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Maas Adam, lab h n s Goodman b Isabella and Patterson
Mack Albert, carpenter, bds William Myer's
Mack Michael, lab h al s of Front and e of East Row
Mackley Louis, packer, h n e c Southgate and Columbia
MADISON HOUSE, August Miller, Proprietor, 216 Madison
Madison James H. pilot, h 220 York
Maerten  Fred. feed store, s w c Harris and John
Magee Augustus, pilot, h 187 Madison
Magerhaus August, shoe mkr h c Ann and Ringgold
Magha Michael, carpenter, h 33 Cabot
Mahany Patrick, lab h w s Ann s of Ringgold
Mahany Patrick, boiler, wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Mahatha Robert, engineer, h 79 Rickey
Maherty John, lab h s e c Moss and Southgate
Mahoney Patrick, boiler, h n s Goodman b Brighton and Lowell
Mains Joshua, lab h 2 Walnut
Mallaspens Andrew, lab h 100 Patterson
Mann G. painter, h 115 Monmouth
Manning Thomas, carpenter, h 121 Orchard
Manning William H., engineer, h 76 Jefferson
Manter Alfred, grocer, n e c Ringgold and Saratoga
MAPHET JOHN T. General Insurance Agent;Office, York near Madison, h n w c Williamson and John
Mara Michael, lab h n w c Bellevue and Cabot
Maratta James, engineer, h s s Front b York and Monmouth
Maratta Walter, clerk, h 16 York
MARIANA ED A. Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer 18 York, h 42 Eglantine
Mariani Joseph, h w c York and Eglantine
Mariani Susan, widow, h n s Bellevue b Licking River and Moss
Mariani William J. tinner, res Mrs. Susan Mariani's
Marsch Catherine, widow, h s s Elm b Brighton and Patterson
Marsh Mrs. L. widow, h w s Columbia b McArthur and Ringgold
Marsh William, plasterer, h s s Mayo b Richey and Monmouth
Marshall J. A. (Collins & M) h 144 Madison
Marshall Wm. pilot, h n s Taylor b Columbia, and Cabot
MARSTON THOS. A. Proprietor Marston's Saloon, w s York near Front, h 84 Bellevue
Martel George, lab h e s Ann n of Ringgold
Martin Albert, engineer, h s w c East Row and Mayo
Martin Allen S. lab  e s Putnam b Williamson and Liberty
Martin Charles, engraver, h s w c East Row and Mayo
Martin Edward, grocer, h 90 1/2 Madison
Martin John, carp h 90 Columbia
Martin Mary, widow, h 37 Isabella
Maschinot John, tailor, h n e c Patterson and Walnut
Mason John, lab h 89 Madison
Mason M. T. carp bds 32 Madison
MASONIC HALL, s w c Monmouth and Madison
Masset A. J, agent, h  71 Columbia
Massey S. L. insurance agent, h 134 Madison
Mather Orville, carriage mkr h 154 Bellevue
Matthews Richard, boiler, wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Maucrer Paul, h 88 Isabella
Mauget Chas. (M. & Kotyk) h e s York opposite Court House
MAUGET & KOTYK, (Chas. M. & Chas. K,) Merchant Tailors and Dealers in Gents' Furnishing Goods, e s York opp Court House
Maul Geo. L. lab h l44 Saratoga
Maurer Geo. carp h n s Goodman b Brighton and Lowell
Maus Joseph, lab h 60 John
Maxwell Samuel H. cooper h 173 Saratoga
Mayor Nathan, clk Joshua Speyer's
Maynard Jacob, lab h 222 Front
Mayo H. H. express agent, h 173 Saratoga
Mayo Wm. h 178 Saratoga
MAYOR'S OFFICE, in City Building on Court House Square, C. P. Buchanan, Mayor
McBride Mrs. M. h s s Eglantine b Columbia and Cabot
McCabe Bridget, widow, h s e c Saratoga and Taylor
McCann George, book-keeper, h 104 Columbia
McCarty John, lab h w s Columbia b Front and Taylor
McCarty Wm. blksmith, h 9 Monmouth
McCleave Robert, machinist, h 141 Front
McCloskey Wm. painter, h e s Saratoga b Ringgold and Harris
McCloud James, lab h 94 Orchard
McCloy John, machinist, h 64 Monmouth
McClure James W. brick mason, h 10 Monmouth
McClure William, bds 10 Monmouth
McConnell Miss C. teacher, h 30 Todd
McConnell Jane, widow, h 30 Todd
McCormick John, lab bds 280 Front
McCormick John, carpenter, h 103 Front
McCoy Mary A. widow, h 32 Madison
McCracken James, pilot, h 140 Cabot
McCrackin Robert B. brick dealer, h 6 Monmouth
McCulloch Frank, clerk, bds 136 Monmouth
McDonald A. carpenter, h 191 Madison
McDonald Geo. cabinet mkr h 14 Bellevue
McDonald John, gardener, h 284 York
McDonald John, lab h s s Walnut b Cabot and Isabella
McDonald Patrick, h n s Chestnut b Patterson and Isabella
McDonald Mrs. R. A, widow, h 28 Columbia
McDonald R G, carpenter, h 88 1/2 Madison
McDonald James, tinner, h 122 Harris
McDowell Joseph, shoe mkr h s e c Bellevue and Monmouth
McDowell Thomas, blksmith, bds Alfred Thornton's
McElwee William, finisher, h s s Southgate e of Cabot
McEntee Patrick, lab h s e c York and Southgate
McFeely Ellen, widow, h n s McArthur b Cabot and Columbia
McFeely James, drugs, h 76 Madison
McGeary L S. mate, h 86 Bellevue
McGeary Patrick, carpenter, h s s Bel1evue b Moss and Hubbard
McGee Patrick, coachman, bds Wm. Gorman's
McGinnis Mrs. E, h s e c Saratoga and Taylor
McGinnis Thomas S. engineer, h 196 Madison
McGlone John, lab h e s Monmouth b Tibbatts and Williamson
McGowen Barney, h 128 Orchard
McGrew P. R. livery stable, h 13 Saratoga
McGrew  William, stone mason, bds Madison House
McHenry  John, carpenter, h 77 Columbia
McHugh Michael, lab h s e c Moss and Southgate
McIlvain Archibald, boiler mkr h 142 Saratoga
McIntire ___, canvasser, bds Madison House
McIotosh Samuel, carpenter, h w s Saratoga b Williamson and Liberty
McIntyre Thomas, lab h e s Moss b Bellevue and Southgate
McKensie Alex. h 82 Front
McKenzie William, painter, h 97 Monmouth
McLaughlin Andrew, lab h e s German b McArthur and Ringgold
McLaughlin Ann, widow, h 97 Orchard
McLaughlin Edward, steward, h e s Isabella b Bellevue and Taylor
McMeekin C. B. tin store, h 263 York
McNally John F. polisher, wks Martin Schroll's
McNamara M. lab h s e c Saratoga and Taylor
McNamara Wm. paper manuf, h 157 Madison
McNichol Thomas, printer, bds 38 John
McPerson ___, blksmith, bds Mrs. P. Fawcett's
McShane James, lab h n s Southgate b Saratoga and East Row
McShane James, foreman, h n s Southgate b Saratoga and East Row
McSoley Edward, lab h 116 Front
Meanhard Conrad, watchman, h 30 Rickey
Meatherham Mrs. S. widow, h 160 Bellevue
Meek Mrs. J. P. h s e c Mayo and York
Meeks John, machinist, h 236 Front
Meisenheimer Adam, barber, h 96 Mayo
Mekin Edward, bds E Eames'
Melching Henry, teamster, h 115 Ringgold
Melchior Valentine, tailor, h 71 Walnut
Melich Frank, carp h w s Cabot b Madison and Todd
Mellen Peter, carp h 137 Cabot
Mellerhaus Joseph, lab h n s Elm b Brighton and Lowell
Menter Mrs. A. widow, h 253 York
Menter Edgar, musician, h 253 York
Meriweather Mrs. S. widow, h 34 Taylor
Merna Mrs. Elizabeth, teacher, h 64 Columbia
Merschel Henry, blksmith, 102 Saratoga
Mertens Chas. G. saddles and harness, 224 Monmouth
Mertes Frank, carp h w s Cabot. b Bellevue and Southgate
Mertes John, Lab h w s Cabot h Bellevue and Southgate
Merttes Geo. lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Methven John, grainer, h w s Columbia b McArthur and Ringgold
Metz Jacob, blksmith, h 10 Locust
Meyer Bernard notions, h 107 Saratoga
Meyer Chas. tailor, h e s Ann n of Ringgold
Meyer H. W. tailor, h 38 McArthur
Meyer Henry, groceries, 38 McArthur
Meyer John, cabinet mkr h 51 Ringgold
Meyer John, carp h n s Eglantine b Monmouth and Saratoga
Meyer John, lab h n s Southgate b Saratoga and East Row
Meyer H, carp h 26 Cbestnut
Meyer Wm. gardener, bds August Miller's
Meyers Frederick, tailor, h 39 McArthur
Meyer  J. B. tailor, h 171 Saratoga
Meyers Peter, plasterer, bds 117 Saratoga
Michelfeldcr Henry, photographer, s e c Jefferson and York
Mielech Frank X. carp w s York b Mayo and Ringgold; h w s Cabot b Madison and Todd
Miller Anthony, (Anthony M. & Co) h 83 Rickey
MILLER ANTHONY & CO. (Anthony M & Stephen Cromer) Dealers in Tin Ware, Stoves and Hardware, n e c Monmouth and Jefferson
MILLER AUGUST, Proprietor Madison House, 216 Monmouth
Miller E. A. undertaker, 89 Taylor
Miller Frederick, lab h n s Front b Saratoga and East Row
Miller Geo. saw manuf h n w c Saratoga and Mayo
Miller Geo. (Joseph Miller & Bros.) h s w c Mayo and Saratoga
Miller John, h 216 Monmouth
Miller John, finisher, h 141 Front
Miller John W. knobler, h 49 Madison
Miller Joseph, (Joseph M & Bro.) h 4 Rickey
Miller Joseph, lab bds Madison House
Miller Joseph, varnisher, h n e c Bellevue and Cabot
MILLER JOSEPH & BROS. (Joseph, George & Louis) Saw and Tool Manufacturers, n w c Monmouth and Jefferson
Miller Louis, (Joseph Miller & Bros.)
Miller M. huckster, h 23 Robert
Miller Matthew, carriage mkr h e s Cabot b Harris and Tibbatts
Miller Michael, lab h n w c Tibbatts and Ann
Miller Nicholas, h 29 Rickey
Miller Paul, saloon, s s Front b Kilgour and River
Miller Valentine, brewer, bds Henry Hartman's
Mills Chas. lab h 76 Monmouth
Milne Wm. clk L. P. Stone's, n w c York and Jefferson
Mingell Mrs. Catherine, h n e c Chestnut and Patterson
Mingell Mrs. Catherine, h 98 Orchard
Minoque Lawrence, lab h e s Columbia b Williamson and Liberty
Misenhamer Adam, barber, h 43 McArthur
Mitchell James, teacher, h 88 Madison
Mittemiller Louis, carp h 17 Rickey
Moashard Peter, lab h w s Ann n of Ringgold
MOHR J., Secretary Clay Fire and Marine Insurance Co., n w c York and Jefferson, Odd Follows' Hall building; h 125 Cabot
Moloney Geo. lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Moloney Michael, lab h 56 Walnut
Monkar Conrad, shoe mkr h e s Ann n of Ringgold
Moore Benjamin, stone cutter, h 221 Walnut
Moore Benjamin, (Imeson & M.) h 22 Walnut
MOORE ELLWOOD P., Student, bds 216 Bellevue
Moore Hugh, clk res Robert Moore's
Moore John, teamster, h 59 Walnut
Moore Mrs. M. widow, h 103 Columbia
Moore Robert, h e s York b Tibbatts and Williamson
Moore Samuel, foreman, h s w c Eglantine and East Row
Moore Thompson, sawyer, h s e c Lowell and Chestnut
Moores Wm. machinist, h 58 John
Morgan Howell, boiler, bds Ann Evans'
Morgan L. D. agent, h 22 Madison
Morgan Resse, pattern mkr bds 119 Front
Morgan Thos. F. plumber, h 162 Bellevue
Morgan Watkin, h. 23 Walnut
Morgan Wm. pattern mkr h 6 Saratoga
Morgan Wm. A. printer, h 116 Saratoga
Morgan Wm. W. bds 6 Saratoga
Morin Alfred, h 70 Jefferson
Moriu Catherine, widow, h 70 Jefferson
Morin E. T. clk h 70 Jefferson
MORIN E. H. & CO., (Edward H. M. & John Cline) Livery and Boarding; Stable, also Undertakers, e s York b Bellevue and Madison
Morin Edward H. (E. H. M. & Co) h 70 Jefferson
Morin George R. bds C. A. Billerbeck's
Morin Geo. W. (M. & Stricker) h 84 Columbia
Morin J. R. & Co. (James R. M., Benj. Smith, L. N. Goss & J. H. Smith) fruit house, 116 Monmouth
Morin James R., Maker Commissioner, office on Court House Square; h 262 York
MORIN & STRICKER, (Geo. R. M. & Geo. W. S.) Billiard Room, e s York b Bellevue and Madison, Smalley's Building
Morlidge Joseph J. butcher, h 171 York
Morlidge Samuel, butcher, h 8 Jefferson
Morris Ernst, carp h s w c Walnut and Isabella
Morris Geo. W. engineer, h 32 Cabot
Morrissey Isaac, lab h 67 Walnut
Morrow John, carp h 49 Robert
Morrow Thos. bds John Morrow's
Morten Bruce, brick yard, h 91 Jefferson
Mortimer Rev. George D. E. h 151 York
Mortlock Jane, confectionery, 61 Monmouth
Morton B. R. (Abbott & M.) h 91 Jefferson
Morton Elizabeth, widow, h 182
Madison Morton John T. carp h 113 Madison
Morton Sarah, widow, h 89 Orchard
Morton Willis, bricklayer, h 182 Madison
Mortzolf Christian, carp h 37 Isabella
Mosher Alfred, lab h 71 Jefferson
Mosher Henry T. lab h 71 Jefferson
Moss J. H. watches, clocks, &c., 55 1/2 York
Motzer Wm. bar keeper, h 33 Ann
Muckenheider Joseph, lab h w s Isabella b Bellevue and Madison
Mueller Wm. saloon, h 140 Cabot
Muggeridge Mark, book-keeper, h n s Mayo b Saratoga and Robert
Muggeridge Wm. grocer, h 84 Mayo
Mullen John, tailor, h s s Southgate b Isabella and Moss
Mullen Martin, lab h 137 Monmouth
Mullen Patrick, lab h w s Columbia s of Williamson
Muller Patrick, lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Mulvey James, grocer, w s Columbia b Ringgold and Harris
Mulvey John, contractor, h n w c Harris and Columbia
Munzenger Catherine, widow, h 74 Walnut
Murdock Mrs. C. A. widow, h 194 Madison
Murphy Ann, widow, h s s Locust b Brighton and Lowell
Murphy Edward, lab h e s Putnam b Tibbatts and Williamson
Murphy Edwin, lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Murphy John, helper, bds Ann Evans'
Murphy T. clk h 194 Bellevue
Murray Chas. rivet mkr wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Murray Theodore, bricklayer, h 184 Bellevue
Murray Timothy, lab h e s Putnam b Tibbatts and Williamson
Mursch Henry, lab h n e c Goodman and Brighton
Murst Frederick, tailor, h 70 Walnut
Myer Wm. tailor, h 60 John
Myers Elizabeth, widow, h 254 York
Myers Jonas, pilot, h e s York b Mayo and Ringgold

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