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Transcribed and submitted 11 December 2011 by Marji Wright


LO-Lot owner
P#-permit number

Note: Records were keyed as seen and in the order found. Both Lot Owner (LO) and Nearest Relative (NR) indicate their relationship to the deceased.


Vaal, Caroline d-6-24-1936; br-6-27-1936; age-49; Sec-34, lot-13 E1/2; parents-Gehring; born-Ohio; married; res-913 Central Ave, Newport, KY; LO-John Battelberger
Vail, Alice L br-6-30-1930; Sec-33, lot-40N1/2; LO-H L Jordan
Vail, Cathleen M (child) br-3-22-1896; Single grave-21, sec-1896
Vail, Edward br-1-18-1923; Sec-33, lot-40; no other data
Vail, Wm br-2-15-1932; Single grave-332, Sec-68
Valentine, Lillian d-8-16-1940; br-8-19-1940; age-8-31-1891; Sec-27, lot-44 N1/2; parents-Patrick Burke and Laura V Hecker; born-Cincinnati, OH; divorced; place of death-611 Overton St, Newport, KY; LO-Mrs L Burke; NR-Edmund Burke
Valentine, W R (Adult) br-5-22-1901; Single grave-10, sec-1901; no other data
Vall, E br-11-17-1893; Sec-23, lot-18; no other data
Vall, Infant br-1-27-1886; Single grave-3, sec-1886; no other data
Vallandingham, Curtis d-9-28-1970; br-10-1-1970; age-5-3-1915; Sec-65, lot-132A; parents-Ross Vallandingham, mother unknown; born-Science Hill, KY; res-223 E 2nd St, Newport, KY; place of death-DOA St Luke Hospital, Ft Thomas; NR-Richard Vallandingham, son
Vallandingham, Esther (Child) br-2-26-1901; Single grave-10, sec-1901; no other data
Vallman, Joseph br-3-23-1906; Single grave-249, sec-28; no other data
Valz, Louise Dorothy d-8-16-1951; br-8-20-1951; age-1-14-1886; Sec-49, lot-155; parents-Ernst Gipp; born-Germany; widowed; place of death-residence; LO-L Volz; NR-Rose Bradbury
Valz, John Julius d-10-13-1966; br-10-17-1966; age-58; Sec-73, lot-315N; parents-Peter Valz and Louise Jipp; born-Newport; married; res-625 7th Ave, Dayton; place of death-DOA Speers Hospital; LO-Evelyn Valz; NR-Mrs. Evelyn Valz-wife
Valz, Peter br-12-6-1922; Sec-49, lot-155; no other data
Valz, Robert J d-11-28-1935; br-11-29-1935; age-7-2-1929; Single grave-258, sec-70; parents-John and Evelyn Brochards Valz; single; res-438 W 12th St, Newport; place of death-Speers Hospital; LO-single
Van Agthoven, Carrie br-12-26-1925; Sec-24, lot-132; no other data
VanAgthoven, Emma d-4-11-1950; br-4-14-1950; age-9-21-1873; Sec-35, lot-1; parents-Sylester and Rose Haefner; born-Newport; married; place of death-residence; LO-Harry VanAgthoven, husband; NR-Harry VanAgthoven
VanAgthoven, Harry d-12-31-1950; br-1-4-1951; age-5-15-1865; Sec-33, lot-1; parents-Max and Margaret VanAgthoven; born-Cincinnati; widower; place of death-residence; LO-Harry VanAgthoven, self; NR-Hazel VanAgthoven
VanAgthoven, Hazel d-7-12-1972; br-7-14-1972; age-75; Sec-33, lot-1; parents-Harry VanAgthoven and Emma Haefner; single; place of death-St Luke Hospital, Ft Thomas; LO-Harry VanAgthoven, father; NR-Mrs Wm Glier, friend
VanAgthoven, Roland br-9-5-1917; Sec-33, lot-1; no other data
Van Ansdol, Harvey (Adult) br-11-26-1897; Single grave-67, sec-1897; no other data
Van Bernowitz, Frederick J br-7-21-1906; Sec-32, lot-20 E1/2; removed from Sec-6, lot-75; no other data
Van Bibber, Mr. br-5-16-1887; Sec-16, lot-21; no other data
Vanat, Eliza (Adult) br-5-26-1886; Single grave-29; sec-1886; no other data
Vanatter, Elmer (Adult) br-3-1-1899; Single grave-33, sec-1898; no other data
Van Camp, Harry E d-12-10-1965; br-12-13-1965; age-6-19-1887; Sec-62, lot 25 N1/2; parents-John Van Camp and Louis Hill; born-Newtonsville, OH; married; res-2230 Joyce Ave, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hospital; LO-Matilda Van Camp, wife; NR-Matilda Van Camp, wife
Vance, A J (Infant) br-7-10-1904; Sec-3, lot-46; no other data
Vance, Mrs. A br-9-6-1892; Sec-3, lot-46 N1/2; no other data
Vance, Chas H b-4-12-1920; Sec-36, lot-21; no other data
Vance, Clara br-4-12-1921; Sec-36, lot-21; no other data
Vance, Elizabeth Taylor d-2-21-1945; br-2-24-1945; age-4-13-1869; Sec-3, lot-46 N1/2; parents-Chas and Mary MCneely; born-Cincinnati; widowed; place of death-residence; LO-J E Vance; NR-Shelby Brown Vance
Vance, Fannie br-6-12-1934; Sec-56, lot-146; no other data
Vance, Helen M d-2-25-1963; br-3-1-1963; age-65; Sec-3, Lot-46 N; parents-David Berkley and Margaret Lamb; born-Kentucky; married; res-1616 Lady Mary Dr, Clearwater, FL; place of death-Clearwater, FL; NR-Shelby Vance
Vance, Hilbert d-11-22-1975; br-11-25-1975; age-4-7-1905; Sec-64, lot-283 N1/2; parents-Millard Vance, Betty Morgan; born-Allen Co, KY; res-84 Home Street, Newport; place of death-Booth Hospital; LO-Corine Vance, wife; NR-Corine Vance-wife
Vance, Infant br-5-21-1887; Sec-3, lot-46; Removed to Grave 29, sec-1887
Vance, Joseph E br-11-21-1914; Sec-3, lot-46 N1/2; no other data
Vance, Lawrence Thornton br-3-13-1934; Sec-56, lot-146; no other data
Vance, Pearl May (Adult) br-3-16-1883; Single grave-18, sec-1883; no other data
Vance, Raymond Jr. d-11-17-1950; br-11-20-1950; age-4-14-1949; Single grave-1348, sec-70; parents-Raymond and Frances Vance; born-Cincinnati, OH; place of death-Children's Hospital; cause of death-lead poisoning; LO-single; NR-Raymond Vance
Vance, Roy br-3-17-1922; Sec-36, lot-21; no other data
Vance, Shelby d-6-6-1970; br-6-1970; age-72; Sec-3, lot-46 N1/2; parents-unknown; born-Cincinnati; married; res-8414 Daly Road, Cincinnati, OH; place of death-Cincinnati; NR-Esther D Vance, wife
Vanderbilt, Harriet br-5-15-1919; Single grave-360, sec-35; no other data
Vandergrift, George A br-4-25-1899; Sec-26, lot-134; no other data
Vandergrift, Mrs. G A br-4-30-1891; Sec-24, lot-134; no other data
Vanderpool, Hester Ann br-9-14-1914; Sec-333, lot-42; no other data
Vanderpool, John N d-3-6-1943; br-3-9-1943; age-9-27-1858; Single grave-824, sec-68; parents-Abraham and ? Vanderpool; born-Ownley County, KY; place of death-226 W 3rd St, Newport; LO-single; NR-Robert D Vanderpool
Van Dine, Chas W br-9-10-1915; Single grave-534, lot-43; no other data
Vandivier, Marion Single grave-401, sec-43-B; res-553 W Liberty St, Cincinnati; no other data
Van Driel, Cornelius br-Dec 1906; Sec-30, lot-15; no other data
Van Driel, Harry d-11-23-1971; br-11-24-1971; age-91; Sec-30, lot-15 S1/2; parents-unknown; born-Dayton, KY; widowed; res-1738 Northampton Dr, Cincinnati; place of death- Oak Pavilion Nursing Home, Cincinnati; LO-self; NR- Mr Martin Van Driel, son
Van Driel, Minnie D d-6-2-1962; br-6-5-1962; age-6-2-1882; Sec-30, lot-15 S1/2; parents-Fred and Alice Thorp; born-Cincinnati; married; residence-1738 Northampton Dr, Cincinnati; place of death-residence; LO-Amelia Van Driel; NR-Harry Van Driel, husband
Vandt, Harry Aaron d-6-21-1966; br-6-24-1966; age-73; Sec-63, lot-10 W1/2; parents-Issac Vandt and Rebecca Vandt; born-London, England; married; res-336 E 18th St, Covington, KY; place of death- Covington, KY; LO-Henrietta W Vandt, wife; NR-Mrs Henrietta Willenbrink Vandt
Vandusen, Idella May d-11-30-1941; br-12-1-1941; age-64; Sec-20, lot-71; parents-John and Anna Speckman; born-Newport, KY; divorced; LO-Anna Speckman; NR-Harry Speckman
Vandyke, Francis (illegible) br-10-8-1912; Single grave-531, sec-42; no other data
Van Dyne, Brabara (sic) (Infant) d-11-3-1959; br-11-6-1959; age-11-3-1959; Sec-3, lot-120; parents-Chas D VanDyne and Janet Hoffstetter; born-Lake Worth, FL; res-110 S Federal, Lake Worth; cause of death-stillbirth; LO-McClure; NR-Chas VanDyne, father
Van Dyne, Charles Daniel d-11-30-1955; br-12-1-1955; age-11-28-1955; Sec-3, lot-120; parents-Chas VanDyne and Janet Hoffetter; born-St Luke Hosp; res-334 9th Ave, Dayton, KY; LO-McClure; NR-Chas VanDyne
VanDyne, Cynthia Lee (Infant) d-1-11-1955; br-1-14-1955; age-1-10-1955; Sec-3, lot-120; parents-Chas H VanDyne and Janet R Hoffstedder; born-Ft Thomas, KY; place of death-St Lukes; LO-McClure and Swaring; NR-Chas D VanDyne
Vanet, Florenta (Child) br-2-12-1883; Single grave-18, sec-1883; no other data
Van Etten, Bridget br-2-14-1925; Single grave-236, sec-46; no other data
Van Etten, Henry br-12-23-1931; Single grave-235, sec-46; no other data
Van Galen, Dana d-4-11-1975; br-4-14-1975; age-82; Sec-61, lot-183A; parents-Cornelius and Francis Kuyper; born-Cincinnati; res-Panarama Apts, Covington; place of death-Booth Hospital; NR-Lee Walz, nephew
Van Hise, L R (Child) br-12-7-1901; Single grave-59, sec-1901; no other data
Van Hook, Grover C br-7-8-1933; Sec-40, lot-26; LO-Anna Wade; no other data
Van Hook, Herbert T d-8-12-1953; br-8-14-1953; Sec-60, lot-316; married; place of death-VA Hosp, Ft Thomas; cause of death-bronchia pneumonia; LO-Blanche VanHook, wife; NR-Blanch VanHook,wife
Van Hook, Nettie d-10-21-1936; br-10-23-1936; age-12-31-1886; Single grave-371, sec-69; parents-Andrew Wade and Anna O'Conner; born-Covington, KY; widowed; res-2140 Pogue, Cincinnati; LO-single
Van Hoose, John br-10-2-1920; Sec-49, lot-96; no other data
Van Hoose, Mary Alice br-2-10-1930; Sec-56, lot-illegible; LO-Eliz Moran
Van Hoose, Colonel Waiteman d-12-9-1946; br-12-12-1946; age-82; Sec-56, l-99; parents- Jeff and ? Vanhoose; born-Missouri; widowed; res-620 6th Ave, Dayton; LO-Eliz Moren
Van Hoose, Wm J br-4-18-1925; Sec-49, lot 96; no other data
Van Hooser, Bessie Thelma br-6-21-1933; Sec-24, lot-76 W1/2; LO-Groninger; no other data
Vanhorn, Harry br-6-29-1920; Sec-44, lot-15A
Van Horn, Helen br-4-23-1920; Single grave-548, sec-8; no other data
Van Kaegel, Leona (Adult) br-11-8-1901; Single grave-72, sec-1901; no other data
Van Leuven, Bessie Elizabeth d-9-5-1963; br-9-9-1963; age-86; Sec-37, lot-19; parents-Lewis Munroe and Sarah; born-Newport; widowed; res-620 S Ft Thomas Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-residence; LO-Fannie VanLeuven, mother in law; NR-Wm Weitkamp, nephew
Van Leuven, Fannie d-8-24-1941; br-9-2-1941; age-86; Sec-37, lot-19; parents-Hiram G Fry and Martha; born-Walton, KY; widowed; place of death-St Petersburg, FL; LO-Fannie Van Leuven
VanLeuven, James Matthews d-5-7-1958; br-5-10-1958; Sec-37, lot-19; age-79; parents-John P and Fannie VanLeuven; born-Walton, KY; res-620 S Ft Thomas Ave, Ft Thomas; LO-Fannie VanLeuven, illegible; NR-Bessie VanLeuven, wife
Van Leuven, John P br-12-9-1911; Sec-37, lot-19; no other data
VanLeeuwe, Edward d-11-20-1950; br-11-22-1950; age-9-12-1871; Sec-61, lot-138; parents Leonard and ? VanLeeuewe; born-Cincinnati; widowed; place of death-Cinti General Hosp; cause of death-pneumonia; LO-Edward VanLeeuwe, self; NR-Miss Georgia VanLeeuwe
VanLeeuwe, Georgia d-7-16-1948; br-7-21-1948; age-1-2-1880; Sec-61, lot-138; parents-George and Ella Munyan; born-Freefom (sic) OH; married; place of death-residence; LO-Edward VanLeeuwe; NR-Edward VanLeeuwe
Van Leeuwe, Valta Rosemond d-6-25-1964; br-6-29-1964; age-58; Sec-60, lot-200; parents-Henry Luker and Madalyn ?; born-Newport; res-1416 Fairfield Dr, Clearwater. FL; LO-Cecil Van Leeuwe, husband; NR-Cecil Van Leeuwe, husband
Vanlewen, Joseph d-6-14-1954; br-6-17-1954; age-3-29-1884; Sec-19, lot-35 SW ; parents- Theodore and Helen VanLewen; born-Covington, KY; married; place of death-Booth Hospital; cause of death- cerebral hemorrhage; LO-Laura VanLewen, wife; NR-Laura VanLewen
Van Lewen, Laura d-3-12-1962; br-3-15-1962; age-79; Sec-19, lot-35 SW ; parents-Gerhart Wiesman and Catherine Anderie; born-Campbell County, KY; res-927 Monroe St, Newport; place of death-Western State Hosp; LO-Laura Van Lewen, self; NR-Miss Helen Van Lewen, daughter
Van Maerbeke, Ella Cornelia br-11-5-1928; Single grave-206, sec-41; no other data
Van Maerbeke, Frederick C br-5-21-1915; Sec-33, lot-23 E1/2; no other data
Van Meter, Charles F d-9-14-1970; br-9-17-1970; age-9-10-1905; Sec-63, lot-267 S1/2; parents-James Van Meter and Rhoda Malone; born-Ohio; married; res-1035 Hamlet St, Newport, KY; place of death-Ft Thomas; NR-Ruth Van Meter, wife
Van Meter, Irene br-11-20-1926; Sec-40, lot-34; no other data
Van Meter, Kimberly Ann d-11-9-1964; br-11-10-1964; age-11-5-1964; Single grave-283, sec-53; parents-Ronald Van Meter and Nancy Gemmer; born-Ft Thomas; res-407 Forest Ave, Newport; place of death- St Luke Hosp; NR-Ronald Van Meter, father
Van Meter, Ruth d-7-13-1973; br-7-17-1973; age-7-6-1910; Sec-63, lot-267 S1/2; parents-John Welsh and Agnes Kosiol; born-Dayton, KY; res-1035 Hamlet St, Newport; place of death-Woodspoint Nursing Home; LO-Ruth Van Meter, self; NR-Mr Ronald Van Meter, son
VanMoll, E (Infant) br-10-29-1893; Single grave-65, sec-1893; no other data
Vann, Ellis Earl d-4-24-1957; br-4-26-1957; age-1-17-1901; Sec-60, lot-55; parents-James Vann and Nancy Serber; born-Eubanks, KY; married; res-830 Ann St, Newport; LO-Julia Ann Vann, wife; NR-Julia Ann Vann, wife
Vann, Ina d-d-1969; br-1-4-1969; age-79; Sec-59, lot-25 SW1/2 (illegible); parents-Robert Williams and Eliz Ellen Aker; born-Lincoln, KY; res-313 Eighth Ave, Dayton, KY; place of death-Deaconess Hospital; LO-self; NR-James R Vann, son
Vann, Infant (Male) d-6-29-1959; br-6-29-1959; age-6-29-1959; Sec-59, lot-248 W1/2; parents-Jas R Vann and Margaret Smith; born-Cincinnati; res-313 8th Ave, Dayton, KY; cause of death-stillborn; place of death-Deaconess Hosp; LO-Ina Williams Vann, grandmother NR-Jas R Vann
Vann, James A d-12-5-1947; br-12-8-1947; age-9-24-1872; Sec-59, lot-248 W1/2; parents-James Vann and Nancy Williams; born-Pulaski Co, KY; married; place of death-residence; LO-Ina Vann; NR-Ina Vann
Vanna, E (Child) br-4-10-1883; Single grave-28, sec-1883; no other data
Vannatter, Blanche br-2-21-1910; Single grave-4, sec-1910; no other data
Vannatter, Clarence br-4-27-1918; Single grave-435, sec-8; no other data
Vanatter, Walter C br-7-27-1920; Single grave-317, sec-41; no other data
Van Ness, Anna Dunlevy d-10-19-1936; br-10-21-1936; age-5-1-1855; Sec-31, lot-34; parents-James Dunlevy and Margaret ?; born-Peoria, IL; res-Hotel Alms, Cincinnati; place of death- Jewish Hosp; cause of death-cerebral hemorrhage; LO-Anna Van Ness
Van Ness, Herbert br-March 1906; Sec-31, lot-34; no other data
Van Nort, Ada d-12-6-1958; br-12-10-1958; age-5-17-1882; Sec-57, lot-55 W1/2; parents-Adam Eckel and Elisabeth Roth; born-Newport, KY; widowed; res-339 E 2nd St, Newport; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-Ada Van Nort, self; NR-Mrs Malben LaRosa, daughter
VanOesten, Augusta br-8-3-1904; Sec-6, lot-61; no other data
VannOrt, Howard br-11-3-1931; Sec-57, lot-55 W1/2; LO-Ada Van Ort; no other data
Van Ormann, W E br-7-14-1903; Sec-9, lot-69 N1/2; no other data
Vanover Mary Ann br-1-20-1911; Single grave-86, sec-1910; no other data
Vanover, Mary S br-1-28-1911; Single grave-94, sec-35; no other data
Van Pelt, Addison br-11-10-1887; no other data
Van Pelt, Mrs A br-4-18-1904; Sec-23, lot-21; no other data
Van Pelt, Albert br-5-20-1916; Sec-10, lot-35; no other data
Van Pelt, Florence br-5-19-1972; Sec-59, lot-104 E1/2; widowed; place of death-California; LO-Self; Vault-ashes; no other data
Van Pelt, George br-12-30-1918; Sec-10, lot-35; no other data
Van Pelt, Jos br-3-27-1895; Sec-10, lot-35; no other data
Van Pelt, Lulia (sic) br-4-2-1888; Sec-10, lot-35; no other data
Van Pelt, Samuel d-8-8-1943; br-8-11-1943; age-63; Sec-59, lot-104 illegible; parents-no record; born-Ky; married; LO- Florence E VanPelt; place of death-32 E Vernon Lane; NR-Florence VanPelt
Van Pelt, Virginia br-6-28-1922; Sec-10, lot-35; no other data
Van Pelt, William br-5-25-1907; Sec-23, lot-21; no other data
Van Stan, Jos (child) br-4-27-1885; Single grave-44, sec-1885; no other data
Vansant, Cora Elizabeth d-1-16-1951; br-1-18-1951; Sec-60, lot-178; age-77; parents-Geo and Elizabeth Zahler; born-Pomeroy, OH; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO- Geo Van Sant; NR-Mrs Van Sant
VanSant, Cora L br-8-5-1900; Single grave-37, lot-1900; no other data
Vansant, George br-2-9-1903; Single grave-9, sec-1903; no other data
Vansant, George d-11-3-1954; br-11-6-1954; age-81; Sec-60, lot-178; parents-not known; born-Dayton, KY; widowed; place of death-Speers; LO-Geo VanSant; self; NR-Mrs Verna Phillips
Van Sant, Gladys br-2-24-1905; Single grave-12, sec-1905; no other data
Van Sant, H (Adult) br-7-10-1890; Single grave-31, sec-1890; no other data
Van Sant, Henry br-11-1-1898; Sec-4, lot-41 N1/2; no other data
Van Sant, Jessie d-2-3-1942; br-2-6-1942; age-68; Single grave-81, sec-72; parents-VanSant; born-KY; married; place of death-Home Incurable, Cinti, OH; LO-single; NR-Grace Krogman
Van Sant, Mary br-9-17-1901; Sec-4, lot-41 N1/2; no other data
Van Sant, Mary br-2-6-1915; Single grave-340, sec-43; no other data
Van Sant, Raymond br-10-20-1916; Single grave-324, sec-42; no other data
Vansant, S B (Adult) br-12-31-1891; Single grave-71, sec-1891; no other data
Van Sant, Sam br-1-15-1913; Single grave-26, sec-42; no other data
Van Sant, Samuel br-7-19-1901; Sec-4, lot-41 N1/2; no other data
VanSant, Sarah A br-11-23-1896; Sec-4, lot-41; no other data
Van Syckel, Mildred (Child) br-7-25-1901; Single grave-36, sec-1901; no other data
Van Veen, Ida d-9-26-1963; br-10-1-1963; age-76; Sec-59, lot-192 W1/2; parents-Piet Nieman and Beredine; born-Amsterdam, Holland; widowed; res-1023 Highland Ave, Ft Thomas; LO-Ida Van Veen, self; NR-Richard J Van Veen, son
VanVeen, John br-6-9-1947; br-6-12-1947; age-6-15-1888; Sec-59, lot-192 W1/2; parents-Cornelius Van Veen and Margretta Tromm; born-Amsterdam, Holland; married; place of death-Good Samaritan Hosp; LO-Ida VanVeen; NR-Ida Nieman Van Veen
Van Voast, General James br-9-7-1915; Sec-1, lot-21; LO-same; no other data
Van Voast, Mildred d-11-25-1967; br-12-8-1967; age-81; Sec-6, lot-9&16; parents-Robert Edward Mac Arthur & Charlotte V Clapp; born-Lasinburg, NY; married; resident-231 So K St, Lake Worth, FL; place of death-John F Kennedy Hospital; LO-V M Van Voast; Vault-ashes in Vault; NR-Dr Rufus A Van Voast, husband
Van Voast, Rufus, Dr d-8-24-1969; br-9-10-1969; age-11-19-1879; Sec-6, lot-9-16; parents-James T Van Voast & Virginia Harris; born-Kansas; residence-The West Palm Beach, FL; place of death-Togus, Maine; Vault-ashes; NR-Peter Van Voast, son
Van Voast, Virginia Moss Harris br-3-2-1909; Sec-1, lot-10-21; no other data
VanVoast, Virginia H d-11-9-1947; br-11-12-1947; age-4-16-1870; Sec-1, lot-10-31; Parents-James VanVoast and Virginia Harris, born-Newport, KY; single; LO-Harris; place of death-residence; NR-Dr Rufus VanVoast
Vanwegen, Alma O d-9-4-1953; br-9-8-1953; age-51; Sec-74, lot-525; parents-Arthur and Agnes Schumacher; born-Cincinnati; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Milton VanWegen, husband; NR-Milton VanWegen, husband
Vanwegen, Milton br-2-21-1955; Sec-74, lot-525; parents-no record; born-Fort Jarvis, NY; widowed; LO-Milton VanWegen, self; NR-Minnie Platt-sister
VanWickler, Edith d-2-27-1948; br-3-1-1948; age-59; Sec-61, lot-178; age-59; parents-John H and Mary E VanWinkler; born-Dayton, KY; single; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-VanWickler
VanWickler, Emma br-April-21-1909; Single grave-81, sec-35; no other data
Vanwickler, Helen d-4-9-1957 ; br-4-12-1957; age-50; Sec-61, lot 176; parents-Henry and Wanda Campbell; born-Bellevue, KY; married; residence-124 Garden Way, Ft Thomas; LO-Joh Van Winkler Sr, husband; NR-John Vanwickler, husband
Van Wickler, John H br-7-11-1910; Single grave-82, sec-35; no other data
Van Wickler, John H br-9-15-1934; Sec-61, lot-178; LO-Mary Van Wickler; no other data
VanWickler, Lillian M d-8-27-1948; br-8-31-1948; age-6-26-1884; Sec-32, lot-41 W1/2; parents-LaFayette Hoffman and Rhoda Burr; born-Grants Lick, KY; married; residence-422 5th Ave, Dayton, KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Katherleen Wegner; NR-Flossie Blangy
Van Wickler, Sidney br-5-5-1924; Sec-38, lot-41; no other data
VanWicklew, Eva (Child) br-1-3-1889; Single grave-1, sec-1889; no other data
Van William, Benjamin br-2-10-1914; Single grave-439, sec-42; no other data
Van Winkle, Dorothy Russell d-9-20-1942; br-9-23-42; age-?; Sec-56, lot-68 N1/2; parents-Ben Russell and ?; born-KY; married; place of death-St Louis, MO; LO-Ben E Russell; NR-D C VanWinkler, St Louis, MO
Varley, Catherine br-12-8-1930; Sec-54, lot-71; LO-Owens
Varley, Joseph d-8-22-1936; br-8-25-1936; age-8-14-1856; Sec-54, lot-71; parents-Henry and Syeina Varley; born-Mt Oarb, Ohio; cause of death-senility and stroke; place of death-14 W 5th St, Newport, KY; LO-Riley Owens;
Varley, Mamie br-1-26-1906; Single grave-87, sec-28; no other data
Vasche, Clarence A J br-11-10-1917; Sec-34, lot-10; no other data
Vasche, Earl d-9-26-1962; br-9-29-1962; age-60; Sec-52, lot-90; parents-Edward Vasche and Emmaily Rairdan; born-Bellevue, KY; single; res-337 Washington Ave, Bellevue, KY; place of death-Eastern State Hospital; LO-Earl Vasche, self; NR- Edith Kimmerling, sister
Vasche, Emmaily N d-9-18-1951; br-9-20-1951; age-74; Sec-52, lot-90; parents-Nath and Alice Raridan; born-Newport, KY; widowed; place of death-residence; LO-Earl Vasche, son; NR-Earl Vasche
Vasche, Francis M (Ashes) d-1-28-1938; br-2-1-1938; age-2-7-illegible; Sec-34, lot-10; parents-Frank J Vasche and Mary McCoy; born-Dayton, KY; single; place of death-Bethesda Hospital; cause of death-bronchial; LO-Frank, Mary J Vasche; NR-Fred Z Vasche
Vasche, Frank J br-9-15-1917; Sec-34, lot-10; no other data
Vasche, Frederick d-9-21-1945; br-9-24-1945; age-3-12-1890; Sec-34, lot-10; parents-Frank and Mary E Vasche; born-Dayton, KY; married; LO-Mary Vasche
Vasche, Leona M d-11-24-1854; br-11-29-1954; age-10-14-1894; Sec-34, lot-10; parents- Edward and ? Lynch; born-Canada; married; place of death-Jewish Hosp; cause of death-cerebral hemorrhage; LO-Fred Z Vasche, husband; NR-F Z Vasche
Vasche, Margaret d-5-12-1966; br-5-16-1966; age-4-26-1883; Sec-58, lot-97;parents-William T Cones and Adeline Engel; born-Greensburg, IN; widowed; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Mary Braun, daughter; NR-Mrs T E Braun, daughter
Vasche, Mary J br-2-28-1929; Sec-34, lot-10; LO-Frank & Mary Vasche no other data
Vasche, Orville B br-8-27-1917; Sec-34, lot-10; no other data
Vasche, William F br-8-21-1903; Sec-34, lot-10; no other data
Vater, Mary br-4-6-1890; Sec-3, lot-29; no other data
Vaughn, Anna (City Order) br-6-11-1897; Sec-2, lot-52; no other data
Vaughn, Albert br-11-30-1934; "reserve 12"; Single grave-11, lot-69; no other data
Vaughn, Frank d-9-15-1940; br-9-17-1940 ; age-55; Single grave-33, sec-49; parents-no record; place of death-Hotel Elm, Norwood, OH; LO-single; NR-Catherine Vaughn, Charlston ,W Va
Vaughn, Grace (City of Dayton) d-6-4-1938; br-6-6-1938; age-10-31-1907; Single grave-560, sec-69; parents-Jack and Mattie Stratman; born-Cincinnati, OH; married; place of death-1459 Gladstone, Cincinnati, OH; LO-single; NR-Martha Lou Fields Vaughn, Janice br-10-8-1930; Single grave-482, sec-illegible; no other data
Vaughn, Jennie br-2-26-1919; Sec-49, lot-10; no other data
Vaughn, Joseph d-11-26-1941; br-11-29-1941; age-3-1854; Single grave-34, sec-69; parents-John M Vaughn; born-Manchester, IN; LO-single; NR-Chas Vaughn, Norwood
Vaughn, Minnie br-4-22-1916; Single grave-731, sec-42; no other data
Vaughn, Walter d-12-26-1964; br-12-30-1964; age-2-1883; Sec-59, lot-30 W1/2; parents-no record; born-England; widowed; place of death-residence; LO-Walter Vaughn, self; NR-Marcella Hoffman, niece
Vaught, Chas br-4-22-1885; Sec-16, lot-14; no other data
Vaught, John E/Dailey, Ella V Single grave-1141, sec-72; "letter transferring to John E Vaughn on book"; no other data
Veach, Retta Mae d-6-19-1975; br-6-23-1975; age-6-2-1908; Sec-65, lot-109; parents-William Ewing and Mary Coffey; born-Kentucky; place of death-St Luke Hosp; NR-Mrs Jesse Walters, daughter
Veit, Anna br-3-12-1924; Single grave-264, lot-47; no other data
Veit, Edw (Child) br-7-12-1886; Single grave-32, lot-1886; no other data
Veith, Anna Burke d-7-24-1942; br-7-27-1942; age-74; Sec-24, lot-35; parents-Michael and Ellen Burke; born-Cincinnati, OH; place of death-Speers; LO-Phil J Veith
Veith, Carl br-12-27-27; Sec-24, lot-35; no other data
Veith, Catharine d-2-12-1945; br-2-14-1945; age-4-9-1862; Sec-16, lot-43 S1/2;; parents-Fred Veith and Catherine Schmidt; single; LO-Veith
Veith, Catherine br-10-9-1909; Sec-16, lot-43 & 44; no other data
Veith, Daniel br-7-12-1929; Sec-56, lot-130; LO-Jennie Veith; no other data
Veith, F br-6-29-1885; Sec-16, lot-43; no other data
Veith, Fred br-12-11-1916; Sec-16, lot-43 & 44; no other data
Veith, George br-10-19-1970; br-10-22-1970; age-7-22-1902; Sec-63, lot-31A; parents-Louis Beechle and Lucy Yockey; born-Ohio; married; place of death-St Luke Hosp; NR-Doretta Veith, wife
Veith, Ida May br-5-1-1961; br-5-4-1961; age-12-26-1878; Sec-3, lot-40; parents-Jacob Veith and Louise Risch; born-Newport; single; res-Baptist Home of No KY; LO-Veith & Risch, parents; NR-Virginia Zwick, niece
Veith, Jacob br-3-19-1894; Sec-3, lot-40; no other data
Veith, Jacob br-12-1928; Sec-16, lot-43; no other data
Veith, Jennie Belle d-2-13-1962; br-2-16-1962; age-1-3-1872; Sec-56, lot-130; parents-John G Brody and Mary; born-Maysville, KY; widowed; res-131 N Ft Thomas Ave; LO-Jennie Veith, self; NR-Mrs George D Chumard, daughter
Veith, Katherine d-6-3-1962; br-6-5-1962; age-92; Sec-3, lot-40; parents-Jacob Veith and Louise Risch; born-Newport; single; res-2013 Memorial Pkwy, Ft Thomas; place of death-Baptist Home of No KY; LO-Jacob Veith, father; NR-George Lampe, nephew
Veith, Lewis d-1-24-1891; Sec-16, lot-43 & 44; no other data
Veith, Louisa b-12-27-1911; Sec-3, lot-40; no other data
Veith, Phil J br-11-21-1934; Sec-24, lot-35; LO-same; no other data
Veith, Fred Christian d-11-15-1951; br-11-19-1951; age-4-1874; Sec-3, lot-40; parents-Jacob and Louis Veith; born-Newport; widowed; place of death-residence; LO-J G Veith; NR-Fred H Veith
Velkley, Arnold d-12-4-1966; br-12-7-1966; age-68; Sec-65, lot-63D; parents-don't know; born-Newport, KY; married; res-514 Washington Ave, Newport; place of death-Lexington, KY; LO-Violet Velkley, wife; NR-Violet Velkley, wife
Velkley, Arthur Chas d-4-30-1945; br-5-3-1945; age-67; Sec-59, lot-148 S1/2; parents-Louis and Harriet Velkly; born-Newport; married; place of death-residence; LO-Anna Marie Velkley; NR-Ann Marie Velkley
Velkley, A S (Infant) d-3-9-1900; Sec-22, lot-14; no other data
Velkley, Charles A d-2-2-1937; br-2-5-1937; age-9-12-?; Sec-22, lot-14; parents-Gottlieb Velkey; born-Campbell County, KY; widowed; res-Winters Lane, Cold Springs; LO-Gottlieb Velkley
Velkey, Christopher br-12-22-1924; Sec-49, lot-190; no other data
Velkley, Clifford E br-10-30-1896; Sec-22, lot-14 S1/2; no other data
Velkley, Edward d-12-30-1943; br-1-3-1944; age-7-9-1899; Single grave-452, sec-72; parents- ? And Anna Velkley; born-Newport; married; place of death-Speers; LO-single; NR-Ellen Velkley
Velkley, Elmer d-12-19-1962; br-12-22-1962; age-9-6-1899; Single grave-375, sec-35; parents-Christopher Velkley & Mary Palmer; born-Newport, KY; single; res-514 York St, Newport; LO-single; Mrs. Thomas A Robertson, sister
Velkley, Emma br-6-28-1896; Sec-22, lot-14; no other data
Velkley, Emma br-8-26-1898; Sec-22, lot-14; no other data
Velkley, Estella Jean br-1-24-1924; Sec-49 , lot-190; no other data
Velkley, Gottleib br-1-8-1896; Sec-22, lot-14; no other data
Velkley, Hatty A br-6-28-1905; Sec-22, lot-14; no other data
Velkley, Helen M br-12-3-1902; Sec-22, lot-14; no other data
Velkley, Infant br-8-18-1889; Sec-22, lot-14; no other data
Velkley, John br-6-12-1901; Sec-22, lot-14; no other data
Velkley, Lee M d-3-2-70; br-3-6-70; age-56; Sec-58, lot-116 S1/2; parents-Roy B Velkley and Martha Maule; born-Newport; married; res-2106 Monmouth St, Newport, Ky; place of death-DOA-St Luke Hosp; NR-Ruth Velkley, wife
Velkley, Louis br-12-22-1900; Sec-22, lot-14; no other data
Velkley, Margaret d-6-9-1953; br-6-12-1953; age-3-16-1861; Sec-34, lot-19 W1/2; parents-Martin Wasser; born-Campbell County; widowed; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Margaret Velkley, self; NR-Alvin Muehlenback
Velkley, Martha Marie d-2-21-1959; br-2-24-1959; age-10-22-1883; Sec-58, lot-21; parents-John G Maule and Mary E Harsfall; born-Newport; widowed; res-29 Grant St, Ft Thomas; place of death- St Luke Hosp; LO-Martha Marie Velkey, self; NR-Lee Velkley, son
Velkley, Rabbake br-6-1-1899; Sec-22, lot-14; no other data
Velkley, Sophia br-1-25-1886; Sec-9, lot-37; no other data
Velkley, Roy d-11-5-1956; br-11-8-1956; age-72; Sec-58, lot-21; parents-Louis Velkley; born-Newport; married; res-218 N Ft Thomas Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-martha Velkley, wife; NR-Mrs Martha Velkley, wife
Velkley, Thos br-1-25-1919; Sec-24, lot-28 W1/2; no other data
Velkley, William br-2-16-26; Sec-34, lot-19 W1/2; no other data
Velkley, William br-5-11-1911; Sec-34, lot-19; no other data
Velkly, Anna Marie br-10-10-1949; age-68; Sec-59, lot-148 E1/2; parents- Chas & Margaret Velkly; widowed; place of death- residence; LO-self;
Velkly, John H br-2-16-1886; No grave listed; no other data
Velkly, Louis F d-8-1-1975; br-8-5-1975; age-72; Sec-67, lot-272; res-27 Arlington Place, Ft Thomas; NR-Theresa Velkly, wife
Velkey, Thos br-10-26-1920; Sec-24, lot-28 W1/2; no other data
Vellman, Louisa br-2-7-1899; Sec-9, lot-83 N1/2; no other data
Velton, Mary d-12-8-71; br-12-11-71; age-3-2-1886; Sec-56, lot-65 S1/2; parents-Peter Schmidt & Kate Cook; born-Campbell County, KY; widowed; res-1112 Orchard St, Newport; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-self, NR-Mr Peter Duckworth, nephew
Venable, Sarah Elizabeth d-1-17-1973; br-1-19-1973; age-55, 1/3/1918; Sec-50, lot-11 SE; parents-Thomas Lewos Pugh & Oma Jane Barton; born-Cincinnati; res-4056 Palos St, Cincinnati; place of death-St Francis Hosp, Cincinnati; LO-Stanley Venable, husband; NR-Stanley Venable, husband
Venables, Elizabeth br-6-1-1905; Sec-23, lot-39; no other data
Venables, Robt br-8-16-1917; Sec-23, lot-39; no other data
Venables, Virginia d-7-10-1938; br-7-12-1938; age-69; Sec-23, lot-10; parents-Robert and Elizabeth Venables; born-West VA; LO-R Venables;
Venoy, Geo br-7-9-1919; Single grave-114; sec-45; no other data
Venoy, Tillie d-3-13-1940; br-3-16-1940; age-69; Single grave-153; sec-45; parents-John Redman; born-Mason Co, KY; LO-single; NR-Mrs Ilg
Ventura, Anna Elizabeth d-8-21-1951; br-8-23-1951; age-6 weeks; Single grave-870, sec-70; parents-George and June Ventura; born-Dayton, KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-single; NR-George Ventura
Verax, Flossie M br-9-26-1949; Single grave-754, sec-72; parents-Marion & Vina Stull Huff; married; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-single
Verax, Joseph E No dates; Single grave-755, sec-72; no other data
Verax, Louise (Infant) d-10-13-1954; br-10-13-1954; age-10-12-1954; Single grave-1054, sec-70; parents-Joseph E and Louise Mace Verax; born-Covington, KY; place of death-Booth Hospital; cause of death stillborn; LO-single; NR-Joseph Verax
Verberne, Charlotte (Frey) d-3-5-1968; br-3-8-1968; age-72; Single grave-98, sec-72; parents-William F Verberne & Ema Grode; born-Germany; divorced; res-Lakeside Place; LO-Single
Verbern, William John (Frey) d-1-8-1942; br-f1-10-1942; age-6-15-1861; Single grave-97, sec-72; parents-Frederick and Charlotte Verbern; born-Germany; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-single; NR-Charlotte Verberne
Veri, Hannah br-10-6-1913; Single grave 219-F; sec-28; no other data
Vermillion, Armanell br-1-16-1926; Single grave-370; sec-47; no other data
Vermillion, Joseph D br-11-9-1927; Single grave-394, sec-illegible; no other data
Vermillion, Viola Lee d-12-9-1935; br-12-11-1935; age-1-27-1928; Single grave-341, sec-70; parents-Jos & Carrie DeLiale Vermillion; born-Newport; res-427 Thornton St, Newport; place of death-Brooksville, KY; LO-single
Vert, James H br-11-30-1907; Single grave-582, sec-28; no other data
Vert, John W (Adult) br-7-28-1897; Single grave-39; sec-1897; no other data
Vesper, Jean L br-4-26-1921; Single grave-588, sec-8; no other data
Vesper, Ottilia br-2-16-illegible; Single grave-542, sec-68; no other data
Vest, John Mark (Adult) br-2-28-1893; Single grave-10; no other data
Vetter, No dates; Single grave-L 61, sec-68; no other data
Vetter, Alfred A d-10-31-1947; br-11-3-1947; age-4-13-1907; Sec-54, lot-103 S1/2; parents-George and Emma Vetter; born-Newport; res-726 Robert St, Newport; place of death-Speers; LO-Geo Vetter
Vetters, Emma br-1-11-1929; Sec-54, lot-10? S1/2; no other data
Vetter, Anna br-7-28-1930; Single grave-64, sec-illegible
Vetter, Geo d-12-13-1945; br-12-16-1946; age-2-12-1874; Sec-54, lot-103 S1/2; parents-Adam Vetter; born-Ripley, OH; widowed; res-726 Robert St, Newport; LO-self; NR-Katherine Thackston, Mildred Juillerst
Vetter, George H d-12-2-1972; br-12-5-1972; age-12-2-1902; Sec-54, lot-103 S1/2; parents-George Vetter & Emma Wolfe; born-Newport; res-Lakeside Place, Highland Heights; LO-George Vetter, father; NR-Mr William Vetter, brother
Vice, Anna d-2-23-1970; br-2-27-1970; age-94; Sec-52, lot-43; parents-William Carpenter; born-Fleming Co, KY; res-1125 4th Ave, Dayton, KY; place of death-residence; NR-Clarence Vice, son
Vice, Coleman C d-1-23-1952; br-1-28-1952; age-4-1873; Sec-52, lot-43; parents-James and Rachel Vice Bailey; born-Bath County, KY; married; place of death-residence; LO-Anna Vice, wife; NR-Anna Vice-wife
Vick, Harry Louis d-1-3-1959; b-1-6-1959; age-5-14-1900; Sec-52, lot-28; parents-LeRoy P Vick and Virginia Smith; born-North Carolina; married; res-628 Park Ave, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Rebecca Lyles Vick, wife; NR-Rebecca Vick, wife
Vickers, Connie Raye d-7-31-1963; br-8-2-1963; age-1-4-1956; Sec-65, lot-17C; parents-Raymond Vickers and Doris Lanhan; born-Ft Thomas; res-104 Ward Ave, Bellevue; place of death- St Luke Hosp; LO-Raymond Vickers, father; NR-Raymond & Doris Vickers, parents
Vickers, Curt Samuel d-1-5-1974; br-1-8-1974; age-1-5-1974; Sec-66, single grave 8-D; parents-Ronald Samuel Vickers and Jacqueline Sue Bergin; born Dayton, KY; place of death-St Luke Hosp. NR-Ronald Vickers, father
Vickers, Edw (Adult) br-5-2-1891; Single grave-28, sec-1891; no other data
Vickers, Infant (Infant) br-1-19-1952; d-1-19-1952; age-Still born; Sec-56, lot-15 S1/2; parents-Sam and Margie Carrien Vickers; born-Covington; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-Henry Vickers; NR-Sam Vickers
Vickers, (Infant) d-3-16-1951; br-3-17-1951; Sec-71, lot-35 E1/2; parents-Woodrow & Mary Ann Vickers; born-Booth Hosp; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-Masterson; NR-Woodrow Vickers
Vickers, James Harrison d-11-11-1951; br-11-14-1951; age-1-15-1877; born-Little Rock, Arkansas; widowed; LO-Henry Vickers, son; NR-Henry C Vickers, son
Vickers, Linda Sue (Infant) d-10-11-1952; br-10-13-1952; age-7-13-1952; Single grave-1455, sec-70; parents-Raymond Vickers & Doris Lanhan; born-Covington; LO-single; NR-Raymond Vickers
Vickers, Mary d-10-1-1950; br-10-5-1950; age-8-16-1866; Sec-56, lot-15 S1/2; parents-Wm & Mary Bell Dyehouse; born-Lancaster, KY; married; place of death-Walton, KY; LO-Henry Vickers; NR-James Vickers
Vickers, Samuel L d-11-16-1956; br-11-20-1956; age-42; Sec-74, lot-585; parents-James Vickers and Mary Dyehouse; born-Butler County, KY; married; res-326 Elm St, Newport; LO-Margie Vickers, wife; NR-Margie Vickers, wife
Vickers, Rev Thos br-3-18-1892; Sec-10, lot-31; no other data
Vickers, Wanda d-5-25-1957; br-5-28-1957; age-12-4-1946; Sec-74, lot-585; parents-Samuel L Vickers and Margie Carrier; born-Covington, KY; res-326 Elm St, Newport; place of death-DOA, Booth Hosp; LO-Margie Vickers, mother; NR-Margie Vickers, mother
Vickers, William W d-2-29-1968; br-3-2-1968; age-34; Sec-62, lot-5; parents-Woodrow Vickers and Mary Masterson; born-Newport; res-528 Linden Ave, Newport; LO-Mary Vickers, mother; NR-Mary Vickers, mother
Vickery, Pearl F br-10-22-1901; Sec-4, lot-56 S1/2; no other data
Viehman, Anna br-1-30-1925; Sec-32, lot-24; no other data
Viehman, Arthur br-3-25-1889; Sec-10, lot-2;
Viehman, Carl H (Infant) br-3-11-1911; Sec-10, lot-2; no other data
Viehman, Charles Henry d-9-3-1966; br-9-7-1966; age-86; Sec-55, lot-91 S1/2; parents-Henry Viehman and Clara Berry; born-Newport; widowed; res-833 Park Ave, Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Self; NR-Miss Eleanor Viehman, sister
Viehman, Christina br-3-16-1902; Sec-10, lot-2; no other data
Viehman, Clara d-2-1-1938; br-2-4-1938; age-2-27-1857; Sec-10, lot-2; parents-Daniel Berry and Rosalia Von Cimmerle; born-Covington, KY; married; cause of death-general carcenonatasia; LO-Christina Fishman; NR-Chas Viehman
Viehman, Clara br-10-10-1895; Sec-10, lot-2; no other data
Viehman, Conrad d-11-6-1945; br-11-9-1945; age-12-25-1854; Sec-2, lot-10; parents-Conrad and Christine Viehman; born-Newport; divorced; place of death-Infirmary; LO-Christine Viehman
Viehman Edw W br-3-22-1949; age-46; Single grave-683, sec-72; parents-Edward & Corrine Doane Viehman; married; place of death-residence;
Viehman, Edward G br-8-29-1930; Single grave-415, sec-49; no other data
Viehman, Edward d-7-2-1962; br-7-7-1962; age-78; Sec-65, lot-14A; parents-Court Viehman and no record; born-Newport; res-1020 John St, Newport; place of death-residence; LO-Mae Viehman; NR-Mae Viehman, wife
Viehman, Eva d-4-29-1961; br-5-2-1961; age-2-5-1860; Sec-55, lot-91 S1/2; parents-Peter Schmidt and Margaret Wasser; born-Newport; married; NR-Chas H Viehman, husband
Viehman, Henry d-9-18-1935l br- 9-21-1935; age-1-22-1895; Sec-10, lot-2; parents-Conrad Viehman and Christina Ghoopp (illegible); born-Newport; married; place of death-633 Monmouth St, Newport; LO-Christian Viehman
Viehman, Henrietta br-8-18-1883; Sec-3, lot-10; no other data
Viehman, John H d-7-1947; br-7-6-1947; age-5-16-1878; Sec-59, lot-349 W1/2; parents-Court and Anna Viehman; born-Newport; married; place of death-residence; LO-Kate Viehman
Viehman, Kate d-3-6-1965; br-3-9-1965; age-88; Sec-59, lot-249 W1/2; parents-Alex Felder and Frances ?; born-Cincinnati; widowed; res-1713 Elm St, Cincinnati; place of death-Cinti General Hosp; LO-Kate Viehman; self; NR-Catherine Reinstatler
Viehman, Louise M d-12-23-1972; br-12-27-1972; age-67, 7-17-1905; Single grave-684, sec-72; parents-William Ritter & Carrie Dehner; born-Cincinnati; widowed; res-205 Peter Noll Homes, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-self; NR-Mrs Carolyn Garrison, daughter
Viehman, Mae B d-6-10-1974; br-6-13-1974; age-11-13-1886; Sec-64, lot-180 "south grave" ; parents-James Bristow & Ida Holmes; born-Kentucky; res-1109 Orchard Street, Newport; place of death-Grants Lick Rest Home; NR-Mrs George Sauer, niece
Viehman, Samuel S(?) br-12-14-1929; Sec-10, lot-illegible; LO-Christian Viehman; no other data
Vieson, Ida d-7-19-1958; br-7-23-1958; age-5-26-1897; Sec-54, lot-101 S1/2; parents-Chas A Lieder and Ernestine Dien; born-Newport; married; res-2876 Erie Ave, Cincinnati; LO-William F Lieder, brother; NR-Joseph A Vieson, Jr, husband
Vieson, Joseph A, Jr d-1-5-1962; br-1-8-1962; age-9-22-1896; Sec-54, lot-101 S1/2; parents-Joseph A Vieson, Sr & Lillian Beckmeyer; born-Cincinnati; widowed; res-2876 Erie Ave, Cincinnati; place of death-St Francis Hosp; LO-Wm F Nieder; NR-Mrs Clara R Schaefer
Victor, J W br-7-28-1889; Grave-in F M Weber Vault
Viethold, Henry br-11-17-1882; Single grave-56, sec-1862; no other data
Vigneault, David d-6-10-1965; br-6-23-1965; age-1-9-1988 (NOTE: As seen, date obviously incorrect) Sec-24, lot-29 E1/2; parents-no record; born-Turners Falls, Mass; widowed; res-4806 Ash Street, Norwood; place of death-Good Samaritan Hosp; LO-Kate Lindsey, mother in law; Jules Vigneault, son
Vigenault, Jessie d-5-2-1965; br-5-5-1965; age-1-8-1888; Sec-24, lot-29 E1/2; parents-F P Lindsay and Catherina Hanselman; born-Adams County, OH; married; res-4086 Ash Street, Norwood, OH; place of death-DOA- Good Samaritan Hosp; LO-Kate Lindsay, mother; NR-David F Vigenault, husband
Vine, Emma E br-2-19-1921; Sec-17, lot-64; no other data
Vine, John br-3-19-1919; Sec-image obstructed; lot-64; no other data
Vine, Lillie Grace br-5-1-1901; Sec-17, lot-64; no other data
Vitesi, John (City of Newport) d-5-19-1944; br-5-20-1944; age-about 75; Single grave-878, sec-68; parents-not known; single; place of death-322 Columbia St; no other data
Vlahakos, Stellanos d-10-29-1974; br-10-31-1974; age-10-29-1974; (Note: This date is obviously wrong); Sec-74, lot-552-A; parents-Vassiliki Yranorula and Panayiotis Vlahakos; born-Sparta Korokeai, Greece; res-5501 Verulan Ave, Cincinnati; place of death-Ambassador Nursing Home; LO-Mrs George Kappas; NR-Mrs Eva Demas;
Voates, Thomas B br-11-9-1905; Single grave-406, sec-28; no other data
Voehringer, Mrs C br-9-4-1893; Sec-10, lot-41; no other data
Voehringer, Elizabeth br-12-23-1908; Sec-23, lot-31; no other data
Voehringer, Gotleib br-4-23-1894; Sec-10, lot-41; no other data
Voehringer, John Adam d-11-26-1972; br-11-29-1972; age-81; Sec-56, lot-117; parents-John Voehringer and Elizabeth Stein; born-Newport; res-741 Central Ave, Newport; place of death-St Luke Hosp, Ft Thomas; LO-Adam Wagner; NR-Mrs Margaret Cook, niece
Voehringer, John D d-3-4-1906; Sec-23, lot-31; no other data
Voehringer, Kate br-4-25-1887; Sec-10, lot-41; no other data
Voehringer, William E br-9-8-1902; Sec-10, lot-41; no other data
Voehringer, Wilbur br-2-27-1898; Sec-10, lot-41; no other data
Voehringer, William E br-9-8-1902; Sec-10, lot-41; no other data
Voelker, Charles S d-12-18-69; br-12-22-1969; age-84; Sec-64, lot-18 N1/2; parents-John Voelker & Josephine Spangleberg; born-Wyoming; married; res-1018 Waterworks Rd, Newport; LO-Ella Voelker; NR-Ella Voelker, wife
Vogel, A W br-12-16-1886; Sec-17, lot-48
Vogel, Albert br-5-26-1911; Single grave-141, sec-35; no other data
Vogel, Albert S br-12-18-1891; Sec-22, lot-90 W1/2; no other data
Vogel, Amelia br-8-23-1898; Sec-22, lot-90 W1/2; no other data
Vogel, Carl br-8-14-1917; Sec-22, lot-90 W1/2; no other data
Vogel, Charles d-11-3-1937; br-11-3-1937; age-3-31-1886; Sec-15, lot-24 N1/2; parents-Geo Vogel; born-Ohio; married; place of death-Cold Spring, KY; LO-Christan, Schwartz; NR-Everett Vogel
Vogel, Christina br-2-7-1895; Sec-17, lot-48; no other data
Vogel, Edward br-1-8-1924; Sec-34, lot-52 W1/2; no other data
Vogel, Edna br-1-17-1916; Sec-22, lot-90; no other data
Vogel, Everett br-6-15-1959; Sec-34, lot-70A; parents-no record; married; res-640 Dixie Hwy, Erlanger; LO-Mildred Vogel, wife; NR-Mildred Vogel, wife
Vogel, George br-11-7-1897; Sec-22, lot-90, no other data
Vogel, Geo H br-12-20-1918; Sec-34, lot-53 W1/2; no other data
Vogel, Herbert br-3-28-1903; Sec-16, lot-24 W1/2; no other data
Vogel, Ida br-12-8-1885; Sec-17, lot-48; no other data
Vogel, Ida Mary d-4-13-1964; br-4-21-1964; age-11-22-1890; Sec-57, lot-62 W1/2; parents-Philip Vogel and Margaret Zint; born-Campbell Co, KY; widowed; res-2636 Gilbert Ave, Cincinnati; place of death-Ohio River foot of Greenup St, Covington; LO-Ida Vogel & Margaret Zint, part owner; NR-Louis Philip Vigel, (sic) son
Vogel, Infant br-3-19-1885; no grave listed; no other data
Vogel, Jacob br-11-14-1908; Sec-17, lot-48; no other data
Vogel, John W d-1-19-1957; br-1-23-1957; age-67; Sec-34, lot-52 W1/2; parents-George Vogel and Mary Schrier; born-Kentucky; res-4001 Tamworth Ave, Cincinnati; place of death-Christ Hosp; LO-John W Vogel, self; NR-Louis C Vogel
Vogel, Jos br-3-12-1884; Sec-17, lot-48; no other data
Vogel, Mary A br-9-11-1929; Sec-17, lot-48; LO-Hockenberger
Vogel, Minnie d-7-2-1938; br-7-5-1938; age-11-19-1872; Sec-15, lot-24 N1/2; parents-Christhan Schwartz and Caroline Winters; born-Orange, NJ; widowed; place of death-home; LO-C Schwartz; NR-Martha Vogel
Vogel, Rosa K d-5-11-1952, br-5-14-1952; age-11-1-1890; Sec-34, lot-52; parents-Joseph Mauser and Caroline Mayer; born-Cold Springs, KY; married; place of death-Christ Hosp, Cincinnati; LO-John W Vogel-husband; NR-John W Vogel
Voges, Margaret br-10-29-1930; Sec-27, lot-92 1/2 S1/2; no other data
Vogle, Jos br-1-8-1895; Sec-17, lot-48; no other data
Vogrin, Shirley Ann d-10-3-1935; br-10-5-1935; age-7-11-1935; Single grave-1975, sec-70; parents-Fannie Sullivan and Stephen Voegria (sic); born-Alexandria, KY; LO-single
Vogt, Anna br-1-1-1910; Single grave-149, sec-28; no other data
Vogt, Carl Henry, Jr d-7-1-1960; br-7-6-1960; age-5-30-1913; Sec-73, lot-326; parents-Carl Henry Vogt and Sophia Albrecht; born-Dayton, KY; married; res-406 8th Ave, Dayton, KY; LO-Helen Vogt, wife; NR-Helen Vogt, wife
Vogt, Charles br-9-17-1949; age-56; Single grave-736, sec-72; parents-Bertha Ehrlick; single; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-single
Vogt, Woodrow H br-5-10-1917; Single grave-360, sec-8; no other data
Voiers, E (Adult) br-6-6-1891; Single grave-26, sec-1891; no other data
Voige, Albert Marcus d-8-23-1970; br-11-23-1970; age-8-9-1884; Sec-2, lot-47; parents-George A Voige and Anna Wendt; born-Newport, KY; widowed; res-110 Brightwater Dr, Clearwater, FL; place of death-Clearwater, FL; Vault-ashes; NR-Mrs Suzanne V Pearce, daughter
Voige, Anna br-2-3-1926; Sec-2, lot-47; no other data
Voige, Emma d-8-31-1945; br-9-4-1945; age-87; Sec-19, lot-31; parents-H Goessler and ?; born-Newport, KY; widowed; place of death-Ft Worth, TX; LO-Goessler; NR-J Howard Voige
Voige, George A br-12-11-1902; Sec-3, lot-47; no other data
Voige, Infant br-10-1-1918; Single grave-454, sec-8; no other data
Voige, J Howard d-9-19-1958; br-9-23-1958; age-78; Sec-19, lot-31; parents-Emma Voige; born-Newport; KY; married; res-30 Tremont Ave, Ft Thomas, KY; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-John Goessler, father in law; NR-Luella Voige, wife
Voige, Luella Emig d-7-24-1969; br-7-28-1969; age-88; Sec-19, lot-31; parents-George Emig and Mary Ziegler; born-Cincinnati, OH; married; res-85 Orchard Hill, Ft Thomas; place of death-No Ky Baptist Home; LO-Mrs John Goessler; NR-John H Voige, son
Voige, Mary Muehlmatt d-7-20-1969; br-8-4-1969; age-3-15-1886; Sec-2, lot-47; parents-Adolph Muehlmatt & Ellen Wright; born-Newport, KY; married; res-110 Brightwater Dr, Clearwater, FL; place of death-Clearwater, FL; Vault-ashes; LO-George Voige; NR-Alfred Voige, husband
Voige, Wm H br-10-16-1914; Sec-19, lot-31; no other data
Voight, Herman br-3-5-1904; Sec-22, lot-35; no other data
Voigt, Anna Marie br-11-5-1914; Sec-22, lot-35 N1/2; no other data
Voigt, August br-5-23-1911; Sec-22, lot-35; no other data
Voigt, Hattie P d-5-3-1953; br-5-6-1953; age-74; Sec-50, lot-59 E1/2; parents-Mueller; born-Germany; married; place of death-residence; LO-Robt Voight, husband; NR-Robert Voigt, husband
Voigt, John S br-9-12-1910; Sec-22, lot-35; no other data
Voigt, Mary br-6-7-1929; Sec-32, lot-35 N1/2; LO-John C Voight
Voigt, Robert d-12-4-1956; br-12-7-1956; age-84; Sec-50, lot-59 E1/2; parents- John E and Anna Maria Voigt; born-Newport, KY; widowed; res-1002 N Ft Thomas Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Robt Voigt, self; NR-Mrs James Palm, daughter
Voiles, Ruth Thos br-12-4-1918; Single grave-16, sec-45; no other data
Voiss, Newton (Adult) br-5-12-1886; Single grave-23; sec-1886; no other data
Vokley, John br-10-14-1891; Sec-22, lot-14; no other data
Voland, Charles (Adult) br-2-7-1900; Single grave-17, sec-1900; no other data
Volk, Aloysius br-6-3-1910; Single grave-35, sec-35; no other data
Volk, Caroline d-8-23-1963; br-8-27-1963; age-9-14-1919; Sec-65, lot-13D; parents-Edward S Clark and Clara Andriet; born-Toledo, OH; res-7844 Gail Dr, Cincinnati; place of death-Jewish Hosp; LO-Frank L Volk, husband; NR-Frank L Volk, husband
Volk, Chester E d-9-12-1945; br-9-17-1945; age-18; Sec-44, lot-12 W1/2; parents-E Chester Volk and Gladys Conn; born-Cincinnati; single; place of death-Miami, FL; LO-Wm Volk; NR-Chester Volk
Volk, Emmeth br-5-17-1922; Sec-49, lot-150; no other data
Volk, Florence Wright d-1-26-1941; br-1-28-1941; age-66; Sec-40, lot-14; parents-? Harris; born-KY; married; place of death-Speers; LO-Albert H Harris; NR-Albert Harris
Volk, Louis br-4-9-1923; Sec-49, lot-150; no other data
Volk, Louis Jr (Adult) br-2-14-1898; Single grave-7, sec-1898; no other data
Volk, Mary br-7-12-1926; Sec-49, lot-150; no other data
Volk, Sophia br-8-28-1888; Sec-22, lot-50; no other data
Volk, Stella May br-12-19-1916; Sec-44, lot-12 W1/2; no other data
Volk, Wm E br-6-9-1927; Sec-44, lot-12 S1/2; no other data
Volkley, A C (Infant) br-8-2-1904; Single grave-44, sec-1904; no other data
Volkman, (Infant) br-4-10-1925; Single grave-189(?), sec-47; no other data
Volkmar, Infant d-11-24-1948; br-11-24-1948; age-11-24-1948; Single grave-416, sec-70; parents-Willard and Thelma Volkmar; born-Speers; place of death-Speers; LO-single; NR-Willard Volkmar
Volkmar, Stella E d-4-23-1972; br-4-26-1972; age-78; Sec-56, lot-200 N1/2; parents-William Duecker & Minne Smith; born-Dayton, KY; widowed; res-42 Crestwood Ave, Highland Hts; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Stella Volkmar; NR-Mrs Homer Alexander, daughter
Volkmar, Wm John d-5-9-1942; br-5-12-1942; age-46; Sec-56, lot-200 N1/2; parents-no record; born-Cincinnati; married; place of death-232 Linet Rd, Highland Hts; LO-Stella Volkmar; NR-Stella Volkmar
Voll, Albert Casper d-8-17-1960; br-8-20-1960; age-10-13-1889; Sec-23, lot-18; parents-Casper Voll and Catherine Landrock; born-Newport; widowed; res-1119 Taylor Ave, Bellevue, KY; place of death-Booth Hosp; LO-Casper Voll, father; NR-Ruth Sandfoss, niece
Voll, Albert C d-8-29-1955; br-9-3-1955; age-40; Sec-5, lot-87; parents-George J and Mary C Voll; born-Winslow, Nebraska; single; place of death-Argentia, Newfoundland; LO-Geo & Mary Voll, parents; NR-Geo Voll
Voll, Anna Catherine br-2-14-1932; Sec-23, lot-18; LO-Casper Voll; no other data
Voll, Casper br-11-29-1909; Sec-23, lot-18; no other data
Voll, Casper d-1-9-1935; br-1-12-1935; age-6-15-1849; Sec-23, lot-18; parents-Casper and Elisabeth Voll; born-Germany; place of death-1021 Washington Ave, Newport; LO-Casper Voll
Voll, Charles P d-11-28-1972; br-12-1-1972; age-3-22-26; Sec-23, lot-18; parents-Casper Voll & Anna Landrock; single; born-Kentucky; res-117 E 2nd St, Newport; place of death-Newport; NR-Leo A Berning
Voll, Charles (limb) d-1-4-1967; age-80; Sec-23, lot-18; res-117; E 2nd St, Newport
Voll, Conrad Wm d-8-18-1947; br-8-21-1947; age-6-29-1871; Sec-23, lot-18; parents-Casper and Anna Voll; born-Newport; married; born-Newport; res-1131 Orchard St, Newport; LO-residence
Voll, Donald Carl (Infant) d-9-19-1937; br-9-21-1937; age-6weeks; Sec-49, lot-120; born-Dayton, KY; parents-Emil & Margaret Voll; place of death-Children's Hosp; LO-Grace Craft; NR-Emil Voll, Southgate
Voll, Emil C d-8-16-1971; br-8-19-1971; age-79; Sec-63, lot-31A; parents-Casper Voll & Anna Landrock; married; br-Newport; res-266 Beech Rd, Southgate; place of death-St Luke Hosp; res-266 Beech Rd, Southgate; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-self; NR-Mrs Margaret Voll, wife
Voll, George J d-2-19-1963; br-2-22-1963; age-79; Sec-5, lot-87; parents-Casper Voll and Kathryn Landrock; born-KY; widowed; place of death-residence; res-701 Terrace Ave, Dayton, KY; NR-George S Voll, son
Voll, Hannah d-1-28-1960; br-2-1-1960; age-7-26-1882; Sec-23, lot-18; parents-Herman Wolf and Ross Wolf; born-Cincinnati; married; res-1000 Burton Ave, Cincinnati; place of death-Jewish Hosp; LO-Casper Voll, father in law; NR-Albert C Voll, husband
Voll, Mary d-5-25-1958; br-5-29-1958; age-72; Sec-5, lot-87; parents-Albert Clos; born-Cincinnati; married; res-701 Terrace, Dayton, KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Geo Voll, husband; NR-George J Voll, husband
Voll, Margaret d-9-20-1972; br-9-23-1972; age-69; Sec-63, lot-31A; parents-Charles Hoffman and Theresa Arnold; born-Kentucky; res-266 Beech Rd, Southgate; place of death-residence; LO-Emil & Margaret Voll and George & Doretta Veith; NR-Mrs Dorothy Kinsel, daughter
Voll, Rose d-2-4-1973; br-2-7-1973; age-8-20-1873; Sec-23, lot-18; parents- ? Risch and Catherine ?; born-Kentucky; widowed; place of death-Lakeside Place, Highland Hts; LO-Casper Voll; NR-Mrs Irma Chaille, niece
Voll, William Frederick d-12-20-1961; br-12-20-1961; age-11-7-1873; Sec-23, lot-18; parents-Casper Voll and Anna Catherine Landrock; born-Newport; res-1635 N Ft Thomas Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-St Elizabeth Hosp; LO-Casper Voll, father; NR-Charles Voll, brother
Vollmering, John d-9-14-1907; Single grave-494, sec-28; no other data
Volter, Charles S d-4-21-1961; br-4-25-1961; age-60; Sec-61, lot-99; parents-Charles Volter and ?; born-Dayton, KY; res-513 6th Ave, Dayton, KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-C Sherman Volter, self; NR-Goldie Volter, wife
Volter, Goldie May d-5-20-1961; br-5-23-1961; age-52; Sec-61, lot-166B; parents-Henry Resch and Henrietta Clark; born-Louisville, KY; widowed; res-513 6th Ave, Dayton, KY; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Willard Volter, son; NR-Willard Volter, son
Volterman, John H d-7-28-1960; br-8-1-1960; age-10-2-1886; Sec-59, lot 206 W1/2; parents-Henry Volterman and Theresa Nordhoff; born-Covington, KY; married; res-1116 Ann St, Newport, KY; LO-Henry Volterman, self; NR-Mrs John H Volterman, wife
Volterman, Martha S d-5-15-1947; br-5-19-1947; age-4-25-1889; Sec-59, lot-206 W1/2; parents-Sam Schafer and Francis Wallingly; born-KY; married; place of death-residence; LO-John Volterman; NR-John H Volterman
Volters, Ida May br-11-25-1930; Sec-61, lot-99; no other data
Volters, Mrs. Margaret d-3-2-1968; br-3-5-1968; age-94; Sec-58, lot-18B; parents-Edward and Malinda Taylor Mulligan; born-Cincinnati; widowed; res-800 Fourth St, Louisville, KY; place of death-Hillcrest Nursing Home, Jeffersonville, IN; LO-Margaret Volters, same; NR-Mrs. Maude Weil, daughter
Volters, Paul br-4-25-1919; Sec-15, lot-36 S1/2; no other data
Volz, Albert Chas br-4-4-1934; sec-15, lot-16; LO-M Griggs
Volz, Anna (Adult) br-5-21-1886; Single grave-27, sec-1886; no other data
Volz, Caroline L br-4-14-1910; Single grave-275, lot-36; no other data
Volz, Chas Albert d-3-14-1941; br-3-17-1941; age-11-27-1859; Sec-illegible, lot-132; parents-no record; born-Cincinnati; widowed; place of death-604 Dayton Ave, Dayton, KY; LO-Chas Albert Volz; NR-Emma Volz
Volz, Elsie A br-2-28-1949; Sec-15, lot-16; parents-Leonard & Margaret Griggs; residence-337 Poplar St, Bellevue, KY; place of death-residence; LO-Griggs
Volz, Emma M d-10-7-1968; br-10-11-1968; age-79; Sec-3, lot-102 E1/2; parents-Charles Volz and Lena Soldner; born-Dayton, KY; single; res-419 Eighth Ave, Dayton; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Charles Volz, father; NR-Mr Clifford Grinninger, nephew
Volz, Estella M d-5-6-1957; br-5-9-1957; age-7-11-1900; Sec-61, lot 143; parents-Chas and Maria Rieder; born-Newport; widowed; res-35 Wilbers Lane, Ft Thomas, KY; cause of death-heart; place of death-St Luke Hosp; LO-Estella Volz, self; NR-Julia Hennessy, sister
Volz, Lena d-6-4-1939; br-6-7-1939; age-78; Sec-3, lot-102 E1/2; parents-Frederick and Anna Soldner; born-Covington, KY; married; LO-Chas Volz
Volz, Madge br-3-12-1920; Single grave-180, sec-45; no other data
Volz, Mary Josephine d-2-3-1950; br-2-6-1950; age-1-2-1876; Sec-57, lot-40 W1/2; parents-Frederick Kohl; born-Guildford, IN; widowed; place of death-residence; LO-Arthur F Tieman
Volz, Quinten L d-7-2-1951; br-7-5-1951; age-45; Sec-61, lot-143; parents-Albert and Madge Volz; born-Bellevue, KY; married; place of death-residence; LO-Stella Volz, wife; NR-Stella Volz
Von Allman Peter d-4-26-1917; Single grave-52, sec-42; no other data
Von Bernowitz, Anna br-3-10-1917; Sec-32, lot-20 W1/2; no other data
Von Bernowitz, Edwin br-11-4-1911; Sec-32, lot-20 W1/2; no other data
Von Bernowitz, Fred br-4-21-1923; Sec-32, lot-20 E1/2; no other data
Von Bernowitz, K C (Infant) br-7-7-1910; Sec-32, lot-20 E1/2; no other data
Vonderhaar, Christiana br-9-3-1931; Sec-5, lot-83; no other data
Vonderhaar, Infant br-6-23-1916; Sec-5, lot-83; no other data
Vonderscher, Emile br-2-16-1920; Sec-44, lot-18 E1/2; no other data
Vonderscher, Mary br-9-30-1929; Sec-44, lot-18 E1/2; LO-Vonderscher
Vonessan, H B (Adult) 8-7-1886; Single grave-36, lot-1886; no other data
Von Wyck, Evelyn d-12-26-1964; br-12-29-1964; age-5-27-1894; Sec-55, lot-64 N1/2; parents-Jacob Hoffman and Anna Huber; born-KY; married; res-600 Torrence Lane, Cincinnati; place of death-Cincinnati Genl Hosp; LO-Jacob Hoffman, father; NR-Warren Von Wyck, husband
Von Wyck, Victor Warren d-1-7-1968; br-1-10-1968; age-6-30-1898; Sec-55, lot-64 N1/2; parents-Victor Von Wyck and Mary Warren; born-Cincinnati; widowed; res-600 Torrence Lane, Cincinnati; place of death-Good Samaritan Hosp; LO-Jacob Hoffman, permission given; NR-Mr Phil Spaeth, brother
Vorhees, Charles E d-8-30-1961; br-9-2-1961; age-74; Sec-71, lot-43; parents-Robert and Ella Vorhees; born-Ohio; res-333 York St, Newport; LO-Elmer Vorhees, son; NR-Elmer Vorhees, son
Vorhees, Elmer d-12-1-1966; br-12-5-1966; age-49; Sec-71, lot-5 S1/2; parents-Charles and Ocean Vorhees; born-Indiana; married; res-96 Albert St, St Bernard, OH; place of death-Cincinnati; LO-Effie Lovell; NR-Dorothy Vorhees, wife
Vorhees, Mary C br-6-1-1949; age-57; Sec-71, lot-43; parents-Edward and Mary J Lovell Smith; married; place of death-206 Central Ave, Newport; LO-Elmer Vorhees
Vorhees, Richard A d-5-30-1974; br-6-3-1974; age-2; Sec-62, lot-121 South; parents-Richard Pabst and Anita Vorhees; born-Ft Thomas, KY; res-402 Elm St, Newport; place of death-Children's Hosp; LO-Anita Vorhees, mother; NR-Anita Vorhees-mother
Vornholt, Carrie Lang d-3-22-1917; Sec-3, lot-37 S1/2; no other data
Voss, Albert d-3-24-1955; br-3-28-1955; age-10-2-1890; Sec-44, lot-8; parents-John and Elizabeth Voss; born-Newport; married; place of death-Alexandria, KY; LO-Voss; NR-Marie Voss
Voss, Arthur J d-10-15-1950; br-10-19-1950; age-12-16-1892; Sec-44, lot-8 W1/2; parents-John B and Elizabeth Voss; born-Newport; single; cause of death-Hyperbatic pneumonia; place of death-Veterans Hosp, Louisville; LO-Voss, father; NR-Albert Voss
Voss, Caroline d-3-20-1953; br-2-23-1953 (NOTE: date is obviously wrong); age-1-13-1864; Sec-20, lot-57; parents-Jacob and Louise Veith; born-Newport; widowed; place of death-residence; LO-Frank Voss, husband; NR- Ida Veith
Voss, Charles br-3-16-1910; Single grave-36, sec-35; no other data
Voss, Elizabeth br-3-4-1926; Sec-44, lot-8 W1/2; no other data
Voss, Emma br-8-3-1902; Sec-20, lot-57; no other data
Voss, Fannie J d-5-18-1975; br-5-22-1975; age-85; Single grave-487, sec-45; parents-Henry Meyers and Virginia Riese; born-Newport; res-141 Sergeant Ave, Ft Thomas; place of death-Baptist Home; NR-Mrs Charles Michael, daughter
Voss, Frank Jr. br-11-2-1909; Sec-20, lot-57; no other data
Voss, Frank Bernard br-3-3-1917; Sec-20, lot-57; no other data
Voss, Fred William (Infant) br-10-13-1910; Single grave-69, sec-1910; no other data
Voss, John B H br-12-10-1914; Sec-44, lot-8 W1/2; no other data
Voss, Gussie d-8-28-1950; br-8-31-1950; age-3-29-1884; Sec-44, lot-8 W1/2; parents-maiden name Nadler; born-Cincinnati; married; cause of death-general debility; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-Elizabeth Voss, daughter in law; NR-Albert Voss
Voss, Mary A br-4-28-1894; Sec-20, lot-57; no other data
Voss, Regina br-4-7-1909; Sec-20, lot-57; no other data
Voss, Robt E d-8-27-1948; br-8-30-1948; age-11-2-1942; Single grave-640, sec-72; parents-James and Dorothy Casebolt Voss; born-Newport; place of death-Speers Hosp; LO-single; NR-Margaret Casebolt
Vossler, Jeanette br-3-30-1922; Sec-38, lot-37 N1/2
Vossler, Marie br-4-30-1917; Sec-3, lot-121; no other data
Vossler, Michael br-8-15-1895; Sec-3, lot-121; no other data
Vossmeyer, Stuart C d-11-23-1973; br-11-26-1973; age-10-23-1896; Sec-63, lot-267 N1/2; born-Newport; res-128 Electric Ave, Southgate; place of death-St Luke Hosp; NR-Ruth Vossmeyer, wife
Votaw, Anna d-12-19-1975; br-12-22-1975; age-88; Sec-36, lot-45 E1/2; parents-Christ Schowalter and Anna Day; born-Newport; res-3510 Alexandria Pike, Highland Hts; place of death-Lakeside Place; LO-Chris Showalter, Sr; NR-Mrs Guy Daines, niece
Vulhop, Anna M d-12-25-1957; br-12-28-1957; age-8-30-1879; Sec-60, lot-298; parents-John Herron and Mary Baker; born-Newport; married; res-145 Peter Noll Homes, Newport; LO-Carolyn Miller; NR-Henry Vulhop
Vulhop, August d-5-13-1955; br-5-16-1955; age-5-26-1885; Single grave-702, sec-72; parents-Joseph Vulhop and Catherine Overman; born-Bellevue, KY; widowed; cause of death-fractured hip; place of death-Speers Hosp; NR-Mrs Catherine Gullett
Vulhop, Eva M br-2-24-1949; age-53; Single grave-701, sec-72; parents-George and Geneva Dunham Mullen; married; place of death-resident-3 Baum St, Newport
Vulhop, Henry J d-9-13-1959; br-9-16-1959; age-79; Sec-60, lot-298; parents-unknown Vulhop; born-Germany; widowed; res-145 Peter Noll Homes, Newport; LO-Carolyn Miller, daughter; NR-Mrs Harry Farrar, stepdaughter
Vulhop, Wm Jos br-11-5-1918; Single grave-348, sec-41; no other data

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