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Evergreen Cemetery


Transcribed and submitted 7 May 2011 by Marji Wright

LO-Lot owner
P#-permit number


Zacharias, Christopher Adolph d-11-2-1962; br-11-5-1962; age-10-26-1867; s/o Christopher and Laura; born-Kenton Co., KY; d-Box 164 Licking Pk, Newport; LO-Chris Zacharias; NR-Mrs. Daniel Schoultheis (daughter)
Zacharieas, Louis A d-3-13-1967; br-3-16-67; age 53; s/o Christopher Adolph & Wilhelmina Weisman; d-1702 Licking Pk, Cold Spring, KY; LO-Chris Zacharieas ; NR-Mrs. Dan Schoultheis (Sister)
Zacharias, Nannie d-7-13-1937; br-7-16-1937; age-1-14-1856; d/o Frank Rust and Mary Stevens; LO-Gertrude Bixler; NR-Victor Zacharias
Zacharias, William A. d-11-18-1972; br-11-21-72; age 70; s/o Chris Zacharias & Wilhelmina Wiseman; d-Lakeside Place, Highland Heights, KY; LO-Chris Zacharias; NR-Mrs. Clara Kramer (Sister)
Zacharias, Wilhelmina d-3-8-1958; br-3-11-1958; age-10-16-1868; d/o Henry Mundt Weisman; born-Kenton Co., KY; d-176 Licking Pk, Cold Spring, KY; LO-Chris Zacharias; NR-Christ Zacharias (husband)
Zachary, Emma d-10-8-1943; br-Oct 11 1943; age-9-16-1869; d/o Brunie & Jane Zachary; born Somerset KY; d-316 Columbia St, Newport; NR-Mrs James Burdon
Zachary, Howard d-1-14-1947; br-1-22-1947; age-46; born-Somerset, KY; parents-Luther Zackary & Emma Massengell; NR- Anna Zachary
Zachary, Martin Luther br-3-1-1930
Zahn, Emma br-1-13-1948(?); parents-Conrad & Barbara Reinfelder; LO-Reinfelder
Zachoreta, Catherine br-2-4-1904
Zasquillard, Hilda br-2-14-1904
Zahring, Ella br-1-2-1920
Zane, Austin B. br-1-7-1921
Zane, Louis B d-1-19-1952; br-1-22-1952; age-9-26-1862; born-Camden, Ohio; s/o Austin & Mary Jane Barnett; d-Speers Hospital; NR-Linda Chalfant
Zappa, Gladys Mae d-4-4-1952; br-4-8-1952; age-3-19-1900; born-Campbell Cty, KY; d/o Chas. Potter & Laura Belle Kees; d-519 Columbia St., Newport; NR-Ralph Zappa
Zappa, Nicholas d-8-16-1974; br-8-20-1974; age-74; born-Newport, KY; s/o Henry & Rose Coley; NR-Mrs Helen Zappa (wife)
Zappa, Ralph d-6-26-70; br-6-30-70; age-3-3-04; born-KY; s/o Michael Zappa & mother unknown; d-2310 Wilson Rd., Highland Hts; NR-Ocie Wisecup Zappa (wife)
Zeah, Infant br-11-10-1900
Zech, Alma Ruth d-7-12-1963; br-7-15-1963; age-11-11-1890; born-Missouri; d/o George Lincoln & ? Stromberg; d-2 Manor Lane, Ft Thomas, KY; LO-R E & Geo Lincoln; NR-Richard Zech (son)
Zech, Carol Louise d-9-19-1953; br-9-21-53; b-6-13-53; d/o Richard & Anna Marie Zelinski; LO-Richard & Ann Zech; NR-Richard Zech Sr. (father)
Zech, Charles d-10-24-68; br-10-29-68; age 73; born-Newport, KY; d-10010 Andover Ave, Sun City, AZ; LO Sophia Zech (sister); NR-Mrs. Bertha Zech (wife)
Zech, Emily d-10-23-1961; br-10-26-1961; age-67; born-Hamilton, OH; parents Jacob & Caroline Brill; d-19 Herman Ave, Ft Thomas; LO-Sophia Zech; NR-Charles D Zeck (husband)
Zech, John br-9-2-1909
Zech, Richard Louis d-6-22-1965; br-6-25-1965; age-5-20-1918; born-Newport; parents William and Alma Lincoln; d-2 Manor Lane, Ft Thomas; LO-Richard & Anna Zech; NR- Ann Zelinski Zech
Zech, Sophia Magdelina br-9-2-1931; LO-Sophia M Zech
Zech, Wm Louis d-9-6-1946; br-9-9-1946; age-6-16-1891; born-Newport, KY; s/o John & Sophia; LO- R C Lincoln; d-907 Isabella St, Newport
Zecher, Florence d-3-10-1965; br-3-13-1965; age-73; born-Newport; d/o ? Jenner; d-1605 Florence Ave, Middletown, OH; LO-Delia Jenner; NR-Mrs Ralph Grimes (daughter)
Zecher, George E d-10-17-1957; br-10-21-1957; age 66; born-Franklin, Ohio; parents-no record; d-1605 Florence St, Middletown, OH; NR-Florence Zecher (widow)
Zeck, Wilhart br-7-28-37 (Transcriber's note: Both microfilm and form are poor.)
Zehler, Clara(?) br-4-16-1932(?)
Zehler, Edward br-6-11-1905
Zehler, Wm d-1-15-1951; br-1-18-1951; age-76; born-Ohio; s/o Chas. & Elisabeth Zehler; d-455 Washington Ave, Bellevue; LO-Wm VanSant (brother in law); NR-VanSant
Zeis, George A d-3-9-1960; br-3-15-1960; age-11-12-1918(?) Newport; parents-no record; d-USMC Base, Yuma; LO-Lola Zies; NR-Lola M Zeis (wife)
Zeis, Lola May d-3-25-1974; br-3-28-1974; born-Wilmington, OH; parents-Edward Tillinghast & Jessie Johnson; d-217 Van Voast Ave, Bellevue, KY; NR-Mary Tucker (sister)
Zekind, Susana (?) Ruth br-7-17-1935 (?)
Zelger, Caroline br-5-28-1900
Zelger, Edward br-5-20-1913(?)
Zelger, Martin d-1-4-1936; br-1-7-1936; age-87; parents-John Zelger & Francisca Kauffman(?); d-New Richmond, OH; LO-Zelger
Zell, Raymond d-4-26-1946; br-4-30-46; born-Portsmouth, OH; parents-Charles Zell & Lillian Bowers; LO-Walsh; NR-Lillian Bowers
Zeller, Catherine br-4-3-1904
Zeller, Edna br-10-2-1917
Zeller, Edward J. d-12-21-1943; br-12-24-1943; age-78; born-Ripley, OH; s/o Henry Zeller; LO Recker; d-709 Walnut St, Dayton; NR-Mrs. Mayme Zeller
Zeller, Infant br-5-23-1931(?)
Zeller, Mary M br-8-12-1949; age 84(?);parents-Henry & Mary Becker; d-709 Walnut St., Dayton, KY; LO-Beckers
Zeltner, Edith d-1-8-1974; br-1-11-1974; age-12-1884; born-Newport, KY; d-Lakeside Place, Highland Heights; LO- John B Lock, Sr.
Zessinger, Stella br-3-6-1902
Zessinger, S F br-5-15-1895
Ziegler, Adam d-7-9-1936; br-7-13-1936; age-74; born-Campbell Cty, KY; parents Ulrich & Mary Ziegler; d-811 Washington, Newport; LO-Adam Ziegler
Ziegler, Amelia d-7-29-1975; br-8-1-1975; age-90; parents-George Lottes & Minnie Ziegler; d-3510 Alexandria Pk, Highland Hts; NR-Harold J Ziegler (son)
Ziegler, Anna Marie d-1-7-1946; br-1-10-1947; age-10-4-1858; born-Campbell Cty; parents-Valentine & Katherine Braun; d-Frankfort, Ky; LO-Adam Ziegler
Ziegler, Carl R d-7-3-1955; br-7-6-1955; age-10-3-1914; born-Newport, KY; parents-John A Ziegler & Emma Steinhauer; LO-John A Ziegler (son); NR-Velma Ziegler (wife)
Ziegler, Catherine Mary E d-7-30-73; br-8-2-73; age-67; born-Ohio; parents-William Grass & Cynthiann Chandler; d-130 Highland Ave, Ft Thomas; NR-Mrs Robert Witte (Daughter)
Ziegler, Daniel d-1-5-71; br-1-9-71; age-92; born-Campbell Cty, KY; parents-Frank Ziegler & __;d-7 West Walnut St., Southgate; LO-Self; NR-Mr Raymond Ziegler (son)
Ziegler, Dorothy M br-10-27-1910
Ziegler, Edith M d-1-25-1974; br-1-29-1974; age-9-8-1902; born-Newport, KY; parents-William Geyer; d-215 Clover Ridge, Ft Thomas, KY; NR-Edith M Ziegler
Ziegler, Edward d-12-22-1952; br-12-24-1952; age-85; born-Campbell County, KY; d-Newport Rest Home; parents-Frank Ziegler & Elizabeth Miller; LO-John Ziegler; NR-John Ziegler (brother)
Ziegler, Elizabeth br-4-20-1922
Ziegler, Emma d-7-24-75; br-7-26-75; age 89; born-Newport, KY; parents-Fred Steinhauer & Elizabeth Heinlein; d-127 Sheridan Ave, Ft Thomas; NR-Allen J Ziegler (son)
Ziegler, Frank Adam d-3-25-1940; br-3-28-1940; age 52; born-Cold Springs, KY; parents-Frank and Elizabeth Ziegler; NR-Margurite Ziegler
Ziegler, Frank br-2-28-1928
Ziegler, Fred W d-3-21-1953; br-3-28-1953; age-4-30-1868; born-Campbell County, KY; parents-Baltus Ziegler & Katherine Binkley; LO-John Hieber (son in law); NR-Mrs. Lena Ziegler
Ziegler, George B d-11-20-1953; br-11-24-1953; age-12-21-1886; born-Newport, KY; parents-Balthagher & Catherine Ziegler; LO-Harold J Ziegler (father); NR-Amelia Ziegler
Ziegler, Henry br-5-4-1884
Ziegler, Howard F d-9-12-1963; br-9-14-1963; age-56; born-Southgate, KY; parents-Daniel Ziegler & Lucie Clos; LO-Daniel Ziegler; NR-Dorothy Ziegler (wife)
Ziegler, Howard James d-12-6-1970; br-12-10-70; age 73; born-Campbell Cty, KY; parents-Adam Ziegler & Mary Braun; NR-Mrs Ann Ziegler (wife)
Ziegler, Infant br-7-30-1920
Ziegler, Infant br-1-12-1916
Ziegler, John A d-8-30-1971; br-9-2-71; age 90; born-Cold Springs, KY; parents-Frank Ziegler & Elizabeth Miller; LO-self; NR-Mrs Emma Ziegler (wife)
Ziegler, John H d-10-15-1938; br-10-?-1938; sec 57; age 62; parents-no record; res-17 Walnut, Southgate, KY; LO-Lena Ziegler; NR-Lena Ziegler
Ziegler, John H d-10-14-1938; br-10-17-1938; sec-71; age 68; parents-no record; res-Parkview Ave, Newport
Ziegler, John Julius d-1-16-1937; br-1-19-1937; sec-37; s/o Adam & Ann Ziegler; res-Washington St., Newport, KY; LO-Adam Ziegler
Ziegler, Julia d-10-28-1965; br-11-1-1965; sec-44, lot-27A; age-1-11-1884; d/o Frank Ziegler & Elizabeth Miller; res-Baptist Home; LO-Frank Ziegler; NR-Daniel Ziegler - "daughter"; (Transcriber's note: Julia was my great aunt and the sister of Daniel.)
Ziegler, Lena d-10-17-1963; br-10-21-1963; sec-57; d/o John Marschmann & Catharine Brown; born-Johns Hill; res-17 Walnut Street, Southgate; LO-Lena Marchman Ziegler; NR-Mrs. W R Stevens (daughter)
Ziegler, Lena Louise d-1-6-1968; br-1-9-1968; sec-30, lot 23; age-92; d/o John Hieber & Dora Filhart; born-Silver Grove; res-648 East Third, Silver Grove; LO-John Hieber (father); NR-Mr Irwin Ziegler (son)
Ziegler, Lucy d-9-6-1951; br-9-10-1951; sec-44, lot-27B; age-70; born-Campbell County, KY; LO-Daniel Ziegler; NR-Daniel Ziegler (husband)
Ziegler, Lucy A d-3-22-1952; br-3-25-1952; sec-71, lot-97W1/2; age-77; born-Camp Springs; d/o John & Augusta Grau; LO-Lucy A Ziegler; NR-Edna Minning (daughter)
Ziegler, Martin d-7-23-1951; br-7-26-1951; age-_ _ 1872; sec-44, lot-27A; s/o Frank & Elizabeth Miller Ziegler; born-Campbell County; res-2336 Alexandria Pike, Highland Hts., KY; LO-John Ziegler (brother); NR-Harry Ziegler
Ziegler, Mary (?) br-3-9-1930; sec-No, lot-No; NR-Mrs Walter R Jackson(?)
Ziegler, Raymond Frederick d-5-31-1972; br-6-3-1972; age-67; sec-44, lot-27B; parents-Daniel & Lucy Clos Ziegler; born-Newport; residence-130 Highland Ave., Ft Thomas, KY; LO-Daniel & Lucy Ziegler; NR-Catherine Ziegler (wife)
Ziegler, Richard J d-10-5-1959; br-10-8-1959; age-48; sec-30, lot 29(?); parents-William & Elizabeth Hoffman Ziegler; born-Newport; res-215 Clover Ridge, Ft. Thomas, KY; LO-Wm P Geyer (son in law); NR-Edith Ziegler (wife)
Ziegler, Walter U. d-10-13-1963; br-10-17-1963; age-63; sec-37, lot-15; parents-Adam & Mary Braun Ziegler; born-Newport; res-1219 Franklin, Cincinnati, Ohio; LO-Adam Ziegler (father); NR-Margaret Grothaus Ziegler (wife)
Ziegler, William d-11-6-1952; br-11-10-1952; age-7-16-1876; sec 44, lot 27A; parents- Frank & Elizabeth Ziegler; born-Cold Springs, KY; res-Newport Rest Home; LO-Frank (father); NR-Elmer Ziegler
Zienter (?), Walter br-10-26-1918; sec-No, lot-No
Ziglar, Carrie Belle d-8-1-1971; br-8-5-1971; age-52; sec-73, lot-327B; parents-William E & Carrie Belle Holliday Gabel; born-Dayton, KY; res-430 Ward, Bellevue; LO-William E Gabel (father); NR-William E. Gabel
Ziglar, Helen d-2-(?)-1942; br-2-5-1942; age-43; sec-59, lot-36W(?); parents-Walker; LO-J Bernie Ziglar; NR-J B Ziglar
Ziglar, J Bernie d-5-4-1961; br-5-8-1961; age-5-4-1896; sec-59, lot-54W; parents- Lawrence & Mary Lacey Ziglar; res-223 Van Voast; LO-J Bernie Ziglar; NR-Carrie Ziglar (wife)
Ziglar, br-1-27-_; no other legible data
Zimmer, Anthony B br-12-30-1949; age-61; sec-59, lot-75; parents-George & Margaret Richardson Zimmer; LO-Moore;
Zimmer, Edmond br-4-7-1906(?); no other data
Zimmer, (?) br-4-29-1935 (?); age-(?); sec-(?), lot-(?); born-Germany; res-2971_, Cincinnati, OH; LO-Edward (?)
Zimmer, Frank George d-10-12-1972; br-10-16-1972; age-77; sec-54, lot-129; parents-(?) & Cecelia Zimmer; born-Newport; res-4 Blossom Dr, Cold Springs, KY; LO-Edna M Zimmer (wife); NR-Edna M Zimmer (wife)
Zimmer, G (adult) br-12-26-1887; no other data
Zimmer, Maggie (adult) br-5-6-1901; no other data
Zimmer, Emilie d-5-4-1950; br-5-8-1950; age-9-5-1864(?); sec-34, lot-33 W1/2; parents-Herrmann; born-Cincinnati, OH; LO-Edward Wagner; NR-Mrs Emily Glass
Zimmer, John (?) br-4-20-1927; no other data
Zimmer, Wm d-3-22-1945; 3-26-1945; age-51; sec-59, lot-75; parents-George & Mattie Richardson Zimmer; born-Newport; res-205 Woodward, Cincinnati, OH; LO-Sylvester Moore; NR-Mrs. Sylvester Moore
Zimmerman, Albert J d-9-21-1947; br-9-24-1947; age-6-22-1854(?); sec-59, lot-256 W1/2; parents-Emil & Kate Zimmerman; born-Newport, KY; LO-self; NR-Audrey Zimmerman
Zimmerman, Alice d-10-19-1969; br-10-25-1969; age-99; sec-22, lot-80N4(?); parents-Ewell Williams; born-Portsmouth, OH; res-610 Hogan, Jacksonville, FL; LO-"same:"; NR-Ernest Zimmerman (grandson)
Zimmerman, Ann br-4-4-1924(?); lot-33; no other data
Zimmerman, Arthur W d-6-10-1958; br-6-12-1958; age-50; sec-58, lot-64; parents-Arthur W & _B Zimmerman; born-Ft Thomas, KY; res-26 Elsmere, Ft Thomas, KY; LO-Devera Ziegler (wife); NR-Devera (wife)
Zimmerman, Arthur W d-6-19-1952; br-6-23-1952; age-67; sec-58, lot-65; parents-Otto & Sophia Zimmerman; born-Kentucky; LO-Ruth Zimmerman; NR-Ruth Zimmerman (wife)
Zimmerman, Carl d-12-24-1947; br-12-27-1947; age-6-22-1947; sec-56, lot-(?); parents-Charles & Magdolina Pferman Zimmerman; LO-Zimmerman; NR-Magdalena Zimmerman
Zimmerman, Caroline br-4-19-1923; sec-(?), lot-(?); no other data
Zimmerman, Catharine d-3-27-1939; br-3-30-1939; age-9-2-1861(?); sec-26, lot-21 N1/2; parents A Galagher & J Sullivan; LO-Emil Zimmerman
Zimmerman, Chas d-4-24-1939; br-4-26-1939; age 58; sec-55, lot-88(?); born-Kentucky; LO-Magdalena Zimmerman; NR-Magdalena Zimmerman
Zimmerman, Charles br-3-6-1900; sec-22, lot 16; no other data
Zimmerman, Edwin O d-7-24-1965, br-9-17-1965; age-55; sec-22, 80NE1/4; parents-Otto & Alice Mitchell Zimmerman; born-Ft Thomas, KY; res-1533 W Madison, Chicago, IL; LO-Alice Zimmerman (mother); NR-Ernest Zimmerman (nephew)
Zimmerman, Elmer (?) br-12-_-_(?); no other data; illegible
Zimmerman, Emil br-9-27-1919; sec-(?); lot-21 N1/2; no other data
Zimmerman, Emil _ br-12-24-1911; sec-(?), lot-(?); no other data
Zimmerman, Eugene br-10-24-1906; no other data
Zimmerman, F. br-11-20-1890; sec-22, lot-49; no other data
Zimmerman, Illegible br-10-26-_; LO-Zimmerman; no other data
Zimmerman, Illegible sec-22, lot-69; parents J-- Zimmerman & --(?);res-1056 Walnut, Southgate; LO-Fred
Zimmerman, Harry br-2-10-1896; sec-22, lot-68; no other data
Zimmerman, Illegible
, Ida (Adult) br-5-27-1892; no other data
Zimmerman, Infant br-5-19-1912; sec-35; no other data
Zimmerman, Infant d-9-11-1947; br-9-11-1947; age-9-11-1947; sec-29, lot 23(?); parents-Clifford & Mary; born-Dayton, KY; NR-Clifford Zimmerman
Zimmerman, Infant br-11-5-1887; sec-22, lot-16; no other data
Zimmerman, Infant br-1-9-1931(?); sec-22, lot (?); no other data
Zimmerman, Mrs. J br-3-23-1903; sec-22, lot-16; no other data
Zimmerman, Rev(?) J W br-6-26(?)-1924; sec-10, lot-33 W1/2; no other data
Zimmerman, Jacob br-6-10-1883; no grave location; no other data
Zimmerman, Jas. D d-10-25-1948; br-10-28-1948; age-6-1-1863; sec-10, lot-33 S1/2; parents- John W and Ann Darrah Zimmerman; born-Kentucky; LO-Zimmerman
Zimmerman, John (adult) br-11-29-1894; single grave, sec-illegible; no other data
Zimmerman, John br-11-17-1924; single grave-260(?), sec-illegible; no other data
Zimmerman, Jos.(?) br-2-24-1919; single grave-346(?), sec-illegible; no other data
Zimmerman, Jo Anne (child) d-1-17-1944; br-1-18-1944; age-12-16-1941; section-22, lot-"over Harry Zimmerman"; parents-Oliver & Marjorie Woodwith Zimmerman; born-6780 River Rd.; LO-Otto Zimmerman
Zimmerman, L Elsa(?) br-5-9-1905; sec-86, lot 21-W1/2(?); no other data
Zimmerman, Lehna(?) br-8-20-1907; single grave, sec-illegible; no other data
Zimmerman, (?) br-2-6-1939(?); sec-(?), lot-(?); LO-Pfirman; no other data
Zimmerman, Magdalena d-7-5-1964, br-7-8-1964; age-89; sec-56, lot-88 S1/2; parents-Jacob & Magdalena Feltman Pfirrmann; born-Germany; res-310 Newman Ave., Ft Thomas, KY; LO-Magadelena Zimmerman (self); NR-Mrs Jack Collins (daughter)
Zimmerman, Mamie br-1-11-1890; sec-22, lot-16; no other data
Zimmerman, Mamie br-5-22-1924; sec-10, lot-33 S1/2(?); no other data
Zimmerman, Illegible br-8-6-1906; single grave 177(?), sec(?); no other data
Zimmerman, Minnie O d-7/23/1974; br-7/25-1974; age-11-23-1882; sec-6, lot-96B; parents-unknown; born-Cincinnati, Ohio; res-8 Uhl Rd, Cold Spring, KY; NR-Melvin Schomaker (son)
Zimmerman, Mary Jane d-9-19-1951; br-9-24-1951; age-44; sec-59, lot-35; LO-Arthur Zimmerman (husband); NR-Arthur H Zimmerman
Zimmerman, N.W(?) br-8-28-1887; sec-10, lot-33; no other data
Zimmerman, Nancy Ruth (child) d-6-4-1941; br-6-6-1941; age-8 months; sec-59, lot-35; parents-Arthur & Nancy Zimmerman; born-Cincinnati, Ohio; LO-Arthur & Mary Jane Zimmerman; NR-Arthur Zimmerman
Zimmerman, Otto br-9-9-1932; sec-22, lot-69 N1/4(?); LO-"same"; no other data
Zimmerman, Paul (?) br-4-21-1928(?); single grave, sec-illegible; no other data
Zimmerman, Paul _(?) br-4-22-1925; sec 23, lot 69(?); no other data
Zimmerman, Ralph A d-10-10-1968; br-10-14-1968; age-78; sec-6, lot-96B; parents-Andrew & Scharlet Dorsey Zimmerman; born-Scranton, PA; res-8 Uhl Rd, Cold Springs, KY; LO-Self; NR-Minnie Zimmerman (wife)
Zimmerman, Rose Louise d-4-7-1947; br-4-10-1947; age-12-1-1894; sec-59, lot-256 W 1/2; parents-Valentine & Carrie Fitterer; born-Newport; LO-Zimmerman; NR-Albert J Zimmerman
Zimmerman, Ruth B d-1-29-1962; br-2-1-1962; age-77; sec -58, lot-65; parents-Charles & Mary Jordan Shelow; born-Newport, KY; res-15th & Home St, Newport, KY; LO-Self; NR-Jordan Zimmerman (son)
Zimmerman, Sophia br-4-11-1906; sec 22, lot 69 (?)1/2; no other data
Zimmerman, Virginia B d-10-12-1948; br-10-16-1948; age-41; sec-55, lot-6; parents-Stella & Frank Phillips; born-Dayton, KY; LO-Phillips
Zimmerman, Viola br-9-23-1912; single grave, sec-illegible; no other data
Zimmerman, (?) br-3-6-1887; sec-22, lot-49(?) no other data
Zimmerman, Walter d-8-17-1941; br-8-20-1941; age-3-4-1891; sec-14, lot 19 W1/2; parents-Charles & Louise Knoblock; born-Newport, KY; LO-Caroline Girand; NR-Elizabeth Zimmerman
Zimpelman, Matilda Weber d-1-10-1937; br-1-13-1937; age-50; sec-31, lot 44 S1/2(?); parents-Wm & Margaret Stegner Weber; born-Newport, KY; LO-Margaret Weber (daughter)
Zink, Rosalina br-2-8-1885; sec-9, lot-76; no other data
Zink, Lena d-5-7-1954; br-5-11-1954; age-9-16-1883(?); sec-58, lot-91; parents-William & Rosalina Zink; born-Cincinnati, OH; LO-Eden & Louise Zink (sister); NR-Louise Zink Weber
Zink, Wm d-5-29-1944; br-6-1-1944; age-67; sec-54, lot-82(?); parents-William & Lena Zink; born-Cincinnati, OH; LO-Wm Zink
Zink, William br-5-7-1917; sec-9, lot-76 S1/2(?); no other data
Zinke, Amelia d-4-1-1969; br-4-4-1969; age-4-11-1879; sec-34, lot 22 E ; parents-Philip Schubert & ? Hanks; born-Newport, KY; res-Riverview Home, Cincinnati, Oh; LO-Philip Schubert; NR-Dr Paul Zinke (son)
Zinke, Illegible br-11-11-1939(?); sec, lot-illegible, no other data
Zinke, Frederick H d-12-28-1964; br-12-31-1964; age-64; sec-56, lot-134-135; parents-Frederick H & Henrietta Sauerbrey Zinke; born-Newport, KY; res-301 Foote Ave, Bellevue, KY; LO-Hugo Hecker (signed permission to use by Chas H Hecker & Dorothy E Zinke); NR-Jack Zinke (son)
Zinke, Frederick br-11-29-1902; sec-25, lot 12 S1/2(?); no other data
Zinke, Henriette L d-11-3-1956; br-11-6-1956; age-78; sec-56, lot-135-134; parents-Henry & Henrietta Sauerbrei; born-Newport; res-116 Taylor, Bellevue, KY; LO-Hugo A Hecker (permission signed); NR-Fred Zinke (son)
Zinke, Illegible br-7-2-1922(?); sec, lot illegible; LO-Hugo A Hecker; no other data
Zinke, Mary A. br-8-9-1916; sec 23, lot 12 S1/2(?); no other data
Zinke, William Horace d-2-2-1961, br-2-6-1961; age-5-19-1879; sec-36(?), lot-22 E1/2; parents-Fred Zinke & Ada; born-London, England; res-726 Overton St., Newport, KY; LO-Phillip Schubert (father-in law); NR-Amelia Zinke (wife)
Zinke, E. (?) br-6-22-1922(?); sec 41, lot-illegible; no other data
Zinn, Garnett S d-9-20-1967; br-9-22-1967; age-3-6-1885; sec-61, lot-48; parents Robert B Stephenson & Garnett?; born-Cincinnati, Ohio; res-3547 Columbia Parkwy, Cincinnati, OH; LO-self; NR-Mrs Margaret Hinson (daughter)
Zinnmaster, Laura Anna d-6-5-1941; br-6-7-1941; age-61; sec-56, lot 196 S (?); age-61; parents-? Talbot; born-Cincinnati, Ohio; LO-Lewis E White; NR-Louis White
Z(?), Albert G br-11-27-1931(?); sec, lot-illegible; no other data
Zint, Elizabeth Reid d-8-7-1975; br-8-9-1975; age-85; sec-60, lot-40; parents-Leonard Heid Anna Krabs; born-Cincinnati, Ohio; res-150 Tremont, Ft Thomas, KY; NR-Albert Blesch (son in law)
Zint, Elsie d-11-14-1947; br-11-17-1947; age-10-6-1891; sec-55, lot-46 N1/2; parents-Charles & Marie Rieder; born-Newport, KY; LO-Reider; NR-Joseph Zint
Zint, John A d-1-12-1955; br-1-17-1955; age-31; sec-60, lot-25A; parents Carl & Versal Zint; cod-air plane crash; born-Ft Thomas, KY; LO-Ruth Zint (wife); NR-Ruth Zint
Zint, Joseph d-10-7-1962; br-10-10-1962; age-65; sec-55, lot-46 N1/2; parents-Andrew Zint & Emma; born-Cincinnati, Ohio; res-150 Tremont Ave, Ft Thomas, KY; LO-Bubenhofer- Reider & Hennesay; NR-Elizabeth Zint (wife)
Zipp, Martin W. d-5-29-1967; br-6-2-1967; age-2 months, 27 days; single grave-368, sec-53; parents-William & Pearlier Deaton Zipp; res-726 Columbia St, Newport, KY; NR-Mr & Mrs William Zipp (parents)
Zitscher, Blanche d-2-16-1957; br-2-19-1957; age-10-25-1881; single grave-823, sec-72; parents-Elsie McMullen; born-Ohio; res-Hook Rd, Wilder, KY; NR-Joseph Sitscher (husband)
Zitscher, Joseph d-11-1-1957; br-11-5-1957; age-12-23-1887; single grave-839; sec-72; parents-Michael & Theresa Knittel Zitscher; born-Cincinnati, OH; res-Moock Rd, Wilder, KY; NR-Anna Havekotte (sister)
Zi(??), Infant br-9-20-1912; sec-33, lot-31 W1/2(?); LO-father; no other data
Zix, Donald br 10-29-1950; single grave, sec-illegible; no other data
Zix, Ella br-12-27-1930; single grave, sec-illegible; no other data
Zix, Harry F d-4-1-1968; br-4-4-1968; age-88; single grave-?57, sec-68; parents-John & Lena Droste Zix; born-Cincinnati, OH; res.-6951 Gloria Dr, N College Hill, OH; LO-reserved; NR-Arthur Zix (son)
Zoeller, Annie (adult) br-9-6-1886; single grave-46, sec-1886; no other data
Zoeller, Julia M br-7-9-1923; sec-37, lot-65; no other data
Zoeller, Philip br-5-10-1915; sec-27, lot-65; no other data
Zolleis, Charles d-1-13-1941; br-1-16-1941; age-5-30-1861; sec-9, lot-52 N1/2; parents-George & Margaret Zolleis; born-Newport, KY; LO-George Zolleis; NR-George Zolleis
Zolleis, John G. br-12-28-1932; sec-9(?), lot-52 W1/2; LO-Geo. Zolleis
Zoller, Anna Lou(?) br-6-27-1924; single grave-101(?), lot-illegible; no other data; (Transcriber's note: record is almost illegible, not in alpha sequence. Surname may be different.)
Zollies, Geo. br-3-6-1890; sec-9, lot-52; no other data
Zolleis, Katharina d-12-6-1938; br-12-6-1938; age-3-7-1864; sec-9, lot 52 N1/2; parents-George & Margaret Myrtle Zolleis; born-Newport, KY; LO-George Zolleis; NR-Chas. Zolleis (brother)
Zolleis, Minnie br-1-1-1901; sec-15, lot-1; no other data
Zoller, Larandia(?) br-10-5-1904; single grave-50(?), lot-1904(?); no other data
Zopff, Belle Thorp d-4-12-1962; br-4-14-1962; age-12-8-1876; single grave-233, sec-72; parents-no record; born-Louisville, KY; res-6432 Glade Ave. Cincinnati, OH; LO-self; NR-John Fred Zopff (son)
Zopff, John F d-5-27-1940; br-5-27-1940; age-7-19-1878; single grave 232, sec 72; parents-Fred Zopff & Adele Heiting; born-Bremen, Germany; NR-Belle Thorpe Zopff
Zos, Albert d-6-22-1945; br-6-25-1945; age-5-3-1908; sec-59(?), lot-130 N1/2; parents-Albert G Zos; born-Cincinnati, OH; res-521 VanVoast Ave, Bellevue, KY; LO-Ernestine Zos
Zos, Eleanora R d-8-2-1959; br-8-5-1959; age-81; sec-59, lot-130 E1/2; parents-Rosekamp; born-Cincinnati, OH; res-110 East 14th St, Cincinnati, OH; LO-Ernestine Zos; NR-Erwin Zos (son)
Zw??ckhamer, Caroline br-4-16-1916; sec-10, lot-1; no other data
Zuber, Catherine A br-3-31-1925; sec-17, lot-46; no other data
Zuber, Chas H d-1-15-1938; br-10-18-1938; age-11-5-1872; sec-17, lot-44 S1/2; parents-John A & Katherine Englehart Zuber; born-Newport, KY; LO-John A Zuber; NR-Rose Zuber
Zuber, Ella d-4-3-1938; br-4-8-1938; age-62; sec-23 S1/2, lot-43 (sec/lot probably reversed); parents-Robert & Anna Newell; LO-Robert A Newell
Zuber, Fred D br-10-21-1907; sec-17, lot-44 E1/2(?); no other data
Zuber, John A br-3-18-1920; sec-17, lot-44 E1/2; no other data
Zuber, John d-8-7-1946; br-8-9-1946; age-79; sec-23, lot-43 E1/2; parents-John & Elizabeth Engelhart Zuber; born-Ohio; LO-Newell; NR-Anna Byrd
Zuber, Louis F d-1-30-1950; br-2-2-1950; age-86; sec-17, lot-44 E1/2; LO-John Zuber (son); NR-Mrs Anna Byrd
Zuber, ???? d-10-5-1939; br-10-7-1939; age-11-12-1873; sec-17, lot-44 S1/2; parents-John A & Kate Englehardt Zuber; born-Cincinnati, OH; LO-John A Zuber; NR-John Zuber
Zuck(?), Dora d-4-27-1938; br-4-30-1938; age-101(?); single grave/sec-illegible; no other data
Zuefle, David br-9-13-1906; sec-51, lot 22 1/2(?); no other data
Zusky(?), Thos. br-4-20-1922; single grave/sec-illegible; no other data
Zuflucht, Elmer d-6-19-1939; br-6-21-1939; age-3-19-1910(?); sec-24, lot-98; parents-Wm C & Rose Zuflucht; born-Newport, KY; LO-Philip Moock; NR-Mr Zuflucht
Zuflucht, John A br-7-20-1918(?); sec-32, lot-46 S1/2; removed-from sec-13, lot-35; no other data
Zuflucht, John ? br-6-19-1916; sec-38, lot-illegible; no other data
Zuflucht, Lucy A d-6-5-1957; br-6-8-1957, age-78; sec-38, lot 46-S1/4; parents-Joseph & Anna Wasser; born-Newport, KY; res-Budd Lake, NJ; LO-Lucy A Zuflucht (self); NR-Mrs Ernst Wiebe (daughter)
Zuflucht, M b-4-22-1891; sec-13, lot-35 S1/2; no other data
Zuflucht, ???? ? br-1-10-1924(?); sec-18(?), lot-illegible; no other data
Zuflucht, Walter George d-6-4-1975; br-6-7-1975; age-75; sec-13, lot-35 S1/2; parents-Wm V Zuflucht & Rosa Moock; res-38 W Southgate Ave, Ft Thomas, KY; NR-Mrs Kathryn Zuflucht (wife)
Zuflucht, Rose Katharine d-12-20-1937; br-12-23-1937; age-4-20-????; sec-24, lot-95; parents-Phillip & Katharine Moock; born-Oakland, KY; LO-Philip Moock; NR-Mr Zuflucht
Zuflucht, Wm Valentine d-22-1940; br-2-24-1940; age-3-26-1874; sec-24, lot-98; parents-Valentine & Sophia Zuflucht; born-Newport, KY; LO-Phillip Moock; NR-Irvin Zuflucht
Zunter (?), Frank br-2-14-1918; single grave 306(?), sec-illegible; no other data
Z?????, Illegible br-10-13-????; single grave/sec-illegible; no other data
Zweigart, Illegible br-11-29-1937(?) sec-16, lot-illegible; parents-Fred & ???all?? illegible; LO-Fred Feith
Zweigart, Emma br-1-16-1906; sec-16, lot-43-64(?); no other data
Zweigart, Kathryn br-5-31-1904; sec-16, lot 43 ?????; no other data
Zwakhromoner(?) Mr D (adult) br 10-3-1893, single grave-69, sec-1893; no other data
Zwick, Casper d-12-12-1954; br-12-15-1954; age-2-6-1859; sec-54, lot-27 N1/2; parents-not known; born-Baded Baden Germany; LO-Carr & Zwick; NR-Mrs Arthur Carr (daughter)
Zwick, Cecila d-10-30-1950, br-11-2-1950; age-7-23-1858(?); sec-54, lot-27; parents-John & Katherina Scherzinger; born-Campbell County, KY; cod-cardiac degeneration; LO-Casper Zwick-A Carr (husband); NR-Casper Zwick


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