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Evergreen Cemetery


Transcribed and submitted 29 October 2012 by Marji Wright

LO-Lot owner
NR-nearest relative


Tibbals, Lula Marie d-9-30-1953; br-10-2-1953; age-62; Sec-73, lot-200 S1/2; parents-Colba and Frances Ward; born-Rivert, KY; married; place of death-Good Samaritan Hosp; LO & NR-Thomas B Tibbals,husband, 6447 River Rd, Salyer Park, OH
Tibbals, Thomas Benjamin d-7-2-67; br-7-5-67; age-85; Sec-73, lot-200 S1/2; parents-Wallace Tibbals and Adella Stokes; born-Lytle, OH; widowed; residence-730 S Ft Thomas Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-Lakeside Pl, Highland Hts; LO-self; NR-Mrs Dorothy Roberts, daughter, 730 S Ft Thomas
Tibbatts, Alma d-1-27-1965; br-1-30-1965; age-10-8-1885; Sec-55, lot-43; parents-Fred Lickert and Mary Belle Knarr; born-Newport; married; residence-Bellevue Rest Home; LO-Fred Lickert, father; NR- Norma Collling, sister, 19 Rosemont Ave, Ft Thomas
Tibbatts, Harvey d-6-1-71; br-6-4-71; Sec-50, lot-61 E1/2; parents-John Tibbatts and Dora Redmon; born-Newport; married; residence-821 Highland Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Carrie Tibbatts, wife
Tibbatts, James br-2-7-1903; Sec-16, lot-66; no other data
Tibbatts, John N d-5-14-46; br-5-16-46; age-77; Sec-16, lot-66; parents-John W Tibbatts and lucy Hooper; born-Newport; divorced; place of death-residence; LO-Taylor; NR-Susan Tibbatts, 109 W 5th St, Newport
Tibbatts, John W br-1-3-1895; Sec-23, lot-80; no other data
Tibbatts, John W Sr br-2-19-1919; Sec-16, lot-66D; no other data
Tibbatts, John Willison d-9-6-1965; br-9-9-1965; age-11-14-1884; Sec-55, lot-43; parents-John Tibbatts and no record; born-Campbell Co; widowed; residence & place of death-Bellevue Rest Home; LO-Fred Lickert; NR-Harvey Tibbatts, brother, 3136 Hanna Ave, Cinti
Tibbatts, Leo d-11-1-1944; br-11-4-1944; age-59; Sec-16, lot-66D; parents-John W Tibbatts and Pearl Redman; born-Grants Lick, KY; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Taylor S B Sector; NR-Pearl King, 925 Saratoga St, Newport
Tibbatts, Lucy br-6-30-1923; Sec-16, lot-66; no other data
Tibbatts, Lucy T d-1-3-1940; br-1-6-1940; age-72; Sec-16, lot-66; parents-John W and Lucy Tibbatts; born-Newport; single; place of death-109 W 5th St
Tibbatts, Pearl A d-4-11-1965; br-4-14-1965; age-77; Sec-16, lot-66D; parents-William King and Kate Kensel; born-Newport; widowed; residence-339 E 12th St Covington; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-James B Taylor; NR-Dorothy Clark, daughter, 1201 Wheeler St, Covington
Tibbatts, Raymond br-2-17-1923; Sec-50, lot-61 E1/2; no other data
Tibbatts, Susan d-12-9-1963; br-12-11-1963; age-93; Sec-16, lot-66D; parents-John W Tibbatts and Lucy Hooper; born-Newport; single; residence-635 Overton St, Newport; place of death-Hilltop Rest Home, Dayton; LO-John B Taylor, grandfather; NR-Mrs Albert Root, cousin, 554 E 4th St, Newport
Tibbatts, Thos br-5-1-1889; Sec-23, lot-80 & 81; no other data
Tibbs, Edward d-11-17-1957; br-11-20-1957; age-64; Sec-5, lot-108A; parents-William and Martha Tibbs; born-Cinti; married; residence-200 5th Ave, Dayton, KY; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Ella Tibbs, wife
Tiberegheim, John br-2-29-1888; Sec-4, lot-64; no other data
Tiberegheim, Jos br-8-27-1891; Sec-4, lot-64; no other data
Tice, May Ida d-2-19-1958; br-2-26-1958; age-77; Sec-52, lot-162A; parents-Skinner; born-New Medamore, OH; widowed; residence-1306 N Ft Thomas Ave; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Virgil Tice, son
Tice, Vaughn Eric d-3-23-1963; br- 3-25-1963; age-1 day; Sec-52, lot-162; parents-Virgil Tice and Mary Gearley; born-Ft Thomas; residence-926 Seventh Ave, Dayton; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Virgil Tice, father
Tichenor, Frank W d-4-27-1951; br-4-30-1951; age-4-9-1896; Sec-60, lot-268C; parents-Worth and May Tichenor; born-Ohio Co, KY; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO & NR-Lena Tichenor, 415 Dayton Ave, Dayton, KY
Tieke, Anna br-5-11-1925; Sec-50, lot-92 E1/2; no other data
Tieke, Chas br-11-2-1929; Sec-50, lot-92 E1/2; LO-Tieke and Niles; no other data
Tieke, Charles William d-2-3-63; br-2-6-63; age-73; Sec-50, lot-92 N1/2; parents-Charles E Tieke and Annie Tyrell; born-KY; divorced; residence-324 E 4th St, Cinti; place of death-Jewish Hosp; NR-Mrs Alice C Niles, 307 Dayton Ave, Dayton
Tiekman, Margaret br-6-23-1883; no grave listed; Interment-6394; no other data
Tieman, Arthur Ferdinand d-5-1-1960; br-5-4-1960; age-67; Sec-57, lot-40 W1/2;parents-Mary and Phillip Tieman; born-Cinti; married; residence-62 Lockwood Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO & NR-Mrs Myrtle Tieman, wife
Tieman, Belle d-3-24-1944; br-3-28-1944; age-11-18-1878; Sec-26, lot-46; parents-Henry B and Sarah Tieman; born-Dayton; single; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-H B Tieman; NR-C Harold Tieman, California, Carlisle Tieman, Marlon, IN
Tieman, Carrie d-9-15-1939; br-9-18-1959; age-2-28-1864; Single grave-314, sec-72; parents-David Craig; born-Pleasant Plain, OH; widowed; place of death-Louisville; NR-Mrs Willis Hoops, 320 W 8th St, Newport; Unspecified address-207 Retreat, Bellevue
Tieman, Chas E br-12-19-1933; Sec-14, lot-5 S1/2; LO-Chas Tieman
Tieman, Clifford br-4-7-1896; Sec-24, lot-112; no other data
Tieman, Elizabeth br-11-13-1922; Sec-24, lot-112; no other data
Tieman, Florence d-9-3-70; br-9-5-70; age-5-8-1889; Sec-23, lot-109; parents-George Tieman and Harriet Holmes; born-Newport; single; residence-301 6th Ave, Dayton; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-C B Schoolfield, permission to bury; NR-Mrs Willis Yancey, cousin; 206 6th Ave, Dayton
Tieman, Fred (Child) br-1-30-1883; Sec-22, lot-58; Also Single grave-12, sec-1883; no other data
Tieman, Fred d-4-23-1945; br-4-26-1945; age-78; Sec-24, lot-112; parents-William Tieman; born-Dayton; single; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Wm Tieman; NR-Bower Tieman, 334 5th Ave, Dayton
Tieman, Mrs G H br-4-30-1890; Sec-14, lot-5 S1/2
Tieman, George br-1-13-15; Sec-26, lot-46; no other data
Tieman, Harry (Child) br-1-17-1883; Single grave-7, lot-1883; no other data
Tieman, Henry br-12-8-1939; Sec-26, lot-46; Sec-26, lot-46; parents-Wm Tieman; born-Dayton, widowed; place of death-Chicago, IL
Tieman, Henry br-12-1-1918(?); Sec-26, lot-46
Tieman, J Allan br-12-18-1922; Sec-26, lot-46; no other data
Tieman, L br-2-1-1883; Sec-22, lot-58; Removed from Gr 15, sec-1883; no other data
Tieman, Lillie E d-4-21-1938; br-4-25-1938; age-72; Sec-24, lot-112; single; place of death-residence; LO-Wm Tieman; NR-Fred Tieman, 319 McKinney St, Dayton
Tieman, Louis br-9-9-1935; Sec-26, lot-46; parents-Henry Tieman; born-Dayton; residence-335 10th St, Dayton; LO-Tieman
Tieman, Nancy d-6-29-72; br-7-1-72; age-2-22-40
Tieman, Nancy d-6-29-72; br-7-1-72; age-2-22-40; Sec-64, lot-59 N gr; parents-Edward Harris and Beverly Messner; born-KY; divorced; residence-2605 Buttermilk Pk, Villa Hills; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-& NR-Edward Harris, father
Tieman, Nelson d-4-2-1936; br-4-5-1936; age-57; Sec-24, lot-112; born-KY; residence-319 McKinney St, Dayton; LO-William Tieman
Tieman, Roberta d-3-5-1951; br-3-8-1951; age-81; Sec-26, lot-46; parents-Hall; born-Cold Springs, KY; place of death-Good Sam Hosp; LO-Henry Tieman; NR-Bower Tieman, 335 Sixth Ave, Dayton
Tieman, Sarah Belle br-4-24-1905; Sec-26, lot-46; no other data
Tieman, Stella br-1-7-1930; Sec-26, lot-46; no other data
Tieman, Thaddeus W d-7-27-63; br-7-30-63; age-5-27-1897; Sec-54, lot-126 N1/2; born-Dayton, KY; married; residence & place of death-1874 Crest Hill Dr, Cinti; LO-Thaddeus and ??nie Tieman; NR-Mary N Tieman, wife
Tieman, Wm br-7-8-1918; Sec-24, lot-112; no other data
Tieman, Wm br-4-14-1923; Single grave-14, sec-46; no other data
Tiemann, Minnie R br-7-28-1934; Sec-54, lot-126 N1/2; LO-T & M R Tieman; no other data
Tiemeyer, Albert br-10-15-1930; Sec-61, lot-65; Grave-large wood box
Tiemeyer, Alfred G d-7-15-71; br-7-17-71; age-7-6-1905; Sec-5, lot-29; parents-August Tiemeyer and Robina Blum; born-Cinti; married; residence-1607 Melvin Circle, North College Hill, OH; place of death-Cinti; LO-John & George Bolling; NR-Mrs Edna J Tiemeyer, wife
Tiemeyer, August d-8-1-1964; br-8-6-1964; age-11-7-1870; Sec-5, lot-29; parents-Herman Tiemeyer and Elsa Obrock; born-Germany; widowed; place of death-Greenville, SC; LO-Mrs J Blum; NR-Alfred G Tiemeyer, 1607 Melvin Circle, North College Hill
Tiemeyer, Christina d-3-14-48; br-3-17-48; age-5-10-1860; Sec-61, lot-65; parents-John Beck and Barbara Leisner; born-Melbourne; married; place of death-Melbourne; NR-George Tiemeyer, Melbourne
Tiemeyer, Dora d-1-25-1959; br-1-28-1959; age-12-20-1887; Sec-60, lot-291; parents-Henry Hughes and Louise Bodde; born-Newport; widowed; residence-Box 217 4 Mile Rd, Melbourne; LO-self; NR-Geo Tiemeyer, Jr
Tiemeyer, George (Whitey) d-6-1-1952; br-6-5-1952; age-4-5-1885; Sec-60, lot-291; parents-Henry Tiemeyer and Christina Beck; born-Newport; place of death-residence; LO & NR-Dora Tiemeyer, wife
Tiemeyer, Harry William d-1-13-1964; br-1-16-1964; age-11-3-1881; Sec-73, lot-257; parents-Christina Beck; born-Newport; widowed; Camp Read, Highland Hts; place of death-residence; LO-self; NR-Harry A Tiemeyer, son
Tiemeyer, Henry br-5-19-28; Sec-61, lot-65; parents-Henry and Amelia Tiemeyer; married; place of death-27 S 11th St, Newport
Tiemeyer, Ida Frances d-11-30-1955; br-12-3-1955; age-4-15-1881; Sec-73, lot-267; parents-John and Sally Marthens; born-Cinti; married; residence-1214 S Ft Thomas Ave; LO-Harry Tiemeyer, husband; NR-Henry W Tiemeyer
Tiemeyer, Infant (buried over Lula McDonald) Single grave-172, sec-35; no other data
Tiemeyer, Irvin br-11-1-1975; br-11-4-1975; age-6-1-1912; Sec-60, lot-267; parents-George Tiemeyer and Dora Hughes; born-Newport; residence-210 McKinney Ave, Newport; place of death-Clermont Co Hosp, Batavia; NR-Mrs Nancy Woebkenberg, daughter; 7836 Colton Ave, Cinti
Tiemeyer, Jeannette d-9-29-68; br-10-2-68; age-52; Sec-60, lot-267; parents-Nathan Kirtley and Margaret Reynolds; born-California, OH; married; residence-822 Spring St, Cinti; place of death-Jewish Hosp; LO-Peggy Curfiss, daughter; NR-Irvin Tiemeyer, husband
Tiemeyer, Lancelot E (?) d-10-13-68; br-10-16-68; age-53; Sec-65, lot-69A; parents-Harry Tiemeyer and Ida Martin; born-Covington; married; residence-78 Rose Ave, Highland Hts; place of death-Good Samaritan Hosp; LO-self; NR-Alva Tiemeyer, wife;
Tiemeyer, Nora Infant br-2-20-1899; Sec-5, lot-29; no other data
Tiemeyer, Robert E d-12-16-67; br-12-19-67; age-22; Sec-65, lot-75A; parents-Lancelot E Tiemeyer and Alva Young; born-Covington; single; residence-78 Rose Ave, Highland Hts; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Lancelot Tiemeyer, father; NR-Mr & Mrs L E Tiemeyer, parents
Tiemeyer, Robina d-3-22-1951; br-3-26-1951; age-5-1-1873; Sec-5, lot-29; parents-Peter and Margaret Dilling ?; born-Cinti; married; place of death-Longview Hosp; LO-Margaret Blum, daughter; NR-August Tiemeyer, 236 Klotter St, Cint
Tiemeyer, Sarah Winifred d-3-28-40; br-3-30-40; age-6-4-1919; Single grave-244, sec-72; parents-Harry E Sagle and Clara Hoagland; born-Zanesville, OH; married; place of death-residence; LO-single; NR-Harry A Tiemeyer, Box 55 Johns Hill Rd, Cold Springs
Tiemeyer, Starr R (Infant) d-8-22-68; br-8-24-68; age-3 wks; Single grave-161, sec-53; parents-Ronald and Betty Whitehead Tiemeyer; born-Ft Thomas; residence-1024 Second Ave, Dayton, KY; place of death-DOA Speers Hosp, Dayton; NR-Ronald Tiemeyer, father
Tiemeyer, William Douglas d-3-11-1961; br-3-14-1961; age-2; Single grave-11, sec-53; parents-Irvin Tiemeyer and Jeanette Kirtley; born-Ft Thomas, single; residence-609 Isabella St, Newport; NR-mother & father
Tietke, Amelia d-1-15-1945; br-1-19-1945; age-81; Sec-15, lot-3 S1/2; parents-John Tietke; born-Dayton; single; place of death-residence; LO-John Tietke; NR-Emma Wolff, 919 6th Ave, Dayton
Tietke, Dorothea br-10-15-1906; Sec-15, lot-3 S1/2; no other data
Tietke, Elizabeth br-6-9-1930; Sec-54, lot-78 S1/2; LO-Herman Tietke
Tietke, Herman d-10-10-1939; br-10-13-1939; age-5-29-1872; Sec-54, lot-78; parents-John Tietke and ? Kaizon; place of death-residence; LO-Herman Tietke; NR-Harry Tietke, 919 6th Ave, Dayton; Unspecified address-744 Second
Tietke, John br-1-7-1894; Sec-15, lot-3 S1/2; no other data
Tiffany, Pearl S d-12-27-73; br-12-29-73; age-89; Sec-73, lot-74A; parents-Rev Summers; born-Ithaca, NY; widowed; residence-80 Lumley Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Luke Hosp, Ft Thomas; LO-Charles A Nagel; NR-Mrs Albert Nagel, daughter 80 Lumley Ave, Ft Thomas
Tiffey, Schey (City order) (Colored)(Adult) br-8-23-1898; Single grave-36, sec-1898; no other data
Tilford, Alfred br-11-6-1930; Single grave-107; sec-68; no other data
Tilford, Anna Dudley d-1-20-1962; br-1-24-1962; age-4-24-1895; Single grave-183, sec-42; parents-Winston Miller and Cora Simpson; born-Lexington; married; residence-1228 Lincoln Ave, Cinti; LO-self; NR-Rev Grant Tilford, husband
Tilford, Elizabeth br-11-16-27; Single grave-334, sec-48; no other data
Tilford, Grant Reserve Grave Single grave-99, sec-43B; no other data
Tilford, Junie d-3-1-1951; br-3-5-1951; age-73; Single grave-108, sec-68; widowed; LO-single; NR-2785 River Rd, Cinti
Tillinghast, Charles A d-6-19-1958; br-6-23-1958; age-83; Sec-61, lot-19; born-Wilmington, OH; married; residence-123 Sherman Ave, Ft Thomas; LO-self; NR-Effie Tillinghast, wife
Tillinghast, Cora E d-8-15-1936; br-8-17-1936; age-61; Sec-61, lot-19; parents-Adams; born-KY; married; place of death-123 Sheridan Ave, Ft Thomas; married; L-Tillinghast
Tilman, Infant br-2-2-1889; Single grave-8, sec-1889; no other data
Tilton, Fannie B br-6-21-1905; Single grave-360, sec-28; no other data
Tilton, Ray (City order) br-2-10-1932; Single grave-823, sec-42; no other data
Tilton, Raymond br-3-27-1925; Single grave-251, sec-46; no other data
Tilton, Rose d-1-19-1925; br-1-21-1925; age-4-14-1886; Single grave-251, sec-46; parents-John and Mary Fisher Walsh; born-Falmouth, KY; place of death-Good Samaritan; residence-4325 Columbia Ave
Timberlake, John d-4-18-1891; Sec-23, lot-80; no other data
Timberlake, Susan br-7-14-1894; Sec-23, lot-81; no other data
Timm, Carrie br-7-27-1929; Sec-23, lot-107; no other data
Timm, Daisey d-5-19-1964; br-5-22-1964; age-87; Sec-63, lot-73 N1/2; parents-William Bracken and Adelia Smith; born-Dayton; widowed; residence-318 Overton St, Newport; place of death-Lakeside Place, Highland Hts;LO-self, NR-Violet Brueggemeyer, niece, 2028 New Linden Rd, Newport
Timm, Viola d-8-6-1975; br-8-8-1975; age-3-3-1890; Sec-23, lot-107; parents-William Timm and Carrie Grau; born-KY; residence-72 Gaddis Dr, Ft Thomas, KY; place of death-Lakeside Pl; NR-Dorothy Gardner, sister, 72 Gaddis Dr
Timm, Wm br-12-23-1930; Sec-23, lot-107; LO-Susan Grau
Timm, William d-4-19-1964; br-4-23-1964; age-1-30-1872; Sec-63, lot-73 N1/2; born-Berlin, Germany; married; residence-318 Overton St, Newport; place of death-Lakeside Pl, Highland Hts; LO & NR-Daisy Bracken Timm, wife
Timmer, Jennie C d-7-4-1959; br-7-8-1959; age-78; Sec-44, lot-7 E1/2; parents-Joseph Hood and Christine; born-Bellevue; widowed; residence-928 Thornton Ave, Dayton; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Joseph Hood, father; NR-Joseph Timmer, son
Timmerman, Frank Herman d-12-10-1958; br-12-13-1958; age-2-12-1886; Sec-50, lot-10 S1/2; parents-Frank Timmerman and Elizabeth Neile(?); born-Cinti; single; residence-815 Overton St, Newport; LO-Wm Prehn, brother in law; NR-Anna Prehn, sister
Timmerman, Ronald Lee Cochran d-11-3-1944; br-11-6-1944; age-9-22-1943; Sec-56, lot-15 N1/2; parents-William and Jessie Timmerman; born-Galveston, TX; residence-117 Highland Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-Booth Hosp
Timmonds, Charlotte d-3-20-1966; br-3-23-1966; age-75; Sec-44, lot-52 W1/2; parents-Thomas Webb and Ida Metzler; born-St Louis, MO; married; residence-31 Bivouac Pl, Ft Thomas; place of death-residence; LO-Thos Webb, father; NR-Henry Overman, son in law, 29 Bivouac Pl
Timmonds, Clyde d-8-3-73; br-8-6-73; age-83; Sec-44, lot-52 W1/2; single; residence-Lakeside Pl, Highland Hts; place of death-St Luke Hosp; NR-Mrs Fred Phillips, 25 Montvale, Ft Thomas
Tindle, Nellie d-1-23-1937; br-1-26-1973; age-2-23-1907; Single grave-478, sec-69; parents-William Yates; born-Newport; married; residence-112 E 5th St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp
Tinker, Chas (Child) br-4-16-1885; Single grave-39, sec-1885; no other data
Tinker, Emma br-9-14-1893; Sec-3, lot-90 N1/2; no other data
Tinker, Fred Jr br-10-25-27; Sec-3, lot-90; no other data
Tinker, Infant br-7-16-1888; Single grave-37, sec-1888; no other data
Tinker, Joseph br-8-28-1901; Sec-3, lot-90 S1/2; no other data
Tinker, Mary br-5-8-1896; Sec-3, lot-90; no other data
Tinsley, Ebenezer d-1-14-1954; br-1-16-1954; age-51; Sec-60, lot-345; parents-Steven and Elizabeth Tinsley; born-London, KY; married; place of death-residence; LO & NR-Ethel Tinsley, 29 Rob Roy Ave, Ft Thomas
Tinsley, Ethel d-10-8-66; br-10-11-66; age-59; Sec-60, lot-345; parents-Joseph Nagle and Ida Gatty(?); born-Bryson, TN; widowed; residence-5169 May St, Fairfield OH; place of death-Mercy Hosp; LO-self
Tippenhouer, Minnie d-12-1-1940; br-12-3-1940; age-7-12-1867; Sec-15, lot-3 N1/2; parents-John and Anna Teutschman; born-Newport; widowed; residence-333 Chestnut St, Newport; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; LO-Elizabeth Warnke; NR-Mr W H Warnke, Lafayette Ave, Bellevue
Tippet, Verna M (Colored) br-4-2-28; Single grave-68, sec-42
Tipsword, Gerald L d-2-27-71; br-3-3-71; age-2-27-71; Single grave-71, sec-53; parents-Gerald L and Mary Lou Obermeyer; born-Covington; single; residence-2328 Van Iburg Cir, Ft Mitchell; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; NR-Gerald L and Mary Lous Tipsword, parents
Tipton, Doris J d-1-2-1956; br-1-5-1956; age-53; sec-32, lot-53 W1/2; parents-Harry and Josephine Jones; born-Dayton, KY; married; residence-37 Warman Ct, Ft Thomas; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Josephine Jones, mother; NR-Jacob O Tipton, husband
Tipton, General (Adult) br-4-4-1901; Single grave-23, sec-1901; no other data
Tipton, Herbert d-11-25-1954; br-11-29-1954; age-1-29-1906; Sec-74, lot-527; parents-Andrew Tipton and Nannie Beth West; born-KY; married; place of death-DOA St Elizabeth Hosp; LO & NR-Mida Tipton, wife, RR1, Union, KY
Tipton, Jacob O d-10-26-72; br-10-30-72; age-76; Sec-32, lot-53 W1/2; parents-Jacob M Tipton and Sarah Henderson; born-Rose Hill, VA; married; residence-37 Warren Ct, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Josephine Jones; NR-Edith Perry Tipton, wife
Tipton, Mary E (Colored) (Adult) br-11-3-1894; Single grave-49, sec-1894; no other data
Tipton, Margaret (Colored) (Adult) br-4-17-1893; Single grave-18, sec-1893; no other data
Tipton, William Pearl d-10-12-1952; br-10-23-1952; age-12-24-1884; parents-Garrett Tipton; born-Estelle Co, KY; divorced; place of death-residence; NR-Wm O Tipton, 3131 Brackenwood Ln, Cint
Tirman, Louis Jas br-1-14-1920; Single grave-119, sec-45; no other data
Tishler, Harry d-11-23-67; br-11-27-67; age-82; Sec-59, lot-186 W1/2; parents-Samuel Tishler and Rosie Blackman; born-Russia; married; residence-5601 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh; place of death-Pittsburgh Hosp; NR-Mrs Rosel Tishler, wife
Tishler, Mayme d-3-10-1966; br-3-14-1966; age-83; Sec-59, lot-186 W1/2; parents-Reinhardt; born-Newport; married; residence & place of death-6721 Thomas Blvd, Pittsburgh; LO-self; NR-Harry Tishler, husband
Titus, James E br-6-25-1907; Single grave-11, sec-1898; no other data
Titus, Nancy J (Adult) br-4-4-1898; Single grave-10, sec-1898;
Titus, Rella M br-5-2-1934; Sec-50, lot-3; no other data
Titus, Wm P br-3-24-1921; Sec-50, lot-3; Removed from Sec 27, lot-37, 10-5-1921; no other data


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