These are deaths that were outside of Campbell County but were buried in Evergreen.

Information taken from the statistics of the Evergreen Cemetery Association on LDS film #1630335 filmed by the Wright State University.  Updates 1 November 2011 

SG-single grave


Allbrecht, Charles b-29 Feb 1848 in Newark NJ; d-21 July 1912 at 2343 Florence Ave in Walnut Hills-Cincinnati of liver & heart trouble; br-24 July at 2:30PM in SG section 28
Albershart, Harry C b-Cincinnati; a-37y; s/o Herman & Fredericka; res-10 Blue Grass Ave in Ft Thomas; d-25 Feb 1913 in Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati of appendicitis; br-1 Mar at 2PM in Emma R Albershart (wife) lot 61 E section 36
Allen, Louisa b-Newport; a-22y 10m 22d; d/o Marion M Allen; d-30 Apr 1913 in El Paso Texas of intestinal tuberculosis; br-5 May at 3:30PM in M M Allen lot
Allington, Henry James b-England; a-77y; s/o John; d-28 Dec 1914 at 3516 Linton Ave in Riverside in Cincinnati of carbustion night high; br-31 Dec at 2:30PM in SG

Badger, Samuel d-1 Mar 1914 in Frankford (sic) KY of tuberculosis; br-3 Mar at 10:30AM in H B Bader (father) lot 118 section 2
Bainum, Mary Patterson b-Kentucky; a-38y; d/o Capt John S Patterson (b-Ripley Oh) & Virginia Winter (b-Cincinnati) d-15 Jan 1912 at 820 South Brook St in Louisville KY of recurrent malignant disease of the abdomen; placed in vault #877 18 Jan; br-11 Apr 1912 at 4PM in A D Patterson (uncle) lot 20 section 2
Baker, Margaret P b-Kentucky; a-1om; d/o Herman & Dora; d-25 Jan 1913 at Thomas & Eastern Ave in Covington of tuberculosis of liver; br-28 Jan at 3PM in Mrs. Kate Maines (a friend) lot 25 section 23
Ballotte, Mary b-Feb 1863 in Kentucky; d/o Jno H & Marissa? Cooper; res-1122 Broadway St in Cincinnati; d-19 July 1914 at Cincinnati Hospital of carcinoma of uterus; br-21 July at 10AM in SG
Barber, John b-Kentucky; a-74y; d-31 Oct 1912 at Soldiers Home in Dayton Oh of myocartial insuffiency; br-4 Nov at 2:30PM in John & Ellen Barber lot 23 N1/2 section 10
Barnes, John b-16 May 1835 in Xenia Oh; s/o John & Perrieta (Gray) d-3 Mar 1913 at 3424 Linwood Ave in Mt Lookout Oh of cerebral hemorrhage; placed in vault #906 6 Mar at 3:30PM. br-5 Apr 1913 in Arabell Barnes (wife) lot 87 N section 20
Barth, Child of Chas & Lucy;  b&d 4 Dec 1913 in Christ Hospital in Cincinnati; parents res-932 Orchard St; br-5 Dec at 10AM in SG
Bauer, Elmore b-17 Nov 1912 in Covington; s/o John; d-18 Jan 1913 at 741 Dalton in Cincinnati of pneumonia; br-20 Jan at 2PM in parents lot
Bauke, Mary M b-17 Nov 1852; d-23 July 1914 at 3834 Mt Vernon St in Hyde Park in Cincinnati of apoplexy; br-25 July in J W Bauke (husband) lot 8 E1/2 section 36
Beckett, Samuel a-apparently 70y; d-21 Sep 1914 at 1723 Central Ave in Cincinnati of sudden death, seemingly heart failure; inquest pending; br-24 Sep at 3PM in section 35 lot 95A
Belch, Amelia b-Dayton KY; a-22y; d-10 Sep 1914 in Austin Indiana of RR accident & auto; br-14 Sep at 1:30PM in sister's lot 5 W1/2 section 44
Belch, Mary b-Dayton KY; a-47y; d-10 Sep 1914 in Austin Indiana of RR accident & auto; br-14 Sep at 1:30PM in daughter's lot 5 W1/2 section 44
Bend, Thomas J b-15 Aug 1894 in Bellevue; s/o Wm Wennet & Mary Bend; d-17 Apr 1912 in Justin Owenton? Co Texas of tuberculosis; br-20 Apr at 2PM in Jennie Nuggin (aunt) lot 9 section 34
Benson, Addie Van Orman a-48y; d/o John Meack Poffs & Ardelia Louis; d-29 Dec 1913 at 2449 Madison St in Covington of dropsy & nephritis; br-31 Dec in Addie Van Orman lot 69 N 1/2 section 9
Beyland, T D b-Germany; a-64y 3m 11d; res-218 Division St in Bellevue; d-11 Feb 1912 in Kingston Tennessee of Brights disease; br-14 Feb at 3PM (note; initials are hard to read, maybe G D)
Black, Harry b-Kentucky; a-36y; s/o Leander & Jennie; d-24 May 1914 at 119 E Court St in Cincinnati; inquest pending; br-27 May at 3PM in SG
Blackburn, Ollie b-Kentucky; a-39y; s/o Georgia; d-31 Mar 1913 at 531 Plum St in Cincinnati of heart trouble; br-3 June at 2PM in SG
Blank, Louisa Mary b-Cincinnati; a-35y 2m 5d; d/o Charles R & Kate Blank; res-818 Linden Ave in Newport; d-18 Oct 1912 in Cincinnati Oh of intestinal adhesions; br-21 Oct at 2PM in SG
Blankenship, Charles Stanley b-Cincinnati; a-17 days; s/o Stanley & Emma; d-21 May 1912 at 129 E 9th St in Cincinnati; br-22 May at 10:30AM in John J Jenning (grandfather) lot N55 & S54 section 15
Blechschmidt, Chas J b-Kentucky; a-30y; d-1 Apr 1913 in Connersville Indiana of appendicitis; br-15 Apr at 1PM in his own lot 82 South 1/2 section 27
Boal, Eliza Van Bibber b-Kentucky; a-74y; d/o James Van Bibber & Nannie Burton White; d-Feb 1913 in Piqua Oh of cerebral hemorrhage; br-21 Feb at 10AM in W K Boal (husband) vault section 16 lot 74 & 75
Bolser, Etheline Florence b-8 Aug 1912 in Dayton KY; d/o Herbert L & Minnie; d-23 July 1913 in La Follett Tennessee of acute indigestion; br-26 July at 10AM in John F Bolser (grandfather) lot 45 W1/2 section 32
Bond, Chas F b-Cincinnati; a-38y; res-7 West 9th St in Covington; d-23 July 1914 at Cincinnati Hospital; br-25 July at 3:30PM in SG
Bonnar, David b-14 Oct 1881 in Scotland; a-31y 2m; s/o Geo; res-239 Butler St in Cincinnati; d-14 Dec 1914 in Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati of tuberculosis; br-16 Dec in SG
Boute, Wm T b-Cincinnati; a-52y 6m; s/o Henry & -- (Eversman) res-613 Crown St in Walnut Hills Cincinnati; d-7 Feb 1914 at Bethesda Hospital of an automobile accident; br-10 Feb at 4PM in H Boute (father) lot 91 N1/2 section 27
Bowman, Celia a-37y; d-29 Dec 1870 in Avondale in Cincinnati; removed from Spring Grove Cemetery 24 Oct 1913 and buried in L Bowman lot 3 section 3
Bowman, Louis a-50y; d-16 June 1882 in Avondale in Cincinnati of spinal trouble; removed from Spring Grove Cemetery 24 Oct 1913 and buried in L Bowman lot 3 section 3
Robert A b-Concord KY; a-74y; s/o John & Susan; res-Newport; d-12 Oct 1914 in Dayton Oh of chronic nephritis; br-16 Oct at 3PM in Vincent Ello (father-in-law) lot 18 section 24
Gus a-35y 5m 16d; s/o Robt & Anna; d-5 Dec 1914 at 2nd St in Bromley KY; br-Tuesday at 1:30PM in SG
Fred Sr. b-30 May 1862 in Newport; a-57y 5m 12d; res-110 East 5th St in Newport; d-11 Nov 1914 in Cincinnati; br-14 Nov at 1:30PM in SG
, Mary b-Pennsylvania; a-58y; d/o Joseph & Mary Rippert; res-Cork Ave & Frances Lane in Walnut Hills in Cincinnati; d-18 Apr 1912 at City Hospital in Cincinnati of cancer; br-20 Apr at 10AM in SG
Broomall, Rutherford H b-Covington KY; a-37y; s/o Caleb & Mary; d-3 Sep 1914 in Sour Lake Texas of apoplexy; br-8 Sep at 3:30PM in Broomall lot 33 section 1
Brown, Anna B b-Kentucky; a-70y 1m 26d; s/o Israel & Lucy Blackwell; d-29 May 1913 at 702 Elmwood Ave in Elmwood of gastrio carcinoma; br-31 May at 2PM in Elico A Brown (husband) lot 82 N1/2 section 15
Brown, Carrie (colored) b-Washington KY; a-34y; d/o Lottie & Johnson Bennett; d-3 Sep 1912 in St Louis Missouri of tuberculosis of lungs; br-7 Sep in SG
Brown, Harry F b-Kentucky; a-27y; s/o Robert & Clara; d-31 May 1913 at 130 Lynn St in Covington of tuberculosis; br-2 June at 3:15PM in SG
Brown, Raymond Eugene b-29 Sep 1911 in Cincinnati; a-5m 19d; s/o Eugene & Bertha; d-19 Mar 1912 at 4303 Eastern Ave in Cincinnati; inquest pending; br-21 Mar at 10AM in SG
Bruck, Estella b-19 June 1888 in Newport; d/o J H & Annie Schulein; d-23 Feb 1913 at 1137 Lee St in Covington of inflammation of bowels; br-26 Feb at 2PM in J H Schulein (father) lot 54 N1/2 section 15
Bruck, Infant of Charles & Stella; b&d 13 May 1912 at 164 W 12th St in Covington; br-14 May in John Schulein (grandfather) lot 84 1/2 section 15
Buchman, Josephine b-Buffalo NY; a-62y; nee Meiner; res-219 Findley St in Cincinnati; d-21 Jan 1912 at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati of diabetes; br-24 Jan at 9AM in Jacob Buchman (husband) lot 46 E section 17
Buning, Henry b-Germany; a-79y; d-20 Dec 1912 in Louisville KY of diabetes; br-23 Dec in Henry Buning lot 46 section 24

Campbell, Mary E b-Kentucky; a-76y; d/o Wm Valentine; d-21 July 1914 in Huntington West Va of Brights disease; br-23 July at 3PM in J S Campbell (husband) lot 110 section 23
Carr, Robert b-England; a-50y; res-1306 Broadway in Cincinnati; d-8 Jan 1913 at Cincinnati Hospital of an accident; br-11 Jan at 2PM in SG
Carrigan, Mark b-25 Dec 1844 in Brown Co Oh; s/o James & Mary; d-7 Apr 1914 at St Mary's Hospital in Cincinnati; br-10 Apr at 3:15PM in SG
Carter, Ruth b-Indianapolis; a-2y; d/o Wm & Henrietta; d-24 Dec 1907 at 915 Scott St in Covington; removed from Linden Grove Cemetery 19 Nov 1913 & buried in Wm Carter (father) lot 25 section 30
Case, James W b-Kentucky; a-67y; s/o Joseph & Matilda (Clark) d-5 Nov 1912 at 1134 First St in Cincinnati of coma heart trouble; br-18 Nov in SG
Chappiur, John M b-Grupsfield Indiana; a-56y; s/o John; d-13 Jan 1914 in St Louis; br-16 Jan at 10AM in SG
Cheney, J A b-25 Jan 1849 in Mechanicsburg Oh; s/o Samuel & Elizabeth; d-26 Aug 1912 in Columbus Oh of locomotor atoxica; br-31 Aug at 2PM in Carolyn S Cheney (wife) lot 25S section 37
Chofe, John b-Cincinnati; a-3m; s/o Christ & L; d-13 Oct 1913 in Cincinnati of gastro intestinal disorder; br-14 Oct in SG
Clark, Geo W b-Louisiana; a-67y; s/o Isaiah & Margaret; d-2 Aug 1913 at 23 Concord Place in Cincinnati of diabetes; br-4 Aug at 11AM in SG
Clary, Virginia Marie b-16 July 1910 in Butler KY; d/o Martha & Frank? L; d-15 June 1914 in Martin Tennessee of summer trouble; br-17 June at 2PM in Susie C Ewing (grandmother) lot 109S section 10
Clayton, Emma b-Kentucky; a-32y; d/o Emil Constans; d-24 Apr 1912 at Branch Hospital in Cincinnati of pulmonary tuberculosis; br-27 Apr at 3PM in SG in section 41
Clemont, Arthur D b-Canada; a-55y; d-21 May 1914 at 330 W 9th St in Cincinnati of Brights disease; br-20 May at 4PM in Julia E Worthington (wife) lot 25 section 2
Conklin, Eliz b-Cincinnati; a-65y; d/o Anthony & Eliz Dotie; d-25 Mar 1913 at 15 W Court St in Cincinnati of Brights disease; br-27 Mar at 3PM in SG
Constans, Louis F b-Newport; a-33y 11m 10d; s/o Louis & Margaret; d-29 Nov 1912 in Los Angeles California of apoplexy; br-30 Nov at 2:30PM in Peter Constans (grandfather) lot 38 & 39 section 20
Cook, Wilson M b-Cincinnati; a-1y 2m; s/o John & Maggie; d-19 Feb 1913 in Cincinnati of measles; br-14 Feb at 2:30PM in SG
Cooke, Carrie b-Indiana; a-69y; d/o Henry & Helen Osting; d-11 Feb 1913 at 47 Ash St in Ludlow KY of carcinoma of liver; br-14 Feb at 3PM in a single grave in section 41
Cooke, Charles H b-15 Aug 1864 in Albany NY; d-20 June 1912 in infirmary in Cincinnati of locomotor ataxia; br-29 June at 2:30PM in Jos Schuck (brother-in-law) lot N4 section 30
Cosey, Lydia Frances b-Ohio; a73y 6m 6d; d/o Allen & Phoebe Rising; d-13 July 1913 at 274 Wortman St in Cincinnati of bronchitis; br-16 July at 3:45PM in Mrs. F Kerr lot N50 section 22
Cox, Mary b-30 Jan 1910 in Menifee Co KY; d/o James Calvin & Belle; res-955 Martin St in Cincinnati; d-9 May 1912 at Cincinnati Hospital of cerebral spinal fever; br-10 May at 10AM in SG
Cox, Mattie a-45y; d/o Wm Rust; d-18 May 1914 in Crestwood KY of acute mauias? br-20 May in F J Boyd (grandfather) lot 83 section 4
Crail, Walter B b-Covington; a-52y; s/o Erwin & Elizabeth; d-6 June 1912 at 626 Greenup St in Covington of chronic nephritis; br-8 June in Erwin Crail (father) lot 10 section 20
Crane, Mary A a-42y; d-28 Jan 1914 at Bats? Oh of acute situation of the heart; br-26 Jan at 11AM in Eadie (mother) lot 30 section 29
Creaghead, Susan Murnan b-Campbell Co KY; a-83y; d/o Charles & Elizabeth Murnan; d-9 Apr 1914 at 123 E 15th St in Covington; br-11 Apr in Creaghead & Ware lot
Crosby, Harry b-Kentucky; a-31y; s/o Fannie; d-23 May 1914 in Middletown Oh of ptomaine poisoning; br-28 May at 3PM in SG
Crosley, Mary b-29 Aug 1868 in Cincinnati; d/o Peter & Mary Adams; res-152 O'Fallon Ave in Dayton KY; d-4 Aug 1913 at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati of cancer of womb; br-7 Nov at 2PM in SG
Cummings, Charles L b-Newport; s/o J P; d-4 May 1914 in New York City NY of pneumonia; br-7 May at 11AM in J P Cummings (father) lot 97 section 17

Dameron, Thomas J a-75y; d-8 Apr 1914 at Southern & Michigan Ave in Latonia in Covington KY of senility; br-11 Apr at 4PM in Thos J Dameron lot 71 section 16
Darby, Mary J b-Evansville Indiana; a-89y; d-7 Jan 1912 on Kendall St in Covington of senility; placed in vault #875 10 Jan; br-8 Feb 1912 at 3PM in Mrs. Caroline Fogerty (daughter) lot 6 section 40
Davidson, Clarence M a-54y; d-10 July 1912 in Huntington W Va of Brights disease; br-12 July at 11AM in C M Davidson lot 87 section 23
Davis, Camille H b-Williamstown KY; a-24y; d/o Jasper & Eva Holbrook; res-Ft Thomas; d-3 Oct 1914 at Bethesda Hospital in Cincinnati of pneumonia; br-6 oct at 2PM in John Hazant Davis (husband) lot 37B lot 39
Dendler, Gottlieb b-Germany; a-about 66y; d-24 Feb 1912 at 150 E 11th St in Covington of rheumatic heart; br-1 Mar at 2PM in SG
Deum, Frederick b-Germany; a-72y; d-11 Mar 1912 at Hartwell Infirmary (Cincinnati) of pneumonia; br-13 Mar at 2PM in SG
Dick, Agnes b-Carthage Oh; a-41y; d/o James & Ellen Dick; d-6 Aug 1914 in Gallipolis Oh of exhaustion; br-10 Aug at 2:30PM in Jennie Forester lot 36 W1/2 section 33
Dickerson, Sallie A b-Newport; a-55y; d/o Gustavus & Sallie Artsman; res-16 West Front St in Newport; d-18 Dec 1914 in Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati of cerebral hemorrhage; br-21 Dec at 2:20PM in Gustavus Artsman (father) lot 5 section 16
Diebold, William b-Kentucky; a-54y; s/o Carl & Mary; res-2904 Colerain Ave in Cincinnati; d-27 Aug 1913 at St Mary's Hospital; inquest pending; br-30 Aug at 3PM in SG
Dix, Mary J b-4 Mar 1861 in Switzerland Co Indiana; d/o Nancy Davis & Thomas Jack; d-24 June 1913 at 833 Clinton St in Cincinnati of dropsy; br-26 June at 2:30PM in Edw L Dix lot 17 section 2
Dolman, Arthur b-21 Oct 1889 in Bellevue; s/o Charles & Maria (Kaiser) res-3322 Bonaparte Ave in Walnut Hills in Cincinnati; d-10 July 1914 in Bethesda Hospital in Cincinnati of appendicitis; br-13 July at 3PM in Chas Dolman (father) lot 94E section 22
Donovon, Patrick a-43y; d-27 Mar 1913 in Detroit Michigan of mitral regurgitation; br-12 Apr in Frank Cook lot 64 section 23
Dougherty, Anna a-88y; d-3 Sep 1914 in Madisonville Oh of bronchitis; br-5 Sep in H Ris lot 9 section 20
Downs, Benjamin a-40y; res-Cincinnati; br-1 Nov 1912 in Benjamin Downs lot 12 S1/2 section 31
Dremer, Andrew b-Germany; a-74y; d-21 Sep 1874 in Cincinnati of dysentery; removed from St Johns Cemetery in St Bernard Oh Apr 1913 to Elizabeth Dremer lot 111 W1/2 section 9
Drisk, August b-Germany; a-75y; res-Ft Thomas; d-14 Dec 1913 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington of nephritis; br-16 Dec at 2:30 in SG
Drown, Edwin b-Kentucky; a-30y; s/o Caroline H & Jerome F; d-26 Dec 1912 in Cincinnati of acute pneumonia; placed in vault #905 3 Mar at 10AM; br-28 Apr 1913 in section 36 lot 51W
Drown, Jerome F b-Kentucky; a-70y; s/o Phillip & Charlotte; res-5647 Bramble Ave in Madisonville Oh; d-2 June 1912 in Cincinnati Hospital of acute nephritis; br-5 June at 2:30PM in SG
Dye, Valmer b-Greenfield Oh; a-50y; s/o Devall & Mary; res-Marin St in Greenfield Oh; d-8 Mar 1914 in City Hospital; inquest pending; br-9 Mar at 2PM in SG
Dyson, M C b-Richmond VA; a-44y 1m 13d; s/o Richard E & Catherine; d-2 Mar 1914 at 1024 Park Ave in Latonia in Covington of pneumonia; br-5 Nov at 3:20PM in Margaret A Wadsworth (mother-in-law) lot 14 E1/2 section 15

Edwards, John b-Illinois; a-49y 2m 23d; s/o Andrew J & Martha; d-23 Nov 1912 at 823 Hathaway St in Cincinnati of dropsy; br-25 Nov at 3PM in SG
Edwards, Martha J b-Cincinnati; a-73y; d/o John & Lilly Fasch; d-7 Jan 1912 at 273 Southern Ave in Cincinnati of maesmus; br-8 Jan in W H Edwards (husband) lot 51 N1/2 section 15
Eggensperger, Catherine b-Cincinnati; a-52y; d/o Adam & Catherine Laucher; d-2 May 1913 at 1605 Mansfield Ave in Cincinnati; br-5 May at 2:30PM in Kate Woolwine (daughter) lot 2 section 24 half
Ehler, Caroline b-11 Apr 1845 in Cincinnati; d/o Jacob & Charlotte Marz; d-27 Sep 1914 at 2129 St James in Walnut Hills in Cincinnati of cancer; br-30 Sep at 2PM in her own lot 33N section 30
Ellswick, Effie b-Kentucky; a-56y; d/o Jacob Davis; d-11 Sep 1914 at 226 E Third St in Cincinnati of diabetes; br-14 Sep at 2PM in SG
Ellswick, Nettie b-8 Nov 1881 in Indiana; a-34y 4m 25d; d/o Chas Ellswick & Effie Davis; d-2 Apr 1914 at 728 West Front St in Cincinnati of pneumatic fever; br-4 Apr at 3 1/2PM in SG
Engelke, George F b-Cincinnati; a-27y 5m 18d; d/o Gustave & Angleine; d-16 Aug 1914 at 1641 Sycamore St in Cincinnati of phthisis pulmonary; br-19 Aug in SG
Engle, Infant of Amos & Florence; b&d 6 Mar 1912 at 1216 East Third Street in Cincinnati; br-6 Mar in SG
Ehrlich, George b-New York; a-50y; s/o Moses & Hana; d-15 May 1913 in Sharonville Oh of sclerosis; br-17 May at 10AM in Amelia Ehrlich (wife) lot 37 section 38

Faddis, Mary b-21 Jan 1913 in Cincinnati; d-5 Mar 1914 at 1617 Kemper Lane of pneumonia; br-7 Mart at 3PM in SG
Federer, Fred b-12 Mar 1827 in Germany; s/o Herman; d-17 July 1913 at 701 W 4th in Cincinnati of old age; br-br-19 July at 11AM in section 28 lot 24
Fenton, Infant Son of Thomas & Olive; b&d 16 Nov 1914 at Bethesda Hospital in Cincinnati; br-17 Feb in H B Fenton (grandfather) lot 3 E1/2 section 32
Flangher, Louisa b-Ohio; a-45y; d/o Henry & Maria Flangher; res-15 E 7th St in Newport; d-11 June 1912 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington; br-13 June
Fom, Mahelia b-Kentucky; a-85y 5m 5d; d/o Jno Duncan; d-24 Apr 1912 in Latonia KY of chronic bronchitis; br-25 Apr in SG
Foresman, John Franklin b-Pennsylvania; a-37y; d-12 Oct 1912 at 517 Greenup St in Covington of cerebral apoplexy; br-15 Oct at 3PM in Joseph Houk lot 79 section 23
Frank, Fred b-24 Apr 1914 in Louisville KY; s/o Valentine & Margurite; res-242 Pike St in Cincinnati; d-23 Aug 1914 in Ohio River near Coal Haven; accidental drowning; br-26 Aug at 2:30PM in SG
Freco? Louisa b-14 July 1877 in Cincinnati; d/o August & Augusta Fromm; res-461 Foote Ave in Bellevue; d-11 Sep 1913 in Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati of surgical shock and carcinoma of bladder; br-13 Sep in SG
French, Fred W b-Kentucky; a-47y 6m 14d; s/o John & Sarah; res-835 Clinton St in Cincinnati; d-1 Feb 1912 at St Mary's Hospital in Cincinnati of cirrhosis of liver; br-5 Feb at 3 1/2PM in John French (father) lot 38 section 2
French, Garnet E b-26 July 1913 in Cincinnati; d/o Amos & Eliz; d-8 Dec 1913 at 1436 Walnut St in Cincinnati; br-10 Dec at 10:30AM in M A Miller (grandfather) lot 29 section 24
Fritsche, T Edmund b-Michigan; a-68y; s/o Chas & Augusta; d-21 Nov 1914 in Cincinnati; inquest pending; br-24 Nov in S C Fritsche lot 31 section 29
Fueg, Lena b-Newport; a-56y; res-226 W 5th St in Newport; d-30 Nov 1912 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington of pulmonary tuberculosis; br-2 Dec in Lenna Short lot W1/2 77 section 22
Fuller, Anna b-Ohio; a-61y? (faded) d/o George Swartz; d-23 Mar 1914 at 176 W 5th St in Covington of congestion of lungs & Cardiac exhaustion; br-26 Mar in SG

Gallbraith, M R b-Ohio; a-73y; s/o Mathias & Sarah Howe; res-Columbus Oh; d-18 Sep 1912 in Springfield Oh of acute dilatation of heart; br-20 Sep at 2PM in Mary E Gallbraith (daughter) lot 4 East 1/2 section 29
Gang, Gladis May b-West Virginia; a-2y 1m; d/o Harry & Maria; res-934 Maple Ave in Dayton KY; d-14 Apr 1912 in Huntington West Virginia of convulsions; br-16 Apr at 4PM in SG
Garrett, Anna a-52y; d/o John & Eliza Reies; d-11 Mar 1912 at 2nd Ave & Park Place in Covington; br-15 Mar at 2PM in M A Bedgood lot 17 section 5
Gentrup, William H a-14y 11m 3d; s/o Henry & Mamie; d-18 Mar 1914 in Somerset KY of pulmonary tuberculosis; br-21 Mar in SG
Gillespie, A J b-Brown Co Oh; a-84y 2m 20d; s/o Daniel & Mary; res-Cincinnati; d-26 Apr 1913 in Lexington KY of arterio sclerosis; br-29 Apr in A J Gillespie lot 118 section 24
Gillespie, Matilda b-Kentucky; a-41y; d/o Randolph & Harriet Rainey; d-7 Feb 1914 in Huntington West Va. of apoplexy; br-10 Feb at 2PM in SG
Gillespie, Sarah Frances b-22 Nov 1839 in Kentucky; d/o James & Mary Carney; d-7 Nov 1914 in Lexington KY; br-9 Nov in A J Gillespie (husband) lot 110 section 24
Glancey, Jerry b-13 Feb 1914 in Cincinnati; s/o Wm & Ethel; d-16 Feb 1914 at 1576 Gladstone Ave in Cincinnati; br-18 Feb at 9AM in SG
Gory, Emanuel G b-Ohio; a-81y; s/o Val & Mary (Muckle) d-8 Jan 1914 at 5223 Roanoke St in Madisonville Oh; br-12 Jan at 3PM in lot 19 section 14
Gory, Mary E b-Kentucky; a-74y; 6m; d/o Walker Nutgrass & Mary A Flimmen; d-11 May 1912 at 114 Denman St in Cincinnati of mitral sclerosis; br-14 May at 3:30PM in W A & Hattie E Murray (son-in-law) lot 19 section 14
Gory, Mildred b-Cincinnati; a-6m; d/o Charles E & Flora; d-29 Jan 1912 at 739 Betts St in Cincinnati of gastro enteritis; br-31 Jan at 2PM in SG
Graber, Katherine b&d 15 Nov 1913 in Ohio Maternity Hospital in Cincinnati; d/o Joseph & Katie; br-17 Nov in SG
Gray, James A b-Newport; a-36y; s/o James & Agnes; res-929 Columbia St in Newport; d-12 Feb 1913 in Cincinnati; br-14 Feb at 3PM in James Gray (father) lot W31 section 36
Grazioni, Anna b-Campbell Co; a-72y; d/o Charles & Emma Grazioni; d-19 May 1912 at 174 E 2nd St in Covington of peritonitis; br-11 May at 3PM in B F Grazioni (brother) lot 130 section 24
Greenbaum, Blanche L b-Kentucky; a-29y; d/o Henry & Victoria Porter; d-6 Apr 1912 at 336 E 6th St in Cincinnati of tuberculosis; br-8 Apr at 2PM in SG
Gregor, Child of Geo & Sarah; b&d 7 Feb 1913 in Norwood Oh; br-7 Feb in Thos Gideon (great grandfather) lot 56 section 1
Guidon, William a-70y; d-17 Feb 1913 in Dayton Oh of chronic nephritis; br-19 Feb at 2:30PM in Wm Guidon lot 49 section 3
Gurker, Caroline b-Germany; a-77y; res-Cold Spring; d-15 Feb 1914 in Leavenworth Kansas; placed in vault #921 18 Feb; br-18 Apr 1914 in Rev Chas Gurker lot 66 section 24

Hackethorn, James L b-Plymouth Oh; a-84y; s/o Peter & Margaret; d-2 June 1914 at 1205 Madison Ave in Covington KY of senility; br-4 June at 2PM  in Jane Harns lot 15 section 1
Haeker, Robert A b-Cincinnati; a-75y; d-16 Mar 1912 in Cincinnati Hospital; inquest pending; placed in vault #894 19 Mar; br-18 Apr 1912 at 3PM in H A Haeker lot N23 section 29
Haigh, John b-Ohio; a-53y; s/o Preston Clay & Mary (Weston) res-Newport; d-19 Feb 1912 in Pensacola Florida of angina pectoris; br-23 Feb in P C Haigh (father) lot 96 West 1/2 section 24
Hainsworth, Timothy b-Newport; a-46y; s/o F J Hainsworth & Mary Eleanor Parker; d-21 May 1912 in Covington of exhaustion; br-24 May in Ellen J Hainsworth (mother) lot 113 section 3
Haller, Josie b-27 Nov 1883 in Kentucky; a-28y 5m; d/o William & Wealthy Hall; d-7 May 1912 at 1641 Sycamore St in Cincinnati of septio peritonitis; br-10 May in SG
Hanley, Edith Hurst b-Cincinnati; a-31y; d/o Nicholas & Mary Hanley; res-Huntington West Va; d-2 July 1914 at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati of acute peritonitis; br-3 July at 4PM in SG
Hardgrave, Wm b-South Carolina; a-28y; res-662 W 4th St in Cincinnati; d-27 June 1912 at Cincinnati Hospital of nephritis; br-1 July at 1PM in SG
Hardin, Angeline b-Kentucky; a-76y; d-23 Mar 1913 at 21 East 6th St in Covington; br-27 Mar at 3PM in Wm G Sheely lot 19 section 13
Hardin, George b-Kentucky; a-85y; s/o Samuel & Lucy; d-14 Jan 1914 at 23 Poplar St in Ludlow KY of senility; br-16 Jan at 3 1/2 PM in SG
Hardin, George Thomas b-Newport; a-38y; s/o Wm & Angeline; d-21 Oct 1913 at 28 E 3rd St in Covington; br-23 Oct in W G Sheeley (brother-in-law) lot 19 section 13
Hardin, Wm M b-Germantown Penn; a-87y; s/o Thos & Ann; d-15 Dec 1913 at 21 E 15th St in Covington of senility; br-17 Dec at 3:30PM in Sheely lot
Harker, Child of Chas; b&d 20 Jan 1913 in Chillicothe Oh; br-30 Jan in N J Harker (grandfather) lot 34 section 15
Harper, Joseph b-England; a-35y; s/o John & Mary; res-Newport; d-5 Nov 1914 at Central State Hospital in Lakeland KY of general paralysis; br-9 Nov at 2PM in SG
Harris, Melvin R b-Covington KY; a-7m 8d; s/o Chas & Hanna; d-2 Apr 1914 at 211 Madison Pike in Covington of meningitis; br-4 Apr at 3PM
Hassen, James b-Kentucky; a-14y; s/o Frank & Etta; res-221 W James Alley in Newport; d-3 Sep 1912 in Cincinnati Oh; accidental; br-6 Sep at 9:30AM in SG
Hatfield, Ewing T b-Charlesburg Kentucky; s/o Columbus & Bertha; d-8 Feb 1913 at 251 Butler St in Cincinnati; br-10 Feb at 10AM in SG
Haynes, Alice D b-New York; a-36y; d/o B Lang & Adeline S Hoffman; died in Buffalo NY from a shock of operation (no date) br-31 Oct 1912 at 3PM in SG
Haynes, Harry B b-June 1898 in New Orleans Louisiana; s/o Harry C & Dora; d-21 Sep 1912 in Richmond Indiana of bowie? br-24 Sep in H C Hayes (father) lot N 1/2 69 section 27
Head, Edward a-18y; res-1113 Monmouth St; d-in Cincinnati of an accident; br-6 Feb 1913 at 3PM in SG
Heidenreich, Ella b-Morning View KY; a-39y; d/o Hiram & Mary Petty; d-11 Sep 1912 at Amsterdam Pike in Kenton Co of carinoma; br-14 Sep at 2:30PM in SG; permit by William Heidenreich (husband)
Helfin, Nicholas b-Kentucky; a-53 days; d-9 Aug 1912 at Spring Lake in Kenton Co of myocarditis; br-12 Aug at 12:30PM in SG
Henry, Mary E b-Kentucky; a-63y; d/o Henry & Cath Stagner; res-854 Brighton St in Newport; d-5 Nov 1912 in Louisville KY of chronic nephritis; br-8 Nov at 10AM in SG
Heppner, Albert b-Newport; a-30y; d-18 Jan 1911 at Central KY Asylum; br-20 Jan at 3:30PM in section 5 lot 68
Heufker, Herman b-Germany; a-81y 8m 22d; s/o Herman & Anne; d-5 Feb 1912 in Elizabethtown Oh of pneumonia; br-6 Feb in reserved grave
Hicks, Coleman b-Kentucky; a-66y; res-66 E Lynn St in Covington; d-9 Oct 1912 in Cincinnati Hospital of nephritis; br-11 Oct in SG
Hidden, Glytyie b-Germany; a-79y 9m 19d; d-27 June 1914 in Madison Indiana of enteritis; br-29 June at 1PM in her low lot 90 E1/2 section 24
Hilge, Walter b-10 Feb 1908 in Newport; s/o Walter & Gertrude; res-1123 York St in Newport; d-4 May 1914 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington of pneumonia; br-7 May at 2PM in Mrs. John Hilge (grandfather) lot 78 section 5
Hodgetts, George b-New York; a-70y 11m 13d; s/o John & Harriett; d-3 Aug 1914 at 112 Garrard St in Covington of intestinal tuberculosis; br-6 Aug in SG
Hoebbel, Albert F b-30 May 1866 in Germany; s/o Frederick & Christiana; res-314 9th Ave in Dayton KY; d-11 June 1914 in Cincinnati Hospital of accident by fall; br-13 June at 2PM in Hoebbel lot
Hoffman, Wm Howard b-Cincinnati; a-3y 1m 5d; s/o Jessie & Lula M; res-1758 Maringo St; d-11 Apr 1912 in Christ Hospital in Cincinnati of burns; br-13 Apr at 3PM in SG
Hoffmeier, Josephina b-Kentucky; a-67y; d-1 Apr 1913 at 21 Lolla Ave in Ludlow KY; inquest pending; br-7 Apr at 3PM in SG
Hoffmeyer, Adam b-Kentucky; a-68y; d-4 Oct 1913 at City Infirmary in Cincinnati; br-6 Oct in SG
Hohmeister, Phillip b-Germany; a-79y; res-506 Lexington Ave in Newport; d-26 Aug 1912 in St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington of chronic nephritis; br-28 Aug in Phillip Hohmeister lot 51 West 1/2 section 3
Holtand/Holland, Ella b-West Virginia; a-50y; d/o George & Martha Holland; d-18 Aug 1914 at Longview Hospital in Cincinnati of paralysis; br-20 Aug in J J Gaskins (sister) lot 23 E 1/2 section 32
Hooper, b-Kansas; a-61y 2m 15d; res-38 East Third St in Cincinnati; d-3 Jan 1912 in Cincinnati Hospital; inquest pending; br-5 Jan in SG
Hopkins, Mary M b-Ohio; a-5y; d/o Albert Hopkins & Lizzie Bruer; d-29 Dec 1912 at 227 East 13th St in Cincinnati of pneumonia; br-30 Dec at 11AM in SG
Hoskings, Harvy b-Scotland; a-78y; d/o David Atkins; d-11 Dec 1912 at 2224 Vine St in Cincinnati of myocarditis; br-13 Dec at 3PM in Harvy Hoskings lot 111 S1/2 section 15
Howard, Berdie a-26y; d/o Amanda Hicks; d-20 Apr 1913 at 78 Linn St in Covington of tuberculosis; br-25 Apr at 3PM in SG
Howdon, Sarah Jane b-1 Jan 1830 in Cincinnati; d-12 Mar 1913 at 7th & Garrard in Covington of carcinoma of liver; br-14 Mar in Thomas Bros lot 70 E1/2 section 22
Hubbell, G G b-Ohio; a-54y; d-3849 Floral Ave in Norwood Oh; br-29 Apr 1914 at 2PM in section 33 lot 4
Huling, Cleveland b-Cincinnati; a-21y 5m; s/o Thos & Mary (Gibson) d-17 July 1914 at 2725 1/2 Harris Ave in E Norwood Oh of pulmonary tuberculosis; br-20 July in Thos Huling (father) lot 38 section 9
Humphrey, John b-Tennessee; a-71y; d-17 Apr 1914 at 225 E 20th St in Covington of cerebral hemorrhage; br-20 Apr in SG
Hutchinson, James W b-Kentucky; a-63y; d-2 Mar 1912 at a Cincinnati Hospital of arterio sclerosis; br-5 Mar at 3:30PM in James W Hutchinson lot

Ingles, Alva Washington b-26 Jan 1912 in Cincinnati; s/o Alva Edwin & Mary Ethel; d-20 Jan 1914 at 1548 Eastern Ave in Cincinnati of meningitis; br-24 Jan at 3PM in SG

Jackson, Edgar C b-Newport; a-24y; s/o George & Jennie (Bruce) d-13 Jan 1913 at 227 East 13th in Cincinnati of pneumonia; br-15 Jan at 11AM in SG
Jenkins, Susan P b-Kentucky; a-65y 10m 24d; d/o Robert & Mary Pierce; d-28 May 1913 at 106 Pleasant St in Covington of uremia; br-29 May at 3PM in SG
Johnson, Anna b-Edinburgh Scotland; a-68y; d/o James Christie; d-5 Nov 1912 at 2369 East 93rd St in Cleveland Oh of liver trouble; removed from 1513 Baymiller St in Cincinnati; br-8 Nov at 2PM in James Christie (father) lot 1 section 13
Johnson, John b-Kentucky; a-83y; d-7 Feb 1912 at 325 Russell Ave in Covington of senility; placed in vault #885 Feb 10; br-12 Apr 1912 at 2:30PM in section 16 lot 24
Johnson, William (MD) b-Kentucky; a-56y; s/o William & Catherine; res-213 W 3rd St in Newport; d-20 Oct 1912 at 400 E 3rd St in Cincinnati; br-23 Oct at 10AM in his own lot
Johnston, Infant of Roger & Hazen (Konatomer) a-1 day; res-1857 Josephine St in Cincinnati; d-9 May 1912 at City Hospital in Cincinnati; br-10 May at 10:30PM in Lillie G Johnston (aunt) lot 23 S1/2 section 27
Jones, Mary R b-19 Oct 1846 in Havershill Oh; d/o John & Frances Ingalls; d-31 Mar 1913 at 987 Paradome St in Cincinnati of bronchitis; br-4 Apr at 11AM in her own lot 102 section 23
Joseph, Nicholas b-Greece; a-72y; res-Ohio Ave in Ft Thomas; d-1 Dec 1912 in Cincinnati Hospital; br-4 Dec at 2PM in SG

Kaemerl? Ida Lucille b-27 Mar 1911 in Cincinnati; d/o Frank & Lucille; d-14 Dec 1913 in Cincinnati of scarlet fever; br-15 Dec in Chas Menth (grandfather) lot 42 E1/2 section 36
Kemper, Mrs. Ruth b-Newport; a-20y; d/o Arthur & Ella Smith; res-Northside in Cincinnati; d-7 July 1914 in a hospital; br-10 July in Maggie Davis (aunt) lot 40 1/2 section 23
Kennedy, Hugh b-Kentucky; a-50y; d-17 Aug 1913 at Central State Hospital of chronic mania; br-23 Aug in section 24 lot 8
Keown, Georgia Anna b-25 Mar 1851 in Kentucky; d/o Michael? Hutchinson & Paulla Marshall; d-1 June 1912 at 2119 Maple Ave in Norwood Oh of pneumonia; br-4 June at 3:30PM in reserve grave
Kincaid, Letitia L b-22 Apr 1912 in Springfield KY; d/o Jos L & Letitia; d-22 May 1913 at Graves Ave in Erlanger KY; br-23 May at 3:30PM in E E Kincaid (grandfather) lot 41 W1/2 section 36
Kinkead, Julia b-Cincinnati; a-61y 11m 6d; nee Connor; d-10 Mar 1913 at 702 Elmwood Ave in Elmwood Place Oh of heart trouble; br-13 Mar between 12 & 1PM in Charles A Brown (friend) lot 82 North half section 15
Koch, Lillian b-Kentucky; a-33y; d/o Conrad Koch; d-4 May 1914 in Cincinnati Hospital; br-4 May at 2PM in SG
Kohl, Mrs. Kate b-Germany; a-74y; d-16 Nov 1913 at 410 St Elizabeth  St in Cincinnati of cerebral hemorrhage; placed in vault #917 16 Dec 1913; br-Apr 1914 in section 81 lot 6
Kolhoven, Anna b-Kentucky; a-46y; d/o William & Elizabeth Fanthorp; d-27 Feb 1914 in Ingalls Park KY of cerebral hemorrhage; br-3 Mar
Koustmer, Magdalena b-Newport; a-73y; d/o Daniel & Katherine Schneider; d-1 Nov 1912 in Milwaukee Wisconsin of myocarditis; br-4 Nov at 2PM in John Koustmer (husband) lot 25 section 17; removed from 714 E 9th St in Newport
Kruger, William b-Germany; a-46y; d-20 Jan 1914 in Cincinnati; br-22 Jan in SG
Kuhlman, John b-Cincinnati; a-35y; s/o John & Mary; d-29 Apr 1914 at 212 Broadway in Cincinnati of tuberculosis; br-2 May in SG

Lancaster, Walter W b-Kentucky; a-33y; s/o John & Mary; res-338 Isabella St in Newport; d-29 Oct 1912 in Ludlow KY of external injuries; inquest pending; br-31 Oct at 3PM in SG
Lang, Mary b-Ohio; a-27y 16d; d/o Math Russell & Mary Rake; res-229 W 5th St (no town listed) d-28 Aug 1914 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington; br-31 Aug at 10:30AM in SG
Langley, Emma b-Covington; a-53y 10m 23d; d/o James & Ann Owins? d-5 June 1913 at 16th & Maryland Ave; br-7 June at 3PM in W Langley lot 33 WH section 22
Lansdale, Mary b-Newport; a-48y; d/o Henry & Mary Bender; d-28 Apr 1913 in St Augustine Florida of hepatic carcinoma; br-2 May in Chas Lansdale (husband) lot
Lang, Jacob d-7 Sep 1912 in Cincinnati; br-9 Sep in government section 25
Lawson, Claude C b-Kentucky; a-41y; d-26 Feb 1912 in Sedalia Missouri of tuberculosis; br-29 Feb at 4PM in Emma Lawson (mother) lot 57 section 24
Lehkamp, Mary b-Germany; a-61y 6m 2d; d/o Paul & Mary Kohrman; res-Newport; d-7 May 1914 at Bethesda Hospital of hepterestaun; br-10 Mat in Jacob Kohrman (brother) lot 16 section 44
Lenahan, Gordon b-5 Nov 1912 in Cincinnati; a-7m 11d; s/o Michael & Clara (Iles) d-16 June 1913 at 841 Armory Ave of obstruction of the bowels; br-17 June in SG
Leopold, Fred W b-Clifton Heights in Newport; a-13y 4m 22d; d-1 June 1914 at Williamsburg Pike RFD in Batavia Oh; struck by lightening; br-3 June at 2PM in Ernst Leopold (father) lot 38 W1/2 section 32
Leuschner, Louisa b-Germany; a-41y 9m 14d; d/o August & Helena Schmidt; res-1797 Pulte St in Cincinnati; d-15 May 1914 at Bethesda Hospital in Cincinnati of nephritis; br-18 May in SG
Lewis, Fannie M b-New York; a-74y; nee Corey; d-4 Oct 1913 at 963 Gest St in Cincinnati of bronchial trouble; br-6 Oct at 1PM in Edna Lewis (daughter) lot 52 W 1/2 section 16
Lewis, John Lloyd a-63y; s/o David & Martha; d-28 June 1913 at 43 E McMillan St in Cincinnati of chronic nephritis; br-1 July at 11:30AM in David Lewis (brother) lot 12 section 2
Lewis, Stephen Arthur b-17 Mar 1856 in Ohio; s/o Isaac & Dulcean (Johns) d-12 July 1912 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington of cerebral thrombosis; br-15 July in section 22 lot E96; permit obtained by Harry L Lewis
Lewis, Martha E b-Wales; a-88y 8m 11d; d/o John  & Martha Williams; d-11 Nov 1914 at 429 Richmond St in Cincinnati of senility; br-14 Nov at 10AM in M H & D A Lewis lot 12 section 2
Ley, Martin b-Newport; a-45y; res-151 21st St in Newport; d-27 Aug 1912 at 29 West 5th St in Cincinnati of carcinoma of testicles; br-29 Aug in Nettie Ley (wife) lot S 49 section 31
Libas, Robert b-28 Dec 1913 in Dayton Oh; s/o Maurut? & Edith; d-9 Mar 1914 at Dekalb Liberty Oh of pneumonia; br-11 Mar in Anna Lesquire (grandmother) lot 117 E section 2
Lieboner, Valentine b-18 Feb 1866 in Baden; s/o Louis & Elizabeth; d-25 Mar 1913 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington of dropsy; br-27 Mar at 2PM in SG
Liggett, James B b-Ohio; a-65y; s/o Caroline & James; res-Newport; d-10 May 1914 at Longview Hospital in Cincinnati; br-12 May at 2:30PM in SG
Link, Chas b-Cincinnati; a-39y; s/o John & Madeline; res-4706 Harris St in Cincinnati; d-14 Sep 1912 at City Hospital in Cincinnati; br-16 Sep at 3PM in SG
Lloyd, Harry J b-England; a-68y; d-6 May 1912 at 845 Locust St in Cincinnati of myroenditis; br-8 May at 2PM in George V Lloyd lot 7S section 30
Lowe, John L b-18 June 1855 in Garrard Co KY; s/o Wm H & Mahala; res-1017 Latonia Ave in Covington; d-18 July 1913 infirmary in Kenton Co KY: br-21 July at 2PM in SG
Luce, William Henry b-8 May 1843 in Warren Co Oh; s/o Samuel & Rachel; res-524 East Pearl St in Cincinnati; d-16 May 1913 at Branch Hospital of pulmonary tuberculosis; br-17 May at 3:30PM in SG
Luken, Bernard d-15 Nov 1913 at 3232 Galion St in Cincinnati of pneumonia; br-18 Nov at 10:15AM in SG
Luzader, Fred b-Kentucky; a-44y; s/o H; d-15 Feb 1913 in Latonia KY of valvular heart disease; br-17 Feb at 4PM in wife's lot 40 West half section 36

Mahaney, John b-West Va; a-75y; s/o Wm; d-9 Aug 1912 at 27 Stooper St in Ludlow KY of carcinoma of stomach; br-12 Aug at 3PM in SG
Martin, Clifford b-Hamilton Oh; a-16m; s/o Clifford & Anna; d-20 May 1913 in Hamilton Oh of her. colitis; br-23 May at 3:30PM in Wm L Ware (grandfather) lot 19 section 10
Martin, George b-Kentucky; a-59y 2m; s/o Andrew & Elinora; res-1328 Walnut St in Cincinnati; d-30 Aug 1913 at Cincinnati City Hospital of pulmonary odemia; br-2 Sep at 3 1/2PM in SG
Martin, Harry b-McKeesport Penn; a-35y; s/o John & Mary; d-20 July 1914 in McKeesport Penn of gunia? of the brain; br-24 July in SG
Martin, Infant of John & Gerlinda? b-25 Feb 1912 in Cincinnati; d-26 Feb 1912 at 240 Pike St in Cincinnati; br-26 Feb over No. 72-1910
Martin, J N b-Indiana; a-50y; d-13 Oct 1912 at Earl & Glenn Ave in Latonia KY; accident L&N RR; br-15 Oct at 4PM in L Morgan (father-in-law) lot 73 section 24
Martin, John H b-Cincinnati; a-19 days; s/o John & Gertrude; d-15 Jan 1913 at 240 Pike St in Cincinnati of bronchitis; br-16 Jan in SG
Maynard, Mrs. Richard res-Loveland Oh; br-4 Oct 1913 at 12AM in Richard Maynard (husband) lot 78W section 23
Mayo, Henry Hunt b-21 May 1850 in Newport; s/o H H & Louisa; d-26 Mar 1913 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington of chronic intestinal nephritis; br-29 Mar at 2:30PM in Mayo lot 32 section 4
McAdams, Ruth b-Ohio; a-23y; s/o Walter Mayer & Ellen Prichard; d-11 Aug 1913 at 445 East 6th St in Cincinnati of regurgitation; br-13 Aug in SG
McCall, Chas Carr b-Cincinnati; a-1m; s/o Chas & Bessie; d-2 Mar 1912 at Episcopal Hospital in Cincinnati of dermation inflammation; br-4 Mar at 11AM in C D Lindsey (uncle) lot 71 section 23
McCarty, Lizzie b-Newport; a-73y 3m 22d; d/o Scott & Mary McCarty; d-10 Feb 1914 at Lakeland Sanitarium of organic heart disease; br-12 in SG
McClain, Florence b-Meggs Co Oh; a-61y; d/o Mathew & Elizabeth McBride; d-16 Jan 1912 at 87 W 6th St in Covington of consumption; br-18 Jan at 1PM in SG
McCollough, James N b-Pennsylvania; a-66y; d-11 Apr 1913 at 41 Main St in Cincinnati of paralysis; br-14 Apr at 2PM in SG
McDaniel, Lula b-Kentucky; a-27y; d/o R T & Mary Hughes; dres-813 Central Ave in Newport; d-22 Apr 1913 at Covington General Hospital in Kenton Co of internal hemorrhage; br-24 Apr in SG
McLane, Sallie J b-Newport; a-31y; d/o James S & Mary A McLane; res-546 E 4th St in Newport; d-21 June 1912 at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati of raenshyonatons? br-25 June at 2PM in Jas S McLane (father) lot 8 section 26
McMahn, Anna b-1 July 1847 in Indiana; res-219 Center St in Bellevue; d-30 Jan 1914 in Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati; br-2 Feb at 3:30PM in Anna McMahn lot 95 section 22
Meier, Mertie b-Cincinnati; a-34y 8m; s/o John Lilley & Lenora Stead; d-28 Dec 1912 at 546 Ringold St in Cincinnati of scarlet fever; br-30 Dec at 3:30PM in Mrs. Edwards (sister-in-law) lot 50 section 9
Metcalfe, Fielding b-Kentucky; a-21y; s/o James J & Cora; d-6 Mar 1913 in Ocean Park California of cardiac dilatation; br-24 Mar at 3PM in James Metcalf (father) lot 6 section 17
Metcalf, Mary b-Kentucky; d/o John & Nancy Gray; d-19 Nov 1913 at 834 West Fourth St in Cincinnati of cancer of womb; br-21 Nov at 3:30PM in SG
Metcalfe, Cora B b-Bellevue; a-56y; d/o P H & Rebecca Keeney; res-Ft Thomas; d-21 June 1914 at Bethesda Hospital in Cincinnati of adhesions cancer of abdominal wall; br-24 June at 3PM in J J Metcalfe (husband) lot 6 section 17
Metz, Anna b&d 1 Dec 1913 at 2746 Webster Ave in Oakley in Cincinnati; d/o Wm C & Margaret A; br-2 Dec at 4PM in Wm Fischer (grandfather) lot 6 E1/2 section 31
Michaels, Cliford b-Covington; a-23y; s/o George & Anna; res-57 E 5th St in Covington; d-7 Aug 1912 from rail road accident in Covington; br-9 Aug in Ella Parr (grandmother) lot 8 S1/2 section 15
Michaels, Louisa b-Kentucky; a-37y; d/o John Kincart & Cynthia Doris; res-30 W McMillan St in Cincinnati; d-30 July 1913 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington; inquest pending; br-2 Aug  in SG
Mitchell, Elisabeth Gertrude b-Cincinnati; a-2y; d/o Harry & Lillia; d-8 Jan 1914 at 1576 Gladstone St of meningitis; br-10 Jan at 2:30PM in SG
Milet, John b-7 Dec 1865; a-48y; s/o Michael & Mary; d-20 Oct 1913 in Longview Hospital in Cincinnati; br-22 Oct in SG
Mingus, Infant of J H & Pearl; b-Cincinnati; a-14 days; d-3 Jan 1912 at 617 E 5th Ave in Cincinnati; br-3 Jan at 3PM in SG
Mitchell, Lulu May b-14 Nov 1909 in Cincinnati; d/o Harry C & Lillie; d-9 Jan 1913 at 1576 Gladstone St in Cincinnati of pneumonia; br-11 Jan at 3PM in SG
Moore, George Wm b-9 June 1877 in Kentucky; 36y 19d; s/o K Miller & Fannie (Bell) d-28 June 1913 at 1122 Broadway St in Cincinnati of acute pneumonia & heat exhaustion; br-30 June in Hune & Moore lot 29 section 33
Morgan, Gabriel b-Aberdeen Oh; a-23y; s/o Evan & Elizabeth; d-2 July 1913 in Cincinnati Hospital; inquest pending; br-5 June in SG
Morningstar, Sarah a-79y; d-5 Jan 1913 in Frankston Indiana of apoplexy; br-6 Jan at 1:30PM in SG
Morris, William a-19y 7m 19d; s/o William & Amelia; d-87 E Front St; br-27 Aug at 2PM
Mueller, Henry W b-Newport; a-35y; s/o George & Louisa; res-635 Monmouth St in Newport; d-14 Sep 1913 in German Deaconess Hospital in Cincinnati of pulmonary tuberculosis; br-17 Sep
Mulinari, Charles b-Pittsburgh Penn; a-48y; s/o Charles & Maria; d-22 Mar 1913 in New York City of pneumonia; br-31 Mar at 3:30PM in SG
Mulloy, Child of Hugh; a-2 days; d-2 July 1913 in Oakley in Cincinnati of obstruction of bowels; br-2 July in SG
Murray, Howard b-30 May 1914 in Cincinnati; a-2m 10d; s/o Charles & Stella; d-10 Aug 1914 at 343 East Third St in Cincinnati; inquest pending; br-13 Aug at 3PM in SG

Nelson, Mary Frances b-Kentucky; a-90y; d-4 Dec 1914 at 434 Greenup St in Covington; br-7 Dec at 3PM in F S & R T Nelson (sons) lot 101 W1/2 section 22
Norton, Lorretta b-Cincinnati; a-15m; d/o Wm & Ida May; d-27 July 1913 at 1110 Plum St in Cincinnati of spasms; br-29 July at 1PM in SG

O'Hearn, Esther b-Kentucky; a-32y; d/o James White & Anna Berger; d-11 Feb 1914 at 2407 Marquis St in Walnut Hills in Cincinnati of pulmonary tuberculosis; br-13 Feb at 3 1/2PM in SG
O'Reae, John b-Kentucky; a-42y; res-rear of 107 W 6th St in Newport; d-20 Apr 1913 at St Elizabeth Hospital of pneumonia; br23 Apr in SG
Otte, Edward b-6 Nov 1866 in Newport; s/o Henry & Mary; d-2 Oct 1912 in Cincinnati Hospital of tuberculosis; br-4 Oct in John Reicherts (brother-in-law) lot 24 S1/2 section 27
Owens, Frank W b-8 May 1863 in Clairmont Co Oh; s/o John G & Eliza; d-5 July 1913 at State Hospital in Dayton Oh of convulsions; br-8 July at 2PM in SG

Painter, Frederick W b-Ohio; a-52y 7m 4d; s/o W H & Margaret; d-1 Oct 1912 in Cambridge Oh of pneumonia; br-2 Oct at 2:30PM in Geo B Holmes (uncle) lot 7 section 2; there are two cards for this man; second card says s/o F W & Margaret; br-at 7:30PM
Parlin, John A b-Washington DC; a-34y; s/o A J; d-8 Sep 1914 in Wyoming Oh of automobile accident; br-10 Sep in A J Parlin lot
Passauer, Anna b-3 Apr 1862 in Cincinnati; d/o Christ & Anna Passauer; res-933 Robert St in Newport; d-9 Oct 1913 at Bethesda Hospital in Cincinnati; br-11 Oct at 3:3-PM in Passauer lot 12 E1/2 section 34
Patterson, Virginia W b-Cincinnati; a-69y; d/o Joseph & Elizabeth Winter; d-5 Nov 1912 at 830 South Brook St in Louisville KY of apoplexy; br-8 Nov at 7:30PM in section 2 lot 20
Payne, Catharine E b-Kentucky; a-68y; nee Wilson; d-8 Apr 1912 in Delaware Indiana of pneumonia; placed in vault 10 Apr; br-13 Apr 1912 at 2PM in E D Payne (brother-in-law) lot 6 section 2
Pertsch, Nellie b-Ohio; a-44y; d/o John & Mary Britton; res-1235 East 3rd St in Cincinnati; d-16 Sep 1913 in Chicago Ill of heart failure; br-19 Sep at 3PM in Mary Britton (mother) lot 18 section 26
Petty, George b-England; a-85y 9m 17d; d-30 Mar 1913 at 1322 Chapel St in Walnut Hills Cincinnati; br-2 Apr in George Petty lot 44 section 22
Pilotte, Infant of Frank & Bessie; b&d 17 Nov 1912 in Cincinnati; br-19 Nov in Nettie Ley (grandmother) lot 47 S1/2 section 31
Planitz, Margaret b-Dayton KY; a-55y 1m 15d; d/o Adam & Julia H Parker; d-15 Nov 1912 at 444 Strafer St in Cincinnati of chronic nephritis; br-18 Nov in Adam Sparks Jr. lot E1/2 52 section 32
Plummer, Bertha Keim b-Kentucky; a-58y; nee Keim; d-10 Mar 1913 in New York City of cancer; br-12 Mar at 2PM in Jule Plummer (brother-in-law) lot 84 section 23
Prather, Bessie b-Kentucky; a-29y 11m 17d; res-234 Pike St in Covington; d-12 Dec 1912 in Branch Hospital of tuberculosis; br-14 Dec in John Whaley lot
Price, Geneva b-Bourbon Co KY; a-23y; d/o Wm Lyons; d-15 Aug 1913 at Cincinnati City Hospital of salpingitis; br-18 Aug in SG

Quimby, Child of W C & Elizabeth; b&d 10 July 1913 at 38 Park Place in Kentucky; br-10 July in section 20 lot 18

Randolph, Jennie b-Ohio; a-74y; d/o John B Smith & Julia Batzell; d-15 Apr 1913 in Blanchester Oh of entero carditis; br-17 Apr in W F Randolph (husband) lot 38 section 6
Raper, Mary Elizabeth b-3 Nov 1852 in Kenton Co KY; a-60y 8m 21d; d/o John Bell & Marie Kenneth; res-231 Webster St in Cincinnati; d-24 July 1913 at 1549 State St in Covington of cancer of uterus; br-28 July at 3:30PM in SG
Rardin, Alice b-Kentucky; a-58y; d/o Aleck & Martha Boss; d-19 Feb 1913 at 38 McCracken Ave in Cincinnati of chronic bronchitis; br-12 Feb at 3PM in Ms. Mattie Jordan (mother) lot 77 E1/2 sectioin 23
Ratliff, Susan F b-23 Dec 1848 in Campbell Co KY; d/o E & Maria Dickson; d-18 Apr 1912 at 3926 Eleven Ave in Norwood Oh of carcinoma of intestines and liver; br-22 Apr at 3:30PM in J W Ratliff (husband) lot 70 section 74
Recter, Sophia b-Dayton KY; a-52y; d/o Huldrick & Mary Rockenfuss; res-608 & 7th St in Dayton KY; d-22 Nov 1913 at Bethesda Hospital in Cincinnati of cancer of kidney; br-25 Nov at 2PM in Samuel Reed lot 27 section 38
Reed, Donald Elmore b-31 July 1911 in Cincinnati; s/o Ithel & Margaret; d-20 Mar 1914 at 4520 Eastern Ave in Cincinnati of meningitis; br-30 Mar in SG
Reed, Walter b-Covington; a-47y; d-13 Dec 1913 at 1202 Wilson St in Louisville KY; br-16 Dec at 11AM in Wm A Smith (brother-in-law) lot 35 section 3
Reel, John a-47y; s/o Harien & Anna; res-508 W 5th St; d-7 Sep 1912 in St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington; inquest pending; br-10 Sep in SG
Reisor, Simpson b-Kentucky; a-52y; d-14 Feb 1912 in Cincinnati Hospital of myrocarditis; br-17 Feb at 11AM in SG
Rena, Barbara Lucile b-23 Mar 1911 in Ohio; d/o Geo & Stella; d-20 Dec 1912 at 213 Lawrence St in Cincinnati of pneumonia; br-23 Dec at 10AM in SG
Richards, Wm b-England; a-78y 10m 28d; s/o Ross; d-28 Jan 1912 at 1752 Plency Ave in Norwood Cincinnati of mitral insufficiency; placed in vault #881 21 Jan; br-12 Apr 1912 at 11AM in Richards lot N1/2 6 section 31
Riley, Mary b-Toledo; a-36y; d-14 Jan 1914 at 325 Mulberry St in Cincinnati of myocarditis; br-17 Jan at 3PM in SG
Riley, Susan A b-Kentucky; a-62y; d/o Archie & Hannah Bentley; d-16 Feb 1912 at 1124 Yale Ave in Cincinnati of arterio sclerosis; br-19 Feb at 1PM section 10 lot 10 S1/2
Roberts, Child of Harvey & Nannie; b&d 12 May 1913 at 1005 Kemper Lane in Cincinnati; buried in SG
Roberts, Helen N b-Cincinnati; a-1y 4m; d/o Harvey & Nannie; d-24 Apr 1912 at 1605 Kemper Lane in Cincinnati; inquest pending; br-26 Apr at 3PM in SG
Robinson, Anna E b-Kentucky; a-59y; d/o James & Eliza Worthington; d-29 July 1914 in Buffalo NY of cancer of chest; br-1 Aug at 3PM in Eldon J Robinson lot 8 W1/2 section 36
Rockholz, Clyde b-26 June 1912 in Covington; s/o Frank & Mary; res-87 E 18th St in Covington; d-20 Oct 1912 in Covington General Hospital of acute tuberculosis meningitis; br-1 Nov in SG
Roettinger, William D a-40y; s/o William; d-7 May 1914 at Olivet Illinois of heart failure; placed in vault #928 on 9 May; br-5 June 1914 at 10AM in Wm Roettinger lot 14 N1/2 section 20
Ross, Maria B b-30 May 1873 in Campbell Co; d/o Geo & Matilda Girty; d-9 July 1913 in Mt Healthy Oh of runaway accident; br-12 July at 1PM in Wm B Ross (husband) lot 13 E1/2 section 36
Ruef, Anna Mary b-15 Apr 1914 in Melbourne KY; d/o Edward; d-31 Aug 1914 at 1415 Ricks St in Covington of tuberculosis; br-2 Sep at #PM in Mat Ruef (uncle) lot 5 section 40
Rulison, Katherine H b-Kentucky; a-71y 8m 11d; d/o Thomas & Eliza Hazelwood; d-3 Nov 1913 in Eddyville KY of chronic gastritis; br-5 Nov at 2PM in Benj Dickens (brother-in-law) lot 6 section 29
Rumford, Alice S b-30 June 1872 in Indiana; a-39y 6m 26d; d/o Jacob & Samantha Bradford; d-25 Jan 1912 at 4303 Eastern Ave in Cincinnati of tuberculosis; br-29 Jan in SG
Rust, Lawrence Jr. b-10 Oct 1877 in Newport; a-35y; s/o Lawrence; d-19 Dec 1912 in Guntersville Alabama of alcoholic poisoning; br-23 Dec at 3PM in Lawrence Rust (father) lot 21 section 29

Salzman, Fred b-18 Sep 1890 in Kentucky; d/o Chas & Mary; res-2521 Chatam St in Walnut Hills in Cincinnati; d-20 July 1913; drowned; br-30 July in Mrs. Salzman lot 17 section 32
Sams, Maudie b-28 Jan 1894 in Kentucky; a-20y; d/o Silas & Libby Purvis; res-1864 Columbia Ave in Cincinnati; d-23 July 1914 at Branch Hospital in Cincinnati of tuberculosis & nephritis; br-27 July at 10AM in SG
Sauz, John B b-13 Mar 1855 in Xenia Oh; s/o John & V (Heorneck) d-7 Dec 1913 at 522 West 7th in Cincinnati of pneumonia; br-10 Dec in Eva J Sauz lot 18 section 40
Savu, Charles b-Italy; a-43y; res-Middletown Oh; d-15 Nov 1914 at Good Samaritan Hospital; inquest pending; br-16 Nov at 3:30PM in SG
Scarlett, Joseph Alexander a-76y; res-Orland Florida; d-1 June 1914 in Cincinnati; br-4 June in his own lot 19 section 19
Schafer, Ruth Augusta b-25 July 1909; 5y 4m 26d; d/o Ed & Lena; res-212 E 12th St in Cincinnati; d-21 Dec in Dan?? KY; br-22 Dec in SG
Scharstein, John b-Newport; a-43y; res-739 Saratoga St in Newport; d-27 June 1912 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington of tuberculosis; br-29 June at 3PM in John Scharstein lot 110 section 3
Schirmer, Infant of Albert & Marion; b&d 17 Sep 1912 at 3539 Newton Ave in Cincinnati; br-18 Sep at 3:30PM in Conrad Best (great grandfather) lot 61 section 6
Schneider, Anna b-20 July 1876 in Cincinnati; d/o Philipp & Lizzie Camfs? d-3 June 1913 at 105 W 4th Lane; br-4 June in SG
Schneider, Margaret b-Germany; a-74y; d/o Tobias & Catherine Meiniger; d-31 Oct 1912 at 136 McMicken Ave in Cincinnati of bronchitis; br-2 Nov at 1PM in Margaret Mary Fuhrman lot N16 section 14
Schoffer, Louise b-5 Feb 1883; d/o William & Mary Moore; res-212 E 12th St in Cincinnati; d-7 May 1912 at Branch Hospital in Cincinnati of tuberculosis; br-10 May at 3PM in SG
Schreiber, Philip A b-Pomeroy Oh; a-32y; s/o Geo & Ida; d-28 Aug 1912 at 715 Greenup St in Covington of tuberculosis; br-31 Aug at 3PM in SG
Schroll, John C b-Newport; a-68y; d-20 Dec 1913 in Ashville NC of tuberculosis; br-27 Dec in John C Schroll lot 46 section 19
Schubert, Edward b-Kentucky; a-27y; s/o John & Philo; res-1117 Orchard St; d-11 Feb 1912 in Terrville Texas of tuberculosis; br-16 Feb at 3PM in John Schubert lot 37 No 1/2 section 30
Schuh, Louis b-7 Apr 1838 in Germany; s/o Henry; d-22 Sep 1914 in Cincinnati; br-24 Sep at 3:30PM in section 28 space 473
Schultheis, Mary b-Germany; a-86y; d-25 Aug 1914 in Clermont Co Oh of pneumonia; br-26 Aug at 1:30PM in N Schultheis (son) lot 105 N1/2 section 2
Schweikert, Infant of Harry & Carrie; b-25 Feb 1912 in Covington; d-26 Feb 1912 at 244 E 17th St in Covington; br-26 Feb at 2PM in Anna Schweikert (grandmother) lot 25 N section 30
Seaman, Audrey b-1 Nov 1910 in Cincinnati; d/o George & Henrietta; res-1047 Clark St; d-1 Dec 1912 at Contagious Hospital in Cincinnati; br-3 Dec at 10AM in SG
Sebastian, Margaret b&d 30 Dec 1912 at 834 East Pearl St in Cincinnati; d/o Fred & Etta; br-31 Dec in SG
Seymour, John M b-Cincinnati; a-73y 7m 23d; s/o Frank & Katherine; d-20 Jan 1914 in Hyde Park in Cincinnati; br-23 Jan in John M Seymour lot 97 section 9
Sheyer, Anna b-25 Jan 1859 in Ohio; d/o George & Mary Lewis; d-13 Nov 1913 at 542 W Liberty St in Cincinnati of pulmonary tuberculosis; br-17 Nov in Hawkins lot
Short, Edna b-22 May 1907 in Cincinnati; d/o Peter & Fannie; d-28 June 1912 at 731 State Ave in Cincinnati of diphtheria; br-29 June in SG
Silvernell, Bessie Clyde a-31y 6m 14d; d/o O & Linn Clasck; res-12 March St in Bellevue; d-14 Mar 1913 in Point Pleasant Oh of pulmonary tuberculosis; br-17 Mar at 3:15PM in SG
Simms, Virgil b-Newport; a-14y; s/o Geo & Etta; d-21 Apr 1912 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington; inquest pending; br-24 Apr at 3PM in Geo Simms (father) lot 21 section 34
Sinning, Martin b-22 May 1822 in Germany; s/o John & Elizabeth; d-26 Jan 1913 in Pleasant Ridge Oh in pneumonia; br-28 Jan at 3:30PM in Arend & Sinning lot 58 section 24
Smith, Bertha May b-4 July 1877 in Newport; d/o John & Carrie Haeter; d-18 Jan 1912 at Bethesda Hospital in Cincinnati of diabetic coma; placed in vault #879 22 Jan; br-16 Apr 1912 at 2PM
Smith, Chas A b-Cincinnati; a-62y; s/o W H & Elizabeth; d-16 Feb 1912 at 7518 Gilbert Ave in Cincinnati of Brights disease; br-19 Feb at 3PM in Chas A Smith lot 30 section 13
Smith, Infant of Charles & Georgia; b&d 18 July 1912 at 847 Hopkins St in Cincinnati; br-19 July at 11AM in Geo Smith (grandfather) lot 52 W1/2 section 23
Smith, Louisa b-Germany; a-82y; d/o Henry Schout; d-1 Mar 1914 at 234 W 13th St in Covington of senility; br-3 Mar at 3PM in Wm A Smith (husband) lot 35 section 3
Smith, Maud b-Atlanta Georgia; a-67y; d/o Michael Buckley; d-18 May 1913 at 2375 Florence Ct in Cincinnati of pneumonia; br-21 May at 3 1/2 PM in SG
Southgate, Joseph b-Covington; a-2y; s/o Henry & Ellen; d-14 Jan 1881 in Covington; removed from Linden Grove Cemetery 24 Sep 1914 to Richard Southgate (grandfather) lot 4 section 20
Southgate, Laura b-Cincinnati; a-6y; d/o Henry & Ellen; d-7 Jan 1881 in Covington; removed from Linden Grove Cemetery 24 Sep 1914 to Richard Southgate (grandfather) lot 4 section 20
Southgate, Robert b-Covington; a-5m; s/o Henry & Ellen; d-13 Apr 1884 in Covington; removed from Linden Grove Cemetery 24 Sep 1914 to Richard Southgate (grandfather) lot 4 section 20
Stagaman, Charles W b-Kentucky; a-49y; s/o Fred; d-6 May 1914 at 1601 Gest St in Cincinnati of locomotive atoxa; br-8 May at 2:30PM in F Stagaman lot 54 section 17
Stagaman, Ida b-Kentucky; a-48y; d/o Michael & Margaret Kinney; d-23 Apr 1914 at 1601 Gest St in Cincinnati of diphtheria; br-24 Apr in Stagaman lot 54 section 17
Stamper, William b-Iowa; a-46y; s/o Pleasant & Sarah; d-9 Apr 1913 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington of nephritis; br-11 Apr at 3PM in Sarah Stamper (mother) lot 15 W1/2 section 23
Spau, Hannah (widow) a-39y; d/o Henry & Emma (no last name given) d-28 Feb 1914 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Cincinnati of intestinal obstruction; br-3 Mar at 1:30PM in section 35 reserved grave 143
Staten, R A b-Kentucky; a-64y; s/o A J & Mary (Moon) res-16 E 5th St in Newport;d-5 Feb 1914 at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati of myocardial insuffiencey; br-9 Feb at 2PM in Mrs. Mary Staten (wife) lot 37 section 38
Steele, Mildred b-Cincinnati; 4m 2d; d/o Lucian M & Bertha; d-26 June 1913 at 231 Lawrence St in Cincinnati; br-28 June at 10 1/2AM in SG
Stensel, Joseph A b-14 Sep 1899 in Newport; a-15y; s/o Frank & Annie W; d-13 July 1913 at Spring Lake Kenton Co KY; drowning; br-15 July at 1PM in John Weaver (grandfather) lot 48 W1/2 section 20
Stewart, Robert Frank b-Covington; a-70y; d-19 Apr 1914 at Mt Holly, Clermont Co Oh; br-22 Apr at 2:15PM in Robert F Stewart lot 37 section 6
Stith, Harry O b-Hardin Co KY; a-37y; s/o D--- & Florence; d-21 Apr 1914 at 406 E 13th St in Cincinnati of pneumonia; br-23 Apr at 2:30PM in Mrs. Florence Stith (mother) lot 27 section 40
Storey, Charles b-Ireland; a-68y 2m 3d; s/o Wilson & Mary; d-28 Oct 1914 at 2335 Kemper Lane in Cincinnati of liver trouble; br-31 Oct at 2:30PM in SG
Storey, George P b-Ireland; a-51y 20d; s/o Wilson & Mary; d-20 Dec 1913 at 5022 Stewart Park in Norwood Oh of Brights disease; br-23 Dec at 11AM in Thomas Storey (brother) lot 111 N1/2 section 15
Stouder, Grant b-Ohio; a-45y; s/o Sylvester & Mary E; res-1513 Breman St in Cincinnati; d-24 Mar 1912 at City Hospital in Cincinnati of delirium tremors; br-26 Mar at 2PM
Stratman, John b-Cincinnati; a-2y 8m; s/o John & Mattie (Case) d-30 Aug 1912 at 416 Lock St in Cincinnati of whooping cough; br-1 Sep in SG
Straus, Carrie b-9 Mar 1846 in Cincinnati; a-66y; res-919 Orchard St in Newport; d-1 June 1912 in Seton Hospital in Cincinnati of carcinoma of bladder; br-3 June at 2:30PM in Carrie Straus lot 4 section 14
Stricker, Elizabeth P b-17 May 1839 in Pennsylvania; d/o Chas M & Louise Miller; res-811 York St in Newport; d-18 Feb 1913 in Hyde Park Oh of carcinoma; br-22 Feb at 2PM in Stricker Brothers lot 11 section 1
Stuber, Karl b-Berne Switzerland; a-52y 9m 19d; res-3298 Jefferson Ave in Corryville in Cincinnati; d-29 Mar 1908 at 2928 Jefferson Ave in Cincinnati of heart disease; cremated in Cincinnati Crematory 31 Mar 1908; moved to Evergreen 30 Oct 1913 to Jacob Lauterman lot 12 section 19
Stuber, Rose Adelle b-Europe; a-61y; d-27 Feb 1914 at2926 Jefferson Ave in Cincinnati of carcinoma of stomach; br-2 Mar at 2PM in Jos Lauterman lot 92 section 3
Stucker, Elizabeth a-7m 18d; d/o Frank & Harriet; d-27 May 1914 at 817 Broadway in Cincinnati; br-29 May in Jack Closs (grandfather) lot
Stuergon, George b-Glencoe Gallatin Co KY; a-69y; d-3 Aug 1914 at City Infirmary in Cincinnati of old age; br-5 Aug at 2:30PM in SG
Stuttler, William b-16 Mar 1874; a-39y 1m 7d; s/o Samuel & Ella; d-23 June 1914 in Branch Hospital in Cincinnati of tuberculosis of lungs; br-26 Jan at 2PM in SG
Sullivan, Chas b-Kentucky; a-39y; s/o Wm; res-Spencer House in Cincinnati; d-16 June 1914 in Licking River; drowned; br-18 June at 10AM in SG
Sullivan, Eliza d-10 Jan 1914 in Detroit Michigan of paralysis stroke; removed from 202 E Front St; br-12 Jan
Sullivan, George b-14 July 1848 in Kentucky; s/o William & Mary; d-4 Jan 1914 at Soldiers Home in Dayton Oh of cerebral softening; br-6 Jan at 3PM in SG
Sullivan, Henry about 53y; d-9 May 1914 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington of pneumonia; br-12 May per city order
Supplee, Anna Craig d-9 Aug 1912; br-12 Aug in Samuel M Supplee (husband) lot 49 section 27; undertaker Rose Swindler from Covington; note at bottom of card "will mail another after they get information"
Susong, Daniel b-Wisconsin; a-59y; s/o Joseph; d-17 Feb 1912 at 31 Covington Ave in Covington of apoplexy; br-1 Mar at 3PM in D F Susong lot 90 W1/2 section 24
Sutter, Adolf b-Kentucky; a-47y; res-512 W 12th in City; d-31 Dec 1912 at Drunman? Dixie Highway in Cincinnati of septicemia; br-3 Jan 1913 at 2:30PM in SG

Taylor, Alonzo G b-Oldham KY; a-78y; d-18 May 1912 in Lagrange KY of kidney trouble; br-18 May at 11:30AM in H H Mayo (father-in-law) lot 32 section 4
Taylor, Jerry a-67y; d-17 Dec 1913 at 29 N Highland in Winchester KY of intestinal nephritis; br-19 Dec at 2:30PM in Jerry Taylor lot 9 section 10
Taylor, Marian L b-Georgetown KY; a-53y; d/o John W Lemon; d-13 Jan 1914 in Chicago Ill; br-16 Jan at 2PM in John B Taylor (brother-in-law) lot D section 16
Taylor, William b-Cincinnati; a-52y; s/o Isaiah & Martha; res-Pearl & Sycamore St in Cincinnati; d-26 Apr 1912 Aurora Indiana; drowned; br-7 May at 3PM in Wm Taylor (son) lot 52 W1/2 section 32
Theis, Albert b-Newport; a-49y; s/o Chas & Alvina; d-6 Jan1913 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington of pulmonary tuberculosis; br-8 Jan at 1PM in Chas Theis (father) lot 29 section 19
Thomas, Alfred b-28 Oct 1854 in England; s/o Alfred & Sarah (Richard) d-3 Mar 1914 in Fernbank in Cincinnati of apoplexy; br-6 Mar at 12 in Maria Thomas lot 53 N1/2 section 27
Thomas, James b-Covington KY; a-2 weeks; s/o W A; d-16 Feb 1913 on Grand Ave in Latonia of pneumonia; br-19 Feb at 4PM in SG
Thomas, William b-England; a-61y; s/o Alfred; res-Covert Run Pike in Bellevue; d-7 Dec 1912 in Cincinnati Hospital of uremia; br-9 Dec in section 27 lot N3
Thompson, Sarah M b&d 24 May 1912 at 516 Main St in Covington; d/o Charles & Elizabeth; br-24 May at 2PM in Wm H Moore (uncle) lot 119 section 23
Thoney, Elizabeth M b-Newport; a-64y; d/o H T Lloyd; d-15 Jan 1914 at 813 West Liberty in Cincinnati of cancer of stomach; br-17 Jan at 3PM in H L Lloyd (father) lot 60 section 5
Throckmorton, Clara b-Ohio; a-29y; d/o John & Mary Kuhlman; d-14 July 1913 at 4325 Bryant St in Denver Colorado of carcinoma of liver; br-24 July
Tierer, Mary T b-28 Feb 1847 in Cincinnati; d/o George & Martha Bedgood; d-13 Nov 1914 at 92 E 2nd St in Covington; br-16 Nov at 3PM in Martha E Bedgood (mother) lot 17 section 5
Trunnel, Addie F b-2 Apr 1876 in Kentucky; a-37y 1d; d/o Henry Richerson; d-3 Apr 1913 at 1303 Linn St in Cincinnati of cancer; br-5 Apr at 31/2PM
Trunnel, James A b-Kentucky; a-47y; s/o Thomas & Mary (nee Payler) d-14 May 1912 at 144 Gage St in Cincinnati of arthritis deformans; br-17 May at 3PM
Tucker, Clara b-Dayton KY; a-9y; d/o Henry G & Louisa; d-29 Oct 1913 at 1826 Garrard Ave in Covington of bronchial pneumonia; br-31 Oct at 3PM in Henry G Tucker (father) lot 28 section 31
Turner, John Leonard b-Lexington KY; a-75y; s/o John L & Eliz; d-29 Dec 1912 in Brookville Indiana of pneumonia; br-31 Dec in John L Turner lot 64 section 9
Twaddell, James L b-Cincinnati; a-56y 2m 3d; s/o John & Margaret (Laurie) d-26 Sep 1913 at 2049 Eastern Ave in Cincinnati; inquest pending; br-29 Sep at 2:30PM in SG
Tyrell, Anna b-Kentucky; a-34y; d/o Harry & Janette Meier; res-33 E 5th St; d-28 Feb 1912 in Christ Hospital in Cincinnati of pneumonia; br-26 Feb in SG

Vance, Joseph H b-Ohio; a-74y; d-19 Nov 1914 at 432 Crestline Av in Price Hill in Cincinnati of heart disease; br-21 Nov in J H Vance lot 46N section 3
Vanderpool, Hester Ann b-Granville NC; a-53y; d/o John & Eliz Taylor; d-11 Sep 1914 at 211 Collard St in Cincinnati of acute enteritis; br-14 Sep at 2PM in SG

Wagner, John W b-18 Sep 1867; s/o John & Margaret; d-9 Sep 1913 at Pack Place in Covington of tuberculosis; br-12 Apr at 8:30AM in SG
Wagner, Ollie b-Cincinnati; a-6y; s/o Frank & Ida Belle; d-28 Mar 1912 at 1504 Freeman Ave in Cincinnati of scarlet fever; br-29 Mar at 3PM in Wm Stagman (nephew) lot 54 section 17
Wainwright, Mary E b-16 May 1829 in Selby City, Yorkshire England; d/o Jonathan & Catherine Darby; d-25 May 1912 in Marathon Ohio of paralysis; br-27 May at 2PM in her own lot 23 section 4
Walker, Maria b-Newark NJ; a-69y; d/o Ed & Susan Hart; d-1 Nov 1914 at 356 Baum St in Cincinnati of heart failure; br-3 Nov in Jas M Walker (husband) lot 43E section 34
Waters, Annie b-Eaton Oh; a-78y; d/o James & Mary Waters; d-30 Mar 1913 in Independence KY of senility; br-1 Apr 1t 2:30PM in Waters lot 93 section 2
Watson, Will b-Bracken Co KY; a-26y; s/o Will; d-7 Sep 1914 in Covington of gun shot wound; br-10 Sep in SG
Welch, John a-64y 6m 17d; s/o David & Mary; d-14 Feb 1914 at 200 Broadway St in Cincinnati of heart failure; br-17 Feb at 2:30PM in SG
Welling, John Bernard b-Newport; a-36y; s/o Wm G & Maria; d-18 Feb 1912 at 417 Tusculum Ave in Cincinnati of pulmonary tuberculosis; br-21 Feb at 11AM in SG
Wendoff, Child of Charles & Freda; b&d 26 Apr 1914 in Cincinnati; br-9 May at 4PM in Ernest H---? lot 53E section 32
West, Wm K Jr. b-Newport; a-53y; s/o Wm K; d-2 Feb 1914 in Chicago Ill of cerebral hemorrhage; br-5 Feb at 2PM in Francis J West (brother) lot
Wever, Donnelly G b-Paris KY; a-16m; s/o E J & Grace; d-11 Dec 1914 in Livingston KY of pneumonia; br-15 Dec at 3PM in E J Wever lot 25 section 37
Wever, Edward Lee b-28 June 1912 in Paris KY; s/o Edward J & May Grace; d-1 Mar 1913 in Paris KY of pneumonia; br-6 Mar at 10AM in Edw J Wever (father) lot N25 section 37
Wheeler, John b-Louisiana; a-72y 1m 16d; d-26 Dec 1912 at 3124 Wadsworth Ave in Cincinnati of septicemia; br-30 Dec in C H Lansdale lot N74 section 9
White, Geo J b-2 Mar 1841 in Wegee Oh near Portsmouth; s/o Wm & Elizabeth (Lieten) res-186 Fairmount Ave in Cincinnati; d-12 Jan 1914 at National Military Home in Dayton Oh of paralysis of intestines; br-14 Jan in government section 25
White, William Sr. a-73y; res-Newport; d-7 Mar 1913 in La Mesa California of intestinal tuberculosis; br-14 Mar at 2PM in W W White lot 9 section 15
Whitehouse, Nellie b-Wheeling WVa; a-35y 7m; d/o Ezra & Sarah Whitehouse; res-520 E 4th in Cincinnati; d-8 Feb 1913 in Longview Hospital in Cincinnati of pneumonia; br-11 Feb at 4:30PM in Ezra Whitehouse (father) lot 74 section 6
Whitten, Anna R b-Louisville KY; a-35y 3m 23d; d-24 Apr 1904 in Oakland California of typhoid fever; ashes received from Kate Wilson Shaw (great grandmother) at 24 Highland Ave in Ft Thomas; br-17 Dec 1912 in Samuel Perry heirs lot 1 section 20
Wicks, Susanna b-Ohio; a-69y; nee Zimmerman; d-26 Nov 1913 at 1632 Baymiller St in Cincinnati of arterial sclerosis; br-28 Nov at 3:30PM in Edward Roach & Family lot 51 section 4
Wiess, Emil b-Germany; a-65y; d-24 Mar 1914 in Madison Park in Oakley (Cincinnati) Oh of obstruction of bowels; br-26 Mar at 2PM in Emile Weiss lot 117 section 2
Wilde, Kate a-70y; d-30 Sep 1914 at Longview Hospital in Cincinnati; br-3 Oct at 2PM in Clara Beyland (sister) lot 24 section 36
Williams, Florence M b-22 Apr 1876 in Cincinnati; d/o Richard & Isabella Whitten; res-2147 Eastern Ave in Cincinnati; d-28 July 1912 at Maternity Hospital in Cincinnati of child birth; br-31 July at 3PM in S F Williams & R Whitten lot 26 N1/2 section 37
Williamson, Wm Kirby b-Kentucky; a-21y; s/o Lawrence & Anna; res-21 W 3rd St in Newport; d-27 Feb 1912 in Columbia SC of pulmonary tuberculosis; br-2 Mar in John R Williamson (grandfather) lot 2 section 4
Willis, Edward H b-Williamstown Oh; a-42y; s/o Isaac & Minerva; d-25 Aug 1913; drowning; br-1 Sep in SG
Wills, Joseph Milton b-Kentucky; a-42y; s/o John J & Diana (Hall) d-10 Mar 1913 at 2520 Varl St in Cincinnati of cirrhosis of liver; br-12 Mar at 2PM in Emma Armstrong Wills (wife) lot 3 S1/2 section 27
Winn, William b-Kentucky; a-18y; s/o William & Minnie; res-7th & Madison Ave in Covington; d-28 Oct 1912 at St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington of pulmonary tuberculosis; br-29 Oct at 3PM in SG
Wise, Margaret b-Kentucky; a-29y; d/o John & Margaret Kaiser; d-4 May 1912 at 1802 Western Ave in Cincinnati of tuberculosis; br-7 May at 10AM in reserve grave #29 section 41
Witt, Hazel M b-Chicago Ill; a-26d; d-10 Jan 1914 at 1913 Mozat St in Chicago of bronchial pneumonia; br-12 Jan at 2PM in SG
Wood, Joseph P b-5 Aug 1822 in England; d-17 May 1912 at 404 East 5th St in Cincinnati of myocarditis; br-20 May at 3:30PM in J C Wood lot 117 section 22
Woodworth, Louis b-2 Apr 1869 in Kentucky; d-2 Feb 1913 at 509 Park St in Cincinnati of nephritis; br-4 Feb at 9AM
Worcester, Mary England; a-81y; nee Lock; d-19 Dec 1913 in Birmingham Ala of paralysis; br-22 Dec at 2PM in Jos Worcester (husband) lot 9 section 17
Wright, Blanche b&d 19 Apr 1912 at 553 E 8th St in Cincinnati; br-23 Apr at 5PM in SG
Wright, Ida E b-Newport; a-51y; d/o James & Eliza Worthington; d-17 Aug 1912 in Winchester KY of organic heart disease; br-20 Aug at 2PM in Ida E Wright lot 47 E1/2 section 32
Wood, Cornelius b-Kentucky; a-48y; s/o Vincent & Sarah (Worel) res-1320 East Front St in Cincinnati; d-19 Jan 1914 at City Hospital in Cincinnati of pneumonia; br-22 Jan at 3 1/2PM in SG

Zelger, Edward b-Cincinnati; a-65y; s/o John & Frances; d-17 May 1912 in Mount Pisgah in Clermont County of stomach trouble; br-20 May at 9AM in Martin Zelger (brother) lot 30 W1/2 section 24
Zoeller, Phillip b-Germany; a-68y 10m 4d; s/o Anna; d-8 May 1913 at 802 South Eighth St in Hamilton Oh of pneumonia; br-10 May at 1:30PM in his own lot 65 S1/2 section 27 (permit obtained by Chas Zoeller)
Zuflucht, John Albert b-31 Mar 1912 in Norwood Oh; s/o John & Lucy; d-18 July 1912 at 3810 Hazel Ave in Norwood of infant paralysis; br-20 July at 2:30PM in Sophia Zuflucht (grandmother) lot 35 S1/2 section 13


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