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Evergreen Cemetery



Transcribed and submitted 15 September 2013 by Marji Wright


Schobinger, M  (Adult)  br-5-16-1887; Sec-23, lot-55 E1/2; no other data
Schoedinger, Annie May  br-6-18-1901; Sec-24, lot-55 E1/2;
Schoemaker, Scottie  br-5-26-1892; Sec-23, lot-113; no other data
Schoemer, Wm (Child)  br-5-22-1884; Single grave-16, sec-1884; no other data
Schoener, Caroline Eliz  br-4-12-1930; Sec-15, lot-19 W1/2; no other data
Schoener, Max  br-1-29-1920; Sec-15, lot-19; no other data
Schoenhoft, Amanda  d-9-1-1941; br-9-4-1941; age-8-7-1882; Sec-33, lot-28 E1/2;  parents-Charles and Anna Nestler; born-Cinti; place of death-1301 3rd, Dayton, KY;  LO-Anna Kestler; NR-Harold Schoenhoft
Schoenhoft, Harry  d-2-12-1941; br-2-15-1941; age-1-21-1877; Sec-33, lot-28 E1/2; parents-Henry and Bernadina Schoenhoft; born-Cinti; married; place of death-1301 3rd Ave, Dayton; LO-Anna Kestler(?); NR-Amanda Schoenhoft
Schoenlaub, Frank  br-9-30-1905; Single grave-85, sec-28; no other data
Schoenlein, Henry (Adult)  br-3-11-1896; Single grave-18, sec-1896; no other data
Schoenling, Amelia  (Adult) br-8-7-1897; Single grave-49, sec-1897; no other data
Schoenling, August  br-6-10-1931; Single grave-204, sec-48(?); Reserve #205;
Schoenling, E S (Child)  br-10-27-1886; Single grave-59, sec-1886
Schoenling, Jacob  br-9-23-1915; Single grave-448, sec-43; no other data
Schoenling, Mildred  d-10-9-44; br-10-12-44; age-9-18-?; Single grave-205, lot-68; parents-John W and Margaret Secrist; born-Dayton, KY; widowed; place of death-Glazier Ave, Barrington Woods, Covington;  Unspecified address-407 Grand Ave, Forest Hills, KY; NR-Mrs Ray Schulte
Schoenling, Theodore  d-3-2-1938; br-3-4-1938; age-67;  Single grave-511, sec-69; parents-Jacob and Wilhelmina Pherman; born-Germany; widowed; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-Mrs Chas Stein, 634 3rd Ave, Dayton
Schoens, Amalie  br-11-12-1885; Sec-15, lot-19; no other data
Schoenwandt, Christine  d-9-22-66; br-9-26-66; age-83; Sec-59, lot-31 W1/2; parents-Christopher Kenneweg and Mary Mundt; born-Cold Springs; widowed; residence-1750 Licking Pk, Cold Springs; place of death-Lakeside Pl, Highland Hts; LO-self; NR-Mrs Frieda Denron, niece, 431 Highland Ave, Ft Thomas
Schoenwandt, Ida Jane  br-2-8-1926; Single grave-377, sec-46; no other data
Schoenwandt, Jno C, Rev  d-7-25-47; br-7-29-47; age-10-10-1868; Sec-59, lot-31 W1/2; born-Germany; married; place of death-residence; LO-G Schoenwandt; NR-Christine Schoenwandt, Star Rte, Licking Pk, Newport
Schoepf, Eliz and Infant  br-9-22-1925; Sec-36, lot-9 W1/2; no other data
Schoepf, Joseph H d-2-8-1960; br-2-10-1960; age-6-11-1887; Sec-36, lot-9 W1/2; parents-Lambert Schoepf and Maria Bolscher; born-Springfield, OH; widowed; residence-215 Evergreen Ave, Southgate; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-Herman Rayhle, permission given by daughters of same; NR-Florence Rayhle Smith, stepdaughter
Schoerry, David (Adult)  br-4-19-1892; Single grave-28, sec-1892; no other data
Schof, John  br-4-17-1917; Single grave-602, sec-43; no other data
Schoff, August A  d-5-17-1962; br-5-19-1962; age-75; Sec-73, lot-317; parents-Joahim Schoff and Mary Pluddemann; born-Alabama; widowed; residence-RR#1, Hanover, IN; place of death-Madison, IN; LO-self; NR-John Schoff, son
Schoff, Ida Mae  d-1-11-1961; br-1-14-1961; age-4-24-1886; Sec-73, lot-317; parents-Range(?)  and Katherine Elam; born-West Liberty Elam(?); residence-Parker Terrace, Hanover, IN; LO & NR-August Schoff, husband
Schoffield, Robert M  d-7-4-1935; br-7-6-1935; age-11; Sec-49, lot-59; parents-Milton C and Helen Schoffield; born-Dayton, KY; single; residence-4819 Yarmouth Pl, Cinti; place of death-Bethesda Hosp; cause of death-gun shot wound; LO-Milton C Schoffield, father
Schofield, Agnes  br-3-20-1883; Sec-16, lot-42; no other data
Schofield, Edward  br-5-28-1897; Sec-16, lot-42; no other data
Schofield, Elizabeth  br-8-29-27; Sec-16, lot-42; no other data
Schofield, Florence  br-5-29-1889; Sec-2, lot-7; no other data
Schofield, Geo E  br-10-21-1883; Sec-19, lot-33; no other data
Schofield, Gladys M  d-9-6-1945; br-9-8-1945; age-46y, 10 months;  LO-Elmer A Schofield;
Schofield, Hugh  br-3-30-1890; Sec-1, lot-71; no other data
Schofield, Rebecca  br-2-26-1931; Sec-16, lot-42; no other data
Schofield, Roy  br-7-13-1904; Sec-1, lot-71; no other data
Schofield, S A  br-3-11-1890; Sec-19, lot-33; no other data
Schofield, Walter  br-7-19-1897; Sec-16, lot-42; no other data
Schofield, William  d-5-4-1937; br-5-7-1937; age-75; Sec-16, lot-42; born-OH; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Ed A Schofield; 207 6th Ave, Dayton
Schofstall, Louis  br-2-13-1926; Sec-49, lot-132; no other data
Scholein, Harry  No dates given; Sec17, lot-20 N1/2; LO-Geo and John Scholein; Interment-#6121
Scholl, Albert  d-11-5-1955; br-11-8-1955; age-9-3-1871; Sec-27, lot-34; parents-Fred and Margaret Scholl; born-KY; widowed; place of death-Ft Thomas Rest Home; NR-Richard Scholl, 667 Enderson Ave, Hamilton, OH
Scholl, Andrew  d-4-19-1975; br-4-23-1975; age-10-11-1922; Sec-75, lot-65, grave-2; parents-Walter Scholl and Lilly Mae Bridewell; born-Newport; residence-1406 Clay St, Cinti; place of death-Drake Hosp, Cinti; NR-Betty Scholl, wife
Scholl, Augusta M  br-1-7-1949; Sec-27, lot-34; parents-Wm and Amelia Burger; place of death-61 Parkview Ave, Newport, KY; LO-Burger
Scholl, Barrie(?)  d-2-28-1964; br-3-3-1964; age-92; Sec-9, lot-197 N1/2;  parents-Jacob and Caroline Ingold; widowed; residence & place of death-1306 John St, Newport; LO-Jacob Ingold, father; NR-Margaret Lucas, daughter
Scholl, Clifford  d-1-26-1956; br-1-28-1956; age-10-29-1918; Sec-74, lot-550B; parents-John Scholl and Helen Eckstein; born-Newport; married; residence-1037 York St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Goldie Scholl, wife, same address
Scholl, Fred  br-9-25-1904; Single grave-274, sec-28; no other data
Scholl, Fred  br-9-14-1902; Sec-17, lot-14; no other data
Scholl, Hattie  br-5-6-1892; Sec-17, lot-14; no other data                                                                          
Scholl, John  d-11-22-1935; br-11-25-1935; age-11-30-1867; Sec-9, lot-107 N1/2; born-Cinti; married; place of death-1306 John St, Newport; LO-Jacob Ingold
Scholl, Lillie Mae  d-4-7-67; br-4-11-67; age-61; Sec-63, lot-131; parents-Scott Bridwell and Cora Finley; born-KY; married; residence-37 14th St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Walter Scholl, husband, same address
Scholl, Lucy  br-10-14-1893; Sec-17, lot-14; no other data
Scholl, Margaretha  br-2-4-1921; Single grave-275, sec-28; no other data
Scholl, May Grace  br-11-14-1902; Sec-9, lot-107 N1/2; no other data
Scholl, Norma Jean  d-7-16-47; br-7-18-1947; age-9-29-1945; Single grave-23, sec-70; parents-Andrew and Betty Scholl; born-Dayton, KY; child; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-Andrew Scholl, 220 Columbia St, Newport
Scholl, Walter Andrew  d-7-13-67; br-7-18-67; age-69; Sec-63, lot-131; parents-John Scholl and Carrie Ingold; born-Newport; married; residence-37 14th St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; NR-Mrs Margaret Lucas, sister, 1306 John St, Newport
Scholl, William W  d-10-20-70; br-10-23-70; age-53; Sec-9, lot-107 N1/2; parents-John Scholl and Helen May; residence-925 York St, Newport; place of death-Ft Thomas; NR-John Scholl, father
Schollhorn, Hermann  br-9-9-1933; Single grave-590, sec-68;
Schollmeyer, Gergie Lee  d-12-21-1975; br-12-24-1975; age-10-25-1912; Sec-51, lot-1A; parents-Frank Beil and MarFrance Deck; born-Covington; residence-103 E 12th St, Covington; place of death-St Eliz Hosp; NR-Julius Schollmeyer, husband
Schomaker, Geo  br-12-18-1930; Sec-14, lot-19 W1/2; LO-Charlotte Girand
Schomaker, George W  d-4-2-71; br-4-5-71; age-3-15-1899; Sec-27, lot-82 S1/2; parents-George W Schomaker and Fannie Eichorne; born-Newport; married; residence-3 Ohio Ave, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-permission given; NR-Alverda Schomaker, wife
Schomaker, Howard  d-1-19-1974; br-1-22-1974; age-8-5-1921; Sec-57, lot-53; parents-Frank Schomaker and Agnes Pulsfort; born-Bellevue; married; residence-33 Clover Ridge, Ft Thomas; place of death-VA Hosp; LO-Frank F Jones; NR-Virginia Schomaker, wife
Schomaker, Sophia  br-11-12-1891; Sec-20, lot-66; no other data
Schonback, Louise  br-10-13-1885; Sec-9, lot-95; no other data
Schoo, August  br-6-18-1930; Single grave-71, sec-68; no other data
Schoo, Casper T  d-12-14-1953; br-12-18-1953; age-11-9-1875; Sec-56, lot-96 N1/2; parents-Bernard Schoo and Mary Louise Brink; born-Newport; widowed; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-self; NR-Alberta Hovel; R#1 Box34, Melbourne
Schoo, Casper  br-5-23-1913; Single grave-82, sec-8; no other data
Schoo, Earl  d-2-12-1952; br-2-15-1952; age-7-26-1903; Single grave-552, sec-68; parents-Henry and Ella Schoo; born-Newport; single; place of death-Ky St Hosp Danville; NR-Ella Schoo, 517 E 10th St, Newport
Schoo, Ella M  d-11-28-67; br-11-30-67; age-86; Sec-49, lot-193-194; parents-Mitchell Dance and Catherine Bauer; born-Newport; widowed; residence-21 Spillman Ave, Alexandria; place of death-Whitemans Rest Home, Newport; LO-Chas Dance, father; NR-Mrs Henrietta Hussung, daughter, 21 Spillman Ave
Schoo, Henry  br-10-27-1932; Sec-54, lot-91 N1/2; no other data
Schoo, Infant  br-4-4-1902; Single grave-26, sec-1902; no other data
Schoo, Kate C  br-7-8-1903; Sec-23, lot-14; no other data
Schoo, Luella  d-6-26-1942; br-6-30-1942; age-1-5-1880; Sec-56, lot-96 N1/2; parents-Peter Bermer and Louise; born-Newport; married; place of death-Newport; LO & NR-Casper Schoo, 427 Hodge St, Newport
Schoo, Mary  d-5-3-1950; br-5-6-1950; age-12-13-1869; Sec-49, lot-247; parents-Conrad (Schoo) and Margaret Bottleberger; place of death-residence; LO-Stephen Young; NR-Mamie Jordon, Xenia, OH
Schoo, Missouri  d-1-20-1951; br-1-24-1951; age-92; Single grave-72, sec-68; born-Williamstown, KY; widowed; place of death-Campbell Co Home; NR-Fred Banis, Box 1, 334 S Riverside, Rialto, CA
Schoolfield, Carrie  d-4-21-1935; br-4-23-1935; age-10-11-1863; Sec-50, lot-10 N1/2; parents-Charles and Huldah Hamilton; born-Cinti; married; place of death-729 Central Ave, Newport; LO-Wm M Jones; NR-Signed permission to use by Mrs Wm M Jones
Schoolfield, C B, Dr  br-12-9-1905; Sec-23, lot-109; no other data
Schoolfield, Douglas  br-10-25-1907; Sec-23, lot-111; no other data
Schoolfield, Edna S  br-11-8-1897; Sec-23, lot-111; no other data
Schoolfield, Everett K(?)  d-3-16-69; br-3-19-69; age-76; Sec-51, lot-5; parents-James Schoolfield and Carrie Weber; born-Ludlow, KY; married; residence-???? Alexandria Pk, Highland Hts; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-self; NR-Madeline Schoolfield, wife
Schoolfield, H Bruce  d-5-11-1955; br-5-26-1955; age-8-19-1881; Sec-50, lot-10 N1/2; born-Foster, KY; single; place of death-St Petersburg, FL; cause of death-Myocardial infarction; LO-Wm M Jones; NR-Lourena Franklin, RR#2, California
Schoolfield, Ida Le br-4-28-1894; Sec-23, lot-109; no other data
Schoolfield, Linton Duval  d-11-4-1956; br-11-7-1956; age-11-23-1895; Sec-51, lot-25; parents-James and Carrie Schoolfield; born-Kenton Co; married; residence-37 Lumley Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO & NR-Ruth Schoolfield, wife
Schoolfield, Madeline R  d-8-20-71; br-8-23-71; age-76; Sec-51, lot-5; parents-William Luzader and Emma Simons; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-2212 Alexandria Pk, Highland Hts; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Marie A and Everett R Schoolfield; NR-Mrs Conrad Chamlee, niece, 298 Sunset Dr, Highland Heights
Schoolfield, Marie Alice  d-9-25-72; br-9-28-72; age-4-15-1899; Sec-50, lot-11, grave-6; parents-Edward Murphy and Mary Alice Fischer; born-Newport; married; place of death-Lakeside Pl; LO & NR-David Schoolfield, husband, 1359 Grand Ave, Grand Towers, Newport
Schoolfield, Mary  br-5-23-1901; Sec-23, lot-109; no other data
Schoolfield, Nettie May  d-10-15-1951; br-10-19-1951; age-76; Sec-50, lot-10 N1/2; parents-Elbert and Alvinia Townsley; born-OH; place of death-Tiffin, OH; cause of death-Coronary; LO-Wm M Jones; NR-Mrs Gary Rownsley, 16 W Crescent, Woodlawn, KY
Schoolfield, Robert Lee  d-3-26-1940; br-3-28-1940; age-66; Sec-50, lot-10 N1/2; parents-Robert and Catherine Schoolfield; born-Bracken Co; married; place of death-residence; LO-Wm M Jones and Wm Prehn(?); NR-Nette Schoolfield, Alexandria Pk, Cold Springs
Schoone, Infant  br-6-29-1904; Sec-71, lot-59 E1/2; no other data
Schoone, Iola Marie  br-6-18-1930; Sec-71, lot-59 E1/2; LO-Albert N Schoone; Removed from Sec-55, lot-19
Schoonover, Belle  br-2-12-1923; Single grave-42, sec-46; no other data
Schorle, Frank  br-12-19-1894; Sec-23, lot-66; no other data
Schorle, Frank N  d-1-8-1953; br-1-10-1953; age-63; Sec-23, lot-66; parents-Frank and Rosine Schorle; born-Newport; married; place of death-residence; LO-Mrs R Schorle, mother; NR-Mrs Marie Schorle, 43 Indiana Ave, Ft Thomas
Schorle, Rosina  br-9-15-1920; Sec-23, lot-66 W1/2; no other data
Schorman, Anna M  br-9-24-1918; Sec-3, lot-74 S1/2; no other data
Schorman, Caroline  br-10-20-1919; Sec-20, lot-69 N !/2; no other data
Schorman, Charles  d-7-2-1955; br-7-11-1955; age-10-19-1898; Sec-60, lot-9D; parents-Chas Schorman and Elizabeth Willenbrink; born-Newport; single; place of death-Drake Memorial Hosp; NR-Ben Schorman, 7541 Ross Ave, Cinti
Schorman, Chas  d-1-11-1935; br-1-14-1935; age-11-26-1868; Single grave-80, sec-69; parents-Phillip Schorman; born-Cinti; married; place of death-753 Elliot St, Arlington Hts, OH
Schorman, Henry(?) P  br-5-29-1913; Sec-20, lot-69 N1/2; Permit #2128
Schormann, Wm (Adult)  br-4-24-1891; Single grave-22, sec-1891
Schornlaub, Charlotte  br-11-18-1900; Single grave-49, sec-1900; no other data
Schornling, Louise  (Child)  br-4-21-1899; Single grave-20, sec-1899; no other data
Schorry, Ethel J  d-1-16-70; br-1-19-70; Sec-49, lot-163; parents-William H Schell and Ella Jones; born-Newport; married; residence-1041 Central Ave, Newport; place of death-Baptist Rest Home; LO & NR-Daniel J Schorry, husband
Schorry, Harry George  d-9-20-62; br-9-24-62; age-6-1-1878; Sec-56, lot-119; parents-Daniel Schorry and Kunigunda Ullherr; born-Newport; widowed; residence-225 Glazier Ave, Bellevue; place of death-Ft Thomas Rest Home; LO-self; NR-Anna Hegener, daughter, same address
Schorry, Kunigunda  br-4-21-1933; Sec-56, lot-118; LO-Thos and Emma Hoskings
Schorry, Mary   d-5-7-1956; br-5-10-1956; age-10-25-1880; Sec-56, lot-119; parents-John Bauer; born-Columbus, IN; married; residence-1010 Isabella St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-self; NR-Harry Schorry, husband
Schorry, Stella  d-6-20-74; br-6-22-74; age-65; Sec-67, lot-177 5&6; parents-Jacob Ludwig and Stella Weber; born-Dayton, KY; married; residence & place of death-73 Millers Lane, Ft Thomas; LO & NR-Harry G Schorry, husband
Schorstein, John  br-7-1-1912; Sec-3, lot-110; no other data
Schott, Anna  br-10-28-1911; Sec-22, lot-78; no other data
Schott, Chris  d-11-11-1944; br-11-15-1944; age-4-4-1875; Sec-22, lot-78; parents-C A Schott and ? Seiler; born-Campbell Co; widowed; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-self; NR-Walter Schott, 1144 Orchard St. Newport
Schott, Christopher  br-8-5-1909; Sec-22, lot-78; no other data
Schott, Edith  d-9-4-1958; br-9-6-1958; age-February  or December (2 or 12)-6-1881; Sec-22, lot-78; parents-Christopher Schott and Anna Seyler; born-Newport; single; residence-57 Strathmore Ft Thomas; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-C Schott, parent; NR-Edward Schott, son, 72 Strathmore Ave, Ft Thomas
Schott, Edward  d-3-10-1962; br-3-13-1962; age-4-22-1884; Sec-22, lot-78; parents-Christopher A Schott and Anna Sayler; born-Newport; married; residence-74 St Nicholas Pl, Ft Thomas; place of death-Hilltop Nursing Home, Dayton; LO-C Schott, father; NR-Dora Schott, wife
Schott, Fay  br-12-1-1922; Single grave-308, sec-8; no other data
Schott, Hannah  br-8-17-1923; Sec-22, lot-78; no other data
Schott, Helena M  br-11-22-1919; Sec-22, lot-78; no other data
Schott, Kate  d-7-2-1944; br-7-5-1944; age-1-3-1874; Sec-22, lot-78; parents-Christopher and Anna Schott; born-Newport; single; place of death-72 Strathmore, Ft Thomas; LO-Christ Schott; NR-Edith Schott
Schott, Lula  br-10-26-1891;  Sec-22, lot-48; no other data
Schott, Margaret  d-11-20-1950; br-11-22-1950; age-3-1-1869; Sec-22, lot-78; parents-Christopher and Anna Schott; born-Cinti; single; place of death-residence; LO-Christopher Schott, father; NR-Miss Edith Schott, Ft Thomas
Schouf, Dora  br-7-31-1943; Sec-9, lot-15; LO-John H Mosher
Schoultheis, Christine  d-12-19-1941; br-12-22-1941; age-6-30-1883; Sec-32, lot-29 N1/2; parents-John and Julia Smith; born-Campbell Co; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; LO-Julia Schmidt; NR-Laura Schoultheis, Macon, GA
Schoultheis, Clara  d-11-21-47; br-11-24-47; age-50; Sec-54, lot-12 S1/2; parents-John and Barbara Schoultheis; born-Cold Springs; single; residence & place of death-421 Johns Hill Rd, Cold Springs; LO-Schoultheis
Schoultheis, Clara B  d-9-6-69; br-9-10-69; age-2-1-80; Sec-31, lot-32 N1/2; parents-Phillip Bistian(?) and Elizabeth Kearn; born-Newport; widowed; residence-Box 73 Sunset Dr, Highland Hts;  LO-self; NR-Elizabeth Schoulties, daughter same address
Schoultheis, Emma  br-12-31-1918; Sec-32, lot-32; LO-John Marsch
Schoultheis, Fred  br-9-16-1916; Sec-2, lot-105 N1/2; no other data
Schoultheis, George  br-6-10-1912; Sec-34, lot-22 W1/2; no other data
Schoultheis, (or Schoulthies) Herman John  d-5-14-57; br-5-17-57; age-11-6-1896;  Single grave-404, sec-69; parents-George Schoultheis and Catherine Schweitzer; born-Campbell Co; married; residence-341 Prospect St, Bellevue; place of death-Cinti VA Hosp; LO-self; NR-Lillian Schoulthies, widow
Schoultheis, Jack  no dates given; Single grave-403, sec-69; no other data
Schoultheis, Mary  br-8-26-1914; Sec-2, lot-105 no other data
Schoultheis, Nicholas  br-11-30-1920; Sec-2, lot-105 N1/2; no other data
Schoultheis, Stella  d-10-28-1930; Sec-2, lot-105 N1/2; LO-Nick Schultheis(sic)
Schoulties, Barbara  br-12-19-1922; Sec-54, lot-12 S1/2
Schoulties, Charles  d-5-8-1950; br-5-11-1950; age-4-18-1881; Sec-32, lot-32; parents-John and Barbara Schoulties; born-KY; single; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; NR-Harold Schoulties, Cold Springs, Perpetual Care
Schoulties, Gladys  br-1-10-1921; Sec-31, lot-32 N1/2; no other data
Schoulties, John  d-8-6-1939; br-8-9-1939; age-9-11-1854; Sec-54, lot-12 S1/2; parents-John and Catherine Kratz; born-Cheviot, OH; widowed; place of death-residence; John Schoulthies; NR-Chas Schoulties, Johns Hill Rd  Perpetual Care
Schoulties, John G  br-6-17-1907; Sec-31, lot-31; Removed to Sec 31, lot-32; no other data
Schoulties, John  d-5-22-1944; br-5-22-1944; age-7-27-1879; Sec-31, lot-21; parents-John Schoulties and ? Merz; born-Cold Springs, KY; married; place of death-3 Mile Rd. LO-John Schoulties; NR-Mrs Schoulties, 3 Mile Rd, Cold Springs
Schoulthies, Lillian  d-3-18-70; br-3-21-70; age-72; Single grave-405, sec-69; parents-John Kumler and Anne Zenner; born-Newport; widowed; residence-341 Prospect, Bellevue; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-self; NR-Jack Schoulthies, son, 203 Glazier Ave, Bellevue, KY
Schoultheis, (or Schoulthies)   Lillian  Single grave-485, sec-69; no other data
Schoulties, Susan  d-10-9-1951; br-10-12-1951; age-3-4-1877; Sec-34, lot-22 W1/2; parents-Mr Christopher Weinel; born-Alexandria, KY; widowed; place of death-Shadylawn Convalescent; cause of death-Cerebral hemorrhage; LO-Geo Schoulties, husband; NR-Howard Schoulties, 3616  Vannest (?) Ave, Middletown, OH
Schoultise, Charlotte Barbara  d-2-20-1959; br-2-23-1959; age-2-26-1906, 52; Sec-60, lot-128; parents-Robert Simon and Anna Davis; born-Newport; married; residence-Ripple Creek Rd, Cold Springs; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Carl Schoultise, husband, same address
Schoup, John Wesley  br-4-17-1940; Sec-61, lot-6; LO-Chas T Schoup
Schout, Carrie  br-5-22-1922; Single grave-142, sec-48; no other data
Schout, Dora  d-7-28-1943; br-7-31-1943; age-9-28-1900; Sec-9, lot-15; parents-Albert Boehnlein and Kate Mosher; born-Cinti; married; place of death-Cinti General Hosp; cause of death-Myocarditis; LO-John H Mosher, grandfather; NR-Arthur Schout, 540 Findlay St, Cinti;
Schout, Millie  d-5-12-1940; br-5-14-1940; age-62; Sec-22, lot-77; parents-William Brothers; born-Mason Co, KY; married; residence-802 Saratoga St, Newport
Schout, Robt A  br-3-30-1923; Single grave-322, sec-47; no other data
Schout, Victor Geo  br-12-22-1919; Sec-9, lot-15; no other data
Schowalter, Anna  d-11-23-1944; br-11-25-1944; age-7-8-1877; Sec-44, lot-4A; parents-Jake and ? Schatzman; married; place of death-705 Overton St, Newport; LO-Rachel Schatzman and Carl Townsend; NR-Chas Schowalter, same address
Schowalter, Anna  br-12-7-1925; Sec-36, lot-45 W1/2; no other data
Schowalter, Charles K Jr  d-2-17-72; br-2-21-72; age-64; Sec-63, lot-251; parents-Charles Schowalter, Sr; born-Newport; widowed; residence & place of death-913 York St, Newport; LO-self; NR-Mrs Robert Pendery, niece, 1009 Lincoln Rd, Dayton, KY
Schowalter, Charles  d-1-13-1956; br-1-17-1956; age-84; Sec-44,  lot-4A; parents-Anna Schowalter; born-Campbell Co; place of death-Ft Thomas Rest Home; LO-Schatzman and Townsend; NR-Joseph Schowalter, 654 Third St, Silver Grove, KY
Schowalter, Christopher  br-5-14-1919; Sec-36, lot-45 W1/2; no other data
Schowalter, Fannie  d-4-10-1966; br-4-13-1966; age-3-5-1891; Sec-36, lot-10; parents-Jefferson Wilson and Suddie Brandenbury; born-Beattyville, KY; widowed; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; LO-self; NR-J Edward Wilson, nephew, 906 Florence Pike, Florence
Schowalter, Jacob  br-12-5-1895; Sec-20, lot-43; no other data
Schowalter, James  br-1-13-1923; Sec-49, lot-91; no other data
Schowalter, John J  d-3-24-1939; br-3-27-1939; age-10-1-1879; Sec-36, lot-10; parents-Christopher and Anna Schowalter; born-Newport; married; place of death-2719 Jefferson Ave, Cinti; LO-Chris Schowalter; Perpetual care
Schowalter, John  br-7-17-1906; Sec-20, lot-43; no other data
Schowalter, Kate  br-4-14(?)-1891; Sec-20, lot-32; no other data
Schowalter, Louise A  d-12-3-70; br-12-7-70; age-62; Sec-63, lot-251; parents-Phillip Gassert; born-Cinti; married; residence-913 York St, Newport; place of death-Cinti Good Samaritan Hosp; NR-Charles K Schowalter, husband
Schowalter, Rosa  br-12-18-1912; Sec-22, lot-54; Removed to section-36, lot-45 E1/2;

Schraag, Frank D  br-8-12-1911; Sec-17, lot-64; no other data
Schraag, Lewis  br-11-29-1897; Sec-17, lot-64; no other data
Schraag, Louis W  br-7-19-1906; Sec-17, lot-64; no other data
Schraag, Mayme  d-11-13-1935; br-11-15-1935; age-8-10-1854; Sec-17, lot-64; parents-Louis and Sarah Stein; born-Newport; single; residence-6040 Robinson Ave, Pleasant Ridge, OH; place of death-Pleasant Ridge; LO-Stein and Schraag
Schraag, Sarah  br-4-22-1903; Sec-17, lot-64; no other data
Schrader, Alice Belle  d-9-12-1944; br-6-16-1945; age-3-16-1867; Sec-55, lot-73 S1/2; married; place of death-Memphis, TN; LO-self; NR-Mrs J H Clark, 3109 Hillsboro Apt 45, Raleigh, NC
Schrader, Anna  br-7-9-1901; Sec-19, lot-9 E1/2; no other data
Schrader, Anna  br-11-2-1906; Sec-19, lot-9; Removed from Muncie IN
Schrader, Blanche  d-9-17-1951; br-9-20-1951; age-1-22-1889; Sec-3, lot-48; parents-William and Mamie Metheringham; born-Newport; widowed; place of death-Speers Hosp;  LO-John Metheringham, grandfather; NR-Paul Schrader, 28 E 4th St, Newport
Schrader, Clara  br-11-20-1975; Sec-73, lot-137; parents-Benjamin Witherby and Mary Pohl; born-Cinti; residence & place of death-3511 Lakeside Pl, Highland Hts; LO-self; NR-Mr Jack Schrader, son, 238 Uhl Road, Cold Spring, KY
Schrader, George  br-11-20-1898; Sec-19, lot-9; no other data
Schrader, George W  d-8-25-1936; br-8-28-1936; age-6-27-1863; Sec-23, lot-40 E1/2; parents-Henry Schrader; born-Newport; married; place of death-1038 Saratoga St, Newport
Schrader, H O  br-6-5-1890; Sec-19, lot-9; no other data
Schrader, Henry  br-9-5-1906; Sec-19, lot-9; no other data
Schrader, Henry F  br-5-5-1909; Sec-23, lot-40; no other data
Schrader, Henry J  br-8-19-1888; Sec-19, lot-9(?); no other data
Schrader, Henry John  br-2-5-27; Sec-19, lot-9; no other data
Schrader, Infant  br-4-1-1887; Sec-19, lot-9; no other data
Schrader, Isadora  br-7-22-1919; Sec-38, lot-32 E1/2 no other data
Schrader, J Albert br-10-26-1904; Sec-23, lot-40; no other data
Schrader, James E  d-2-15-1950; br-2-17-1950; age-80; Sec-55, lot-73 S1/2; widowed; place of death-Raleigh, NC; cause of death-Coronary occlusion; LO-Kate Alice Schrader, wife; NR-Mrs J H Clark, Box 2344 Raleigh
Schrader, John Henry  d-5-14-1939; br-5-17-1939; age-1-25-1881; Sec-3, lot-48; parents-Anthony and Katherine Schroder; born-Newport; married; residence-8 E 4th St, Newport; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; LO-John Metheringham; Perpetual care
Schrader, Louis F Sr  d-8-29-1955; br-9-1-1954; age-72; Sec-73, lot-137; parents-Louis F and Isadore Schrader; born-Newport; married; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO & NR-Clara Schrader, 118 Beech Ave, Newport
Schrader, M  br-8-16-1891; Sec-19, lot-9; no other data
Schrader, Mary br-2-2-1887; Sec-22, lot-89; no other data
Schrader, Mary Carroll  br-2-26-1917; Single grave-305, sec-8; no other data
Schrader, Nora  d-6-8-1937; br-6-11-1937; age-4-29-1870; Sec-23, lot-40 E1/2; parents-John Healy and Mary O'Connell; born-KY; widowed; residence-1038 Saratoga St, Newport; LO-Henry F Schrader; NR-Mrs Chas Wilkymacky, 4954 Relleum, Cinti
Schrader or Schraer, Viola  no date given; Single grave-514, sec-69; no other data
Schrader, Walter E  br-1-20-1949; age-59; Sec-59, lot-280 E1/2; parents-Henry and Laura Green Schrader; married; residence & place of death-116 Van Voast Ave, Bellevue
Schrader, Wm  br-11-25-1890; Sec-23, lot-41; no other data
Schraef, Cora  br-11-3-1886; Sec-9, lot-120; no other data
Schraer, Anna M  br-2-2-1918; Single grave-412, sec-8; no other data
Schraer, Dawn Gwendolyn  d-2-22-1958; br-2-27-1958; age-2-22-1958; Single grave-204B, sec-70; parents-Franklin W Schraer and Gertrude Sullender; born-Covington; single; residence-809 Isabella St, Newport; place of death-Booth Hosp; NR-Franklin W Schraer, father
Schraer, Edna (Reserved)  d-3-21-1963; br-3-25-1963; age-71; Single grave-72, sec-112; parents-William Schmitt and Emma Geering; born-Newport; widowed; residence-809 Isabella St, Newport; place of death-State Hosp, Lexington; LO-self; NR-Franklin Schraer, son, 506 Dayton Ave, Dayton KY
Schraer, Frank  d-1-3-47; age-1-6-47; age-8-7-1892; Single grave-111, sec-72; parents-Frank Schraier; born-Newport; married; place of death-Lexington, KY; NR-Mrs F Schraer, 809 Isabella St, Newport
Schraer, George  d-1-22-1938; br-1-25-1938; age-2-3-1890; Single grave-513, sec-69; Reserve-514; parents-Henry and Durilla Malloy; born-Newport; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-Viola Schraer, 506 Dayton Ave, Dayton
Schraer, Infant  br-5-11-1925; Single grave-170, sec-47; no other data
Schraffenberger, Adam  br-2-15-1909; Sec-17, lot-65; no other data
Schraffenberger, Anna M  br-4-15-1912; Sec-17, lot-65; no other data
Schraffenberger, F  br-4-6-1886; Sec-17, lot-65; no other data
Schraffenberger, Gus  br-3-31-1905; Sec-17, lot-65; no other data
Schraffenberger, Kate  br-2-14-1896; Sec-17, lot-65; no other data
Schraffenberger, M  br-2-15-1890; Sec-17, lot-65; no other data
Schraffenberger, Magdalena  br-7-27-1934; Sec-17, lot-65; LO-Brandt and Schraffenberger
Schraffenberger, Sophie  br-7-25-1889; Sec-17, lot-65; no other data
Schraffenberger, Valentine  br-8-24-1915; Sec-17, lot-65; no other data
Schraffenberger, William  br-7-17-1903; Sec-17, lot-65; no other data
Schraffengerger, Maggie  br-5-3-1893; Sec-2, lot-33; no other data
Schrank, William  d-7-31-71; br-8-7-71; age-76; Sec-74, lot-2; parents-Wilson Schrank and Martha Boetcher; born-Cinti; single; residence & place of death-YMCA Central Pkwy and Elm St, Cinti; LO-Betty Robinson, friend, permission given on back of statist)  NR-Mr Lucas C Ruth, friend, 211 Eden Ave, Bellevue
Schrath, Josephine  br-6-10-1919; Sec-13, lot-58 N1/2; no other data
Schrati, Martha A b7-1-1894; Sec-3, lot-114; no other data

Schreck, Albert  br-4-22-1949; age-86; Sec-9, lot-45 S1/2; parents-George and ?Schreck; place of death-residence; Unspecified address-814 Overton St, Newport
Schreck, Anna  d-9-15-1952; br-9-18-1952; age-5-9-1864; Sec-9, lot-45 S1/2; born-Newport; widowed; residence & place of death-814 Overton St, Newport; cause of death-arteriosclerosis; LO-Chas Tucker, brother in law; NR-Chas W Schreck, PO Box 343 Sanford, FL
Schreck, Charles W  d-2-22-1958; br-2-25-1958; age-10-21-1887; Sec-60, lot-30C; parents-Albert J Schreck and Anna Hensing; married; residence-5401 Don Joy Dr, Kenwood; NR-Katherine A Schreck, widow
Schreck, Edw  br-3-14-1889; Sec-9, lot-92; no other data
Schreck, Infant  br-8-1-1910; Sec-9,lot-45; no other data
Schreck, Victor (Child)  br-3-25-1886; Single grave-13, sec-1886; no other data
Schregg, Albert B  br-6-1-1886; Sec-17, lot-64; no other data
Schreiber, Catherine d-12-3-1936; br-12-7-1936; age-6-4-1871; Single grave-609, sec-45; born-Germany; widowed; place of death-509 Hodge St, Newport
Schreiber, Charles P  d-11-23-71; br-11-26-71; age-1-5-1904; Sec-64, lot-86 S1/2; parents- William Schreiber and Katherine Lamb; born-Newport; married; residence-410 W 11th St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp;  LO & NR-Rozella Shreiber, wife
Schreiber, Christina  br-12-10-1915; Sec-39, lot-4A; no other data
Schreiber, David  br-8-12-1930; Single grave-3, sec-46; no other data
Schreiber, Dorothy Eva  d-3-30-1959; br-4-2-1959; age-5-17-1882; Sec-59, lot-30 E1/2; parents-George Kaufmann and Anna Pfaustail; born-Newport; widowed; residence-222 E 9th St, Newport; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-self; NR-Anna Vaughn, sister
Schreiber, Ernst  br-9-6-1911; Single grave-31A, sec-35; no other data
Schreiber, George  br-2-21-1907; Single grave-435, sec-28; no other data
Schreiber, Ida  br-1-24-1918; Single grave-314, sec-42; no other data
Schreiber, Jno N  d-12-25-1947; br-12-29-1947; age-4-24-1893; sec-57, lot-48 E1/2; parents-William Schreiber and Catherine Lahn; born-Newport; married; place of death-residence; LO-Henry Matthews; NR-Henriette Schreiber, 509 Hodge St, Newport
Schreiber, Mary  br-1-29-1923;  Single grave-4, sec-46; no other data
Schreiber, Philip A  br-8-31-1912; Single grave-14, sec-43; no other data
Schreiber, Wm  br-1-4-1930;  Single grave-610, sec-45; no other data
Schrever, S  br-4-20-1887; Sec-1, lot-60; no other data

Schriber, Gerdie (Child)  br-5-12-1898; Single grave-19, sec-1898; no other data
Schriber, Maria  br-3-31-1895; Single grave-20, sec-1895; no other data
Schrieber, or Schreiber, Jacob  d-11-11-1943; br-11-15-1943; age-7-26-1873;  Sec-59, lot-30 E1/2; parents-Jacob and Anna Schreiber; born-Bloomington, IL; married; place of death-2121 Monmouth St, Newport; LO-Dora Schrieber
Schriever, Henry  br-4-10-1885; Sec-1, lot-60; no other data
Schriever, Lena Eliz  br-7-13-1933; Sec-1, lot-60; no other data
Schriever, Wilma Owens  d-7-15-1942; br-7-18-1942; age-3-5-1882; Sec-9, lot-14; parents-Wm A Rust and Emma L Munker; born-Independence, KY; married; LO-Munker; NR-Carl Schreiber, 814 Robert St, Newport
Schrimp, Edw  br-11-11-1891; Sec-13, lot-18 N1/2; no other data
Schrimpton, Harry  br-8-16-1926; Sec-33, lot-16 W1/2; no other data
Schriner, Edgar  d-5-22-1966; br-5-25-1966; age-9-21-1900; Sec-60, lot-5; parents-Charles Schriner and Nettie Graham; born-Cinti; married; residence-12? Evergreen, Southgate; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Alma and Esther Hemer, sisters in law, signed permission; NR-Pearl Schriner, wife
Schriner, Pearl  d-1-30-72; br-2-2-72; age-9-4-1895; Sec-60, lot-5; parents-Louis Hemer and Francis Neal; born-Newport; widowed; residence-137 Evergreen, Southgate; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Alma and Esther Hemer; NR-Margaret Dixon, sister, 137 Evergreen, Southgate
Schriver, Allen E  br-2-4-1899; Sec-19, lot-13; no other data
Schriver, Arthur  br-8-30-1897; Sec-24 lot-7; no other data
Schriver, Mrs. C  br-12-8-1894; Sec-24, lot-8; no other data
Schriver, Chas  br-5-25-1933; Sec-24, lot-20; no other data
Schriver, Elizabeth  br-6-30-1933; Sec-54, lot-16; LO-Geo Schriver
Schriver, Ella Louise  d-4-8-1952; br-4-10-1952; age-92; Sec-24, lot-7 & 20; parents-Jos and Catherine Burrer; born-Newport; widowed; place of death-Ft Thomas Rest Home; LO-Oliver Schriver, husband; NR-Cassie Smith, daughter, 22 St Nicholas Pl, Ft Thomas
Schriver, Geo W  br-9-28-1928; Sec-54, lot-16; no other data
Schriver, George H  br-7-19-1904; Sec-19, lot-13; no other data
Schriver, George W  br-5-15-1915; Sec-19, lot-13; no other data
Schriver, Mrs. H A  br-10-16-1902; Sec-24, lot-7; no other data
Schriver, Henry A  br-9-11-1906; Sec-24, lot-20; no other data
Schriver, Henry A  br-9-11-1908; Sec-24, lot-7; no other data
Schriver, Infant  br-3-27-1896; Sec-19, lot-13; no other data
Schriver, J (Adult) (City order); br-7-6-1899; Single grave-48, sec-1890
Schriver, Jesse  d-1-12-1954; br-1-14-1954; age-91; Sec-24, lot-20-7; parents-Henry and Crescentia Schriver; born-Newport; single; place of death-residence; LO-Henry and Chas Schriver, daughter; NR-Mrs Wm Smith, niece; 22 St Nicholas Pl, Ft Thomas
Schriver, Jos E  br-11-11-1918; Single grave-19, sec-45; no other data
Schriver, Mabel  br-7-1-1887; Sec-4, lot-75; no other data
Schriver, Martha F  br-12-5-1899; Sec-19, lot-13; no other data
Schriver, Mary B  d-8-18-1942; br-8-20-1942; age-9-1-1858; Sec-24, lot-20 & 7; parents-Silas and Hannah Thompson; born-Portsmouth, OH; place of death-59 Henry Ct, Ft Thomas; LO-Charles Schriver
Schriver, Mary Pauline  br-3-1-27; Sec-50, lot-83; no other data
Schriver, Oliver P  d-9-21-1941; br-9-24-1941; age-9-22-1856; Sec-24, lot-20; parents-Henry and Presenthas Schriver; born-Newport; married; place of death-427 S Thomas Ave; LO-Chas and O P Schriver; NR-Mrs O P Schriver, same address
Schriver, O'tilla  (Ashes in concrete)  d-6-4-1951; br-6-23-1951; age-5-25-1876; Sec-24, lot-7; parents-Fredinard and Louisa Habenient; born-Lawrenceville, IN; married; place of death-residence; LO-Henry Schriver, father in law; NR-Robert W Schriver, 315 S Ft Thomas Ave, Ft Thomas
Schriver, Raymond Chas  br-11-1-1900; Sec-19, lot-13; no other data
Schriver, Robert  (Ashes in vault) d-4-2-55; br-4-30-1955; age-84; Sec-24, lot-7 & 20; parents-Henry and Carrie Schriver; born-Newport; widowed; place of death-315 S Ft Thomas Ave, Ft Thomas; LO-Schriver; NR-Mrs Edna Baldwin, niece, same address
Schriver, Roy  br-11-21-1888; Sec-4, lot-75; no other data
Schriver, Stewart Yost  d-6-25-1955; br-6-28-1955; age-6-21-1892; Sec-54, lot-16; parents-George and Elizabeth Schriver; born-Newport; single; place of death-Tremont Sanatorium, Cinti; LO-Geo Schriver, father; NR-Mrs Marshall Huheey, 48 Sweetbriar, Ft Thomas
Schriver, Walter A  br-7-18-27; Sec-50, lot-83; no other data

Schroath, George  br-12-4-1930; Sec-13, lot-58; no other data
Schroath, Henry  d-11-16-1951; br-11-20-1951; age-10-31-1893; Sec-31, lot-61B; parents-Phillip Schroath and Susan Schmidt; born-KY; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Theresa Schroath, 413 Columbia St, Newport
Schroath, Margaret  d-3-25-1973; br-3-27-1973; age-4-6-1888; Sec-59, lot-13; parents-Chas F Wilson and Fannie Donnelly; born-Newport; widowed; residence-207 Beech St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp, Dayton; LO-self; NR-Mrs Mildred Adams, daughter, 207 Beech St, Newport
Schroath, or Schroath, Rudolph  d-5-20-1938; br-5-23-1938; age-9-27-1859; born-Cinti; married; place of death-3221 Vine St, Cinti; LO-John Nordheim heirs; Perpetual Care
Schroath, Theresa M  d-8-29-67; br-9-1-67; age-79; sec-31, lot-61B; parents-Marks; born-Newport; widowed; residence-Carmel Manor, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Luke Hosp; NR-Mr Stanley C Moebus, lawyer, 11 S Ft Thomas Ave, Ft Thomas
Schroath, Wm Frederick  d-8-23-1943; br-8-25-1943; age-7-14-1889; Sec-59, lot-13; parents-Phillip and Susan Schroath;  born-Campbell Co; married; place of death-207 Beech Ave, Newport; LO-Marg Schroath
Schrode, Annette  d-12-4-1951; br-12-6-1951; age-5-3-1919; Single grave-592, sec-69; parents-Joseph Dean; born-Burnside, KY; married; NR-Joseph Schrode, 440 Chestnut St, Newport
Schrode, Carl E  br-6-30-1916; Sec-39, lot-2 N1/2; no other data
Schrode, Eberhardt  d-10-9-1962; br-10-12-1962; age-87; Sec-39, lot-2 N1/2; parents-Joseph Schrode and Mary Fox; born-Germany; married; residence & place of death-708 Monroe St, Newport; LO-self; NR-Mary Schrode, wife
Schrode, Elizabeth  d-10-2-1954; br-10-7-1954; age-8-4-1914; Sec-39, lot-2 N1/2; parents-Everhard and Mary Schrode; born-Newport; single; place of death-residence; cause of death-Carcinoma; LO & NR-Everhardt Schrode, 708 Monroe St, Newport
Schrode, Infant  br-6-25-1900; Single grave-29, sec-1900; no other data
Schrode, Infant  br-11-8-1901; Single grave-29, sec-1900; no other data
Schrode, Lillian B  br-10-24-1918; Sec-39, lot-2 N1/2; no other data
Schrode, Ralph Sonny Edmonds Jr  d-12-15-1958; br-12-17-1958; age-7-13-1956; Sec-60, lot-10E; parents-Ralph Schrode and Anna Faye Deaton; born-Covington; residence-326 Lindsey St, Newport; place of death-Booth Hosp; NR-Anna Faye Hutton, mother
Schrode, William Howard  d-11-8-67; br-11-10-67; age-4-18-1905; Sec-39, lot-2; parents-Eberhart Schrode and Lillian O'Neil; born-Newport; married; residence-59 Grand Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Eberhart Schrode, father; NR-Mrs Helen Schrode, wife, same address
Schroder, Arthur Charles  d-1-16-1973; br-1-18-1973; age-74; Sec-41, lot-31A; parents-Charles Schroder and Anna Sirk; born-KY; married; residence-420 4th Ave, Dayton; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Adelaide Schroder, wife, same address
Schroder, Hannah  br-8-5-1892; Sec-9, lot-70; no other data
Schroeder, Anna Marie  d-3-21-1959; br-3-24-1959; age-3-16-1892; Sec-51, lot-39B; parens-Hinrich Bode and Johanne Behrman; born-Germany; widowed; residence-216 McKinney St, Dayton; place of death-810 Third Ave, Dayton; LO-Heinz Otto and Walter Schroeder, sons; NR-Heinz Otto Schroeder
Schroeder, Bessie  d-2-12-1937; br-2-15-1937; age-9-2-1883; Single grave-485, sec-69; parents-Wm G Fox and Mary Collins; born-Sidney, OH; married; residence & place of death-208 W 7th St, Newport; cause of death-Pulmonary embolism
Schroeder, Fred  br-1-17-1925; Single grave-192, sec-46; no other data
Schroeder, Harry Frank  d-12-28-1956; br-12-31-1956; age-10-15-1874; Sec-73, lot-83; parents-Chas Schroeder; born-IN; married; residence-340 Foote Ave, Bellevue; LO-Anna Lee and Jacob Bucher and C Grainger; NR-Dicy Mat Schroeder, wife
Schroeder, Michael  br-12-18-1929; Single grave-illegible, sec-46; no other data
Schroeder or Schroder, William H  d-1-27-1959; br-1-30-1959; age-2-19-1891; Sec-50, lot-61B; parents-Fred Schroeder and Charlotte Geiske; born-Mt Healthy; married; residence-65 Dodsworth Lane, Cold Springs; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-self; NR-Helen Schroeder, wife
Schroell, Martha  br-10-20-1908; Single grave-220, sec-35; no other data
Schroer, Harold  br-12-5-1921; Single grave-653, sec-8; no other data
Schroer, Henry P  d-4-23-1948; br-4-27-1948; age-87; Single grave-399J, sec-72; parents-Peter and Katherin Schroer; born-Buffalo, NY; married; residence & place of death-820 7th Ave, Dayton, KY;
Schroll, Benton  br-12-5-1914; Sec-55, lot-39 S1/2; (NOTE: original record is Sec-44, lot-9 W1/2, struck thru)
Schroll, Eleanor A  d-1-8-1966; br-1-12-1966; age-85; Sec-19, lot-46; parents-Osaac E Allen and Ella Rose; born-Newport; widowed; residence-103 Wildwood St, Ormand Beach, FL; place of death-Halifax Hosp, Daytona Beach, FL; LO-John C Schroll, father in law; NR-Mrs Robert George, niece
Schroll, H Clay  d-2-18-1956; br-2-22-1956; age-77; Sec-19, lot-46; parents-John and Martha Schroll, born -Newport; married; residence-306 E 4th St, Newport; LO-John C Schroll, father; NR-Eleanor Schroll, same address
Schroll, J R  br-9-11-1886; Sec-19, lot-46; no other data
Schroll, John C (Ashes)  br-12-27-1913; Sec-19, lot-46; no other data
Schroll, Minnie  d-8-24-1961; br-8-28-1961; age-7-25-1881; Sec-55, lot-39 S1/2; parents-Frank Brinkmann; born-Newport; widowed; residence-111 W Vernon Lane, Ft Thomas; place of death-Good Samaritan Hosp; LO & NR-Mary Louise Spraley, daughter
Schrope, Chas W (Child)  br-7-1-1895; Single grave-39, sec-1895; no other data
Schroth, Louise (Ashes)  d-4-2-1945; br-4-4-1945; age-12-6-1862; Sec-2, lot-67 N1/2; parents-John and Bessie Nordheim; residence & place of death-3221 Vine, Cinti; LO-John Nordheim
Schroth, Rudolph A  (Ashes) d-4-11-1973; br-5-8-1973; age-3-8-1886; Sec-2, lot-67 N1/2; parents-Rudolph Schroth and Louise Nordheim; born-Cinti; married; residence-569 Park Ave, Crescent Springs, KY; place of death-Highland Heights; LO-John A Nordheim
Schrout, Thomas  br-10-12-1948; age-90; Single grave-322, sec-72; born-Bracken KY

Schrump, John br-3-3-1884; Sec-5, lot-52; no other data

Schry, Charles  d-5-1-1960; br-5-4-1960; age-79 years; Sec-57, lot-28 W1/2; parents-Charles and Katherine Baker Schry; married; residence-1106 McKinney St, Dayton, KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Mrs Mary Schry, wife
Schry, Edward  br-7-21-1919; Single grave-139, sec-45; no other data
Schry, F  no dates given; Single grave-138, sec-45; no Interment #; no other data
Schry, Harold  d-8-24-1936; br-8-29-1936; age-8-3-1911; Sec-57, lot-28 W1/2; parents-Chas and Mary Schry; born-Dayton, KY; single; residence-1106 McKinney St, Dayton, KY; place of death-Bethesda Hosp; cause of death-Skull fracture; LO-Chas and Mary Schry
Schry, Janice  br-9-5-1929; Sec-80, lot-41 E1/2; LO-Wm Schry
Schry, Katherine  br-4-24-1925; Single grave-45, sec-45; no other data
Schry, Mary  d-9-16-67; br-9-19-67; age-84; Sec-57, lot-28 W1/2; parents-Paul Hartfield and ? Brencke; born-Dayton, KY; widowed; residence & place of death-Lakeside Pl, Highland Hts; LO-self and husband; NR-Mrs H J Hosea, daughter; 2221 N Ft Thomas Ave, Ft Thomas
Schry, Mary E  br-1-8-1904; Single grave-112, sec-28; no other data
Schry, Norma  d-5-15-1953; br-5-19-1953; age-56; Sec-50, lot-41 E1/2; parents-Joseph Hannah LaBoiteaux; born-IN; married; LO-Wm and Norma Schry; NR-Wm Schry, husband, 2107 Carroll St, Newport
Schryock, Nannie  br-5-20-1924; Sec-23, lot-99 N1/2; no other data


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