75 E1/2
Leising, S W br-12 Dec 1894 in sec 6 lot 75
Leisring, Harry F Sr. b-Ft Thomas Ky. 55y; s/o Harry & T (Willison) d-18 Apr 1964 in Cincinnati; br-22 Apr in sec 63 lot 78 S1/2; LO & NR-Elizabeth Leising-wife
Leising, Harry Frank br-23 July 1921 in sec ? lot 33 E1/2
Leisring, Louise br-1 Sep 1910 in sec 32 lot 33 E1/2
Leisring, Janice br-4 Mar 1933 in sec 6 lot 75 E1/2
Leisring, Ossay br-4 Apr 1908 in sec 6 lot 75 E1/2
Leist, Laura b-2 May 1893 in Newport; d/o George Spring; d-22 June 1958 in Cincinnati; br-25 June in sec 33 lot 15; LO-William Spring-brother; NR-Vall Leist

Leitch, David 1753-1794; LO-Taylor Vault
Leitsch, Ella (child) br-21 July 1890 in sec 1890 SG 51
Leithner, Lawrence A b-25 May 1902 in Bellevue Ky. s/o Lawrence & Mae (Hoffman) d-27 Nov 1974 at St Elizabeth Hospital; br-30 Nov in sec 63 lot 178 N1/2; NR-Mrs. Martha Leithner-wife
Leithnear, Lawrence M b-Bellevue Ky; 68y; s/o Nicholas & Catherine; d-30 Oct 1946 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-2 Nov in sec 59 lot 133 E1/2
Lemberg, Clara b-17 Feb 1874 in Newport; d/o Frank Hesch & Elizabeth Wommer; d-11 Feb 1938 in Newport; br-14 Feb in sec 23 lot 9: LO-Lemberg; removed Clem Lembert of 326 Washington Ave in Newport
Lemberg, Clarence Frank b-15 Jan 1892 in Covington Ky. s/o Clemence & Clara (Hesch) d-16 Feb 1957 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas; br-19 Feb in SG-A sec 74; NR-Roland Lemberg-son
Lemberg, Clem br-3 Mar 1908 in sec 23 lot 7 E1/2
Lemberg, Ernest H b-19 Oct 1893 in Newport; d-11 Nov 1973 at St Elizabeth Hospital; br-4 Nov in sec 65 lot 58B; NR-Mrs. Roland Lemberg-niece
Lemberg, Marie H b-23 June 1894 in Newport; d/o Frank Heil & Anna Derrick; d-27 Aug 1960 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas; br-30 Aug; LO-Anna Heil-daughter; NR-Robert Lemberg-son
Lemberg, Mary E d-14 July 1966 at St Elizabeth Hospital; br-18 July in sec 65 lot 58B; 55y; d/o Russell Morton & Clara Hogal; LO & NR-Ernest Lemberg-husband
Lembert, Bertha Olive b-8 Jan 1888 in Newport; d/o Fred Weber & Oliver Bell Dander; d-13 July 1941 in Ft Thomas; br-18 July in sec 59 lot 62 W1/2; removed Clifford Weber of Ft Thomas
Lembert, Bertha Simms b-10 Oct 1891 in Newport; d/o Fred Braunts & Kate Swope; d-10 Dec 1972 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-13 Dec in sec 15 lot 118; NR-Donald Simms-son
Lembert, Richard b-13 Sep 1891; s/o Richard Martin & Mary Dora Brinker; d-8 July 1964 in Newport; br-11 July in sec 59 lot 62 W1/2; LO-Richard Lembert-self; NR-Bertha Lembert-wife
Lemming, Marion A d-11 Jan 1970 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas; br-14 Jan in sec 65 lot 121D; 49y; b-Loda Illinois; d/o John & Katherine (Geszel( LO & NR-Reva Lemming-wife
Lemmons, Amelia (city order) b-7 Aug 1859 in Newport; nee Rudolph; d-16 July 1940 in Newport; br-18 July in sec 40 lot 7; LO-Herman Lemmons; NR-Mr. Meyers of Newport
Lemmons, Clarence d-5 Feb 1974 in Covington Ky. br-9 Feb in sec 64 lot 34 W1/2; 77y; b-Newport; s/o Herman & Amelia (Rudolph) NR-Ruth Lemmons-wife
Lemon, Mark (child) br-29 Jan 1883 in SG 10 sec 1883
Lemon, Mary br-2 Apr 1890 in sec 15 lot 57
Lenahan, Gorden br-17 June 1913 in SG 99 sec 8
Lenahan, Mary b-18 Feb 1884 in Pulaski Tenn; d/o William Cassidy & Harriet Helton; d-21 Oct 1952 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-24 Oct in SG 109 sec 74; NR-Mrs. Wm Clark-daughter
Lenet, Sarah br-3 Dec 1906 in sec 15 lot 28
Lenhard, Charles A br-17 June 1886 in sec 2 lot 78
Lenhard, F Mrs. br-12 Feb 1887 in sec 9 lot 85
Lenhardt, Carolina (child) br-1 Jan 1887 in SG 1 sec 1887
Lenhorn, W (adult) br-8 Dec 1883 in SG 55 sec 1883
Lenninger, Belle d-11 Sep 1918; buried in SG 91 lot 35
Lennon, John J b-22 Mar 1878 in Ireland; d-15 Sep 1941 in Cincinnati Oh; br-17 Sep in sec 59 lot 40 W1/2; Note; mothers maiden name Sullivan; NR-removed Maude Lennon
Lennell, Harrison G br-10 Sep 1901 in sec 23 lot 118
Lense, Albert J b-10 Oct 1889 in Cincinnati; s/o Albert & Ann (Heisel) d-20 Aug 1955 at Booth Hospital; br-24 Aug; NR-Mamie Lense-wife
Lense, Joseph b-19 Dec 1890 in Cincinnati Oh; s/o Albert & Anna (Heisel) d-30 Sep 1962 in Campbell Co Ky. br-3 Oct in sec 73 lot 34 S1/2; LO & NR Mildred Lense-wife
Lense, Mamie Lee d-10 Oct 1967 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-13 Oct in sec 49 lot 104; 76y; widow; d/o Frank & Mary Bland; LO-self; NR-Mrs. Carl Benson-niece of Hamilton Oh
Lenz, Edward Thomas b-30 Oct 1944 in Dayton Ky. s/o Edward H & Loretta; d-27 Dec 1944 Bellevue; b-28 Dec in SG 614 sec 70
Lenz, Evelyn Mae  b-Dayton Ky. 5 months; d/o Edward & Loretta Lenz; d-6 Mar 1965 in Bellevue; br-9 Mar in SG 704 lot 70
Lenz, Infant br-1 Nov 1932 in sec 39 lot 14A
Lenz, Stanley C Sr. d-25 Aug 1974 at St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas; 49y; br-27 Aug in sec 75 lot 6; b-Dayton Ky. s/o John & Margaret (Lynch) NR-Helen Lenz-wife
Lenzer, Alma H b-19 Oct 1886 in Cincinnati; d/o Frank Albert Hagenharth & Vera Lauterback; d-17 Dec 1952 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-20 Dec in sec 57 lot 31 W1/2; NR-Wilbur Lenzer-son
Lenzer, Glenn C b-28 July 1922 in Cincinnati; s/o Charles; d-28 Sep 1961 in Indianapolis Indiana; br-2 Oct in sec 73 lot 190; LO & NR-Jean Lenzer-wife
Lenzer, Maurice Wm d-27 Oct 1937 in Ft Thomas of scarlet fever; br-29 Oct in sec 57 lot 31 W1/2; b-Dayton Ky. 22y; s/o Wm & Alma
Lenzer, William I b-20 Oct 1886 in Canton Oh; s/o William I; d-29 Mar 1952 in Ft Thomas; br-1 Apr in sec 57 lot 31 W1/2; LO-self; NR-Alma Lenzer-wife
Leohmyer, Infant br-6 Feb 1895 in sec 13 lot 3
Leonard, Alice br-18 Feb 1924 in sec 34 lot 65 E1/2
Leonard, Alice br-19 June 1911 in SG 106 sec 1910
Leonard, Alice Morin d-20 July 1960 in Frederick Maryland; br-23 July in sec 17 lot 68 SW1/2; b-Campbell Co Ky. d/o George John Morin & Jennie Caldwell; 93y; LO-self; NR-Laurence Leonard of Frederick Maryland
Leonard, Annie br-17 Nov 1910 in SG 70 sec 1910
Leonard, Charles L d-28 Oct 1970 in Ft Thomas; br-30 Oct in sec 64 lot 19 S1/2; b-Cincinnati Oh s/o Joseph; 78y; LO-self; NR-Muriel Moore-daughter of Bellevue Ky.
Leonard, Chas br-3 Mar 1916 in SG 276 sec 8
Leonard, Elsie (infant) (city of Newport) b&d 25 Sep 1938 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington Ky. d/o Leroy & Elsie (Smith) br-27 Sep in SG 1176 sec 70; removed Leroy Leonard of Newport
Leonard, Frank br-10 June 1908 in SG 41 sec 1908
Leonard, George br-15 Feb 1926; removed from sec 44 lot 3D to sec 17 lot 68 SW1/2
Leonard, Henry (adult) br-26 Dec 1899 in SG sec 1899
Leonard, Jane br-22 Jan 1916 in sec 10 lot 20 E1/2
Leonard, Jane Ann b&d 9 Sep 1937 in Newport; d/o Leroy & Elsie (Smith) br-11 Sep in SG 701 SEC 70; removed Leroy Leonard
Leonard, John N br-5 Nov 1918 in SG 341 sec 41
Leonard, Josephine Marie d-8 June 1970 in Ft Thomas; br-11 June in sec 64 lot 19 S1/2; b-Cincinnati; 73y; d/o Frank Renaldo & Victoria Guerria; NR-Charles Leonard-husband
Leonard, Kate br-17 July 1934 in sec 29 lot 18 E1/2
Leonard, Leroy (child) br-26 May 1896 in SG 35 sec 1896
Leonard, Leroy br-23 Aug 1928 in SG 351 sec 47
Leonard Leroy D d-30 Mar 1952 in Covington; br-8 Apr in SG 83 sec 69; b-Newport Ky. 47y; s/o Leroy & Dorothy (Stephens)
Leonard, Lucy Mrs. br-26 Mar 1884 sec sec 14 lot 13
Leonard, Mae M br-28 Aug 1906 in SG 43 sec 1906
Leonard, Robert W br-19 Sep 1934 in sec 15 lot 28 N1/2
Leonard, Thomas br-4 Sep 1929 in SG 736 sec 42
Leonhard, Chas L (child) br-16 Sep 1887 in SG 57 sec 1887
Leonhardt, Alma br-27 Dec 1932 in SG 376 sec 46
Leonhardt, George L br-3 May 1905 in sec 29 lot 18
Leonhart, Augusta br-4 Jan 1928 in sec 44 lot 19
Leonhart, Geo (adult) br-3 Oct 1892 in SG 61 sec 1892
Leopold, Anna b-13 Dec 1873 in 12 Mile in Campbell Co; d/o Walter Leopold; d-11 Nov 1945 in Milford Oh; br-14 Nov in sec 32 lot 38 W1/2; LO-Ernest Leopold
Leopold, Ernst b-22 Feb 1872 in Alexandria Ky. s/o Fred; d-30 Nov 1936 in Bethesda Hospital; r-Forestville Oh; br-3 Dec in sec 32 lot 38 W1/2; LO-Ernest Leopold
Leopold, Fred W br-3 June 1914 in sec 32 lot 38
Leopold, Louis F br-17 June 1925 in sec 32 lot 38 W1/2
Leopold, Minnie b-3 June 1872 in England; d/o Thomas Thompson & Sarah Pleasance; d-24 May 1955 in Cincinnati; br-27 May in sec 9 lot 61; LO-T Cook; NR-Fred Ratterman-executor of estate
Leopold, Valentine b-12 Sep 1878 in Alexandria Ky. s/o Louise; d-12 Sep 1952; br-15 Sep in sec 9 lot 61; LO-Theo Cook; NR-Valentine Leopold of Cincinnati
Lepper, Adam br-25 July 1934 in sec 23 lot 90
Lepper, Amelia br-1 Dec 1905 in sec 6 lot 25
Lepper, Anna E br-20 Sep 1889 in sec 23 lot 90
Lepper, B C br-19 July 1889 in sec 1 lot 40
Lepper, Clayton Bebe b-13 Jan 1881 in Madison Indiana; s/o Capt. W C & Mary A; d-22 Apr 1939 in Newport; br-25 Apr in sec 14 lot 25 S1/2; LO & NR-Mamie Gould Lepper
Lepper, Edna d-28 Apr 1970 in Methodist Home in Cincinnati; br-30 Apr in sec 23 lot 90; b-Newport Ky. 75y; d/o Adam Lepper & Amelia Steinhauser; NR-Miss Bertha Lepper-sister
Lepper, Frank d-17 Mar 1953 at Byrnes Rest Home; br-20 Mar in sec 55 lot 1D; b-Newport Ky. 79y; s/o Adam & Anna Elise; LO-Frank & Grace Lepper; NR-Grace Lepper   
Lepper, Grace M d-27 Sep 1958 in Ft Thomas; br-1 Oct in sec 55 lot 1D; b-Sheep Creek Ky. 77y; d/o George & Elizabeth Cheeseman; NR-Mrs. John Schulte Jr. daughter
Lepper, Guy P br-12 Apr 1932 in sec 1 lot 40
Lepper, Ida May br-5 Feb 1918 in sec 23 lot 90
Lepper, Mary Ann d-7 Oct 1947 in Newport; br-9 Oct in sec 14 lot 25 S1/2; b-Covington Ky. 64y; d/o Jacob Gould & Elizabeth Barker
Lepper, May d-2 July 1974 in Cincinnati; br-5 July in sec 23 lot 90; b-Newport Ky. 95y; d/o Adam Lepper & Anna E Nordheim; LO-Adam Lepper; NR-Miss Bertha Lepper-sister
Lepper, Raymond Franklin d-6 July 1963 in Cincinnati; br-8 July in sec 55 lot 1D; b-Kentucky; 61y; s/o Benjamin Franklin; LO-B F Lepper; NR-Irma Lepper-wife
Lepper, Rosa br-7 Aug 1903 in sec 23 lot 90
Lepper, Thelma br-30 Sep 1911 in sec 1 lot 60
Lepper, Virginia b-1 Jan 1912 in Kentucky; d/o Sam Harrison & Mattie Elkins; d-12 Oct 1970 at Speers Hospital in Dayton Ky. br-16 Oct in SG 229 sec 72; NR-Adam Lipper-husband
Lepper, W C Mrs. br-23 May 1910 in sec 1 lot 40
Lepper, Walter W br-2 Oct 1901 in sec 1 lot 40
Lepper, Wayne b-1 Dec 1926 in Newport Ky. s/o Andrew & Cordie (Hazelwood) d-18 Nov 1936 in Dayton Ky. (auto accident) br-20 Nov in sec 56 lot 105 S1/2; LO-Andrew Lepper
Lepper, William C b-1 Nov 1843 in Cincinnati; s/o Benjamin C & Sarah (Copis) d-20 Mar 1937 at Madison State Hospital in Madison Indiana; br-24 Mar in sec 1 lot 40; LO-Benjamin Lepper
Lepper, William C Jr. d-11 Dec 1951 in St Louis Mo; br-28 Apr 1952 (ashes) in sec 1 lot 40; b-Napolian Indiana; 81y 5m 14d; s/o Wm C & Mary; LO-Benjamin Lepper-grandfather; NR-Edna B Lepper
Lepper, William C br-16 Nov 1920 in sec 1 lot 40
Lequire, Anna br-29 Feb 1908 in SG 187 sec 35
Lequire, George br-19 Dec 1945 in sec 2 lot 117 E1/2; LO-Anna Lequire
Leroy, Augustus br-3 Apr 1923 in sec 40 lot 30 S1/2
Leroy, Clarinda br-8 Aug 1918 in sec 40 lot 30 S1/2
Leroy, Infant br-21 Nov 1890 in SG 74 sec 1890
Leroy, Infant br-1 June 1892 in SG 39 sec 1892
Leroy, Percy d-13 Oct 1936; br-13 Oct in SG 372 sec 69; b-Dayton Ky. 42y 1m 11d; s/o Augustus & Carrie (Moore) res-4114 25th St Cincinnati; removed 1 Mar 1937 to Arlington Memorial Park
Leroy, Ruth (child) br-14 Aug 1902 in SG 58 sec 1902
Leslie, Esther Mae b-24 Mar 1880 in Georgetown Oh; nee Laypole; d-24 Dec 1948 at residence; br-28 Dec in SG 676 sec 72; NR-Mayme Cotcamp of Newport
Leslie, Mary br-3 Mar 1932 in SG 390 sec 68
Lesnons, Unice (child) br-2 Oct 1893 in SG 61 sec 1893
Lester, Julia br-12 Mar 1931 in SG 292 sec 41
Lester, Theodore Sr. br-26 Jan 1918 in SG 293 sec 41
Lestina, Elizabeth b-3 Sep 1863 in Boston Mass; d/o Jas Coppinthorne; d-8 May 1950 in Chicago Illinois; br-11 May in sec 61 lot 97; LO-Otto Lestina; NR-Mrs. Eleanore Newlin of Chicago Illinois
Lestina, Herman br-1 Oct 1931 in sec 61 lot 97; LO-Otto Lestina
Lestina, Otto br-8 Mar 1949 in sec 61 lot 97; 86y; s/o Adolph; d-Chicago Illinois
Letcher, Henry Wm (colored) br-13 Nov 1912 in SG 15 sec 1895
Letcher, Jennie (colored) b-Manchester Ky. 58y; d-20 May 1942 in Newport; br-23 May in SG 804 Sec 43B; removed Chas Letcher 215 Southgate St in Newport
Letcher, Lusby W br-5 Dec 1927 in SG 670 lot 42
Letcher, Mary E br-3 Jan 1927 in SG 669 sec 42
Letcher, Sarah C br-1 July 1919 in SG 286J sec 28
Lethey, Emil br-23 Feb 1914 in sec 22 lot 70 W1/2
Lett, Infant br-8 Dec 1884 in SG 66 sec 1884
Letto, Chas b-Ohio; 44y; s/o John & Freda; d-8 Nov 1917; br-10 Nov in SG 317 sec 42
Letto, Lena b-4 May 1874 in Cincinnati Oh; d/o ? & Catherine Hubschwerlin; d-25 Dec 1962 in Ft Thomas; br-28 Jan in SG 318 sec 42; NR-Marzella Berringer-daughter
Leuschner, Adolph br-3 Jan 1925 in sec 22 lot 91 W1/2
Leuschner, Louisa br-18 May 1914 in SG 334 sec 43
Leuschner, Sophia (handwritten or Marie) br-11 Sep 1921 in sec 22 lot 91 W1/2
Levine, Elizabeth b-2 Apr 1937 in Boeckley W Va; d/o Ezra Farley; d-28 Apr 1958 in Ft Thomas; br-2 May in sec 52 lot 161; LO & NR-Billy E Levine-husband
Levine, Marjorie b-30 June 1894 in Cincinnati; d/o John E Alexander & Alice D Braminer; d-19 Apr 1957 in Newport? br-22 Apr in sec 52 lot 176A; LO & NR-Bernard Levine-husband
Levingood, Alfred br-27 Nov 1928 in SG 257 sec 48
Levo, Infant b&d 7 Jan 1954 in Covington Ky. child of Edward & Della Mae (Brouhard) br-9 Jan in SG 1152 sec 70; NR-Edward Levo-father
Levold, John W Jr. br-24 July 1933 in SG 496 sec 47
Levy, Hortense br-2 Sep 1902 in SG 49 sec 1902
Lewallen, Infant d-31 Dec 1964 in Covington Ky. child of James E & Elizabeth; 22 hours; br-6 Jan 1965 in SG 285 sec 53
Lewallen, Infant Twins b&d 2 Sep 1968 in Ft Thomas; children of Carmen & Jola (Brun) br-3 Sep in sec 53 lot 206; LO & NR-Carmen Lewellan-father

Lewis, Adaline br-19 Nov 1896 in sec 22 lot 96 E1/2
Lewis, Arthur br-24 Nov 1895 in sec 2 lot 12 N1/2
Lewis, Chas L br-19 Aug 1930 in sec 16 lot 52
Lewis, Chas L br-3 May 1930 in sec 2 lot 12; LO-M H & D A Lewis
Lewis, Clara b-17 July 1877 in Newport Ky. d/o John Berninger & Mary Gegenhart; d-5 Feb 1959 in Cincinnati; br-9 Feb in sec 54 lot 68 S1/2; LO-Mary Berninger; NR-Miss Jo Berninger-sister
Lewis, David br-17 July 1929 in SG 539 sec 46
Lewis, David A b-Newport Ky. 92y; s/o David & Mary; d-14 Jan 1946 in Cincinnati; br-17 Apr 1946 ashes in sec 2 lot 12
Lewis, Donna Gertrude Ida b-6 Dec 1873 in Cincinnati; d/o Edw J Schneider; d-8 Mar 1960 in Kansas City Mo; br-11 Mar in sec 27 lot 75; LO-Edward J Schneider; NR-Miss Margaret Schneider of Ft Thomas-sister
Lewis, Elizabeth Frances br-9 Juy 1934 in sec 24 lot 13
Lewis, Emma R br-4 Mar 1915 in sec 16 lot 29
Lewis, Fannie M br-6 Oct 1913 in sec 16 lot 52
Lewis, Flossie L br-27 Dec 1918 in SG 405 sec 43
Lewis, Geo (adult) (city order) br-24 Sep 1896 in SG 55 sec 1896
Lewis, George br-10 Aug 1924 in SG 685 sec 68
Lewis, Ida b-16 Aug 1864 in Campbell Co Ky. d/o Geo W Horner & Mary Frances Baker; d-9 Jan 1941 in Morning View Ky. br-14 Jan in sec 16 lot 52 N1/2; LO-Chas Lewis; NR-Geo Lewis of Los Angeles California
Lewis, Ida Kay br-22 Sep 1916 in SG 405 sec 43
Lewis, Ida R br-30 Sep 1890 in sec 24 lot 13
Lewis, Infant b-Ft Thomas Ky. lived 20 hours; child of Victor & Camelia (Pangallo) d-27 Mar 1967 in St Luke Hospital in Ft Thomas; br-31 Mar in SG 365 sec 53; NR-Mr. & Mrs. Victor Lewis-parents of Newport
Lewis, Infant (colored) br-26 May 1913 in SG sec 8
Lewis, Infant br-5 Apr 1888
Lewis, Infant (city order) br-14 Nov 1934 in SG 420 sec 43B
Lewis, Isaiah br-7 June 1898 in sec 22 lot 96 E1/2
Lewis, J (Mrs.) br-28 Apr 1892 in sec 22 lot 96 E1/2
Lewis, James br-11 Oct 1895 in sec 16 lot 52
Lewis, James br-12 Apr 1921 in SG 406 sec 43
Lewis, James T b-14 Oct 1877 in Haven Hill Oh; s/o James & Martha; d-25 Sep 1955 in Cincinnati General Hospital; br-28 Sep in SG 404 sec 43; LO-self; NR-Mrs. Genive Maly of Cincinnati
Lewis, Jeannette Swing b-15 Dec 1866 in Cincinnati; d/o Alfred James Swing & Mary Ann Norris; d-13 Mar 1942 in Cincinnati; br-16 Mar in sec 28 lot 52 N1/2; LO-Dr. Wm B Young; NR-Mrs. Wm B Young of Cincinnati
Lewis, John br-24 Feb 1922 in sec 24 lot 13
Lewis, John br-7 May 1903 in sec 22 lot 96
Lewis, John L br-1 July 1913 in sec 2 lot 12
Lewis, Laura (adult) br-9 Dec 1894 in SG 55 sec 1894
Lewis, Lena b-28 June 1867 in Cincinnati; d/o Alex Worthington & Elizabeth Young; d-27 June 1953 in Cincinnati; br-30 June in sec 2 lot 12
Lewis, Leonard br-20 July 1897 in US Government SG 18 sec 25
Lewis, Lizzie (child) br-8 Mar 1902 in SG 16 sec 1902
Lewis, Lenie br-13 Mar 1925 in SG 355 sec 46
Lewis, Lottie May br-26 Apr 1902 in sec 16 lot 52
Lewis, Louis B br-9 May 1931 in SG 115 sec 43B
Lewis, M Pageb-3 Nov 1919 in Cincinnati; s/o Phillip & Cecilia (Ritter) d-22 Sep 1965 in Cincinnati; br-6 Oct in sec 3 lot 111; LO-Benjamin Broeden-great grandfather; NR-Herbert E Frank of Cincinnati
Lewis, Martin br-25 Apr 1888 in sec 10 lot 42
Lewis, Martha br-18 Aug 1915 in SG 407 sec 43
Lewis, Martha A br-14 Nov 1914 in sec 2 lot 12
Lewis, Mary br-30 Apr 1904 in sec 26 lot 40
Lewis, Mary b-10 Oct 1890 in Cincinnati; d/o John & Nellie Sullivan; d-6 Nov 1931 in Carthage; br-9 Nov in SG 314 sec 66
Lewis, Mary E br-14 Nov 1925 in sec 2 lot 12
Lewis, Mary J br-19 Nov 1887 insec 10 lot 11
Lewis, Mary Susan br-16 Jan 1928 in SG 310 sec 41
Lewis, Mrs. (adult) br-17 Feb 1883 in SG 13 sec 1883
Lewis, Norma Frances Applegate b-30 Dec 1921 in Newport Ky. d/o James W Applegate & Frances Walz; d-12 June 1954 in Springfield Oh; br-15 June in SG 746 sec 72; NR-John E Lewis of Covington Ky.
Lewis, Paul Lloyd br-16 Feb 1914 in SG 157 sec 8
Lewis, Perry br-13 Oct 1895 in sec 22 lot 96
Lewis, Prudence br-30 Sep 1920 in SG 239 sec 45
Lewis, Ralph Thomas br-19 July 1898 in sec 16 lot 52
Lewis, Robert b-15 Aug 1891 in Kentucky. s/o James & Bertha (Spencer) d-18 Aug 1964 in Cincinnati; br-21 Aug in SG 313 sec 68; NR-Rosella Harbaugh of Columbus Oh-sister
Lewis, Robert F b-19 Dec 1908; d-3 Aug 1964 in Newport Ky. br-6 Aug in sec 73 lot 185 S1/2; LO & NR-Margaret Lewis-wife
Lewis, Sadie Mae br-3 Feb 1910 in sec 26 lot 40
Lewis, Stephen A br-15 July 1912 in sec 22 lot 96
Lewis, Una M b-25 Dec 1873 in Newport Ky. d/o Wm W & Mary White; d-27 May 1948 in Arlington Va; br-1 June in sec 15 lot 9 E1/2
Lewis, Victor b-Ft Thomas Ky. 8 months; s/o Victor & Carmella (Pangalla) d-23 Nov 1964 in Cincinnati; br-27 Nov in SG 104 sec 53
Lewis, W W (adult) br-2 Apr 1902 in SG 25 sec 1902
Lewis, Wm br-13 Feb 1930 in SG 16 sec 68
Lewis, Wm O br-1 July 1895 in sec 16 lot 52

Ley, Martin br-29 Aug 1912 in sec 31 lot 47 S1/2
Leyburne, Eugenia br-13 Apr 1884 in sec 3 lot 71
Leyburn, John br-11 Mar 1906 in sec 23 lot 41 


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