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Evergreen Cemetery


Transcribed and submitted 17 March 2013 by Marji Wright


Stichtenoth, Bertha  d-12-26-1945; br-12-29-45; age-80; Sec-56, lot-4 S1/2; born-Cinti; widowed; residence & place of death-38 Altamont Rd, Ft Thomas; LO-Clarence Cull
Stickland, Ethel  (City Order)  d-4-20-1935; br-4-20-1935; Single grave-19, sec-43B; born-Georgia; place of death-435 W 4th St, Newport
Stickland, Infant  br-7-3-1933; Single grave-546A, sec-47; no other data
Sticklen, Eva  d-5-10-1939; br-5-12-1939; age-79; Sec-32, lot-24; parents-Wasser; born-KY; married; place of death-Newport; LO-Barbara Wasser; NR-Jacob Stickler, 1210 Monmouth St, Newport
Stickline, Wm  br-6-14-1926; Single grave-245, sec-48; no other data
Stickling, Katherine  d-5-13-1963; br-5-16-1963; age-100 years; Sec-2, lot-76 N1/2; parents-William Huber and Louise Siebenthaler; born-Indiana; widowed; residence-Box 382 Old State Rd, Alexandria; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Michael Stickling, husband; NR-Edwin Stickling, son
Stickling, Michael  br-8-11-1914; Sec-2, lot-76; no other data
Stieby, Infant (Stillborn)  d-6-4-35; br-6-5-35; age-6-4-35; Single grave-1168, sec-70; parents-Edward and Dorothy; born-Dayton; POD-1024 5th, Dayton; Unspecified address-237 Walnut, Bellevue
Stiefel, John  br-4-3-1898; Sec-23, lot-64; no other data
Stieger, Louis Otto  (Child) br-2-24-1885; Single grave-19, sec-1885; no other data
Stiekling, Earl W  br-5-2-1900; Sec-2, lot-101; no other data
Stientz Single grave-105, sec-45; no other data
Stierer, Arthur E  br-8-11-1926; Sec-33, lot-5; no other data
Stierer, John F  d-8-25-1938; br-8-29-1938; age-1-28-1866; Sec-16, lot-6; parents-Wm Stierer and Wilimina Fox; born-KY; widowed; residence-2426 Quatman Ave, Norwood; place of death-Ridge Rest Home, Cinti; LO-H B Fuchs
Stierer, Louise C  d-7-15-1937; br-7-15-1937; age-67; Sec-16, lot-6; parents-Henry Fuchs and Mary Riehl; residence & place of death-2212 Madison Ave, Norwood; cause of death-Carcinoma of breast;
Stierer, Mabel  br-8-22-1923; Sec-38, lot-5; no other data
Stieritz, Wm  br-3-29-1919; Single grave-104, sec-45; no other data
Stievers, Alice  br-9-21-1905; Single grave-410, sec-28; no other data
Stiles, Edna  br-3-30-1884; Sec-10, lot-20; no other data
Stiles, Infant  br-7-17-1895; Sec-10, lot-25; no other data
Still, Alevia  d-10-26-1954; br-10-29-1954; age-82; Sec-50, lot-55 E1/2; parents-George and Martha Ann Pike; born-Cinti; widowed; place of death-St Lukes Hosp; LO-Clifford Still, husband; NR-Ralph E Still, 501 Taylor Ave, Bellevue, KY
Still, Ralph E  d-12-20-66; br-12-23-66; age-71; Sec-63, lot-270 S1/2; parents-Clifford M Still and Alevia Hood; born-Cinti; married; residence & place of death-443 Taylor Ave, Bellevue; LO & NR-Edith Still, wife
Still, Gordon Neal  d-11-9-71; br-11-13-71; age-41; Sec-50, lot-55 E1/2; parents-John Thomas Still, Sr. and Ruth Harriss; born-Dayton, KY; divorced; residence-814 Sixth Ave, Dayton, KY; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-John T Still, Sr. father; NR-Mr James E Still, brother, 322 Third Ave, Dayton, KY
Still, John T Sr  d-12 May 1972; br-15 May 1972; age-78 years; Sec-50, lot-55 E1/2; parents-Clifford Still and Alevia Hood; born-OH; widowed; residence-Lakeside Pl, Highland Hts; place of death-Speers Hosp, Dayton; LO-Mrs C M Still; NR-James Still, son, 332 Third St, Dayton, KY
Still, Ruth E  d-9-5-1965; br-9-8-1965; age-7-10-1896; Sec-50, lot-55 E1/2; parents-Harry Harris and Anne Neal; born-Harrison, OH; married; *-931 Sixth Ave, Dayton, KY;  place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Mrs C M Still, mother in law; NR-John T Still, husband
Still born Infant  br-5-12-1885; interment 6997; no other data
Stiller, Anna Marie  br-2-9-1948; Single grave-273; sec-70; no other data
Stillwell, D C  br-3-27-1905; Sec-26, lot-41 S1/2; no other data
Stillwell, Ella  br-4-19-1900; Sec-1, lot-13; no other data
Stillwell, Fannie  br-6-17-1913; Sec-26, lot-41 S1/2; no other data
Stillwell, Fannie  br-2-9-1932; Sec-32, lot-19; LO-Geo Weider
Stillwell, Susan  br-2-25-1902; Sec-15, lot-34; no other data
Stimson, Amanda  br-2-4-1922; Sec-22, lot-80 E1/2; no other data
Stine, Caroline Dorothy  d-1-5-1906; br-1-8-1960; age-79; Sec-14, lot-1; parents-Hubert Stuhlreyer and Elizabeth Loverman; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-104 Manor Lane, Ft Thomas; LO-Fred Stine, husband; NR-Dr Fredrick Stine, son, 147 Manor Lane, Ft Thomas
Stine, Dr Fred A  br-2-9-1926; Sec-14, lot-1; no other data
Stine, Frederick A  br-8-19-1909; Sec-14, lot-1; no other data
Stine, Glenn C  br-10-13-1905; Sec-14, lot-1; no other data
Stine, Henry Harry S (Ashes)  br-8-28-1919; no other data
Stine, Infant  br-7-14-1901; Sec-9, lot-8; no other data
Stine, Mary  br-8-2-1890; Sec-9, lot-8; no other data
Stineheim, Clara  (Child) br-7-3-1901; Single grave-30, sec-1901; no other data
Stinger, Maggie  br-9-9-1887; Sec-10, lot-37; no other data
Stinnett, Alan Wayne  d-12-7-1964; br-12-10-1964; age-7-19-1958; Sec-73, lot-181 N1/2; parents-Charles W Stinnett and Barbara Parrott; born-Ft Thomas; single; residence-315 Tower Hill Rd, Ft Thomas; place of death-Childrens Hosp, Cinti; LO & NR-Chas Stinnett, father
Stinnett, Charles Birch  d-10-3-1952; br-10-8-1952; age-8-8-1904; Sec-60, lot-316B; parents-Chas Stinnett and Flora Crowder; born-Maryville, TN ; married; LO & NR-Grace Sweet Stinnett, wife, 220 E 10th St, Newport
Stirling, Alexander  br-3-16-1920; Sec-33, lot-36 E1/2; no other data
Stirling, Benjamin  br-9-13-1921; Sec-33, lot-36 E1/2; no other data
Stirling, Elizabeth  br-10-30-1917; Sec-33, lot-36 E1/2; no other data
Stith, Belle  br-5-2-28; age-71; Single grave-364, sec-48; parents-Chas and Melissa Newkirk; place of death-E 4th St Newport
Stith, Flora  d-9-5-1938; br-9-8-1938; age-10-31-1876; Sec-40, lot-27; parents-Thomas Ault and Josephine Schriffler; born-Cinti; married; place of death-819 3rd Ave, Dayton, KY; LO-Florence Stith; NR-Stephen Stith
Stith, Florence  d-4-4-1960; br-4-6-1960; age-6-28-1882; Sec-74, lot-13; parents-Wilmuth Hill; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-12 Peter Noll Homes, Newport; LO-self; NR-Alma Crowder, niece
Stith, Florence  br-3-2-1926; Sec-40, lot-27; no other data
Stith, Harry A  d-7-16-1957; br-7-22-1957; age-1-5-1878; Sec-60, lot-50; parents-Lewis Stith and Martha Snodgraass; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-1010 Taylor, Bellevue; place of death-Madison, Wisconsin; LO-self; NR-Ann Stith, daughter
Stith, Henry C  br-4-23-1914; Sec-40, lot-27; no other data
Stith, Horace William  d-9-11-1952; br-9-15-1952; age-9-24-1877; Sec-74, lot-13; parents-David Stith and Florence Crutcher; born-Hardin County, KY; married; place of death-Veterans Hosp, Ft Thomas; LO & NR-Florence Stith, wife, 139 Washington Ave, Bellevue
Stith, Jean Ann  d-7-2-1956; br-7-6-1956; age-1-23-1950; Sec-54, lot-138 N1/2; parents-Wm Stith and Lillian Frohman; born-Covington; single; residence-317 Highway, Ludlow; place of death-Good Samaritan Hosp, Cinti; LO-Flaig and Frohman, Frohman grandparent; NR-Wm Frohman, father
Stith, Lewis Allen  d-11-12-1964; br-11-6-1964; age-20; Sec-73, lot-147; parents-George L Stith and Nancy Louise Haines; born-Ashville, NC; single; residence-17 E Southgate Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-George L Stith, father
Stith, Jennie  d-2-7-1950; br-2-10-1950; age-2-5-1878; Sec-60, lot-50; parents-Wm and Anna Walt Richerson; born-Cinti; married; place of death-residence; LO & NR-Harry Stith, husband, 1010 Taylor Ave, Bellevue
Stith, Stephen  d-11-10-1940; br-11-13-1940; age-8-7-1871; Single grave-163, sec-72; born-KY; widowed; place of death-residence; NR-Bernadina Stith, 821 3rd Ave, Dayton, KY; Unspecified address-139 Washington, Newport
Stith, Stephen, Jr.  br-8-19-1932; Single 376, sec-68; no other data
Stitt, Robert Day  (Infant) d-11-3-1952; br-11-4-1932; age-11-3-1952; Single grave-191, sec-70; parents-Thornton Stitt and Eliz Morgan; born-Booth Hosp; place of death-Hospital; cause of death-Stillborn; NR-Thornton Stitt, 912 Monroe St, Newport
Stivender, Edward H  d-1-27-1955; br-1-31-1955; age-48; Sec-58, lot-81; parents-Paul and Elizabeth Stivender; born-Leesburg, FL; married; place of death-Christ Hosp; LO & NR-Frances Stivender, 19 Crown Ave, Ft Thomas

Stock, Catherine  br-5-29-1907; Sec-13, lot-24; no other data
Stock, Geo B W  br-12-30-1928; Single grave-360, sec-45; no other data
Stock, Willie  br-5-2-1895; Sec-13, lot-24; no other data
Stockdale, Berniece  d-5-5-1975; br-5-8-1975; age-6-2-1894; Sec-67, lot-308; parents-George Firth and Berniece Ayres; born-Newport; residence & place of death-Northern Ky Baptist Home, Newport; NR-Miss Ollie Poe, niece, 321 E Alexandria Pk, Cold Springs
Stockfleet, George A  (Adult)  br-11-18-1900; Single grave-48, lot-1900; no other data
Stockfleet, Pearl E  br-2-22-1915; Single grave-115, sec-42; no other data
Stockfleet, Willie (Adult)  br-9-1-1897; Single grave-53, sec-1897; NOD
Stocking, Madeline  d-7-22-69; br-7-25-69; age-84; Sec-54, lot-127 E1/2; parents-Joseph Meier; born-KY; widowed; residence -1359 Grand Ave, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Louis Maier, brother; NR-Gregory Maier, nephew, 8018 Nieman Dr, Cinti
Stockum, Andrew J  br-11-10-31; Sec-54, lot-91 N1/2; LO-Julia Stockum
Stockum, Julia  br-11-25-1949; age-79; Sec-54, lot-91 N1/2; parents-Bernard and Schoo; place of death-residence; LO-self; Unspecified address-5704 Bramble Ave, Cinti
Stockum, Louis K  (Child)  br-11-23-1884; Single grave-63, sec-1884; no other data
Stockum, Thomas  br-9-5-21; Single grave-105; no other data
Stodghill, Frances M  d-7-1-67; br-7-5-67; age-71; Sec-65, lot-67C; parents-George Holmes and Daisey Neal; born-Aurora, IN; divorced; residence-30 W11th St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Daniel Stodghill, son, 87 Home St, Newport
Stodghill, Louise  d-11-14-1960; br-11-16-1960; age-2-8-1872; Sec-38, lot-32 w1/2; parents-Henry Ritte and Sarah Schneider; born-KY; widowed; residence-2024 Florence Ave, Cinti; place of death-Little Sisters of the Poor, Cinti; LO-Emma Oldham, signed permission on Statistics, Ben O Townsley
Stodghill, Roy  d-11-15-1943; br-11-18-1943; age-67;  Sec-36, lot-32 W1/2; parents-James and Clara Stodghill; born-IN; married; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-Emma Oldham; NR-Louise Stodghill, 30 E 4th St, Covington
Stoehr, Anna  br-5-7-1949; age-93; Sec-59, lot-139 E1/2; parents-B? Neuweiler(?); widowed; place of death-Springfield, OH;  Unspecified address-806 Ann St, Newport
Stoehr, John R  d-4-22-1944; br-4-25-44; age-2-9-1880; Sec-59, lot-118 W1/2; parents-Paul Stoehr and Neuweiler; born-Switzerland; married; residence-1125 Park Ave, Newport; place of death-Anderson, IN; LO-Stella Stoehr
Stoehr, Minnie  d-3-18-68; br-3-21-68; age-12-4-1883; Sec-59, lot-139 E1/2; parents-Paul Stoehr and Anna Neuweiler; born-Cinti; single; residence-318 N Schaffer St, Springfield, OH; LO-self; NR-Mr Walter Stoehr, brother, 518 N Schaffer
Stohl, John C  br-6-12-1893; Sec-20, lot-16; no other data
Stokes, Agnes  br-1-10-1908; Sec-26, lot-15; no other data
Stokes, Eugene A  (US Gov)  br-7-26-1898; Single grave-25, sec-25; no other data
Stokes, John W  br-7-7-1924; Single grave-223, sec-46; no other data
Stoll, Catherine  br-4-12-1906; Sec-17, lot-52; no other data
Stoll, Frank  d-9-25-1952; br-9-29-52; age-11-1-1865; Sec-17, lot-52; parents-John Stoll; born-Newport; widowed; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Peter Young, father in law
Stoll, John  br-3-17-1919; Sec-9, lot-35 W1/2; no other data
Stoll, Julia A  br-11-8-1901; Sec-9, lot-35 W1/2; no other data
Stoll, Katherine  br-3-3-1931; Sec-9, lot-35 N1/2; LO-Wm Stoll
Stoll, Mary Elizabeth  br-3-10-1919; Single grave-560, sec-43; no other data
Stoll, William  br-12-8-1925; Sec-9, lot-35 W1/2; no other data
Stolle, Albert C  d-4-5-1965; br-4-8-1965; age-66; Sec-73, lot-21 E1/2; parents-John E Stolle and Anna  Ziegler; born-Campbell Co, KY; married; residence-116 Sheridan Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Lukes Hosp; LO & NR-Dorothea Stolle, wife
Stolle, Anna Louise  d-9-27-75; br-9-30-75; age-87; Sec-10, lot-16 N1/2; parents-John Stolle and Anna Ziegler; born-Campbell Co, KY; residence & place of death-Lakeside Pl, Highland Hts; NR-Mrs Al Stolle, 830 Alexandria Pk, Apt 310, Ft Thomas
Stolle, Anna Mary  br-9-20-1934; Sec-10, lot-16; LO-John B Stolle
Stolle, Frank J  d-10-15-1952; br-10-18-1952; age-74; Sec-55, lot-7; parents-John B And Anna Stolle; born-Campbell Co, KY;  married; place of death-Christ Hosp; LO-self, Stolle Estate; NR-Kunigundi Stolle, wife, 127 Hartweg Ave, Ft Thomas
Stolle, J A  br-9-5-1891; Sec-10, lot-16; no other data
Stolle, John Benj  d-1-3-1944; br-1-6-1944; age-8-27-1855; Sec-10, lot-16 N1/2; parents-Frank and Christine Stolle; born-Blue Ash, OH; widowed; residence-17 Sheridan Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-Jennie Stolle
Stolle, Kunigundi  d-4-29-1965; br-5-3-1965; age-84; Sec-55, lot-7; parents-Rheinhart Pirmann and Charlotte Dorna; born-Campbell Co; widowed; residence-147 Highland Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-self; NR-Irma Pendery, daughter, 126 Highland Ave, Ft Thomas
Stolle, Lula  br-10-16-1887; Sec-10, lot-16; no other data
Stolle, William Albert  d-11-11-66; br-11-15-66; age-18; Sec-73, lot-21 W/12; parents-Donald A Stolle and Neva Percifield; born-Ft Thomas; single; residence-62 Concord Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-UK Medical Center Hosp, Lexington; LO & NR-Donald and Neva Stolle, parents, 62 Concord Ave, Ft Thomas
Stolz, Oscar  br-2-1-1908; Single grave-73, sec-35; no other data
Stolzenburg, Anna E  br-7-11-1910; Sec-20, lot-66 N1/2; no other data
Stolzenburg, Charles F  br-1-12-1904; Sec-20, lot-66 W1/2; no other data
Stolzenburg, Frederick  br-3-30-1926; Sec-20, lot-66 N1/2; no other data
Stone, Agnes  d-12-9-1961; br-12-13-1961; age-77; Sec-73, lot-323; parents-William R Manuel and Melsinnie Highfield; born-Trinity, KY; married; residence-686 2nd St, Silver Grove, KY; place of death-St Mary Hosp; LO & NR-Oscar Stone, husband
Stone, Anna Lock  br-6-7-1915; Sec-23, lot-37; no other data
Stone, Carrie  d-2-8-1950; br-2-10-1950; age-11-5-1874; Single grave-509, sec-45; parents-Theodore and Hellweck; born-Cinti; widowed; place of death-Speers Hosp; cause of death-Heart trouble; LO & NR-Theodore Stone, son, 3009 Frazier St, Covington
Stone, Charles D  d-2-14-63; br-2-18-63; age-61; Sec-5, lot-96B; parents-Louis and Nellie Stone; born-KY; residence-240 Newman Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-Cinti Veterans Hosp; NR-Mrs Louis Stone, wife
Stone, Clifford L  br-12-7-1893; Sec-23, lot-37; no other data
Stone, Dorothea  br-1-15-1916; Single grave-338, sec-43; no other data
Stone, Dorothy  br-9-5-1899;  Sec-17, lot-96; no other data
Stone, Ellen  br-9-9-1906; Sec-24, lot-112; no other data
Stone, Fred J  br-12-16-1930; Sec-40, lot-49; in sarcophagus; no other data
Stone, George  br-4-14-1931; Single grave-227, sec-68; no other data
Stone, Harriet D  d-4-11-1945; br-4-13-1945; age-9-21-1876; Sec-40, lot-49; parents-George Dyer; born-Orville, OH; married; place of death-178 Parkwood Ave, Columbus, OH; NR-George Dyer, 2641 Neil Ave, Columbus, OH
Stone, Irena  br-12-24-1930; Sec-56, lot-99; no other data
Stone, James (Infant) (Colored)  br-11-10-1909; Single grave-46, sec-1909; no other data
Stone, James K  br-9-25-1904; Sec-23, lot-37; no other data
Stone, Jennie C  br-9-12-1925; Sec-3, lot-117 S ˝; no other data
Stone, Jennie T  d-3-22-1948; br-3-24-1948; age-12-26-1943; parents-Floyd Stone and Alice Cunningham; born-Cold Springs, KY; place of death-Childrens Hosp; NR-Floyd Stone, 591 Winters Ln, Cold Springs
Stone, John C  br-10-18-1916; Sec-3, lot-117 S1/2; no other data
Stone, Myrtle  br-2-19-1929; Single grave-510, sec-45; no other data
Stone, Oscar W  d-4-17-67; br-4-20-67; age-74; Sec-73, lot-323; parents-B Smith Stone and Agnes Freeman; born-Trinity; widowed; residence-506 Second Ave, Silver Grove, KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Oscar Stone;  NR-Mr Charles Taylor, son, 34 Sunset Dr, Ft Thomas
Stone, Perin  br-9-13-1910; Sec-23, lot-37; no other data
Stone, Captain R L  br-4-30-1885; Sec-16, lot-4; no other data
Stone, Sallie  br-7-8-1921; Sec-22, lot-93 E1/2; no other data
Stone, Walter Perin (Ashes)  br-11-21-1931; Sec-23, lot-37; no other data
Stone, William  br-2-25-1905; Single grave-38, sec-1873; no other data
Stone, Wm Harcourt  br-1-14-1933; Sec-23, lot-37; LO-Jas K Stone
Stone, William Melvin  d-10-5-68; br-10-8-68; age-67; Sec-22, lot-58 S1/2; parents-George Stone and Rachel Reed; born-Dayton, KY; single; residence-1001 4th Ave, Dayton, KY; LO-John Reid; NR-Mrs Eleanor Matthew, friend, 1010 4th Ave, Dayton
Stonestreet, Minnie (City of Newport)  d-6-20-1937; br-6-22-1937; age-7 months 19 days; Single grave-1175, sec-70; parents-Chas Stonestreet; born-Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp, “Halmurtruts”; NR-Chas Stonestreet, 213 W 3rd St, Newport
Stopher, Alice  d-5-3-68; br-5-6-68; age-84; Sec-73, lot-417; parents-George Behymer and Luranah Abbott; born-Mt Carmel, OH; widowed; residence-411 McKinney St, Dayton, KY; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-self; NR-Mrs Ethel Smith, daughter, 724 Covert Run, lot-74, Bellevue, KY
Stopher, Harry  d-11-24-1958; br-11-29-1958; age-76; Sec-73, lot-417; parents-Peter and Anna Krebs; born-Rising Sun, IN; married; residence-804 7th Ave, Dayton; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Alice Stopher, wife
Storch, Charles R  d-3-22-1962; br-3-26-1962; age-3-30-1880; Sec-33, lot-24 W1/2; parents-George Storch and Mary; born-Cinti; married; residence-2538 Hackberry St, Cinti; LO-self; NR-Margaret Storch, wife
Storch, Nora  d-5-10-45; br-5-14-45; age-63-5-6days; Sec-33, lot-24 W1/2; parents-George H Grischy and Leonora Schildknecht; born-Cinti; married; place of death-residence; LO & NR-Chas R Stoch, 2538 Hackberry St, Cinti
Storch, Stephen  d-12-18-68; br-3-25-69; age-6-1-15; Single grave-401, sec-53; parents-illegible; born-NJ; married; residence-Los Angeles, CA; place of death-illegible; LO & NR-Mrs Storch, wife, Grandview(?) Ky
Storey, Charles  br-10-31-1914; Single grave-211, sec-43; no other data
Storey, Chas Wesley  br-2-11-1920; Single grave-806, sec-43; no other data
Storey, Etta  d-9-4-1944; br-9-7-1944; age-5-6-1892; Sec-55, lot-25; parents-Jack and Sarah Bogard; born-Piatt County, IL; married; residence-914 N Ft Thomas Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-Covington, KY; LO-Weithorn et al
Storey, Florence Geneva  br-5-28-1906; Sec-15, lot-111 N1/2; no other data
Storey, George P  br-12-23-1913; Sec-15, lot-111 N1/2; no other data
Storey, Mary Frances  br-11-5-1928; Single grave-807, sec-43; no other data
Storey, Thos  br-12-7-1895; Sec-15, lot-111; no other data
Stormer, Edward Henry  d-3-19-52; br-5-22-1952; age-72; Sec-54, lot-43 S1/2; parents-Louis Stormer and Fannie Moock; born-Lawrenceburg, IN; married; place of death-residence; LO-Sophia Schillinger, mother in law; NR-Eva Stormer, 1133 Ann St, Newport
Stormer, Eva  d-6-23-71; br-6-28-71; age-1-29-1882; Sec-34, lot-43S1/2; parents-William Schillinger and Sophia Kudell; born-Newport; residence-6742 Highland Ave, Cinti; place of death-Jewish Hosp; LO-Sophia Schillinger, mother; NR-Mr Ray Stormer, son
Stormer, Jack E  br-10-16-1931; Sec-54, lot-43 S1/2; LO-Stormer
Storms, Teresa Mary  d-3-13-1973; br-3-16-1973; age-8 mos; Single grave-116, sec-53; parents-Thomas Storms and Patsy Cole Storms; born-Ft Thomas; single; residence-2716 Covington Ave, Highland Hts; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Thomas Storms, father
Storms, Thomas M  d-3-9-1974; br-3-12-1974; Single grave-29C, sec-66; parents-Clarence Storms and Nannie Montgomery; born-New Haven, OH; married; residence-337 Saratoga St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; NR-Rosemary Storms, wife
Storr, Elizabeth Stauder  d-7-1-1942; br-7-3-1942; age-76-8-4 days; Single grave-66, sec-41; parents-Hartman; born-Cinti; widowed; place of death-Cinti General Hosp; LO-self; NR-Helen Spielmeier, 1141 Cecelia Ave, Covington
Storrs, John S  d-11-12-1936; br-11-14-1936; age-76; Sec-55, lot-8F; born-Alabama; married; residence-2 S Ft Thomas Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-Bethesda Hosp; Removed from Sec 55, lot-50S
Storrs, Lulen  d-12-21-1946; br-12-24-1946; age-85; Sec-55, lot-8F; parents-Elizabeth North; born-Newport; widowed; residence & place of death-2 S Ft Thomas Ave; LO-John S Storrs;
Story, Cecilia  Single grave-502, sec-45; no other data
Story, Charles (Infant)  br-1-14-1902; Sec-27, lot-60 S1/2; no other data
Story, Elberta  br-2-21-1919; Sec-34, lot-14 E1/2; no other data
Story, Elizabeth C  br-1-31-1903; Sec-27, lot-60 S1/2; no other data
Story, Ella  br-11-15-1918; Sec-27, lot-60 S1/2; no other data
Story, Geo L  br-10-23-1928; Single grave-501, sec-45; no other data
Story, Howard Sr  d-12-4-1939; br-11-30-1939; age-8-14-1889; Sec-44, lot-47; parents-Jacob and Katherine Story; born-Cinti; married; place of death-residence; LO-Messmer; NR-Emma Story, 915 Central Ave, Newport
Story, Ira C  br-8-7-1906; Single 178, sec-28; no other data
Story, John Edward  br-4-11-1914; Single grave-441, sec-42; no other data
Story, Dr Leon Mylo  br-8-18-1914; Sec-33, lot-35 W1/2; no other data
Story, Margaret  br-4-10-1906; Sec-15, lot-111; no other data
Story, Martha Jane  d-2-24-1961; br-2-27-1961; age-81; Sec-6, lot-73 E1/2; parents-Henry Whitehouse and Sarah Ann Johnson; born-Newport; widowed; residence-600 Fairfield Ave, Bellevue; place of death-Bellevue Rest home, Bellevue; LO-Henry Whitehouse, father; NR-Mrs Michael A Furio, daughter, 134 Harvard Pl, Southgate 
Story, Maude  br-9-17-1930; Sec-54, lot-54 S1/2;; LO-Harry E Story
Story, Rosalia  br-12-27-1933; Sec-33, lot-35 W1/2; no other data
Story, Walter  d-2-12-1936; br-2-14-1936; age-77; sec-27, lot-60 S1/2; parents-Henry Story; born-Green Co, OH; widowed; place of death-309 Poplar St, Bellevue; cause of death-Myocarditis; LO-Walter G Story
Story, Wilson  br-2-21-1895; Sec-15, lot-111; no other data
Stouder, Grant  br-3-26-1912; Single grave-46B, sec-41; no other data
Stout, Infant  br-11-21-1908; Single grave-78, sec-1908; no other data
Stout, Infant  br-1-14-1907; Single grave-2, sec-1907; no other data
Stout, Jennie  (Adult)  br-3-19-1898; Single grave-8, sec-1898; no other data
Stover, Lena  d-5-11-1961; br-5-15-1961; age-3-21-1906; Sec-74, lot-525A; parents-Frank Brown and Freda Roach; born-Covington; widowed; residence-721 Craig St, Covington; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; LO-self; NR-Mrs Clarence Hicks, 709 Craig St, Covington
Stover, Alfred Thurman  d-5-28-1957; br-5-31-57; age-11-1-1896; Sec-74, lot-525A; parents-Marshall Stover and Abbie Williams; born-TN; married; residence-339 E 12th St, Covington; LO & NR-Lena Stover, wife
Stowers, Chas  br-4-17-1920; Single grave-58, sec-42; no other data
Stowers, Sarah (Colored)  br-6-2-1917; Single grave-346, sec-42; no other data
Stozie, Pearl  d-2-21-1945; br-2-24-1945; age-46; Single grave-298, sec-72; parents-F J Oberly and Mathilda Clark; born-Newport; married; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; NR-Nicholas Stozie, 1306 N Ft Thomas

Strahley, (Infant)  br-10-19-1908; Single grave-68, sec-1908; no other data
Strahm, John  br-12-18-1930; Single grave-181, sec-68; NR-Mrs Chas Weiss, 131 6th Ave, Dayton KY
Strahm, Kathryn  d-8-9-1955; br-8-11-1955; age-5-11-1885; Sec-60, lot-336A; parents-Harry and Mary Lou Gorman; born-Lexington, KY; widowed; place of death-residence; NR-Mrs Chas Weiss, 131 8th Ave, Dayton, KY
Stranck, Lucy (Child)  br-10-6-1885; Single grave-80, sec-1885; no other data
Strange,  James S  d-8-2-1975; br -8-5-1975; age-65; Sec-67, lot-223; parents-Dan Strange and Elizabeth Barnes; born-Powell Co; residence & place of death-813 5th Ave, Dayton, KY; NR-Minnie Strange, wife
Straman, Bena  br-8-15-1929; Sec-54, lot-132 N1/2; LO-Geo H Straman
Straman, Evelyn  d-7-25-68; br-7-29-68; Sec-54, lot-134 N1/2; parents-Emanuel B and Rachael Staley; born-Ohio; widowed; residence-9 East 41th, Covington; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-George Straman, husband; NR-William Straman, son
Straman, George H  d-12-1-1956; br-12-4-1956; age-61; Sec-54, lot-134 N1/2; parents-Geo and Bena Straman; born-Ohio; married; residence-9 E 41st, Covington; place of death-DOA St Elizabeth Hosp; LO-self; NR-Mrs Evelyn Straman, wife
Straman, George H Sr  d-12-28-50; br-12-30-1950; age-3-9-1861; Sec-54, lot-132; parents-Theodore and Gertrude Straman; born-Covington; widowed; place of death-residence; LO-self; NR-Henry Straman, 1126 S Alexandria Pk, Ft Thomas
Stranck, Infant  br-12-8-1885; Single grave-80, sec-1885; no other data
Strange, Infant Cory  d-10-28-1975; br-10-29-1975; Grave-15, Babyland Row #1; parents-John Strange; born-Ft Thomas; residence-31 Shawnee Dr, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Luke Hosp; NR-Mr and Mrs John Strange, parents
Strasburger, Alma  br-6-13-1930; Sec-54, lot-59 N1/2; LO-Herman and Anna Heidkamp
Strasinger, Lucille L  d-10-20-1962; br-10-27-1962; age-64; Sec-63, lot-160 S1/2; parents-William Nicholson; born-Manchester, OH; married; residence & place of death-218 Roosevelt Ave, Bellevue; LO & NR-Russell Strasinger, husband
Strassel, John (Infant)  br-8-15-1898; Single grave-38, sec-1898; no other data
Strasser, Garnetta  d-6-13-70; br-6-17-70; age-67; Sec-34, lot-3; parents-Herman Baker and Dora Connelly; born-Covington; divorced; residence-924 Second Ave, Dayton; place of death-St Lukes Hosp; NR-Mrs Betty Rhein, daughter, 1012 Licking Pk, Cold Spring
Stratemeyer, Fred  d-1-24-1958; br-1-27-1958; age-73; Sec-33, lot-11; parents-Fred Stratemeyer, Sr; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-270 Van Voast Ave, Bellevue; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Wm Stratemeyer; NR-Leslie Stratemeyer, son, 619 S Ofallon Ave, Bellevue
Stratemeyer, Fred  br-5-17-1908; Sec-33, lot-11; no other data
Stratemeyer, Josephine  d-12-8-1948; br-12-10-1948; age-2-21-1884; Sec-33, lot-11; parents-Phillips; born-Cinti; married; place of death-residence; LO-Stratemeyer; NR-Fred Stratemeyer, 270 VanVoast Ave, Bellevue
Stratemeyer, Leslie  d-4-22-74; br-4-24-74; age-65; Sec-33, lot-11; parents-Fred Stratemeyer and Josephine Phillips; married; residence-250 Ward Ave, Bellevue, place of death-St Lukes Hosp; NR-Mrs Alverda Stratemeyer
Stratman, Albert  d-5-21-1955; br-5-25-1955; age-4-2-1895; Sec-39, lot-11; parents-Henry Stratman and Emma Stegner; born-Ft Thomas; single; place of death-Cinti VA Hosp; LO-Henry Stratman, father; NR-Lois Becker, 383 Newman Ave, Ft Thomas
Stratman, Anna  d-6-7-1960; br-6-10-1950; age-89; Sec-6, lot-64; parents-Frederick and Eliz Stratman; born-Newport; single; place of death-residence; LO-Fred Stratman, father; NR-Mrs Minnie Kehm, 110 Dixie Pl, Ft Thomas
Stratman, Anna  d-5-17-1939; br-5-20-1939; age-78; Sec-1, lot-41; parents-Henry and Catherine Stratman; born-Newport; married; place of death-612 Monroe St; LO-Henry Stratman; NR-J Wm Stratman, 25 Holmes, Ft Thomas
Stratman, Anna Louise  br-3-29-1916; Sec-39, lot-11 S1/2; no other data
Stratman, Barbara Ann  br-9-11-1930; Sec-61, lot-86; LO-Henry Stratman
Stratman, Carrie (Ashes)  br-6-11-1929; Sec-24, lot-12 W1/2; LO-John Stratman
Stratman, Catherine  br-9-7-1932; Sec-1, lot-41; LO-H Stratman
Stratman, Catherine  br-4-9-1910; Sec-1, lot-41; no other data
Stratman, Chas F  br-6-18-1883; no grave listed; Interment 6388
Stratman, Clara Amelia  br-4-19-1929; Sec-24, lot-66; LO-Rev Chas Lurker
Stratman, Edward E  d-10-19-70; br-10-22-70; age-9-10-1893; Sec-38, lot-11; parents-Henry Stratman and Anna Stegner; born-KY; married; residence-485 Newman Ave, Ft Thomas; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-Ruth Stratman, wife
Stratman, Elizabeth  br-4-5-1913; Sec-6, lot-64; no other data
Stratman, F  br-11-24-1892; Sec-6, lot-64; no other data
Stratman, Florence  br-6-22-1907; Single grave-9, sec-1907; no other data
Stratman, Frances  d-1-8-1935; br-1-10-1935; age-44; Single grave-28, sec-69; parents-Chas and Anna Benke; born-Bellevue; married; place of death-1016 Columbia St, Newport
Stratman, Fred  br-1-5-1883; Sec-5, lot-64; no other data
Stratman, Herman Sr  d-4-4-1943; br-4-7-43; age-7-24-1872; Sec-61, lot-86; parents-Henry and Minnie Stratman; born-Pope County, IL; widowed; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-self; NR-Rae Ruff, 106 Ridgway Ave, Ft Thomas
Stratman, Herman  d-6-25-46; br-6-28-46; age-11-8-1901; Sec-61, lot-86; parents-Herman and Barbara Stratman; born-Indiana; single; place of death-VA Hosp; LO-self; NR-Mrs Willard Ruff, 106 Ridgway Ave, Ft Thomas
Stratman, Henry  br-4-12-27; Sec-39, lot-11; no other data
Stratman, Infant  br-9-1-1912; Single grave-67, sec-8; no other data
Stratman, Jack  br-8-2-1917; Single grave-379, sec-8; no other data
Stratman, Jack  d-7-23-1953; br-7-27-1953; age-71; Single grave-1152, sec-72; parents-Andrew and Mary Laken Stratman; born-Cinti; widowed; place of death-General Hosp, Cinti; cause of death-Heart attack; LO-self; NR-Marion Wile, daughter, 3926 Holbrook Ave, Cinti
Stratman, Jack  br-4-25-1929; Single grave-447, sec-45; no other data
Stratman, John F  br-10-19-1912; Sec-24, lot-12; no other data
Stratman, John Wm  d-5-9-1943; br-5-12-43; age-8-11-1866; Sec-24, lot-66; parents-Henry and Catherine Stratman; born-Ft Thomas; widowed; place of death-Clark Rest Home; LO-Chas Lurker; Unspecified address-25 Holmes Ave, Ft Thomas
Stratman, Leon E  d-2-5-68; br-2-8-68; age-70; Sec-54, lot-33 N1/2; parents-George Stratman and Laura Bridewell; born-Gubsers Mill, KY; married; residence & place of death-599 Waterworks Rd, Ft Thomas; LO-Freda Blum; NR-Mrs Colette Stratman, wife
Stratman, Mary Carrie  d-3-25-37; br-3-29-37; age-12-1854; Sec-1, lot-41; parents-Ernst and Catherine Stratman; born-Newport; single; place of death-612 Monroe St, Newport; LO-H Stratman
Stratman, Mattie  d-1-30-1951; br-2-2-1951; age-65; Single grave-1147, sec-72; parents-Wm and Margaret Case; born-Florence, KY; married; NR-Jack Stratman, 3926 Holbrook Ave, Cinti
Stratman, Ruth  br-7-11-27; Sec-54, lot-33; no other data
Stratman, W A  br-12-2-1904; Sec-6, lot-64; no other data
Stratman, Warren  d-6-1-1940; br-6-4-1940; age-2-28-1895; parents-Geo and Laura Bridwell Stratman; born-Gubsers Mill; married; place of death-Cinti; NR-Elsie Stratman, 1159 Grand Ave, Newport
Stratton, Betty Alice  d-8-2-1953; br-8-5-1953; age-8-1-1953; Single grave-1153, sec-70; parents-Gayle Patrick Stratton and Gladys Elliott; born-Covington; single; place of death-St Eliz Hosp; NR-Gayle Patrick Stratton, 1018 York St, Newport
Stratton, Hazel  br-1-5-28; Single grave-26, sec-47; no other data
Stratton, Infant  d-1-15-1952; br-1-17-1952; age-1-14-1952; Single grave-1250, sec-70; no box; parents-Chas and Hannah Willoughly Stratton; born-Dayton; NR-Chas Stratton, 536 Columbia St, Newport
Stratton, Thomas B, Rev  d-9-10-1936; br-9-12-1936; age-12-1-1854; Sec-54, lot-73 N1/2; parents-Hirma Stratton; born-KY; married; residence-Augusta, KY; place of death-Christ Hosp; LO-Thomas B Stratton
Stratton, Victoria W  d-11-25-1937; br-11-27-1937; age-2-15-1861; Sec-54, lot-73 N1/2; parents-Achilles Williams and Nancy McCoy; born-Pike Co, KY; widowed; residence-312 E 4th St, Augusta, KY; place of death-Christ Hosp; cause of death-(Broncho pneumonia); LO-Thos Stratton
Stratton, Wuendell H  br-9-11-1918; Sec-54, lot-73 N1/2; From Sec 45, grave 26
Strau, Samuel (Colored)  br-4-11-1917; Single grave-349, sec-42; no other data
Straub, Amanda  br-8-10-1920; Sec-31, lot-32 S1/2; no other data
Straub, Emma L (Child)  br-12-16-1900; Single grave-62, sec-1900; no other data
Straub, John H  d-10-15-1955; br-10-18-1955; age-65; Single grave-154, sec-35; born-Wisconisco, PA; widowed; place of death-Cinti VA Hosp; NR-none
Straub, Myrtle  d-10-19-1962; br-10-22-1962; age-80; Sec-52, lot-7; parents-Louis Belkly and Harriett Stevens; born-Newport; widowed; residence-821 Park Ave, Newport; place of death-459 Buckner St, Elsmere, KY; LO-self; NR-Mrs Charlotte Jacobs, daughter
Straub, William W  d-7-23-1957; br-7-26-1957; age-82; Sec-52, lot-7; parents-Louis Straub and Louise Miller; born-Cinti; married; residence-237 E 7th St, Newport; place of death-Newport Baptist Rest Home; LO & NR-Myrtle Straub, wife
Strauder, Annie  br-7-10-1933; Single grave-216, sec-43B; no other data
Strauder, Chas B  br-2-21-1931; Single grave-17, sec-43B; no other data
Straus, Albert  br-8-26-1893; Sec-14, lot-4; no other data
Straus, Alice  br-2-23-1920; Single grave-216, sec-45; no other data
Straus, Alice G  d-3-18-72; br-3-22-72; age-2-13-1907; Sec-60, lot-29; parents-Fred Ulrich and Catherine Williams; born-KY; widowed; residence-819 Dayton St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-self; NR-Mrs Ruth Gaines, daughter 819 Dayton St
Straus, Carrie  br-6-3-1912; Sec-14, lot-4; no other data
Straus, Clarence  d-1-16-42; br-1-19-1942; age-3-17-1890; Single grave-52, sec-72; parents-George and Margaret Straus; born-Paris, KY; divorced; place of death-Govt Hosp, Chillicothe, OH; NR-Gertrude Bower, 5448 Ralston Ave, Norwood
Straus, Edith  Single grave-L)10 (sic), sec-69; no other data
Straus, Erwin Ernst  br-2-2-1899; Sec-14, lot-4; no other data
Straus, Fred  br-9-12-1904; Single grave-243, sec-28; no other data
Straus, Fred L  d-6-27-1957; br-6-29-1957; age-69; Single grave-159, sec-25; parents-John and Katherine Straus; born-Newport; single; residence-241 Berry Ave, Bellevue; NR-Brooks Manser, sister
Straus, Infant  br-12-25-1889; Sec-2, lot-85; no other data
Straus, George  br-8-29-1934; Sec-33, lot-54 E1/2; LO-Anna Straus
Straus, Harry A  d-7-12-1947; br-7-15-1947; age-4-9-1892; Sec-15, lot-60; parents-Martin and Matilda Straus; born-Newport; single; place of death-residence; LO-Pickleman; NR-Matilda Straus, 1009 Hamlet St, Newport
Straus, Hedwig A  br-11-4-1919; Sec-33, lot-52 E1/2; no other data
Straus, Katherine  d-10-15-1935; br-10-18-1935; age-67; Sec-23, lot 29 E1/2; parents-Pfirmann; born-KY; married; residence-1071 Grand Ave, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Mrs C Pfirman
Straus, Infant  br-1-29-1919; Sec-14, lot-4; no other data
Straus, John  br-1-28-1922; Sec-14, lot-4; no other data
Straus, Joseph  d-1-3-71; br-1-5-71; age-86; Sec-60, lot-229; parents-John Straus and Katherine Pfierman; born-KY; married; residence-819 Dayton St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-self; NR-Mrs Alice Straus, wife
Straus, Joseph Jr.  (Child) br-6-21-1949; age-11; Sec-60, lot-229; parents-Joseph and Alice Straus; residence-646 Dayton St, Newport, KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Straus;
Straus, Kenneth James  br-8-4-1914; Sec-3, lot-75; no other data
Straus, L D  br-1-4-1890; Sec-2, lot-85; no other data
Straus, Marie C  d-10-12-1963; br-10-16-1963; age-67; Sec-63, lot-322 N1/2; parents-Pete Krebs and Catherine Tainey; born-KY; married; residence-224 W 11th St, Newport; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; LO & NR-Martin Straus, husband
Straus, Martin  br-8-29-1934; Sec-15, lot-60; LO-Pickelman; no other data
Straus, Matilda  br-11-9-1949; age-84; Sec-15, lot-60; parents-Ambrose and Margaret Pickleman; place of death-residence; LO-Pickleman; Unspecified address-737 Central Ave, Newport
Straus, Minnie  d-1-29-1961; br-2-1-1961; age-73; Sec-56, lot-3 S1/2; parents-Elijah Jones and Sarah Thackston; born-Bracken Co, KY; married; residence-712 Overton St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Stephen Straus, husband
Straus, Randolph  br-7-24-1905; Sec-14, lot-4; no other data
Straus, Rose  br-8-10-1923; Sec-14, lot-4; no other data
Straus, Stanley  br-1-23-35; Single grave-9, sec-69; no other data
Straus, Stanley R  d-11-3-71; br-11-5-71; age-49; Sec-63, lot-246 S1/2; parents-Stanley Straus and Edith Schuster; born-Newport; married; residence-22 Earnscliff Ct, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Mary C Straus, wife
Straus, Stephen  d-7-13-66; br-7-16-66; age-76; Sec-56, lot-13 S1/2; born-Romania; residence-712 Overton St, Newport; place of death-Lakeside PL, Highland Hts; LO-self; NR-Mrs Helen Menniger, 712 Overton
Straus, William Frederick  d-6-15-1955; br-6-18-1955; age-2-12-1892; Sec-60, lot-121; parents-John And Catherine Straus; born-Newport; married; place of death-St Lukes; LO & NR-Bertha Straus, 15 Ranshaw Rd, Highland Hts
Straus, Wm M  br-8-9-1893; Sec-14, lot-4; no other data
Strauss, Louise Emily  br-4-9-1949; age-68; Sec-33, lot-32 E1/2; parents-Frederick and Hedwig Strauss; single; residence & place of death-231 Evergreen Ave, Southgate;  LO-Strauss 
Strauss, Maggie  br-7-2-1920; Sec-20, lot-23; no other data
Strauss, Meta  d-7-27-71; br-7-30-71; age-97; Sec-33, lot-52 E1/2; parents-Frederick Strauss and Anna Hedwig; born-Germany, single; residence-134 Lafayette Ave, Bellevue; place of death-Lakeside Pl, Highland Hts; LO-George and Laura Roell, niece and nephew; NR-Mrs Laura Roell, niece
Strawn, Ollie  br-2-4-1919; Single grave-80, sec-45; no other data
Strebel, Infant  br-7-21-1922; Sec-29, lot-16; no other data
Strebel, Louise O  d-9-25-68; br-9-28-68; age-72; Sec-29, lot-16 E1/2; parents-Luis Skilton and Winifred Skilton; born-Norfolk, VA; divorced; residence-638 Monmouth St, Newport; place of death-Baptist Home, Newport; LO-Winnie Skilton; NR-Elwood L Strevel, son, 4701 Sycamore St, Cinti
Streeter, Mabel  d-5-21-1948; br-5-24-1948; age-68; Sec-24, lot-126; parents-George and Kate Anderson; born-Dayton, KY; residence & place of death-402 Dayton Ave, Dayton; LO-Anderson
Streeter, Robt Chas  br-9-14-1933; Sec-24, lot-125 & 126; LO-Geo Anderson
Streine, Caroline  d-1-15-1951; br-1-18-1951; age-82; Sec-13, lot-51; parents-Caroline Brent; born-Newport; married; place of death-residence; cause of death-Cerebral apoplexy; LO-Caroline Brent, daughter; NR-Mrs Carol Opperman, New Bremen, OH
Streine, Ella N  d-6-7-1965; br-6-10-1965; age-7-21-1882; Sec-9, lot-109; parents-Fred Knarr and Lampe; born-Newport; widowed; residence-405 W 13th St, Newport; place of death-Lakeside Pl, LO-Thomas Kennen, signed permission to use; NR-Mrs John Fronk, daughter
Streine, Emma Clara  br-8-31-1917; Sec-24, lot-4 E1/2; no other data
Streine, Frank  br-12-11-1917; Single grave-624, sec-28; no other data
Streine, Frank H  br-6-18-1935; Sec-24, lot-4 E1/2; married; place of death-Zanesville, OH
Streine, Infant  br-12-23-1890; Single grave-79, sec-1890; no other data
Streine, Max E  d-5-30-1965; br-6-3-1965; age-80; Sec-9, lot-109; parents-Richard Streine; born-Germany; married; residence-405 W 13th St, Newport; place of death-Lakeside Pl; LO-Thos Kenne, permission to use; NR-Ella Streine, wife
Streine, Richard (Adult)  br-9-1-1896; Single grave-47, sec-1896; no other data
Streiner, Emelia  br-1-7-1911; Single grave-623, sec-28; no other data

Stricker, (Adult)  br-7-22-1890; Single grave-34, sec-1890; no other data
Stricker, Albert  d-6-11-1956; br-6-14-1956; age-9-16-1877; Sec-34, lot-44 E1/2; parents-John Stricker and Margaret Risch; born-Newport; single; residence-507 W 8th St, Newport; place of death-Eastern State Hosp, Lexington; LO-Henry Stricker, son; NR-Margaret Griesinger, sister
Stricker, Albert  br-2-18-1918; Sec-1, lot-11-12-19-20; no other data
Stricker, Carrie  (City of Newport)  d-8-17-1936; br-8-31-1936; age-83; Sec-14, lot-18 N1/2; parents-Ezekial Sutton and Caroline Hall; born-Indiana; widowed; residence-406 Chestnut St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; cause of death-Cerebral accident; LO-Mrs C Stricker
Stricker, Catherine  d-9-24-1938; br-9-26-1938; age-76; Sec-71, lot-47 S1/2; parents-Wm Schramm and Justina Ahrnling; born-Hamilton, OH; widowed; place of death-9 Trinity Pl, Ft Thomas; LO & NR-Nora Lock
Stricker, Charles F  br-9-11-1899; Sec-27, lot-11; no other data
Stricker, Clarence E Sr  d-4-8-1954; br-4-12-1958; age-1-22-1893; Sec-59, lot-234; parents-Edward Stricker and Rose Rehl; born-Newport; married; place of death-St Eliz Hosp; LO-self; NR-Freida Stricker, 1123 Columbia St, Newport
Stricker, Edward  br-5-24-1917; Single grave-248, sec-41; no other data
Stricker, Elizabeth  br-2-22-1913; Sec-1, lot-11; no other data
Stricker, Ella  br-1-17-1921; Single grave-275, sec-45; no other data
Stricker, Emma  d-8-9-59; br-8-13-59; age-89; Sec-60, lot-145; parents-Andrew Schneider, father; widowed; residence-523 W 8th St, Newport; LO & NR-Margie Stricker
Stricker, Emma  br-11-15-1924; Sec-34, lot-5 E1/2; no other data
Stricker, Frank  d-3-15-1935; br-3-16-1935; age-2-20-1884; Sec-14, lot-18 N1/2; parents-Geo and Carrie Sutton; born-Newport; single; place of death-408 Chestnut St, Newport; LO-Mrs C Stricker
Stricker, Frank  br-1-19-1921; Sec-1, lot-12; no other data
Stricker, Fred (Infant)  br-8-5-1906; Sec-13, lot-52; no other data
Stricker, Geo W  br-4-14-1924; Sec-14, lot-18; no other data
Stricker, Harry Charles  d-6-3-1942; br-6-5-1942; age-8-20-1881; Sec-17, lot-11; parents-Charles Stricker and Kate Leinhardt; born-KY; single; place of death-Christ Hosp; LO & NR-Mrs Kate Stricker, Kemper Lane Hotel, Cinti
Stricker, Henry  br-5-18-1916; Sec-34, lot-44 E1/2; no other data
Stricker, Henry Charles  d-9-13-1954; br-9-16-1954; age-7-15-1904; sec-60, lot-145; parents-William Stricker and Emma Schnieder; born-Newport; divorced; place of death-Covington; LO-Margie Stricker, sister; NR-Emma Stricker, 523 W 8th St, Newport
Stricker, Infant  br-5-15-1891; Single grave-32, sec-1891; no other data
Stricker, Jane  br-4-30-1885; Sec-1, lot-19; no other data
Stricker, James br-11-8-1890; Sec-1, lot-20; no other data
Stricker, Jas  br-4-30-1885; Sec-1, lot-20; no other data
Stricker, John  d-7-27-68; br-7-31-68; age-67; Sec-60, lot-8A; parents-John Stricker and Ella Bock; born-Newport; widowed; residence-1204 Race St, Cinti; place of death-Jewish Hosp; LO-self; NR-Mrs Alice Ewing, sister, 838 Patterson St, Newport
Stricker, John  br-11-5-1908; Single grave-225, sec-35; no other data
Stricker, Lillian  br-6-6-1904; Sec-13, lot-52; no other data
Stricker, Lois  d-3-19-1954; br-3-23-1954; age-4-21-1912; Sec-60, lot-8A; parents-Thomas McHugh and Rose Jordan; born-New York City; married; place of death-residence; LO & NR-John Stricker, husband, 924 Elm St, Cinti;
Stricker, Louisa  br-11-25-1905; Single grave-411, sec-28; no other data
Stricker, Kate M  d-7-14-1943; br-7-16-1943; age-11-10-1852; Sec-27, lot-11; parents-Andrew Linhardt; born-Canada; widowed; LO-self; place of death-428 Kemper Lane Hotel; NR-Chas C Benedict, atty, Union Trust Bldg, Cinti
Stricker, Margaret  d-11-14-73; br-11-17-73; age-76; Sec-60, lot-16B; parents-William Stricker and Emma Schneider; born-Newport; single; residence-523 W 8th St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Margie Stricker; NR-Loraine Rhein, 462 Washington Ave, Bellevue
Stricker, Mary  br-11-8-1907; Sec-1, lot-12; no other data
Stricker, Morgan br-9-8-1933; Sec-1, lot-12; no other data
Stricker, Pauline  d-5-21-1938; br-5-24-1938; age-10-8-1868; parents-Herman Heyne and Louisa; born-Cinti; widowed; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Jacob Hoff; NR-Mrs Harry Ashbaugh, 1409 Caroline Ave, Bond Hill, Cinti
Stricker, Robert L  d-2-13-1945; br-5-1-1950; age-10-6-1924; Sec-59, lot-234; parents-Clarence and Freida Stricker; born-Newport; single; place of death-Vienna, Austria; LO & NR-Clarence Stricker, 1123 Columbia St, Newport
Stricker, William  br-8-7-1906; Sec-13, lot-52; no other data
Stricker, Wm  br-9-9-1921; Sec-1, lot-11-12-19-20; no other data
Stricker, W O B  br-3-28-1905; Sec-1, lot-11; no other data
Strickland, David E  d-6-7-1965; br-6-10-1965; age-74; Sec-73, lot-232; born-Cynthiana, KY; married; residence-218 Center St, Bellevue; place of death-Dayton; LO & NR-Della Strickland, wife
Strickland, Martha  d-2-15-1953; br-2-19-1953; age-81; Single grave-33, sec-74; parents-John F and Jane Scherbeck; born-Newport; widowed; place of death-Speers Hosp; cause of death-cardiovascular; NR-Fred Joslyn, Ft Knox, KY
Strickland, Mathilda E  br-7-23-1926; Sec-3, lot-44; no other data
Stringfield, Sterling  br-2-15-1930; Sec-54, lot-121 N1/2; LO-John P Theiss; no other data
Strinko, Valentine  d-10-22-1961; br-10-25-1961; age-74; Sec-52, lot-64B; born-Czechoslovakia; widowed; residence-933 Walnut St, Dayton, KY;  LO & NR-Peter Strinko, son
Stris, James  d-9-8-69; br-9-11-69; age-89; Sec-63, lot-55 N1/2; residence-1120 Liberty St, Newport; place of death-Ft Thomas; LO-self; NR-Laura Beck, wife
Stris, Joseph  d-6-14-1974; br-6-17-1974; age-2-15-1912; Single grave-289, sec-25; parents-James Stris and Anna Bencurick; born-Newport; residence-1017 Orchard St, Newport; place of death-Cinti VA Hosp; NR-Zita Miller, sister, 6248 College View, Cinti
Stris, Steve  d-5-17-1960; br-5-19-1960; age-49; Single grave-122B, sec-52; parents-James and Anna Bencurik; born-Middletown, OH; single; residence-814 Isabella St, Newport; NR-James Stris, father

Strobel, Anna  br-10-12-1914; Sec-33, lot-34; no other data
Strobel, Charles E  d-11-1-1955; br-11-4-1955; age-78; Sec-51, lot-21; born-Cinti; married; place of death-St Lukes Hosp; LO & NR-Robert Strobel, 2323 Joyce Ave, Southgate
Strobel, Conrad  br-12-5-1907; Sec-33, lot-34 W/12; Removed from Sec 28, grave-570
Strobel, Earhart  br-7-7-1883; Sec-14, lot-3; Removed from Grave 49, sec-1883
Strobel, Edna  br-8-11-1893;  Sec-14, lot-3; no other data
Strobel, Elizabeth  br-10-20-1908; Sec-14, lot-3 N1/2; no other data
Strobel, Elizabeth  d-1-22-1941; br-1-27-1941; age-1-10-1861; Sec-14, lot-illegible; parents-Mathew Donald; born-Cinti; widowed; place of death-740 Ann St, Newport; LO-illegible; NR-Pearl Campbell, 740 Ann
Strobel, Erhardt  br-3-5-1904; Sec-14, lot-3; no other data
Strobel, Erhart  br-2-12-1896; Sec-14, lot-3; no other data
Strobel, Esther  d-4-29-1956; br-5-2-1956; age-70; Sec-51, lot-21; born-Georgetown, OH; widowed; residence-156 Fairfield Ave, Bellevue;  PD-Lexington, KY; LO & NR-Robert Strobel, son, 2323 Joyce Ave, Newport
Strobel, George E  d-12-1-1952; br-12-14-1952; age-7-30-1918; Single grave-112, sec-74; parents-Geo Strobel and Edna Arend;  born-Cinti; married; place of death-residence; cause of death-Cervical fracture;  NR-Joan L Strobel, 31 E 5th St, Newport
Strobel, Geo  br-12-19-1922; Sec-33, lot-34 N1/2; no other data
Strobel, Jacob  br-6-18-1908; Sec-33, lot-34 W1/2; no other data
Strobel, John  br-9-9-1911; Sec-33, lot-34 W1/2; no other data
Strobel, John  br-11-24-1902; Sec-14, lot-3; no other data
Strobel, Mary  br-3-6-1888; Sec-14, lot-3 N1/2; no other data
Strohm, Clifford  d-9-7-1961; br-9-11-1961; age-5-7-1885; Sec-61, lot-53; parents-William Strohm and Rosa Heiser; born-Ft Thomas; married; residence-121 25th Ave, E Bradington, FL; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-self; NR-Mae Strohm, wife
Strohm, Georgia  br-5-25-1915; Single grave-222, sec-8; no other data
Strohm, Gordon  br-12-2-28; Sec-61, lot-53; no other data
Strohm, Lillie  d-8-3-46; br-8-6-46; age-6-25-1871; Sec-1, lot-27 N1/2; parents-William and Rose Strohm; born-Newport; single; residence-Old Bath, IN; place of death-residence; LO-Strohm
Strohm, Rosa  br-1-30-1934; Sec-1, lot-27 N1/2; no other data
Strohm, Wm  br-6-20-1916; Sec-1, lot-27 N1/2; no other data
Strolm, Caspar (US)  br-12-27-1893; Single grave-6, sec-25; no other data
Strombe, Carroll (Child)  br-12-30-1884; Single grave-71, sec-1884; no other data
Strong, Rev Anna Raison br-1-16-1933; Sec-20, lot-92A; Placed in sarcophagus on above date.
Strong, Wm  br-9-16-1925; Sec-20, lot-90A; no other data
Stroop, Olive  br-11-7-1923;  Sec-17, lot-93; no other data
Stroube, ---- br-7-10-1883; no grave listed, Interment-6318
Stroube Anna M  br-7-13-1922; Sec-3, lot-5; no other data
Stroube, Drucilla M  d-8-1-1947; br-8-5-1947; age-53; Sec-3, lot-5 N1/2; parents-Claud Deval Godbus and Dora Celesta Newby; born-Richmond, VA; married; place of death-residence; NR-Harlan L Stroube, 2805 Harrison Ave, Cinti
Stroube, Harlan L  d-7-24-1956; br-7-27-1956; age-9-18-1892; Sec-3, lot-5 N1/2; parents-Wm Stroube and Anna M Frass; born-Dayton KY; married; residence-2511 Harnsford Pl, Cinti; cause of death-Cancer; LO-W H Stroube, father; NR-Juanita Stroube 2511 Hansford Pl
Stroube, Infant  br-5-22-1887; Single grave-31, sec-1887; no other data
Stroube, Juanita A  d-3-14-1960; br-3-17-1960; age-81; Sec-73, lot-167; parents-Harry Applegate and Edna Botts; born-Bellevue; widowed; place of death-Good Samaritan Hosp; LO-J Stroube and J Graham; NR-Mrs Janet Graham, daughter
Stoube, Wm  br-4-24-1950; Sec-3, lot-5; no other data

Strub, Earl Edwin  d-6-10-1963; br-6-13-1963; age-56; Sec-63, lot-324 S1/2; parents-Edward Strub and Bessie Hurd; married; residence-200 6th Ave, Dayton, KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Ruth E Strub, wife
Strub, Bessie  d-12-13-1958; br-12-17-1958; age-79; Sec-52, lot-12; parents-Chas T and Rindy Ann Hurd; born-Boston, KY; widowed; residence-718 3rd Ave, Dayton, KY;  place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Marlen Strub, daughter
Strub, Clarence  d-6-1-42; br-6-8-1942; age-21; Sec-17, lot-47; parents-Edward and Bessie Strub; born-Newport; single; place of death-Tucson AZ; LO-Edward Strub; Unspecified address-420 Columbia, Newport
Strub, Edward  d-10-5-1929; Sec-27, lot-47; LO-Edward Strub
Strub, Edward Jr  br-4-10-1926; Sec-27, lot-47; no other data
Strub, Henry   br-2-27-1932; Sec-27, lot-47; LO-Edward Strub
Strub, John   br-4-25-1908; Sec-27, lot-47; no other data
Strub, Louis G  d-10-29-1936; br-10-29-1936; age-6-19-1871; Sec-27, lot-47; parents-Edward and Margaret Strub; born-Newport; married; residence-County infirmary; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Edward Strub
Strub, Margaret  br-12-24-1923; Sec-27, lot-47; no other data
Strub, Marie C  d-9-8-67; br-9-12-67; age-72; Sec-27, lot-47; parents-Charles Steinford and Clara Casselman; born-Covington; widowed;  residence-1014 Taylor Ave, Bellevue; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Edward Strub, permission given; NR-Mr George Steinford, brother, 513 W 6th St, Covington
Strub, Sewell J  br-7-22-1920; Sec-27, lot-47; no other data
Strub, Vernon C  d-9-6-67 ; br-9-12-67; age-78; Sec-27, lot-47; parents-Edward Strub and Margaret; born-Cinti; married; residence-1014 Taylor Ave, Bellevue; place of death-St Lukes Hosp; LO-Edward Strub, father; NR-Mrs Marie C Strub, wife
Strub, Wm  br-3-5-1949; Single grave-705, lot-72; parents-Edw and Margt Strub; married; Unspecified address, 2105 Monmouth St, Newport
Strub, William D  (Child)  br-8-13-1899; Single grave-38; sec-1899; no other data
Struble, Dr Chas  br-7-22-1920; Sec-44, lot-26D; no other data
Struble, Florence B  br-10-27-1932; Sec-3, lot-83; LO-Arthur Trappe
Struble, Gordon  br-6-3-1925; Sec-3, lot-83;
Struble, Mary E  d-1-13-1960; br-1-18-1960; age-82; Sec-44, lot-26D; parents-Chas E Heidrich and Margaret Kramer; born-Dayton, KY; widowed; residence-331 N Ft Thomas Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Struble and McArthur; NR-Chas H Struble, son, 3431 Pape Ave, Cinti
Strull, Clara  d-7-26-1960; br-7-30-1960; age-74; Sec-61, lot-142; parents-Oliver Brown and Clara Dressing; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-253 Foote Ave, Bellevue; LO-self; NR-Vivian Raymond, daughter, 401 Clark St, Bellevue
Strull, Sgt Donald  d-7-17-44; br-2-14-1948; Sec-81, lot-142; parents-Henry and Clara Strull; born-Dayton, KY; single; place of death-European War Theatre 2; LO-Strull; NR-Henry Strull, 2437 N Ft Thomas Ave, Ft Thomas
Strull, Ella  br-1-5-28; Sec-54, lot-35 N1/2; no other data
Strull, Ella M  br-5-20-1912; Sec-54, lot-35; From Sec-43, grave-29; no other data
Strull, Henry C  d-12-31-1958; br-1-3-1959; age-10-23-1882; Sec-61, lot-142; parents-Henry Strull and Ellie Schry; born-Cinti; married; residence-314 Sixth Ave, Dayton; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-self; NR-Clara Strull, wife
Strull, Henry  br-2-20-1931; Sec-54, lot-35 N1/2; LO-Henry Strull; no other data
Strull, William J  d-6-4-1961; br-6-8-1961; age-74; Sec-54, lot-35 N1/2; parents-Henry Strull and Ella Schry; born-Cinti; single; residence-328 Third Ave, Dayton, KY; LO-Henry Strull, son; NR-Carrie Barth, sister
Strum, Louisa  br-5-26-1919; Single grave-5, sec-45; no other data
Struve, illegible  d-3-9-1962; br-3-12-1962; age-70; Sec-73, lot-407 S1/2; parents-Louis D Struve and Statia Patton; born-Harrison Co, KY; married; LO & NR-Mattie Struve, wife

Stuard, Clay  d-1-22-1973; br-1-25-1973; age-76; Sec-64, lot-130 S1/2; parents-Thomas Stuard and Mella Lee Hughes; born-Gallatin County, KY; married; residence-622 Lewis St, Covington; place of death-VA Hosp, Cinti; LO & NR-Luella Stuard, wife
Stuart, Harry B  d-8-28-1964; br-9-1-1964; age-9-8-1898; Sec-60, lot-273; parents-Omar Stuart and Sarah Jones; born-Marengo, IN; married; residence-236 E 4th St, Newport; place of death-DOA St Luke Hosp; LO-self; NR-Helen Stuart, wife
Stuart, Omer Elsworth  d-5-26-1957; br-5-29-57; age-5-12-1876; Sec-60, lot-35D; parents-John Stuart and Sarah E Lamb; born-IN; widowed; residence-732 Maple Ave, Newport; NR-Mrs James Fields, daughter
Stub, Anna Marie  d-2-20-1975; br-3-2-1975; age-2-4-1888; Sec-34, lot-1; place of death-Los Angeles; LO-Henry and Catherine Droege; NR-Richard P Walter, 338 W Lemon Ave, Monrovia, CA
Stub, Conrad (Ashes)  br-7-21-1923; Sec-9, lot-2; no other data
Stub, Elizabeth  br-7-27-1931; Sec-9, lot-2; LO-Geo Kaufman
Stuber, Carl  br-10-30-1913; Sec-3, lot-92; no other data
Stuber, Rose Adele  br-3-2-1914; Sec-3, lot-92; no other data
Stuch, Infant  br-11-25-1925; Single grave-136, sec-47; no other data
Stucker, Dorothy Wanda  br-4-1-1931; Sec-15, lot-120 N1/2; LO-J Clos
Stucker, Frank  br-4-11-1932; Sec-15, lot-120 N1/2; LO-Jacob Clos
Stucker, Harriet and Infant Earl  br-1-4-1932; Sec-15, lot-120 N1/2; LO-Jacob Clos
Stuckum, Wm (Adult)  br-1-20-1887; Single grave-2, sec-1887; no other data
Stuckwisch, Geo Ernst  br-3-21-1934; Sec-26, lot-37; LO-Stuckwisch
Stuckwisch, George  br-12-11-1920; Sec-26, lot-37; no other data
Stuckwisch, John H  d-8-3-1943; br-8-7-1943; age-1-29-1874; Sec-26, lot-37; parents-George and Minnie Buecker Stuckwisch; born-Cinti; place of death-2744 Arbor Ave, Cinti; LO-Geo F Stuckwisch
Stuckwisch, Mrs Katherine A  d-2-3-72; br-2-12-72; age-93; Sec-26, lot-37; parents-Thomas Mullen and Mary Heffron; born-Cinti; widowed; residence & place of death-121 W Walnut St, Southgate; LO-Geo Stuckwisch; NR-Mrs Wm Anberg(?), daughter
Stuckwisch, Minnie  d-6-6-1936; br-6-9-1936; age-85; Sec-26, lot-37; parents-Ernest and Eliza Buecker, Cinti; cause of death-nephritis; LO-Geo F Stuckwisch
Stuckwisch, Nellie  br-10-13-1924; Sec-26, lot-37; no other data
Studier, Margaret  br-3-4-27; sec-17, lot-19; no other data
Stuebe, Max  d-12-7-1953; br-12-10-1953; age-3-23-1893; Sec-61, lot-3; parents-William Stuebe and Carrie; born-Cinti; place of death-residence; LO-self; NR-Ethel Stuebe, 274 Bluegrass Ave, Southgate
Stuebe, Dan  br-12-26-1919; Single grave-505, sec-8; no other data
Stuempel, Julia  d-11-16-1974; br-11-20-1974; age-10-1-1888; Sec-64, lot-146 S1/2; parents-Perry Kennett and Lucy McClain; born-OH; single; residence-800 Highland Ave, Covington; place of death-St Eliz Hosp; NR-Kenneth Stuempel, son, 107 15th St, Newport
Stuempel, Werner A  d-11-1-1972; br-12-4-1972; age-6/9/1888, 84; Sec-64, lot-146 S1/2; parents-Fred L Stuempel and Anna Joehring; born-OH; married; residence & place of death-62 Summer Hill, Newport; LO & NR-Mrs Julia T Stuempel, wife
Stuhl, Mary Jane  br-5-31-1945; Single grave-439, sec-46; no other data
Stull, Amelia  br-2-28-1916; Sec-5, lot-1; Removed to Sec-39, lot-16
Stull, Ben  d-10-15-1939; br-10-18-1939; age-45; Single grave-230, sec-68; parents-Samuel and Sarah Stull; born-KY; married; place of death-Dayton, KY; NR-Bessie Stull, 211 Columbia St, Newport
Stull, Clarence C  d-10-9-74; br-10-12-74; age-91; Sec-39, lot-15 S1/2; parents-Sam and Ida Stulll; born-Newport; widowed; residence-5 Center St, Wilder, KY; place of death-Lakeside PL; LO-Ida Stull; NR-Ben Stull, son
Stull, Clara Bell  d-11-30-1940; br-12-3-1940; age-56; Sec-39, lot-15 S1/2; parents-Lavenberg; born-Cinti; married; place of death-St Marys Hosp; LO-Ida Stull; NR-Clarence Stull, 932 Saratoga St, Newport
Stull, Ida  br-2-5-27; Sec-39, lot-15 S1/2; no other data
Stull, Mary  br-3-9-1892; Sec-5, lot-1; no other data
Stull, Samuel  br-3-15-28; Sec-39, lot-15 S1/2; no other data
Stull, Sarah  d-10-14-69; br-10-17-69; age-3-9-1899; Single grave-697; sec-illegible; parents-illegible; born-KY; residence-Newport KY; place of death-(?) Hosp; LO & NR-Dorothy Miller; sister, 7th St, Newport
Stull, Sarah  (Infant)  d-7-4-1937; br-7-7-1937; age-1-22-1937; Single grave-787, sec-70; parents-James Stull and Hazel Stahl; born-Covington; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-James Stull, father, 202 Central Ave, Newport
Stultz, E H (Infant)  br-7-6-1905; Single grave-38, sec-1905; no other data
Stultz, Libert  br-10-30-1911; Single grave-625, sec-42; no other data
Stulz, George  d-1-21-1955; br-1-25-1955; age-9-2-1889; Sec-59, lot-96 E1/2; parents-Robert Stulz and Margaret Kiefer; born-Newport; place of death-Eastern State Hosp; LO-self; NR-Joseh C Stulz, brother, Denver, Co
Stulz, Margaret  d-8-31-1946; br-9-6-1946; age-91; Sec-59, lot-96 E1/2; parents-Kiefer; born-Germany; widowed; place of death-residence; LO-Geo Stulz; NR-Mrs Rose Elkman, 506 Thornton St, Newport
Stump, Christopher  br-2-19-1909; Single grave-196, sec-35; no other data
Stump, Infant  br-1-22-1891; Single grave-8, sec-1891; no other data
Stump, J N (Child)  br-7-3-1890; Single grave-50, sec-1890; no other data
Stumpf, Adam  d-1-29-72; br-2-2-72; age-2-8-1912; Sec-41, lot-22S; parents-Joseph Stumpf and Eliza Barter; born-Sharon, PA; married; residence-32 9th Ave, Dayton; place of death-St Luke; cause of death-DOA; LO & NR-Bessie Stumpf, wife, 326 9th Ave, Dayton, KY
Stumpf, Augusta  br-12-19-1917; Sec-27, lot-68; no other data
Stumpf, Catherine  d-10-30-1957; br-11-2-1957; age-73; Sec-17, lot-65; parents-George and Madeline Hann; born-Newport; married; residence-561 Lexington Ave, Newport; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-Brandt and Schraffenberger, grandparents; NR-Verner Stumpf, husband
Stumpf, Elsie  br-9-25-1926; Single grave-235, sec-48; no other data
Stumpf, Emma  d-10-23-1964; br-10-26-1964; age-11-1-1896; Sec-27, lot-86 N1/2; parents-John Stumpf and Augusta Volkering; born-Cinti; single; residence-2239 Joyce Ave, Newport; place of death-Baptist Home, Newport; LO-John Stumpf, father; NR-Mathilda VanKamp, sister
Stumpf, George E  d-1-31-63; br-2-4-63; age-72; Sec-55, lot-72; parents-Henry Stumpf and Emma Duckworth; born-KY; married; residence-33 Beechwood R, S Ft Mitchell; place of death-Covington; LO-Ruth Reikers Stumpf; NR-Julia M Stumpf, wife
Stumpf, Hilda Elizabeth  d-6-25-1942; br-6-29-1942; age-3-19-1895; Sec-17, lot-86N; parents-John and Augusta Stumpf; born-Cinti; PD-St Elizabeth Hosp; LO-John Stumpf; Unspecified address-8 Summer Hill Ave, Newport
Stumpf, John br-12-9-1908; Sec-27, lot-86; no other data
Stumpf, Julius  br-2-28-1907; Sec-27, lot-86; no other data
Stumpf, Ruth  d-9-25-1944; br-9-28-44; age-53; Sec-55, lot-72; parents-Edward Reichers and Mary Westwood; born-Newport; married; place of death-Deaconess Hosp; LO & NR-George Stumpf, 2001 Greenup St Covington
Stumpf, Verner Archibald  d-1-11-1963; br-1-14-1963; age-6-16-1884; Sec-17, lot-65; parents-Henry Stumpf and Emma Duckworth; born-Alexandria; married; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Brandt A Schraffenberger; NR-George Stumpf, brother 33 Beechwood, S Ft Mitchell
Sturgeon, Arthur W  no dates; Sec-54, lot-71; LO-Riley Owens; Interment 29633, permit-12411
Sturgeon, Belle  d-12-30-1934; br-1-2-1924; age-89; Single grave-330, sec-45; parents-Alexander; born-Grant Co; widowed; residence-423 Chestnut St, Cinti; place of death-Cinti General Hosp
Sturgeon, Bessie  br-3-16-1917; Single grave-348, sec-8; no other data
Sturgeon. Clara R Baker  d-6-19-64; br-6-23-64; age-8-31-1876; Sec-33, lot-51 E1/2; parents-Charles Bennett and Emily Pyles Bennett; born-Camp Point, IL; widowed; residence-413 Bird St, Covington; place of death-Covington; LO-self; NR-Mrs Chas T Hall
Sturgeon, George  br-8-5-1914; Single grave-166, sec-41; no other data
Sturgeon, Erwin  d-3-1-1937; br-3-4-1937; age-12-1-1907; Single grave-434, sec-69; parents-John and Anna Sturgeon; place of death-Liberty Township Butler Co, OH; cause of death-Burned in auto truck; Unspecified address-8th & Central Ave, Cinti
Sturgeon, Infant  br-2-24-1925; Single grave-191, sec-47; no other data
Sturgeon, Infant  br-11-4-1926; Single grave-86, sec-47; no other data
Sturgeon, Lucetta  br-1-9-1924; Sec-54, lot-71; no other data
Sturgeon, Robert  (Card is not legible)  d or br-2-15-1941; age-11-4-1872; Single grave-(?), sec-45; parents-Geo and Bell Alexander; born-KY; widowed; place of death-Cinti; NR-Mrs Jos Ohmer, Cold Springs; Unspecified address 55 Licking Pk, Newport
Sturgeon, Rubie J  br-1-12-27; Single grave-403, sec-45; no other data
Sturm, Charles B (Frankie)  d-11-21-1963; br-12-24-1963; age-7-14-1895; Sec-54, lot-68 N1/2; parents-Edward Sturm and Lillie Doyle; born-Newport; married; residence-721 Roberts, Newport; place of death-Huntington, WV; LO-George Dilling and Lillie Doyle, parents in law; NR-Loretta Dilling Sturm, wife
Sturm, Fred J  d-11-21-1958; br-11-24-1958; age-72; Sec-73, lot-133; parents-Andrew Sturm; born-Lawrenceburg, IN; married; residence-101 Washington Ave, Bellevue; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Edna G Sturm and Fred C Klett, wife; NR-Edna Strum, wife
Sturm, Jacob  br-10-2-1929(?); Single grave-6, lot-45; no other data
Stuteleman, Wm  br-12-1-1887; Sec-17, lot-15; no other data
Stuttler, Ellen (Infant)  br-6-14-1908; Single grave-42, sec-1908; no other data
Stuttler, William  br-1-26-1914; Single grave-636, sec-42; no other data
Stutz, John  br-6-3-1926; Sec-54, lot-127 S1/2; no other data

Styer, George W  d-4-26-1963; br-4-30-1963; age-9-16-1867; Sec-52, lot-132; parents-Charles Styer and Amanda Gates; born-Riverstix, OH; widowed; residence-918 Fifth Ave, Dayton, KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-self; NR-Laura Bihl, daughter
Styer, Laura A  d-5-12-1952; br-5-15-1952; age-75; Sec-52, lot-132; parents-Frank Spellman; born-Cinti; married; place of death-1300 Dayton Ave, Dayton; cause of death-Pneumonia; LO & NR-George W Styer, husband, 918 Fifth Ave, Dayton
Styles, Arthur  br-8-1-1910; Sec-10, lot-25; no other data
Styles, Benjamin  br-6-6-1899; Sec-10, lot-25; no other data
Styles, Bertha Margaret  d-7-4-72; br-7-8-72; age-92; Sec-56, lot-39 S1/2; parents-Dan Schorry and Kunigundi Ullnerr; born-Newport; widowed; residence-1137 Isabella St, Newport; place of death-Baptist Rest Home, Newport; LO-self; NR-Miss Ruth Styles, daughter
Styles, Fred L  d-2-4-1945; br-2-8-1945; age-65; Sec-56, lot-39 S1/2; parents-George W Styles and Mary Highman; place of death-residence; LO-Bertha Styles; NR-Martha Schorry, 1137 Isabella St, Newport
Styles, Frederick G W  d-11-13-1961; br-11-16-1961; age-53; Sec-56, lot-39 S1/2; parents-Frederick Styles and Bertha Schorry; born-Newport; married; residence-305 Covert Run Pk, Bellevue; LO-Bertha Styles, mother; NR-Elizabeth Styles, wife
Styles, George W  br-3-21-1905; Sec-10, lot-25; no other data
Styles, Mary  br-7-22-1895; Sec-10, lot-25; no other data
Styles, Mary Jane  br-9-6-1930; Sec-10, lot-25; LO-Geo W Styles

Sudkamp, Emma  br-1-26-1926; Sec-33, lot-35 E1/2; no other data
Sudkamp, Harry  br-10-14-1916; Sec-33, lot-35 E1/2; no other data
Sue, Chas B  br-5-19-1921; Single grave-9, sec-48; no other data
Sue, (Note:  data on this card not visible behind Chas B Sue card)
Sue, Geo Jr. (Child)  br-11-17-1891; Single grave-79, sec-1891;
Sue, Geo B  br-1-2-1918; Single grave-290, sec-41; no other data
Sue, Infant  br-7-18-1891; Single grave-55,  sec-1891; no other data
Suesser, Kate  br-12-16-1908; Sec-13, lot-13; no other data
Sugden, George  br-12-28-1909; Sec-20, lot-54; no other data
Sugger, Jos  br-11-30-1894; Sec-16, lot-26; no other data
Suhr, Henry  br-4-19-1888; Sec-9, lot-24; Removed from grave-25, sec-1888
Suhre, Catherine  br-7-28-1949; age-88; Sec-37, lot-16 S1/2; parents-F Anton Suhre; widowed; place of death-401 Washington Ave, Bellevue; LO-Fred A Suhr
Suhre, Edna M  d-12-17-67; br-1-15-68; age-69; Sec-37, lot-16 S1/2; parents-Frederick Suhre and Catherine Mienke; born-Bellevue; single; residence-343 Prospect, Bellevue; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Fred A Suhre, father; NR-Mr Walter Suhre, nephew, 2739 LaFeuille Ave, Cinti
Suhre, Fred A  br-3-31-1930; Sec-37, lot-16 S1/2; no other data
Suhre, George F  d-1-9-1953; br-1-13-1953; Sec-37, lot-16 S1/2; parents-Fred and Catherine Suhre; born-Bellevue; divorced; place of death-General Hosp, Cinti; LO-Fred A Suhre, father; NR-Dr Walter Suhre, 30 Dumphries Ave, Ft Thomas
Suhre, Helen  br-6-13-1911;  Sec-37, lot-16 S1/2; no other data
Suhre, Walter A  b-9-24-67; br-9-27-67; age-67; Sec-52, lot-34; parents-Fred Suhre and Catherine Meinke; born-Bellevue; married; residence-30 Dumfries Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Luke Hospital; LO-Heimbuch and Suhre; NR-Mrs Elizabeth Suhre, wife
Suhre, William Fred  d-2-24-64; br-10-12-67; age-61; Sec-37, lot-16 S1/2; parents-Fred Suhre and Catherine Meinke; single; residence-343 Prospect St, Bellevue; place of death-Bellevue; LO-Fred A Suhre, father; NR-Miss Edna Suhre, sister, 343 Prospect, Bellevue
Sullender, Clifford B  d-4-28-67; br-5-1-67; age-69; Sec-65, lot-52 C; parents-Frank Sullender and Vessie Mathilda Kelly; born-Madison, IN; married; residence-Hwy 27 Sun Valley, KY; place of death-Bethesda Hosp; LO & NR-Martha Sullender, wife
Sullender, David Allen  d-9-23-71; br-9-24-71; age-stillborn; Single grave-445, sec-53; parents-Jack F Sullender and Joan Sorrells; born-Ft Thomas; residence-815 Maple Ave, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; NR-Mr & Mrs Jack F Sullender, parents
Sullender, Dorothy May  d-12-10-1957; br-12-14-1957; age-6-15-1936; Single grave-931, sec-68; parents-Theodore and Irene Roberts; born-Harrison Co, KY; married; residence-Licking Pk, Alexandria; cause of death-Auto accident Alex Pk; fractured skull; LO-self; NR-Robert Sullender, husband
Sullender, Infant (Female)  d-6-19-66; br-6-20-66; age-stillborn; Single grave-288, lot-53; parents-Robert Sullender and Bonnie Roberts; born-Covington; single; residence-RR#2 Box 420 A3 Alexandria; place of death-Booth Hosp; NR-Mr Robert Sullender, father
Sullender, Robert L  d-4-19-70; br-4-22-70; age-44; Sec-65, lot-86C; parents-Clifford Sullender and Martha Hurd; born-KY; married; residence-RR#2, Box 351, Alexandria; place of death-Speers Hospital; NR-Bonnie Jo Sullender, wife
Sullivan,  Single grave-526, sec-45; no other data
Sullivan, Belle  11-29-1965; br-12-1-1965; age-79; Sec-65, lot-37B; parents-Thomas V Salter and Sarah Salmon; born-Louisa, KY; widowed; residence-9710 Montgomery Rd, Cinti; place of death-Kenwood Terrace Nursing Home, Cinti; LO-self; NR-Lauracee Smith
Sullivan, Beverly W  br-5-12-1915; Single grave-40, sec-42; no other data
Sullivan, Catherine  br-4-8-1908; Single grave-507, sec-28; no other data
Sullivan, Charles Arthur  d-6-9-1954; br-6-14-1954; age-9-21-1931; Sec-72, lot-261; parents-Hobat and Rose Snodgrass; born-KY; married; place of death-Suffolk, VA; cause of death-accident; LO-Richard Sullivan, father; NR-Mrs Rose Sullivan, 308 Main St, Highland Hts
Sullivan, Charles (City order)  br-6-18-1914; Single grave-639, sec-42; no other data
Sullivan, Clifford Augustus  d-3-26-53; br-3-30-53; age-6-22-1895; Single grave-159, sec-72; born-Newport; place of death-Putwood Vet Hosp; LO-self; NR-Mrs Robert A Rhein, 461 Washington Ave, Bellevue
Sullivan, Dan  br-1-8-1934; Single grave-572, sec-68; no other data
Sullivan, Ella  d-6-3-1945; br-6-6-1945; age-68; Sec-59, lot-160 W1/2; parents-Morgan Allen and Emma Groste; born-Cinti; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Robt Sullivan, Jr. 204 E 7th St, Newport; Unspecified address-337 York
Sullivan, Eliza  br-1-12-1914; Single grave-540, sec-42; no other data
Sullivan, Ethlyn M  d-5-20-1975; br-5-23-1975; age-66; Sec-75, lot-5; parents-James Clark and Julia Hiles; born-Cinti; residence-348 Van Voast Ave, Bellevue; place of death-St Luke Hosp; NR-Don Sullivan, 309 Hazelwood, Covington
Sullivan, Frank J  d-3-25-1965; br-3-27-1965; age-75; Sec-65, lot-37B; parents-Michael Sullivan and Mott; born-Cinti; married; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Belle Sullivan, wife
Sullivan, George  br-1-6-1914; Single grave-539, sec-42; no other data
Sullivan, Harriet  (Adult)  br-4-7-1900; Single grave-25, sec-1900; no other data
Sullivan, Harry John  d-2-25-1960; br-2-9-1960; age-6-20-1893; Single grave-5C, sec-72; parents-Dennis and Frances Sullivan; born-Cinti; residence-3131 Columbia St, Newport
Sullivan, Henry  br-5-14-1914; Single grave-638, sec-42; no other data
Sullivan, Homer  br-10-16-1918; Single grave-25, sec-45; no other data
Sullivan, Infant  d-7-3-1958; br-7-7-1958; age-stillborn; Single grave-206B, sec-70; parents-Dann L and Mae Sullivan; born-Ft Thomas; single; residence-320 Grandview Ave, Bellevue; place of death-St Lukes Hosp; NR-Danny Sullivan, father
Sullivan, Infant (City order)  br-9-30-1899; Single grave-77, sec-1882; no other data
Sullivan, James J  d-5-3-1937; br-5-3-1937; age-60; Single grave-481, sec-69; born-Ireland; married; place of death-Cinti General Hosp; NR-Lulu Sullivan, 411 Chestnut St, Cinti
Sullivan, James  br-3-18-1926; Single grave-428, sec-46; no other data
Sullivan, Joseph Charles  d-7-13-1954; br-7-16-1954; age-6-9-1954; Single grave-1458, sec-70; parents-Chas Sullivan and Carol Kroth; born-Dayton; place of death-Cinti General Hosp; NR-Chas Sullivan, 1354 Spring St, Cinti
Sullivan, Joseph James  br-3-3-1916; Single grave-146, sec-42; no other data
Sullivan, Loretta M  d-1-5-70; br-1-10-70; age-61; Sec-65, lot-69C; born-Cinti; residence-222 E 2nd St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-John Sullivan, husband
Sullivan, Louise  d-12-4-1940; br-12-7-1940; age-9-18-1900; Single grave-160, sec-7; parents-Wm and Erma Stricker; born-Newport; married; place of death-Dayton; Unspecified address-159 Eden Ave, Bellevue; NOTE: Reserve 159 Clifford Sullivan
Sullivan, Mabel  br-3-27-1919; Single grave-103, sec-45; no other data
Sullivan, Margaret  br-1-17-1916; Single grave-111, sec-42; no other data
Sullivan, Mariah  br-5-11-1896; Sec-23, lot-79; no other data
Sullivan, Mary Lou  d-12-22-1961; br-12-23-1961; age-12-22-1961; Single grave-140, sec-53; parents-Earl E Sullivan and Helen Francis Hill; born-Ft Thomas; residence-515 Powell St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; cause of death-stillborn; NR-Earl E Sullivan, father
Sullivan, Mary Louise  d-3-18-1960; br-3-22-1960; age-74; Sec-57, lot-74 E1/2; parents-Constant Guyot and Susan;  widowed; residence-3714 Benham Dr, Nashville, TN; LO-self; NR-Homer Sullivan, son
Sullivan, Nancy  br-8-30-1905;  Single grave-144, sec-28; no other data
Sullivan, Nora  br-10-12-1905; Single grave-129, sec-28; no other data
Sullivan, Paul C  br-11-14-27; Single grave-333, sec-48; no other data
Sullivan, Randall Wayne  d-11-25-1963; br-11-27-1963; age-11-25-63; Single grave-241, sec-53; parents-Earl Sullivan and Helen Hill; born-Dayton; residence-115 Saratoga St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-Earl Sullivan, father
Sullivan, Robert Edward  d-2-4-67; br-2-7-67; age-66; Sec-65, lot-53D; parents-Robert E Sullivan, Sr and Ella Dale Allen; born-Newport; residence-723 Saratoga St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Elenore Cloud, sister, 1003 Saratoga St, Newport
Sullivan, Robert Edward Sr  d-10-30-57; br-11-2-1957; age-1-4-1870; Sec-59, lot-160 W1/2; born-Covington; widowed; residence-406 York St, Newport; LO & NR-Robert E Sullivan Jr, son
Sullivan, Walter  br-11-16-1918; Single grave-90, sec-45; no other data
Sullivan, William O  d-7-3-1936; br-7-6-1936; age-4-15-1847; Single grave-380, sec-69; born-KY; widowed; place of death-Campbell Co Infirmary
Sumerel, Helen E  d-8-5-1960; br-8-8-1960; age-9-14-1931; Sec-61, lot-44A; parents-Kelly Staggs and Elberta Mcbane; born-Lenoxburg, KY; married; residence-42 18th St, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Rev Milton Sumerel Jr, husband
Sumerel, Milton A  d-6-29-70; br-7-2-70; age-62; Sec-63, lot-86; parents-Milton A Sumerel and Lelia Bailey; born-S Carolina; married; residence-111 Highview Dr, Ft Thomas; place of death-Good Samaritan Hosp, Cinti; NR-Virginia Sumerel, wife
Sumerel, Robert S  d-9-23-1960; br-9-26-1960; age-2-8-1957; Sec-61, lot-44A; parents-Milton Sumerel and Helen Staggs; born-Ft Thomas; residence-42 18th St, Newport; NR-Milton Sumerel, father
Sumerel, William Clayton  d-8-29-1937; br-8-30-1937; age-8-29-1937; Single grave-785, sec-70; parents-Milton Sumerel and Edith Earhart; born-Dayton, KY; residence-659 Nelson Pl, Newport; cause of death-Stillborn; NR-Milton Sumerel, father
Sumerhaulter, Infant  br-10-15-1890; Single grave-69, sec-1890; no other data
Summers, Alfred S (Child)  br-2-13-1895; Single grave-8, sec-1895; no other data
Summers, Francis N (Child)  br-11-28-1901; Single grave-24, sec-1894; no other data
Summers, George  br-11-28-1934; Single grave-1263, sec-70; no other data
Summers, Geo W  br-9-18-1895; Sec-4, lot-9; no other data
Summers, Infant  d-5-31-1936; br-6-2-1936; age-5-30-1936; Single grave-976, sec-70; parents-Ray and Edith Lloyd Summers; born-Covington; residence-843 Brightson St, Newport; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp;
Summers, Leo Spencer  br-3-5-27; Single grave-312, sec-43B; no other data
Summers, Mary  d-4-14-1939; br-4-17-1939; age-7-3-1866; Single grave-810, sec-68; parents-Thomas and Sarah White; born-KY; widowed; place of death-546 E 3rd St, Dayton
Summers, Stanley (Colored) br-4-17-1918; Single grave-460, sec-42; no other data
Summers, Wm  br-3-9-1931; Single grave-234, sec-68; no other data
Summey, Mae  d-10-23-1960; br-10-27-1960; age-68; Single grave-944, sec-68; parents-Millard Carr and Winefred McGraw; born-Bellevue; widowed; residence-104 W 9th St, Cinti; place of death-Cinti General Hosp; NR-Walter Carr, brother, 336 5th Ave, Dayton
Sumner, James G  d-6-14-1954; br-6-17-1954; age-77; Sec-60, lot-254; parents-John Sumner and Elizabeth Jones; born-Whitley Co, KY; married; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; LO-Mary Napier, daughter; NR-Louvine Sumner, 121 E 12th St, Covington
Sumner, Louvine  d-11-26-1960; br-11-30-1960; age-77; Sec-60, lot-254; parents-John Cox and Lina White; born-Whitley Co, KY; widowed; residence-121 E12th St, Covington; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; LO-Mary Napier, daughter; NR-Myrtle Storer, daughter
Sumpter, Allen R  d-3-13-1962; br-3-16-1962; age-75; Sec-52, lot-106A; parents-William and Emma Sumpter; born-WV; widowed; residence-609 Liberty St, Newport; LO-self; NR-Arnaldies Plagakis, daughter, 804 Columbia St, Newport
Sumpter, Carol Edward  d-7-10-1937; br-7-12-1937; age-1-18-1937; Single grave-879; sec-70; parents-Allen and Lillian Ribison Sumpter; born-Dayton; place of death-506 W 7th St, Newport; NR-Allan Sumpter, father; Unspecified address 609 Liberty St
Sumpter, Emma A  d-5-4-1946; br-5-4-1946; age-71; Single grave-510, sec-72; parents-Peter Adams and Liza Applegate; born-Silver Grove, KY; married; place of death-residence; NR-George W Sumpter, 810 Saratoga St, Newport
Sumpter, George W  d-9-18-1957; br-9-21-1957; age-7-16-1874; Single grave-927, sec-68; widowed; residence-Campbell County Home; cause of death-Drowning; NR-none
Sumpter, Le Vance  d-11-7-1944; br-11-10-1944; age-8-15-1939; Single grave-349, sec-70; parents-Allen Sumpter and Lillian Robinson; born-Newport; place of death-Childrens Hosp; NR-Lillian Sumpter, 765 3rd Ave, Dayton; Unspecified address-609 Liberty, Newport
Sumpter, Lillian  d-6-6-1959; br-6-9-1959; age-4-22-1897; Sec-52, lot-105B; parents-Solomon Robinson and ? Feilen; born-Newport; residence-609 Liberty St, Newport; LO-Betty Sumpter, daughter; NR-Alan R Sumpter
Sumpter, Robert Allen  d-10-26-1955; br-10-27-1955; age-17 hours; Single grave-120B, sec-70; parents-Robert Sumpter and Norma Shivley; born-Dayton; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-Robert Sumpter, 69 Liberty St, Newport
Sumpter, Patricia br-3-18-1926; Single grave-93A, sec-47; no other data
Sumpter, Russell d-12-30-1936; br-1-2-1937; age-1-26-1936; (NOTE:  Dates as written) Single grave-175, sec-70; parents-Allen and Lillian Robinson Sumpter; born-Newport; residence-506 W 7th St, Newport; NR-Allen Sumpter, 609 Liberty St, Newport
Sumpter, Ada Alma (Infant)  br-8-1-1912;  Single grave-514, sec-42; (NOTE:  notes on back not shown)
Sumpter, Ella  br-7-24-1912; Single grave-514, sec-42; no other data
Sunderman, Harry H  d-6-22-67; br-6-26-67; age-91; Single grave-230, sec-72; parents-Bernard Sunderman and Anna Schneider; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-2025 Dale Rd, Cinti; place of death-Cinti; NR-Louis Sunderman, son, 7227 Gernbank Ave, Cinti;
Sunee, Lillie (Child)  br-8-4-1888; Single grave-42, sec-1888; no other data
Sungor, Fred (Child)  br-6-29-1899; Single grave-31, sec-1899; no other data
Supples, Anna Crage  br-8-12-1912; Sec-27, lot-49; no other data
Supples, Samuel M  br-6-24-1903; Sec-27, lot-49 N1/2; no other data
Surface, Daniel R  d-9-15-1951; br-9-18-1951; age-1-13-1902; Single grave-10, sec-74; parents-Robert Surface and Nancy Young; born-Jessamine Co, KY; married;  place of death-residence; NR-Mary Grow Surface, 1036 Waterworks Rd, Newport
Surface, Mary  (Reserve)  Single grave-11, sec-74; no other data
Surguy, J O  br-5-19-1910; Single grave-167, sec-35; no other data
Surguy, Lillie  br-4-4-1921; Single grave-155, sec-35; no other data
Surguy, M S (Infant)  br-10-27-1904; Single grave-152, sec-28; no other data
Surguy, Martha  br-3-23-1904; Single grave-152, sec-28; no other data
Surguy, Matilda L  br-8-25-1902; Sec-6, lot-70 S1/2; no other data
Surguy, Richard  br-7-20-1908; Single grave-153, sec-28; no other data
Surran, Adelaide  br-10-21-1905; Sec-20, lot-96; no other data
Surran, Alice Theresa  d-1-25-1940; br-1-28-1940; age-90; Sec-3, lot-26; parents-Thomas Surran and Catherine McElwee; born-Oseola, OH; single;  place of death-St Theresa Home, Silverton, OH; :LO-Thomas Surran
Surran, Capt Charles L  d-4-8-1953; br-4-13-1953; age-5-13-1896; Sec-27, sec-26 S1/2; parents-Charles S Surran and Hattie Reiley; born-Newport; married; place of death-Community Hosp, Long Beach, CA; cause of death-Carcinoma of Pancreas with metastasis; LO-John Ridd; NR-Mrs Rose Ridd Surran, 3813 E First St, Long Beach
Surran, Chas  br-8-18-1921; Sec-20, lot-64; no other data
Surran, Elizabeth H  d-6-2-1966; br-6-4-1966; age-12-25-1868; Sec-20, lot-64; parents-Thomas Hewetson and Margaret Von Seggern; born-Newport; widowed; residence & place of death-5343 Hamilton Ave, Cinti; LO-Charles S Surran, father in law; NR-Mrs Taylor W Anstead, daughter, 2356 Park Ave, Verene Apt, Cinti
Surran, Gertrude  br-6-16-1899; Sec-2, lot-26; no other data
Surran, Hattie R  br-4-27-1907; Sec-20, lot-64; no other data
Surran, John  br-4-29-1903; Sec-20, lot-96; no other data
Surran, Nellie, Mrs  br-12-24-1894; sec-3, lot-26; no other data
Surran, Thos  br-7-7-1886; Sec-3, lot-26; no other data
Surran, Wm  br-4-6-1883; Sec-3, lot-26; no other data
Surrey, Norman Earl  d-11-24-67; br-11-28-67; age-52; Single grave-410, sec-68; parents-Victor Surrey and Mayme Klundt; born-Cinti; married; residence-731 Linden Ave, Newport; place of death-Cinti General Hosp DOA; LO-Reserved single grave; NR-Evelyn Broadwater Surrey, wife
Surzan, Harry Jr  br-12-12-1896; Sec-20, lot-96; no other data
Susan, Rebecca  br-10-7-1887; Sec-9, lot-58; no other data
Susan, Thomas  br-3-1-1898; Sec-9, lot-58; no other data
Susdorf, Andrew  br-11-27-1884; Sec-9, lot-85; no other data
Susong, Daniel  br-3-1-1912; Sec-24, lot-90; no other data
Suter, Anna  d-1-16-1943; br-1-19-1943; age-84; Sec-49, lot-165; parents-Loesch; born-Newport; married;  place of death-Bethesda Home; LO-self; NR-F Hoffmeister, 342 Cornell Pl, Cinti
Suter, Clarence B  d-7-27-47; br-7-30-47; age-45; Sec-59, lot-257 W1/2; parents-Brady and Florence Suter; born-Pittsburg PA; residence-22 Elmwood Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-Jewish Hosp; LO-M Suter
Suter, David Bradley  d-11-21-1963; br-11-23-1963; age-1 week; Sec-24, lot-53 S1/2; parents-Thomas Suter and Sue Foley; born-Cinti; residence-5053 Strathmore Ave, Cinti; place of death-Cinti; LO-Sam Weber and Baugh; NR-Thomas Suter, father
Suter, John  br-4-2-1923; Sec-49, lot-165; no other data
Suter, Patricia Jean  d-5-12-1937; br-5-14-1937; age-10 months; sec-24, lot-53 S1/2; parents-Herman Suter; born-KY; place of death-Children's Hosp; LO-Samuel Weber and A S Baugh; NR-Herman Suter, father, 340 Berry Ave, Bellevue
Suthlemeyer, Margaret  br-10-3-1884; Sec-2, lot-69; no other data
Sutkamp, Bernardina  br-4-2-1914; Sec-9, lot-42; no other data
Sutt, Delia H  d-6-27-1960; br-6-30-1960; age-12-6-1875; Single grave-408J, sec-72; parents-Harrison S Poulter; born-Nelson Co, KY; widowed;  residence-RR2, Campbell Co; cause of death-Myocardial infarction; NR-G W Sutt, son
Sutt, Maude Elma  d-9-17-70; br-9-19-70; age-8-26-1903; Sec-73, lot-255; parents-Donald and Nellie Cornell Evanshine; born-OH; residence-143 Rossmoyne Ave, Ft Mitchell; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; NR-Mrs Billilea Schwierjohann, daughter
Sutt, Raymond  d-6-28-1975; br-7-2-1975; age-3-26-1900; Sec-67, lot-129; parents-Robert and Delia Poulter Sutt; born-KY; residence-Lebanon Station, Dunellon, FL; place of death-Williston Memorial Hosp; NR-Hazel Sutt, wife
Sutt, Robert PH Wesley  d-4-18-1956; br-4-21-1956; age-5-3-1898; Sec-73, lot-255; parents-Robert Port and Delia H Poulster Sutt; born-Chaplin, KY; married; residence-404 Benham St, Dayton; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Maud Sutt and Schwierjohann, wife; NR-Maude Sutt, wife
Sutter, Adolf  br-1-3-1913; Single 123, sec-42; no other data
Sutter, Fred A  d-4-30-1966; br-5-3-1966; age-68; Sec-62, lot-44 N1/2; parents-George J Sutter and Alice Deirking; born-Chicago, IL; married; residence-2232 Alexandria Pk, Highland Hts; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Erma Sutter, wife
Suttle, Infant  br-6-2-1911; Single grave-103, sec-1882; no other data
Sutton, Allen M  br-9-26-1888; Sec-9, lot-32; no other data
Sutton, Bessie Lee  d-1-1-1956; br-1-4-1956; age-1-1-1886; Single grave-162, lot-68; parents-John Wise and Anna Jackson; born-Maysville, KY; widowed; residence-2190 Bluegrass Lane, Amberly Vlg, OH; LO-self; NR-Mrs Herman Rittger, daughter
Sutton, Clarence L  br-9-1-1900; Sec-4, lot-15; no other data
Sutton, Cecil McIvoy  d-12-8(?)-63; br-1-11-1963; age-59; Sec-73, lot-371 N1/2; parents-William Sutton and Frances McIvoy; born-Williamsburg, KY; married;  residence-108 Robson Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Vera Sutton, wife
Sutton, Edna B  br-6-8-1886; Sec-4, lot-15; no other data
Sutton Edwin W  d-1-24-48; br-1-26-48; age-1-24-48; Single grave-106, sec-70; parents-Edwin Sutton and Sara Bryant; place of death-Speers; NR-Edwin T Sutton, father, 1035 Orchard St, Newport
Sutton, Edwin  d-9-30-52; br-10-2-52; age-9-30-17; Single grave-25, sec-74; parents-Raymond Sutton and Betsy Wise; born-Newport; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-Sara Bryant Sutton, 920 Washington Ave, Newport
Sutton, Erwin  br-1-9-1922; Sec-4, lot-15; no other data
Sutton, Infant  br-12-9-1922; Sec-31, lot-14 N1/2; no other data
Sutton, Laura  d-1-29-1937; br-2-2-1937; age-1-11-1855; Sec-4, lot-15; parents-J C and Martha Thomas; born-Newport; widowed; residence-324 Hodge St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-J C Thomas
Sutton, Raymond James  d-2-26-1945; br-2-27-45; age-8 hrs; Single grave-327, sec-70; parents-Edwin Sutton and Sarah Bryant; born-Covington; place of death-Booth Hosp; NR-Edwin Sutton, 1035 Orchard St, Newport
Sutton, Raymond E  br-12-24-1930; Single grave-161, sec-68; no other data
Sutton, Thos L  br-11-23-1916; Sec-4, lot-15; no other data
Sutton, Thomas Robert  d-12-21-1973; br-12-24-73; age-5 mos; Sec-6, lot-93 E1/2; parents-Pvt Thomas P Sweeny and Vicki Sutton; born-Ft Thomas; residence-402 Fourth Ave, Dayton; place of death-Childrens Hosp, Cinti; LO-Mary Brausch; NR-Robert Allen, grandfather

Swain, Christina  (Child)  br-4-10-1904; Single grave-17, sec-1904; no other data
Swain, Emma Grant  d-4-15-1952; br-4-19-1952; age-62; Sec-55, lot-64 S1/2; parents-John and Susan Holmes; born-Grants Bend, KY; married; place of death-Bradenton, FL; LO-Oldham and Swain, husband; NR-Geo W Swain, husband, 169 Ridgeway, Ft Thomas
Swain, George W  d-12-30-1958; br-1-6-1959; age-73; Sec-55, lot-64 S1/2; born-Cinti; residence-1506 14th St, W Bradenton, FL; LO-self; NR-Wm G Swain, son, 206 Gladstone Rd, Pittsburg PA
Swain, Mary Belle  d-7-8-43; br-7-12-43; age-82; Sec-24, lot-79W1/2; parents-Maddux; born-KY; married; residence-169 Ridgeway Ave, Ft Thomas; LO-self; NR-George Swain,
Swain, William Albert  d-1-7-1941; br-1-9-1941; age-85; Sec-illegible, lot-79 N1/2; born-Cinti; married; place of death-Lakeland FL; LO-Belle Swain; NR-Geo Swain, 169 Ridgeway Ave, Ft Thomas
Swait, Fred  br-10-14-1922; Sec-37, lot-11; no other data
Swait, Nora  Ardella  br-4-27-1918; Sec-37, lot-11; no other data
Swait, Oliver (Infant)  br-10-5-1910; Sec-37, lot-11; no other data
Swan, Charles Stacey  d-5-16-75; br-6-14-75; age-70; Sec-16, lot-85; born-Ft Scott, KS;  married; residence-PO Box 296 1826 Brookhaven, Sarasota, FL; place of death-Sarasota; NR-Mrs Jo Swan, wife
Swan, Edward  d-5-21-1960; br-5-24-1960; age-70; Sec-39, lot-13D; parents-Peter and Caroline (?); widowed; residence-514 Klotter St, Cinti; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-Clara Swan, wife; NR-Wilbert Schwan, son
Swan, Frank  8-13-1960; br-8-16-1960; age-12-30-1909; Sec-16, lot-25; parents-Benjamin and Elizabeth Swan; born-Ft Scott, KS; single; residence-Madison Ave, Covington; place of death-VA Hosp, Cinti; LO & NR-Chas Swan, 3536 Orange Ave ? Sarasota, FL
Swaney, Anna  d-11-7-74; br-11-9-74; age-87; Sec-50, lot-82 S1/2; parents-Nicholas Kaeff and Katherine Kromer; born-PA; widowed; residence-67 Parkview Ave, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-self; NR-Mrs Betty Cantrell, 59 Parkview Ave, Newport
Swaney, (NOTE:  this card is completely illegible)
Swaney, d or br-10-8-69; age-88; Sec-50, lot-illegible; born-PA (?); residence-Parkview Ave, Newport; LO & NR-Mrs Anna Swaney, wife  (NOTE:  Card is very faded)
Swank, Gladys  d-1-15-1965; br-1-18-1965; age-59; Sec-63, lot-57 S1/2; parents-John M Ball and Myrtle Powell; born-Portsmouth, OH; widowed; residence-717 Liberty St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-self; NR-Gwendolyn Dill, daughter
Swank, Infant  d-4-25-1945; br-4-25-1945; age-4-25-1945; Single grave-780, sec-70; parents-Osborn and Gladys Swank; born-Newport; place of death-residence;  NR-Osborn Swank 718 Isabella St, Newport; Unspecified address-717 Liberty
Swank, Osborne G  d-10-10-1961; br-10-13-1961; age-61; Sec-63, lot-57 S1/2; parents-Charles Swank and Myrtle Tatman; born-OH; married; residence-717 Liberty St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Gladys Swank, wife
Sw???  (NOTE:  Card is illegible)
Swartz, Barbara  d-4-13-69?; br-4-16-69?; age-4-13-12; Sec-68(?), lot-138(?)  parents-Benjamin Rigger and Katherine ?;born-Springfield, OH; residence-Cinti; LO & NR-Benjamin Swartz, husband
Sweeney, Cora Lee  d-9-16-53; br-9-19-1953; age-6-9-1892; Sec-74, lot-523; parents-Frank Hosmer and Lida Welch; born-Cinti; married; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO & NR-Ernest Sweeney, 537 Lindsey St, Newport
Sweeney, Cynthia Sue  d-5-29-1952; br-5-31-1952; age-5-29-1951 (NOTE: This year is probably 1952); Single grave-451, sec-70; parents-Thomas and Francis Sweeney; born-Dayton; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-Thos Sweeney, father, 628 6th Ave, Dayton, KY
Sweeney, David Allen  d-6-26-70; br-6-29-70; age-2-20-69; Sec-74, lot-523; parents-Edward Sweeney and Vivian Harmon; born-OH; residence-5390 Plumridge Dr, Cinti; place of death-Childrens Hosp, Cinti; LO-Ernest Sweeney; NR-Mr Edward Sweeney, father
Sweeney, Edna  d-4-5-65; br-4-9-65; age-55; Sec-65, lot-74B; parents-Harry Phirman and Anna Holmes; born-Cinti; widowed; residence-1087 Grand Ave, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO& NR-Mr Richard R Sweeney, son
Sweeney, Ernest  d-10-19-1959; br-10-22-1959; age-3-30-1890; Sec-74, lot-523; born-New Richmond, OH; widowed; residence-5361 Plum Ridge Dr, Cinti; place of death-VA Hosp, Ft Thomas; LO-self; NR-Ernest Sweeney, son
Sweeney, Ernest  br-12-2-1948; age-4-1-1922; Single grave-675, sec-72; parents-Ernest and Cora Lee Sweeney, born-Cinti; single; place of death-overseas; NR-Mrs Brown, 537 Lindsay St, Newport
Sweeney, Freda  d-11-24-1959; br-11-28-1959; age-82; Sec-60, lot-203C; parents-Henry Schmidt and Marie; born-Berlin, Germany; widowed; residence-915 Maple Ave, Dayton; place of death-Speers; LO-self; NR-George Sweeney, son
Sweeney, George Joseph  d-3-23-68; br-4-2-68; age-66; Single grave-852D, sec-72; parents-Joseph Sweeney and Freda Schmidt; born-Dayton; single; residence-4 Mile Rd, Melbourne; place of death-found dead in field at Melbourne; NR-none
Sweeney, Infant  d-2-28-61; br-2-28-61; age-2-28-61; Sec-60, lot-203G; parents-William Sweeney and Irene Newman; born-Dayton, KY; residence-172 Van Voast Ave, Bellevue; place of death-Speers Hosp; cause of death-stillborn; LO-Ralph Mendell, grandfather; NR-William Sweeney, father
Sweeney, Infant  d-9-11-1951; br-9-12-1951; age-9-11-1951; Single grave-590, sec-70, no box; parents-Thomas and Frances Sweeney; born-Dayton; place of death-Speers Hosp; cause of death-Stillborn; NR-Thomas Sweeney, 628 Sixth Ave, Dayton
Sweeney, Infants  br-12-2-1916; Single grave-322, sec-8; no other data
Sweeney, Joseph F  br-9-29-1949; Sec-60, lot-203C; parents-Mike Sweeney; place of death-residence; LO-F Sweeney; Unspecified address-915 Maple Ave, Dayton
Sweet, John B  d-8-30-68; br-9-3-68; age-78; Sec-63, lot-127; parents-Stephen C Sweeney and Catherine Spears; born-KY; married; residence-711 Isabella St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Lelia G Sweet, wife
Sweet, Walter (Child)  br-5-19-1894; Single grave-25, sec-1894; no other data
Sweinzger, Infant  br-11-25-1883; Single grave-70, sec-1883; no other data
Sweitzer, Minnie (Child)  br-8-4-1887; Single grave-51, sec-1887; no other data
Swetman, Lizzie  br-1-12-1916; Single grave-252, sec-43; no other data
Swift (?) Florence S (?)(Note:  Card is illegible)  residence-NM or NH; NR-Cold Springs KY
Swift, James br-4-19-1886; Sec-15, lot-20; no other data
Swift, John  br-2-18-1925; Sec-26, lot-27 S1/2; no other data
Swift, John L  br-7-27-1892; Sec-15, lot-20; no other data
Swift, Mary  br-3-16-1887; Sec-15, lot-20; no other data
Swift, Mary  br-10-11-1903; Sec-26, lot-27; no other data
Swift, Miss  br-8-14-1891; Sec-15, lot-20; no other data
Swift, Mrs  br-11-22-1886; Sec-15, lot-20; no other data
Swift, Mary(?) Elizabeth  d-11-1-1940; br-11-4-1940; age-78; Single grave-301, sec-72; parents-Alcorn; born-Iowa; married; residence-Highland Hts, KY; NR-Mrs Metz, Box 284 Alexandria Pk, Highland Hts
Swift, Wm  br-3-6-1895; Sec-15, lot-20; no other data
Swigart, Catherine  d-3-20-68; br-3-22-68; age-94; Sec-65, lot-69B; parents-John Hug and Katherine Pohlman; born-Germany; widowed; residence & place of death-831 Third Ave, Dayton; LO & NR-John Deegan, son, 7 W 11th St, Newport
Swigart, Chester  d-6-28-1951; br-7-3-1951; Sec-60, lot-261; married; LO & NR-Edna Swigart wife; 3979 Foxboro Dr, Dayton
Swigart, Edna A  d-1-10-1964; br-10-14-1964; age-62; Sec-60, lot-261; parents-Augustus Harris and Martha Schlite; born-Franklin, OH; widowed; residence-576 Screyer Rd, Dayton, OH; place of death-Wilmington, OH; LO-self; NR-Mrs Roy Giltner, sister, 511 10th St, Dayton, KY
Swigart, George  br-9-17-1930; Single grave-121, sec-68; no other data
Swims, Christina Karen  d-4-30-71; br-5-4-71; age-2-6-69; Single grave-73, sec-53; parents-Ronald Swims and Karen Tate; born-KY; residence-307 E  5th St, Newport; place of death-Childrens Hosp, Cinti; NR-Ronald Swims, father
Swing, David B  br-8-13-1899; Sec-6, lot-75; no other data
Swing, Harry J  d-9-11-70; br-9-15-70; age-85; Sec-5, lot-86 S1/2; parents- Frank Swing and Helen Henn; born-KY: widowed; residence & place of death-Lakeside Terrace, Highland Hts; NR-Mrs Hazel Hotz, daughter, 1809 Brookcliff Dr, Greensboro, NC
Swing, Myrtle  (NOTE: card is illegible)  d-2-22-69; br-2-26-69; age-70; Sec-5(?), lot-86 SE; born-Cinti; married; residence-Electric Ave, Southgate; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-self; NR-Harry Swing, husband
Swing, Stella  d-9-1-52; br-9-4-52; age-5-1-1885; Sec-34, lot-12 W1/2;  parents-John and Elizabeth Jones; born-Newport; married; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-Elizabeth Jones, mother; NR-Harry Swing, 2441 Alexandria Pl. Southgate
Swinney, Patsy  br-1-15-1923; Websters Mausoleum; no other data
Swisher, Frank  br-9-12-1928; Sec-61, lot-24; no other data
Swisher, Sue Ellen  d-12-21-47; br-12-23-47; age-7 days; Sec-61, lot-24; parents-Loren and Francis Swisher; born-Pittsburg; place of death-Pittsburgh; LO-Clara Swisher; NR-Loren Swisher, Pittsburg
Switser, Infant  d-11-26-1937; br-11-27-1937; age-stillborn; Single grave-702, sec-70; parents-Clifton and Mary Switzer; born-Newport; place of death-residence; NR-Clifton Switzer, father, 216 W Southgate, Newport
Switser, Robert Clifton  d-1-30-57; br-2-2-57; age-46; Sec-60, lot-19B; parents-James Switser and Elvaree Champion; born-KY; married; residence-238 E 3rd St, Newport; LO & NR-Gertrude Switzer, widow
Switzer, Elmer  d-3-12-70; br-3-16-70; age-83; Sec-41, lot-SG 310L; parents-Aaron Switzer; born-OH; residence & place of death-525 W12th St, Newport; NR-Harry Switzer, son, 1028 Hamlet St, Newport
Switzer, Ida  d-9-3-39; br-9-6-39; age-63; Sec-9, lot-6; parents-Jacob; place of death-residence; LO-Jacob Goebel;  NR-Wm Goebel Elmer Switzer, 10 Saratoga St or 204 E 7th St, Newport
Switzer, Margaret  d-10-7-72; br-10-11-72; age-9-22-1916; Sec-62, lot-109; parents-William J Goerke and Lillian W Zopf; born-Cinti; residence-210 Peter Noll Homes, Newport; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO & NR-Ralph Switzer, husband
Switzer, Thekla  br-4-9-28; Single 87, sec-48; South 1668X; no other data
Swope, Albert  d-6-2-1957; br-6-5-1957; age-67; Sec-34, lot-12 W1/2; parents-Jacob and Sally Swope; born-Newport; married; residence-119 Crestwood Ave, Highland Hts; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Elizabeth Jones; NR-Olive Swope, wife
Swope, Anna  d-6-17-70; br-6-20-70; age-2-22-66, 84 yrs; Sec-55, lot-79 N1/2; parents-Julius Stumf and Margaret Horstman; born-OH; widowed; residence-1120 Sixth Ave, Dayton; place of death-Dayton; NR-Margaret Swope, daughter
Swope, Betty Sadie  d-5-28-68; br-6-1-68; age-59; Sec-62, lot-59; parents-Eueben Oder; born-Newport; married; residence& place of death-106 Renshaw Ave, Highland Hts; LO & NR-Charles J Swope, husband
Swope, Capt Charles F  d-11-9-66; br-11-26-66; age-31; Sec-63, lot-35; parents-Frederick W Swope and Mary Kendal; born-Newport; married; residence-105 Dixie Pl, Ft Thomas; place of death-Viet Nam; LO-Fred and Mary Swope, parents; NR-Mrs Bonnie Swope, wife
Swope, Chas  d-6-20-47; br-6-23-47; age-8-24-1883; Sec-55, lot-79 N1/2; parents-Fred and Catherine Swope; born-Newport; married; place of death-residence; LO-self; NR-Anna Swope, 1020 6th Ave, Dayton
Swope, Clara  d-3-24-44; br-3-27-44; age-11-7-1883; Single grave-104, sec-68; parents-Edward and Anna Sullivan; born-Newport; widowed; place of death-224 Roosevelt Ave, Bellevue; NR-Kath Bonarito, 224 Roosevelt; Unspecified address 47 Ohio, Newport
Swope, E T  br-8-7-1895; Sec-3, lot-52; no other data
Swope, Elmer M  d-10-16-66; br-10-19-66; age-1-31-1895; Sec-34, lot-12 W1/2; parents-Jacob Swope and Sally Brahm; born-Newport; married; residence-26 19th St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Elizabeth Jones, permission given; NR-Mrs Marie Swope, wife
Swope, Fred J  d-1-16-1958; br-1-20-1958; age-8-29-1886; Sec-5, lot-106B; parents-Jacob Swope and Sallie Bogart; born-Newport; married; residence-464 S Grand Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Fred and Frances Swope; NR-Frances Swope, widow
Swope, Geo  d-7-8-1941; br-7-12-1941; age-11-25-1872; Sec-55, lot-82 W1/2; parents-Frederick and Katherine Sauer; born-Newport; married; place of death-Cinti; LO-Laura Swope; NR-Oscar Simm, Ft Thomas
Swope, Henry C  d-12-18-1972; br-12-21-1972; age-12-14-1892, 80 years; Sec-31, lot-63A NE1/2; parents-Jacob Swope and Sally Bogart; born-Newport; married; place of death-Lakeside Pl, Highland Hts; LO-self; NR-Mrs Ruth Swope, wife, 1002 Lafayette, Bellevue
Swope, Jacob H  d-10-26-69; br-10-31-69; age-81; Sec-55, lot-96 N1/2; parents-Jacob Swope and Sallie Bogart; born-KY: married; residence-1043 Washington Ave, Newport; LO-self; NR-Myrtle Swope, wife
Swope, Jacob Sr  br-1-2-1933; Sec-1, lot-13; LO-Dora Mohrstadt; no other data
Swope, John   br-12-20-1930; Single grave-163, reserve 164, sec-68; no other data
Swope, Laura M  br-8-11-1940; age-73; Sec-55, lot-82 N1/2; parents-Phillip and Christina Diehl Smith; widowed; place of death-residence; LO-Swope; Unspecified address-18 Hawthorne Ave, Ft Thomas
Swope, Leon Charles  d-3-19-73; br-3-23-73; age-63; Sec-55, lot-79 N1/2; parents-Charles Swope and Anna Stumpf; born-KY; single; residence-1120 Sixth Ave, Dayton; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Charles and Anna Swope; NR-Miss Margaret Swope, sister, 1120 Sixth Ave
Swope, Marie C  d-10-31-66; br-11-3-66; age-70; Sec-34, lot-12 W1/2; parents-Benjamin Brahm and Mary Schutte; born-Newport; widowed; residence-28 19th St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Elizabeth Jones, permission given; NR-Mrs Burnadette Thatcher, sister; Bethel OH
Swope, Mark  br-7-18-1923; Single grave-68, sec-46; no other data
Swope, Rose Anzone  d-8-1-1950; br-8-4-1950; age-9-4-1895; Sec-31, lot-illegible NE1/4; parents-Edw and Sallie Casebolt; born-Ironton, OH; married; place of death-residence; LO & NR-Henry Swope, husband,188 Kentucky Dr, Newport
Swope, Sallie  d-11-17-1959; br-11-20-1959; age-8-8-1869; Sec-1, lot-13; parents-Jacob H Bogart and Nancy Newman; born-Newport; widowed; residence & place of death-258 Ridgeway Ave, Southgate; LO-Jane Babcock, signed permission; NR-Thomas Swope, son
Swope, Sarah L  br-3-20-1914; Single grave-102, sec-8; no other data
Swope, Wm  d-5-18-1945; br-5-21-1945; age-70; Sec-3, lot-52; parents-Frederick Swope and Katherine Sauer; born-Newport; single; place of death-Campbell Co Home; LO-Fred Schwab; NR-Chas Swope, 6th Ave, Dayton
Swope, Wm H  br-3-2-27; Single grave-69, sec-46; no other data
Swopshire, Mary   br-12-28-1931; Single grave-12, sec-43B; no other data

Sydnor, Ages Elizabeth  d-4-21-1962; br-4-24-1962; age-9-3-1921; Sec-73, lot-347 S1/2; parents-Harry A Sydnor and Fannie Clinebell; born-WV; divorced; residence-151 Miami Pkwy, Ft Thomas; LO & NR-Fannie Sydnor, mother
Sydnor, Fannie C  d-8-17-68; br-8-20-68; age-80; Sec-73, lot-347 S1/2; parents-? Clinbell and Ophelia Wilson; born-WV; married; residence-246  S Ashbrook Circle, Ft Mitchell; NR-Carl Sydnor, son
Sykes, Ralph L  br-6-20-1925; Single grave-181, sec-47; no other data
Symmes, Benjamin  br-11-5-1949; age-67; Sec-54, lot-22 N1/2; parents-Robert Symmes; widowed; LO-Symmes; Unspecified address 6763 Sunray Ave, Mt Washington, OH
Symmes, Emma Clara  d-8-14-48; br-8-17-1948; age-57; Sec-54, lot-22 N1/2; parents-Emma Welbert and Charles Steckle; place of death-residence; LO-self; NR-Benjamin Symmes, 4415 Verne Ave, Cinti
Synder, (NOTE:  This name is probably Snyder.)  Edward Wm  d-9-3-1942; br-9-5-42; age-8-26-1873; Sec-3, lot-112; parents-Wm and Charlotte Snyder; born-Newport; widowed; place of death-Speers Hosp; Unspecified address-NW corner, 10th and Johns Sts, Newport


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