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Evergreen Cemetery


Transcribed and submitted 28 March 2013 by Marji Wright


Saal, Virginia May  br-7-1-1918; Single grave-446, sec-8; no other data
Saatkamp, Dorothy  d-3-19-1958; br-3-22-1958; age-8-27-1889; Sec-44, lot-53 E1/2; parents-Henry and Elizabeth Hollforth; born-Indiana; widowed; residence-1118 Columbia St, Newport; LO-Herbert Saatkamp, husband; NR-Evelyn Hall, daughter, Grandview Rd, Alexandria
Saatkamp, Herbert H  d-12-14-1948; br-12-16-1948; age-11-19-1887; Sec-44, lot-53 E1/2; parents-Henry and Mary Saatkamp; born-Cinti; married; residence & place of death-1118 Columbia St, Newport; LO-self
Sabatino, Annah  d-8-26-1965; br-9-2-1965; age-68; Sec-39, lot-24 S1/2; parents-James Singleton and Addie Robertson; born-Newport; widowed; residence-519 E 3rd St, Newport; place of death-Oak Ridge Tennessee; LO-Jas T Singleton, father; NR-James Sabatino, son, 4325 Andes Dr, Fairfax, VA
Sabatino, Anthony  d-8-4-1958; br-8-8-1958; age-64; Sec-39, lot-24 S1/2; parents-Palmarino and Erminia Sabatino; born-Newport; married; residence-519 E 3rd St, Newport; LO-James Singleton, son in law; NR-Anna B Sabatino, wife
Sabatino, Infant  d-10-30-1955; br-11-2-1955; age-10-30-1955; Sec-39, lot-35B; parents-Barbara G Williams and Jas A Sabatino; born-Berea, OH; place of death-Berea Community Hosp; LO-Jas Singleton, grandfather; NR-Jas A Sabatino, 37 Irma Lane, Olmsted, OH
Sabatka, Emma M (Adult)  br-8-25-1891; Single grave-52, sec-1891; no other data
Sabatka, Ludwig (Adult)  br-12-20-1895; Single grave-51, sec-1891; no other data
Sabie, John T  d-5-26-1941; br-5-29-1941; age-87; Sec-49, lot-63; parents-Jas C Sabie; born-Boone Co, KY; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-John and Minne Sabie; NR-Minnie Sabie, 210 4th Ave, Dayton
Sabie, Minnie M  d-10-7-1953; br-10-9-1953; age-84; Sec-49, lot-63; parents-Frank and Mary Shields; born-KY; widowed; residence  & place of death-210 4th Ave, Dayton; cause of death-Valvular heart; LO-self; NR-Nannie Reeder, Portsmouth, OH
Sablantzki, Infant  br-12-31-1919; Single grave-524, sec-8; no other data
Sachs, Augusta  d-8-13-1936; br-8-15-1936; age-12-20-1861; Sec-54, lot-67 S1/2; parents-Henry and Elizabeth Trutschel;  born-Melbourne; widowed; residence-Paul Rd, Cinti; place of death-Cinti; LO-Sachs
Sachs, Charles E  d-2-14-1956; br-2-16-1956; age-12-31-188?; Sec-34, lot-67 S1/2;  parents-Henry and Augusta Sachs; born-Newport; married; residence-4192 Paul Rd, Cinti; place of death-St Marys Hosp, Cinti; LO-Augusta Sachs, mother; NR-Emma Theis, 134 W 10th St, Newport
Sachs, Henry  br-6-21-1924; Sec-54, lot-67 S1/2; no other data
Saffel, Daisy Belle  (Adult); br-9-8-1890; Single grave-44, sec-1890; no other data
Sageser, Sarah (Adult)  br-11-12-1886; Single grave-52, sec-1886; no other data
Sagle, Harry E  d-7-22-1953; br-7-24-1953; age-9-17-1888; Single grave-293, sec-72; parents-Charles Sagle and Sarah Taylor; born-Zanesville, OH; married;  LO-self; NR-Clara B Sagle, wife, 616 Washington Ave, Newport
Sahnger, Joseph  d-7-20-1940; br-7-27-1940; age-5-10-1856; Sec-9, lot-9(?) N1/2; born-Covington; married; place of death-Ft Thomas; LO-Joseph Sahnger; Unspecified address-50 Rossmore, Ft Thomas
Sahnger, Pearlie  br-4-4-1911; Sec-9, lot-9 E1/2; no other data
Sahnger, Reuben P  br-7-1-1908; Sec-9, lot-9; no other data
Sahnger, Sallie  d-1-19-1941; br-1-20-1941; age-83; Sec-9, lot-9 S1/2; parents-Armstrong; born-Cinti; married; LO-Jos Sahnger, place of death-Ft Thomas; NR-Miss Elsie Sahnger, 50 Rossmore, Ft Thomas
St Clair, Ada  d-10-24-1950; br-10-27-1950; age-11-2-1870; Sec-55, lot-77 N1/2; parents-Warman; born-Mt Orab, OH; place of death-23 17th St, Newport; LO-Olga St Clair, mother in law; NR-Robert St Clair, 951 Enright Ave, Price Hill
St Clair, Frank J  d-9-21-1945; br-9-24-1945; age-77; Sec-55, lot-77 N1/2; parents-Frank and D N St Clair; born-Cinti; married; place of death-residence; NR-Ada St Clair; 23 17th St, Newport;
St Clair, Harry Neal  d-3-26-54; br-3-29-1944; (dates as written) age-12-20-1893; Sec-55, lot-77 N1/2; parents-Frank and Ada St Clair; born-Miamisburg, OH; married; place of death-23 17th St, Newport; LO & NR-Olga St Clair, 23 17th St
St Clair, Olga M  d-5-16-67; br-5-19-67; age-6-12-1893; Sec-55, lot-77 N1/2; parents-Gerdinand Martin and Barbara Eitler; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-23 17th St, Newport; LO-self; NR-Mrs Audrey Gindele, niece, 356 Riddle Pl, Newport
St John, Clyde Sr.  d-7-22-1941; br-7-24-1941; age-2-17-1871; Sec-57, lot-69 E1/2; parents-Edwin St John and Abbie Runyan; born-Warren Co, OH; widowed; place of death-Christ Hosp; LO-Clyde St John; NR-Harry St John; 15 W 8th St, Newport
St John, Clyde, Jr.  br-3-2-1933; Sec-57, lot-69 E1/2; no other data
St John, Cora Lowe  d-11-26-1939; br-11-29-1939; age-3-25-1870; Sec-57, lot-69 W1/2; parents-Frazier and Lowe; born-Powersville, KY; married; place of death-residence; LO & NR-Clyde St John, husband, 15 W8th St, Newport
St John, Harry J  d-10-27-1963; br-11-3-1963; age-9-4-1900; Sec-57, lot-69 E1/2; parents-Clyde St John and Cora Hive(?); residence & place of death-Hill Top Rest Home, Lincoln Rd, Dayton, KY; LO-Clyde St John, father; NR-Harry J St John Jr, Newport, 242 Banklick Rd, Independence, KY
St John, Lawrence E  d-9-10-1939; br-9-13-1939; age-2-22-1895; Sec-57, lot-69 E1/2; parents-Clyde St John and Cora Rowe; born-Newport; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Clyde St John; NR-Mary Weis St John, widow, 927 Orchard St, Newport; Unspecified address-236 Eden Ave, Bellevue
St John, Mary Seifried  d-4-11-1973; br-4-13-1973; age-85; Sec-57, lot-69 E1/2; parents-Peter E Weis and Katherine Hauberstumph; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-236 Eden Ave, Bellevue; place of death-Baptist Home, Newport; place of death-Baptist Home, Newport; LO-Clyde St John; NR-Mrs Arthur Poweleit, 7 Low Gap Rd, Cold Springs
St John, Roy  (Infant)  br-8-9-1910; Single grave-41, sec-1910; no other data
Salman, A J  br-4-20-1887; Sec-1, lot-58; no other data
Salmons, Beatrice  br-10-23-1918; Sec-34, lot-59 W1/2; no other data
Salmons, Elsie Wesley  d-8-24-66; br-8-27-66; age-73; Sec-34, lot-59 W1/2; parents-John Swearinger and Emma Storer; born-Ironton, OH; widowed; residence-Methodist Home, Franklin, IN; place of death-Franklin, IND; LO-Robert A Salmons, husband; NR-Dr James A Salmons, son, 1700 Mission St, Santa Cruz, CA
Salmons, Fannie  br-1-31-27; Sec-34, lot-59 W1/2; no other data
Salmons, James J  br-3-28-27; Sec-34, lot-59 W1/2; no other data
Salmons, Robert A   d-7-21-1965; br-7-24-1965; age-80; Sec-34, lot-59 W1/2; parents-James J Salmons and Fanny Reynolds; born-Winfield, WV; married; residence-216 Dayton Ave, Dayton, KY; place of death-Eastern St Hosp, Lexington; LO-self; NR-Elsie Salmons, wife
Salschaw, Michael Ross  br-1-27-1912; Single grave-18, sec-8; no other data
Salt, A E (Adult)  br-8-24-1893; Single grave-37, sec-1893; no other data
Salt, Herbert (Adult)  br-8-17-1896; Single grave-42, sec-1896; no other data
Salter, Joseph  d-4-16-1962; br-4-18-1962; age-12 hrs; Sec-32 lot-39 E1/2; parents-Daniel Salter and Kitty Smith; born-Cinti; residence-584 Shadymist Dr, Cinti; place of death-Good Samaritan Hosp; LO-grave of Harvey Truesdell, grandfather; NR-Daniel Salter, father
Salwach, John H  (Adult)  br-3-1-1884; Single grave-9, sec-1884; no other data
Salweiter, John  br-4-3-1907; Single grave-490, sec-28; no other data
Salyers, Mary F  d-9-19-1965; br-9-22-1965; age-83; Sec-24, lot-76 W1/2; parents-James Hampton and Mary Sapp; born-Maysville, KY; widowed; residence & place of death-Lakeside Place; LO-self; NR-Anna Stormer, daughter, 117 Bon Jan Lane, Highland Hts
Salzman, Charles  d-7-20-1965; br-7-24-1965; age-78; Sec-32, lot-17; parents-Karl Salzmann and Mary Spraul; born-Newport; married; residence-29 18th St, Newport; place of death-VA Hosp, Ft Thomas; LO-Mary Salzman, mother; NR-Dorothy Solzman, wife
Salzman, Charles  br-3-15-1910; Sec-32, lot-17; no other data
Salzman, Fred  br-7-30-1913; Sec-32, lot-17; no other data
Salzman, Lucy (Child)  br-10-23-1890; Single grave-71, sec-1890; no other data
Salzmann, Mary  d-5-14-1941; br-5-19-1941; age-2-9-1860; Sec-32, lot-17; parents-Spraul; born-Germany; widowed; place of death-residence; LO-self; NR-Charles Salzmann, 29 18th St, Newport; (address appears to be corrected to 19th St)
Samarhill, Infant  br-5-3-1884; Sec-5, lot-5; no other data
Sammel, James (Infant)  br-12-15-1909; Sec-113, lot-1902; no other data
Samuelson, Julius  d-4-6-1941; br-4-8-1941; age-4-25-1875; Single grave-152, sec-72; parents-Robert Samuelson and Rose Tennebaum; born-Cinti; married; place of death-Covington; NR-Minnie Samuelson, 226 E 9th St, Newport
Samuelson, Minnie  d-4-4-1959; br-4-7-1959; age-8-2-1872; Single grave-153, sec-72; parents-Hans Caston and Wilhelmina Pelle; born-Newport; widowed; residence-93 S Crescent Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-Bellevue Rest home; LO-self; NR-Roslyn Erb, daughter
Sams, Mandia  br-7-27-1914; Single grave-544; sec-42; no other data
Samuels, Celia P  br-9-5-1919; Single grave-132 sec-45; no other data
Sand, Virginia Lee  d-3-6-69; br-3-11-69; age-86; Sec-49, lot-39; parents-Wm D Whaley and Sea Davis; born-Williamstown, KY; widowed; residence & place of death-589 Torrence Ln, Cinti; LO & NR-Fannie Hernsing(?) sister;
Sander, Laura C  d-11-23-1965; br-11-27-1965; age-5-1-1874; Sec-65, lot-43B(?); Fite and Elizabeth Sower; born-Ripley, OH; widowed; residence & place of death-947 Washington Ave, Newport; LO & NR-Nellie Beagle, daughter
Sander, Infant  br-5-13-1894; Sec-13, lot-55; no other data
Sanders, Ada (Adult)  br-3-14-1888; Single grave-15, sec-1888; no other data
Sanders, Arthur L  d-1-31-1957; br-2-5(?)-1957; age-84; Sec-39, lot-34 N1/2; born-Sanders KY; residence-Jamestown, NY; LO-self; NR-Henriette Sanders, widow
Sanders, Callie  d-9-24-1964; br-9-28-1964; age-4-5-1883; Sec-49, lot-91; born-Knoxville TN; residence-131 W 8th St, Newport; place of death-Speers Memorial Hosp; LO & NR-Samuel Sanders, husband
Sanders, Chas H  d-3-22-1948; br-3-25-1948; age-1-16-1903; Single grave-751C, sec-68; parents-William Saunders and Grace Simpson; born-Star Route New; married; place of death-Christ Hosp; NR-Lillian Sanders, Licking Pk, Newport
Sanders, Corda  br-11-6-1911; Single grave-623, sec-42; no other data
Sanders, Elijah Lawson  br-3-25-1925; Single grave-279, sec-46; no other data
Sanders, Eugenie  br-1-9-1917; Sec-39, lot-34 N1/2; no other data
Sanders, Everett  d-6-20-1941; br-6-23-1941; age-57; Single grave-280, sec-46; parents-Elijah and Mary Sanders; born-Sanders, KY; single; place of death-Longview Hosp; NR-Mrs Edward Bruns, 3911 Taylor Ave, Cinti;
Sanders, Frank L  d-11-9-1951; br-11-13-1951; age-4-14-1891; Single grave-748, sec-72; parents-Sanders; born-Mundfall, IN; single; place of death-Cinti General Hosp; NR-Irene Cox, 2735 S B Elwood, IN
Sanders, Grace  br-8-8-1929; Single grave-247, sec-48; no other data
Sanders, George W  d-1-21-1954; br-1-25-1954; age-12-27-1898; Sec-73, lot-200 N1/2; parents-William Sanders and Grace Simpson; born-Kenton Co, KY; married; place of death-Salisbury MD; LO & NR-Louis Sanders, 3 E 3rd St, Newport
Sanders, Henrietta K  d-7-19-68; br-7-23-68; age-92; Sec-39, lot-34 N1/2; married; residence-Erie PA; place of death-Guard PA; LO-A L Sanders, husband; NR-Ralph Sanders, son; 925 Chelsea Ave, Erie PA
Sanders, Henry B  d-6-17-1957 ; br-6-20-1957; age-63; Sec-73, lot-467; parents-Thomas and Rebecca Sanders; married; born-Leitchfield KY; residence-236 Berry Ave, Bellevue, KY; LO & NR-Alva Grace Sanders, wife
Sanders, Jeanette O  d-5-29-1937; br-6-1-1937; age-31; sec-22, lot-33 W1/2; parents-Wm Langley and Virgie Mae Oder; born-Covington; married; residence & place of death-358 E 16th St Covington; LO-Wm Langley
Sanders, Jennie (Infant)  br-11-13-1912; Single grave-63, sec-8; no other data
Sanders, Mary (Adult) (Colored)  br-9-17-1894; Single grave-43, sec-1894; no other data
Sanders, Samuel  d-9-28-1964; br-10-1-1964; age-7-22-1901; Sec-49, lot-91; residence-131 W 8th St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-self; NR-Mrs Maurhetta Morehouse, granddaughter, 18438 E Fidalgo, Rowland Hgts CA
Sanders, William James  d-4-26-1954; br-4-29-1954; age-10-16-1905; Single grave-906, sec-68; parents-William F Sanders and Grace Simpson; born-Covington; divorced; place of death-Cinti General Hosp; NR-Irene Heck, sister, 321 Kuhrs Lane, Covington
Sanders, Wm Chart  d-5-23-1939; br-5-26-1939; age-78; Sec-4, lot-12; born-KY; married; LO-Caren Sanders, Orlando FL; NR-Gibson Rose, Ft Thomas
Sanders, Wm (City order)  br-5-3-1935; Single grave-617, sec-43B; residence-426 W 4th St, Newport; cause of death-homicide
Sandford, Maud Sheppart  d-5-17-45; br-5-19-45; age-10-29-1868; Sec-23, lot-102; parents-Thomas Sheppard and Mary R Ingals; born-Dayton; married; residence-2436 Copeland Ave, Cinti; place of death-Cinti; LO-Mary R Jones
Sandford, Melvin L  br-1-20-1915; Single grave-137, sec-1910; no other data
Sandhaas, Wm  br-5-5-1934; Sec-15, lot-81; LO-Jacob Klein
Sandhas, Helen M  d-5-23-1962; br-5-25-62; age-54; Sec-65, lot-14D; parents-William Sandhas and Minnie Kline; born-Newport; divorced; residence-38 W 13th St, Newport; LO-David Foiler, son; NR-Hollis Young, son, 34 Riley Rd, Alexandria
Sandhas, Minnie  d-1-19-1950; br-1-21-1950; age-4-6-1875; Sec-15, lot-81 S1/2; parents-Jacob & Klein; born-Newport; widowed; place of death-residence; LO-Klein, father; NR-Miss Helen Sanhas, 38 W 13th St, Newport
Sandhoff, Wm  br-3-7-1919; Sec-29, lot-8; no other data
Sandifer, Ellis Robson  br-12-7-1918; Sec-37, lot-3 S1/2; no other data
Sandifer, Elma M  d-9-11-1955; br-9-14-1955; age-63; Sec-37, lot-3 S1/2; parents-Wilbur and Fannie Gaddis; born-Dayton; married; place of death-residence; LO & NR-Joseph P Sandifer, 42 Montvale Ct, Ft Thomas
Sandifer, Joseph P  d-7-5-67; br-7-7-67; age-75; Sec-37, lot-3 S1/2; parents-Joseph P Sandifer and Mary Ellis Green; born-Middlesboro KY; widowed; residence-42 Montvale Ct, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Lukes Hosp; LO-self; NR-Mrs L R Lehman, daughter, 1069 Redbird Dr, Cinti
Sandlin, Adlai C  d-8-24-1937; br-8-27-1937; age-11-31-1892; parents-L C and Molly Sandlin; born-Alabama; married; residence-109 W 4th St, Newport; place of death-Govt VA Hosp, H???? IL; cause of death-cancer;
Sandlin, Alma  d-4-4-1965; br-4-8-1965; age-66; Single grave-408, sec-69; parents-John Boden and Nellie Callery; born-Newport; widowed; residence & place of death-406 Eighth Ave, Dayton; LO-self; NR-Mrs Thos J Murphy, daughter, 14 Sadye Ct, Ft Thomas
Sandlin, Bertha K  br-11-6-1973; age-68; Sec-64, lot-223 S1/2; parents-Sam Thompson and Margaret Murray; born-IL; married; residence-610 Berry Ave, Dayton, KY; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Oscar Sandlin, husband
Sandman, Erma  d-6-18-75; br-6-23-75; age-9-15-1895; Sec-3, lot-99; parents-Valentin Wald and Lydia E Lockwood; born-Newport; residence-225 Coventry Ln, E Peoria IL; place of death-St Francis Hosp, Peoria; NR-Rev J Robrt Sandman, son
Sandner, Albert Jr  br-9-11-1929; Sec-50, lot-50 W1/2; LO-Albert Sandner Sr
Sandner, Albert Sr  d-1-15-1938; br-1-18-1938; age-2-5-1876; Sec-50, lot-50 W1/2; parents-Martin and Katherine Engel; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Albert Sandner, Jr; NR-Helen Sandner, 122 Center St, Southgate
Sandner, Albert Lewis  d-11-28-1945; br-12-1-45; age-46; Sec-50, lot-50 W1/2; parents-Albert Sandner and Helen Feist; born-Newport; married; place of death-Netherland Plaza Hotel; LO-Albert Sandner; NR-Laverne Sandner, Box 2, Indian Rock FL
Sandner, Anna W  d-10-11-1953; br-10-14-1953; age-75; Sec-32, lot-13 E1/2; parents-Carl and Elizabeth Wasser; born-Newport; widowed; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Elizabeth Wasser, daughter; NR-Sarah Gutfreund, sister, 616 S Grand Ave, Ft Thomas
Sandner, Helen d-6-30-1975; br-7-3-1975; age-6-20-1880; Sec-50, lot-50 W1/2; parents-Charles Feist; born-Germany; residence & place of death-Lakeside Pl, Highland Hts; NR-Harry Sandner, son, 1905 Memorial Pkwy, Ft Thomas
Sandner, Joseph  br-3-13-1923; Sec-13, lot-55 N1/2; no other data
Sandner, Kate  br-11-21-1931; Sec-13, lot-55 N1/2; LO-Sandner
Sandner, Margaret  d-7-24-1958; br-7-28-1958; age-10-19-1866; Sec-13, lot-55 N1/2; parents-John Martin Sandner and Kate Meyer; born-Germany; single; residence-108 W 7th St, Newport; LO-Kate Sandner, mother; NR-Lydia McGrail, sister
Sands, Charlotte Mae  d-10-13-68; br-10-16-68; age-56; Sec-55, lot-1C; parents-Henry Smith and Margaret Clos; born-Southgate; married; residence-74 Gregory Ln, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Lukes Hosp; LO-Margaret Clos Smith, mother; NR-Gilbert H Sands
Sandstom, Infant  br-2-14-1896; Single grave-10, sec-1896; no other data
Sandstrom, Infant  br-1-15-1891; Single grave-6, lot-1891; no other data
Sanduskie, Della  br-8-18-1921; Single grave-55, sec-48; no other data
Sanford, Elisha S  br-2-24-1930; Single grave-429, sec-48; no other data
Sanford, Helen  d-1-4-1950; br-1-7-1950; age-57; Sec-24, lot-99-100-104; parents-Louis K and Nannie Marty, born-Ft Thomas; married; place of death-Clearwater Beach, FL; LO-Shaw, grandmother; NR-Barker Sanford, Clearwater FL
Sanford, Nancy Shaw  br-10-24-1925; Sec-24, lot-99-100-103-104; no other data
Sanford, Tina L (Infant)  d-12-16-66; br-12-20-66; age-3 days; Single grave-248, sec-53; parents-Hilliard Sanford and Bittie Thompson; born-Covington; residence-2519 White Ct, Covington; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; NR-Mr & Mrs Hilliard Sanford
Sanftleben, Elizabeth  d-3-13-1959; br-3-17-1959; age-2-22-1874; Sec-22, lot-108; parents-John Roth and Elizabeth Steinhauer; born-Newport; widowed; residence-637 Park Ave, Newport;  place of death-Rebecca Odd Fellows Home; LO-Bernard Sanftleben; NR-Mrs Vernon Waldenmayer
Sanftleben, B  br-11-25-1896; Sec-22, lot-102 W1/2; no other data
Sanftleben, Betty  br-9-9-1920; Sec-22, lot-108 W1/2; no other data
Sanftleben, Frederick  d-4-15-1940; br-4-18-1940; age-63; Sec-22, lot-108 W1/2; born-KY; married; LO-Bernard Sanftleben; NR-Elizabeth Sanftlemen, 314 E 7th St, Newport
Sanftleben, Henry  br-9-10-1893; Sec-22, lot-102 E1/2; no other data
Sanftleben, Henry  br-12-16-1900; Sec-22, lot-108; no other data
Sanftleben, Mildred  br-11-25-1908; Sec-22, lot-108; no other data
Sanftleben, Minnie  d-3-25-1952; br-3-28-1952; age-78; Sec-22, lot-108; parents-Henry and Betty Sanftleben; born-Newport; divorced; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Bernard Sanftleben; NR-Doza Schultz, 740 Linden Ave, Newport
Sansberg, Wm L  br-2-22-1922; Single grave-654, sec-8; no other data
Sansberry, Ida  br-10-5-1926; Single grave-666, sec-42; no other data
Sansberry, Infant  br-12-2-27; single grave-316, sec-43B; no other data
Sansberry, John Henry  br-8-19-1926; Single grave-65, sec-42; no other data
Sansbury, Infant  br-3-12-1900; Single grave-12, sec-1900; no other data
Sanstran, Infant  br-1-14-1892; Single grave-7, sec-1892; no other data
Santen, John Herman  d-12-14-1957; br-12-18-1957; age-12-17-1899; Sec-44, lot-49 W1/2; parents-Harry Santen and Emma Thomas; born-Cinti; married; residence-3651 Hillside Ave, Cinti; place of death-Cinti General Hosp; LO-John Thomas, son in law; NR-Emma Thomas Santen, wife
Sanz, John B  br-12-12-1913; Sec-40, lot-18; no other data
Sanzenbacher, Josephine  br-4-9-1932; Sec-54, lot-20 S1/2; LO-Drew 
, James T  d-9-6-1965; br-9-9-1965; age-48; Sec-73, lot-41A; parents-Thomas D Sarakatsannis and Stella Charles; born-Nashua, NH; married; residence-705 Nelson Pl, Newport; place of death-Jewish Hosp; LO & NR-Olympia Sarakatsannis, wife
Sarakatsannis, Melanthia  d-5-26-69; br-5-29-69; age-9-18-191?; Sec-63, lot-24 W1/2; parents-Leonidas Kazangis and Maria; born-Greece; married; residence & place of death-79 Bivouac Pl, Ft Thomas; LO & NR-Nicholas Sarakatsannis, husband
Sarakatsannis, Thomas D  br-12-1-1960; age-72; Sec-73,lot-320; parents-Demetrios and Christine Sarakatsannis; born-Macedonia, Greece; residence-625 Maple Ave, Newport; LO & NR-Stella Sarakatsannis, wife
Sarakatsannis, Valentine  d-6-3-1964; br-6-4-1964; age-9; parents-James N Sarakatsannis and Virginia Dinell Lambert; born-Cinti; residence-8733 Brent Dr, Cinti; place of death-326 E 12th St, Covington; NR-James N Sarakatsannis, father
Sarbeck, Bertha  br-1-30-1926; Sec-32, lot-13; no other data
Sarbeck, Charles Henry  d-2-1-1950; br-2-4-1950; age-10-10-1888; Sec-32, lot-13 W1/2; parents-Sarbeck; born-Newport; place of death-Southgate; LO-self; NR-Mrs John Bill, 105 Walnut St, Southgate
Sarbeck, Chas J  br-4-6-1926; Sec-32, lot-13 W1/2; no other data
Sarbeck, Hazel  br-3-18-1919; Sec-32, lot-13 E1/2; no other data
Sarbeck, Robt Lee  d-3-4-1942; br-3-7-1942; age-12-24-1941; Single grave-336, sec-70; parents-Roy and Mayme Witerman Sarbeck; place of death-221 E 3d St; NR-Roy Sarbeck; Unspecified address-197 Peter Noll Homes
Sarber, Infant  br-2-12-19190; Single grave-3, sec-1910; no other data
Sareath, John br-2-18-1895; Sec-20, lot-17; no other data
Sargeant, Amelia  d-2-11-1956; br-2-14-1956; age-72; Sec-58, lot-98; parents-Henry and Mary Borhme; born-Newport; married; residence-7230 Ohio Ave, Deer Park, OH; place of death-Jewish Hosp; LO & NR-John Wm Sargeant, husband
Sargeant, Barbara S  d-12-5-1961; br-7-30-1962; age-12-22-1885; Sec-36, lot-49-36; parents-? & Hedwick Schubert; born-Dover, KY; residence-8311 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL; place of death-Miami Beach; LO-Sargeant-husband; NR-Harry H Sargeant, son
Sargeant, Chas Astor  d-4-2-1945; br-4-5-1945; age-56; Sec-36, lot-36-49; parents-John and Barbara Sargeant; born-Bellevue; residence-3545 Eden Ave, Cinti; place of death-Christ Hosp; LO-John Sargeant
Sargeant, Geo  br-1-24-1887; Sec-13, lot-31; no other data
Sargeant, John  br-3-7-1922; Sec-36, lot-36 & 49; no other data
Sargeant, John William  d-9-17-1965; br-9-21-1965; age-80; Sec-58, lot-98; parents-Wm Sargeant; born-Newport; widowed; residence-7230 Ohio Ave Ave, Deer Park, OH; place of death-; LO-self; NR-Ralph Sargeant, son, 2890 Ziegle Ave, Cinti
Sargeant, Wm  3-10-1941; br-3-14(?)-1941; age-80; Sec-59, lot-58 E1/2; born-England; married; place of death-Dry Ridge, KY; LO & NR-Anna Sargeant, 163 Fairfield, Bellevue
Sargent, Alfred  (Child)  br-10-28-1885; Single grave-51, sec-1885; no other data
Sargent, Amanda Helen  d-8-6-1964; br-8-10-1964; age-6-16-1878; Sec-54, lot-130 N1/2; parents-William Dunaway and Jane Reeves; born-Pendleton Co; widowed; residence-640 Wolf Rd, Taylor Mill Co; place of death-Taylor Mill; LO-James Sargent, husband; NR-Louise Exeler, daughter
Sargent, Anna L  d-7-11-1948; br-7-14-1948; age-83; Sec-59, lot-38 E1/2; parents-Casner and Margaret Jacobs; born-Ripley, OH;  residence & place of death-163 Fairfield Ave, Bellevue; LO-self
Sargent, Ella Mae  d-3-20-68;br-3-21-68; age-stillborn; Single grave-42-43; sec-69; parents-Larry W Sargent and Gail W Erpenbeck; born-Cinti; residence-2032 Greenup St, Covington; place of death-Jewish Hosp; LO-great grandparents; NR-Mr & Mrs Larry W Sargent, parents
Sargent, George  d-2-7-1957; br-2-9-1957; age-3-22-1878; Sec-54, lot-130 N1/2; parents-Thomas Sargent and Mary Miller; born-Kenton Co; widowed; residence-317 W 7th St, Covington; place of death-Kenton Co Infirmary; LO-Jas Sargent, brother; NR-Carrie Lovelace, sister, 4614 Huntington Ave, Covington
Sargent, Harry W  br-11-23-1925; Sec-54, lot-130 N1/2; no other data
Sargent, Helen Kay  br-7-1-1944; Unspecified date-62-7-1944 or 5; age-44; sec-33, lot-16 E1/2; parents-Hurst and Kate Barney; born-Newport; married; place of death-residence; LO-Jas L Hurst; NR-Horace Sargent, 929 Monroe St, Newport
Sargent, James M  d-12-29-1944; br-1-2-1945; age-69; Sec-54, lot-130 N1/2; parents-Thomas Sargent and Mary Miller; married; place of death-Wolf Rd, Kenton Co; LO-Jas Sargent
Sargent, John E (Child)  br-7-4-1894; Single grave-36, sec-1894; no other data
Sargent, John  br-9-20-1924; Single grave-207, sec-46; no other data
Sargent, William C  br-11-21-1905; Sec-13, lot-31 N1/2; no other data
Sargent, William Hugh  d-2-10-1956; br-2-13-1956; age-57; Sec-54, lot-130 N1/2; parents-James M and Amanda Dunaway Sargent; born-Pendleton Co, single; residence-652 Wolf Rd, Covington; place of death-Covington Rest Home; LO-Jas Sargent, father; NR-Amanda Sargent, mother
Sarros, Cordellia  d-8-9-48; br-8-12-1948; age-11-4-1898; Sec-57, lot-12 W1/2; parents-James R Nichols and Lula Carster; single; residence & place of death-5403 Stewart Rd, Cinti; LO-Bary; NR-Mrs Elaine Beckett, 5403 Stewart Rd, Cinti
Sarsfield, Alma  d-11-6-1938; br-11-9-1938; age-1-2-1899; Sec-39, lot-20B; parents-George and Marie Dangel; born-Newport; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Marie Dangel; NR-John L Sarsfield 534 Lindsey St, Newport
Sarver, Alma  br-5-11-1903; Single grave-22, sec-1903;
Sarver, Amelia  br-8-20-1912; Sec-20, lot-75; no other data
Sarver, Ann  br-6-24-1894; Sec-17, lot-60; no other data
Sarver, Anna  br-2-15-1910; Single grave-48, sec-1889; no other data
Sarver, Edward (Infant)  br-5-24-1910; Sec-2, lot-61; no other data
Sarver, George  br-7-27-1926; Sec-2, lot-61; no other data
Sarver, Lulu (Child)  br-1-21-1883; Single grave-9, grave-1883; no other data
Sarver, Mary A  br-2-24-1905; Single grave-221, sec-28;
Sarver, Mary Ann  br-5-12-1898; Sec-2 lot-61; no other data
Sarver, P W  br-1-9-1889; Sec-17, lot-60; no other data
Sarver, Orrie O  br-12-6-1933; Sec-71, lot-17; LO-Nellie H Smith
Sarver, Samuel  br-3-10-1905; Single grave-220, sec-28; no other data
Sarvers, Raymond  br-11-9-1907; Single grave-47, sec-1907; no other data
Sarvis, Catavias  br-4-21-1930; Single grave-83, sec-68; no other data
Sass, Frank  br-4-2-1925; Single grave-292, sec-46; no other data
Sasse, Jacqueline Lee (Infant)  d-1-15-1935; br-1-16-1935; age-1-15-1935; Single grave-570A, sec-47; parents-Carl Sasse and Audrey Martin; born-Dayton, KY; residence-613 3rd Ave, Dayton; place of death-Speers Hosp
Saterfeld, Anna  br-10-21-1900; Single grave-21, sec-1891; no other data
Sattler, Carolyn  d-7-22-1936; br-7-25-1936; age-9-16-1865; Sec-26, lot-26 N1/2; parents-Martin and Elizabeth Sattler; born-Cinti; single; place of death-219 Eden Ave, Bellevue; LO-Martin Sattler
Sattler, Charles  d-9-18-1958; br-9-22-1958; age-9-13-1867; Sec-49, lot-10; parents-Martin Sattler and Elizabeth; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-13 E Boltwood Ct, Cinti; LO-self; NR-Earl Sattler, son, RR#1 Foster, OH
Sattler, Elizabeth  br-1-11-1917; Sec-26, lot-26; no other data
Sattler, Ernest (Child)  br-10-17-1899; Single grave-43, sec-1899; no other data
Sattler, George  d-9-26-1954; br-9-28-1954; age-84; Sec-26, lot-26 N1/2; parents-Martha(?) and Elizabeth Sattler; born-Cinti; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Martin Sattler, father; NR-Louis Bechtold, RR California, KY
Sattler, Herman P  d-2-24-1950; br-2-27-1950; age-73; Sec-38, lot-42 N1/2; born-Detroit; married; cause of death-Acute coronary occlusion; LO-self; NR-Herman Sattler, Jr, 5859 N Kenmore, Chicago
Sattler, Infant  br-1-30-1915; Single grave-209, sec-8; no other data
Sattler, John Mathew  d-1-5-1970; br-1-8-1970; age-74; Sec-52, lot-100; parents-Henry Sattler and Elizabeth Bestermann; born-Covington;married; residence-1304 Alexandria Pk, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Lukes Hosp; LO-John and Dorothy Sattler, self; NR-Dorothy Sattler
Sattler, Julia  br-2-18-1915; Sec-38, lot-42 N1/2; no other data
Sattler, Laura  br-2-9-1925; Sec-49, lot-10; no other data
Sattler, Martin  br-10-16-1912; Sec-26, lot-26; no other data
Sattler, Rosie (Cremains)  d-8-28-73; br-9-13-73; age-8-20-1878; Sec-38, lot-42 N1/2; born-Germany; widowed; residence-11 Weber Pl, Detroit, MI; place of death-St Theresa Home, Silverton, OH
Sattler, Susan E  br-4-6-1904; Sec-26, lot-26 N1/2; no other data
Sattles, Ernie (Child)  br-9-6-1899; Single grave-43, sec-1899; no other data
Sauber, W (Child)  br-1-16-1888; Single grave-3, sec-1888; no other data
Saubria, S F  br-12-13-1885; Sec-4, lot-24; no other data
Saubvachter, Chrathrane  br-12-29-1886; Single grave-62, sec-1886; no other data
Sauer, Alice  br-3-10-1923; Sec-27, lot-51; LO-Gus Sauer
Sauer, Arthur John  d-3-14-1964; br-3-18-1964; age-9-8-1886; Sec-56, lot-29 N1/2; born-Newport; residence & place of death-307 Overton St, Newport; LO-self; NR-Flora Sauer, wife
Sauer, Anna M d-1-8-1951; br-1-11-1951; age-6-11-1861; Sec-27, lot-51; parents-Adam and Main Schultz Diebs; born-Newport; married; place of death-residence; LO-Sauer; NR-Florence Hugle, 832 Central Ave, Newport
Sauer, Anne E  br-2-23-1897; Sec-5, lot-83; no other data
Sauer, August G  d-2-16-1943; br-2-19-1943; age-3-20-1882; Sec-27, lot-51; parents-Gus and Anna Sauer; born-Covington; widowed; place of death-832 Central Ave, Newport; LO-Gus Sauer; NR-Anna Sauer, Newport
Sauer, Barbara  br-6-28-1922; Sec-2, lot-123; no other data
Sauer, Brenda  d-8-17-1946; br-8-20-1946; age-3 yrs; Single grave-101, sec-70; parents-Lee Sauer and Alma Ward; born-Dayton, KY; place of death-Childrens Hosp; NR-Lee Sauer, 606 E Front St, Newport
Sauer, Clara A  d-3-16-1962; br-3-19-1962; age-72; Sec-55, lot-49C; parents-Forney Hall and Wilhelmina Riesch; born-Newport; widowed; residence-107 North St, Southgate; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-self; NR-Mrs Doughlas Brown, daughter, 52 Rossford Ave, Ft Thomas
Sauer, Conrad  br-1-21-1906; Sec-13, lot-57; no other data
Sauer, Elizabeth  d-6-3-1952; br-6-5-1952; age-71; Sec-60, lot-299G; parents-Casper and Mary Berkemeyer; born-Cinti; married; place of death-residence;  LO & NR-Wm Sauer Sr, 109 5th St, Dayton
Sauer, Elizabeth  br-9-14-1905; Sec-2, lot-123; no other data
Sauer, Flora Mae  d-12-27-1975; br-12-31-1975; age-1-14-1892; Sec-54, lot-32 E1/2; parents-Price; born, residence & place of death-Tampa FL; NR-Mrs Flora L Schoenlein, daughter, 567 Suwanee Cir, Tampa
Sauer, Frederick  br-7-14-1909; Sec-2, lot-123; no other data
Sauer, Frederick Jr  br-3-21-1918; Sec-2, lot-123; no other data
Sauer, Geo  br-11-28-1882; Single grave-60, row-1882; no other data
Sauer, Gus Sr  br-11-19-1931; Sec-27, lot-51; LO-Gus Sauer, Sr; no other data
Sauer, Harry  br-11-10-1885; Sec-9, lot-65; no other data
Sauer, Infant  br-5-25-1885; no grave listed; Interment-7007
Sauer, Infant  br-8-21-1913; Sec-27, lot-51; no other data
Sauer, John M  br-12-19-1917; Sec-34, lot-40 W1/2; no other data
Sauer, Lillie Florence  d-8-8-1945; br-8-11-1945; age-58; Sec-56, lot-29 N1/2; parents-William and Belle Baker; born-Harthorne, KY; married; residence-355 Washington, Bellevue; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Sauer
Sauer, Lula (Child)  br-9-11-1889; Single grave-62, sec-1889; no other data
Sauer Mary  d-3-4-1943; br-3-8-1943; age-7-24-1857; Sec-34, lot-40 NW1/2; parents-John M Schwartz and Caroline Winter; born-NY; widowed; place of death-Good Samaritan Hosp; LO-self; NR-Carrie Fugett, 2778 Minot, Cinti
Sauer, Mathias  br-12-16-1897; Sec-6, lot-83; no other data
Sauer, Wilbert T  d-1-7-1935; br-1-9-1935; Sec-55, lot-49C; parents-Gus and Anna Sauer; born-Newport; married; place of death-107 North St, Southgate; cause of death-Chronic nephritis; LO-Clara A Sauer, wife
Sauer, William A  d-8-3-71; br-8-7-71; age-62; Sec-63, lot-135 S1/2; parents-Philip Sauer and Katie; born-Hedrick, Iowa; married; residence-15 Shamrock Ln, Ft Thomas; place of death-Lackland Air Force Base Hosp, San Antonio; LO & NR-Clara Sauer, wife, 15 Shamrock Lane, Ft Thomas
Sauer, William Sr  d-7-23-1956; br-7-26-1956; age-81; sec-60, lot-299G;  parents-Frederick and Barbara Sauer; widowed; residence-109 5th Ave, Dayton, KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-self; NR-William Sauer Jr,   109 Easter Ave, Elsmere KY
Sauer, Wm  br-12-14-1931; Single grave-338, sec-68; no other data
Sauerbeck, Charles Wm (Infant)  Single grave-118, sec-1910; no other data
Sauerbrey, Charles  d-9-24-1944; br-9-27-1944; age-83; Sec-23, lot-55; parents-Henry Sauerbrey; born-Newport; married; place of death-208 Evergreen Ave; NR-Mrs Wells Sauerbrey, 208 Evergreen
Sauerbrey, Elizabeth  br-7-20-1908; Sec-23, lot-16 E1/2; no other data
Sauerbrey, Elizabeth  br-2-19-1899; Sec-23, lot-16 E1/2; no other data
Sauerbrey, Emma  br-5-20-1924; Sec-23 lot-55(?)
Sauerbrey, Flora H  br-2-11-1890; Sec-23, lot-55; no other data
Sauerbrey, Florence  d-10-19-1964; br-10-23-1964; age-7-13-1886; Sec-59, lot-232 W1/2; parents-Randolph Pyle and Anna Marie Weber; born-Campbell Co; widowed; residence & place of death-23 E 8th St, Newport; LO-self; NR-Mable Hart, sister, 15 Crestwood, Highland Hts
Sauerbrey, Fred  br-2-18-1915; Sec-39, lot-44D; no other data
Sauerbrey, Fred  d-3-8-1939; br-3-10-1939; age-45; Sec-38, lot-44D; parents-Fred C and Marg Sauerbrey; born-Newport; married; place of death-525 E Riverside, Newport; LO-Margaret Sauerbrey
Sauerbrey, Henry G  br-2-19-1899; Sec-23, lot-16 E1/2; no other data
Sauerbrey, Henry G  br-3-19-1929;  Sec-50, lot-11; LO-Reusch and Roser
Sauerbrey, Infant  br-9-8-1897; Sec-23, lot-55; no other data
Sauerbrey, Infant  br-10-9-1898; Sec-23, lot-55; no other data
Sauerbrey, John H  br-10-30-1916; Sec-59, lot-323; Removed from Sec-39, lot-36A, Oct 1949
Sauerbrey, Lottie  d-8-23-1964; br-8-23-1964; age-1-27-1900; Sec-59, lot-323; parents-John Ledermeier and Ethel Whitton; widowed; residence-1108 Franklin Ave, Cinti; place of death-Christ Hosp; LO-Florence Sauerbrey, sister in law; NR-John Lehermeier, father
Sauerbrey, Minnie  d-3-25-1962; br-3-28-1962; age-88; Sec-23, lot-55 E1/2; parents-George Wells and Elizabeth Ninvel; born-Bracken Co, widowed; residence-923 Monroe St, Newport; LO-Chas Sauerbury; NR-Elizabth Hein, daughter
Sauerbrey, Margaret  br-10-29-1915; Sec-39, lot-44D; no other data
Sauerbrey, Spencer  d-2-7-1950; br-2-11-1950; age-12-20-1904; Sec-59, lot-323; parents-John and Florence Sauerbrey; born-Newport; married; place of death-residence; LO-Florence Sauerbrey, mother; NR-Lottie Sauerbrey, 23 E 8th St, Newport
Sauerbrey, Walter  br-3-16-1890; Sec-23, lot-55; no other data
Sauers, Robert L  d-5-17-71; br-5-20-71; age-9-22-1920; Sec-16, lot-84C; parents-Roy Sauers and Helen Steinhoff Wessel; born-Girard, KS; married; residence-2316 Appollo Dr, Covington; place of death-Good Samaritan Hosp; LO-Charles and Josephine D Swan; brother in law; NR-Mrs Pauline Sauers, wife
Sauerston, George E  d-2-1-1942; br-2-5-1942; age-81; Sec-55, lot-14; parents-Wm and Margaret Sauerston; born-Rancocas NJ; married; place of death-Ft Lauderdale, FL;  LO-self
Sauerston, Anna  d-3-6-1953; br-3-9-1953; age-83; Sec-55, lot-14; parents-Augustave and Sylibilla Constans; born-Newport; widowed; place of death-Grand Vista Rest Home; LO-Geo Sauerston, husband; NR-Mrs Lawrence Hetsch, 37 Sweetbriar Ave, Ft Thomas
Saunders, Carrie (Colored)  br-12-28-1917; Single grave-453, sec-42; no other data
Saunders, Effie  br-1-31-1933; Single grave-109, sec-43B; no other data
Saunders, Eleanor  (Ashes in concrete) d-11-30-1950; br-6-19-1951; age-72; sec-16, lot-66B; parents-Frazer Carsen Hall; born-NY; widowed; place of death-NY; LO-Martha O Saunders, sister in law; NR-Mrs Davis Whittaker, Gulfstream Rd, Delray, FL
Saunders, Fannie Brown  br-11-1-1910; Sec-4, lot-12; no other data
Saunders, G B  b-4-10-1888; Sec-4, lot-12; no other data
Saunders, John Franklin  d-11-16-1952; br-11-19-1952; age-6-11-1912; Sec-74, lot-501; parents-Walter Saunders and Bessie E Truman; born-Charleston, WV; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Ola Saunders, wife, 932 Ann St, Newport
Saunders, John R  br-2-2-27; Single grave-262, sec-42; no other data
Saunders, Laura (Adult)  br-10-18-1887; Single grave-41, sec-1887; no other data
Saunders, Louisa (Adult)  br-9-7-1887; Single grave-36, sec-1887; no other data
Saunders, Martha O  br-6-16-1890; Sec-17, lot-66; no other data
Saunders, Mary E  (City of Newport) d-7-11-1939; br-7-12-1939; age-2-22-1866; Single grave-134; sec-69; parents-Miller; born-WV; place of death-residence; NR-Zaidie Saunders, 506 W 5th St, Newport
Saunders, Randall D  d-10-7-1952; br-10-8-1952; age-9-25-1950; Single grave-111, sec-70; parents-Paul Saunders and Anne Nita Kuzio; born-Covington; cause of death-Meningitis; NR-Paul Saunders, Murnan Rd, Cold Springs
Saunders, Richard  d-7-2-1956; br-7-5-1956; age-7-13-1944; Single grave-849; sec-72; parents-Paul Saunders and Ann Kuzio; born-Newport; single; residence-Murnan Rd, Cold Springs; place of death-St Luke Hosp, DOA; NR-Paul Saunders, father
Saunders, Susan E  br-10-17-1905; Sec-17, lot-66; no other data
Saunders, Westropp  br-12-4-1911; sec-17, lot-66; no other data
Sauser, Margaret  br-2-16-1949; age-77Sec-23, lot-75 W1/2; widowed; residence-Tugfork Rd, Melbourne; KY place of death-Lexington, KY;  LO-Jno Opel 
Savage, Andrew (Adult) (Gov Ft Thomas) br-11-14-1898; Single grave-43, sec-25;
Savu, Charles  br-11-16-1914; Single grave-429, sec-43; no other data
Sawer, Infant L  br-4-29-1884; Single grave-13, sec-1884; no other data
Sawer, John B  br-8-3-1895; Single grave-48, sec-1895; no other data
Saxton, Anna  br-10-9-1896; Sec-2, lot-106 N1/2; no other data
Saxton, Infant  br-9-16-1896; Single grave-59, sec-1896; no other data
Sayer, Henrietta  br-3-7-1918; Single grave-418, sec-8; no other data
Sayers, Lorain  br-10-13-1921; Single grave-640, sec-8; no other data
Saylor, Bonnie Sue  d-11-3-1972; br-11-7-1972; age-25; Sec-74, lot-369; parents-Thomas Elkins and Opal Richardson; born-Covington; married; residence & place of death-215 E 6th St, Newport; LO-Opal Elkins, mother; NR-Johnnie Lee Saylor, husband, 1726 Holman St, Covington
Saylor, Infant  d-8-6-72; br-8-9-72; age-stillborn; Sec-73, lot-369; parents-Johnnie Saylor and Bonnie Elkins; born-Ft Thomas; residence-215 E 6th St, Newport; place of death-St Lukes Hosp; LO-Opal Elkins, grandmother; NR-Mr Johnnie Saylor, father
Sayman, Lida  d-12-16-69; br-12-19-69; age-86; Sec-27, lot-80 S1/2; parents-John Zach and Anderson; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-4514 Kirby Rd, Cinti; place of death-Deaconess Hosp; LO-Sarah Insko; NR-Mrs Francis Booze, friend
Sayman, Walter  b-4-13-1931; Sec-27, lot-80 S1/2; LO-Sarah Insko
Sayre, Alice  br-12-11-1913; Single grave-137, sec-43; no other data
Sayre, Ida  d-7-26-1935; br-7-30-1935; age-53; Sec-56, lot-176 S1/2; parents-Krick; born-KY; married; residence-708 Columbia St, Newport
Sayre, James  d-9-14-1935; br-9-17-1935; age-2-15-1887; Single grave-109, reserve-110, sec-69; parents-Courtland and Alice Laybrook; married; place of death-701 York St, Newport
Sayre, Jas R  br-10-13-1919; Single grave-506, sec-8; no other data
Sayre, Jena  br-8-4-1925; Single grave-154, sec-47; no other data
Sayre, Joseph  br-2-14-28; Sec-39, lot-18; no other data
Sayre, Keeley  br-4-6-1929; Sec-56, lot-176 S1/2; LO-Ida Sayre
Sayre, Rollie D  d-1-4-1961; br-1-7-1941; age-65; Sec-39, lot-18 N1/2; parents-O'Connell; born-KY; married; place of death-Bellevue; LO-Joseph Sayre; NR-W H Sayre, 147 Ward Ave, Bellevue
Sayre, Olive  d-10-14-1940; br-10-18-1940; age-11-6-1889; Single grave-110, sec-69; parents-Robert Lipscomb and Sessie Mae Sumpter; born-OH; widowed; place of death-628 Monroe St; NR-Mrs Herman, 628 Monroe
Sayre, Samuel W  br-8-18-1916; Sec-39, lot-18 N1/2; no other data
Sayre, Wm Henry  d-6-5-1943; br-6-8-1943; age-46; Sec-39, lot-18 N1/2; born-OH; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Jacob Sayre; NR-Ruth Sayre, 147 Ward Ave, Bellevue
Sayres, Eliza (City order)  (Adult) br-8-14-1897; Single grave-38, sec-1897; no other data
Sayrs, Elsie B  br-5-1-1905; Single grave-28, sec-1905; no other data


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