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John and Sarah Alford


Information comes from the John E Alford family bible and the Alexandria Cemetery records with additions and corrections from Mrs. Dorthy Alford Lemos submitted 18 June 1985 and the family files at the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society in Alexandria.

John William Alford was born 24 Jan 1811 in Holbeach, Lincolnshire England, the son of John and Sarah (Kirton) Alford and died 8 May 1890 in Alexandria and was buried in the Alexandria Cemetery.  He married Sarah Cooper 9 Mar 1834 in Sedgebrook, Lincolnshire, England, daughter of William and Mary Cooper.  She was born 2 Dec 1815 in Lincolnshire, England and died 24 Apr 1891 in Alexandria and was buried in the Alexandria Cemetery.

Children of John William Alford and Sarah Cooper

1. Sarah Elizabeth Alford b-22 Mar 1835 in Palestine, Darke Co Ohio; m (1) Joseph Holden Jr. 30 Jan 1857; (2) __ Dones; d-27 Aug 1911 in Alexandria; buried  29 Aug in Alexandria Cemetery
2. Rebecca Alford b-13 Sep 1836 in Palestine Ohio; d-22 Mar 1837
3. John Ellis Alford b-12 Nov 1837 in Palestine Ohio; d-11 Nov 1881 and buried in the Alexandria Cemetery
4. James Henry Alford b-23 May 1839 in Palestine Ohio; d-3 Sep 1928 in Alexandria; m-Charlotte Hulley 21 Oct 1866 in Alexandria d/o Benjamin Hulley and Sarah Maddox; Charlotte died 15 June 1922 in Alexandria
5. Richard Bates Alford b-10 Jan 1842 in Palestine Ohio; d-23 Jan 1912 in Alexandria; buried 25 Jan in Alexandria Cemetery; m-Mary Elizabeth Nelson 8 Jan 1867 in Alexandria, d/o Thomas Nelson & Jane Taylor
6. William Alford b-17 Dec 1841 Hancock Co Indiana; d-12 Apr 1904 in Alexandria; m-Sidney Eunice Nelson 28 Feb 1867, d/o Thomas Nelson & Jane Taylor
7. Thomas Atchinson Alford b-26 Feb 1844 in Hancock Co Indiana; d-18 Oct 1928 in Alexandria; br-Alexandria Cemetery; m-Mary Jane Shaw, d/o Joseph Shaw and Matilda Stater, 4 Dec 1867; Mary died 11 Nov 1931 and was buried in the Alexandria Cemetery
8. Ellen Augusta Alford b-11 June 1846 in Hancock Co Indiana; m-John Wilson
9. Susannah Alford b-28 Mar 1848 in Alexandria; d-30 Aug 1879
10. George Washington Alford b-10 Apr 1850 in Alexandria; d-12 June 1926 in Persimmon Grove; buried 15 June in Alexandria Cemetery; m-Josephine Ida Smith 30 Dec 1879, d/o William and Elizabeth Smith
11. Missouri Benton Alford b-13 Aug 1853 in Alexandria; d-12 Feb 1881 in Alexandria; m-W B Perkins
12. Charles Theodore Alford b-3 May 1855 in Alexandria; d-15 June 1930 in Alexandria; br-17 June Alexandria Cem
m-Jennie L Brown 27 May 1900, d/o William Finley Brown and Mary G Sporing
12. Robert Edward Alford b-5 Dec 1859 in Alexandria; d-23 Apr 1921 in Alexandria; br-23 Apr Alexandria Cemetery

Children of James Henry Alford and Charlotte Hulley

1. John Benjamin Alford b-7 Jan 1868 in Alexandria; d-7 July 1941 in San Luis Obispo Cal. m-Hannah Smith
2. William H Alford b-27 Mar 1869 in Alexandria; d-3 Oct 1953 in Alexandria; m (1) Theresa Gubser (2) Essie Painter Alford
3. Alvin Alford b-24 Mar 1871 in Alexandria; d-2 Nov 1904 in Alexandria; m-Ida Sanson 6 Aug 1894
4. Sarah A Alford b-12 Oct 1872 in Alexandria; d-29 May 1960 in Alhambra Cal. m-Conrad MyNatt
5. James Walter Alford b-27 Sep 1874 in Alexandria; d-6 Aug 1958 in Frankfort Indiana; m-Myrtle Kelly
6. Bertha May Alford b-30 Dec 1879 in Alexandria; d-12 Feb 1918 in Alexandria; m-William J Brown 28 Dec 1909 in Indianapolis
7. Matthew W Alford b-11 Dec 1882 in Alexandria; d-18 Sep 1956 in Farmland Indiana; m-Pearly Kelly 18 Feb 1906 in Boswell Indiana
8. Infant Son Alford b-1 June 1885 in Alexandria; d-29 June 1885 in Alexandria

Children of Richard Bates Alford and Mary Elizabeth Nelson

1. Sarah J Alford b-1 Dec 1867 in Alexandria; d-11 Mar 1940 at Pleasant Ridge; buried 13 Mar in Alexandria Cemetery; m-William C Hulley 10 Oct 1886 in Alexandria
2. Ellen Alford b-1869 in Alexandria; m-Henry Getker 1 Nov 1887 in Alexandria
3. Mary A Alford b-1871 in Alexandria; d-Dec 1918 in Alexandria
4. George Washington Bates Alford b-17 Sep 1873 in Alexandria; d-27 Sep 1946 in Alexandria; buried 30 Sep in Alexandria Cemetery; m-Alice Emma Spaulding 17 Sep 1899 in Alexandria
5. Albert D Alford b-14 Sep 1875 in Alexandria; d-28 Apr 1947 in Alexandria; buried 1 May in Alexandria Cemetery; m-Bertha Baker 4 May 1919 in Alexandria, d/o Chas W and Elizabeth Baker
6. Maud Alford b-Aug 1880 in Alexandria; d-June 1933; m-Robert Holden
7. Ivy Alford b-Jan 1887 in Alexandria; m-William Holden

Children of William Alford and Sidney Eunice Nelson

1. Minnie M Alford b-1867; d-1943; m-George B Ritchey
2. Nannie A Alford b-1870
3. Jesse Nelson Alford b-24 July 1871; d-26 May 1931 in Ft Thomas; buried 29 May in Evergreen Cemetery; m (1) Louisa Frank 29 Aug 1895 in Alexandria; (2) Lillie Shanks 16 Sep 1906 in Newport
4. Lillie S Alford b-4 Sep 1873; d-3 Nov 1899 in Alexandria; m-Jas M Clift 17 July 1895

Children of Thomas Atchinson Alford and Mary Jane Shaw

1. Matilda Ann Alford b-9 Nov 1868 in Alexandria; d-27 Mar 1959 in Alexandria; m-Coleman Moore 14 Dec 1897
2. Edward O Alford b-6 Mar 1870 in Alexandria; d-23 June 1934 in Alexandria; br-26 June in Alexandria Cemetery; m-Essie Painter 18 Feb 1928
3. Joseph Alford b-10 Feb 1873 in Alexandria; d-11 Mar 1946 in Andrews Indiana; m-Alta M Harrington 12 Feb 1901 in Bento Co Indiana
4. Thomas Westley Alford b-30 Oct 1874 in Alexandria; d-26 Feb 1958 in Covington; br-Alexandria Cemetery; m-Minnie D Parker 20 Nov 1904
5. David Alford b-3 Jan 1877 in Alexandria; d-11 Oct 1924 in Covington; br-Alexandria Cemetery; m-Essie Painter 18 Oct 1898
6. Lucy E Alford b-1879 in Alexandria; d-1959; m-Edward Droege 3 May 1900
7. John W Alford b-22 Apr 1881 in Alexandria; d-21 May 1938 in Alexandria; buried 23 May in Alexandria Cemetery; m-Silvia Thornton 10 Aug 1905
8. Grover Byron Alford b-27 Oct 1884 in Alexandria; m-Emma
9. Charles Robert Alford b-8 Oct 1887 in Alexandria; d-12 Feb 1956; br-Alexandria Cemetery; m-Lottie Beebe 30 Apr 1910

Memoirs of the Lower Ohio Valley 1905 for Thomas Atchinson Alford

Children of George Washington Alford and Josephine Ida Smith

1. Harvey Alford b-1881; d-1938
2. Theodore T Alford b-Oct 1882; d-1958
3. J Warren Alford b-Mar 1886; m-Lillian Painter 7 Mar 1909 in Alexandria
4. Margaret Mabel Alford b-1 Aug 1891; d-23 Mar 1913 in Newport; buried 26 Mar in Alexandria Cemetery; m-Verner Harris Hodge; Margaret's Photo
5. George Alford b-July 1895
6. Elsie Alford b-Sep 1899; d-1926; m-Henry Trutschel

Children of Charles Theodore Alford and Jennie L Brown

1. Hazel Bell Alford b-3 Sep 1902 in Alexandria; d-1985; m-Arthur Boyer
2. Theodore Edward Alford b-28 July 1913 in Alexandria; m-Stella M Fausz 5 Feb 1938 in Alexandria

Children of George Washington Bates Alford and Alice Emma Spaulding

1. Cecil E Alford b-9 Oct 1900 in Alexandria; d-14 Jan 1972; m-Grace E Hoffman
2. Richard William Alford b-18 July 1902 in Alexandria; m (1) Nellie Painter 4 Mar 1922; (2) Peggy Freeman
3. Oliver Girkin Alford b-2 Jan 1904 in Alexandria; d-17 Oct 1968 in Carthage; m-Gladys Tarvin
4. Russell Carl Alford b-9 Oct 1906 in Alexandria; m-Mary Elizabeth Dicken 3 Mar 1925
5. Raymond J Alford
6. Georgia A Alford b-27 Jan 1910 in Alexandria; d-13 Mar 1981 in Melbourne; m-Arvil Dicken

Children of David Alford and Essie Painter

1. Chester Alford b-13 Aug 1899; d-29 Dec 1973; m-Eslie Pelley 1921
2. Osborne Alford b-15 Feb 1908; d-4 Sep 1954 in Falmouth Ky; m (1) Florence Schafer 29 Sep 1928 in Alexandria; m (2) Sarah Probst
3. Essie May Alford b-28 Apr 1911 in Alexandria; d-May 1972 in Campbell Co; m-John Herschel Hess 29 May 1936 in Falmouth

Children of Essie May Alford and John Herschel Hess

1. Lola Dell Hess b-Campbell Co; m-Donald Lee Craig
2. Marilyn Hess b-Campbell Co; m-Douglas Gosney

Children of Bertha May Alford and William J Brown

1. Byron Lester Brown b-14 Apr 1911 in Norwood Oh; m-Julia Prosser 14 Jan 1935 in New York City
2. Virgil Lee Brown b-18 Mar 1913 in Norwood Oh; m-Dorthy Klonne 11 Jan 1941 in Cincinnati


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