Evergreen Cemetery



Transcribed and submitted by Maureen Wyenandt 7 May 2012



Oates, Child b&d 23 June 1866
Obenesier, Jacob b-Europe; a-62y; d-22 Dec 1880 in Newport of a cold & cough; placed in vault 26 Dec
Obenesser, Edw br-13 May 1900 in section 9 lot 48; P#4225
Obennesser, Evaline b-Newport; a-4y; d-9 Dec 1890 in Cincinnati of diphtheria; br-10 Dec in Obennesser lot
Obermesser, Elise b-Newport; a-8m; d/o Otto & Ida; d-13 Oct 1898 in Newport of inflammation; br-16 Oct in Martha Obermesser lot; P#3714
O'Brien, Charles b-10 Apr 1869 in Dayton; s/o Robt E & F J C; d-15 July 1869; br-15 July in F J C O'Brien lot
O'Brien, Elizabeth b-Newport; a-9m; d/o James; d-2 Jan 1883 in Newport of small pox; br-2 Jan in SG
O'Brien, M b-Ireland; a-68y; d-31 Aug 1888 in Newport of dropsy; br-2 Sep in Mrs. B Winston lot
O'Brien, Margaret E b-22 June 1909 in Newport; d-4 Apr 1911 at 218 West 6th St in City of convulsions & acute bronchitis; br-6 Apr at 3PM in Margaret Pfahler (grandmother) lot 15 section 13
Oburdorsten, Mary br-9 Sep 1901 in section 24 lot 92; P#4759
Occhier, Mary b-England; a-74y; d-3 June 1899 in Newport; br-6 June; P#3884
Ochler, Burrell br-19 May 1904 in section 23 lot 76; P#5876
Ochlson, August b-Germany; a-53y; d-17 June 1892 in Newport of pneumonia; br-19 June in SG
O'Connell, Child of Margaret b&d 19 Dec 1884 in Newport; br-19 Dec in PG
O'Connor, Child of James & Margaret; b&d 25 Apr 1899 on Lexington Ave in Newport; br-26 Apr in SG: P#3845
O'Connor, Mary A b-Cincinnati; a-18y; d/o Wm H & Mary E; d-29 Oct 1898 in Dayton KY of paralysis; br-30 Jan 1899 in Wm H O'Connor lot; P#3711
Oder, John T b-22 Nov 1878 in Kentucky; s/o John T & Nancy M; br-1 May at 3PM in SG section 41
, John Wesley b-Newport; a-9m 4d; s/o Wesley & Nancy; d-16 Apr 1908 in Newport; br-17 Apr in SG
Oehlsen, Fred br-19 Mar 1904 in section 9 lot 65 South 1/2; P#5777
Oelyin, Alma C b-Cincinnati; a-15m; d-15 Feb 1893 in Cincinnati; br-17 Feb in W H Weilie lot
Oestermeyer, Helen (child) br-23 Nov 1902; P#5233
Oetgen, Child of John & Kate; b&d 30 Apr 1897 in Cincinnati; br-1 May in Wm H Wiebe lot; P#3098
Oeyen, Bettie Cath? b-Campbell Co; a-21m; d/o Max & Sophia; d-25 Mar 1862 in Campbell Co; br-25 Mar in public ground
Offenbacher, Geo W b-Newport; a-14y 5m 11d; s/o Geo & Philomena; d-15 Oct 1905 in Newport; placed in vault 18 Oct; removed 6 Nov to Geo Offenbacher lot No 44 South 1/2 section 28
Offenbacher, Henry b-Newport; a-45y; s/o Adam & Apolonia; d-2 May 1906 in Newport of pneumonia; br-6 May in Adam Offenbacher lot 27 section 10
Offenbecker, Clara b-20 Aug 1888 in Newport; /o G & D Offenbecker; d-9 Nov 1891 in Newport; br-10 Nov in C O Offenbecker lot
Offenbercher, Adam b-Germany; a-45y; d-2 May 1877 in Newport of suicide; br-3 May in Offenbercher lot 27 section 10
Offenberger, John b-Newport; a-18m; s/o Adam & A; d-3 Oct of lung disease; br-3 Oct in public ground
Offenberger, Minnie br-22 Nov 1899 in section 10 lot 27; P#4047
Offenbircher, Ann M b-Newport; a-2y 2m; d/o A & Philip A; d-22 Oct 1875 in Newport of inflammation of the brain; br-25 Oct at 2 PM in lot No 27 section 10
Ogden, Thomas d-6 Oct 1867; br-7 Oct in public ground
O'Hearn, Esther b-Kentucky; a-32y; d/o James White & Anna Berger; d-11 Feb 1914 at 2407 Marquis St in Walnut Hills in Cincinnati of pulmonary tuberculosis; br-13 Feb at 3 1/2PM in SG
Ohlgoest, Mrs. H a-80y; d-20 Feb 1891 in Newport of old age; br-22 Feb in W Link lot
O'Keeff, Patrick (Soldier) b-Limerick Ireland; a-22y; d-1 Sep 1873 at the Newport Barracks; br-1 Sep in public ground
Oldensmith, John Henry b-9 Nov 1848 in Dayton KY; s/o Minnie; d-1 Nov 1911 in Bellevue of general paralysis; br-4 Nov in Mrs. J H Oldensmith lot 51 N1/2 section 32
Oldfield, Infant b&d 2 Mar 1888 in Newport; child of G & L Oldfield; br-21 Mar in Tippenhauer lot
Oldfield, Julia Ann b-15 Feb 1829 in Carlisle Pa; d/o George & Elisabeth Miller; d-21 Dec 1861 in Newport; child bed; br-22 Dec in public ground
Oldfield, Lizzie a-15y; d/o James; d-9 Dec 1868 in Cincinnati; br-12 Dec in public ground
Oldham, Martin b-12 Sep 1890 in Newport; d-2 Mar 1892 in Newport; br-4 Mar in SG
O'Leary, Infant b-Newport; a-7 days; d-21 Sep 1894 in Newport; br-23 Sep in S Bradley lot
O'Leary, Patrick br-31 Aug 1902 in section 9 lot 24; P#5158
Olhaber, Geo J b-27 Feb 1877 in Newport; s/o Clement; d-10 Mar 1877 in Newport; placed in vault 10 Mar; removed 9 May to Schueler lot 7 section 19
Oliver, Charles C b-19 Apr 1869; s/o R A & Isabella C; d-15 July 1869 of summer complaint; br-16 July in Wm Dokes lot
Oliver, Elizabeth b-Paris France; a-78y; d-9 Feb 1896 in Cincinnati; br-11 Feb in Josephine Beinker lot; P#2680
Oliver, Gertrude A b-Newport; a-16m; d/o Mary & Jas P; d-3 Aug 1873 in Newport of dropsy of the brain; br-4 Aug in A Woodward lot No 4 section 8
Oliver, John Thomas (colored) b-Virginia; a-47y; s/o John & Landonia; d-17 Dec 1907 in Newport of cerebral hemorrhage; br-19 Dec in SG
Oliver, Louise (child) br-18 Nov 1899; P#4045
Oliver, Mary E Br-Sep 2, 1903; Section 1895; Lot 76; 5554
Oliver, Thos b-England; a-78y; d-13 Dec 1896 in Cincinnati of chronic bronchitis; br-15 Dec in Josephine Beinker lot; P#2975
O'Neal, Elizabeth b-Newport; a-61y; d-6 May 1906 in Newport of peritonitis; br-7 May in SG
O'Neal, Henry b-Ohio; a-33y; s/o George L & Elizabeth; d-15 Jan 1908 at the Insurance Stove Co in Newport accidental; br-17 Jan in SG
O'Neal, James br-23 Jan1901; P#4490
O'Neal, Maria b-St Louis; a-2y 5d; s/o Attie & W J; d-26 Nov 1874 in Newport of scarlet fever; br-28 Nov at 2 PM in Wm Johnston lot No 22 section 13
O'Neal, Maria M b-Pennsylvania; a-80y; nee Marchand; d-19 Apr 1897 in Newport of bronchitis; br-22 Apr in Wm G Speigel lot; P#3093
O'Neal, Sadie b-14 Feb 1872; d/o R J; d-27 Nov 1886 in Newport of spinal disease; br-29 Feb in SG
O'Neal, Wm J b-1843 in Steubenville Oh; s/o G; d-8 Sep 1887 in Newport of paralysis; br-11 Sep in Wm J O'Neal lot
O'Neil, Child of David & Laura; b&d 27 July 1883 in Campbell Co; br-29 July in SG
O'Neil, John b-Ireland; a-30y; d-19 Aug 1870 at the Newport Barracks of inflammation of the brain; br-20 Aug in E A Miller lot
Onions, Child of L H & E; b&d 22 July 1873 in Covington; br-22 July in D J Sander lot No 7 section 1
Onions, Ruth L b-Covington; a-25y; d/o L Henry & Elizabeth; d-19 May 1908 in Covington of tuberculosis; br-21 May in L H Onions lot 59 section 20
Onions?/Unions? Thomas b-Covington; a-4m; s/o Eliza & Henry; d-24 June 1876 in Covington of flux; br-25 June in Dr Saunders lot No 71 section 1
Opel, Conrad b-Germany; a-40y 4m 4d; d-1 Feb 1911 near Cold Springs KY of tuberculosis; br-4 Feb at 3PM in John Opel (father) lot 75 W1/2 section 23
Opel, Emma (child) br-26 Nov 1901 in section 23 lot 75; P#4837
Opel, Mary br-6 May 1900 in section 23 lot 75; P#4214
Opp, John P b-22 Aug 1885 in Newport; s/o John & Louise M; d-1 Oct 1885 in Newport of cholera; br-3 Oct in George C Keene
Orcult, Hazel b-Dayton KY; a-13y 2m 24d; d/o Chas & Lizabeth; d-15 Jan 1909 in Dayton KY of spinal meningitis; br-18 Jan in SG
Orcutt, Charles E a-2y 16d; d-6 Mar 1905 at 417 Perry Ave of hydro-pencandimus; br-8 Mar
O'Reae, John b-Kentucky; a-42y; res-rear of 107 W 6th St in Newport; d-20 Apr 1913 at St Elizabeth Hospital of pneumonia; br23 Apr in SG
Orell, Mrs. Mary br-4 Jan 1900 in section 3 lot 29; P#4077
O'Rork, Sarah b-Kentucky; a-66y; d-9 Feb 1908 in Covington of La Grippe; br-11 Feb in SG
Orr, Alfred br-18 Sep 1899 in section 6 lot 18; P#3987
Orr, Mamie Irene b-Kentucky; a-24y; d-11 Nov 1909 in Denver Colorado of tuberculosis; br-15 Nov at 2:30PM in lot 18 section 6
(lot owner is not listed but lists them as a grandparent)
Orr, Maria C b-21 Jan 1872 in Newport; d/o T S & M L; d-22 Mar 1873 in Newport of meningitis; placed in vault 23 Mar; removed from vault & br15 May in C W Todd lot
Orr, Minnie C b-Newport; a-14m; d/o Thos & Mary; d-23 Jan 1873 in Newport of meningitis; placed in vault Jan 25
Orr, Rebecca b-18 Dec 1810 in Campbell Co; d/o Uriah & Nancy Edwards; d-25 Jan 1896 in Madisonville Oh of old age; br-28 Jan in Alfred Orr lot; P#2625
Orr, Tabitha br-3 Feb 1904 in section 24 lot 61; P#5720
Orrell, Thomas b-1824 in England; d-1 Feb 1885 in Lexington KY of heart disease; br-5 Feb in Thos Orrell lot
Orsel, Kate b-Twelve Mile; a-4y; d/o Leonhard & Elizabeth; d-18 Oct 1882 in Newport of small pox; br-18 Oct in SG
Orthlieb, Child of Gottlieb & Catharine b-Newport; a-3m; d-25 Apr 1861; br-26 Apr in Jno & Lenhart Kuhn Lot
Ortleib, Henry? b-20 Sep 1870 in Newport; s/o Gotlieb & Margaret; d-15 May 1871 in Newport of inflammation of the brain; br-17 May in public ground
Ortwein, Anna b-Cincinnati; a-3y; d/o Henry & Julia; d-6 Nov 1874 in Newport of scarlet fever; br-7 Nov in same grave with Henry Ortwein
Ortwein, Henry b-Germany; a-7y 2m; s/o Julia & Henry; d-5 Nov 1874 in Newport of scarlet fever; br-7 Nov in same grave with Anna Ortwein
O'Shea, Daniel br-16 Jan 1902; P#4895
Ostemeyer, Chas b-14 Mar 1853 in Newport; s/o James & Margaret; d-27 Oct 1861; drowned in Licking River near Newport; br-28 Oct
Oster, Child of J & E; b&d 23 June 1889 in Newport; br-24 June in SG
Osterhouse, Wm b-Dayton KY; a-45y; d-16 Sep 1898 in Ludlow KY of accidental drowning; br-18 Sep in SG: P#3686
Ostermann, Louis b-Cincinnati; a-47y; d-17 June 1892 in Kansas; br-20 June in SG
Ostermayer, Anna J b-10 Dec 1857 in Kentucky; nee Gehrin; d-27 Feb 1909 at 840 Central Ave; br-Anna Ostermayer section 27 lot 82 North 12
Ostermayer, John br-9 Sep 1904 in section 27 lot 82 North 1/2; P#6012
Ostermeyer, Rose b-USA; a-26y; d/o Gus & Martha Martha; d-April 1904 in Newport of consumption; br-20 Jan 1905 (nothing to say where from)
Ostler, Ellen D b-15 June 1861 in the Highlands; d/o Mahle & William; d-9 Mar 1883 in Chicago Ill of pneumonia; br-11 Mar in vault
Ostler, Susana b-3 July 1805 in England; d/o Wm & Ann Metheringham; d-29 Nov 1862 in Campbell Co of erysipelas; br-1 Dec in Wm Ostler lot
Ostler, Wm M b-England; a-74y; d-19 Jan 1899 in Southgate; br-22 Jan in Wm Ostler lot; P#3701
Oswald, Chas W b-Newport; a-1y; d-5 Aug 1888 in Newport; br-6 Aug in SG
Oswald, Frank b-16 Nov 1866 in Newport; d-4 Apr 1887 in Newport; br-6 Apr in SG
Otleib, William b-20 Sep 1864 in Newport; s/o Gottlieb & Margaret; d-26 Apr 1869 in Newport of small pox; br-26 Apr in public ground
Ott, Charlotte b-Germany; a-35y; d-28 Oct 1861 in Newport; br-29 Oct
Ott, Child of Geo & Catharine b&d 27 Nov 1860 in Newport; br-27 Nov in public ground
Ott, George b-Germany; a-34y; d-14 Dec 1886 in Newport of consumption; br-15 Dec in SG
Ott, Mary Theresa b-13 Feb 1869 in Covington; d/o Adam & Elizabeth; d-1 Mar 1871 in Covington of croup; br-4 Mar in Pyke & Beyland lot
Otte, Edward b-6 Nov 1866 in Newport; s/o Henry & Mary; d-2 Oct 1912 in Cincinnati Hospital of tuberculosis; br-4 Oct in John Reicherts (brother-in-law) lot 24 S1/2 section 27
Otte, Edw G (child) br-1 Jan 1902 in section 13 lot 48; P#4882
Otte, Emma b-Newport; a-6y; d/o Henry & Mary; d-21 Oct 1887 in Newport of croup; br-23 Oct in Henry Otte lot
Otte, H b&d 27 Aug 1889 in Newport; child of H & M; br-28 Aug in Henry Otte Jr. lot
Otte, Henry b-Germany; a-63y; d-30 Dec 1884 in Newport of inflammation of the bowels; br-1 Jan 1885 in H Otte Jr. lot
Otte, Henry b-Cincinnati; d-29 Mar 1908 in Newport; br-1 Aug in Henry Otte lot 79 section 9
Otte, Mary b-Germany; a-71y; d-2 Nov 1898 in Newport; br-6 Nov in Henry Otte lot; P#3724
Otte, Mary b-23 Dec 1840 in Kentucky; d-18 Jan 1911 in Hackensack NJ of asthma; br-23 Jan at 3PM in Henry Otte (husband) lot 79 section 9
Otte, Willie b-4 Sep 1875 in Newport; s/o Mary & Henry; d-10 Apr 1876 in Newport of spasms; br-11 Apr in public ground
Otten, Carrie L b-Newport; a-37y; d/o A & L Wagner; d-11 Jan 1890 in Newport of Brights disease; br-15 Jan in J H Otten lot
Otten, Emma b-10 Oct 1862 in Newport; d/o John D & Marg; d-11 Aug 1864 in Newport of whooping cough; br-12 Aug in J D Otten and Mary lot
Otten, Harry L b-Newport; a-7m 26 days; s/o J H & C; d-19 July 1875 in Newport of summer complaint; br-21 July at 2 PM in John H Otten lot No 118 section 3
Otten, J Henry b-Newport; a-58y 8m; s/o John & Mary; res-830 Overton St; d-6 June 1910 at a Cincinnati Hospital of pneumonia; br-8 June at 2PM in John H Otten lot 118 S1/2 section 3
Otten, John D b-Germany; a-58y; d-6 Apr 1866 of consumption; br-8 Apr in J D Otten lot No 25 section 4
Otten, Maria b-25 June 1859 in Newport; d/o Henry & Mary; d-11 Apr 1872 in Newport of typhoid fever; br-12 Apr in public ground
Otters, Marte F b-Dayton KY; a-8m; s/o Emma & Henry; d-18 Mar 1897 in Dayton of convulsions; br-21 Mar in C M Clark lot; P#3065
Otting, Augusta b-Germany; a-56y; d-17 Jan 1893 in Newport of heart disease; br-20 Jan
Otting, Gertrude (child) br-27 Mar 1902 in section 26 lot 15; P#4988
Otting, Ida br-5 July 1900; P#4276
Otting, Infant child of Edward & Maud; b&d 28 Nov 1897 in Newport; br-29 Nov in Mrs. C Roughe lot; P#3402
Otting, John F b-Kentucky; a-48y; s/o Henry & Augusta; d-3 Mar 1907 in Newport; br-6 Mar in Augusta Otting (wife) lot
Otting, Wm A b-Kentucky; a-53y; s/o Leo H & Augusta; d-24 Feb 1910 at 806 Park Ave in Newport of organic heart disease; br-28 Feb
Otto, Amelia b-Newport; a-7y 6m; d/o Geo & Catharine; d-6 Nov 1877 in Newport of scarlet fever; br-7 Nov at 2 PM in PG
Otto, Ann b-Germany; a-15y; d/o Catharine & Geo; d-25 Oct 1877 in Newport of diphtheria; br-27 Oct in Jacob Lang lot
Otto, Eda b-15 Jan 1870 in Newport; d/o Fred & Henrietta; d-4 Aug 1870 in Newport of summer complaint; br-4 Aug in public ground
Otto, Elizabeth b-Newport; a-6y; d/o Geo & Catharine; d-8 Nov 1877 in Newport of scarlet fever; br-9 Nov in public ground same grave as Amelia
Otto, George b-Germany; a-34y; d-6 May 1872 in Newport; accident from falling; br-8 May in public ground
Otto, George a-75y; d-3 Oct 1909 at Speers Hospital in Dayton KY of senility; br-5 Oct at 3PM in George Otto lot 19
Otto, Margaret br-10 Feb 1900; P#4117
Otto, Maria J b-7 June 1870 in Newport; d/o Frederick & Henrietta; d-4 July 1871 in Newport of convulsions; br-4 July in public ground
Otto, Oliver b-2 Mar 1864 in Newport; s/o Henry & Mary; d-25 Mar 1872 in Newport of small pox; br-26 Mar in public ground
Otto, William b-2 Mar 1864 in Newport; s/o Henry & Mary; d-5 Apr 1872 in Newport of brain fever; br-6 Apr in public ground
Otts, John b-Cincinnati; a-44y; d-30 Apr 1906; br-3 May in SG
Oueshee, Wm H (prisoner at the Newport Barracks) d-19 Feb 1862; br-19 Feb in public ground
Outred, Richard b-England a-36y; d-7 Feb 1866 of consumption; br-8 Feb in public ground
Overton, Alice Pendleton b-13 Jan 1843 in Virginia America; d/o Wm J & Catharine Pendleton; d-14 Nov 1877 in Newport of consumption; placed in vault 16 Nov; removed 3 Apr 1878 to Waller Overton lot 10 section 6
Overton, Waller a-53y; d-3 Sep 1892 in Newport of kidneys; br-7 Sep in Waller Overton lot
Owen, Frank B b-Indiana; a-25y; s/o Edward & Virginia; d-5 Apr 1905 in Covington or cerebral hemorrhage; br-9 Apr
Owen, Myrind a-15y; s/o Orville; d-30 May 1883 in Newport of scarlet fever; br-31 May in SG
Owen, Sarah b-Ireland; a-65y; d-12 Nov 1878 in Newport; br-13 Nov in PG
Owens, Child of Chas b-16 Nov 1908 in Newport; d-18 Nov 1908 in Newport; br-18 Nov in SG
Owens, Frank W b-8 May 1863 in Clairmont Co Oh; s/o John G & Eliza; d-5 July 1913 at State Hospital in Dayton Oh of convulsions; br-8 July at 2PM in SG
Owens, Infant br-27 July 1902 in section 9 lot 93; P#5123
Owens, John W b-Cincinnati; a-4 weeks; s/o Wm & Sadie; d-8 Apr 1896 in Cincinnati of abuse of liver; br-9 Apr in Annie Jennings; P#2733
Owens, Mrs. Lena (colored) b-Louisiana; a-28y; d-27 June 1881 in Newport of consumption; br-28 June in PG
Owens, Lierce b-1820 in Kentucky; d-22 Jan 1888 in Newport of heart; br-24 Jan in SG
Owens, Wm D a-23y; s/o Ellen Wilson; d-18 July 1897; overcome by heat; br-19 July in Anna Jennings lot; P#3190
Oztal, Maddis b-Germany; a-74y; d-28 May 1863 in Campbell Co of consumption; br-29 May in Andrew Heim lot No 51 section 5


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