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Johann Gottleib and Auguste Wilhelmine Berndt

Submitted by Emma Pleiman

Johann Gottleib BERNDT
Birth: 25 Sep 1808, Germany
Death: 18 Sep 1890, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Burial Memo: Union Cemetery
Occ: Musician
Family tradition indicates that he was the conductor of the Kaiserís orchestra and an excellent violinist. He had 4 sons and with the compulsory military service in Germany decided to come to America
Spouse: Auguste Wilhelmine (Anna) KLAWE
Birth: 11 Jul 1808, Germany
Death: 15 Jan 1891, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Burial Memo: Union Cemetery
Emig: 1859
Occ: Housewife

Children of Johann Gottleib Berndt and Auguste Wilhelmine Klawe:

1. Caroline Wilhelmine Berndt (1834-)
2. Karl Ludwig (Reinholdt) Berndt (1836-1920) m-1st Louisa CRABEI m-2nd Maria (Mary) Sophia Louise HEMSCHEMEIER
3. Heinrich (Gustave) (Guss) Berndt (1839-1889) m-Caroline MARSCH
4. Johanne Emilie Berndt (1843-)
5. Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (William) Berndt (1849-1928) m-Bertha ROHM
6. Johann Karl August Berndt (1850-)

Caroline Wilhelmine BERNDT
Birth: 10 Mar 1834, Dobersaul, Brandenburg, Germany
Emig: 1859

Karl Ludwig (Reinholdt) BERNDT*
Birth: 7 Jun 1836, Dobersaul, Brandenburg, Germany
Death: 30 Apr 1920, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Burial: 3 May 1920, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Burial Memo: Evergreen Cemetery
Occ: Moulder, Cabinet Maker, Also Worked For The Railroad, Owned Small Family Farm
*Signed name as Reinholdt, and later Reinhold
Description -Height 5'5", complexion - pale, eyes-hazel, hair-dark.
Before coming to the U.S. worked in a foundry in Prussia - worked in Ohio from 1856 - 1858 as a farm hand, and then in a foundry from 1858 to 1861.
Served in the Civil War
Was sick when discharged from the Army and unable to work for 6 or 7 months. He then worked as a waiter in a dining saloon in Cincinnati, Ohio for about 1 1/2 years. Moved to Manitowoc, Wis. in 1867. Misc. jobs for about 5 years and then was a froeman in the repair shops of the Milwaukee Lake Shore & Western RR. in Manitowoc. for about 7 years. Resigned due to poor health and moved to Door Co., Wis. where he lived on a small farm.
Spouse: Louisa CRABEI
Birth: 23 Jun 1837, Prussia
Death: 2 Mar 1894, Marinette Co., Wisconsin
Burial: Forest Home Cemetery
Marr: 11 Aug 1861, Cincinnati, Ohio
Married in the German Lutheran Church by Rev. C. Tuercke

Children of Karl Ludwig Reinholdt Berndt and Louisa Crabei

1. Theodore Berndt (1862-1878)
2. Bertha Berndt (1864-)
3. Pauline Berndt (1869-1913)
4. Hulda Berndt (1871-)
5. Albert C. Berndt (1873-)
6. Hermann Carl Berndt (1875-)
7. Emma Berndt (1880-1941)

Karl Ludwig (Reinholdt) BERNDT
Spouse: Maria (Mary) Sophia Louise HEMSCHEMEIER
Birth: 19 Apr 1849, Stauerberg - , Hanover, Germany
Father: Heinrich HEMSCHEMEIER
Mother: Charolette
Marr: 25 Jan 1896, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Marriage recorded on page 144 of the First Reformed Hope Congregation
Witnesses - Wilhelm Herzog and Mathilda Zenk Rev. M. Long

Heinrich (Gustave) (Guss) BERNDT
Birth: 13 Apr 1839, Dobersaul, Brandenburg, Germany
Emig: 1859
Death: 2 Nov 1889, Newport, Kentucky
Burial: 4 Nov 1889, Newport, Kentucky
Burial Memo: Evergreen Cemetery - Sec. 18, Lot 51
Occ: Cook/(Saloon Keeper(1880 Census)
Reli: St. John's Evangelical Protestant, Cor. 7th & Columbia Sts., Newport, Kentucky
Lived in Cincinnati prior to his marriage to Caroline Marsch
Funeral text - Hosea 6:1. Come let us return unto the Lord, for He has torn us, and He will heal us; He has smitten, and He will bind us up. from notes by Rev. Paul Reikow
Spouse: Carolina MARSCH
Birth: 10 Mar 1849, Winzberg, Bavaria, Germany
Emig: 1855
Death: 13 Apr 1916, Newport, Kentucky
Burial: 24 Apr 1916, Newport, Kentucky
Burial Memo: Evergreen Cemetery, sec. 13, lot 51 E 1/2
Occ: Homemaker
Reli: St. John's Evangelical Protestant Church, Cor. 7th & Columbia Sts. Newport, Kentucky
Father: Philipp MARSCH (1819-1859)
Mother: Catharine (1816-1889)
Came to the U.S. by sailing vessel to New Orleans and up the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers by packet boats to Cincinnati, Ohio. They moved to Newport, Kentucky, when they were married.
Funeral Text - Psalm 17:15. As for me, I will behold thy face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied when I awake in thy likeness. - Notes by Rev. Paul Reikow
Marr: 3 May 1866, Newport, Kentucky Witnesses: Christian Kress and Karl Wilhelm Herzog
Bond Date May 2, 1866

Children of Heinrich Gustav Berndt and Caroline Marsch

1. Elizabeth Augusta Berndt (1867-1942)
2. Caroline Louise (1868-1951)
3. Amelia Catherine (1876-1950)
4. Emma Clara (1879-1917)
5. Augusta M (1880-1882)

Johanne Emilie BERNDT
Birth: 30 Dec 1843, Dobersaul, Brandenburg, Germany
Emig: 1859

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (William) BERNDT
Birth: 13 Oct 1849, Dobersaul, Brandenburg, Germany
Death: 27 Dec 1928, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Burial: 28 Dec 1928, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Burial Memo: Evergreen Cemetery
Emig: 1859
Occ: Jeweler/watchmaker
Died at Milwaukee county Hospital
Spouse: Bertha ROHM
Birth: 28 Mar 1860, Geisa, Germany
Emig: 1886 Emig Memo: (1880) 1930 census
Death: 24 Feb 1940, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Burial: 27 Feb 1940, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Burial Memo: Forest Home Cemetery
Father: Valentine J ROHM (1830-1899)
Mother: Theresa HEINEMANN (~1829-1896)
Living with John E. Schmaal & wife Gretchen Berndt Schmall in 1930; died in 1940/ obit indicates she emigrated from Germany 57 years ago - would be 1883
Marr: 16 Aug 1885, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Children of Johann Frederick Wilhelm (William) Berndt and Bertha Rohm:

1. Carl Edward Berndt (1886-)}
2. William Berndt (1888-1970)
3. Walter Berndt (1890-1937)
4. Gretchen Berndt (1892-1972)
5. Arthur Edward Berndt (1895-1973)

Johann Karl August BERNDT
Birth: 17 Jul 1850, Dobersaul, Brandenburg, Germany
Emig: 1859 Moved to Colorado


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